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The people's recorder. (Columbia, S.C.) 1893-1925, December 21, 1901, CHARLESTON EXPOSITION and CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY NUMBER, Image 10

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Grand Order True Reformers
Tobe Organized.
Vliat Has Happened, and Who Has fis
Ked the City During the Past
Week-other Mentions.
A. W. BERRY. Local Editor.
-No paper next week
-Rev. E. R. Roberts of Flor .
enc? was In the city Saturday
Warneka'a Bakery for fresh bread.
-Rev. O. W Davis of Sumter,
waa among city visitors this week
-Dr. Chas. L. Waltoo took in
the Charleston exposition Ja't week.
Ibid pap?-r is on exhibitiou in the
Negro departmeut of tho exposition
al Charleston.
Van Metres is the place for poor
people to buy fnrnitme. His is tua
cheapest furniture store in lowu.
-There will be no paper from
thia offlcu next week. Look for her
January 4th,T902.
The ward One Furniture Co., is
the beat furniture store they seil
.by cash or on UP: .'it. People in this
ward should pu mize thurn.
-The State Excjcuti?-* Commit
'.tee ol the Baptist .State Ccu Veil tt OD
wai in sbd.noa at Zt.ou this Week.
-It is reported here that Mr,
Buller Dilbert, formerly of iLis city
?diod iu Washington last week, if
true," we hope bc is at rest.
Call a physiciau quick! Well Dr.
C. C. J on usda is capan le, courteous
and attentive. Courges reasonable
Call ou htm.
-Mr. C. E. Stuart of Greenwood
linche city tue other
o from the AJa^ou
tes spent last Satur
i^^^ff^#???U1rg de left again
-yuamnamiqpwBgp&t city wu ire no
goes to look after '*S? ?ta Claus ucd
nij intere.it,'1 and his store there.
Go running you and your beys to
the, Ftag. doming store where you
will ba politely treated. Jil vc ry thing
fur Chi.stma9 very cheap and satis
-Rev, Rioharl Carroll has been
chosen as orator of Emancipai iou
Day af Aiken Januar) 1st. Look
for a good elation, as Rev, Carroll
is a noted orator. Editor Holmes is
invited'to be present.
Farticks line of liuo dry goods,
clothing gents furnishings and
?hoes are things of beauty and jove
for ever. Try him and be eonvined
that rbis is the cheapest dry good*
Store io the cit) .
-Dr. C. C. Johnson is being con
gratuled by his host of friends on
account of his re-election aH State
Grand Masler o? thc Free :?hd Ac
cepted Masons at the meeting held
at \Vio..8boro last week.
-Mr. Anthony Hamil ton, the
famous colored jockey of America
ia on a visit to relatives and friend?
here, Mr Hamilton has the distinc
tion of being the only colored South
Carolinian who ever got a salary ol
#10,000 a year.
When your loved one die be sun
you go to Rev. D. Cooper tho un
dertaker and let him put them a
way nicely, i/o will not chargt
yon a cow and calf Tor it either.
-Mrs. Elvira Holmes, mother ol
our editor, is quito feeble. IT e i
. many friends hope for ber a speed}
and complete restoration to health.
She is a blessed mother,- untiring
in her interest and love for bei
children, gran dchildren and friendi
Everv hereon in this city and statt
who need" tho attention of a dentis
abould otko their teeth to Dr. Har
ding, thu painless tooth extractor.
The best work lor tho least money ii
his motto. 1316 Main st
-Dr. J. A. Ligbtner is arrang
ing to set up a Fountain of True
Reformers in this oily. Tin? is one
of the best National organizations
of colored men in the land. T b e
True /informers' headquarters aro
at Richmond, V.. where they have
mammoth busines houseas Wo hope
the doctor will succeed.
Sunday at The Y. M. C. A. <
Mr. W. A. Hunton will speak at
the Colored Y. M. C. A. to-mor
row afternoon at 4:30 o'cloek. Mr.
