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Nku*a?u*.?Col. 8chlessiuger, Walker's inbwaador
to Coats Rios, wu escorted out of the
country on the 9th ultimo, end tfc<! n*st day Coats
Rise formally declared war against Nicaragua.
Walker accepted the declaration of war, ar?i
marched an army acres* tha lake tJ Virgin Bay.
Theac were followed by 880 men under Schlcaein gar.
No meeting had tnken place between the
for oca of the two Suites. One of Walker's detachments
seised the English and Costa Ricn mail, sud
hating refused to give it up on demand of British
officers, despatches wero acnt to the West Indin
"squadron, which had caused n concentration of
troops at 8an Juan.
The latest account from this expedition is embraced
in n letter to the N. V. Tribune, dated
Zspayn, March IS, na follows:
"We entered thia beautiful placo nt 5 A. M.
The enemy was in aight, numbering t>00, and was
strongly posted. We sent out two companies e<
Pry's regiment as skirmishers. The enemy run.
Population nbout 3,000. The people deserted nearly
all their dwellings. We c.-tntured two brass
ninc-pouudcrs, nud three carronudes. with eoiisidejnble
amunition, and at lcnat 300 mules an J hor-aes.
Some of the men found considerable miius of
money. The colonel has taken the greatest part
-of it. Don Juan Bui* is said to be in the mountains
with 4SC men."
- -Costa Uiea has 3,500 men in the field under
Gen. Mors, the commander-in-chief; and 500
under Baron Bulow, in addili n to ill-400 under
Don Buis. ^ ^ ^
Convention Mektino in Charleston.?A
meeting of |m*rsons in favor of being represent* d
in the Columbia May CoLvention to send delegates
Ho the Cincinnati Convention took place in Hibernian
IIsll, Charleston, on Thursday last, and authorised
the appointment of a delegation of twenty-one.
Maj. A. G. Magrath presided, and Hon. \V. 1).
Portrr eflbicd the resolutions. The Standard says
of the meeting: It "was not numerously attended
Those present, however, were of great character
wed iniaence, mad the rcsnlstinns were passed l y a
hearty acclamation, which gave earnest of the fixed
intention ta proceed."
The South Carolina Temperance Standard is in
-danger of stopping. The editor says lie may again
appear in two weeks, but unless some permanent
and satisfactory arrangements bo soon made Ik
will never issue another number while lie lives. In
this event all advanced payments will be refunded.
Knoi-oii Adoi.ition Freedom.?Tlu- following
item is in the New York letter o the Baltimore
Sun. Comment is unnoecssiry:
" I he ebol tioniets of this city*, including the Rev
**Sharpe Riflo' Beeclier, a oouulo of years s?go purchased
the freedom of a colored woman belonging
to S. F.Gould. of South Carolina. The woman
has since enjoyed 'freedom' here, of which,
however, she soon became luwt tilv rick. A lew
-days ago, bring out of employ men t mid almost des tilute,
she heard that a neighbor of her I'oriiiei
South Car 1'iia master was at the Astor House,
whither m!i.? m -11 .l.wl f>n fin,tin,. ! > ? -I... t..M
hint Iter trial* and sufferings, and piteously begged
to be t.akin back t?i Iter old home in tin; South.
The gentleman finally consented, and on Saturday
#Ue bade * hmg tat* well lo 'Northern freedom,'
) and Matted lot South Carolina."
The Proposrt! Military Visit. ^
Tho "Washington T.'ght Infantry,'1 of Charles. ton,
who contemplate visiting the H.t'th* (.round
of the Cowpens. in the .Id week of the present
month, have etnupleted their arrangement*, and
will probably atop a short time at Laurensville. on
tlio'r way up. They will arrive here on Thursday,
the 17th, by railroad, and start next morning, car
dy, for Spartanburg, fully prepared for nil the exi
gencies of the "camp and march," and will <ic
not a little to remove the impreadon abroa I, that
oti volunteer corps are merely "band !>ox ap|K-n
dagea," got up expressly f..j show. Th y conn
well supplied with ten's, baggage wagons ami
ea i p utensils. Kverv in.ill will have h:s knapsaek
Idanket, havorsa. x n' l e ni'evn, and last, limugli
not least, an ample supply <>t India ruhher cloth
to keep out tiny damp .vent her tliat many overt.ikt
'Di? Samuel G?! o. .Chaplain, several honorary
members and inv t i giurts, w II ncronipani
tlirro. Kmehiiig Spnrliuibie g ?>n Saturday, the)
will remain there over Sunday, nnd march out t>
the Id ittlc Ground on Monday. An oration w.l
be delivered next day by a mtin'u r of the corps
and other intereMinaceremonies will take place, o
which we shall speak ni"re fill) at another time
On Wednesday they will lake i.p the line ol
inarch for Greenville, and Irorn tlirre, by ra Iruad
The Company will carry tln:r fntnous Uevolutioiiary
Uelic?the "Kut-ov mid Cowpens Flag,'
which has been, for many years, in their keeping,
having been pr sented t<? the coi ps by the widow
??f Col. William Washington, who carried it gallantly
at th-hand of his Cavalry at Kutaw Springnnd
Cow pens.
We trust that tliis, the first visit of the Washington
Lght Infantry to the mountain District*
will be satisfactory to tlieni in every way, and ndr
to their nln-ndy enviable reputation, at home am
abroad.?L-iurtasrille If r raid.
FiirurLitNT Ia?ir.s or Stock Mo-.-h i xcite
lent was caused, oft the evening b In last
l?y the rumors of sonic defalcate n in the Stat?
Hank, nnd this was increased by tin- nrrcit am
.commitment of .1. L Kglcslon, 'I'ra t C' ik
Tlicre ivero confiding njcotin'1 n t mu.-h nn<
certa-nty aliout the mailer, but we 1 .i\ i-,-. M?
to learn that, in cons-ijuenec f ;C i ,umi:i }
mall Hoiount of unclaimed diva'- on*, n of tin
gentlemen in the oflioc wan itff nc- d to suspect thai
nil was not r.glit, and mentioning his suspicions tr
the President, the b-siks were carefully examinee
on Sunday, and laut\ die ted, which, it was
thought, were sufii'-ient t?? justify the proceeding
In what manner the fraudulent issues of stock
were mad a is n >t known with certainty. Ins nu
instances, when certificates arc left endorsed foi
transfer, it is supposed they were sold, and the par'
"tics indicated were supplied, tit tho further eonve
nicnec of theclerk, either with other stock endorsee
in blank for transler, or with such new eertifieatci
as could be had. having the signature of the President.
It is believed, however, that tho over issui
docs not exceed $3-1,000, nnd about $0,000 of tin
money so realized has been recovered from a part}
to whom it had been issued, and who confessed
the receipt of very large sums of money for a yeai
-or two past. A considerable portion of this sum
will be covered bj tho bonds of the defaulter. Mr
Kgleston was a trusted and most efficient offieer o
(that institution.?Charleston Standard.
