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i .-J UiOCkh-WAtkn.? Wo g'Vo ihi; fw'luV.'
ing passage from n parody of Longfellow
Hiawatha, hy Jits. n. Ward, of Ohio, h
particularly appropriate aud descriptive a
this lime:
"Be not wcory nnd I'll toll you,
Tell you If you are iu.t weary,
Of the mighty Higher-Water:
Higher- Water welling proudly,
Proudly welling down the valley,
'jijPw On the white wave lie descended,
On O-wa-tc-paw the white wave.
With him came the whirling eddiee,
Cum* with him Ker-ehuek the big tump;
Came the rolling logs O wnh-ae?:
Cente the nng? the Jng-g. r-nag-gers;
Came Bca-wot-ehcsle the dr.lt-wood;
Came Ka-rick-cty the fence rails;
Came the corn-stalks, came the bark-wood;
Came a pitching mass of plunder.
Big tfofca, little sticks and shavings,
Swimming, driving, butting, pitching,
Boiling, piling, thumping, smashing,
Heaving, tnmhling, spinning, crushing.
Hither, thither, this side, that side?
What confusion, whut a tumult,
What a roaritlg, what a surgiug,
What n mighty ru?h of waters,
What nu army of destruction,
Coming down in wrath und fury,
Coming down the handsome river,
Coming down wi.1i a High-Water,
Filled with raging and with fury, .
Bushing down to fight the big rats,
To oVrwhehn the skulking w harf rata."
Garden Work for March.
This is llto mohlh for work in the Soull
?rn garden. Continue to plant pens, cnrl
cabbages, onions, spinach, beets, parsnip:
carrots and radishes, &c. Cabbages stnile
in ;uc hot bed may now be transplantc
into the open ground*. Tlio lust of lli
month, kidney beans, tomatoes, egg plant!
okra, squashes, melons, peppers, dro., ma
be planted. Tlicso tender plants may y?
require a Blight protection in cold niglrti
Those planted in drills may be protectc
by having a plank placed over them, eh
TAtcd jitst enough to clear the tops; tlios
in hills, by a piece of malting, bits of pin
bark, or anything that will shield lliei
from the chill night nir.
The ground for beets should be rich an
mellow. Soak the seed forty-eight hour
pl-nt iu drills eighteen inches apart, an
drop but n single seed in a place, six inchc
apart iu the drill.
Continue to plant early corn, Bprin
turnips, lettuce, cress, and celery; plant a:
paragus seeds. Tho old asparagus be
will now bo showing its heads nbov
gron?"J; top dress it sVitli salt to keep on
the grass, and keep tho surfaco mcllo'
with a fine rake. When tho stems are en
for tho table, they should bo cut with
sharp knife just below tho surfaco of lit
ground. Irish potatoes may yet bo plan'
ed; plant in rich mellow ground, but d
not plant in hills or ridges,?this praclic
originated in a cold climate. The squar
in tho garden designed for Irish potatot
should bo planted and cultivated on a leve
In transplanting cabbages, lettuce, or an
of lire succulent plants, it is not necessary t
wait for rain, if the ground is well pr<
pared. Commence the operations befor
sundown. First, prepnre a puddle of tw
parts fresh cow-dung and one of clay; wt
this up to the consistence of creanr; with
dibble or spado loosen the young plants ii
llltt rtl-Alinrl 'I*-4 *
...w g.w.iu, ou uiiu none ol tho tihrou
loots are lost in drawing. Draw then
carefully, coat their roots in tho* puddle
and plant them out; unless the ground i
very dry, they will grow off better thai
those planted in a shower in the morning
Okra may be forwarded some weeks b;
starting it in a hot bed, and planting on
this way. Also tomatoes. Tho egg plan
is a veiy tender plant, and will nut bea
chilling winds; therefore if it cannot b<
planted 60 that ic can bo protected, lo
it remain in the reed papers until nex
month. Wo cannot too strongly urge tip
on the gardener the importance of pulvcri
zing the sub soil, and mixing tbe manure
with it before '.heseed is put in the gro .nd
Most gatden vegetables :uu deep in tearcl
of food, provided tho subsoil will peimi
their tender shoots to cuter. Wo hav<
traced a melon rout two feet below the snr
face, and when doing so. remembered ihn
the vine which produced the toot was i
remarkably productive ono. All the tar
rooted plants require a mellow subsoil
nud n garden that is spaded or pin wet
deep will stand a drought much betiei
than one with the shallow tillage. Deej
culture should he heforo llic seeds are pu
in the grotin 1. All after culture should la
shallow. There i* frequently greatdanrngi
done with the hoe in the hands of unsk 1
ful workers, in cutting the surface roots o!
the cabbage, onion, pea, bean; and even tin
tap-rooted plants send out surface feeders
which it is injurious to mutilate.? Soil rj
the South.
The Fruit Orchard and Nursery.
Go among tho bearing fruit tree*, ami
exa:i:ino the trunk and limbs; take out tlu
diseased wood; scrape off the rough bark ol
tho apple and pear, and smear their Irunkwitbsoft
soap; remove the gum around tin
base of the peach tree, and from the spout
of h tea kettle pour boiling water into the
holes of the worms in the roots; this will
kill the worm without injury to tho tree;
shorten in the long branches of the poach
tree; lighten the soil around all fruit tree**
with a fork, thai the rootlets may not l?o cut,
If you look for profit form an orchard,
cultivate tho orchard for its fruit, and m>t
for cotton, peas or potatoes. Young fruit
trees may now be started from seeds,
Choice fruit may now be grafted into seedling
roots' and may bo grafted on limbs
or trunks ol old healthy tree*.
Ail amateur cultivator*. and farmer.*,
should liavo a stock of seed I inn* on liand,
I lint llmv may graft choice varieties upon.
Grafting is n very simple process, and may
l?c performed l?y children and servanU with
success, afier ft few hours' instruction.
The wifo of an American agriculturist
has been experimenting in snnps, and finds
that the addition of three-quarters of a
pound ol borax to a pound n| soap, incited
without boiling,makes a saving of onehalf
in the cost of soap, ami of threo fourths
of the labor of washing, improves the
w hiteness of the fabrics, besides the usual
caustic effect is thus removed, and the
hands are left with a peculiar soft and silky
fecling7 leaving nothing mofo to ho desired
by the most ambition i washerwoman.
The very first newspaper wo saw w.lh
the names of Fillmore and Donelson at the
head of its columns was the Charlestowiv
Mass., "Advertiser." "The latter name," it
says, "has the solid ring and memory of
Old Hickory." Well, it has, as fur as Asi?new
Jackson?but when you co;no to
add the Donelson, the ling is that of a tin
lantern?single tin at Unit?nnd pricked
full of holes, with an opening nt the top to
let off the smoke <>f the grrn?? candle in
wide. ? fi'>5'on AV*f.
