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A Journal-Of News And Opinion.
Pu ol i shed livery Saturday Prom Our
U*u liuilding ut Orau??'jburtr, s. (J
S UI .senn "J* ION lt AT KS
S AOVANCH Oil? Your. SI.Ml: Six Monllis.
ueilUtt Tim-.- Morn hs. iVunmls. il) ..KlviilKM'.
City Subscription i:?t;<-i:*,K iH-riiionLli.l'nyuulo
al cud ul Munni.
TUB UKCOltniSIt will imi iisli lin.-f :ii}<! rn
lioiml ??oiniuuiilonLloiis un nul>j?!Ols ol
Krui inlurttsl wlHiti tlioy uro oocoiii|?anit;?l
. y thu numus and uiMruaKus ?I Mus auiliors,
lied un.? inti or u .li-futnulory nalur?, und
wl.tiii :<iitll<:lei!l nash is snit lo |HI>" tut
riui-up" im i-liurriu Tor muieo. Aiuioiiy.
mons cimiiiiiiin.-.ii'oiis will nm I"' nolUu-u,
W?- ?.lo liol roiuin rojuuiuil v umisur.pts
uiK'-s-. slumps ?Vii st::it lor sun..-. NOIIIM-S
Ol inuniU!:i s. linUi*. il< ;il1is. Lo>l. lounil.
-nr.. ?. o?:uia i-u .>. inserliou ul ulalu HM??
Mu Kigali postal umi express money orders
l.uyuDlu lu
C b\ uol.MKS KdilorandI'ubllxlior.
urauttui?ui'K> ?">? c.
DR. E. D. WHITE, - State Agent,
R, E. RICHARDSON, Business manager,
ALL aboard for Columbus, (>.
to attend the National Baptist
Convention. Aro you going'i
IT should be entirely out ol'
order for any citizen, while or
colored to knock Orangeburg.
TN pulling, let us pull alto
go th ei- to ina Ive this one of the
best places on earth for both
white and colored -thc industri
ous and progressive classes.
THE North Pole discovered by
Dr. Cook ten days ago and then
conies the news that eight or ten
days later the same North Pole
was discovered hy commander,
Peary. Who next?
IT always pays to ae^ortiso. lt
will pay better if the advertise
ment is where it can bo seen by
all the people, in while pa pei's
for white people and Negro pa
pers for Negro people, ISyery'
merchant in Orangeburg who
wishes colored patronage should
put a card in this paper and let
our people know that their trade
is wanted and wi H he appreciat
ed. Try it and watch results.
THE more than one column ac
count ol' the North Carolina Mu
tual meeting at Colombia some
little time ago, to be found in
this'issue of the Recorder speaks
roi itself. The N. C. Mutuals
are a great concern, they do not
do things by halves. We com
mend this great institution to
our people everywhere. The
men at the head ol it are among
the business giants ol the Negro
Mourns COLLEGE Notes and
the large two column advertise
ment of the college, both to be
seen in this issue of the Record
er will bo refreshing information
to the thousands ol' friends to
this institution over the State.
The college opens this year on
Sept. J'.lih. The I 'resident states
that the prospect, for a large at
tendance, is assured, Sixteen
instructors in the faculty, men
.and women all of whom aro grad
uates from prominent/colleges ol
thc country. Many useful
industries are to be taught
this year which, in our opinion,
is a step in the right direction.
Let the friends to Nc oro educa
tion rally to the support ol' Mor
ris College and to every other
institution of learning for the
POR more than sixteen years
this paper has made its weekly
visits to thousands of South Car
olinians, some have showed theil
appreciation for it by paying al
ways in advance, and regularly,
while others equally ?is aide owe
us from year to year. Thanks
to Heaven ! we are beginning to
know our friends as the days
and years go and come; thanks ?
also because we are getting to
And We Are Glad to See lt.
Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Dres;
Good Homespuns, checks ?
Outing, Hie best ever offer
Good Bleaching at
Taille Liincns at
A Pretty line of colored li
10-1 bleached and Unble
100 pieces of good Percal,
(??ood Spool Cotton, guara.!