Sandwich Islands.-TIic Honolulu Friend show;
tho terrific progress of the lava flood which threat
cits witlt destruet on t lie beautiful town and bay u
Jlilo-, hut what seems ino>t singular to nn i-iicrgt-i
>io people like ourselves is tin- apathy of the inhahi
t.uita, who arc looking on bowildcicd, hut taking
^ .no meaiiH to divert the tirrv element froin it:
course. The sides and surface of the stream o
dava exposed to the air soon cool into a crust, be
low which the advancing mass keeps forcing a p is
nage. It is represented as being easily con trolley
and turned into new channels. Sometimes tlx
.hard sides are tapped and streams let out
which fl -w almost at right angles with the getter'
al current. The Friend says;
"JSvery day darkens the prosp cts of JI do. Tlx
stream com<s in great force some two miles n
week. Three or four miles will bring it througli
the woods. It follows water channels, dries ii|
aqueous matter, and (ornts fiery cascades of terrible
sublimity. It heads straight down upon us
and nothing hut the hand of Omnipotence can snvt
our town and hay. Our expulsion seems every
day more and more solemn reality. Molten firu
are g'enming, trees nro falling, the jungle is consuming
rivers, are boiling and ascending in steam
Co*r**ir.s ron Kansas ?The Atlanta Inttlligeneer,
of the 29th ultimo, says:
"Judging front the iuunl?>-r of companies pass
ing almost daily through ovir city , on their way t<
Kansas, we doubt not lltere will ben smart sprink
ling of Sontlierxcrs in tlva interesting u-gion before
ma ty weeks. On Wednesday night a cornpany
of eighteen or twenty ptvsscd through Allan
to, and on Thursday we noticed another company
of forty-one, nil armed and equipped, going on
their way rejoicing. They wero from Charleston
and other points of South Carolina. A company
org-umol in this city is expected to leave in ,1 few
d ty ? for tbj eantc destination."
Famny Fran's N*w "Lday."?Id th? Merchants'
Ledger o( this wsek, (Fanny's organ,) ws lui
have the following dimensions of her new husband, jot
at whom, with "fw*! other celebrities, she is ta- go
k:ng "Peeps f?oni under n Parnsol:" tb<
"And there is Mr. Jaiues Pnrton, author of the Ui
life of Homes Greeley, whom I occasionally meet; cx
Jim Is five feet ten inches, and modest?wears his Iw
hair long, and don't belicro in a devil?has written sol
more good anonymous articles, now floating uubop- thi
tised through newspapcrdoin, (cm both side? of the
water,) than any other man, save himself, would js
suffer to go unclaimed. Jim believes in Cnrlyle ef|
and lager beer?can write books better tlum he can oy
tie a cravat; though since his late marri.-ge 1 am j^j
' plenacd to observe a wonderfbl improvement in this cr
respect. It is my belief that Jim is destined, by
steady progress, to eclipse many a man who has
shot up like a rocket, and who wilt fkzlo out and
come down a stick."
ArrxARANcas.? Upon the subject of dress and 1C
.appearances, the Now York Times thus remarks: 11
"A coat that has the marks of use upon it is a
recommendation to people of sense, and n hat with no
too smooth n nap and loo high a iusiro is a duroga
tory circuiiwtanco. The best coats in Broadway jj,'
are on the baeka of penniless fops, broken down ^
merchants, clerks with p'.tiiul salaries, and men
that diii't pay up. The heaviest gold chains dangle
from the fobs of gamblers and gentlemen of
very limited meaus: costly ornaments on the laJics ?*
indicate to tho eyes that are well often, the fact of *
a silly lover i ? husband cramp.d lor funds. And 4J
when a pretty woman goes by in a suit of plain l"
and neat apparel, it is a sign that she I kin fair cx
pectatioiM and a husband that can show a balance M
in his favor. For women are like books, too much "t
gilding nukes men suspicious that the binding is hi
the most important point." ?f
1 Presentment or the Grand Jurv.?Inrcceiv- X
ing the Presentments ??f the Grand Jury, his lion- F<
or Judge Withers remarked that he regarded the or
existence of di luking shops as tho most prolific S<
tource of evil in the State, ami said that he would
venture the predict! n, that if the Town Counci '!pr
i of Greenville practiced the system of granting li- j ^
censes to retail, it would, in ten y?nrs, ruin the Institutious
of learning located at this place. lie al- p,
s > spoke pointedly of the evil done to our slaves by
i the license system, and mid that lie regarded the M
grog seller as a more dangerous foe to Southern
institutions than the Abolitionists.?Grcenrillr
i Remark mi r ( 'aad?Tl.o /v.. \
-wn ?. ? ? y * %*. j i
Advertiser states that a respectable farmer named tli
[ Samuel llcnly, residing in (lint county, has totnlly | tit
abstained from food (or fi/ty?eren tlayt! ami lie re
may yet survive several days. Ft.r sometime lie i n<
1 lias been in rather a nitlancholy mood, an I about
, two months ago he refus( d to eat, and since that
time has not taken anything except water; and ,|,
; strange to say, he i* still alive, though reduced to
I a mere skelct n. Neither physician nor Iriettds
can induce him to take any nourishment. lie de- ,
c ures lie can swallow nothing, though lie docs _
every now and tliett take a drink of water. lie j
will donb less |iers at in this delusion until lie starves , ul
I to death.
_ Katal Accidkkt.?The whole community w-as | j(
1 pained to leai n, on Wednesday hist, of the almost ol
j instant d.ath, by accident, of it lovely young lady j
of our village. It appears that on thu Misses A I- ;
I cxnmler alighting from Col. M. N. Nor.on'* car- "
I rmge, a< Mr. Sani'l Ueid's, in the afternoon of the (
' day above stand, the horses beimne frightened .
| and rannway. One of the ladies had just been |
j handed fron: the carriage, and wl.cn Miss Sac Al- j
e.xanJer was in the net of ali liting, the horses th
I stnrte I. They were soon at lull speed, when she ' V|
j jumped from the carriage, receiving injuries about !
I the head and neck thereby, which caused her death | at
ill a lew minutes?Kentrer Courier. ' pr
Tisrrs ~"I he roof id the jail, at this place, was!
ignited from a sp-ttk front the ehimttcy, ou Thurs- j
day Inst. The w ind was blow itig furiously at the f)\
time, tiut by tlic timely exertions of our citizens, J |t,
1 and one of the prisoners (Samuel Hughes,) the tire .