\ *
! BP?
rrsvestfrg an fSJSS?
* A writer in tho^Democratic Quarter!
'* Review, in sketching Nf? Baden Bade
1 records tho following incident:
A noblo Hungarian lord. Count Cliri
linn \V - ?, had come-to pass the sense
nt linden, accompanied Iv his daughl
Helen. Voting, beautiful, charming an
heiress to an immense fortune left her I
her mother. Tho young Countess soon four
herself surrounded by a host of admirer
Adorers of all kinds were not wanlingrieh
and poor, lioblo and obscure, leiuh
and passionate, gravo and gay. It was
perpetual tournament, of which she wi
the queen, and where tho aspirants coi
tended for her hand by exhibiting their a<
dresn, grace and seductive qualities. Wlit
she entered tier carriago, ten cavnlers we
in fire saddle caracoling around her calech
At the ball, tho most elegant dancers we
devoted to her. They had neither carc
attentions nor sighs, but for her; whore
many beautiful women?French, Englis
and Russian?wore particularly moriifie
Amongst these pressing suitors Helen s
looted the most worthless. The Chcvali
Gaelun M was, it is true, a charmin
fellow, pale and delicate, with litre bh
eyes, and long Hack wavy hair. In t!
place of true passii n, he had eloquence
idok and word; in short, he dressed wil
i* taste, danced tnarvolously, and sang lil
y llubini. But unhappily, these advantagi
#, weio contrasted by great vices. Adissip
d ted gambler, and unprincipled, tho Cliev
d lier Gaetan had quitted Naples in cons
e qucuco of some scandalous adventures i
s, which ho had been implicated. Tho Cour
y after having informed himself of these fact
?t (Imiroil litif li'o Ia ?sr?? ' -1"4
V%>? ?VV IV |'Ul 1119
?. on lier guard against a dangerous attoctio
d Helen listened neither to the advice, tl
? prayers, nor the orders of hcrfat her. Tl
ie man for whom he endeavored to destrc
c her esteem was ah ead; master of her heai
n and sho obstinately refused to believo i
the disgraceful antecedents of tho your
d Italian. If Gaelan had had to do with
?; father who lacked energy, perhaps 1
d would have become the happy husband
s the young Countess, and lire peaceful pc
sessor of the immense fortune with wlih
g ho was so fanatically in love. But tl
?- Count knew how to carry his point cith
d by management or force. lie was an o
o lion. Ho had preserved all the vigor
it youth, and all tho rude firmness of an i
iv doiuitablo character, which nothing hut p
it terual tenderness had ever softened. So
a willed in his resolutions, stern in hi* ex
o cution of them, he cast about for means I
t- put kort du combat this carpet knigli
o who had dared to undertake to become li
e son-in law in spilo of him, when accidei
e threw into his hands a letter which Gaeti
? had written to Helen. Tho Chevalier, iti
I. patient to attain the goal of his desire
y proposed in direct terms to tho your
o Countess an elopement, and proposed
: clandestine meeting, at the hour when tl
e Count was in the habit of going out l
o play whist with some gentlemen of his a
it quaintancc at the Conversation house,
a A rose placed in Helen's belt was to 1
a the signal of consent.
9 I iiiu juung gin mm noi reail the ailroi
ii ly intercepted note. "Put ihistlower in yoi
>, bell," said the count to her, otiering a ro*
s "ami come with me."
:l Helen smilingly obeyed, ami took In
? father's arm. In the course of their wal
y | they mot Gaetan, who, seeing the rose, ws
1 overjoyed.
Then the Count conducted his daughti
r to the residence of one of their acquaintai
e cos, and requested her to wait until h
1 came for her. That done, he returned t
1 the little house in which bo lived, at th
outskirts of l>aden, on the Lichtenthal roa<
He had sent away I.is servants, and wn
s alone. At the appointed hour Gaetan a
" rived at the rendezvous, leaped lightlyov<
1 the wall of the garden, and, finding th
1 door shut, entered tho house through on
L* of the lower windows. Then mounting th
stairs, tilled with pleasing emotions, ho d
^ rooted his steps towards tho apartment ?
1 Helen. There, instead of the daughter, h
found the fat or, armed with a brace of pis
' tnls. The Count closed tho door, and sai
to the wietched Gaetan, ticmbling will
r ?
' "I could kill you; 1 have the right to d
1 so. Von have onleied my house at nighl
Vou have broken into it. 1 could trea
\ on as a felon; nothing c mid bo more nil
I lurid."
! "Hut, sir," replied Gaelan, almost ir.audi
: bly, "I am not a rubber."
"And what are yoa, llicnl You hav
come to steal luv daughter?to steal ai
heiress?to steal a fortune. Here is you
letter, which ievca!ed to iiic your criminn
intentions. 1 shall show jou no mercy
' Hut to take your life, I had no need ofthi
J, trap. You know the skill of my light arm
n duel would have long ago rid mo of you
1 To avoid scandal I did not wish a duel, am
1 now I will slay you only at the last ex
tremity, if you refuse to obey me,"
"What Is your will, v.i}
1 "You must leave Baden, not in a ft v
? days, not to morrow, but this vcrv instant
You must pill two hundred leagues he
1 twct-n it and you, and never again conn
' into the presence of my dau. liter or inysell
1 As the price of your obedience, and to paj
' your travelling expenses, I will give yot
twenty thousand francs."
I he Chevalier wished i<? speak.
"Not a word!" cried the, Count, in !
' voice of thunder. "You know nie, under
stand! I hold your life at my mercy, and :
moment's hesitation will ho punished will
> .loath,"
"I obey," stammered the Chevalier.
"In good lime! Your 20,000 bancs art
in that secretary; tnke lhe?n!"
'Permit mo to decline your offer."
An imperious gesture overruled tho falsi
modesty which the Chevalier cxpresse<
feebly, and like a man who declines fo
form's snke.
'"Hut," said he, "the secretary is locked.'
"Open ii."
"There is no key in it."
"Break the lock, then."
"What! you wish me lo I"
"Break the lock, or I'll shoot you."
The pialol was again presented, as an ar
gnmcnt which admitted no reply. (?ael?<r
"It is well!" said the Count. "Tak<
that package of bank notes; they are yours
Have you a pocket book!"
"What does it contain?"
"Sumo papeis?letters addressed to me.'
"Let your pocket-book fall in front of tlx
secretary you havo broken open."
"I must have proof which will convici
"But "
I "But. air, 1 menu to have nil the ovidenI
J ces of n burglary. I moan that tlio robber
J shall bo known. Robber or death! Choose!
