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R. O. Bush. Associate Editor.
?&?unlay Xornhig, May 31,1873.
= i ' * 8 e s 8 pe?
Advertising Rates.
f ' * -Ordinar? 'a?vertMnf,?; ?r&1 Sisextion,. -
ySl*?0 per square* ^ ' ?
liberal allowances made for large ^td-*
"?tl;T s?? 1 ^''rt'rui? ' *| ^ ??; fr-T*,?f???r.? I *
fSF" Ali communications zntett???4 for
, this paper must be accompanied by the
ft?l name of th?' writer, not necessarily
for publication, bul as a gaurantee of
? ar? ih rio way responsible fb*f
the views or opinions ?f our correspon
dents., ? aW ' : - -
?^T We^annot uuilertake to hold or
return rejected comm unications.
We publish ha tins issue the Procla
mation of the President of the United
States, calling upon ail disorderly and
tmlawfoll assemblies of men who are
now banded together in the State of
Louisiana for the ^purposes of resisting
the laws of the State, and the State
Government as at presnt recognized to
disperse within twenty days. Geni.
Grant means business?he means that
the amendments to the constitution
whereby the nation pledged itself to
provide the means to secure to the
white and colored population of the
Southern States equal lights and equal
laws shall be enforced. The act of
murder and the whipping and other
outrages committed upon loyal Re
publicans in Louisian show that ?
large portion of the Democracy of this
distracted State are a set of scoundrels,
whose good faith can no longer be re
garded, not only in Louisiana, but in
Kentucky and Georgia, the lives of
Republicans are not secure. Only in
States, South, were Republicans rule
is there any safety for a white or black
The Democratic party North and
South are responsible for this st^te of
things, for these disloyal men d? not
hesitate to say that they are backed up
by their Northern allies. There is no
manner of doubt but what Gov* Kel
logg represents a large majority of the
legal voters of Louisiana, his election
has been amply sustained by the Gov
ernment, and his appointments have
been decided to be legal by the Courts,
but, we look now for a more vigorous
application of the laws of the couniry,:
and hope the strong arm of the g?n?ral
government win be extended sufficient
ly to protect all from murder and re
pine, and effectually squench out* all
r Ku Kltmsm and t?e rebel Democracy,
^ i^ha^^ for**
' gfc?^%ra? time:* tfcta /that is Qohg
rx1 the' -?ie?ple wiB ling?r ifr poverty and
ignorance, ??d the best Siterest o^ 'the
State suffer decay.
*Let us have peace." ' i
A meeting of the "Wide. Awake Club"
was held with close i$o^
evening at the Cotrrt=HOTse, pursuant to
4* caU of ,the presidgat. . The meeting
being called to ox^rth^secretary wasre-:
^ \ quested ?f the lasfe
* *'~ & %1 which Vas' mended and aftef*
* ** "?&0? ?i?uM?n: !wa^fmiali/Mop& by
r' ;tibaM?bii8V:'cbii^?&:' ;"?ri nfoti?n, .the
t * i ? * ? * . -ir-.
?ommtt?e? appointed at a" subsequent
rctlmfit?mgte^ 4raff ?-ufe^;'?igfd b43?#3 ?gov
* f eraing the deliberations of the 'elub* was
t? report, which they did, and after being
thoroughly ventilated section by section,
the same was adopted with slight amend
ments. In order that the object and ntuv
poses of ihe club may not be misun^or
stood by the public, and that they might,
receive the co-operation and well wishes
of all good citizens, we are permitted to
pablifih, in connection with this notice,
Article Iii of their by-laws, as adopted :
?The members of this organization are
required to be citizens of the United
States* possessing a good moral character* :
and must be opposed in principal to cor^
ruption in highplaces; and stand pledged ]
to support none but honest and compe- j
tent men for official positions in this j
The riotous proceedings of some mali
cious and evil minded joxmg men on this
oecasiou, who seem neither to respect
themselves or the law of the land which
guarantees the right of the people, peacea
bly to assemble and consult for the com
mon good is reprehensible in the extreme,
and deservedtobe visited with ali-the
rigor of the law, because it was deemed
necessary to close the doors ?f the court
house that the business of the club may
transacted peaceably and without inter
ruption. These hirelings resorted to
every means calculated barrass and em
barras the proceedings of the meeting.
