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The people's recorder. [volume] (Columbia, S.C.) 1893-1925, December 21, 1901, CHARLESTON EXPOSITION and CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY NUMBER, Image 11

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Grand Order tm Reformers
Tobe Organized.
flit His Happened, and Who Has Vis
Ked the City During the Past
Week-Other Mentions.
A. W. BERRY. Local Editor.
-No paper next wuek
-Kev. JS. R. Roberts of Flor .
enci? waa in the city Saturday
Warneks'sj Bakery for fresh bread.
-Rev. 0. \V Davis of Sumter,
was among city visitors this week
- Dr. Chas, L. Wnltou took m
the Charleston exposition lu,f week.
Ibis p&p?T is on exhibition in the
Negro department of tlie exposition
at Charleston.
Van Metres is tho place for poor
people to buy fnruituiu. His is thu
cheapest furniture store in town.
-There will be no paper from
thia offlcu next week. Look for her
January 4th, 1002.
The Ward One Furniture Co., is
the best furniture store they sell
.by cash or on ci. ! it. People in this
ward should pu diize thuin.
-Thc Stitts l?x?cutive Commit
.tee ol the Baptist nt-.ite Coi'eiitiuu
wai in scciiioii at Ziuu this week.
- lt is repo-ted here that Mr,
Butier Gilburt. formerly; of ti.is city
died iu Washington last week, li'
true, we hope li? is at rest.
Call a physicien quick! Well Dr.
?C. C. Joiinsoti is capu...e, courteous
and attentive. Charges reasonable
Call ou him.
-Mr. C. E. Stuart of Greenwood
"pass^dytbioiigii^cht? city tue other
; Uajiten^ute notuo froui il"? ii:t.-.on
i? meijljjng kt- \V inua?or?
.,-?.*{ rtot Ho j bi es spent- mst Satur
day. iii 'Oraug?uurg ile left ag*.?in
yesterd?/ t ior. : tnat c ty wh -vc lie
goes io look after "i,: .ta Ciuuo ucd
ilia interest?'1 tttid Ins atore there.
Go running you and your bcyd to
the Fiag doming store where you
will bj politely treated. Ewrj thing
fur Chi .simas very cheap aud sails*
-Ivnr. Richarl Carroll has been
chosen a* orator rd' Emancipai iou
Day at' Aiken January 1st. Look
for a good elation, as Ive Carr-?'I
is a noted orator. Kdi cor Holmes is
invited to be present.
Fnrticks line of Jibe dry goons,
cloth i urr gents hirnislii;igs a n d
ehocs are things of beauly and joys
for ever. Try him and be conviued
that'his is the cheapest dry goof!*
store i u fhe . .ty,
-Dr. C- C. Johnson is being con
.grattiled by his host, nf friends on
account of his re-elect ?on tis State
Grand Master oi tho Free -nd Ac
cepted Masons ?it the meeting held
at Winnsboro last week.
-Mr. Anthony ll am ii ton, th?
famous colored jockey of America
ia on a visit to relatives and Irioud?
here. Mr Hamiliun hus thc ri isl i nr
tion of being tho only colored South
Carolinian who ever got a salar} of
*10,?C0 a year.
When your loved one clio be sn ri
voli go to Rev. I). Cooper the un
dertaker and let him put them a
way nicely. // o will not charge
yon a cow and calf Tor it either.
-Mrs. Elvira Holmes, mother ol
our editor, is quito feeble. HOT
many friends hope for her a speed}
ana complete restoration to heal eli.
She i? a blessed mother,- untiring
in her interest A ti d love for hei
children, grr. 'children and friend*
Ererr person iu this city and statt
who DVrt?d tao attention or a death!
?boulu i*? kc thur tv? i h t<. Or. Har
?ding. ihij painless tooth ox erector.
The best work lor tho least monoy ia
his motto. L31U Main at
- Dr. J. A. Li gb tuc r ia arrang
ing to set up a Fountain of True |
Reformers iu this oily. Thia is one |
of the best National organizations
of colored men in tho land. T b e
True /informers' headquarters aro
at Richmond, V.. where they have
mammoth busiuos housoHs Wo hope
the doctor will succeed.
Sunday at The Y. M. C. A.