' Ah! your choice is made. I was sure you
9 would l?e reasonable. Now are you about
to fly. You will go before me. I do not
er quit you until you are a league from Baden.
(j For the rest, tuako yourself easy. I will
return late, and will enter no complaint utij
til to-morrow. You may easily escape
9 pursuit, and if my protection becomes UC_
cc^sary, reckon 011 me. Begone!"
jr After this adventure, which mado a
n great noise, licleu could no longer doubt
Gaclan was banished from her heart, and
( she married one of her cousins, a captain in
j a regiment of cavalry in the service of the
Gmpeior of Austiia.
* Kather Tough.
re Tlio following 6tory was told in Sandusnt
ky, Ohio, and appears in the Massillon
nt News, which says:
ih A party of young men in that ancient
d. city aimiso their leisure moments at the
e- hotels in drawing a long bow, or telling
er wonderful yarns to each other for the beneg
fit of those apparently verdant, who may
ic happen to come in from other parts. They
?o tried the effect of a few extraordinary wolf
nf stories upon a venerable and sedate cuslh
| tomer not long since, who had como to
(v spend the night at the best hotel, niul he
listened to them with much apparent surii
! prise and interest until their stock appeara
I ed to have run out and the conversation
0 flagged, when he icmarked that he had
in | been much interested in tlio news they had
it, ' given him, relative to the piimoval iuhabi^
Inuts of that country; but regarded an event
er J in his early life as more peculiar than any
llinv !? ??! unmoi)
I|a | ?u\ J IIUU IU*?I1C\I? UiilU IIV.*.
,c | "When :i young man, I was travelling
,c ; in western Now York, and lato of a stormy
)V night applied at a log cabin for lodging.
r*t? The occupant, a woman, refused it, saying
in that her husband and sons wero out hunt>g
an^ 'f they found mo there, would
a murder mo. I preferred tho chance to tho
,e | storm, and sho consented that I might lie
of down before llio lire. In the night I heaid
,s. : them coming, and scrambled np the chiinsh
1C "Thinking I was safe w hen at the top, I
cr [ stepped over the roof, and, jumping down
Id at the back of the cabin, jumped plump inof
to a wolf trap. A sricaui of pain brought
? the men and tho boys out, and they doclara.
ed I deserved a more severe punishment
|f. than death, so they kept me both in the
0 trap and in suspcuso until morring, and
lo then, heading mo up in a hogshead with
no air or light but through the bung hole,
lis they put me on a sled and drove me some
ul I four miles up a hill and there rolled me
j otf to starve. This I undoubtedly should
ij. have done but for a very singular occur,s?
rcnec. The wolves smellod ino out and
:g ! gathered round mv prison, when one of
j, them in turning round happened to thrust
,0 his tail into the hung hole. It was my !
only chance. I caught firm hold and held
c. on like "grim death to a dead nigger," !
which (tightened the wulf, of course, and |
he started down the hill, followed by the
hogshead and me. It was a very uneasy
t. , lido, over tho stones and slumps; but I liaj
,r | no idea bow long it was until the bogs
0) head stiiking a stone fairly, the staves,
worn by long travel, were broken in and 1
er | jumped out to find myself away down in
j tho lower end of Cattaraugus country,
i some thirty miles from tho scene of the j
j disaster, tiood night, gentlemen ? I di i
not express any doubt of the truth of your
!r slorie*. and I hope you will not of mine."
It is currently reported that the "sell"
e club of Sandusky lias not had a full meet
? ing since that occurred.
' | The Pari Press and the United Stat s.
r. I The Paiis Constit idiom I, in an aiiiole
,r ' upon ilio difference between England and
0 ! the United States, signed l?y li e piineipal
c editor?the usual form, when it is wished ,
e | to he understood that the publication has
j a semi official character?say:
,C I "If the United States arc determined to
c i bo warlike, tlioy will find that not only
England, i.ut Franco also, will bo opposed
1 to thein. The Cabinets of Europe can
|( never view with indilfcrcnco the danger
with which tlio American U ivernineut
(> i threatens the indcj?endence of the weaker
j poweis and the peace of all tlio w aid.
I | "It is vain for the United States to im?
^ I agiue that America belongs to thein cncIu!
sively, and that Europe lias no business
whatever l<? intermeddle in tlio alfairs of!
.the American continent. This doetiine,
e proclaimed a <1 accepted by some of tlieii
, 1 statesmen, is utterly untenable. The alfairs
r of America aro the alfairs of tlio whole
I wot Id?of England, of France, of Spain, of
> Holland ? because they have l? th couimer^
cial and political interests to defend, 1111
. morons colonies to protect, a direct and indisputable
right of interference,
j "It would bo well, too, that tlio Auioii
' cans themselves, should piactico what the*.
' f reach, and not, as in the case of the
.Sound I Mies, seek arbitrarily to abrogate
,. j customs in Europe which the European
powers had recognised and acknowledged
for centuiies. * * * Tim
B French Alliance will survive the war in the
Crimen. Hie Unite 1 States ought to know
. , tlii-, and bo more modest, or at least more
, | moderate in their bearing toward* England
I and the rest of Europe.'
The following extract* from an editorial
^ in La /'resse. published ten years ago, and
. alluding to the English intrigue with Spam
x at that lime, will be parliciilai ly interesting
, in connection with the above. The /'rem
says: I
"Wo are convinced that sooner or later
j n contest will take place between the continent
and this power (England) which
1 uses it for her own pui|*aso under favor of
0 j its divisions. The contest will be parlicu
1 ; la?ly a marine contest; and now that the
r , naval power of .-pain is destroyed, we see
I Otlly Russia that can lend lis that efficacious
n support in Europe which the United States
arc r- serving for us in America. It is our
opinion, in a wool, that for the repose of
Europe it is necessary that the colossal
I power of England ho reduce I; and that
[ this power will not fall except under the
. tripple alliance which her three natural
, j enemies will one day form?namely, France,
j Russia and the United States,"
J : A Rack for the Ukumim ok .Iackson
I ism.?The negro sympathizers at Pittsburg
' called Jackson's editor of the old trjobo to
I the chair, and the half-breeds at l'hilndel
, I phia, not to bo outdone in devotion to tho
memory of the Old Hero, headed olV the
5 ' Pittsburgers by Pominnling his ptivnloscc
J retary for Vico President. I
Ij A Russo-Chinese hog, weighing 1,100
; ibs., is on exhibition in Cincinnati. Ho
grew in Clinton, Ohio. '
Anecdotes of Avarice.
