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Thia life M. full of worthiness,
Obscured by circumstance.
But blossoming into glorious thing?
When once it gets a ehanee.
Tho pumpkin seems a lowly fruit;
'Tis neither fair nor sweet.
But when it is transformad, to pie.
In faith, it can't be bent!
-Washington Star.
" S li o Knew Her Kan.
He--"Darling, which would you rati
?er have for a birthday present, a soal
akin cloak or an automobile?"
Wife-"I'd rather have $10, dear;"
Mew York Times.
More Thun Time to Go.
"My gracious!" exclaimed Mr. Stay
late, "lt's nonrly 12 o'clock. Ifs time
to go."
"O!" suld Miss Pcpprey, meaningly,
"It's surely later than that"-Phila
delphia. Tress.
An ICxnuipic.
Teacher-ftYc3, 'revive* menus ~to
'como to.' Now make a sentence con
taining that word."
Bright Boy-"If one npple costs three
.ennis what'd four apples revive?"
Philadelphia Press.
Ko Moontdiine Madness.
Tess-"Ho has proposod to Miss
Joss-"For goodness sake! But per
haps there Is some'exciise for him."
Tess-"Not a blt of lt. He did it In
broad daylight."-Philadelphia Press.
Refflnniiif* nt Home.
Jasper-"I understood that you haft
turned over a new leaf, nud were even
jgoiug to leve your enemies, but It
?ems to mc that you love no one but
Mrs. Jasper-"Well, I am my own
worst enemy."-Life.
A ?Xuvenllo Philanthropist.
"I like that boy of Snlggins's."
"Isn't he a little obstinate? The day
1 called his mother had to threaten to
?pauk him before he would recite
pieces for thc Indies and gentlemen."
"That Isn't obstinacy. That's moral
courage."-Washington Star.
it is meant py me
.AV '? iW';?.
di medium of
ifc'j?o yoi?<l^?$p the
Tf"you when 'VooP^Hiother
sendsryou for groceries?"
Willie-"Tue book." - Buffalo Ex
"Colonel," naked the beautiful grass
widow, "ls your Ideal tall or short?"
"How can you ask nie such a ques
tion." he replied, looking around to
?cc that no witnesses were present,
"when you are only medium?"
Then she called him a "naughty
hyy" and pretended that she believed
bc was a flutterer.
Another Disputed Chart.
"Well," said the first bicyclist, "we
.ught to bc right in thc middle # of
Biggville according, to the map, yet, as
you may sec for yourself, we are ou a
mud road some miles from anywhere."
"I can't understand it," said the sec
ond bicyclist, "unless the map was
made by some of those naval experts."'
-Baltimore American.
Miss Budd-"Yes, she did say some
thing about you, but I dou't know
whether it was meant to be compli
mentary or not."
Mr. Kollow-"O! I'll warrant I im?
pressed her."
Miss Budd-"I don't know; at any
rate she commented on your 'blooming
check.' "-Philadelphia Press.
BUghtly Mixed.
Marjorie-"Yes, Currie Is engaged to
a physicist."
Grandmother, (slightly deaf)-"And
-what Is tlmt?"
Marjorie-"Why, don't you know
toe teaches; physics-the law of forces."
Grandmother -."Physics horses?
Well, I dou't think much of that for a
profession."-New York Times.
Tramp .Troubles.
"What's the matter here?" said tho
?officer, coming Into tbs restaurant.
"Why, boss, ibis niau said I could
oat one of his dinners without any
trouble," said the tramp.
"Well, I ate ono, and I've got no
money to pay for It, and now lt seems
there's all sorts of trouble."-Yonkers
Bte tes m au.
Doiiic iii* liest.
"What a nice, sensible hat!" ex
claimed he.
"I don't quito see why you speak of
it lu that mounor," she answered.
"I was simply doing my best to
caleb the proper phrase. I haye ob
served that when ever any garment
Chat makes a womau less attractive
comes into vogue it ls invariably vc
Jarred to as 'sensible.' "-Washington
?tar. ....
A Doctor'* Testimonial.
Dr. C. I. 8. Oawthon, of Andalusia, Ala. .
write?: "Tettorine is enporior to any remed?
known to ino for Eczema and stubborn skin
diseases." 50o. n box by mail from J. T. Sb us
trino. Savannah, Ga., if your druggist don",
koop it.
