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r _> liilfliigMiil "
v _?* * - 5>* >>* '"
v ^ Sw a jr \ -r fi ^ - Jfroo^?
N?W York Sunday Time*. <1
On Christmas night, in the year of grace *"
1840, the Globe ball room, in the good
oily of New Orleaus, ptesented an appear- ^
anoeof unusual gavety and grandeur. The
illumination was splendid, and the band, ,*
the very best that money could procure, w
fillet! the ear with rich strains of the mei?
riest music. Indeed, everything had been w
arranged to please the senses and excite the
imagination. The walls were wreathed all <p
over with the radiant evergreens of the ^
south, intermingled with sparkling bou- bi
quels which rivalled the tints of the iris,
and would have rendered the air fragrant g(
as a field of flowers, but for the prevalence u
of other and still more powerful odors? a|
music, cologne, and the stimulating scent of j
raw de via. ^
In the gorgeous light or the great saloon, ?
beneath half a-dozen brilliant chandeliers of
burnished silver, scores of smiling {dancers C(
whirled away in tho tval.ton evolutions or u|
the waltz; and when one set became ex- ,
hnusled, another immediately assumed their v'
place, so that the floor was never vacant,
These ceaseless revellers were chiefly dross y
ed in tho most gaudy fashiou, glittering sj
with gold nnd starry jewels, but wearing ^
the costuuies*of ditfercnt and evon distant
centuries, and personating various cliarac- t|
ters, accordiug to tho fancy of each inJi .,
vidual. In 6ne, it was that perillous amuse- H
urent?the abhorrence of wealthy fathers,
who have wayward sons to visit tho seduo- a)
live capital of the Crescent, nnd tho terror
of all pious mothers, and not a few aflfectionate
wives?tho free masquerade, which ?
any one mi^ht enter by paying tho iuitia- V(
lory fee of hve dollars.
However, not^moro than a moiety of tho Q|
ardent partakers in the pustimo wore vi- j,,
sors. The most handsome young men,
nnd nearly all the beautiful women, pr<.ferred
to dazzle the eye with the charms of j
living nature, rather than to attract obser- ni
vation by affecting mystery and concealment.
The exceptions were composed of fi
those whose fair fame would have suffered
irreparable disgrace by the publicity of ihoir ni
contact with such a vulgar crew.
All around the \/hI1s extended long
benches for the accommodation of the nu- a
merous spectators, embracing swatmsj of vj
strangers, and many emiucnt citizens of
New Orleans, who frequently attend such ^
occasions to witness tho mummery and
wild fiolic, more real and life-liko than any b,
theatrical representations. Indeed, it is je
not considered, in the# slightest degree,
ignotniuous for gentlemen of the highest
class to patronize these assemblies, although n,
it is needless to rem irk that no female of
pure reputation ever gazes ou such scene, j
save uuder tlio protective disguise o." a |c
mask. 01
But llio music and dancing do nol form, m
by any means, llio most j>otcnt or dangerous
allurement whi.h draws sucli inulti- ,j|
tudes to these demoralizing places of resort. jn
Doors open from the principal ball into Sl
other apartments devoted to drinking and ,r\
gaming, where unknown thousands of c|
thoughtless victims havo been plunged into c;
irretrievable and utter ruin. in
Almost a stranger in tho metropolis, 1 tli
was standing apart in one corner of the 0|
grand saloon, surveying tin brilliant m
groups of the singular panorama that in as
cessnntly shifted before my view?although ni
1 must confess that my mind was far more a
occupied with the involuntary suggestions p|
of tlio sight, than by the present sensations g,
of the scene itself. In dim and dreamy to
every, my imagination wandered hack pi
through llio nebulous mist of three hundred d<
years, to the days of the bewitched but
wicked Catharine de Medici, rnd those of (u
tho bloody-crowned beast, Ilenry VIII., h<
when the mask of the mummer glittered hi
as a pageant of royal halls, as inseparable tli
an nppeudago as the jewelled diadem, and ! h<
lords and ladies, the proudest in all the to
land, delighted to do it lienor. su
Then I thouglit of the clamorous carni- 6t
val at Venice, and fianicd inuumeiablo pic m
tures of its wild mirth and madness, until u;
tho flashing' lights faded from my eye nl- Sy
together, and fancy, bathed in tho moon i lv
light of that old siren city of the sea, lis- ' hi
tened to the songs of the gondoliers, and ih
the far-ringing laughter of youth and mail- |
den, of baron nfid buffoon. ' /n
Ag tin the mental vision changed, and ai
swept over centuries of more distant times; vi
and I walked through tho enchanted streets T\
of imperial Home at the noon of its mar- fe
vellous glory, and heard the voices of nuui- s)t
borless nations hailing tho democratic feast |0
of the golden ago, and shouting in tones w
of thunder, "/o Saturiuilia/" when mas- in
tcrs and servants instantly bccaino peers. fu
and perfect equality reigned from the m
banks of the Tiber to the ends of the earth, iii
What a miracle of more than magic is
this inexplicable power of association, that JJ
unites the three worlds, the present, the fu- <..t
ture, and the past, and by the mystic lliroad nl
of concionsness, binds all ideas into ouo e\
world of thought, performing in tho soul Se
what tho miirhtv law of attraction does in ....