My Lord llardwich, iho late Lord Chan- .
cellor, who is said to bo worth ?800,000, n'
set tho same value on half n crown now .
as lie did when ho was worth only ?100. , co(
That great captain, tho Duke of M.i.lho- j
rough, when lie was in the last stage of
life, and very infirm, would walk froiu the
public room in Hath to lii< lodgings, on a
cold dark night, to save sixpence iu chair- j,/
hire. If the duke, who left at his death j,^
more than a million and a half sterling, . j. .
could have foreseen that all his wealth and ^
honors woro to bo inherited by a grandson ^rj
of my Lord Trevor**, who had been one of j.
his enemies, would he have been so careful ^
to save a sixpence for tho sake of his heir! ^
Not for tho sako of his licit, but ho would ,
have always saved a sixpence. j|"
Sir James Lowther, after changing a
piece of silver in George's coffee house, and .j.^
paying two penco for his dish of coflee, ,
was helped into his chariot (for lie was j,
lame and infirm) nni went homo; some-I
time after, he returned to tho saino coffee I (q|
Iioiiso on purpose to acquaint the woman
who kept it that sho had given him a bad
halfpenny, and demanded another in ex- ^,r
change for it. Sir James had about ?40,- I
000 per annum, and was at a loss whom to 1
appoint his lioir. 1 knew one Sir Thomas
Colbv. who lived in Koiuilifftnn nil.I woo
' ~ "t "" """*"*' "p,v"'' *n?
I think, a commissioner in the Victualing Qv
Ofliee; ho killed himself by rising in the
middle of the night, when ho was in a very . |
profuse sweat, the clVeet of a medicine
which he had taken for that purpose, and
walking down stairs to look for tho key of '
; his collar, which he had inadvertently left ^
on a table in hi^parlor; lie was apprebcn- ^
i hive that his servants might seize tho key j
| and roh him of a bottle of port wine. This
man died intestate, and left more than ?l,- j
j 200,000 in the funds, which wero shared
i among live or six day laborers, who were
I , . 0 , . wi
j his nearest relations. .
' Sir William Smyth, of Bedfordshire,
| was my own kinsman. When lie was near j '
seventy he was wholly deprived of his sight; w'|
i ho was pursuaded to ho couched by Tay- 1 ^
lor, tho occulist, who, by agreement, was to j
1 have sixty guineas if ho restored his patient ' j()
to any degree of sight. Taylor succeeded j r'
, in his operation, and Sir William was able ^
: to read and write without the use of spec- j
I tacles during the rest of his life; but as j
soon as tho operation was performed, and
Sir William saw tho good ell'ect of it, in- j
! stead of being overjoyed, as any other person
would have been, he began t> lament
the lo s (as bo called it) of his sixty gni- m
ncas. His contrivance, therefore, was how (jt,
, to cheat the occulist; he pretended that lie
had only a glimmering and could not see h0
anything pcifectly; for that reason the w.
bandage on his eye was continued a month
I longer than the usual time. By this means ,j(
he obliged to Taylor to compound the bargain,
and accept of twenty guineas; for a |
covetous man think- 1.0 method dishonest 1
which he may legally practise lo save his f(|
money.?Dr. Kiny's Anecdotes 0/ his Otrn 1
)iti| __ la
Free-Soil (Jovcrnor of Kansas JJJ
Mr. Charles Robinson, who i- called
' ?'0
"(fovcrnor elect of Kansas, was highly ex- 'jV
tolled by Senator Wilson, in hi- late speech, ' , H
and compared with Miles Stanui-h, Sena- |ji
tor .1 ones, of Tennessee, in reply to Mr. .
Wilson, said: ' 1 ^
"'1 do-iro to ask who 1- this Mr. Cliarle- ^
KobiliSon, who is called tloveliOl' eh Ct of jKansas}
|)oes the honorable Senator pie j
tend to know who he i*. (Mr. Wil-?m
nodded.) I iie honorable Senator bows his
head. then 1 hope ho will furni-li the e
S. n.ito ? , t 1.:... i ,K>
- - """ 1 i?
have a lew j> aragrapiis in regard t > that .w
gentleman; airl, hy way o| aiding the Si-na ( _
toi with the preparation ? f lii- inOMioir, ! ^
will state what I know of liint. 1 shall ' ,t
not result to newspapers, l>at 1 ran refer to
the records of the cuiintiv to establish |,
what I say. Mr. Oitles Kobihsnii?the
Miles Staiulish of Kan* is ? was mire a eili- ^
/.en of the State of <'.ihfornia; and what
was lie there? He was the lie id and front,
the leader of a hau l of desperadoes, as infamous
as ever disgraced ny age or conn,
try. lie it was that organized a hand in
the city of Sacramento for the purpose of
warring against the lights of properly
there. He it was who led that hand in I
that ever memorable, ever to l>e execrated,
conflict, in which the peaceful mayor of |.)J
the city of Sacramento, and the sheiiiV of 11;.p
that county, it. attempting to execute the inn
law, were idiot down, lie was arrested
and put into pri?o.n, and while there was
elected t > tlio Legislature by these radians, (.mi
these 5iiuatters, tlies-c men essaying to <?F
ustup tlio rights of propoitv. lie went to
ilie legislature as the champion of that j,j
spurious or squatter sovere gntv in t'aiifor |()
ni l. When the Senatorial election came |
on, ! am informed by a gentleman wa ll h??
advised on the subject, instead of standing
tip to the party which elected him, ho vo
ted for the largest property holder in Califoi
nia. On the 2^lli of February- if 1 am '1
not mistaken in the date?your Miles
Staudisli left the Lcgishituie, and never ap " ^
peared there again. I lia journals show it: aiuj
1 had them examined last night. He left A
t'liiforiiia, and the next time that Miles ^
Staudish, aim* Mr. (iuveiuor t'harles Hob- hI-'
... i . i ix - lilt .IIM'C Oil ill'" MUgO,
lio it at hit old game, loading on despera
does lo the violation of 111? law and resist- (
anoo lo the loir.?1 authoiities <>f the country.
? ^ ano
Famii.i mutv.?It it astonishing to sec
what a degree of f.iiuiliniity with illu-tii- I
out men, some of the youths of the present ?Jn'
day exhibit. Stepping into the olfico of ^
the Choice Hotel a few evenings ago, we
overheard the following conversation l>e- <
tween a brace of bovs, with feet up, dress pne
ed in tight pants and shawls, each pulling ;,l"\
aw ay at a jit>c center: ^
"Hob, have you devoted inueh attention n't v
to ffill lately." Hii,.