Mr. W . A- liuurou will Speak at
the Colored V. M. C. A. to-mor? I
row afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. Mr. j
W. H. Thomas will furn ledi insi.ru-j
mental lu it ?ie. Messrs \V. E. Given i
and Wm, Johnson will ?anch fing a j
solo. All men invited to be pr?sent i
]fot?c ia The Social Ti.-. \
Tho YOU ug noonie iuod - .
too) ul" tb? dillon ut ir".' i ti .?
are making at-rangent un ts fur their
Oh ria tm as trees during tho ap proa* !
ching holidays.
A Th ive Nlight a' Carnival far
benefit of the I avior Lane Hospital j
and Training School will be given I
at the Y. M. C. A. hall beginning j
January lat, 19US.
Emancipation Day will be appro-!
primely observed in this city. All
necessary pr?par?t ions are being
made by th? Lincoln Memorial As- i
sedation, and the day prom ?sea lo
bo a grand 0110.
The Dixie Queen Comedy com
pany's) concert at the Lincoln .Street j
hall Monday night was not a soc- I
eos.s on account of the free zing wea
t1 r. Tiny aro to repeat ii during
the Christmas holhUya.
j T'n .". J. //ait ford Armstrong, 1
i Magician and Impersonator, ia here 1
nrranging io g ve one of hi. ?vomier
lui exhibitions ai au oarlv date.
j The Z. >S. Cs. ii rearranging lo
IvtfYf U#??Chri s . m H s . J3u 11;': at Odd
I Fe Howson ll next ^jvif?fiday eve
t? Zeriek Est, /.au?elia *'..'?0:
fl/Us lila KCowau Koatoii Ma?; 1 0<?|
Kev 1 S Mo-?'.? (kid well 3 00
j \V Jd How ni: II l.owm.ria l 00 :
' li' v H !> I .ec ph a rd Norway r>?>?
? Wm Huker Xe. ees 1 te? j
; I li Pal U T Cordova 2 (n
j Dr Dan Moorer Orang.dmig 1 .10
: 1. W -Snell Middle Ven ' 1 l>0 l
; >.;:.>s M J .McDaniel ihvii.gnville 1 lo ;
j N T hu rna Sariatt 2 00
j -"I enjoy reading Thc People's
! Recorder and lind it worthy of -air
j attention. 1 hopi? it may liv* to he
1'dd, and when coming down to die
i (as everything must die'?) itt head
i may be while with honest toll f o .
? the Negro raw
(MLtiJ ABBIE E. (?lir.Hi.r.
Concord, X. C.
WA N TED--{-?"> R"?n* ?
: at once Color-d nnm prefered. Sum
pics 25 eenta. Address
W. IL. Ol] LSN in v & Co.,
i 12.21 .lt Laurens, S. C.
j i ST Kit N'A b liKVKI N K S JIU VICE, i
( ?OI.I.KCTOK'K ? M-fir R . J
j Columbia, S. C., Dec 7th. IOU] -
I Thu following described property
. having boen ?;. i/. -d for violation ol'
! acct bu :54;iii li .S V S. any porso .i
j or persons claiming the swine must
give notice und hie bond ;??; rt rpi i red
; |:v Si'elict! o!'./? li S, Ol' tile s U III?
? will be dec ured forfeited KI the I nit
i od Stales \i/.:^i.\ jngri .caid to contain
i ju the nggP'g.iie '1 galldin* of i'??rn
I whiskcv seized at Sp .rtanb'irg, S C.
Cleo. U. Kofsler, Collector.
iEdison-Joiiiison Else1
j (Incorporated I "udor tho Lat
O Fl'EH S FOR fi
? i
j i Shares, $10 par value, present \
Address for further inioi
''Hermann Zadek
Hny ]b8. N'ot
er safely und W'MCU ?
jahould bc protected ?
I& ol' bia life.
fin t ii e city four
We wish our reeders a merr3r
Christmas, and when they seo
Suntu Ci nus -nope they will
have him renew their subscript
ion, for ono vea^.to tho People's I
Our eity~is somewhat lively
and it? peop'e. progresivo, euer - '
getic and hospitable. As a rule .
they own their homes, and ure
beginning o acquire property :
which nrorm of the lirst requisites :
to civil comedera!iou.
Every man ought to strive lo j
get u horneras.. Ins earthly para-- !
dhe, a round which altin his fam !
ii ho
n? Miticity-?
even :ir tl&?
We baye
colored ekuilrhes where our people j
worship r?grafarly, an?i ?: ce < od j
homage anet praise for I lio bless- j
;iigs and divine guidance.