. was extinguished before mucli damage was done. '
The whole vill.igc was in iniiniiietit danger at one j"
I tlltU*. I f
Salem clnnvlt, some Ion mile* abcvi- this place,
was bullied Jiiwii on Tliu: ?dnv last. The fire was j
' communicated from the aeej.MU. Much fencing C?
lias nlau been burinel, we undvrst ml, in < hcoli r. ?t
[A'coirre Courier. |
An inti r?-?tit?2T "m l novel movement lias recent- tli
ly been mailo in Nor "Ik, V.rginia, in favor of anilexm^
tlie pollute s "I Noilolk ami I'riueesai Anne
to Nortli Carolina. The language poiitaineil in
llie resolution* adopt <1 by tlio clliielis in pre Ity
strong. The Noilolk Herald is n favor of unmxu- 1'
I lion, and has nilroeated ii for yearn The Miiy-r
has lieeti reijnefcteil to o|H*n the polls to nseertaiii (a
\ : the views ol the citizens ujwui this point, ami that a
mtiliol copy of the votes east forwarded to the f
^ fliivrrimr ?t Virginia, and also to the (iovernof ol ,
! North Cur<ihtia. I ^
Tin: Iluwr.T.? An em in nt Kuglish physieinn
| | says: "I have to lament the great increase
: amongst the female part ol my prneiticc, of tic do'
i loreux ill the forehead, loss of sight, and great ?ufI
fcring ill the ear, induct d, I firmly believe, from ^
; the present absurd fashion of lire-using the nook in- n
' 1 stead id the brad. During the past month I have I
; been in attendance upon two lovely gals with tie ^
doloreux in the forehead, and several others with j,
' I similar conip'ain's. It is high t ine the ftivolous
bonnet ol the present day ilmuld l o done away (|l
lim:g".tion to Kansas seems to be rapidly nug- j ai
nientiuL', as \v? II trom the South as lite North. On '
, the 1 (>tIt instant, a .stt Smcr leinfSt. I.ou's with 300 11
1 emigrants and eighty easesof r :1 s. Many South- 1 "
I ! erners arc taking their slave* with them. One [
petttleman from South Caisdina recently t<s'k with ' V
him .AO, another do, and still another 'JO; and it is
j stated that about 500 slaves have passed through 11
r 1 St. I.ouis, for the territory, since the opening of a(
i navigation. "
, Col. llodges, the British representative at Ham- l'
I burg, had made representations to the Senate re- r
, * peeling the quantities of niuntunilinn that left ~
that |s?rt for llussin. An examination followed
; 1 these deel irnfTotis, when it was proved that these '
. ' supplies h id, in uu?st instance**, been forwarded on i
i account of two houses in high standing in Kngland, al
. ! in one of which a member of l'arliameul was in- a
. | InU'dl'll. i '
, I The Baton Bouge (l-i.) Sugar Planter tells of a
, j bird, as large as a turkey, but colored like a guinea 1,1
. j fowl, killed in that ncighboihond hy Francis Gazcl, '
. ! from the gizzard and craiv of which upwards of
f j 900 diamonds were extracted. "J7 of the smallest 0<
I realized $300, and the balance are rati maud at
. i $1.1,000. It ih supposed to have been a foreipn
( bird, driven across our continent. Wonder if it is C1
, not u gull'
f Washington, April 3.?The Union to morrow m
1 will contain it letter from Hon. .lame-* Buchanan, ; ci
| dated l><e. 2#, in which lie declares the Missouri 1 el
s 1 eomprorrvsc t.? be dead pone He asserts that the p
Nebraska hoi is the only basis upon which the
' . slavery question can be settled, and it must be ad- ti
j liercd to at nil hazards, ami made to face every U
| j sturiu which can lie hroupht npniiiM it. r.
' Skiioik Fatality?We have been informed * "
by n friend that prcat fatality prevails about 15 ilmi 'J
Iloupe, in the northwestern part of this district,
An ic, mint of ihu prevalence af typhoid pneumonia t-'
i malignant form. CoK-nian Cranford and
- .mo seven or eight of his nciphhort liavo fallen ( f';
' victims to it.?Charier Standard,
, If you wish to iittrao' attention ne?t Sunday, po I
l in. the ihureh after services have bopun, parade i "J
, it > tie bi ad aisle with a heavy, self-important '
, > ei>, and bo sure to keep your hat on until you
, r< oh the jew.- Mind directions, and people will
i? 't only notice you, hut will fnncv you lo bo n ' .
wonderful btitst, indeed.? Yorkrille Enquirer.
J -m |t< m n
i A Noble Kxami-i.e.?The (Charleston Evening
Newt informs as that the Hon. John Townsend, *''
i State Senator from St. John's, Colleton, has re- *'
milted to the Kansas Association of that city five
( hundred dollars. He offers that il fifty gentlemen
, ! in this State will each subser lie fivo hundred dol- 1
! lars, he w ill add another five hundred.
? ? ' J
j The Hank of Chester and the Hank of Ncwber- r,
ry have declared a .dividend for the last si* months
! of $1.25 per share?at the ruto of 10 per cent, per i
annum The Planters' Bank of Fairfield made a j
dividend of $1 per slinrc.
i CoaN and Bacon Declining.? We learn that **
1 in Augusta, corn ia down to 45 centsby the quail'
tily; and that hae ai can lie bought at 0 cents?the
hog round. Verilv this is pood news to tho?e
| w ho hs re to buy F.dgefie'd Infrmer, i r
-Jb .
Tub Sotmu Don.?Th? CooltrtoM at Cop
gen upon the Sound dues had been again
irned, in order to gain time. The Ameri<
vernment, it ia alleged, has conaeuted to prok
b obligation ct the treaty existing between
uited States mid Denmark, which wne about
piro on the 14th of April, for a further t?rm'
o month*, on tho express understanding t
mcthing will be done in the meantime towa
i: nbolilion of tho Sound Dues.
Col. Wiiewef, U. S. Minister Jo Nicaragua
said, will be removed lor failure to keep the g
anient at Washington advised of the progresi
ents in that country. A project of Secret;
nrcy is now before the Cabinet to damage Wr
'a movements.
At latest dutcs from New York land warm
led nt?GO* nud 120s, 103; 80* and IGOs, 101
0; 40s, 115 a I '20. In Washington the tend
wus also downward. Prices?IGOs m;d J
>8 a 100; 120s and COs, 1034 a 1044; 40* "
The Convention movement in Barnwell,
live by our exchange*, wns a failure. The nu
g was organized, resolutions were proposed,
v opposition interloped, and on motion of Col.
. Owe.;*, the resolutions were tubled. No
A pragmatical young fellow, sitting tit n ti
cr against the learned John Seott, asked I
lint difference there was between Scott and r
fuet the breadth of the table," answered
Col. T. II. Ronton, in n late Utter to a frieni
issonri, says his public life is over. The rcsi
his days nrv to be devoted to the completioi
s Life and Times and tho preparation of a dij
Congressior.nl debates.