O V vv
llie external universe, and causing all, even m
the most fragmentary images of tho intellect,
to revolve around the common centre tj
of personal identity, llovv much moic ra]>- ]
id than the lightning along its electric wire ty
is tlio flight of imagination, from link to pa
link over this viewless chain, defying aliko aj
* all the obstructions of both time and apace, to
transporting us, in the twinkling of an eye, j tal
and without an intervrJ, through millions of gt
ages, or beyond tbe conflnosof aun and star wi
into the immeasurable ocean of intiiillo
being. w,
I was suddenly aroused from thisstatoof <>ii
transcendental abstraction by a loud mur- 1 ?e
mur of admiration that circulated round |
the room. "There sho is! the beautiful <*a
Mena! tho belle of New Orleans! She yC
comes very late," observed one. "Shenev- |v
er shows her face but to a full crowd of
worshippers," said another. 4,I wonder how j)(
many duels her coquetry will cauao to- .,c
night?" added a third. "She has been tho se
death ol a dozen men already!" nflirincd a : t?
fourtii. -w|
Following tho direction of tho general or
gaze, I could not avoid starling at the vision
which met my glance; for never, either
before or since, have I witnessed such ex- C(]
traordinary sensual beauty. Sho was standing
ber.ontli the brilliant blaze of tho een- ai
tral chandelier, bowing and waving lier C(J
jewelled hand to a largo circle of acquaintances
that rushed to greet her with n 1 |u
warmth resemblirg phren/ied feelings of p,
adoration. Sho was tall and slender as
some queen of tho antediluvcan world, with
a rich, rosy complexion, fair as a field of pr
snow, and eyes black as night, large, bo- j (0
vrildering, and brimming over, as with i
streams of liquid fire. Her robes were entirely
of stainless while inuslin of tho finest [lt
fabric, and she wore no ornament save the ! |)(
iamoud riogs on ker fingers, and a goraous
wreath of radiantflowers iu her glosr
dark hnir.
Uul the imprsMiou which these sliking
liysical charms produced in my own uiind
as momentary as the first Hash of Iter
mrkling face. Too much boldness for
todesty had been stsmwd on that etherise
faultless visage, and the lightning that
3iimod in those dark eyes looked wild and
icked, like the reflection of a heart con*
lining with the flames of uulioly passions,
hus, en the bright surface of her match*
as beauty, nature's band bad written the
deinu word "beware!"
But the gay crowd of glittercrs, tbe fond
re flies of fashion, heedless of tho warn*
igs, fluttered, with buzzing flatteries
loutul her, contending for the favor of her
cceitful smiles, while menacing glances,
ostures, and ovju terms, wero exchanged
mong the amorous rivals.
Suddenly, however, all this competition
!Hsed, as an extremely handsome youth
utered the saloon, and, hurrying forwards,
(claimed?"Come, my enchanting Menu,
on have promised to Le my partner dung
the ball; and, by tho starry zone of
enus, f have sworn to have no other. We
tall soou sco if any one elso will dure disuto
iny claim."
Tbe crest-fallen fops retreated, as from
10 approach of a Lybian lion; and the Tallinn
daiuscl welcomed the intruder with
countenance of beaming joy.
Tho whispered conversation around me
forded a suflicieut key to the curious mya>ry
which had struck me with so much asmishinent;
both in tho overbearing dcleanor
of the young man, and in tho era*
L*n acquiescence of tho yielding suitors.