Otu school facility is at nar'
with the ?-.-eraje. The Moue j
Graded School, with K. VV. j
Manee, principal and Misses E. j
C. Low rey, A. L. Neil un.? I. S. j
Snowden assistants is processing !
nicffi-. Vile 'enrollment thus lari
is ai.-.t,? jg ru [ M a u y bright .
young ims a n d women have'
gone oui fiom this school and ;
give much promise for active1
labor, to join the phalanx, no*.?
e.?,pouaiiig,.ibo cause of Negro ?
in u u I ^?pd a yd. ci v i ! i z <i t i o 11.
Dr. .???y|aT>rrj^ Store i.~ the place j
for vopjjlo' gel? Tour prescription?
ii lied. ?3&UP* . arrtjejes^ .u (1 many !
other iH'?fr"*' ''grj^kftpt.',! iiere.
'?cb"f)bi;vv? \t#??v.;r>; ..
t'foT. J S.*l. .miejsis a?a? doing a \
good work icu* our boy? and girl's* j
Tba enrollment is 61. .Hiblej
study is condudod heie ami also!
instr ct iou given in .sowing by
baie and in truck-farming, j
Thia is a new feature i M t e
sein .1 ami bids fair to bo of Ult,.di j
j service to the recipients,
! We cali parents' attention t->
i .ii
j ha above schools and trust they
will spurn, with much foro
; thought, ignorance iuebricty and
: tutored idleness. Lay aside self
j ishncss and personal di?erences
; and give you: children a liberal
' education Limt they 'nay become
respectable citizens and a blessing
! to cob'tod society. If you ne
? ??.C.;" Lbts duty when they become
' old,decrepit and beyond the reach
! of lhc*e aft lain incuts thov wi il re
' fleet and simply IOOK. upoi you as
their tutors.
' For Christmas toy; tur ti.o chil
dren ami for glass mid china ivare
I chenp for cash. Co to J. VV. Whites
?China Store. He st.-1 Is il cheaper.
! The Fino known us Daniels
I and W iii lum* is as largo and in
j viting us any other colored e>t.,b
j I ?sh ment . in the Slate. Ti,ty
! have on hand ut ail times a full
stock of groceries arid will sell
i yen th? same goods you buy else*?
j where for thc sante monev, and
trie Manufacturing Co
va of the State of New York, i
Allanta, Ga.
...inh"' {building.
willi equal satisfaction. Go MK!
see Santa Clans smiling in a col
ored store.
Remember Eichelbergers res
taurant and toneorial parlor on
Nance street. He is ever ready
to serve cullers and gives suti-?~
faction in both department?. i
We ure delighted io inform our !
read cs that u letter from the ?ec- !
reta ry of the colored department!
of t h c Charleston Lix po?-lion. I
brings) intelligence that ibu New-- .
henj exhibit i- i tho lead.
While this speaks well, our peo- 1
plo hove not done near :o weil as
they could have. VVo advise that |
ton do not give so much licet! tai
sycophants and obstn-nerona ivis- !
ineu. These obstinate ch? rael ci ? !
are ever ready to oppose and defeat
anything ol which they arc not the '.
promoters, and arc. prone to fin i
faun, n it h other adrocates, or *.?.?
defect in their plans. That's Rec
Mi?s Priscilla Nowell of nolumbhi
is teaching the Hailee s';iio??l in this
Mri. Henrietta Young is teach
ing at Trinity and reports * good
behool thu? 1. .-.
Miss L. < *. t?r!*nea in iii charge jf
the LU?A Rock . ;.. ?ol.
Prof. J. D, Dawkins, Newberry'^
erudite debater *J in charge of Mt.
Moriah school The ('<.!. is ti?..w
weaiiug the Jewish beard, and hat?
iii.: appearance of a venerable pre
late. Please send him the Recorder.
Mr. S. L. Um?Sell of Kort Motto
iri spending a while in the ci fy. li?
is one of the popular meehanics nt
the ?..??> . mill.
. - . 13. >t en ti i wei ... ia tjud.
le wit h parer . -
.t uo ow ir me for tire Roe<>r
?t- |>1 ;WJ remit on Saturday, und
renew iV>r une year, one dollar.
This is the iast chance for the H.00
rate. M.
The B ia ci: Angel Death. vialful
?i-.L.-r Laar? ?.i1 liaran horas* I.i?t
Mond ii y night arid culh.d in i o
?:id?T"UiM!i :?.'' au account of
Holiday Goods,
Fruits, Nuts.
dies. Gre
As ti;!;* in our ?"ir.?L time to write
to von.' e-oe lent ps pei w e shall
i only say a lbw ivotds, wo simply
! take advantage or this occasion tu
i . . .
i speak o f the interest rna m tes Icu
' here iv the P?corder b\ tiie people
I ut Greeiiviiio. Ii is perfectly le
i mar'ri.-.ijie to nco 'he e.u?'e?! ?.te?ir?