A Iiosso in Abbeville, owned by Dr. W.
or wood, took fire on the 28th ult., and wns bu
irtaiiately the house* stood apart from nil oth
iin." wiioiv iDwn vvuuki iiarc been endangci
> says the Banner.
The Sumter Banner denies the rumors of
evalcnco of small pox in that village and nei
irliood. It says only one case, and that con
iccnt, besides the drover's, had oceurred,
utnisra if another appears to make the fact kno
The Barnwell Sentinel says: The jury in
iusc of Jasper McMillan, who killed Madi
ing in December Inst, have returned a verdii
urder, and the sentence of death was passed
to be hanged on the 25th day of July next.
Smali. Box.?The Sumter Watchman sf
at but n single case of small pox has origin;
ere since the death of the wagoner previm
ported, and that he is nearly well, uud thei
> fear of any extension ?>t the disease.
The Chettcr Standard, of last week, says
Irs. MaryS. West brook, widow of the late
nr Westbtook, Ksq., of that l>istrirt, drop
?ad from her feet a lew days since at Uossvilh
STAMrr.dk.?We learn by the Wilmington /;
'</, that thirty likely negroes, belonging to
imuel Simmons, of North Carolina, lelt for p
iiknown last week.
Judge Monro has ordered an extra court
[nrion district, to convene on the 2J Men da]
uly. The issue doeket is said to be tbc heuv
it of CharhtKoti.
The Lancaster J.rdgtr announces theconvic
' Mr. MeChancy, on a charge of i egro stenli
. litenec was not prounuueed, as application ti
:?v trial is to ho made.
Hon. James L IVtigru has accepted an ini
>il to deliver the next anniversary address be
e Literary Societies of Kmkinc College, At
lie, S C.
The hr>g M> titor, from New Castle, Lngb
rived at New York on Friday, S^th ult., aft*
issagc of 108 days. She met no ice?only t
is storms.
Tunocaii Tickict.?The Prcaiilenl of the CI
tte Itnilc' id has made arrangements to supp
ironp/i lirsrt l>> uuillivori1, Oil IIIC ? eltloli r.
r ten dollars.
Tin- slaver Mit y I-'. Smith, recently captu
id taken into Bnliia, with n ciirgo of slaves
>.trd, ninny of whom died fro mi suffocation,
ted out at Boston last August.
Gut. Clark, ?d Now York, has pardoned
raliain, w ho killed Cnl. I wring a year or to
the St. X ol.olas hotel, Nexv York.
We learu that a revival among the Baptist
otuinbin recently rcsultcsl in the addition of fi
iree members to the church by baptism and let
The Anderson Gazette mentions that \V.
Mikes and I. .1. live propose to go ta Kansas
Maj l>. 11 Mllis has been chosen eo'ioiiel of
2th Uegimcnt S. C. M.
The late election in I*1i?k1c Island lias result)
ivor ot the Black lt< publican Fusion party,
(l i the 2d instant,a fire broke out in tbc Bo
otiri House, involving a loss ol $10,000.
There are 12 distill) l ies ill Boston, and last ;
iey inanufai-tureil $s,4ti3,."?2l) worth ?l liquor,
Market, April 5.?Cot to m.?
lined our last weekly :e|H>rl on a quiet but st?
mrket, at full nail firm prices, our quotations
nig fioni SJ a I04 extremes. In reviewing
ei-k ju t terminated, we find we have no qti
le change to notice. The demand from the e
lellCelllelit of the week up to the close of husi
11 Friday evening was active and very g ??l,
11 r outside figures were vciy freely paid for a
rt olc. On Saturday morning the news from 1
rpool by the Asia ti< the 22d inst. came to In
..porting a decline of J a id oil the lower gra
lnlc the finer quahfos being scarce were tirii
inner quotations?sales i??r live days t Friday
ig a hoti ay) were 32,000 bale-. The trad
latu-liestcr was 1I11II, and the bank of l'liglaiid
diioed the rate of interest to ti per cent. Tl
rcounts bad no material effect ?ui prices in
larket, and we therefore continue our <(uotati
) we feel confident they ate as near the vali
ic article as it is possible to have litem, viz: 1
or 8J a SJ; ordinary SJ a 01; middling 9| a
nnd middling 9j a l"S; fair 10} a lt'2; an
tinier article lively commands lOJc. The sab
te week embrace 2,'tOO bales.
Bacon.?The stoek of bacon on sale is I
id prices arc a shade lower. We now quote
10} for hog round; sides 10} a IMJ; and h
1 a I I Jc per lb , according to the quality of
Corn?We hnve no quotable change to n<
1 the price of 10m, and consequently we e<?nt
? quote 70 a 73c per bushel.
i >ats?There is but little demand for oats,
msequcntly prices arc nominal. Wc still qv
owever, 42 a -13c per b shrl.
Flour.?The atoek of flour on rale, and c
ally - f low and middling brands, is large, th
Te the price* of these grades are a shade lo
lnlc fine tamily flour is scarce and still c
lands full prices. Wc now quote $7 a $$J
ifitniin to good brands; fine $S a $*$; ai
lioico article of family flour would command
or bbl.
Charleston Market, Aran. 3, 1836?C
on.?Rece'ptR of cotton the past week 12,
It s. Salea for same tone ! f,.M?0 hale* 1
coipts nt all "ho ports since 1st September
> the latest dates, are 2,1)111,243; received at
tme time last year 1,979,433; increase of rici
The following quotations were established at
0*0 of the week: Ordinary to giwsl ordinary
iw to stnct middling 9} to 10], good middling
i 10$, middling fair 10 J to II.
Rice is steady nt 3$ a 4|?bulk of sales 3 J s
lorn being being in export demand, lias impro
id sales woro rfli-ctrd nt 03 cents, bngi include
n advance of 2a 3 cts. Prime N. C. would pr
ty go over quotations. Outs have declined,
teli II n 42. The article is ill full supply. 1
II at 80 a 90 n 93. Flour is still dtpr -saed,
ow retail sail# continue nt $7 J n $8. Uncot
ig in reduced stock, holders have advanced nsl
lies toOj a 10 fi>r sides. Shoulders arc dul
i. Hams steady at II n I I i Sail is ah
nglected, with a large and increasing stock. J"
I 90. Sugars are dull, hut holders do not f
ilea. 120 hhds New Orleans were sold, but nt
o r rates?8 a Si Prime and cho ce qunlitict
rin at 9 a 9 J. Cofleo is in light supply?mi
?a*t-wi*e?and rulcsat 12a 12$ Molasses,
ties of Cuha were made in small Ibt* at 37. ]
rlcnns continues nt 43 a 45. A sale of 50
Is wan made at 42.
