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The people's recorder. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1893-1925, March 19, 1898, 2ND EDITION, Image 1

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?ttOOMSOr 19
A jjjpi P?OM DOVOttd IO tb? tale??* M
fee o ?flo rod BM?, _
rawnitsi Srtry Saturday *r
tSomiWbU, . . . . >' .'.> . ? O.
TAd*ertt?ia? ta?w? c?oppttcMlot,.
. (MHNPMMltSt?*? WbJwM Ot t?ttri.tU InrlMd.
IOHT MI rv Bwrtm ??fttr Ct*** or tutu
.md utar. k M adetttr:
?oary or MT <*f?r ^StWWtt?tlou MB? to Ult
Xiv* People9? Recorder,
'x colombia, e. c.
WoMTtftaf .*#.?.!
Offioi?l Organ
ATURD?Y MAR. 19, '98.
The RxcoXDKK wu tho center of at
traction before she pat on her new dren.
BOW she will pall the sting out of the
tail of all our'political enemies, she
will take as she baa n?ver taken before,
for she shines as ehe has nerer shone
before; full of nawa and plenty room
.for more. X shall do all I can to pat
her in the hornea of ?vary Negro.in
South Carolins..
E, D. WHITE, State Agent
?|?| Q;;};|^po^ii?- Mofes.
rare rising; ia . tba ica??i
;;.4,.\.^de,rwith-' eqjiai rapidity| the
; ; c^l^^ondition of affairs,.;as it ir
;'^g^;??^?'n^d:when we?take ?r? ^?m
partial look at them does pr?sent
rather a gloomy aspect; Yet we
cannot agree that the entire race
ia retrograding from a moral
standpoint, True though there
are many among our race-as
well as others-who are content
to tread a downward path, and
whereever their influence reaches
to others it is but natural that it
will have other than a whole
some, or elevatinc effect.
True again we find many a
blight maiden before she has left
childhood, and many a boy many
years prior to maturity who are
men are women and who zeally
make old heads blush,
But now for this condition of
affairs where we find such cases
'there really is some cause it may
be one thing or it may be another.
Is the disease contagious? Truly
\ it is. Is there no 'balm in Gilead."
Most assuredly io,
The fair girl, and gallant boy
can shun many of the snares that
beset them, if the proper effort
is put foxth. But this is the la
mentable part pf it the proper
effort is not put forth in time
y those whose business it is to
aye the boys and girls of our
ce; more especially the latter,
ce any lace is what its women
ke it. The proper' thing to flo
ai' res>t the sayings, predio
of our enemies, as to the
condition of oar race is to
a fortification around our
especially , the young,. so
g until there will be no evil
mees, .io come in contact with
information Sought
504 East Annie St.
Fort Worth, Tex.
Memri Nix <fe Holmes,
. Editors rEOPLi's UECOUDER
.Gentlemen:- . ' .
Inclosed is express order
for $1.25. I sent the saino last mouth
thus paying my hill of $2.50. I thanh
you very much for waiting so patiently.
. Will you please scud inc^ono of thc
Recorders of Thanksgiving? I lent
mine out,, and it was mislaid.
Also, will yon please tell us about
accommodations colored people nre al
lowed in the Opera House in Columbia!
They used to be equal," but thelre are
many people who cannot believe, it
seems, that "anything good' c*u come
out. of South Carolina", and doubts
that this can be true. , Please be sure
to answer this epiery in print. *
- Your subscriber
Answer-Many thanks for money
order.- Sorry we harcnt a copy of the
RECO RDS it asked for, will advertise for
a copy for you.
There is no state or municipal law
debaring an Afro^ americsn from any
of. the privileges of the Columbia
Opera House still it is done all th
same. The management of this place
of resort and' high order entertain
ments usually sees to it that the Col
red citizens are given "plenty room"
to themselves. . They will take our first
class fares, but-most always give, se
cond clan place p. Tims it ie now in
all the Opera Houses in the State:
0, Q^AR^ B,
vs aar
||rom A Comj^tent?Ju3??.