"No," says Hob, "I |?av i bad such a mill- tail)
li| licity of busine.vs on hand of late that inv
time has been otherwise and more profitably
employed. The fact is, I hcliero him ? ,
a great humbug, ami much overrated by p ,,,
tlio present generation. Hut speaking of dcr
good things, Sam, h avo you rear I X< Vs N
speeeh delivered at Kielnnond rm the '22d UON
"Yes," replied Sam, "I have noticed an
extract in some Virginia paper, but regarding.
as von tbi, literary pei venues with very ,4
litth* toleration, I have thought no more of '
the subject." ^
We learned aftei wards that their allu- (
sions were to William Sh<iH\i/>earc and A'/- N
mini Kierctf.?Home ((fa.) Southerner.
A Warxiso,?C.issius M. Clay has beemne
bankrupt bv a speculation in hogs. ( .
Had he stuck to (ho niggers, he might p?,
have escaped tliis ignoble ruin. To be | e- i nrg?
euuintily slaughtered l-y hog, is dreadful. ' h
A Berlin correspondent of tho London
met affirms that the Emperor Alkxandku ' ^
ed twice, but without success, to lure j
ay Locia Napolkon from the alliance I
ill England. It is stated that friendly ;
urlcsics, "hut of a strictly privato nature, "I
vo been kept up since the commencement J
tho war, between members of tho impoI
family of Russia and tho Princes* ?
tlhildc, tho cousin of tho Emperor of tho ; fK
each, a natural result of her union with I li
inco Demi doff; in September last, a po- E
ical turn was given to this, and ono of; l'
j small German States undeitook to j'
ing about a separate peace between ,v
anco nnd Russia. Russia commuuicaled
France the concessions she was willing
make, (and which subsequently were '
blished in the circular despatch of tho (
d of December,) and in addition, offered '
Franco special advantages for herself. |
leso teinptnlions, however, tho Emperor i U
listed; although tho alliance ollered by j
issia opened iho widest field for French J
ibitioii and love of conquest; considerable \
ritoiial Acquisitions were to bo the prico |.
d the result of this union of the two ! <1
catcst and most aggressive military ' ^
>iverf, but it involved a breach of the Em- j ^
ror's engagement with England, which r*
mid have thrown him into the same path is
d career as his uuclc had unfortunately j ?<
idden. The Emperor, on refusing those
crtures, communicated them to London
d Vienna. The result in this latter enpi* i
! was that Austria became suddenly alivo :
tho danger to which she had been ex- j *
aed, and quickly resolved upon putting I
rself on an unequivocal footing towards J
parties; the proposals she drew up for
e conclusion of a peace, after being rcvis- '
and somewhat sharpened in London 1
d Paris, were forwarded to St. Petersrg,
and accepted there. While these ^
gotiations were going on, Russia got C
nd of them, and endeavored to anticipate n
em by authorizing Piice Gortschakotf to w
minunicate in Vienna the concession that ! ll
id been already mentioned to France, and
rich formed the contents of the despatch
the 2'2dof December. The PrTnce accordglv
called upon Count Buol, nnd address- \
g him with; 'Well, my dear Count, I
ing you peace,' opened his budget, of'
mmucat'oiis, but met with the obieclion 1
at Kussia'a offer Ciime loo Austria ^
ul already drawn ii|> hei own pioposi lions, ,
id suLmitb-'d tlietn to France and Kng- i,
ml." All tlie lest is known. -I
A correspondent of the New Yoik Com- ( "
rrrial tells tlio following pleasant inci- '
1,1: , , - - ! I'
"A matter of business had induced Jo
ph Gales, cm]., to visit the Capitol, lie. '
is accompanied by a young gentleman, .
id I presume it was his fii.-t visit during
e present session of Cutigicss. I bap.
lied to be present when, in tho couise of j
s walk, he entered the Hall of Iloprcscit -*
lives. It wa?, perhaps half an hour Intro
the (louse was called to order, ami <
ere was the usual hum of talking and a
ugliing voices. But the moment his P
eseiice was observed, the remaik,'There's i l'
r. Gales,' went the entire round, and a ,
neral silence prevailed. Those u ho were |
rsoiially acijuainlod with Mr. Gales went ! il
rwaid to shake him hv the hand, and *
o>e who were unknown to him bc ?g?-I "
he introduced. < hot iionmahlc member ".J
at oil to inform the Speaker of tin- tin- ;t
peeled visitor, an 1 that gentleman came *
ward to pn'M-ni Ins cnrhin lits, so that
a short time theie was quite a crowil asinhh'd
aionnd the \eneiable editor. Ilis
p was a> fir in as over, and most dignid,
an l as he appean d uncovered, ^w liere
he unintentionally set n good example |
in.111 v of th"se who siirrouinled him.) it
piired only a slight ell'ort of the fam-y to ],
agino that tlie eailier times of the lie- *
1?1?0 had rcluinal. S'.nplo was this '
ident, it was to inv mind .iill of inter* st.
illustrated, in a beautiful manner, the (j
n t i m an oxuitcw ciiaracler.' ;<
? ? I <
a o ;> /a \ / gs o o #d v::
'II li aubtcribcr tnk< x tbfa mi (hod toinform ib?- -j
oiii/Aiwof the \ illairf an<l stu rounding i'ouuthat
li?' i* now ro a good xt< rkul N 1?\V
>kS, at Ins II > !< St,to, \... C, .Main atrcrt,
ositc tlic Cout t IIoiim.hicIi ax are ? nrrallj I I
1 in t * ??! vx, Af.iliu . x and m tit on |-IitgU?!i J
uul*. A largo vai n i v ?.f
miscellaneous books, j 1
i ?I-? Hilt A I.. M Mi .Ml A MCA I., 1'octioal nn.i 1
?icnl works, o| various > , ,? ami prior*. 1 <>
>me light toad ng i.tt tin- way of Novels )? tl
III II A 1.1.. I mi t I rn'.x writing*; TOM ?
S !> i ' ?l K I slllP, &c. &0, 1
1I.AXK RtHiKs. \ nuinl i r >>f II ^ MN c,
' 1\S, iix< .1 by tlio <1 iV'*?ciit denominations of |i
.at,an*, to tin i with a larg assortment ol tl
i x ti -in $0 iai to ?10 flit; small 111 P.I.MS, front ;
nn x to > ! ,:.u ami j'J.i"1; Tl .s I' AM KNTS
i liflron oi ills to y 1 .(Hi. I'll A V Kit ROOKS, annus
prior j.
