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The people's recorder. (Columbia, S.C.) 1893-1925, December 21, 1901, CHARLESTON EXPOSITION and CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY NUMBER, Image 12

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Grand Order True Reformers,
Tobe Organized. ]
WM Ht Bappened, and Who Has Tis
Ked the City During the Past
Week-Other Mentions.
A. W. BERKY. Local Editor.
-No paper next week
-Rev. E. R. Roberts of Flor .
enc?? was in the city Saturday
Warneks'rf Bakery for fret?n bread, j
- Rev. C. W Davis of Sumter,
wa? among city viuiur.s lins week !
- Dr. ('bus. L. Walton tuok m !
the Charleston exposition Ja * w uek.l
1 hi.i p&p?T is on exhibition tu the i
Negro department of th? exposition j
at Charleston.
Van Metres is tho place for poor
peuple to buy furuituie. His is the i
cheapest furniture ature in to wu. J
-There will be no paper fruin !
this ufflee next weok, Look fur her j
January 4lh, lO??.
The ward One Furniture Co., is
tho bent fumit'ir?! store they seil
.by canil or un e; 'it. I'ooplo it) ibis
Ward should pa >ttize I he til.
-The !>lats I?x?cutive Commit j
.'.(oe'ol tin1 Lt.uV-i.si nt-ile Uci-'i-iiluju i
wm in suasion at Zion this week, j
- It itt reported h e r o that Mr,
Bulier Gilburt, formerly of li.i.s city ?
died in Washington law! wesk. ii"!
true, we hop? li? i.s ut rest.
Call a physician quick! Well Dr. I
C. C. Joiin.vju is capa, .e, courteous .
and uttentivu. Unaryes reasonable
(Jail ou iiiiu.
-Mr. C. E. Stuart of Greenwood !
passedrthrougii ibo ci.y lue ut bur j
day en route nomo from it"* '?i v on-1
ic meeting ut \V luusoon.
t"?? v:'''i'? V *' I
. .---r?t.toi Holmes spent nisi Satur
day iii *0?Hugeuarg lie Wit ag...u
yesterda - for that a ty wu tre lie
goes to louk alter ' ' ..a ?iaua aed
ilia ititore.it,'' and ii^atuio there. j
Go running you und your beys i<> :
the Fiag Clouting score where you i
will bj pulitel i lro.it.cd. hiver* Hung .
for CIn .simas very etican and satin- ;
-Kev. Richarl t'a-roll has been
chosen aa orator ol' Emancipation!
Day at Aiken January 1st. Look !
fdr a good ciatiuu, as Kc Carr'!'
is a note,! <>ra;er. Kn if or J1. Imo.-. i?>!
ju vi ted to Lo present.
Farticks line, of lino dry good ?J
cloth i ii rf gent!? hinishipgs an dj
idiocy .ire things of beauty and jovsi
for ever. Try bim and be rouvPied !
that 'his ?8 thc cheapest dry guod??
Btort) tn i he . .ly,
?-Dr. C? C. Johnson is being con .
gratuled by his host .?">*" friends nr. :
aecotuu of his re-elect ?on as State
Grand M?mier o; th< Free -nd Ac? ?
-opted Masons at tic.1 meeting held!
at Winn.sborn last week,
-Mr. Anthony Hamilton, the!
famous colored j.-okey of Ameriea!
ia un a vLsir. to relative? and Irieud?
here. Mr Hamilton has the d?siim-'
tion of hoing tho univ colored South
Carulinia" who ever got a salan o?
$10,CCU . year.
When your loved ono dio tte f-n ri
voli go to lb v. I), i.loouci the un
dertaker and let. him put them a
way nicely. // o will not eharge
you a cow and calf lor it either.
- Mri. Elvira Holmes, mother of
our editor, is quite feeble. Il P r
many friends hope f.^r h*?r a speedy
and complete restoration to health.
She is a blessed mother, utitirinir
in her in tores t a n tl love for her
children, grr. 'children and friends
ICverr per?on iu thiscity arni state
?who nov..' tho attention ol' a jen titi,
?heul?. "?ke ????ir fveih fir. ii:.? ?
ding, thy painless tooth uxcr-tctor.