GEORGETOWN, Si C., March 5th, '98,
Messers, Nit and' Holmes.*-Editors
"PiOfLE RECORDER;" S?toe poople
ipeak or write^for honor, commenda
tion and aay well done for a name.
But when I scan the PEOPLE'S
RECORDER, I say Nix and Holmes]
are leading journallst?2jtnen.
When I beheld, the improvement
m ado on the journal, and being asked
D? our popular and earnest correar
pondent (R, B. Anderson) Whajf I
thought of it. I was co mpelled to
jay, the RECORDER is bound to lead
ind that the editors are not only
telling the Negroes;what to do. and
how to be un intelligent/race, but
?emonstrat?ng what can ' be done
frith energy, courage, ?tickability?
push and stamina.
The Negroes must stop so much
alkir.g and praising Negro brain
md Negro enterprises and begin/tor j
?how more of their ability for buisfn-- !
?SS, .mid desire pf progress by their
lancial support. "Action not
ir ords," I hope that thc Negroes
frill show their knowledge of a good
thing and th? appreciation of the
RECORDER/- to such an extent, that,
frhen'the year rolls around and*".the"
zealous' editors shall have looked at
heir account book and list of suh
jcnbers, they will .bV:.made'fd'?i?.
ilaim-Eureka- (F h?v?v fojtod ?it) 1
uti an admirer and supporter of Ne4*
jro journalism, becau?? it is ?oinjff?
sore to enlighten* and elevate our
people than anything save the pu??l
pit. , ? ' 1
The editorials of tho .RECORDER
ire thoughtful and inspiring and the
paper is ni ways full of whoU
md necessary adrices to the
nation'. 1 could say Vmorej
things of the RECORDER^|mj
?onclude while saying, J?^nS
[ate fi^ie editors on,*iuir?rit
ia not in ytynf a\
"it RBOORDE0; wU)fi
Lynchers Denounced.
Beaufort^; C?'
March 10$|p$
Afc a toass meeting uf tbe C????D?
of Beanfort, and vicinity held nt th?
town hall. Wednesday night, the
?nd. lost., Hon. ?, ?. Reed wa?
.ofced Chairman, and Dr. N.
Kennedy; Secretary. After the
gauizatlon waa effected, tb? foll
?ag Preamble and Reeolutious
unan imoualy adopted.
W11ERB?8 on the 2ud, day of F
1893, one of the moat brutal and out
rageous orimee]ever kuown to|jaDjr' V
civilized C??Dtry, o?c?irei? lo^SB
6tato of Sooth Onrolloa, to wit;
brutal murder of Frazier B. B
and lofant child, and tb? boruin
of his home at Lake City? in W
amsliurg County, which wa? ?leo
the Post Office of that town, ?nd tb?
cremation of the bodies of both of
them io the flames, also the wousd
iog, perhaps fatally, of hfa bosom
companion, a eon- and two daught
ers; and
Wu KKK AS the citizens of Lake
City must have been th? prime act
ore, or in sympathy with them, and
IFiUttl?? we hare' arrived at a
period io which even a cackling
babe in ita mothers arms, ie not safe
from the blood-thirsty, and flendlah
mob, ooo elating of from SOO to 400
Ba IT RESOLVED, That we heartily
and earnestly c aima end de
nounce, not OD1 che outrageous aol
itself, bot also the spirit of the peo*
pie who woald[euooorage or tolerate
it in their midat.