"Look how Jack Allen makes them shv
IT!" said the captain of a St. Louis steam*
oat, grinning his approbation.
"It is no wondor," suggested an attorey
of the citty; "no peaceable person will
ispute lor ilie prize with that matchless
iaster of the sword as well as pistol."
"Who makes it a point of practice to
!?hl two duels a year," added a pale cjerk.
"Ah! that class of ladies love the money
loro than the man," remarked a French
'til maitre, with philosophical coolness.
"Yes, certainly; and Jack Allen is worth
million," observed a cotton broker, cnously.
"Can it be possiblo that tlio fellow will
i) fool enough to marry such a creature?"
"IIo is already engaged to the most
sautiful and accomplished girl in >Tew (trans,
Miss Genevieve Garnet," answered
10 broker.
"Ay, and sho would never speak to him
jnin if she only knew how ho spends his
.enings," nflirmcd the lawyer.
The interlocutors then moved off, and
ft 1110 to the solitude of my own thoughts,
rather reveries?for always, wheu alone,
iy imagination usurps the oflieo of the (
:nses, and begins the work of embodying
ream pictures?very much, surely, to my
dividual satisfaction, as I commonly nsimo
the position of central figuro in the
roup. It is truo my eye followed meranically
the handsome youth and his
winning partner through all the wind- :
gs of the graceful waltz; but still I saw
icm not, heard not even tho loud braying ;
f tiro brass band, for my soul went with
iy heart, and that was far away, in time
i well as space?away over the blue sea.
ud the darker ocean of distant ages, with
form of peeiless beauty by my side. In
ain terms, I was walking in a moonlight
nr. In II.. ?. t.i ?
viu >mv .muni u> iiuviciiv .viueus, a I mutely
making love to tlio blushing As .
rsia, amt daring I\ ricles to a duel with j
jublo-barrcllcd guns, in both of wbicli
fty feats, by a miracle, I proved successI;
for his enchanting mistress turned up i
)r tine Grecian nose at the orator, as ho |
insclf showed tho white feather to me in
>e combat with shot guns! At length,
iwever, tho sublime cloud-castle caine
ntbling down about my ears, as a solitary
inbeam of puro reason penetrated the
ruclurc, and I remembered two fund/rental,
and as Emerson would say, eterd
facts, first, that I did not understand a
liable of the Attic language; and second - .
, that the u?e of firearms was altogether
iknown to the ignorant barbarians of
at remote epoch.
On coming back from my starry excur>n
to the iron angled present, Jack Allen
id his bewitching partner were once more
sible; but a third liguio inoro especially
reted on my attention. This was a
male, dressed in the black costume and
bio veil of a nun, who continually fulwed
die couple previously mentioned?
herever they moved, apparently watchg
all their gestures with the most pain-,
I intero t. It is utterly impossible for
tj ciuicr 10 uescrme or explain the tluilig
emotions which I fell at the instant
lien I perceived this singular i)ico</nita.
er form, indeed, was -light, lovely, and
lieieal as that of a sylph, who had floated :
1 its life in the sunbeams of summer; and
cry gliding step, every airy motion pes- !
ssed a name'ess, ineffable grace, which exiled
all the evolutions of the most fasciding
While I remained spellbound, vainly
ideavoring to pie:co the daik \ isor that
was certain concealed such celestial bean,
the youth, Jack Allen, and bis Mena,
issed by inc, and entered tlic room set
>art for rofresbments. The nun essayed
follow them, but tlio door keeper object- j
I, urging ?"No one, neither lady nor
ntkman, is allowed to nomo in hen; j
iihout a partner."
Tlio incognita uttered a slight cry. half
ay between a sob and a groan; and glanug
around tho hall, her attention, at last, |
emtd Hxcd on my face. Presently, she j
iproached, with tremulous agitation, and
itl, in a whisper?"Will you render a fa
a to a friendless girl, w ho has been deep- '
wronged by a villain!"
I lor breath w as sweet as somo exquisite
ultimo, and the murmur of her voice
cmcd more than mortal music; so I asnlcd
at once, and we penetrated the salient
devoted to oysters and champagne,
here wo seated ourselves at a small tahle, 1
dy divided from that of Jack Allen and
etia by a thin partition of colored paper.