Tho bes?, work lor tho least molloy ia
his motto, l.'Ji? Hain at
- Dr J. A. Lightner ia arrang
ing to set up a Fountain of True
Reformera tu this city. Thu is one
ofthebest National organizations j
of colored men in tho land. T h e
True /^formers' headquarters aro
at Richmond, V.. where they have
mum tooth Imsiuoa housoss Wo hope
the doctor will ?u cooed.
Sunday at Tho Y. M. C. A.
air. W. A- LI un rou will ?peak at
the Colored V. M. U. A. to-mor- !
row afternoon nt -i-.'.iu o'clock. Mr. j
Ilr. H ? Thomas will furnish instrn
menta! n11<j? . Messrs W. E. Green (
and \\ ni. Johnson will each t-iiifi a j
solo. All mer! invited to bo present |
Not?B in Tits Social V.. i ;
'I he young poop tc ?
too") td' to?- di tl'.it >..? i<
ure making :n fatig?me.ti ts lor their
Christmas trees during thu it pp rou?
chilli; ludide.vs.
A Three N?irina Carnivw.1 Fer
heneiit of the 'Taylor Lane. Hospital j
and Training School will be ??vin !
at thc Y. M. C. A. Indi begin ningi
J:? nu H ry 1 si , I in ix?.
Lumiicipu?ioti Day will be ;i >- j
primely observed in I bib city. All
necessary pr?parations are being
made by the Lincoln Memorial A<- I
sociatinn, and the day promiaes lo
bo a ??rand ono. j
The l'ixio Queen Comedv con?-!
pany's com-.-rt at the Lincoln .Street
hall .Monday night was not II soe-I
ces.-, on account ol the treeving wen :
tl r. Thc; aro to repeat il during
ihe Chi tattiwa holuL.
1'f '. sf. //.,rt fold A rms: rot.:*, 1
'.'?i-."ej)ui and Iinpeisotintor, is iicn- :
arranging to <_: ve one of hi; .vender
hil exhibitions* at au early date.
The Z. S. Cs. ar? .a nan g it. loi
give a.big'.Chiisimas JBull af Odd j
Fellow's*' ji.ill next .Thurgday eve- .
..-ung. As?'?iss';-)! "J0'..i}*ntr.
: Mm
.i Zerick K>t, Lumens 9". ..'?0:
Vi-.* Ida K Cowan Most ny Ala. - 1 ?h? |
liev I S Mo->ee. < r.ldaell ii t>0 !
\\ \\ I.*?*?. ri I.own.ns 1 Od
ll v II :> I.e. ; In ni Norway fri
VVn. inker Ne. <.,?s 1 i'ti
I li I '..i i? r Cordova y ( i :
Dr Ibm Moorer Orungehuig 1 .r><? .
I. \\ Snell Middle Pen \ i>0
Miss M d McDaniel ttwi..g*ville. I I.*. .
N T burris Sar ru tl Si Ou
- "I enjoy reading People's
lietrord-r and lind it wi ri nv of our j
attention. I hope it m?y liv* io bo
'dd, ami when coining cown lo die j
ins everything must die ?? ira head
may be white with honest toil f o .
the Noi;r?. inoe.''
( Mi..-;. ABRI it E. (?itnxi.r.
Concord, X. C. j
WANTED--'-*"* g.^ti .4gt j
at once Colored mau preierod. Sum
pit.- ?.'."? cent?. Address
W . II. 1 ;n I>N ? 1i A- Co.,
IS.-21 . !t l.n ir*tin. S. i". .
iU.-TKL, i ?'. F SOI.TH C'A HOI IN V, .. ;
C;#i.i.i:or<:i{\s ? U-TII'K. ) i
Columbia-, r>. C., Uec ?"th. I'"!--- '
The following dt.'jii'.iibed property |
ha vi.if; been :.. ./ -<\ fit?; violation < ; .
sect i -o li ?S I S any pen .
