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TIIK PKO. XiK'S 8TATK Pl *'i R..PUJH 18H '. D IN TH t iM'KRKa
Y(0l. 9.
?AY, DECEMBER 21. 1901
No. 14
Rev. J, F. Marshall ef McCor
mick, S. C. Tells Of His
Great Revival
Editor of The People's
Please allow me space in
your valuable paper to speak of
} ' our work, well, it has been quite
a while since I have worried
ypu. But I have had such good
meetings I thought I would tell
it abroad. We have just closed
our revival meetings at four
points. The Lord gave us great
success at each church. We be
gan with the Holy Spriug Bap^
tist church, the rain and high
water hindered us greatly at
this church. But we had a good
meeting, ten souls were .saved
and baptized, and fellowshipped
into the church. Rev. W., T.
Taylor of Sumter assisted me at
? this church. He left a lasting
impression upon the minds and
in the hearts of the members,
they said it was the best they j
have ever had. We left Holy
Spring and moved to Mt. Zion
Baptist church. At this church,
(Mt. Zion,) we had the best
meeting, that we have had in 15
years. Dr. Maloy of Greenville
came to us Monday after the 2nd
Sunday in August and preached
every day from Monday until
Friday afternoon, and he preach
ed with power from on high,
and took in one hundred includ
ing backsliders and all. I bap
v '*v -,'tiised sixty seven happy- souls,
and restored 31 to Zion Dr.
Mayloy is the shrewdest reviv
alist I have ever seen or have
had to help me. He charms
the sinners so that they can not
getaway, then he goes up to
them and put's them in his net.
They just cant get away from
him, if they sit and listen to him.
Dr Maloy is one of the best
preachers in the State, or any
where in the United States. He
did me great good at Mt. Zion,
My people were v?--ry much
pleased with Dr. Maloy, more
than they have been with any
one for many years, Dr. Maloy
enjoyed his visits among my
people. He said that it was tjie
bestcountry church he had ever
seen in all of his life. He left
out what he ought to have said,
instead of saying the best coun
try church. He ought to have
said it was the best he ever saw
anywhere, for I do not think
that he. has ever met a better
people anywhere. They are as
good a? any people, they behave
well, they obey orders, they pay
well, they feed well, they dress
w?ll, they are as good looking
people a? you have ever seen
anywhere, and they have their
own horses, mules and turnouts,
their fine carriges, rubber tire
buggies and they are up-to date.
Mt. Zion people or church, is an
intelligent church, they are an
up to date church, no preacher
need be afraid to take Mt. Zion,
at Epworth's, but please don't
bother it yet a while, I want to
. stay there a little while longer
as I have done so much work
there, I would like to enjoy it.
So let me alone, preachers, do
not bother me. I, by the grace of
God-have set out the trees, wait
let me eat some of the fruit cf
the beautiful trees of the vine
yard before you come, (Laugh
^erX'but its:true. We are pre
paring for the Association which
.will convene with the Mt. Zion
Baptist church, October 14,19C9.
We are preparing for a great
crowd, Lord help us to be ready
for them. We have had great
meetings at all of my churches, 10
added at .Holy Spring, one hun
dred at Mt. Zion, 10 at Bethany,
here, 34, at New Hone, so the
Lord has blessed us mightily
this year. 1 am proud of the
old Baptist church, she is mov
ing on slowly but surely and
holding every inch of her terri
tory, and possessing more and
more every year. Move on and
upward old church, and possess
the city, which is this world foi
Christ, then will come the wel
come voice of the great Captain
of our Salvation, and the great
head of the church, say come ye
blessed of my Father inherit
the Kingdom prepared for you
from the foundation ot the
world. God. bless the old Bap
tist church and keep her head
above the wave until He. Christ,
shall come. Amen.
Yours for humanity,
JVF. Marsh ?ill.
McCormick, S. C
Brancliville Briefs.
Rev. R. D. Rice is conducting
i revival meeting at Canaan
church this week, Rev. J. S.
Taylor is assisting in the . meet- j
ng, we hope much good will be
t,he result.
A numerous crowd was here
Sunday to attend the union at
Jordan Baptist church, the meet
ing was inspiring from start to
finish. The concert Sunday. .
[norning was highly enjoyed ivy
ill present, Rev, j. S. Jakes
conducted the concert.
Mrs. Doc ia Roach and Miss
Effie Walker attended the union
it Sunshine, Blackville, they re
port a grand time,
Little Aluia Hagood is visit
ing Miss Hattie Dixon of St.
Matthews this week.
Miss Selena Smiley visited rel
atives- and friends here recently
.ve heartily enjoyed her pleas
ant company.
Miss Lucile Pheonix of Black
ville spent the past week in
town the guests of the Hagood
ind Walker families, she left
Wednesday morning for St. Mat
thews where she goes to visit
friends, we hope for her a pleas
ant outing.
Mrs. Mary Green, wife of Rev.
E. Green, was quite indisposed
last week, we are glad to state
that she is much improved al
this writing,
Mrs. Anna Walker spent last
Sunday at Summerville with
her sister, she reports a royal
We are indeed sorry to report
Prof. and Mrs. W. P. Jakes
and Miss Annie Stroman on the
sick list, may they soon recover
is the wish of their friends.