Tie doors of the building was shaken
amiost <m*'of its
abaavci epithets were hurled ?te an
avalanche ?t the members of the club.
We hope not tobe oblige to chronicle the
Ike again as it is & ?agrent violation of j
one of; the sacred rights of American
freeman, and is, therefore, apt to bring
the algressors in to serious complications
with the law.
li mi i . ifts i
44 Sunny South," aird was sorry that I did !
not have time to ca?? .hjy^d " George- ?
town." We were joined at'Fldrence S. C. j
by Mrs. L. and her two daughters, so you j
see we hadamerry party of six. The j
weather?rwas aw?tf. hut rain, rain -the
whole wav_ Xoar Rietunond^Va,
came &ear nmnin'g mt$> a break h;
rt???: : S?nio iftv %ef' bt?M^k
hashed awayy ami th^r?^Whau^to"re-^
pat?i*? Wim w^i?t i)atienb? w% l?M,*
^.4ram ce??$Jte brought if?ny; ?ifehWo&A; <
a ^mpamyy bringe b&i& faeross th??tir??^
over w^ch-nass^ is-ere
transported with safety^ The " w?lc?me"
news' fii'eele? us ?n Our ."arrival at, ?ich
mond that we would have to lay over un
til 11.30. P.?I. li?1 grumbling ? ok* no;
so pleasant y ori know. Well, your hum-:.
ble servant started out to see if he co?ldh
get something to eat for the ladies (?u;ee
more of whom, had' joined: our party.
Mrs. M-, and Miss, C^?r of Gh?cko- ,
X>ec Mass, and Miss-?- of N?w- York>
Going out of the ?>epot I met ^r. Wing,
President R. & P* R. R who unmedji?le
ly ordere? supper for" us; an "which jJnb;
Davny put up in good style. The l???es
"seht their c?mplinients to the gallants
-president for his courtesy and attention
and to "John" for dispatch &c. May
they ever be happy?our best wishes f at
tend them anyhow. Arrived in Wash-:
ington on Friday morning .pretty well
tired out
Gen. Davis and his command arc bring
ing the "Modccs* to terms, all of the
tribe has surrendered, * except Capt. Jack,
and about twenty of his warriors who
have escaped beyond the Pitt River Coun
try. It seems as if other Indian Tribes
are trying the same game as thec(Modocs."
By telegram, we learn that the Snakes,
Goshoots, and Schoshoncs* have been
holding a Council at Deep Creek near
Spruce mountain..
Theirs has resigned as President of the
French ? Republic and Gen. McMahon
elected in his stead. It aftracks but little
attention so far. The ministership to
to Russia; lately tilled by the Hon. James
L. ?, of our State, has been tendered to
Ex-Gov. Jewell, of Conneticutt, who,
doubtless, will accept it
A strong under current is already
manifested as to whom will be the next
speaker of the House. Some of the
knowing? or would be knowing ones
shake their old bald heads and try to,
look wise and say "well we'll see." I
suppose we will, and hear too, if we live
long enough. From all that I can ascer
tain it has been conceded to be between
Blaine, and Maynard, although there
maybe some other parties brought for
ward, but they , are thought to be the
most prominent, i?eport has it, that if
Rlkine is elected speaker, that no one
conecteol with -the " Cr?dit Mobilier" will
be Chairman pf any prominent" Commit
tee. If that be the case where will be
I^Gen. Gasfield, <*f Ohio,. Dawes, ot* Mass,
Kelly, of Peun, and others ? r
. a nd .dusty.
M?re An?n. ' ... . / . ?b?
re e a ir j . xzi u t.-a !a>' .ma , ?,
* When is a helplessly drunken prison-r
er like a bottle of medicine ? When he
has to be well shaken before taken. ?
A student, a bald-headed inani and a
barber were traveling together. ISTight.