.Ix*> a variety of small religious bo. k*.toy boahs ^
, g Hot of Foolscap, letter, Contnicie a] ami
0 Paper. Envelope* from common to the finest
Black, Blue and Bed Ink. 1
loiwooii :.oo ami 1,'HMi now pieoix for tlio Ti- r<
, from tin- bost comjMtxors, tlio greatest trariety 1>
offered in tlio iii?-?-ouiiirv, i 'A ? hope tint iu- "
will oali nml supply tinmst lvos.) h
Iihvo niftilo pormanciit arrangements with aov- "
Urge I?i?"k llousisiii Philadelphia am! N?w 8*
k, t i xchange inv Mnvo Work?the
sot Tints it urn on v, 1
'ASM riilCK, (?>r tlirir Ri*>k?, Ac., at cash nl
os, nott. I w II, tlirroforc, Im> nblo to sail Rooks w
Stationery lowoi than tiny have ever l>?on **ld ri
jtnrtaiibiirg; nml as I de* re to do an < mire l'
1 I usinrss, if tlio people will call with their is*
, I tlniik tliov wbl be satisfied that tbry can bay
ks, Ac., from me, as cheap as thoy can (at rs- !
in Columbia ?r Cliarh Mon. M
?<*-('.! /. A A.YD SF.K.jyf
W11.1.1 AM WAI.KKK, A. S II.
9TSeliool tiaoliors supplied on liberal terms |
ii ji-.y |>. i?i? SI1<<111<1 <-n:i lor a invkor
ks. that I have not pot, I will imnusliatcly ortlii-ili
if tiny dosife ' *
it The Nov Edition of ilio SorniraM Hah ' ^
v, k< |?'. constantly on l?nn<l, wholesale and ro- "':
at the CASH H< ?OK ST( >UK. 11
lav 17 19 tf ' J|r
Notire. ?'
1,1, PERSONS indebted to Dr. M. W. Melire
deceased, individually, Are required to set- '
ninediately; and nil |>crson* having demands I"
ii>t liihi personally will present the same, duly l'r
tied, for payment to TIlOS. S. MKANS,
<>v 22. 40 ntf Administrator.
More Iiooin for Itmf.
IV<nr. K< >< >\| N<> I'.n. k It.inj??-. spartan- ' I
burp, f< rmerly <k- ti|>i?-<l l>v Mr 11 i.tin Mitch J
* now offered lor Kent The Room i? larpe ?r
>erIV shelved, And in the vrrv centre of husi- | of
in 17 47 If. I
IN EQUITY?Spartanburg.
Ilcuor Maaon, uud Commissioners of the Poor foi
Spartanburg D'wtrivl, vs. Joel Muvn, Jim1 Ma
on, Muwi Buiitli and wife, and others.
Hill for sale of Land and Relief.
f"T appearing to llie satisfrelion of lliia Court, tha
L .M<i?vs Smith and wife Bi.rali, Joel Mason. Jcs
5 Mason, Jainca Rainwaters nnd wife Polly. Mud
>n Ray and wife Elizabeth, James Mason, Tereai
laaon, Wilson Mason, and Cousin Mason, Dj
aidant* in this case, reside Iroin and without tlx
mils of this Sistc: It is, on motion of Hobo urn!
Id wards, Coatploinat Is' solicitors, Ordered, Thai
icy appear and (dead, answer or demur to Coinluinants'
II.II, witliiu three months from the ilati
ereof, or the same wiU be taken pro confute
gainst tbvm.
TIIO. O. P. VKRNON, c. a. s. u.
Com'rs. Office. Feb. 27 ] Jim
1N VA)[ I TV -Spartanburg.
ohn MeDavid and Wife Kosami.-ih, nnd others
vs. John R. Ivvberteon, Jefferson Kendrick
uud others.
till for specific delivery of Negroes, Partition, nc
count uud Relict,
[T appearing to the satisfaction uf this C..uit thai
L John MeMakin, and the children of Jane Mo*
lakin, formerly Jane Kendrick, 8amil MeMakin
tliam MoMrLiii Alexander McMakiu, Andrew
. McMnkin, John C. MeMakin, William J. Mclakin,
Martha MeMakin, Elizabeth llook wife oi
cwis M. llook, Elizabeth Edward* and her husaud
Edwnrd, Jefferson Kendrick, Defendants,
wide from in-l without the limit* of this State: II
-.on motion of Itobo and Edward*, Complainant*'
dicitors, Ordered, 'I list they up|K-ar nnd plead
nswer or demur, to Complainants' Rill, within
ircc months from the publication of (bis rule, <u
ic same will l?c taken pro conf*?*o againit them.
TIIO. O. P. VERNON, c. k. s. d.
Com'rs. Office, 27. 1 3m
1N EQl ITV?Spartanburg.
amcs J. Vernon and Hiram Mitchell, vs. ElinsC
Lcltner and others.
Hill for Injunction, Account and Relief.
[T appearing to tli *at'sf iet:on of thin Court thai
E. C. Iwittier, ot.e of the Defendant* in this
use, resides from and without tho limits of tliit
tate: It is, on motion ol Edwards and Carlisle
lomplainauU' solicitors, Ordered, That lie opj?eni
nd plead, answer or demur, to Complainants' Kd
'itliiu three mouths froiil the date of this rule, oi
ic same will l>?* taken pro confetto against liim
TIIO. O. P. VERNON, c. r. s. i>
Comr's. Office, Feb- 27 3m
IN EQUITY ?Spartanburg.
dado II. W afford, and others vs. Alcxnndei
Thomas an.I wife, and others.
Hdl f>.r Partition, Acc?.utit and Relief.
IT appealing to the v.; -fiction of the Court, tha
- llos.aA. Wofford, Kl as J. Woffud, Elviri
V right, and Ralph S Wright her husband
Hlullo Thomas, Alexander Tlmnias, and Martin
* wife, John Tillotson and Eliza lr* wife, ate
E. t\ iifFif.l, Defendants in this case, re*id<
oiii and without the Hurts <>f thi* Suite: It i*. oi
lotion of Edwards and Carl sic, Complainants' so
citors, Ordered, That they appear and plead
nswer or demur, t*> Complain.mis' Hill ..f com
laint within three inoiith* from the date her. of
r the same wJl be t.ik< ti pro con feu j again*
Item. TIIO O. P VERNON," c v. * i>.
Coin'rs. Office, Feb. u'7 3ni
Si'ART A X lit' liG 1 >tSTUlCT.
r T < HIT<?N S. I s, wt.n i* now iii tin
L A custodv of the Slicr lVuf Spartanburg Pis
ict, liy virtue t.f a wr.t ! M< sue Pnictsi, an.I a
le suit of Charles 1 lutikin aiul the Slate ot Soul I
'arolitm, having lilt 1 .a my Oifioe, together will
schedule, on oath, of h * estate and cAecls, liti
I't li'.n to ilie Court ot Common l'has pi at in;
Hit he may he admitted to the hi in lit of the aeti
ftlie Ci lie ra I Assembly made for the relief of in
dv? ut debtors: It is nrtli red. thai tlirsnid Chat a
finikin and State of South Carol.na. and r.ll otlie
ie erod h rs t > v\ !;..:ii th v. 1 I lortoa S. Ih evil
I in niiyu ' * indebted, he. an 1 tiny aie lurch;
jilltiloiir.l Mil have in-fee t ;>pp,nr before til.
ud Court ut Spurtatlbtug t'.urt llnu^c, on tin
ilrty first day of Mar. h next. t>> sVo.v cause, i
n\ they eo i, why t! e prater <>! the p. t.t'oii afoie
ud should not be oraiiteii
d. It TOl.I.KSON, c.c. r
Office of Common Plea*.