Departed this life, at Pendleton, 8. C , on
1st ultimo; Mrs. Rmily Camcbkll, wife of Ai
nld Campbell, aged 38 years.
Wo sorrow noi "as those who have no ho
or believing that desns died and rose again
kcwiso believe that those ?ko rlecp in .Tf?u?
pptar with him n jlory
?- Hall IrriBgeaents.
Drparti Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, i
t'j* Arrives iuesday, Tau.*l?y, nud Sa.u. u*y, t
' of *
yonkvili.k via limkstonk smtNos.
j Departs Monday nud Tliurxdny, at G A. M.
' Arrives Wednesday and Saturday, by 8 F
, it Departs Thursday* aud Fridays, at 6 A M.
or- Arrives Wednesday* and Saturdays, st 5 F.
o' ' huulak. uours.
nry Post Ofllco will be o|h-u at hours from 7 to 8
ilk- M., nud 5 to ti F. M.
Columbia Mail closes at 5 F. M.
nd J. A. LEE, P. M
en- tw We are authorized to uunouueo Co* S.
iOs CIST .of Union, as a Candidate for IllilCiAOJ
g a GENERAL of the Dili llri^ade, S. (J. M., t
Grig. Gen. O. li. Edward*, resigned.
Feb 4 GO
JJ; NEW ?obDS.
W. "\N7^ ^ invite the citizens of the town and dist
v v to call and examine our large stock of 1 H
I GOODS, which wo ore now receiving at the t
1 trick Store, opposite the Court House, which
offer at very low prices.
lho New Dress Goods.
1 in \ Brel1* variety of FASHION AH EE DEI
i -ZV. GOODS, of the latest styles, at low pri
r Just receivid by FOSTER & JUDL
April 10 7 3?
K .71KS ltOl DERI lis.
C. LilN U Worked Collnrs, Chemisettes, Und
rn'- -T Sleeves, Edgings, Inserting*, Flouncii
Hands, Infants Dresses, Ac. Just recehcd b
red. April 107 3m FOSTER & JUDI,
||e nA!fTILLAsT
?|i. A N elegant assortment ol Summer MA NT
iva_ XjL LAS, of fashionable styles. Just receive*
and j April 10 7 8nt Ft iSTER A JI'DI
"? Domestic Clooih.
'',e TTT111T E and striped Osuaburgs for serve
*?n v 7 wear, wide Sheetings, Tickings, Ch
' m brays, Drills, and a great variety of other gc
He ! for family use. Just reocived by
April 10 7 8m FOSTER A Jl'IM
u,d SHOES.
j sly T A DIES' Gaiters, llootees, Kid Slipp
e i* i JLA Walking Shoce, Children's Shoes, M
fine Calf Hoots, Congress Hoots, Calf Shoes
tint Rrogaiw, all o( asu|>erior quality. Ju?l rwivei
Ar- ' A',rJ 7 ;{m I't iSTER A JI'DI
I*-'*1 | " HATS.
GENTLEMEN'S mid Youth's fin Silk, i
Fur, D ehorn, Panama, Straw and I'
Mf- Leaf Hats, some new styles. Just received hy
a""'" Aprjl J^7_3m FOSTER A* J UDI
for Xlarclwaro, dbc.
r in i '''' assortment nl Carpenter'* T<
a. \. Farmer's Tools, Door Ds-ks, Hinges, V
utu> viiiiw, I11UV, i ,t use <1 Uii, iXiv. ,Ve. .Ills
ccivcd bv F<>STEH ?fe Jl'IM
*J?n April 10 J 31
or a Bonnets, dbc.
I^IN K Straw, Neapolitan, Ucr, Tuscan,
other Hound*. Also, Children's and Mi
fore llats, lit in net RiMkmi*, A'?*. rwivHl by
>be- April 10 7 .7m !'?>> ! I II \* .11*1)1
lod, NOTICE.
f a ; ^\1U)KRKD, that from ami a terthc first d;\
uri- j V.J August tU'Xt.nll tlio outstanding PA UP I
I ol tin* I) strict of Spartanburg be removed tu
tar- I'oor House, or they will not be provided for bj
|y ,i 1 Commissioners of the Poor.
};ul I (I ICO. \V. II. LEGG, Chairman,
' | April 3 6 it 15. C. S. I
w#? j T OFF EH at p: i vale s de, n likely XEG
, 1 NVOMAX, ab??ut 18 years old, with lu-r
I)r. , female cliildrcn. She c?s?k", washes, iron*,
ji?n wivs writ. All sound and llinltllV.
; April 3 6 tf A 1*. GOLDIXf
J,y. j Store Ilonse to Soli or Rent,
.tcr , r I'M IK sulwcrdM'r proposes to Sell or Kent oi
1). ' a the inost eligible tnereaiilile stand* in the t
of Spartanburg. The House is fronting lw.il
tl,c M lin and Cliuri h streets, the in wt public thor.u
| fares in the town. T..r terms application nn;
in <l? to ei her t!so subset for oi Gen f> K.
d in ! war is. A. F. GOI.DlXf
j Apr I 3 fi
Battalion Musters.
l"car OUDKll NO.
f|A||K F,r?t and Second Hatt.dinn* of the
l lleginielit H. I' M wdl parade at the.I
j peot.ve p trad,* grounds, lor inspection and rc\
_ j as follows : The tit at Battalion at Poo'esv Sir oi
. first Saturday of May next. The m-.-nud Halt;
,n,jv ii ' llnw'ainrs (>M t'uhl, on the mimii I S
rin- ' <1:ly ?f May next. Tl.c eoniniij.* an-d an.I
the officer* of bo;li Ilati.il! !?? w ill pa
nti-i ''u* ''a.v |n ox ion s for instruct "!! .tn.l dr !'.
mil- ' oomi,1?'*s'onr.l **A\ cr? are rc-purcd to be in full
lies# form on the day of review, nn.l each private
tn I a Cun "I" !' ,'1' a* ,'K> ':,w prescribes,
fine Hv "r(,?r of S. M SN'oDDY.
I ,v, (V aGtli Regiment C. J
iinl *' ^ Wkbdkk, Atlj't. April 3 6
'* * I I I-n'IIY 111. \KKI.Y arc rtcc ? ?/
le at*| 1 1. opening at Cliiit'.n a new uii.l well scl?
our consisting of all the varieties of the late stylos
?ll?, pattern* of Iridic*" I Ir. m HishU, fientleir
1 Wear. 11 its. ( '.t;?. I > st'.s nn.l Sli .ea, S.ijtlles.
"h ' ! Hies, I'inSrt iln?, Are , to alltif which we call th
i'i. teut on t.i purchaseth, as wo intent! ti> make i
d a ; their interest t.i try us, especially cash purehi
** ol nnil those who intend payinif up at tin* end of
year We return our thanks to our friends
r?''? 1 patrons for the liberal p.iirnnnuc heretofore tr.