Ol U'O'SOIlS eli'lllltOg '!'" -.'.Mle Ill'-.-.t ?
give noti"e. :it:d hie bond r- .?u 11 ^ 'i ?
i:v - vi it .? IM '.'o i?' -. or lin* s :.. in e J
will he de?: arcd for reit? : o 'he ? :
od stales vi/.:Si.x jug.- .-aid to con uno !
m ihc nggr"g.ite ?? galUhu? of corni
..vhiskci -.?i.'ed at Sp n umbin g, ;> ' '. j
Ceo. il. K of Kier. 1 Vdlcelor. J
_--- --.._"____..
Edison Johnson Elect
(Incorp?rate?0 limb r the Law
Shares, Sid par value, present p
Address for further inion
'Hermann Zadek
Hoy I"*. N'n|.
Wc wish our rendors u merry ?
Christmas, mid when they seo i
Sauta Claus -hope they will)
hove him renew their subscript
ion, for ono vea- to tho People's i
Our city-"!a somewhat lively
and it* people, progresivo, ener
getic and hospitable. As a ralo
tiiuy own their homes, timi ure
beginning \ o aci)iiir<' property, :
which tar%?? of th?? ti rs t requisites !
io LI vii consideration. j
livery men ought to biri ve to i
get a h muecas his barth ly para-:
dito, around vfhich aita: his; furn !
;. Ko 'or sat cl y und w'deh ?
ii? MI netty ?houi<i bo protected j
even :it ti.s . k ol his Iii'.-.
\\> have in I . h e city foin
col ore :1 chu? .dies where our p?*opie
worship regularly, and vc < mil
homage anti praise for Hm i.U:.->- ;
'tigs und divine guidance.
Om scht'i! uicihiy is at nar
with t?o.- t-verage. The Moue!
Grided School, w i ( ii U. NV.
Manee, principal and Misses I!.
C. Lt>vVrey, A. L. Neil and I. >. .
Snowden assistants :s pro?!tossing I
nicoi . fin: enrollment thus far i
i? a*. M ii u y bright j
yoi:.ii? i..--, :t nd women have
gone out lio m this and j
give much promise fot active
labor, to join the phalanx, i.o'v
espousing,.ino cause of Negro j
..ian hood and civilization.
. :iv
Dr. Mayes Drug More ii the place :
for vi?n, to fret your prescription?]
lilied. Toth^ atti ci cs-.,* n <1 nut ny
other nice r- ga are kept dherc.
v St.- Lu. Episcopal " ':
chbol,l'"7? ? \tfi?-: v.;'
t rof. j S. 1 ..inieja is a??o ooiug a j
good .vork ?or our boys and giris-.
Tba enrollment is 51. Bible j
study is conducted heie and niso !
insh ct i M i* gi.cn in jewing hy
han?' a II tl i.. Ir.ick* arming. ?
'.his i< a new fea turo in t '.' a,
.i-iii I and bids fairtobeol mt..di
service te? the recioiims.
We cali parents' attention i"
!i?* above sr'ioo?s und trust they
wi i spurn, ivith im;.'ii toro
thought, ignorance iuebrwdy anti
tutored idleness. Lay aside self
ishness ou-.i personal dif'cieucob
and give- you: chil ! ion ;i hheral
education tii?t they 'nay become
respectable citizetv: ant! a Mussing
: . cohot?d society, ii you ne
g.?.;?, ?..u-.- m.ly Vi in.-ii iii y become
o?d,decrepit und hey-iim ihe reach
of these attainments they wi i 1 re
fb?oi nie] simply louM ay>.-n a-.
their nitor-'.
Foi ? in isl mas i"\ ? for lue coil
ilren and for glass china iv;.re
ehe-ip ior eu.-il?. Ooto J. W. \\ ?iii
St...rr. ile .ri;.-. i" el..'.np':.*.
1 h?.- Finn known ?is Daniels
and Wdiinn'e is AH large und in
viting vs any other colored o-t. L -
lishim-nt . in the Slate 1'hcv
Ueve on hand nt ail ihm s a full
stock of gr??;.?*... vs and will sell
ve.u ititi L-iinvJ good*? ? oil buv es so*?
whei'? i' ' lhe saine nionev, ana
FIG Mana
V YORK^md^
soi the State of New York.
i ices BJ'XttO,
A l"an ta. Ga
.?<>??- f-hniritug.
wilb equal satisluciion. ?o i.m\
nae Sania Claus smiiiD^ in a col
ored store.
lie tu ern ber Eichelbergers res
taurant and tonsorial parlor ou
Nance street, lie is ever read*
to nerve cu He ro und gives satis
faction it) hoth de ; ?a ri tue i ii.'