Sp.irt nihiiriT I , pre I ft. 1V .1 -11
SPA in W IM UO 1>IST!iict.
f 111A111.f .s pi NKIN, who is in thu cusiod
t ot the Shell}' < : S; :.i t.lli'nro Putt ill, I.
irtue ?.f a final pi ik-i?. at tor sa t ?I \\ iil.ain I'.ul
r, having tiled in my office, togetlnr with .
eliedule, ot) ..nth, of h s estate : ml i IF cts, Ii ? |h t.
oil t>? the Court f Common Phas. praying ilia
e may he admitted to tin- h i.efit of the m of tie
I tter.il Assembly lttr.de for ttle I. lo t' ot itiso'veu
eh tors : I: .? ..r.lr.d tli.t the ttai I Will am I!ut
T, and all other the creditors to ulmtit the mi.
llmrles Punhin is in anywise iti.liht.d ho, or.i
liey are In r.-bv . emotioned and hive n .'.iee to : p
i ur hi lore the Mid Court, ut Spartanburg Cour
louse, on the thirty l'i>t il .t ot M.iteli next, t.
liow cause, it any tin v tan. why tl. pray?r ?f lit.
etit.otu-r ati resold should not he irrautcd.
d. P. ToU.KSoN, c c. r.
Office *?f Common l'leas,
Spartanburg Pot . pt r. 1ft | S.i.i 4-1.
SrAitTANP.tno 1 )i.sTiticr.
In the C< ut t of t >iil.narv .
I. 11 THOMSON, IA'or, A;.pt vs. 1>U. .1. I)
UKID. nud other dcftV.
Cdation to have Ms late fettled.
IT appearing t>. my fatiftlnele.il that I>r J. 1>
Ileid, dolin lit ul and \\ illiam K. id, jr.. heir?
nd il.striliutf. s at . V ot It... I'.I .!? will: ..
I !.* . r ? fr in and u .thoul de limit'
I t!i s State: It is tlurctore ordered and decreed
ml tliry l>< it.! ap;?.:r at the t'oiiit <>i Ord nary
r ^ . I I) strict, i i In- lul I at Spartanburg C- url
mi ilit- ?3th day of Man-li next, to *h"*x
use, if any exists, urliy tin- nWf pi lb*said \V|1>
anf Rc.d, ai itr. ili-o., should it'>t he *i tilii), and
it assets of (lis unto ordered to be disposed oi
cooi'iliiig to law-,
ti v a under nty tan.1 and t> I <-f {Tier, this
1-t I ?cc 1855. It. 1U)\VDUN, o. a i>.
Jan 4ft l.tt
IX IXV>! I TV?Spartanburg.
!ary < >\vcn I Van, ex'rx. x*. James Scny and
Agnes So.-ty, I,is wife, and others.
Iill to settle Kstute, Invest Funds, Change
Trust, Relief, iVe.
LT appearing to tin- satisfaction of th s Court, 11ml
Josinli It'.ar-kwell, tlie licir* and representatives
f Sally Hi.ii-kw.-ll, deceased, names unknown,
'lii'?. Harnett, J.dm Hariii-lt, (ilinn Harnett, Jcin
ah Harnett, Allon lmneo.->t< r an.l wife, Klizattli
Jane Hailcy, \> .duxv, James Hiackwtll, In in
..I r.:-,!a' v. - of Jam 1> liwe" niinv't ?nuown,
heira an J r< pres. n'.itivt; of Mark Ilustir,
ames unknown, heirs and representatives ol Jol>ti
Harnett, deceased, names unknown, IV>ndnnt?
in this ea-e, reside from and without the
hi ts of tin* Stale. It is, oil motion of Kdwnrda,
oniplaiiiaiit's solicitor, ordered that they appeal
id plea l,ansivi r or demur, to Complainant's Hill,
it It ill tlirue mouilis from the publication of thin
tie, or the miii - trill be taken pro eonfes.m against
ieni, Tllo. O. P. VKKN'ON, c. r. s n.
oinr's Oliiee. Feb. 'JO 52 3m
l\IK|l ITV ?Spartanburg.
laryO'Ven I >-an,?x'r*. v? Hi wry K-indtitl and
xx ifc, and < liters.
Hdl to s4 ttle l-'.stnte, Relief, A'e.
Tap|H-arin? t?> the satis! iction of the Court, thai
R. I?. eea ! '. t i ray, widow , dames Reynolds, mid
ie children of Harriet H. Reynolds, deceased, to
it: Joltn <i. Reynold*, Mary Ann, Ktnihne,
aney 1).,Sarah Ann, K /.ninth II R, l.ucy,
hihs \V., Titos. It.. KI xa N . nnd llowi F,
evnolds?Hoyctt and Kilen eh drcn of Jaoe?
id Daniel l'arki r. Defendant* in this case, r<sidc
am and xvitt out the lint ts. of tl, s State It is. on
otion of Kdwards, ComphnnnntV * ! eitor, order
I lli.il tiny r?p|??'ir :nil pk-a.1. un*w?r t?r ilrmur to
mnpLiinanl's Hill, liin ihrro nionili* from the
iblicntion ??f tlii* rule, r ihv Mm? will 1> token
0 COIlfl Mil Jl* !o till ni.
TIIO. O 1\ VUUNON, r. k. *. n
('omr'ii Oilier, Feb irt 52 Sm
St'itie Up!!
nm: 1..1 <1,. noti.s ?m.i ac?ounts
1 Jim A. O. cami'hki.i., Jmnm i. MMl myII
as Vlminlatr.itor of hi? Eilnt*, arc in llu- hamla
HOHO ?fc EDWAltnS i??r collection. Call
settle. B. R. CAMPBELL,
Feb 7 50 6t AJmininrafor.