'(l 4 an.! we hope hv selling them titssls to an nil
nms tage to merit a continu ince of the sumo.
April 3 r,
itiec j ?
n,I"1 No. ?3
"n> $5iPJiJXQB .Aillil ioDiiiiilJij
,303 French Cloths, Cnssiineres, and Dr.in J'
r?.tnl Italian Cloths. Black Salln and M ir*uilh* t
l ist, 'njs, Linen Coat ng, Heavy Twill d anil I
, the Linen Barents antl T ?sues, Printed < Vrgan
t-ipts Swiss and Jaconet Muslins.
l ine < (iiiRhaniK. French, Anieiietn and I
the j hsh I'r lit*, Kino Black and colored S.Ik Mn
l?i. | h ts, all of tho latest sty c and fresh from
10J York.
i I?itli< s and Gentlemen's Colored Silk, Kid
i-IJ Thread (1 loves, Hosiery, Ac.
VCll, A I.SO
>d? Lidies' Grass and Corded Skirts.
ohn- Black nnd Colored Silk Gingham Parasols
and Cmbrellns.
!>_ .. I? I? ?' -I % w\ t ' '
i ?? i ) i i|'ir, reamer, nn.i inimical fan
and Irish I. urns, I/nen Cambric IWUrt IMkft
i be-I 1 lollands, Drown and lllcachcd Shirting
king - he< t ng?.
Fashionablo Suramor
Nilea Hal*, lloofv and Miop*
'jr' r fOR Of.NTI.fM> N AND ion.
i arc Black und Colored Kid Top (Voter*
ixttly B' Mitei-s of various kinds for I.mim, Mmci
j?p. Children.
k'>r" i Ribbons of various styles.
Dress Triinmirtrs, &c. Ac.
chi anooEimasi
? (dantsware, Ac.
'PC. I
, wc ' All of wliioh will be sold on the moat ro
' ? .11 ?1>U n.- '<-R ('':-h ?: t ? prjinp' p*i o,- eu<
n* A |'*l a H
u 8 or
A RK iivw rewtfiog thoir SPRING nwi Sl'M'
-Z*. MliR STOCK, at tho STORK formerly w
1 A. cup i-J by Morgsn & Moore, In BRICK HANUB
oompiislng tin? richest and moat extensive assort
mcnt ever offered in this Villnji'.
? They would say, that they have a variety of (Joodi
..1' suited to their tastes and wants, anion/ which nh
< a lot id rich Dress Silk*, of tho latest style. Hon
,K0 net and Apr on S Iks, Tissues, Jlarcgcs, Muslin*
Tarltones,.lucent t and Cambric, Brilliant! s, Gmg'
liam?. Prints, Handkerchiefs, Cloves, Veils, llo*ic<
ry. Very fine embroidered Collars, Bauds, Kdgings,
Inserting# and Flounces, Bonnet nnd Drvsi
net trimmings, .Shoe*, nnd in (act almost everything tu>
BY Ladies need in the line of Dress Goods,
low ron ruK GENTLEMEN,
we They have Broadcloths, plain and limey Casimerc*
Vesting, Uncn Drilling, Farmers' Satiu, Alpoecss
Drsb d'Ktc. Handkerchiefs, Crmvnts, Stock*
Hats, Boots, Shoes, Keiidy-inaJe Clothing, Readymade
Shirts,Collars. Also a fine assortment ol
1SS Havana Scgara.
I. Tlioy have a large and fresh supply of Drugs ami
n Medicines, of which we intend to keep a full assort'
incnt, and sell us cheap as can bo Bold this side ol
tr- roil FARMERS,
'K*! I They have Ploughs, Plough Lines Sjiaih s, Shovels
Y | 11oes, Rakes, Scythes, Ctadles,Trac? Chains, Ax
J es, Cross Cut Saws, Drawing Kt ves, dee.
IL- i They have Zinc Paints, White I?cnd, Rose Pink
I by | Chrome Y'cllow, Chronic Creen, Vermillion, Tur'.
j key Umber, Drop Bluek, Drop I-ake, Spatiad
! Brown, Lithcrnge, Sugar of Lead, Varnish, Spir it
i ! Turpcutinc, Paint Biushc*.
iodi Tl,r>' ',;,vo Bellows, Anvils, Vices, Sledges, Ham
s j iners, Tongs, Screw Plates, Files, Rasps, Cast nn<]
^ i German Steel, Horse Shoe Nails, etc.
_i? i They have ulso a g'snl Stock of Watches anii
; Jewelry, Bienst pins, Lir Rings, Locket*, Brace
1C1S lets, Guard ntid Fob Chains, Goid and Silver Pel
en's ' nl"' Pencil Cases, Finger Rings, Watch Keys
and Cuff Pins and Silver Thimbles,
j bv ' ^ g'ssl variety of Perfumery nnd fancy articles
j * j Also,Saddles, Bridles, Martingale*, Girths, Curl
? ! Bedouin nnd Snuffle Bits.
!.\ good assortment of Books and Stationery.
Tliey have n general assortment of Uroerrics
Hardware, Crockery, Coiifcctionaries, Woodei
; Ware, Tin Ware, drc., &o , &e.
> I All of which tliey propose to sell on as goo<!
, terms as can be purchased in tho Village.
i j Call and.cxamiue lor yourselves before purchnsinj
*>1?, | elsewhere. March 27 5 tf.
Have formed a copartnership lor Spurtanburi
. ui>irioi in me practice of llioir profvurioa. OfBo
3n 1 hi Now 1 Iriek Range on Church stre< t.
'KC* C. |>.StxurtM. J. V. Trimmer.
> ! Feb 21 52 tf
,y ,,f ; rIMI05E iiiilublol to the K?tnle of Wrtdi v Hani
CltS i * nirtt, decried, will plciuo eomr'fiirwiirJ nm
the l>a.v UP ,'le ^ V. Tlio*c having claim
, i will prcaeut th< in properly nttntni.
.1. I.. WOFFORU,
March 27 5 4w Administrator.
Seeds! Seeds ! Seeds!
ISSUER ?fc IIEINITSII, Druggist#, have jiu
. received another anpply of GARDEN SEEDS
' ' i direct from Lutdrclh's F.siahli*Iim< nt, eoniprtsinj
Flat Dutch, Drumhead an.l Green (.laze Cab
14 iMge, Silver Skm <>ni'in. Extra Ktrly Rluc, Inij>o
' r.al ninl Dirge Marrowfat Pea*.
Ma 97 5 tf Opposite Court llnu*r.
\V)I. T. RUSSEL, M. l?.
io ?f TTAVIXC. resumed the general practice o
own X" ]L MICDICIX IC, in connection with DentWtry
* : rc?|Hvtfully offvii li ? icrv.ec* to the eiti en* o
igh Spartanburg and it* vicinity.