Prof. Gary and his class ren
dered a musical concert at the
A. M. E. church recently, the en
tire program was grand-^ut Miss
Mena Rodgers Solo was a taker
with the audience. She sang
sweetly without a doubt.
Mrs Martha Locket have oc
cupied her pretty new home on
Pleasant Hill.
Mr. Joseph Hill spent the
p.ist week at home with" his
We were delighted Sunday
evening to have in our midst
Revs. J. S. Jakes, W. K. Rick
enbacker, Laurence Jenkins and
Mr. Jeff Rickenbacker, we wel
come them to come again.
cas: .,
Of Interest tu The Farmers,
Washington, D. G., special^
The farmers of the United State!
are naturally very much iuteV'
ested in the census of agricufc
cure and farms that will be tak
On April 15, 1010, as one of the?k
subjects to be covered by the'^
Thirteenth Decennial Census.
Many are showing their inter
est by writing to the Census
Bureau for the purpose of mak
ing comments upon census in
formation regarding agriculture
as presented in the past. The
Director of the Census welcomes
all such suggestions and gives
them careful consideration, as
he is anxious to have the results
of the coming census correspond
as nearly as may be to the de
sires of the people most inter
ested. ? \
In addition to studying carer
fully these suggestions, tlie Di
rector has on his own initiative
requested certain professors of
economics and agriculture of
the more important universities
of the country, and other per
sons who have specialized in
agricultural matters, to come to
Washington for a short time for
the purpose of studying careful^
ly and criticising plans now un
der way. Especially is it desir
ed to obtain their opinion' reta
ti ve to the questions to be asked
and their form, as the results io
be obtained will sb largefy djt
pond upon the character- of tildie
schedule and-~tne. manner . at*
CUIIH ^PTmt.sule experts,
are proving to be of great value,
and il is believed that in couse
quence of this preliminary study
more valuable and accurate data
will be obtained than could oth
erwise be secured. Alter these
special students and experts
have made their preliminary
studies, formal conferences are
held in the office in which the
whole matter of the character
of the schedules and the best
methods of ?ecuring.the informa
tion are thoroughly gone over.
The Department is also seek
ing to secure the advice and
cooperation, as far as possible,
of the officers and experts of the
Department of Agriculture of
tfie state agricultural colleges,
farmers, societies and like or
Night On Bald Mountain.
On a lonely night Alex. Ben
ton of Port Edward, N. Y.,
climbed Bald Mountain to the
home of a neighbor, tortured by
Asthma, bent on curing him with
Dr. Ki ti g's New Discovery, that
had cured himself of asthma.
This wonderful medicine soon
relieved and quickly cured his
neighbor. Later, it cured his
?on s wife of a severe lung trou
ble. Millions believe it's the
greatest Throat and Lung cure
on Earth. Coughs, Colds,
Croup, Hemorrhages and Sore
Lungs ar? surely cured by iL
Best for Hay Fever, Grip and
Whooping Cough. 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by
J. G. Wannamaker Mfg. Co.
Briefs Frc m Sumter By The
Dr. C. W. Maxwell is now
"sporting" H> white swan Auto.
This is one of the swellest. Au
tomobiles in Sumter and is be
coming to the gallant young
?ibyaieian who steel3 its course
th iou gh Sumter's thorough
? Rev. J. A. Pinson, D D. is
home again to the delight of the
madam and his growing congre
gation .who claim him to be the
"only" preacher. Dr. Pinson
has had many calls this year to
conduct meetings in and out of
ih? State. He answered many of
? The "Furniture Hospital,'-'eon
ducted by Mr. W. J. Nelson, is
still a quite busy p}aee. Mr.
Nelson is an up-to-date business
iran who knows how to please.
? The busiest place in town on
Saturday was Dr. Birnie's up-to
date drug store, where Sumter's
best and most sensible people
buy their drugs, etc. Dr. Birnie
and'fi ve clerks, assisted by the
accomplished, pleasant Mrs
Birnie, were all as busy as bees
while the thirsty customers
some wanting medicine and oth
ers wanting cold drinks- quietly
waited their turn to b?served.
. Prof. E. G. Jones is getting
?eady to again call Sumter's boys
Bind girls to books. The Graded
School of which the gifted pro
fessor is principal will open dur*.
Lng this month when the young
Americans there will be hap
py (?)
. Rev. A. J. Johnson is making
ready to go.to the National Bap
tist Convention. His good peo
ple of Mt. Zion and New Bethel
11 ways give him a trip . every
$ar? New Bethel is nearing
completion, when finished a
A|e^t^b^^dejication will take
?aW?bWT they4 will raise.' we
tiope, $500.00. Rev. Johnson is
t1 great pastor.
Messrs, J. H. McClain and .G.
Mokely handed me a dollar each
jn account, on Saturday last,
rhese gentlemen report good
3rops and they are happy over
12 cents cotton.