'coming'?? they agreed to take turns in
1 watching, while the others slept. The
? irber
as the oxie next. While fhejba>ber wms,
^guarouhg th? sluinbers of the otH?r two
men, he amused JBj?self'by staying: afi
the hair from the students heaw
When the operation was over, the
student awoke, and feeling of his bare
pate cried out: _
"What made yoit wake up the bald
headed man ? It's the student's turn
A young man of J?Turemburg, who
ahd not fortune, requested a lawyer, a
friend of his, to reepmmend him to a
family where he was a daily visitor,
and. where there was a handsome
daughter, who wasj to have a Targe
fortune.. He did so. The ?ather in
quired his means.; the lawyer said he
did not exaetly: know, but he would in
quire- The next time he saw hisypuhg
friend; he asked him . if he had .any
property at all. , .: ' ;
: S?No," replied he. j "
"Wen." replied the lawyer, "wojald
you suffer m$ one to cut off your i?ojs?^
if he would give you twenty thousand
potior the woridl" .
"^Tis- well," repHed the lawyer ;| "I
had a reason for asking.^ ^ . |>
The. iiext time he saw girl's
father, he said, .. ..:]. ..^--^
"I hair? ingto the young
man's circumstances. -He; lias,; indeed;
no ready jmaney, hut he he has a jewe^
f^ .whi?h^ tp, my knowledge,, he
been offered and refused twenty thou
sand dollars."
This induced the old father to con
sent to the mab?age, vhidb^ a^?ording
ly took p^ace ; though it is ^id that in
ihe sequel he often shook his he?d
when he thought of the jaweL
festivals arejhe order of the_day ?he*$.i
faces, eeeortedgjg' t?g? ?^^-^^^0Pt
iu^po?ess B^S^l?B?P^
and rpteasanfe t j^S^jisSp^^Pi?
Su^aVSchooi ~Vk6^c???$?
lingford rProtes?mfoeQd^]^^ B^ps?o^
poi Cluu;che^^m^^ a large] pic
nic oh f Friday 30t?u, fit Gibbes* ipnaf?
Hie ??ion* re ? Very s??g and -prosper
ous organisions and wilT?o doHbt spend
the day most pleasantly.1 ^fee Msh: f?
tival w?as boomed iu yestev^ay at* 6 a. ra.,
by a salute of thirteen ca?mos^; ajid ?< 7
the Ir?ih jlifie Club, Irish Voj^te??s and
Irish Volunter ?lifle Club m?^hed joown
to tok? the steamer "M. S. J?liso?H fe*
I the1 ^?atr.* The festivit?s opened! with
?h -address %> rt?(mf1 . : ^aa $
\ WMcfrybiircorres^ ?ear^
[ and?of ?com'se; ban tell you nothing about.
S?me: very fair shooting was done, and
on the whole .every body who were theie,
and there -were a. good many, seemed to
enjoy themselves liighly.
, The Union S T?r s have ret urned from
their trip to Coiunibia, and are lc a in.
their praises of the hospitality and good
humor of the Columbians, and'greatly
pleased with the good time they have j
had. The weather here during the jpast
week has been exceedly warm, and on
Wednesday we had the heaviest fall of
rain of an y during.. the season ; the yards
and streets were liooded, and the hearts
of our citizens* Aye g more glad by having
their cisterns and min-water barrels well
The Academy was opened on Friday
byfa company of amateurs from Savan
nah, who performed the k<Liser *o; Mer
sa?les^and^?thelto/'.-ina quite credita
ble manner, and to full houses. Messrs.
Carrington and Thomas the jewelers par
excellence os Charleston have moved into
then* handsome store opposite Lasel
street in King, long known as fepears;
it'has been renovated, and a handsome
and tast?y front has been put uj> -which
makes it the neatest looking building in
the citv. A new drv goods establishment
is abeut to opened at Jiussell's old book
store, in King street below Weatworth.
by Mr. Louis Benedict, late of ihe firm
of Furchgott and "Benedict, - who intends
to hau? a first class establishment
Those who can do so are learing* the
city rapidly and moving to thc-Maucijand
Summervilie, while some are gotyg ?ven
so far up as Greenville to escape the heat
of the city and taste- the coal invigorating
couiitr-v air. ? ^.