Hk* * M
!]a"s??D?BLEm^8c!3SETT 1
r / \ N Monday next, agreeably to notice, tbo Odd |
. Vy Ft I lows will open their SCHOOL in tb? Old 1
Male Academy, under the control of DAVID R. !
di ncan, a. b. 1
Mr. Duncan b a son of Professor Dnxu, of
1 H ufford College, and a graduate of Randolph 1
" Macon College, Virginia. lib testimonials of
scholarship and moral character are fall and satia- 1
1 i factory. In sinning an cr.terpiiae of the bind by
' the Ixxlgc, it ia indeed gratifying that one ao thej
roughly prepared for the ofhee of teaeher ao Ma.
Duncan hint tx.cn selected and conseuts to taho
' charge of the school.
' i The established rates of tuition hare heretofore
' ' excluded many from the advantages of educotkxj.
' Willi a view to benefit such, and all who may
avail themselves of the facilities of a cheap and
thorough education, we append the following table
of charges, so reduced as to make ?t available.
Primary Deportment?including (Spelling,
Heading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Primary
Geography, per session of five
, I months $8.99
i Second L)e|wrtincnt?Philosophy. Cram
| mar. Algebra, and all the higher branch- ^
cs of English education, per term of five a
I 1 months, with a continuation of any of the
I prc-en nine rated studies 8.9 9
, , Third Department?Classics, w ith a re
| view of any of the previous studies, per
| term of five mouth* 14.09
I Contingent fee, per terin 1.09
j Chairman Board Trustees.
Jan 10 4ti
"s. w. gillilandT
RespectFULEY offers his services to aii
those w ho trade at Newberry, as their Genera?
Coiiinrsaiou Agent, lor the dis|>osal of their Cotton
and other produce. Will give his personal attention
to Receiv'itg, Selling. Storing or Shipping of
Cotton and all kinds of produco intrusted to hb
1 care.
Having made arrangements with different HouI
: ses, lie is now prepared to make liberal advance*
i on Cot'.on shipped to Charleaton. 4
Will also pay the highest market rash prices an
, delivery for all thw Wheat, Flour, Corn and other
produce that can he brought to this market f*r
I tale.
An experience of several years business at thb
. j place, in all its various forms, induces hini to believe
; tint lie can promote the int*r?-st of plant* r*. *na
J lmpcs by prompt attention to merit a liberal share t
' of patronage Charge* for selling ??r shipping
Cotton 25 cents per bale, nil other tranur.eiurtto in
accordance with custom. Tho best of r*ferrue??
i given.
I' nt il the first of .January next lie may be fiwnd
about the Store K?mni formerly occupied by Mrssia.
? \V.(i. A J. F. Glen.
Nov J5 30 tf
\\* K arc now opening our stock ??f FALL and
j v V WINTER GOODS, embracing svvry
stylo anil variety usually found in a well selsetsd
stock of
to which w e would .nrite the f,?eo n! attention
I'A ll.MEUS, l'LANTlilW and Country Msrchnti
( tvu IIAVE AN INltllALHi rrLT OF
! Ne^ro Blankets, Kerseys, 0s?af
t which we are otTerinj; at reduced prices. It Is
i needles* to enter into an enumeration of onr rniiro
( stock, ns it is l.kr "Oriental pearls, at random
, strung." All we ask is a call, and we will take
, groat pleasure in exhibiting them, and fc? 1 tookdent
in saying that general satisfaction will ka given.
Cume early itn<i terure bar faint.
N'n 2 Granite Range. Uiel.ardsoii-street.
t'oi.ritsu.S. (' . Sqit. t> S9?tf
t .V{'?rberry Court House,
Importer and Dealer
now <;/. \ss. t: roc fries cfsEr
ALLY. I>R\ aeons, hats,
ISO, *J.';? JC., +c.
has how in store one of iho largest, and most vurisd
( Sti-ck 4(ion!* in South Carolina, and is pivpstrd
to oiler to his numerous friends snd customers,
t ' l.Vral indu. rnients winch cattmt fa I to prove is
L> their interest. I arn always in the market lor the
t purchase of COTTON' and COUNTRY I'ltOI
rl'CK generally, and planters will find it generalJ
ly to tin r interest, by calhng *>r me before making
i their ai rati*j? incuts tiu n liere.
l linjrorter oi English Hardware.
, | fit. IS r.", If
Fisk's Patent Burial Cases !
' | ^ II11 subscriber i* ng? nt for the Mtlenf FISh'S
1 I'A'i'EXr BURIAL CASES?Cloth #
v? red or ISronu-il?in wliuh a Iwlr can be kept ?r
trn:i?|H.rtn1 .1115 distance, without danger frrm eeCoiupositicii
or vermin.
Cabinet Making.
^ MM is also a CA1JIN KT M A lv Kit, and pr?I
pared to furnish New Cabinet Ware at short none**,
anil also to repair o!.| furniture 011 reasonable
[ terms, ami solicits a call .it Ills rooms on Ma;n-st.r
Spartanburg, below the Court House
Sept SO 31 tt S V C, ENTRY
' Daldy is in the Field!!
.1 . N . N O I, L Y
"Y% T ISllKS to make known that lie is still enga*
T gt-d in the busimssof making; Carriages,
IviK'knvtat s, lluggy'e, one and two horse wagons,
which lie lias and will keep on hand, at his *ld
stand, near the Rapt is t Cbnreli. Having employed
additional workmen, lie asks a share of tha Liberal
patronage he has heretofore received. A?y
work in his line, will and shall do service. He also
keeps coach trimmings, axrllrece.springs, blssk
smith work of nil kinds for sale. Call and sac far
, yourselves, if you wish.
All iudebtcd|to me prcvionsto the 1st ef.Tanuarv
last, art- rcspecttuHv requested to call and settle.
March 09 4 srtf
$500 REWARD.
1\N 11.1, pay the above reward to any or? whs
will lodge my negro mum IIAMP in the Jail
1 at Sjnrtanbarg or Colon. Said b iy has heen absent
from mv plantation near three years. lie
formerly belonged to Sarah Harnett, ofSpartanburg
District. 1 le is well set, about forty years old. 5 f **
1(1 in-'he* Inch, blind in one eve and a Sineksn. la
hv trade. RORKRT BEATT.
Cohlwoll, I'11 ion District, Dee. 20 44 if,
A 1' t't? X* I - * '
\? i>iv i selection Ol the rf!55* """"i
. brut ninl lalot improved l'I- |WWBMijlT|
ANOSof all kind# can b? bad at a
1 !< invite* a special examination of the late patoned
improvements in Mallet, I >avi* A Co'# eels
brand l'mnos Every piano is guarantied.
.lone 28 tft ky
R. I), o W EN,
wiirat mk INT in pa to
II e nwy be found nt N<?. Brick V.aBfe,
1 on Church street, where he will he very
happy to ace hi# old 'ricud#, and ready
1 Nov 1 *7 *

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