A Cood Sea Island Homes
Baby's Shoes Irom 25 cents
Boys' " " $1.00 tc
1 could go on and men
L ask ONE and AL^L just t
and be Convinced.
19 W. Russell Stre
PHONE 1402.
the place .where we are not
obliged to credit subscribers
who promise but never pay. We
aro going to "Imo Lo the line"
this fall and winter in sending
the People's Recorder to only
those who can trust us by pay
ing for the paper in advance.
Others who promise and ne.vei
p;iy can get their reading matter
else where. We are at our books
now and as soon as accounts are
/ully made up they will be sent
to subscribers.
Thc Coming City Election.
Every citizen of Orangeburg I
who wishes to see the municipal-,
?ty go forward and not backward
is expected to take aw interest
in the election of Mayor and Al
dermen next Tuesday.
With the spii itoi progress and
advancement to be seen in al
most every hamlet in South
Carolina it would be a pity ifithis
proud city should take any back
ward steps.
There are two good men
named for Mayor and severall
sale men, as lawmakers named J
as lit for Aldermen.. We can on
ly hope that economical business
men will be chosen to preside
over the destinies of the city.
Pick out the best and safest men
who arc interested in the true
welfare of the city and vote for
them without bartering off your
vote, is the ad vice we give our
School Openings.
Voofhees Industrial School at
Denmark, S. C., wiil throw open
its doors for students on Oct 4th.
Benedict College, Columbia, will
open this year on Sept. "JOth.
Schofield Normal and Industrial
School, Aiken, begins its this
year's session on Oct 5th. Mor
ris College, Sumter, opens for
its .second year on Sept. 29th.
Arc you ready y If not, get
ready and have your sons and
daughters enter on time.
Morris College Notes,
1st, All old students and those
intending to enter for the first
time are notified that the coming
session will begin on Wednes
day, Sept. L?i)th. Classes will be
immediately .formed and work
begun without delay.
lind, We have a strong faculty
ol' sixteen instructors, who are
graduates of eleven different
3rd, Attention is directed lo
the following new departments
ind courses of instruction:
Dressmaking, Millinery Work,
i looking. Shorthand and Type
writing and Agriculture. The
School, of. Music has been
strengthened, and much atten-.
bion will be given to Voice Cul
12 y2 Cts. COTTC
5 LO
I Have Something That Looks B
The Largest and Cheapest Lot
5 Suit Cases, Hats and Caps Ever S
md yellow, at
ed Cor the money, at - -
5, 0, 7
20c, 2")c, ilOe. 3')c,
opts, just the thing for Early Kail
ached Sheeting at - 20c,
30 inches wide, at
ntced to sew on any Machine, at
pun itt -
Lace Certains from 33
to *l.f>0 a pair. Ladies' Shoes fr
)S:U>0. Men's
lion Goods and Prices that would \
o CALL and SEE thelinmense St<
t, ORA
4th, All students are required
to bring their own sheets, pillow
cases, comforts or blankets, tow
els and table napkins,
f>th, All young women will
wear a uniform suit, both on Sun
days and in the class room.
These dj esses will be neat and
pretty but not expensive. As
all these uniforms will be made
at tin; College, parents are urg
ed not to prepare dresses for
their daughters before sending
Uth, The great increase ill the
number of students calls for ad
dittonal expenditure for bed
rooui flU'Diture and dining room
and kitchen .nop)iunces. Now is
the time to send in any" aRd all
moneys for the College.
7th, As there will be a very
large attendance, all students
are notified toc?me promptly.
IlT. M.' BrawTgfT T .' "-W
Calored State Fair To" Meet At Hates
barg, S. C.
The next Colored State Fair
will occur at Batesburg, S. C.,
November eighth to twelfth,
nineteen hundred and nine.
1st-It has giveu the best ex
hibition of the thrift and pro
gress among the Negroes ever
shown in South Carolina.
lind -It has afforded them the ?
jest opportunity to meet their
"rionds and acquaintances from
ill parts of the State.