W. H. Thomas will furnish instru
mental inusie. Messrs W.E. Green
and Wm, Johnson will each hing a
solo. All men invited to be present
Not? in The Souial Y,".! _i
The young pcop?e (nod . . ... -
too) ol" the di l?en -it Su lUh ; .:"
are making arrangements for their
Christmas trees during the approa
ching holidays.'
A Three Nigh 1.3' Carn ira] far .
benefit of the Taylor Lane Hospital
and Training School will bo given
at the Y. M. C. A. hall beginning
January 1st, 1902.
Emancipation Day will be appro
priately observed in thib city. All
necessary preparations are being
made by the Lincoln Memorial As
sociation, and tho, day promises to
bc a ?rand one.
The 1) ixie Queen Comedy com
pany's concert at the Lincoln Street
hall Monday night was not a suc
cess on account of the tree/ing wea
tin r. They are to repeat it during
the Christmas holiday*! .
Prc;'. J. //art ford Armstrong,
j Magician and Impersonator, is here
arranging to g ve one of his wonder
ful exhibitions ac au early date.
Tho Z
M Zerick Est, /.amens fl.f?0
fl/Us Ida ECowau Heston Mao? 1 00
Kev 1 S Monee Oa?dw?ll 2 00
W M Bowan n ' Bowmans' 1 00
li- v 1.1 !) Leophard Norway 50
Wm Baker Ner-ees 1 00
I Ii Purker Cordova 2 GO
Dr Dan Moorer Oni?gehnijg 1 fiO
I. W Snell . Middle Pen 1 (?0
.V. iss M. J nfcDauiei Own?gaville 1 lfj
N T Bu rr 13 Sarrutt 2 00
- "I enjoy reading The People's
Recorder ami lind it Worthy of our
attention. 1 hope it may live to be
old, and when coming down to die
(as everything must die(?) itt head
may be white with honest toil f o .
the Negro race IV
Concord, N. C.
i WANTED-One good ?gi
j at once Colored man prefercd . Sam
I pies 25 cents. Address
\V. H. CU ESN KIT & Co.,
j 12.2l.4t . Laurens, S. C.
j I NT R R V A L 1 i EV E ? N R SE UV ICR, 1
Columbia, S. C., Dee. 7th, iOol -
''The following described property
' I having been Baized for violation ol
j section ;?4?t) l? S U S. any perso:;
! or persons churning tho ."ame nmsl
; j give noi i''e ami file bond ns required
? by sect ibu 34f?i) li. S, or the s a ni ?
j will be dec ared forfeited io thc Uni!
, '. ed Stales viz.*Six jugs said to conoid
i in :he aggregate 0 galkfu? of corn
. j whiskey seized at Sp ir tau burg, S C.
Ceo. K. KofSter, Collector.
EiisonJotoson Elec
(Incorporated Under tho La
Shares, 810 par value, present
Address for further info
Hermann Zadels
Box 1H6. So
GuKETiNua li
Wo wish our .reders a iiierr}
Christmas. and when they see
Sauts Claus - h o pu they will
have hi'm;frenew their subscript
ion, ioTyjhv v?j??_?o tue People's
Our eity""i8 somewhat lively
and ita.peop'e. progressive, ener
getic :md hospitable. As a rule
they i>wn their homes, and ure
begintimg i o acquire property. ;
whidnro^jof the t?rst'requisites 1
to civil confierai iori.
livery un?ti ought to strive to
! got a lioqa^i^Jiis earthly para-i
di?e. uroupj which altai his fain
. ? ?.' in v holer sa tel v and w,-,ich
j UH >;iin.-i.^y..
1 even ut tilla;
i We h a vi?'
M?UUI bo protected
pBf? of his lifo.
||n the city four
colored churl'h?es where our people
worship regularly, and givfc Cod
homage anti praise for Hie blebs
inga und dnine guidance.
Oui school facility is at nar
with the i-verage. The Hotie
Graded School, w i 1 li R. W. j
?!ance,j!.|prih?ipii-;..ana Misses E. !