No one is more happy in the
entertainment of friends thar
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Franklin
the Main street merchants. Ii
was my pleasure to be a guesi
it their pleasant home
where good will and cheer pre
?de to the joy of all who ente
their domain. Mr. Franklin i:
full of hospitality to those he re
gards as friends.
Mrs. C. W. Pinckney and th
baby are reported as doing wei!
Mrs. (Rev.) I. W. Johnson i
still on the sick list. It is hope
that she will soon be quite wei
Mrs. Hastie, her sister, is als
reported indisposed; may sh<
too, be out soon..
Rev. C. S. McFadden, th
able little David, has recent!
been called to Mulberry, churc
where Father P. Grantham ser
ed for more than 40 years. I spol
there tor him on Sunday to e
appreciative audience. This
a splendid church and they ha^
selected a fine christian gentl
man to lead them. The deacoi
are: A. Perry, Cyrus Scot
Kibler Lawson, C. McFadde
One old brother J no. Ladson
trustee, he is 77 years old b
active and lively. Mr. Robert
Clark who lives in town and cc
ducts a successful store, had tl
kindness to carry me out to Mi
berry. Mr. Clark o.wns quite
deal of land and is doing we
He should have a good wife
help care for his belongings. ]
is aa intelligent and progressi
man who seems glad to ma
new friends. '
R^X- McFadden is also ' past
Enon Baptist church known
"Cross Roads" church, they t
wiving him $50.00 with which to
attend the National Baptist Con
v? nilton; a good people will
thus treatu good man. Oh, for
more such churches as Enon at
t ie cross roads.
Wo are very anxious to secure
a thoroughgoing person, honest
and intelligent to represent this
paper ab Sumter. Friends there
can help us get such an one ii
llu y will. Will they do so ?
The Richard Carroll Meeting, j
The meeting which has been
in progress in this city for the
past week, conducted by Rich
ard Cu end l and other leading
Colored laen, will come to a close
tonigl.L. Carroll has been doing
most of the preaching, and a
great many white people have
heard him. Last night he
preached to white people only,
and several hundred were pres
Carroll is doing a peculiar
work-, und one that is bound to
do much good He is being giv
en liberal support by the white
people who know him and his
Yesterday afternoon he lectur
ed on the lkKa?? Problem." His
?olution of the problem is
'service and righteousness," and
the white people who heard him
say it was the best address on
the subject they have ever
Carroll preaches the gospel of
work and usefulness to the Ne
groes, and it is said that he gives
tonie sharp lectures at times,
rle was not popular among the
Negroes, at first, but he has gone
JU until he has enlisted many of
the . strongest Negroes in the
jtate on his side, and they are
helping him now in every way
they can. They recognize that
his policy is the best for the Ne
groes in the long run.
It has undoubtedly been the
rule that "Negro meetings" have
resulted in more harm than good,
but the kind of meeting that
Carroll has been carrying on
here must result in much good.
Many of the white people of the
city and county were sceptical,
but all who have heard him have
been won over to him. They be
lieve he is a good man and that
he is doing good work. -Ander
son Daily Mail.
Number of Teaclic
Number of Studoll ta
Ministerial Students
Licentiate of Instru
English Prepavator
Normal Training
There were 55 gradual
Next Session Begins V
-_-.?rw*. M. U JIU
Organization in *,he Pee Dee
to Hold Equestrian Contest.
Darlington, Auv?. 31, Special:
W. M. King and Ed Sanders are
the bead of an organization
among the colored people of
Darlington anti the Pee-De?! M e
tion having for its purpose Lite
holding of a horse show iti.d
racing event in Darlington the
tirst week in Oct. 1909.
King and Sanders have ;? -
1 ready secured the race track and
ground of the Darlington Driv
ing Association and are busy
getting out a programme and
posters for the purpose of adver*
tising the forth coming event
They are promising liberal pur
ses for the winners; and are v. .
termined to make tan eliot t to
excel the colored otate Fair
held in Columbia last fall.
King is the well known color
ed livery man of Darlington and
has often had his horses on the
track at Darlington, Titntnons
ville. Columbia and other places.
He is endeavoring to conduct
a meeting on the lines of the
Darlington County Fair and Driv
ing Association. There will be
two days fo entertainment.
From News And Courier.
The Farmers Courier.
A Hurry Up Call.
Quick! Mr. Druggest-Quick!
-A box of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve-Here's a quartet-For
the love of Moses, hurry! Baby's
bumed himself, terribly-John
nie cut his foot with the axe
Mamie's scalded-Pacnn't walk
from piles-Billie has boils-lind
my corns ache. She got it and
soon cured all the family* Its
the greatest healer on earth.
Sold by J. G, Wannamaker Mfg.
Colored Teachers' Agency.
We have eight good uositions for
teachers. Join The Colored Teuchel-?'
Agency and secure a good paying
position this winter. Membership Kee
$1.00 per year. We get applications
for teachers daily. Send in your
membership at once.
I. M. A. MYEKS, Mgr.,
Colored Teachers' Agency,
Greenwood, S. C.
BIA 3- C.
)RN, D. D., LL D"
ivi . ?. % 20
Last Year . 582
College Preparatory
? tioii
:es in May, 1909.
Wednesday, Sept '29th, '09

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