We ure delighted ?o inform our
reades that u letter from the sec
retary of the colored department
o? t h o Charleston lix position.
bring?'in ltd licence '.ino thc New
h?ny eichihit t- i thc lead.
Willie tlii? sneaks well, our peo
ple hu ve not done near :..> v u .
they could have. Wo advice that |
T?.li do Hu! '? *>' SO ti U?'h ti..-* .. lo
syeophuotri and o bs tn-pe to ns w--.
men. These oh-uhiule rdinraeo' -
ar? ever ready tn oi,po<e and dvjv.it
uitvthinc ot whioh thev a ru not the
promoters, and are, prone f,.-, ?
faith, with other a??rocates, or ???.?
defect in Itu ir olin:". 'f'ha;.:.J .
?M?*?S lYKcilla Nowell ~r ' oiumoia
ia ti-iichint; tito Hailee s-.Mio.d in thi>>
Mrs. J henrietta Voit nj; is teach-i
?ir, at Tri ni ty and reports .? good
Behool thu? i. r.
M - L. <*. (ft-** ic.a iv tri charge -I* '
the Little U >< k .-. ?ol.
i'ro? J. i >. Dawkins*. Nc'-'dierrv*.
erudite debater s in charge of Mt. ?
Moriah ?iohool 'l it-* Cid. is now i
wealing the Jewish beard, and ha '
i i?., appearance of a ***-nerab'e pro-(
lalo. iN.\j.- (send Iiiin ?he accorder,
M r. S. i. Uti 'sell o? Kort Mot??
i.-. spending a wittie !>? the ci fy. Iii
is one of thc popular meehanic? nt
iii- rii?!.
1?. >ienniw*'i '?jd.
le wit ii parci
io ?W? ul?' for t?ic R'.'.Mr
v... ,. .. -.- remit ?m Saturday, and
renew for one year, on? dollar.
This is the mst cnanee for thc 11.00
rate. M.
'I i:-> I'..?-:': Ai'j'el Death, visit.***,
?i-.Lan rn (.?? tiaras hon-, lard
Mond uv ii ii? ii I and caled : ft '. n
jndjr-uieui ?> an aeeottnt of
to von exc?dent pipoi ff Miad
i onlv st." a *?.*? woois, wo siiop.y
rill-:.1 va!;;*r-e Of r.:?i> o-.-eaPoe. r
. .. ik of '.)... intet ?<... .. sttiil-SltHt
hore th? V. : . i der the people
, uf Oreutiviile. r. U periVetiy : 2-;
i rnarkablc to no'G tho cave'"' desire
' of lue pee pic to road st ?m otto nj;, :.nd
: hey ni''" t ?! ito.ins; : : h n : .-.
read D -t .' cor jceui to von the
reason vi i '.'"!?:. I - !.-u pail ).
:>./.. ".ir 011 pri.>? s as they should ?
ii is b'-cauKe thvy ? tin* euh.rpruos^
have never been properly tati'rd '.'j
i So mani of our pvtiph*- "oaiiv nt* col
OHO ti) taking their own : per?" lo
I ;iet th?? news, but uso tho iv hite peo-?
! pi.;.- kitchen t,s 11 resort fur their
..:..->...-. They need on'y 1 > ho tai ??ed
ont of that, and t-. Lc s/.nwn that, it
more inie)lh*ent to read F?OV?6
! iiiiug ci their o wu ra-J c. theil
1 ow J j ape.*' by ?ht,:v ovrn ti recd de.
? Mr*. -y'?.'Oe t?. b P'?
- r ?co fefrf*i ?.. ". t?a Of ?7o , ...?,*.<
m ?mt R-W.MHKCE,
11 IUI lu. ?a"aoRr
! h IT H ' i- w iii d ? ll 11 . 1 ! tr t ir ur: f. ?ri I . V\ ?
j trust t*-ai il o gout! bi*>i?'i hud so
! i.?-d ?. to ?,t:ii?i the i tut und JU U?.W
!'?<.. up > ii s; Ino- ?fat u t iii?' noli!
j li anti ol' If im ?ho rr>di/*?oi?H|- mun?
ind. Tho i"v ti?*rrtl Hfi .> io?'? ?ITO
'V J .l .frf'l l?V i?rv's 1'Ju:?--:u.0 <.'.?! ii
rai .