RESOLVED ';#?a$HKt. That we re
gard "thia fte an ?dditionaV- ?M eno?
of th? absolute ?Dseoorety of life and
proporty in the Southern Statea,
especially ie South Carolin?:
we, th? the people of Beanfort,
without regard to pol?tica j and pol
itical affiliations, reapectfi L
upon the President of th
Btttw and tbe .Governor
^Carolina, to nae all the
th? respective
represent, t
the*pres?, a-copy be sent
aident ?fi?he United Sj
Post Master;;Qener?l, the,'
cf South^ Cftlrolioft, and >$m
licted family . gi
i Annm?i?AL RES^L,
RE80LVEr>,^??bafc -wey.';
of Beaufort ?nd Vici
Meeting assembled,'-ct.,
T. -4. Whlte^?e)reg
dent for the Q&rle^o:|)
domeuly and,cowardly
ten' and publisb?dy?r
b? ^tt?tnii?ed. '^?p
?harae?e^anr? t?ffl
tm merni
no del
who km
bim to
Concluded from fast ii$U9
^ m comment is rather, long but
cannot dis TUM it until I remind
ou .thp.t I see one quality iu
our.editorial of the 23rd that 1 ad
jure." -When you threaten diie and
iv mediate punishment to II nona
Kinley for bossing the re
pnrty and appointing Ba
ma?ter; yon would make a
accomplice of Don Quixote
ind mill fight,
Suppose you"cesse to rail at the
wolf ,from the house top. Come
? go to tho pond at linke City
?~th~r?e hundred electric eels,
e to the National . Capitel, cal]
?rina and McKinly and hang
dead by the neck for offending
the pride of South Carolina, then
?hake yourself like a scuttle tish in
the ware of republican corruption,
iet-the eels catch the vibration and
with'^ their caadal appendages, you
can there be " the result in shocking
ipubhcan party and the ?north
?M^alIy, into a realisation of the
fact 'that the people of the South
will never consent to the eleya!ion
of the Negro te positions of power
and authority 'over white mon, etc."
This punishing Hanna and McKinly
and shocking the republican party,
otherwise than on a housetop and a
little nearer the scene ef action, ie
"a drastic measure, a dreadful re
course" but is simply a brave and
heroic man putting into execution!
himself, what he ao easily advises
others to do, and praises for what
hai been done. Such editorals are]
fraught with mischief. They en
courage white men who are irate
and frasViy- T?rouijht up, not only to
murder Negroes tor ijiy little offense,
but to murder other white men.
You are a strong and forcible writer
and J say to?you as the good Chiron
taught Jason, his pnpil, ''That thfc
noblest use of - strength is to assist
" Rather than to do oth'
you, Td pin ray paper]
> - C. G. GAKRETT. I
W^^^l|?^,o) y?nr:aTi4?h
Iifrn? ?iC?pre?^eompanioh;'"-fy
.. f^m?m^i? ..^pptoe^'nu tl i vi
feely kiiow of what io.writs. Every
ody is dcllghted with theratconuia'e
shan ge . It lt positive proof of the.
?l?ckrenerify anti br*!eof it? managers
ire bhV yjOttGod. ep??d<*f As io lap
^ke'?U^'oVtraige;-;^ civiliza^
on y o? j; ave expressed oar ie a tl me n t
from a minister? stand point it is a
earful commentary on, the moral
tanding of tht*l(uie>|;lt iepotieeble
hat only one white paper whoso news
re haye prsservod spoke in defense ?f
qch a hcllieb crime/ butall o?hera sod
nibil tors who spoke ,of{|tiIn:tbei.^ite'
oohs seWWy {Bo?jry, becgtiee; ,o?i]^gg I
it seemi
?sjje'of, the
elemeut .of
controling the
htel^igent white ratn
ha t hai af?ense of honor and to any
egree recof ni ti o n pf his individual
esporisibiiity to J5od would endorse
t-or" s peak in 'any wat in Ils fiTor
ti my opiulpb in more thin one way,
hey are charging the cannon and col
og tho army that shall destroy
^ve?#:^ them ! a
iqgethsr learn to
' ' ?ts?* . ? . ! ' i
r-mMM||$WM, farther
itf oar secular and de
uationil papers,- the whole t
i i wm
; ' mm
iii ?