C. Lohrey, ? .-.'Ii. i Neil an.I I.
young njcri. a n d women have'
goue out from this school and
give much i promise for active!
labor, tu join the phalanx, no-/ I
cause o f Negro
Store is the pluce
our prescription? I
d many ?
here. j
|k. doing a J
fvork for our boys and girl's-1
j The enrollment is 51. Bible j
j study is .conducted here and also j
j inslr :i:tiou is given in sewing by
! hand and in t ruck- farming. !
! This is a new feature in t?- e!
i I
i schcol and bids fair to be of mush
service to the recipients.
We cali parents' attention to
I he above schools and trust they
will 8purn, with much foro
thought, ignorance inebriety and
tutored idleness. Lay aside self
ishness ?nd personal differences
j and give your children a liberal
education that they may become
respectable citizens and a Mussing
tn colored society, if you ne
; [ g^coi. lias duty when they become
' ! old,decrepit and beyond the reach
I of these attainments they willre
. fleet and simply look uooi vou us
I . . *
.. their tutors.
! For Christmas toys for the chil
dren and for glass ?nd china ware
j cheap for cash. Goto J. W. Whites
China Store. HosellH.it cheaper.
Tho Firm known ns Daniels
and Williams is as large ?nd in
viting as any other colored estab
lishment . in the Stale. They
! have on hand at all times u full
stock of groceries and will sell
yon the same goods you buy elsc^
where for tho same money, and
iric HaMfacturUg Co
ws of the State of New York. )
pi ices 8???.6D,
Atlanta, Ga
ix;roes Building..
with equal satisfaction. Go und
see Santa Claus smiling in a col
ored store.
Remember Eichelbergers res
taurant and tonsorial parlor ou
Nance street. Ile is ever i cud y
to serve cullers and gives satis
faction tn both department'.
We ure delighted to inform our
readers that u letter from the sec
retary of the colored department
of tho Charleston Exposition,
brings intelligence that the New
berry exhibit is i u tho leud.
White this speaks well, our peo
ple have not done near ro well as
they could have. Wo ad viso that
ton do not, gift? t?o much heed to
sycophants and obstreperous wi;-?
tneu. These obstinate characters
are over ready to oppo<e and -dvfeat
anything of which they are nur tho
promotora, and aro prone tn find
fault with other advocates, or sea
defect in their plans. That's Rec
Miss Priscilla Nowell of Columbia
is teaching the Hailee j';iio??l in this
Mrs. Henrietta Young is teach?
ing at Trinity and reports a good
school tliUB I. c.
M Us L. C. Crimea is in charge of
the Little Rock ec! '.?ol.
Prof. J. D. Dawkins, Newberry's
erudite deba tor ia in charge of Mt.
Moriah school Th* Col, is now
weaiing the Jewish board, and hat
tb? appearance of a venerable pre
late. Please send him the Recorder.
?tr. S. I J. Russell o? Fort Motte
is spending a while in the cify. Hit
is ono of the popular mechanics at
the ve./ mill.
Mr* I j. B. ?tentiiwet hoi i? ^ond.
de with paree* ^
a thu ? Wearne for tiru Rccor
?c-:- pleas*1 remit on Saturday," and
renew for one year, one dolhir.
This is the last chance for the SI.00
rate. M.
The Black Angel Death, visit-?
sisu-r Laura Ci' liaras hoas? lari
Monday night" and cad'd into
judgement to live an account of
Holiday Goods,
Fruits, Nuts,
dies. Gre
j As th?3 i-i our l'as!, lime to write
j to you.- excellent papel w e shall
i ouly say a few wolds, wo simply
! take a J Vau tage or this occasion to
I speak of the interest manifested
i here in the Recorder bv the people
] of Cree u vi ile. It is perfectly ra
j markable co no'o thc earnest desire
J ot the people to road something, und
?they are not tnt.ing anything to
I read. Did it ever occur to you thc
j reason why our people do not patro
? uize oar enterprises as they ?boilki ;
?It is because they (tho enterpriser
j havo never been properly talked up
j So many of our people really are nol
j uso to taking their own papers tc
i get the news, but uso tho white peo
I pies kitchen as a resort for theil
I news. They need on'y Ji ho talked
!< out of that, and to be shown that il
! is more intelligent to read nome
I thing of their own race, iii theil
j owu pape/ by ibeirown iirefaide.