' of the pcopie t?> road something, and
?they ar? not laking anything -.
read D.o i? ever occui to yon thc
j reason why our people to no p.tcro
. uizo mr enterprises as they should ?
it is because they (the enterprises)
: have never been properly talked up.
i So many of our people loa?v me not
i ti so to taking itu'-ir own papers to
j get tiie news, hut use tho white peo
; pies kitchen us a resort for their
i news. They need on'y : > La talked
? ont of that, and lo te ??.-.?-wn that it
ir; more intelligent t.? retal sotue
' thing of their own race, in their
' ?'A U j apr.* by ibciv own tirebide.
j Mr*. kLvrde IL Kinr?, 11b Wa
R. W. fViftKC&?
j ber H'?wa<d?hiu hole un tnril . VN o
? iruHi t'at ilogoud biMi-i lui?!
I iii nd un to btutid the tent und .is ?ow
j ueeupvil.g ber ?.eat u t t h?- right
j hand of Him who redeemed' rrmn?
. ind. Tho funeral n?rv?c?*i> ?ero
:-vd :u..-red ty {'ev's Ch ile? ano <.'<.?;?.
i I??V. i'untap wi?l move io Win IM?
I boro M.'IUU?
j l?ev Chi e* spout la?<t Sunday .r
! Abbi.'rilin.
Mr. .S? m o? ou l'uvifclt, our ?;.diO'?i*
tuatu afd friend who lu? Ne*\von hi^
terni in tin* army, !.> here shaking
I huno- ? i'ii r- ativit-i and friendo.
We are gtad io se<s him
The Xmas exercise* at Brown**
'chapel ??rotni.i vt to be '?mud.
rite O11I7 T*n-to:I)ate fiestaa :.
:?:;L Ali.I Li.d.?ing Enusi iu-^^"
'->' thfl Towu of Newberry;.
! ? Cir:?.:.-; Pies
Ci?pi S'.and.Tobaccos
.11 connection. ' publies' trudo
solicited. Clean . . weis.
J. D. Eicli6l?](ii'?icr,.,^n,:,;;uvMo
.CO^U? To.
Moyes' * DruQ * Store
->. KW j j J :K a y. f>. v ;.
Por Dntos. Pc: ?umcry.
and all things found in an
up-to-date Pharmacy.
Hair Oils, Vaseline. Cos
metics Lamps, To
bacco & Cigars. Garden
Seeds always fresh.
for . ?IC
and China Goods
Josi Below Jamison's
Tb & Williams,
)errn,So. Carolina. ?
Toys, Fireworks, 1
Raisins, Can- S
?% r *-* i p c P* i" p Wi
t ?subieriptioo, p?cast: send her t:?e
Mrs. Lu?a trri???n o f Sullivan
! street, wiio hus been quite i'i for tho
? hi/st two weeks or more is ab??1 ti? be
up again. \?no, Mw, Anni* Pinion
, in S-. .:(>?:n stree!-, wno has oven
down fora consid?renlo time id a
irieat deni better. We fee] pron 3 to
v ti:-: bot:' of tiu'??! were ucder
the mo?t abie and efficient treat?
. mont ..?'"ar iun-Uitu? colored doctor,
K. 1". Koyd We ?rv pu.shaded i;/
'? ul* treatment of then.) two ?asva that.
! ht* i-:tj? .-. hi? buques*;?, (to ahead
: '.!>.....??
i .\?;-'S li vie T?Hsteyc? Hartwell fia.
i acreoini-aniwd hy Mr. Roben I ft: rd
,.i th? o?ty t.' js weftk visiting her
! sister Mrs. Corn Bowman. ' Wo aJl
j hopo them u pleasant ?tay ??, toe
mountain city
Our mud beloved pu xl or. kev.
?A Pinson loft for Columbia-Monday
j where he Koed on burgess 'relative
I to thfi convention as ..e M a Member
of the executive board,
Xmria is rlgi't ul li'anri even ..:
'door at id thc hit!?? omar uro '?"?'.IM;
. vi tb bright ay wa and- lontfing ?M??V.I
p?i.?cfU f r i?ab'ti CJ:-":
r. r>. Kn^.v?iv,

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