Ur. Editor.- X
Don't rao nkey w'?)h the
political buz* ?aw yon might bo;,?raa
scuated. Congrctimau Murray hold?
the throttle.
Th* Joint achool exlbllion andlcon
cert g Wen under the auapeclea of Mr?.
E. C. Moultrie, and Mitt J. E. Paw
ley, Monday eren lu g la?! for the bene
fit of the Howard Graded behool net
ted a . ice tum.
Ker, Stilen, accompanied by tever
al of hit official breiberu. conducted
Divine ter ricer at Proepect HlU.WJac
camavr, Sunday morning latt. The
U^Verocd delivered ft m^l excellent
? ormon at Bethetda ?unity night, AD
Mr. Stephen AlatOn, ?nd Min
Sarahann Oifobt, and"alto Mr* HIcbtrd
Brant and Mitt Margaret Walker,
were both happily married thia weak
one on Wednwday and the ethar os
.Tbnraday evening. May their path
way ba aarerrn with* flowera, and AIE
erican ?aglat bot not 16 to 1 ratio.
A rich treat ia ia atore for the
loren of hittorio talent!, The Sun
day Sebool tendiert and membara of
tba choir of Bethel church,- are now
practicing for a joint concert and mus
ictle And wa predict that it will be
tecoad to uone, that baa ever been
given kere befor*. In fact it will be
"rara avi$n As thote who are ex?
pected.to participate have combination
of great nautical ability and talentt.
The program will ba quite ?lab?rate
and entertaining will alto ba repleta
with musical femt, etc.
Mitt Minnie Rhode's, aunt died latt
Saturdiy at Fotter'e and waa buried
Sunday afternoon.
Prof. Garrofa tcorcher on tba Laka
City outrage, air nek the sail on the
head. ;
The boye tay thai Fretldent Me
Kinlay, did tba right thing la applnt
ment of the Hon, L. D. Melton, U. 8.
Marshall for South Carolina.
Min Mary Weat hera, died Sunday
morning last after bel?g tick for tome
time. ' <
Biahop Grant will be accorded a
gVand reception on hit arrival here
Saturday. Big preparation! are being
made in hit behalf, by the ?towardCIRCA
or Bothel church. - Illa, reputation at
an intellectual giant ami a noted pul
pit o ra i o r ; ?d d a lo^ljio, importance , 0?
bia cpmipgV^ .-. . ?>,?; ( g
cow in>jlj?e
. - Re^D^
? for^lblo ant
roo?* v\iw$h%nt?:-&?[ horrible ;??t$?
An indignation'meeting wat held Fri-,
day ?ygbt, and reioluttohi w'ore adopt
ed condemning the awful and terrible
crime, ; :fSM^*^ >" .
? ROT. McFtr??ndi of SaltsraJ? hore]
lilting hit brolhe&n-iaW Re?r. R. B.
Salten.'-': ?3W^y^~ - '
Tba far W? :?Ut?e ? filibustering
steam tug Dauntleas' pl Savannah,' Ga.
commanded by Capt^ t-tf;:iW. Floyd.Ja
? uban,' i twp id fcto^orfc Sunday night j
ob c'rqated.qulte
a aantatlor^ apiongvthe inhabitants ot
on? city. A's lt took hut * fe w momenta*
for tba newa-of ;h^|^?||^ to/'epreid,.
like wildfire: An^^^^ah up'to the
time et her dapartqre.on Monday morn
lng eleven m^^g^SS^?m^
along tho%?&r?frbtU''
pit wak brok?n? J^rgf?
an?? black crowdad tb>
catch a glimpae of th * "
buster and bar Negro ca
handsome looking yatch of . tb* moat]
graceful linea, with two milt and carrie*]
three tails, Alto double sxpanit
engtifia^of/tho mott powerful A'
One hundred and, ten feet long
about aigbwen feet beam. 'Ol ninety
1 bago;; reglater. Draw? its snd half
when coaled and ber tanka are full
^?5 'Th? Dau n tlc?! Ia under llb tl
violating the U,^. law ; ? Deputy
a^ih?rt^hoar^bf ^ adi' tho; time//
bij^nia^ knot? pt*
^oiitmjm\i^9?\p?nl^ a ?r?w.?.lr^m;
ten- to two!t?f men alf aro colordd ex.
correspondait had
_-v-:--^?"V ?