* ''? t > lice in New Itr'ck Ilango. No 2, (sccoiii
Ed- story.) Church Mrvet, ?>p|H?:tc Palmetto ilouw.
* March 27 5 tf
.) - i w II \ mi>rt!i I. \Nn \VA[lilAMl
*' ' Wanted. 'I lie Sub??-r l.oi
3uth w.llgoe iheviry highest market price lor Dun
r rc- | Warrants. A T STRAIN,
iexv, | Spartanburg, <7. 11 March 17 1855 4 tf
1 11^
: . r it.? i \ f .. ? i * 't "
u?i. | ... in.' .-.luuiriii tMuium uiic insurance vjompant
u it 11 it Columbia, an! the Southern Mutu.it Life am
I'' i f lii?.ur.iii.-e Company, at Allien*, Georgia
Any information n regard t> Insurance given a
1|. ' nil tune* with pleasure.
til j Spartanburg, March 6 1886 9 Rut
V-. 1 SPARTAN ItllRfJ, C. II., S. C.
Office next door i.ni of Court House.
Feb 7 50 ly
wright & orr,
?r.-l ATTORXEY* AT TA\\\
rat" SPARTAN lil'UG, C. II.
1 Orrict in Mai. LoguV IIrij-L litiiUling, nti
u'r* i|?Mir to 6c, Ivl wants law office, np
' . .1. 1). Wbihiit Spartanburg C. II.
j Ja?. L. Or* Anderson C. II.
**"' .Ian 3 1 S'.O -IS if
ran- .
St niarcr inroRTrns ami iviiolmiu dkai.cihi j.n
'7 DltZl Ai'ili QDm&nz
, No. 37 I1AY.NK MRGET,
' Jatt 10 ISoG 4u ly
| __? -.?? _
< "Nil I'MS 1'LTRA" fcCHKJIIl.
1-200 PRIZES! 50,000 DOLLARS!
'Lie, TERY *
est- ?/J,/ authority of the State of Georgia.]
1 : t IMIIXK ro N TKkETN!
intX TO BE DRAWN MAY 15, 1856
V. \ ? I ' ........ II-ll \i ' *
, ... * ....... ...i i, i.i.n-tni, iri'or|(i?, under III
sivorn upciiiiti ndenco ol C?l. George M. Loga
nil J an I .Tame* A N'isSet, Ktq.
Tho Manager hiving announced lit* di'lfrmiiu
tion to m ko this the ni.*t popular I* ttorv in lli
ivi.rkl, otTera f?>r MAY 15th, a Scheme thai hi
i ami surpasses any Scheme ever offered in the anna
of l?ttcrics. l/>'k to your intrreat ! Etmiiin
a. the Capital*. ;W"ONK PIUZK TO HIGH'
mid C.'apiCtl MIU.OOO.
1 prize of J12.00
1 ' o ,00
2 " 3.O0
1 2,00
' 5 u 1.00
in 5tt
ami 60 " t>
i and 120 " 2
500 " 1
; 500 "
1200 prize*, amounting to $50,000 !
Tickets ?Halve. $4?Quarters $2.
I Prizes pavalnle without deductioi
Persons send'ng money by nail need pot fear i
being hut. Order* punc'.u .'ly attended to. C?...
| miinioations confidential. Bank* note* of sour
Batiks taken at par.
Thoee wishing particular numbers should ordi
asun | immediately.
'Iw I Address .? AMES F WINTER,
'' Mar. 2T 5 3w Maemi, O.i
RESPECTFULLY inform tluir friend*. o
>up|>ly their increnaitiir trade, ih< v have pi
ter iiaaortid STOCK OF MERCHANDISE th
kvi. Oreot enrc Itae* been taken m th? adc-clto]
c.ill and examine.
MU?H$ ffsrairi)
Plain, Fancy Printed, mid bnnu Piuid I5AXIEG
iu|? r Plaid lloon, Lawn* nnd J ACO]
lirillinntes. Swiss nnd Jncomt Ml
GINGHAMS, of all kind
i French, English at
Stress ra**noi be
, DRESS TRIMMINGS, Hoaierr, Irish Laut
, COLLARS, CufT* and Chemisette*, M
Ureeu VEILS, lilac'; and White
English Crape*, Cotton, I
Cotton, Silk, Kmbr
j Black, Whi
1 I^di
. , Buck and Kid GAUNTLETT8
Muslin and Cambric BA2
l5onr.i t Ribbons ai
Fan*, Para
' | Mh<
raah.'?nnU? *> -
^ u<juiu 11auin iiiuiUB&lIl, U6
mt, o cardta
. All of which will be sold as lo
" March 27
* i r|"MIE subscribers respectfully call the atlcnt
1 ol the citizens >( S|>nrtaiihurg, nuJ of I
i adjacent district*. t<? their NEW DRUG AS
j CHEMICAL STORE, located in tlto village
, Spartanburg, whe ro will always be found a 1
f ; supply of
i . . _
embracing nearly every article usually kept in Dt
1 Stores.
Mr. HENRY E. IIE1NIT II will have t
I entire manag-mont of the store, and nil PI IA
by himself, or under his immediate superv '.?ii
This civ* to the community the assurance t!
1 nil article* from their store are genuine, and
. accordance with the prrserilied rules of the U.
They desire al?o to state that their connect!
. with the WHOLES A I.K ANI> KKTA
DREG ESTAIiLlSH.MKNT at Columbia "
' enable them t<> receive and supply large ordcn
very l<iw price*, Physicians, Planter* and M
I chanit", will do well to call aud examine the *t<
and prices, and judge for themselves.
Window Glass and Putty, Olasswa
--v ?f ??-> 11) r ri
<i?au utki 4 * J to / ? ? * ? * -
FINE 11 Alii AND
1Fi&133?$3 A
OP ALL K 1 N D 8,
All the Patent or Proprietary
Sviporior Iialis
F A N C V A U T I C L E 1
! i We make our purchases f>r cash, and n
: goods equally as low us^hcy can he ohtlined It
' auv similar establishment in this section,
i. IWirranled in he Freak, Pure and Grnuim
Ordei* from the country promptly filled, ,
sat *<acl on guaranteed, v Itlt regard both to pi
and quality.
FlSlihR dt HKINI I'Slt,
Pharmaceutists and Dispensing Chemist:
d>n 3 4.%
' Commissioner's Notice.
n 4 LL (Ju.ir.ii.ms, Trustees. Receiving Ci
i 1 V mitUes and other Person* authorized to ni
i- annual returns, are hereby notified to make tip
e rrjM.rt their annual accounts to n?o on or hy
ir first ol March next. The hems of expendit
|k most he vouched. Rules will be ixsncd against
e Defaulter*. TIIO. O. T. VlittNON,c. k. i.