"What shall I order?" I gallantly inqnirI
of my nun.
"Nothing for me," she said, in a scarcely
idilde whisper. "I wish to overhear the
nversation at tho next table."
Just then the discourse to which she aided
touched on a subject that appeared ,
shock her liko a thunder holt, as she t inted
in every nerve.
"And so you are going to marry tho
oud Miss Garnet?" remarked Mcnn, in
n?s of anger.
"Yes, for tho sake of her plantation and
>groes," repliod Allen; "but I do not love j
ir, and you shall always be the idol of my
;art and home." '
Instantly the nun grasped my arm with
convulsive energy nud drew me with her
out of the ruoiu. As soon as wo gained
the hall, she asked, iu her heavenly whisper,
"Will you dance with me through one
waltzP As a matter of course I accepted
tho invitation, and very soon plaudits shook
the hoUsu like a whirlwind at the in.iuiiable
grace of her movements.
Suddenly the rude accents of Jack Allen
roared out, "Why, Miss Garnet, how is
At the same instant a moro terrible tono
exclaimed, "Sister Genevieve, in the name
of God, how happened you here?"
She flew to her brother, whispered the
story of her wrongs, and satisfied him as to
the puiily of her motives. The next day
ho challenged the false lover, and shot him
through the heart. A year afterwards tho
beautiful Genevieve Gurnet bccamo my
I bride, and I ceased to woo even Aspasia in
Such was tho courtship of a celebrated
Judge of New Orleans, as ho loves to relate
it with his own lips. ,
An Innocent Flirtation.?Why not as
| well say an innocent theft, or a harmless
! murder? It is not everybody who under!
stands what tho words mean. Sotno very
silly young girls, just out of boarding
school, consider it a sort o( compliment to
be called flirts. They blush and simper,
and pretend to have just as many beaux as
thev can find fresh !<?<?!? t?> nimln ilium
j ? ,WI
little aware what desperate habits aro funning
their charmed circles around them, beyond
which in a few years it will bo out of
their power to move. One can bear to be
cheated by a cloth merchant or a grocer,
although tho transaction merits unlimited
contempt; but to bo deceived by tho lips
and tho eyes, the smiles and the speech of
( young hearts that Clod designed should l?o
I free from intentional guilt, if any of His
i creation, makes wounds that even time
cannot heal. Heaven knows how many
heart-hardened nion walk tho earth,soured
and unhappy, finding falsehood everywhere?looking
crookedly upon all creations
of harmony, and seeing distortion in
everything, because their natures have been
? warped by some cruel deception. Like
| tho melted iron, glowing ami rich, they
might have been shaped to forms of endurt
ing beauty?but tho heavy hammer of
deceit came down, flattened and twisted,
ami left them cold, black, shapeless masses.
The victim of a flirt, in proportion to
1 his singleness of nature, his wholesome
ami implicit faith in his kind, his generous,
unwarped sense of justice, and the
\ breadth and depth of his love, oftentimes
i becomes the more morose, unyielding, ?oj
man-hating man. And inanv such do mar,
ry from prudential motives, after tho fatal
i change, and lead their partners most tini
happy lives.
llut young school girls?finished, ac|
coiuplishcd women, are not tho only llirts.
Shame that we must say it, and to their
absolute and eternal disgrace be it spoken,
some married women are llirts. Not even
the sacreduess of tiio vows which their
husbands confide in them, nor tho opinion
of the world, will deter them from this
most satanic love of vanity ami misrule.
Not even the babes whoso dove's eyes re
bake them at every glance, and whose in
nocctico is n continual prayer fot their unworthy
mothers, can wake them to a realization
of the exceedingly steep precipice
norm ulirtift l.rli.L- .
" II vwv VI ? r% iliv^ CinilM OUin i ll|^ Iu
their fall.
Ami what shall wo say of such? That
they aro imiitlerers, striking virtue, bleed
ing, to tho earth. That they aro suicides,
strangling the spiritual within them. That
they aro thieves stealing trust and confidonee
from tho hearts that shelter thorn
with honest love. They aro counterfeits,
passing for genuine the smiles they lavish
upon their husbands. That they aro liars
bartering their truth and their honesty for
a villain's favor?that they comhiuo in
shcrt a variety of every sin and every rank
defilement under heaven.