TbcnobJtej??mc of Base Ball is, coraimr
a^aiu into ?asruoii her?. ana numerous
cpnfcsis on the* cUada? green attest the
eiieriv and nlircK df vouths who tackle
Base Ball with tire th?rn?emei?r up ' 8 >
- SShto erudii om<rf ihet'K??fc-ffltlflMl??il
roadvhav?>'h^?li? noting .h?n?$&.$e 'the
advisability, of ^I^mt^gj^^se^^jeJ or
leaving the administrat?eu j>l. {hft?&jrs
of the road in bankruptcy;e by' .trustees,
. nothing however, was done, aud tlie hieet
ing adjourned to meet two weeks heiice.
l?e^ti^??rs^whom I mentioned in my
last letter as having ^ee?' niabb?d St
Columbia havfc~m??oge? soma how toi ab
tain their l-eleasCj and have gone hifo^
Stort? Carolina. iTh? Mish$w Zouaves
the oj^V/C4>lor^o
^?m&to m^6r?^&fm4?Sg a''ro??
?ngWsi?ess herey delivering; iee^'st |oar*|
doors for one cent per pound, ;it is a-great
convenience &ad is being gcnei^y ?nd^
iMberaUy patronized; : u - 7 ;
- The .candidates, for. muncipah:holiors
ar^ ?roppingp^t quite lively. j!ie aspir
ants for fhe ^yoralty are Ed. ^?iackey,
mayor Wag?nejr, ?>r. E. "Lebby,':B?ub?n
Tomlinson, ??dermaS 7oigBfy?r f?<^^
W\ Clert,: Th?o?Mr??^.TB?o?^>:?. F;1V[all,
Jr. and Wi H. Bit?i?i.- Capt; Boag; or
^Tozev^ as he is more femiliarly : palled,
is Bowen^s candidate, and,is ^ifU?jagainst-j
E ?MackcVf so you see -the >i?^r|t??ble
fact?an fi^it has begin already* ; ^
didates for Aldeifmen are ih the s4m?
ratio of those for Mayor, so in each 'wprd
there are just about fifty wh?' will cJr
fain?y be defeated. On ?veiy street c?r
ner near the Court House, crowds c& men
[ c?n b$ seen daily discussing the cn&^cm
of the vaxious aspirants, and wfth an ?ye
open to the niain ehancej finding out their
own weight^ancL stongth.;? ; , ; ; ' ?
Our markets are now weU stocked wath
fruits and vegetables, which are, selling
as cheap as possible, therefore, ey?ryb?dy
is able to purcht?e. Tt??^ e^icessive?y jiot f
weather is creating a heavy demand JfoW
sod?'w?tei^"!^ b|er,
othor summer dri|tks-that^ to fex
, ce?d the supply, bu^ar ye^deif of tt?es? j
innpeent,bever^e?^e ; w aw?^ 4?
ofr a?l^?iiifetyl
souls. f , ,?^ i
The business of "^f^dW;';^^^??^^
somewhat^^ tt?bugh th? se?sor? ?s sttil dull
enough. The Summer i&shioiis arerout,
m?? are ^very lmuch French,^ th?u^i
tasteful and cooh and itsfe rather a pleas
ing sight to watch the fair ones <>ti the
battery, or ?n J?t?g stre??, promenading
with -i^ht^^^^ten"?tF&?i and nob
by suits.*"
Grand Bail at Jones and McDowell's
???a^ Thursday most
glo?i?as 'days in Georg?toroi -that has
ev?t? fc^-'iciibVn
a??rsdoQ,-:the steamer Emilie cam^ glid
Hce^ Promptitude tmd
Lpng before ?
? ?
le steamer huimjfeds of meny
?pf and J?n?idr?n &ra?dP1f?*?&4 oa
nearly every wharf eagerly awaitS?gj ?h$
pr^?hce oTifteir expected vislto?s. Very.