An ordinary piano contains a mile o?
wire string.
Vast For th? Bowels.
Me* natter what alls you, i*adaohe to a
canear, yon will nevor get well until rout
beweis are put right. OASO&BKTB help natura,
eura yon without a gripe or pain, prodaos
easy natural movements, cost you jost 13
cents to start getting your health baok. Qun
CAaaTS Gandy Cathartio, the genuine, put np
in metal boxea, erery tablet has O.G. 0.
stamped on it. Beware ot imitations.
With the aid of a microphone you can
hear a fly walk'.
FITS permanently cured. No fit? or nervous
neasafter flret day's usn of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorer. $2 trial bottle and treatise free
Dr. lt. H. KxrSK, Ltd.. 931 Aron 8t., Phila. Pa.
The fir ut American telescope was put in
position at Yale College in 1830.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syr np for children
teething, Moiton the gums, reduces inflamma
tion, allays pain, euron wind collo. 25u abotiie.
South Wales rained more coal than any
other part of Grout Britain. *
Pico's Curo for Consumption is un infallible
medicine for coughs and colds.-N.W. SAMUEL,
Ocean Grove, N. J.. Feb. 17. 1000.
A Peremptory Sermon.
A bootmaker living at East Dean, a \
village in Sussex, Eng., about two miles
distant from Goodwood Park, has adopt- .
cd a very summary method with regard
to customers who takes long credit. In j
ihe window of his cabin hangs the fol
lowing memorandum :
"Now J. Johnson, don't j'ou think it
time that you pay thc 2 bob for repairing
your boots ? It is i6- weeks ago that he
asked G. Turner to do the work. He
could not go to work for his pore feet
He has not gone yet."
Nell-"I hear Maude has broken off
her engagement." Bellos-"Yea; she
said he was a Jonah, ao she threw him
^ from .22 to .50 loaded with cithe
/ always give entire satisfaction. 1
v modern manner, by exact machin
Thousands of children an
?/ Worms. Symptoms are sci don
M child's temperament and upon the vari
j{j tines. Lose no timel Adopt the safo o
" I had a most suborn cough
for many years. It leprlved me
of sleep and I grenier/ thin. I
then tried Ayer*s Chery Pectoral,
and was quickly cured*'
R. N. Mann, Fail lilis, Tenn.
Sixty years rf cures
and such testimony as the
above, have taugji us what
Ayer's Cherry ^Pectoral
will do.
We know it's h? great
est cough remeiy ever
made. And yoijwill say
so, too, after yea try it.
j There's cure in t v : i y drop.
T' rea iihee : 2Sc, 80c., ?!. " drotlUta.
Contait yoar doctor. If ?. 5ttf? Uko it.
then do aa ho says. If >??Utile 7011 not
to take it, th en don't tai; - '? Ho knows.
Leavo lt with him. Wo aro filling
J. C. AY Kit t'O.lLowoll, Mast.
-cvati'i ?
Nervous llcartucli. , ..'eurnlitln, t*
nnd BICK HEADACitL. It la ab?o- jg
liitely harmless. No itfeet on the g
g iienrt. For eale nt all ?/uR Store?. ?J
DrpoeJt. Guaruntoo
?Ot) 1- KKK ft (1 tl OL. A lt S M ! ' BOAK1) AT
COST. Wrlto Quick ' ? A.-ALA.
UL* S IN KS S coM.tta MACON, GA.
Cold Merin.1 at i.utlnli. ' Minsltion.
So. 50.
Syrup of Figs
well-informed am
portent parts are
cause it acts with
tions, as it is whe
Louisville-, KyT
>r hy edi. dru^c^i-sts. Pri
r Black or Smokeless Powder
'hey are made and loaded in a
ery operated by skilled experts.
.-. ?r. ctcirttc lr- kr- ?
c being gnawed to distraction by
:i reliable. .They depend upon the
ety of worms present in the intes
ind sure course by using
L44 * 44 44444444444444? Itt
Iicather-CovereA Mantel?.