I I "cv. iJuninp wij] itiovoto Winni
; ii.nw ?.'?on.
' li cv Chi m M nt! nt ia? i Hu ii lav .f
I A'ntjovilii?.
Mr. .Sntunvoij Hu? ??.I I, our ?".:bt?'>?*
iiiatu MI*?' iri?**"d who I ?o* wv ml HM
tr nu in tb.? arrov, is li?.-rt? ?hak in*
I lui mi - tv I f li r- ;t!',ir- UljiJ friend;
\\ .. ;n-o jr: ? ri io him
. Tbl: X'lJ.li* ...\M*.i?C;'< s?* Brown**
..h-ii.r.l . r,
lo tv- ?/.and
Cits O11I7 TTji-to-l)at? Rw.tati
.?:.. a ii.i L?.d.?in}r House in--***^.*
.-. Tt?wu of Xewherry J ??
.\ir:*:s Pies
Ci??;? 1 ..Tobacco*.;
.a cvnt.t-'.'i"! ' ; *. ..M'di'?s' Irado
.??:)li'.*itc?i (.'!?. .111 ?% "is.
J. D. Elo?iclDcrye n, >..KWH "ii?wvJ*?.
1 ' J
Mayes' - Druo - Store
->. icw i ; MK H V. ? -
For Druus. Pf: iumery.
?...ri ti Jil th i itt is fi >Utui ::\ ..?*\
up-lo-da Lc Pharmacy.
Hair* Oils. \ asoiit?i\ Co.s
rnctk'S Lamps. 1 o
i'.iv co tS. J.<!.?.!">.. (jarcien
Secas always fresh.
! ppp!;
and Glliilfl G008S
Jost Below Jamison's
ns s williams, I
lerru. So. Garoliua. |
Toys, Fireworks J
Raisins, Can- ?
\r Vf I C??W 1 1 -
, - * ? .> i:?ik>n . picas. . ead her the
.'iirs. i. >'..-. (rrii?in D f Sullivan
: .trout. *A CIO . . ' b?efl .: til to : 1 ?. ,- ! iMj
?ii-i. two ".'1Mor ino ru ivo??* to b??
.: ;. i M. '- r'O, An:;! ; Pin?on
. ;:. Sr. John ?tree!:, wno has oven
!C '. 'i r.?r '? .: ir.'jideftOlo ';?? y i;' K
Kat deni bvllor ?vv pn.ui to
:. ' ' of ?IWM >T?.Tt> ? ti.T
the ino4! fi >.?.? ano fifi :i"i it treu I-*
moni ci'uar t:..'.-.;::.r f:.?Ic?? d dov tor,
\. i". Bord VVfl vr,. p-.,. ;uud.-d Iv
'.?:<? './i-1 ? mc ! o i ii.-'--- two 3 th ht
. ..' i:iji?w.s \ru uMfi?ixiiv?. OG uhtatd
. .\?;-H l*!vif" '?fHSi'rVot ? tart welt'?a.
, ; .... i -.1 bv Mr. ^ Robe? lind
i:t i;i t ho f:it) I J ?is v/en?? vi?i'.ut!/ h**r
l-.'-r M . Cora t/owijian, 1 \'."<.. It
?hone tii?ifi !. Jidea?rtni slay 10 tijt;
motin In in eily
Our mut-: bt-lovttd pt?..*!.*?. J
f\ Pinson '. ft lor Columbia Ni oin! tv
? v nor? ho boed or. b.-" i tdativi
Lo tn?: convention a*. . ... .- .1 mein . :
of the i?.ve?;uijvo bofi. 1,
Xm*ia is T'.I .". ..!.;:...t ; <.-... .' ??.
'duoi'jtid i hi; 1 ? ?i %. oov;>" ?rr . ? . > *. T . *
.vith k:'itf.iu cy..?*? ytld !rj?-.|ri:.? ..)'...

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