?eafcO o'clock p. m,,:the Em?Me was seen
turning the po?nt^ a.few miles from .town,
when aumbera of persons were, heard to
exclaim in joyful terms: "there \ she
comes." As she nearcd our town, a con*
stant cheering endued, which., lasted for
several minutes, and" folks came dashing:
from every ^possible quarter/ tfr extend
? hand of hosprfality t&^i?ffe?ow brethr
rem * When the steamer was within a few
yards,of the dock> the Heston brave heart
ed; boys gave, threejst?ring .ehe^rgr.fpr; the
A^ey^ and were responded to by those
of their "brother firemen^pn board of the
steanrer. After having 'J>een landed, the
companis formed in line, headed by the
Phoenix Brass Baud5 of Charleston, and
marched down Bay street as' far as the
Wlnyah S. F. E. Co. house, when: the
command to halt was given, and three
rousing cheers offered in respect of the
"WInyalu The march was then resumed
and proceeded to the Court House, where
the assemblage was addressed by several
distinguish gentlemen, among whom was
our esteemed fellow citizen, Congressman
J. H. Rainey. Mr. Rainey being intro
duced by Senator Jones,"came forward, in
a graceful manner and delivered the fol
lowing Moquent remarks of welcome:
Me. PnEsiDF?T and Firemen : Hav
ing been ! deputed to say a word of wel
come to you,-on this your first visit; to
our little ancient town, I will assure you
a ?iuty moi*e pleasant, could not have
been imposed. Although, we may not be
able to show as grand a display as are
usually witnessed ?t your parades iu the
"City by the Sea," we cherish the hope,
however, that the deficiency will be
counterbalanced by the hearty reception
which we give you, and the cheerful con
tribution we shall make to your enjoy
ment during your brief sojourn amongst
us. The vocation which you have
selected to demonstrate your usefulness
to the community in which you r?side is
second in no respect to that held by the
soldier in time of battle?the deeds of
heroism done; by firemen* will survive m
history and ?be as boldly cherished by
your fellow-citizens as. those done bv) the
most laborious, in bloody conflict j . -
j^cycr,. sirs, can it be forgotten, j the
ftarin? and ve?furesor?'e acts performed
by those'composing 'your orgamzations
in rescuing helpless: w^:?i?n ?ad children
frc*nre^fr^^ jThe
-sons^.'?u?l cr^ai?>?ro|^4^t iwi?L ^obfless
make for you a proud ^wojd tl^ c^ul?
befell cpnmiitted Jbo nroste?ty ?s^
legacy of jour achievements and intrinsic
worth its citizens.: r
Gentlemen-, not further detain
you> with ira ore. protracted remarks, ?s I
am ?-are you are weary and somewhat
"fatigued from your trip over* the water.
I wiU^there/ore, conclude by again'assur
ing you of a, most hearty welcome onj h&
h alf of Me^ and
??f ii?z?W gene^y t?* th? ^vhikf ?an?
pifcas?nt^M^o&rpro?Ua^ to
yxm fm<iQpf?i?t?&, a' friendly b&a?l and
i^of# ^:gog&$e^w ti? ?????3 ]' f?|
^r^^ei?onpl?^pn p?Cosgressman P?i
ja?y's^peecja.^^enator Jbnes ; introduced
a, nim?berof gehtfem?tffipm .Qb^lestom
?mohg whom were Messrs. iDentr?son asd
Pickenpack of th? Ashl?y. Prest. Dcn
niso? rmao%' ? few bi?ef remarks,-' m ' which
h?ref?rr?d io hia ?sist and ? expected^ fu
ture associations with the Heston F.| E.
Co. Immediately s?er -Prest. Bennison,
fpil?^^ Jlr.Kck^^
tp^e ^stpn,^propria*t?
.^Idapghter^?. nicely got^^^ yt^^k
^oinpps?d Of?ver^ehs ^^^^(???^m
?rs/'with fh? h?m? ?? feston* attatched
toit m' display letters, wb&h wa? r^
ed^to by ?en?t?r Jdnes in bis usaa?^ ^wittji
ca??^fceloquent manner. As this:?cBQ<?uded
the speeking, the ordertoniarc^iw^fgiven?
the baj^ ;Co^ sweei
stmi^ pf?mut?^and^he: cpmpsi:
nies and spectators, moved on ujitil t|i?j
amyed at, the Hest?n engine house, whew
^^?^^^^?^^SkW^^^?i for;thf
si^ti'and skedaddled to Hesten/s resh
Hall, wfecfr?-a bountiful collation was pre
^ared for their^re^ptk?y^iWe left,T?f6r?
?tfce edibles :W?i5e devpm?ed. _ $ [ >
^iJiy^^hTe&^l^?^^ Ch?tiestxt?ng
conld be seen ia^j^oj^ ;ey^; v^
evidently anxious^to take a viewSof our
r^hri-d??g littfe f??