Thc very newest idea in leather
decoration is nu entire mantel in a
rich shade bl green, which was ar
ranged for a Long Island woman who
waa dissatisfied with the ugly mantel
in the dining room of her country
home and was advised to try the ef
fect of hiding the disfiguring projec
tion with leather. Tho result was a
completo succeBs and several of her
friends have followed her. example to
the extent of having leather mantel
drapery, if not entirely incasing the
chimney corner. For an Indian , room
or a den a hanging of leather in a rich
vermilion tone, with au Indian's head
skillfully etched on it, lends a decid
edly bright bit of color.-Detroit Freq
The stranded Thespian who walk?
the railroad track realizes that the race
for fame often results in a tie.
Most o? ns attribute the success ni
others to luck.
We refund 10c. Tor every pnekasro of PUT
VJLM FADELESS DYE that fails to give fcatisfac
tion. Monroa Drug Co., ITnionville, 3?O.
The average girl ie capricious. She will
tell a fellow lie is (he light cf her life and
then turn hin? down.
There is moro Catarrh in this section o? tho
country than all other dificaecs pat together,
nnd until the last few years wus supposed to ho
'ncutable. For a groat many years doctora
oroiiounced it a local diencsn and prescribid
local remedies, and hy constantly fuiling to
enro with local treatment, pronounced it in
curable. Kcioupo has proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disenso and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh "Cure,
manufactured hy F. J. Cheney As Co., Toledo,
Ohio, is tho only constitutional cure on tho
market. It is taken internally in doses from
10 drops to a teaspoonful. lt acts directly on
the blood and mucous surfaces of thc system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any case
it fails to cure. Send for circular? and testi
moni?is. Address F.J.CHRXKY & Co.,Toledo, O.
Sohl hy Druggists, 7Sc.
Hall's Family Fills are the best.
Thc British boot and ?hoe trade is
largely dependent upon American ma
i pie^SAt-vtly-s
s Beneficially;
ly as a.Laxaiivc.
appeals to the cultured and the
i to the healthy, because its com
; simple and wholesome and be
out disturbing the natural func
illy free from every objectionable
or substance. In the process of
:turing figs are used, as they a?-e
t to the taste, but the medicinal
of Syrup of Figs are obtained
excellent combination of plants
to be medicinally laxative and to
t beneficially.
t its beneficial effects-buy the
-manufactured by the
o, Cfe.1.
Atew York.N.Y.
icc_fifty cents per bottle-.
For More Thnu tx Qnnrt#r of ?CrnluvT ll
Douglas $3.00 und S3.D0 sliocs tor *tyl?. ram?i>r? mid HVAI
nuken Sold III tlK'St: lunts. 'Ihr Kl-Hli?lU re IUI tot iou li:
alone. W. t.. DOUKIU? slioe? IIUVO lu nu- tu'llt r mitlMt'U'tu
S3 GO nlioeH bt-uau?o Ina reputation tor thu litii 3S.u> ur.
Hold bu 63 fioup'at Storr* in Amcriran ril in ?filing ?
anarer at ont profit; and brit ?hoe dtaJtr* every irlieie,
The. standard lui? I\(TVITS twen ptftd-il so lil?'i ttl
In tho W. I.. l) )iiuln?S8.oi ?ni Hain shorn th:iu lu'
more S3.00 and S-'i.M niicci lunn any other two innnufa
W. IM Dmiglns 9X00 ami 8:t.??0 slifK'H n
leathers used Tn OA.OOund 80.00 ?loo ?? no:
insist upon liavlng W. TJ. Dmuria.? stn fit
on bottom. Hhr** mit anywhere on tvr'T' of
earrlaire. Take, iiienmreiiientd ot font a* annum : ?t<
vrliltli imitai Iv worn: plain or mp toe ; heavy, mttdUlli
e ._W. L. DOUGLAS, I
PRICE? 25 G*
removes from thc soil
large quantities of
Thc fertilizer ap
plied, must furnish
enough Potash, or the
land will lose its pro
ducing power.
. Rf nd carefully our books
on crops-sent /rte.
93 Nassau St., New York.
M Study
T-?r ?*'"XI\ ? iT In ?Iiortliaud,
? i-JIX/ltL".ike? i>n?s
fl 1 W aUmmm fCIIUIUIlMlllp.
" Ai lill mt'
mar, ?nd
K ?J other branenoa. ThuusmnrtH nr??
?m . ?m.- u w dering thin uuoceB?(ul!y.