Such women sometimes excuse themselves,
by saving that their husbands are
not true to them in thought, word nnd
deed, and therefore their own derelictions.
What! shall the eagle, if mated with the
vulture, stoop to prey on garbage?
[ readies. Enterprise.
?Tho I'oughkeepsie Kagle gives an ao
count ot a inglii 8 aui'cnturc ot .Mr. Annie
Clark in a wilderness in 1'otter county,
1'a.. during the past w inter. It appears lie
lost his way, travelled lor hours, when, as
night set in, ho found himself eight miles
from any settlement, surrounded by bears
and wolvc*. One of the former ho shot
dead in the dark as the animal was about
to spring upon him. His next effort was
to kindle a fire. He collected some dry
materials, and loading his gnu with powder
tired the charge into a dry cotton handkerchief.
It was a failure! As the gun was
discharged another bear, apparently within
twenty feet of him, gave a hideous and awful
roar that made Clark's hair stand 011
end. Bruin was terribly frightened bv the
discharge of the gun, and hastily scampered,
inuch to tho relief of Clark, who now
began to fully realize tlio danger of hi* position.
Here ho remained, not daring to f.dl
asleep. About two o'clock in the morning,
to add to 11 to ,"s'? of hi* situation, the
yell of a panther was heard. The beast
approached?catno nearer every few minutes?
uttered a screech that froze tho
in his veins. As a last resort, to defend
himself from tho attack of the savage
animal, he reloaded his gun, putting
some three cent pieces and some steel
pens in (for he bad nothing else,) which he
Imped might do some execution. Tho nui
inal caino so near that the glaro of his eyes
resembled two balls of tire! Clark every
moment expected tJ rcceivo the fatal ^prin
There he remained without daring to move,
with the fiery eyes of the panther fixed
upon him. In this dreadful situation, expecting
evoiy moment to be torn in pieces,
ho remained till break of <1 y, when he was
relieved from danger and the animal disappeared.
Hungry and weary and excited,
ho left for tlio settlement, where ho arrivod
about noon and related bis thiilling adventure.
A party proceeded to tlio pines
where the hear was shot, and brought in
his carcass, which proved to bo a very
largo one. It was dressed and forwarded
to New York.
The woman who w;is "buried in grief
is now alive and doing well. It was a
a ease of premature interment.
A CcKioeiTV.?The tnan who is not as
much in favor of temperance as anybody.
Garden Work for April.
All the tender vegetables may dot: fc
planted, liegin now to plant late cabbage
broccoli and cauliflower, l'lant snap aa<
pole beans. The housewife, or fat hont
beau, is a pole, siring less snap, that ma;
be planted among corn, tho corn answer
ing for poles tho |kh1 continues edible ovoi
after the beans are full grown. It is th
best snap beau for Southern, culture w
havo ever tried. The large white Lima i
a flue pole bean to eat, when shelled, but i
not as certaiu a grower or as prolific :is it
smaller sister the Scvia or Carolina. Wher
poles are not convenient, strings will nr
swer for them to run upon. These bean
may bo preserved for winter use by pluck
| ing them before they are quite dry, she
I them, and put them away in bags. Who
| wanted for use, souk them in soft wate
; they will swell up plump and green, an
boil sweet and tender. The late varietU
of beets may yet be planted. Collards, i
all their vaiieties, may now be planted fc
! winter greens; celery will now l>e fit t
transplant; carrots, parsnips, salsify, an
; beets, should be thinned out. Kadislu
should bo carefully drawn, and thrown inl
' the gutter.
Cucumbers and melons may now I
: planted. All the squash family may no
: be planted; plant only the bush vaiieties i
the garden, the running kinds in the ficl<
Thin out leeks, onions; and lettuce. I'lai
egg plants, peppers, okra, and tomato
Thin out the early turnips, spinach, an
; mustard. Bush and mulch the Kngli*
poas. Eaily cabbage will now l>o lit 1
, | transplant; roinetnbcr directions for plan
ing in puddle. Upon the judicious worl
ing of tho vegetable garden this month wi
depend the crop of vegetables. Hoc anion
the tender plants only morning and evei
. ing, and lake heed lest the blade of tli
hoe cut the young rootlets of the plant
Wo have seen gardens worked to deatl
Some few years ago, our spring work acci
ululating on our hands, wo hired a han
that professed to be skilful with the ho
and put him among tho melon vines, wit
instructions not to draw the blade of tli
hoe towards tho plant, lie was a thoroiig
worker, and handled the hoe like one I
the hoe handle born, lie killed all tli
weeds and grass, and shortly wo found tl
melons drooping; many of them died, an
, what lived were sickly. So it is with urn
plants, if tlie fibrous toots ate cut that shot
from the main loot, the plant is retardc
in its growth by having its feeders cu
' The llllil-kt-r :l v??iri.l:llil?? Iiri.ut 1...I
.... .. - - i- V ?? ?? lltm <.1 Mill
I 1 ,n P
to edible perfection, ihc more tender ;?n
deliciv.ua it is. Therefore look well I
, the April work in the garden.