Fm<3TO?BS?bi^^ Ihkg?f&?
ar^ui^.pla^ intj^|sj^ rm>?l n^a? bl<
appointed hour f r the^ gran? roaiehj
when ihej, be^
^hv''at?ount'' ^''^??e^?mil^?^y; ?:?f .-tli?
weather, and tl?e tfi^rea^t?t?g? - gestl^
Sjaing sh?wersV:c^^
to be somewhat 4?l?ye^^
?q canee; any cc^iderabl? ^mt^H^araiicc
Gmnd Mar^l- of the day. and:^o?M
gentlemen who were; appointed for the.
festiviticif oJ
ut 12 o'clock
d the
pxntcipal streets^ and .then ? ?i?ha:i?i~L.sa
as\|? get^ady for the contest later in the
afternoon. : About fire oclock|>.:an^ the
companies appeared on the ground, ap
parently in good humor and 'patiently |
awaU?sg'tH? result''of Mie contest |br a
gorgeous silier?plated pitcher, an|T^?v
elegantly ?&ished fireman's silver* trum
pet The engine* were to run threeihun
?irf ?**
forty-eight seconds ; H^stpiv^g^course
?n? minute anji forty-five secon^% A a
the cheering, music and ekciting^ deinon
istrati?ns we left, but, shortly repsSred^ to
. ...
' ;??-:; " GUANI) BAIL* "?. ......
The concluding feait?re of ihe-day-s en
joyment, a creditable at that, wm the
?rstid Ball gives by tbes Seriem Fire
Engine Co* under. the^pkiea of Messrs.
Lep^e/4&d ot^^s. We.Wtered *&&\
bu?dkig and j^oceejdedup-etiaira, whaa?i|
?l? much appreciated Phoenix baud was
di^?TS?ng delicious music, and 'the ??flJ
T(fe;y?u% ladies m? ??^?h^|?nts
ftbtoc^t&?n theyho#.^?t???g
somewhat inclined and also beiag induced
to stretch our elastic limbed : we secretly
obtain permission from a ekarming, yosrag j
JVUss to have a-scuoticene, which! was
given us; we enjoying it exceedingly.
Haying procured the arm of a , pretty J
piece of humanity?lady, we promenaded
up and down the spacious hail, i^evieVing
the manner in which the hall wa^drcssed.
Th? upper and lower compartments, of
the building being brilliantly a?umin?ted
with ch?nese lanterns ; prettily decollated
with magnificent portraits, garlands, ?ver
greens and artificial flowers, Tvhich pre
sented the handsomest sight we have ever
Witnessed in this toT^n, and did great
credit to both the Heston*s, and those of
young ladies who kindly tendered1 ih,eir
valuable services in making such a i dis
play?: : - '?'??'.'?
The most garish and noticeable ob^
je?tofthc many was the supper table;
time and space will, not allow us to jgive
an. cnuinerative description of the lavish
display of dehcac?es.
The visiting f?r?m?? left here vestcrdav
morning for Ch?r?elton,^carryiiigr with
them a handsome silver goblet, presented
to them by the Heston's a?, a token of
friendship, and also, the best wishes of
the citizens of Georgetown. Everything
past off harmoniously ;, everybody .well
pleased, and hope that ere. long our to^rn
will again be visited by another such set'
of gentlemen that will gain the approbation
of this community as the Charlestehians. \
Hollaban Relates the Particulars pi the
r, 2?urdcr of KrsvLampley, in Baltimore.
. -Baltimore, Md., ?$ay .20.T-^(t?as
( R< ?pPohan^under s^yteiuje. of ^jl?atl?
city, on tb^d?g|^^u^
ed a Jester ih$ pijes^
^Muh 1^^3^,.*^^^^ea^rj^jlst ?