I C.anr's Oflw, Jan. .> 43 t
Town Taxes!
4 LL Persons within the Corporate Liiniti
0 1 \. tlie Town of Spartanburg, who are iiitbl
d p, rf?>rm Road Duty, are hereby notified tLxt I
'<) are required to pay to the ("Ink and Tnnur.
0 the Town Council tlio mm o( Two Dollar*
0 Kift) cent*, on or by lite tir*t of March mXT,
) their Road Tax.
AH person* lading to pnvahe same nt tbnt t
0 will be required to work twdre day* upon
R llo.nl* nnd Street*.
By order t>( the Town Council.
GEO. W. H. LEGO. Intendnn
,T. U. AnriiRR, Clerk nnd Treasurer T. C.
F?b N
Store Uoom for Kent.
id OTOP.E ROOM No. 3. Brick Rittge, Spar
kS burg, formerly occupied bv Mr llirom M
rr ell, now offered for lUnl. Tbo Room ? h
properly ihs'wd, i"d in lh? eery centre of I
nci?. .t \MF? II " ILPO!
, Jnn 17 17
ma, w*?
& M@mi?
uitmifn, and the poUie jfinrtlljr, liul, la order to
irclmsrd, an J are now apt-nine, n nwh larger end bet*
iuti they have ever before offered for * !? in this mar*
i of th? ir GOODS, which tfccjr invito tor and nil g*
znyk ?a !??i3Ei2)?
KTH, (Printed and Ph. li)
. color* anJ qualities,
id American PRINTS.
surpassed in any JtTarkeU
iNirrs, satin Italian cloths,
I*, Embroidered Under Sleeve*,
untill ia, Lacc, Love, Brown, Rlue and
Silk Fringes and Laces,
wintci, Silk aud Thread laces and Inewtingb,
oidtrcd, Hemstitched and L. C. IJankerchiefs,
to and Colored Kid nud Silk GLOVES,
ies and Mimes Ding and Short Twisted Milt*,
?d Trimming*,
Kola. ) ?1^?1
c* School Umbrella*.
Cambric*. I>otm-alics, Ticking*.
Strip***, Ac., &?., i* *erj corupUM.
Alfll IAfS?
aver. Cassimero, Palm leaf and
y medicines,
313, &<??
w as can be afforded in this Market
5 4t
M. W. IVTItClVOOD. Wl. it. survat
Brokers, Auction and Commission
? Oolum'bia, 0. O.
US . SU'iihonac. A Hen & Co. 1 ^ ..... .
| W,Hc& Goodwin, jChsrWoa.
r' i ;T: I,,n V V'T:ord' ! coiumbu, s. a
" < KcUnrd AnJirsuti, 1 '
ItrnivIcy AUxauJer, Chnltr C. IL
Cul. S. N. Stow*, Yol kvillc, S. C.
. Spring* & McLend, Charlotte, N. C.
!J' NI cli icl liroivn, Salisbury, N. C.
It. C. C?>kr, Con curd, N. C.
Dr. \V. It. Ilult, Lexington, N. C.
Il" ^ hit field Walker, Newberry, S. C.
1 J .1. Brown. Anderson,S. C.
N' G\>w. r, C??x it Ma-kley. Greenville, H. &
' n dim. Kyle, Laurcts, S. C.
,r, Feb 121 &3 8a
1M11J GunminionrK of Public Buildings fbtr
. S|?uitanburg District will, on lite IGlh ?f
April next, let to thu moat approved bidder, the
building and finishing a new COURT llOUSB
U?r ?tti(l District. Tli* Contractor will be required
' to give bond with nppr>'red sureties lor the feithful
.performance of the work. Sealed Proposals,
re with the 11.tiiics of sureties to wcute bond of Coni
tractor, will be received by cither the Commissi i _
! -m till 1 fit It April. A Drawing of the Building,
j } ; and spovifiontions accompanying the same, (excepi>,
{ >nc specifications for the interior of the Building,
, which will be rcody fnr inspection by the let
?? ( April,) may he wen nt any time by culling on the
r ' 1 Chairman ?<r Clerk ??f the Board. The Contractor
-i ' will l?e r<quired to remove the old building, and
t take the material* of which it i* eompoued intw
I the controot. Tlie time of completion and the
,-iJ period of pavm* nt* will be made known it? due lion*.
G. W. II. LEGO, Chairfmw.
, O. ti. Edwards, Ck-rk.
March 13 3 6i
I , , !
V MEDICATED Compound fcw preurrviwg
. restoring and beautifying the Hair, eeadieat,I.
j mg scurf and dandruff, preventing Baldness and
w j Gray Hairs. It stimulate* na'ti e to perform her
function*, oil I a* a [>r< porati.m it haa no equal in
\ this wo Id. A fresh supply of the genuine arhek*
ju?t r- ceivrd i .id f??r sale hv
i March 13 2 tf FISUKR dc HEIMTRH.
nra | 'flllS not TmOf (in i TOII.BT SOAP i. b.U
1 in high ostecin, and is superior to the ordina,
, iv soaps for its olaud and cmolient qualities. K?C
n<j the nursery it it particularly adapted?innocent in
j it* combinations, and free from all injuriou* alka?
CC | I For sale nt FISltKU ft HEINITBUH
tVk 14 .rs! jf Dr"p Stf?re.
! X" EW and greatly improved Instantaatuwi
mi, 1 Our readers wlm !i?v<. P#-l f??- tt.tc
.... - ?, M <n \a f)J I A*11 mrw
ike particularly rcCifHtmoftded ti? ow theae !>yea,aath?'W
and will ehanze it m a beautiful llrown or Itlark la
tlio three miuutc*. Tlinnnndi nf ladira and gfetiilaure
m?-n whit hare ueo?l them itch- litem *e ba
all i the m<wt perfect Dy? in the world. For aala by
f Dru^giaia, Opposite the Court llctna
~ Jan 10 46
i w. Notice.
e ,0 4 T.T< person* indebted to the firm n( KfTlBY
h?-y A A WILSON are hereby earnestly rcqaeat?
r ed to come forward and maku immediate payment.
| Money \re want and money we meat here*?out
j buamrea roquirea it. Wc had rather Hot atte. "A
word to the wi?a ia JinlHe'tcnt,"
1 Sept 20 31 if K1RBT A WlL?0*.
Look Oat for Botrdlftg.
h rp.'K SUBSCRIBER, haa opened tha hetfra
i A formerly occupied by Hi ram Mltehrfl, near
. the Methodhi Church, In Spartanburg Village, fee "*
the reception BOAUDKRA Can accommodate
fifteen or twenty with comfortable rnmneand ledg.
*an* ing. at the citatonurv r.ttea of hoard m thia place.
J** Feb 7 50 6in T. W. WATKR8.
rl, RU VK9 r'

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