?lid- it has convinced all the
>oople thal the Colored people
.an get together from all parts j
>f the State and hu ve a good
ime without tights and fusses.
4th-lt has demonstrated the
act that Colored men are capa
)le of eonduotiong a great En
5th-It has lifted the colored
>eople in the estimation of them
ed vos and the white people of
he State.
Get ready, prepare your exhi
>its, and attend the Colored
>tate Fair at Batesburg, S. C.,
November Uth to 12th, 1909.
mportant Notice To The Col
ored Teachers Of Or
. angebnrg County.
AU teachers who attended the
Summer Institute from August
th, to Augst 20th, anti hold first
r second grade certificates, can
;et them renewed by applying
r> the Supt. of Education with
n endorsement from me. r
. Yours fraternally,
N. C. Nix, President of Color
d - Teachers' Association of
h'angeburg Co.
of Dry-Goods, Clothing,
?old in Orangburg, S C,
5c. por yard.
J&] 5c
, 8 and 9c
40e, and 50c.
Drosses, at ino.
.Juc, ?Wo, 85c
8 1-3C--"
2c. per spools
5c. per yaad.
cents to $1.00 per pair,
?ni SI 00 to $5.00
' $1.25 to $6.00
Lake up the whole paper.
Dck that I am Showing
Old Familiar Things,
Only the other day th? papers
told the story of a man who trav
eled all the way from Indiana
bo Massachusetts to trace and
buy back an old family horse
that he had sold a few months
before. Ever since the horse
liad been gone, the man's wife
had grieved. Her condition had
finally become such that her
husband gladly paid a larger
price than he had received, and
cheerfully bore the cost of an
expensive trip besides, to get
ihe horse back.
In the same week New Eng
land newspapers recorded the
tragic death of un old man who
was .uvlug comfortably with a
?amed daughter in a town near
Boston. The cause ascribed waa
l4s^pQtfing for the farm where
lie had spent most of his days^
itnd which he had left for a pre
sumably easier existence.
There also appeared lately in
m? ?? the magazines, a descrip
tion of t.'ie pathetic last act
which marks th? ?.ual abandon
nent of an old farm-the auction
by which the homely household
utensils that have borne so infci
nate a relation to the home are
listributed among neighbors to
whom they have no special sig
Similar things are constantly
K'curring. To any one with in
sight, they disclose the depth of
leutimcnt which lies hidden even
n the most unemotional of Jives.
For young people, especially,
hey are full of significances.
Nothing is more natural than
bat a son should sny: "Father
s getting too old to live alone
my longer. The land is all run
>nt, anyway. TVe might as well
ell the old place and bring him
lown here with us, where he
;an be more comfortable."
It is the beginning of tragedy.
lo land is ever so run out that it
loes not produce a harvest of
nemories more precious than the
?est crop of corn it ever raised.
Ton can make the old man coin
ortable, but yon can rarely
lake him happy.
The roots of an old tree go
eep, and the real sustenance
hey draw comes not through
uch obvious tap-roots as food
nd shelter and clothing, but
y little threadlike fibers hidden
rom sight, twined about every
tone and penetrating every
loud. It is ill transplanting
uch. a tree.-Youth's Com pan
A Friend To
Teachers, Ministers arni
Students. Orders Sent
1213 Taylor Street. Columbia. 'S. C.
1ST - Phone ?10. -
Court Proceedings.
Thc Fall Session of the Goner- ^
il Sessions convened on Monday
norning, with Judge Earnest
jfivy presiding. Solicitor P. T. j ?
iilderbrand and Court Stenogra- ; 1
mer C. H. Glaze were at theil-'j
.espeetive posts and the jury-!
nen were in their places,
Monday was Labor Day and a ?
egal holiday and so the court
lidn't do much oa that day. The
grand jury, however, did not fail
,o remain at work, passing on
several bills handed out lo them
jy the solicitor, so as the
iou rt would lose no time in get
ing to work Tuesday morning.