' Air*. Mi.'oie H. Hingt 1)0 Kfoi
j n:i?n street; ?ga**? na ^3-" on ,i yo.iri
ia tarry rtrf i : TE tr ni Mia w y,w
R. W. ?fiKGE I
# Manager
bt?r Htfl?iiij? hutt; 01: t-HTil . V\ ?
iniHi t?*at tic gout] bi^tt'i im?! wi
und as to btu?'] the tint und in now
j ooeupyii.g lu?r Lent ut tin* right,
j hand ul' Him who redeemed- mun*
iT!in funeral HttrviuW were
?ou .U'.re'i liv Nev's. Chile? and <.\.?ih
j *
j ron. .
I Ital*. Dunlap will move to Wimm
boro ??cou.
l?ev (>hi?ei spent last Sunday ar.
Abbe Til i 9.
Mr. ?SnimttfOU 'fuvioll, our *uliooh
tu nr? lii^inj who tua ae'woii nu
i term in tin* army, is hen? ?(baking
( hand- willi r? ati v??.? und friends.
1 WP aro glad io s.-o him.
; The Xmas exerei?fci? ut. Brown*?
! chapel promis . t lo be giand.
j ?A. '?,li5 ?p-to;Date Restau ->
? ^^?srttnt and Lodging House in-=^T^
I t ho Town of Newberry). ....
I" ; . Cakes Pies
' Cigars.and.Tobaccos
, m connection. Hit- publics' trude
solicited. Clean i < weis.
! J. D. El6?el?6rQ6r,NKw;r;
j .CO-nt: TO.
j Mayes' * DruQ * Store
j -NKWIliaRRV. fe?, c.
j Por Drugs, Perfumery.
:: and ail things found in an
i up-to-date Pharmacy,
j Hair Oils. Vaseline. Cos
! metics. Lamps. To
I bacco & Cigars. Garden
j Seeds always fresh.
Jnst Below Jamison's
sis s williams.
berra. So. Garollna.
Toys, Fireworks,
Raisins, Can
Dearies, Etc. ?
j riMn?.'ripii?Q, please *:end her tile
; paper.
I Mrs. Lu?a Gri?iin o f Sullivan
i ?treel, wno hus been quito i!l for tho
i last two wecke or more in able to be
i up again. Also, MM. Annie Pinson
j in St. John ?tree!*, wno bas buen
j down for a considerable time id a
; great deal bettor. We ie*-] proud to
i say tbi t'both of these were uedtT
I tho. moat abie una t-fficipnt treat -
i ment of oar hastling colored doctor,
j A. E. Boyd. Wo ure piiiBiiadfd by
YhU treatment of iheae two 'canea that
j be koowa hie bu?iue?s. Go ahead
I ..Doc.''
'i Ml*s ?vi? 'J'cHsb?.y of Hartwell Uti.
iaceompanij'd by Mr. Roheit lF?:rd
ii:t in the city t?.is Meek visiting he?r
sister Mrs, Cora Bowman. ' Wo all
' I hopo thom ti pleasant stay iii the
1 ? mountain pity.
Our muoL beloved pastor iWv. J.
' IA 'Pinson loft for Columbia Monday
I where he goes on business relative
? to the convention as inj'ia a member
' I of the executive bonni.
Xmas is righi at hann even nt lb?
door and ibu iittli! ones* are loo!.ini*
. vitb bright eyea mad- \omrhw .mnoi
. i yvi?.'Cfu fv? tjunti* Ci?iu.i
lj T.. r?. KO ? UiV.

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