ID !)l?;aklU and ability at a gallant com? ?
minder, The Dauntless and Martita ' M
Helen, l a; t Potter, came here from 1
Florid? In torr o? two or three powerlal 1
Dredge boats, which will, lie med VV
the government cn mr actor? in building
tho jetties at the entrance of the barbear
nenr North and Kouth Islands. The
opening of the work on the same wl,!l
gire employment to hundreds of ou>
The Press, The Pulpit ^
AndThePublk. ' ?
Tbeir Opinions RcYiewed B.v Kt < ?
?. K. Miller, Pastor St. Mai i be M
A. M, E. Chrnch, Orangebur?, W
South Carolina, H
TotheEditot of PEOPLE'S *( *o<>-> j
DB* it is through your valuable t?upei 1
pnbliilied in the interest of the Negro 1
rice that I wish to be heard, But be? I
forel enter upon the discussion of my j
several topics, allow me to say to my j
many reader?, "That it ia human to
err.1' The opinions of the press of
this and other states in attempting to
characterise the recent and moat dia
bolical end inhuman ?et, committed at
Lake City in thc county of Williams
burg, S, C., hare in their way of
expressing such brutal acts concluded
that this foal killing of. Baker ?sd hie
babe and the cremation of their
bodies, the maining for life others of
l\ \ ferai)iy have beyond doubt reached
ti,, jj climax of crime, and to them is
di ) much commendation, as well as to\
th' citizens of the state, who along
wit/', have been loud in their condem
nation.. Now* Mr. Editor it remains
to n? seen whether or not U hes
reacried the climax?
Tile future will BOOB tell; Some one ,
ha? skid that intelligence or money is
power, in this instance, Negro killing
seems) to avail nothing arid hence it
bacotnW necessary to insert another
term which I would say, "Action.T?. ..
Let the Negroes, act [discreetly, judi? -
cionily^and timely. This will be the
poweri|V.Sn?h-;. actions . .on ^sV-part^
would cP?e ?&eutimeut, winch* mS??
br?ase gm e" with ^^T?\? ''l? wh?en* t
j?mfoppQri?d- of ?nfj^?in committing,.
But action i^p^?P?^^mp^n mt
endito: pester actions^^^asitteac^
tho climsxt Io Bakerthe last that Vs to
from.tn? meuwvs?:;t??^rejrjdiced][ ?h.e
low Van'd f^;^lU^p$T^ *nta why (d oes
]A^i^e>,c^e7 :Be?at^V bsjl put
into^-?euo?^* ?^ nUcvres} \mm
^^|t?^s3iye the &>?dt sayit?g?o?
the condemned remark* the few,) will
condun*'to' move in a straight direc
tion rivets it is snbst?pMiftlly tcte?l?p.
oz. XiiT the. bo?**. I urgo then by
seyMHPPw^rte ?pit stop the ball?
rolMliwff int?^^.the?vNegroe? nody
act. acd iHKy^H^or instaras*? rc
.eUW?&**?rae 'than action- 'Si;
f^^PF^14^Pi^get d6le^?|
gerate. hand*. > Tie pulpi t '? condemn
ibis ?liing of Baker in no nncerta?
t?ms^Hv The BevL. Geatienien ;;tVon
^^;4V.0.-(*MtoV net?lto o
semmended' in the highest term

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