Save brocen &eda^
and I am willing to give.up j?ay life, I
sionld l?ke. io have ?odfe. J^icholsbh^
company on the .j^nozm?f .Iferrti?e?
goes on to state in substacne as foUows^
"Imet ?icholsonji a??^okafi?e r?tS*
lu?a to C^to^^^e^pM^-1 -f ^u^Jbie^i1
?j tin,L trouble before* mi was not bashful
{ m fe
relight:^ec^gnhse^hi?af' Xrefusedrto en
tej^into.t^e schemg then. , Qn t?ie, ?ky
of.the . murd^gj| ^n?fc I?icbol^? and
went to his house with ihn, and learn
^fter^that the famil^ were going toitfco
theatre leaving the old lady;aloeae^ and
we determined to do, the de^cL
? then. arranged all of ihe prticulars. :
We entered the houso wlthout knocks
us to cake and ww, and, was putting
^../caie^. ;;??r ?> N^^s '^ f ch??^L
"Wien he gave tha^gnal, I choked i?e?.
and he struck her in.^e^ms?^i - ?k?:
was then dead, arid- we ^ai^^h ^:jn^
an adjoiningrtroouLrema?n^? with
the body while Jack wentra>stairs !^>r
a minute, and he handed ane?me m
ver. We then?(eft th?hpn^^^.bj^e
stable, andonr^hingthe stred; B?cfeol
song^ve me m |pe^inQney, which 4
iept un^
' ^vj ? 'Jl^^ffi. hrtnV ^cj^r^ jj^?w
noffimg a6ox? ^^ ^ ^! ^^
theanonev. Ife^.tfc^
^T?seape. ,' ? so, tfi^e^3o ^?^^wl ?n
ed, and that jfergoxj9?
i ?w? lianam mx pieces ?
rois o?
ecuted on Jxuie43*'x??khoIsoB has not
yet beea sen|^e^ ?hk ?ase
Every Saturday
lk| ?>*>*!?>0ii4 owl c?T?ifo meni %nt
?onorimi ajifihi?iir *aa&0
Will discuss.: . ti
Truthildly i&G^oariessl
An?i avoi?u^'?h^^giuk?n??nd offen
sive ??atur^es of pe?sonaL abuse.
\ %. ? i -?il o.t r>.d :,"? !?
h rr??^??? or?s? -/ivi1 .???? ?? ?? !.^?v> .vi
^^H^ ??iETiwa? t? demoted to
Politics, ...rlv. [No;
'fJ ' ::'??tef?ture. ' ":t/", S
a - ? in ? : : :?>? :-T ? ? - ? h Y
If w?l advocate ?h?: ?E?EAT PRIN
CIPLES of the , J!' ,
:^^p^rt^.^^h gpar?p$0$g to every
! * J
Spai life
?i ? . - > 'r J ? ? ? ' '?
Before the Jav?blessings which ha ve?
been vouchsafed to us by % hind an&
beneficent. Providence.. r ?
:-?di?eH lo c?JoiJiofl*?T/i viti a
Sb lem^f & they a?heref fti ??e ^'eat
^?H^i^s?enue^tte#!h/?u^ j&fty^?at
formst C and mamtdin^ a?{ tofi?.st an?
exKHK&nieal ?diimktza?on ?l the public
?.foade..,. ? ...vi ^- T t.?:?,K??;?.'??; trno(???C>
ks^Hvl? i:&;Ui >n<* .
j-2^,??i^aOT>e^)ensfe.,a^Hl -?e^aKl to
make the PLANET ?3* T?^?^ '
. endito ???j ?
? -L?ive ?n ewspaper;
And as it is thej^jdy;;., ]
r - i- - i
?l? ???: v is;.<l /^.Ui< soi {
?WH OOTmtfo
i Or ev?n 'ifi ?l? First ?ta$fe??Ssf?J?P Dis
?a?et/ifci?SI?t?nd(^or t^^ap^?? ^ant
lofl?S* fett^tt ?a& portk? ?RiWetate.
and ti? ?Fbst:Oongress?ox?? ?Bistrict,
but^flth? State, and the com^rj. l?.
tev^: ^ ^i^ui^ jexOT^IiOJad^nt in
W^hu^)^- aM Columbia, ?^d by
ey?^.;iBeaGs';;pDSsib?? ttot rn^fc^: the
4? ?'J:;f- '
i?jo (??sentii-indie odi ?o z??$i&<&%t%t
ol? t m! l?f?? od ^s?j?N? ^fe^fiiS*

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