The cases taken ui> and tried
Tuesday wen; as follows:
J. P. Graydon, housebreaking
ind larceny, guilty, six months
JU the public works of Orange
burg county. The case agaisnt!
Dr: W. H. Brown, (white) who1
was charged with storing liquor]
in violation of the law, was j
found guilty and sentenced to |
serve thiee months in jail or pay
a tine ot' $1UU. There are two
more cases pending against
Brown for violating the dispen
sary laws.
Hattie Neal was next tried for
grand larceny, she pleaded guil
ty and begged the court's mercy
and was sentenced to two years
in the State penitentiary, liosa
Cobb was acquitted of the charge
of assault and battery with intent
to kill on her cousin, Jane Cobb.
John Morton and Eugene Smith
two small boys, pleaded guilty
to housebreaking and larceny,
on se pera te counts, and were
(riven four and live months re
spectively, on the obalngang.
Alfred Middleton, assult and
>attery with intent to kill, five
rears on the cha ingang. Annie
Iones, violating dispensary law,
iliree months in jail or pay $100.
Humbert .Teams, violating dis
lensary law, sentenced three
nontlis or $100.
The next CUMI was that of
Muller Fnrtiek and Solomon
[ii pps. indicted for violation of
Lhe dispensary law. The jury
found a verdict of not guilty as
Lo Fur tick and guilty as to Solo
mon liipps." and a .sentence of
tour months or a fine of $150.
WANTED-bwond hand bugs
and hiirlap: any kind: any quantity,
PANY, ttk'hraond, Va.
Now is the time to have your
Fall and Winter Suits and
Overcoats made to order.
We carry the LATEST Styles
apd most choice selection of
Samples that can be had in
the United States.
Reasonable Prices have
been arranged to suit each
one according to his selec
tion. "FIT" Guaranteed.
We solicit your patronage,
one and ALL.
'Phono 330. 9 S. Church St.
Orangeburg, S. C.
3 &
Morris College |
SESSION OF 1909-1010.
Fall Torin will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 29. Students,
old and new, are urged to be on hand ?it thu opening.
The Divinity School, Academy, Grammar Sshool,
School of Music Commercial School and School of Do
mestic Science will he operatod.
Among the nev features will be Dressmaking, Millinery
Work, Cooking Shorthand and Typewriting aqd AgricuN
turo. Special attention will be given to the courses
leading to Teaching, Business and Industrial Arts.
Young ladies will wear a uniform suit in the class room
art? on Sundays. Tins rule is in the interest of gooil
tiiste and eeoi.omy, and will be strictly enforced. Parents
are requested not to prepare dresses for their daughters
before eending them to school. The uniforms will be made
at the College, and will cost less than similar clothing
bought and made at home.
Board, per month.$15 00
Room rent, heat and light. 1,00
Tuition. 1.00
Laundry work.75
Jg $8.75
aYoung women can dos their own laundry work, and save
75 cents; but they must provide their own soap and starch.
A discount of ten per cent will be made for cash pay
yjtf merit for four months in advance and to ministers' ehil
Sj^ dren. Special charges for instruction in Shorthand and
%-U Typewriting will be two dollars a month.
SM Tuition in the Academy.$1 50
Tuition in the Grammar School 1.00 ]M
yM . Music.-Instruction on the piai.o or organ will cost $2
yjjje^ for eight lessons. jfa
SM The Ave upper grades will be maintained. In th?H de? U?.
partinent the student will complete Arithmetic, Grammar, -
ti?ography and United States History.
Booms ore furnished with bureau and looking glass,
iron bedstead, mattress, spring, pillows, howland pitcher,
table, chairs and rugs. Eacli student must provide two
sheets, two pillow slips, comforts or blankets and two
table napkins. Each young ludy should provide herself
with two dark wash dresses, dark aprons, substantial
shoes, a waterproof umbrella and rubbers. Every article
should be distinctly marked with the owner's name.
^hh A CoHejfe Month is four weeks AU bills ate payable
Mri g?T In Advance.
For further information address the President,
Box 328, Sumter, S. C.
* ft
w Ik
* *

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