Ai iitt.1 for p irtlettlars nt anett,
Drake-Bridge School,
Room ?9) , ?pQ Fifth Avt-ttuc. New Vork City.
part tut -hui
UUt n .top, Ol
ii plrnfDco work
1 ??in't missthlr
full liif-'rnii'; ..
coi,t;,tiBi,t ???si,\J1S?! <oi.T,r:c;i.
< ?lt. I ."J til A. S. V;
.v -K,?K.I?W M[u? fur
t. :viii' ?. Ima rd < heat-,
li?*, bat Writ? at unco
How to Get "Rich
A book vlf tt'O vatros written by a business man
of PO years experience, who hits matta fortuno?
ami como In contact with most, of tho rich uiou
of tho country. ICttpeolatly Tor bo.VH ami young*
men-yet thnusumis of ohlor wen read it.
YOU become successful by following di ree M ons.
Mailed on receipt, of price $1.(0 cash or money
order. Amana selling timm rast. ?U. s. ?v lr.
>u. st (ii ii l.li. ?un knr., ATIENTA. OA_
, linn r>r saint'll KA Pa lnrt?
number ?f Ibw-iort-il ,\Ji*C
Y ima .ii:n - t v ur?.i.t$
A Mt III-.. I'.-" lt H. u I from
crt-iit Milk /mt! lintti-r -i.vk
Itt- I up to ?la'o; nomi bruer
in Tin- sv.uih. Th . hioo'i... tin; f minus St .ki- l'oit1..
S'.l.ambri-t nnil I'mmm-il" li nuleri. I'nlnnil I'lilii*
I'lK-i alwayami ifantl. T.tMlrnN\ve:j. Ito lt U-In ir?. N.t.-.
Buy Jones Scales
Send a postal far Bargain Catalogue.
DoX N. Y., BUN (j I ULMTCft, ii. Y.
Write to t"ay. For ON OEXT AND A HALF VF,?
DAY you i ure y nival', :it hoiur, of l?u>'-> i-hfw.ii,
Ulrer.-ttioii, T>iBpt:it-?>iiient, Tmnorr, anti H11 iii ni.!?
vrtu.lt run. Adore** miur.i .Kiippty Utile?' bu
lli**, b.irtniilam lr?? for stninp?Ml envelop*'.
Utov* Supply Offlee, ?tiiultuKMVii, N. C. MRS.
LA mt A M. JiiariCK. M*.-.
More 1. rt ?I i es neeiled in un-<s<ti;rnn 1 territory* to
inn -i tra ottb-rti ut home. (??iud pu v. s>en<?.
stamped H.I . elope to
UTOVA OO.. Main OIHCM, South UttnJ. Ind. .
XV. C. HOLM KM Itnprar**!
Parin l.> v?i ..Ktillpa?.*'
R?MI u-'-t ?.ditto l?v-l t'?ad??.
I'rio *-t..",0 with rmi. W. it.s for
ile-ci-ijitit i! ci'i'iiliir. li Siir\h
KoraytU St., Atlanta, lift.
NiiW Z/ltv.t/V?itY; *.??>?
.nilok ralirf and auras worst
r?Min. boo? ot UtlimoouU anti 1 ?J ?lu va' rrautiuant
Fr?-o. Dr. I. H. OaiBN SDOHB. Cos B. ACI.ura. >. .
I boat Conen Syrup. Taste? Good.
In time. Sold hr druggists.
ia rsiHttat'ion of vf. 1?,
llUlt ?-veiltU lill ol!:, r
ii imvn w.i.i ey UM!t<(
III tin?ii o.I.i r .vt.aikixl
ll &UiU Itlou liiiul LO
linet /rom fectory to
ti i.on (lilt Bilge 4
Lin? Cannot Kt.
Ziquuletl af. Any I'Hee.
r.t Ihn w.irrr rcnlvs mor? r.iluo foy lil.? money
. un irrt i lM'tviirn-. Vf. I.. Douala* maire*ai? selb
aurora In t!i<! world. F.i3t Color Eyclot J Vr&d.
rntntulo of timanmohltrli-Rr?tln /'.*""..
l aro Just a? Rood Itt* ?vary way. jfitrjgjLq
i with nntrtoand prleo alampctl,
prli'e nn<t UK ?^"il? ndilttlniml for
ii* ai vir ilralrMl; alan mia
II or lh;la tnK's.
Srockton, Mass

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