| Soil of ihc South.
Kmhsiiks.?We are frequently taken t
task for the war wo have waged upon tli
worse than worthless vegetable. For fiftec
years we have not permitted one to gro
in our garden, or to disgrace our tab!
and we have found the advantage of pu
suing iliis course in the improved heall
of our family. Man is the only aniini
that will eat a radish, either raw or cookei
The sagacious hog will Marve beforo li
will eat the poisonous trash. I'.ude ra<
ishes aie the most indigestible food lh:
: can be taken into the human stomach, ii
dependent of the acrid, poisonous Mibstaui
ihey contain. But they do not hurt m<
exclaims one; I can cat them witii invputi
ty, an.I with a relish. But, dear rca-lc
do you not liave the head nclie, or a ba
breath) llavo you no doctor's bills to pat
A radish eaten in the spring may came
fever in the fall. If any one doubts tli
poisonous qualities of radishes, let lliei
cut in thin slices t'ueo or Coin, and sou
the slices in water for twelve hours, an
then taste '.lie water. Our word for
they will never taste another indish. As
j watchman upon ihu hoitioultuial watel
tower, wo cannot commend the culture of
vegetable that we know to be injurious.
[ Soil of the South.
Cauuaok Wokms,?John l'arrar, one i
the most practical farmers in the Slat*
! says these destructive insects may be des
troyed in the following easy and *imp!o win
| "Break oil a large leaf from the button
of the cabbage, and place it on the top, uj
per side down. Do ibis in the evening
and in the morning you w ill lind near o
quite all the worms on each cabbage liav
taken up their quarters on ibis leaf. Talc
oil the leaf and kili them or feed them t
the chickens, ami place the loaf back i
there be any more to catch."
Ill"os on Mki.ons.?Bugs may be kep
from melons, cucumbers, and squashes, l>
setting boxes over them, six to ten inche
high and open at both ends. Bugs tl
from vine to vine iu a horizontal direction
hence the hoxes are generally nn ob->true
lion, and they pass by them. It is sail
that these frames, with millinet drawn ove
them, answer as good a pui|?oso for forward
ing early vegetation as frames covered witl
Fkcit.?A cultivator of fiuit, whoa
goon example is rctcrrcil to in the .\ov
England Farmer, keeps a circle of sever;'
feet around the roots ?>f every treo clear o
grass, an?l enriches it willi chip manure
hones, ami several other kinds of I'crlilizint
substances. He has very large crops o
most excellent fruit, which, he states, bring
him more money than any of tlio neighbor
ing farmers obtain from all their croi>?.
Pk Aril Worm. ? Boiling water, say
llio Horticulturist, is ;i most excellent :i|i
plication in the spring <>f tho year f>r ?]is
eased ami feeble poach trees, and is ft cer
| tain remedy for tho peach worm. A cor
respondent very elFeoluallv excluded th
peach worm l?y digging a basin aronm
tho foot of tho trunk, forming a cavity
foot in width and four inches deep, am
then pouring into this basin very thicl
whitewash, made, of fresh lime, and sutler
ed to stand one day before applying.
pKKll.oca KKVr vt XlAOARA KaI.I.S.?
The Koch ester Advertiser slatos that a fev
days ago a man cut a cane from H lack bin
island, overhanging Niagara Kails. Th
feat was performed in this wise; Tho io
had mado from tho slioro a Considerahl
distance, until it was almost mot by th
ice from this island; hut still there was
frightful space between, where tho watc
was boiling and surging over tho eataracl
Nothing daunted at this, he procured ai
' eighteen foot ladder, with which he crop
along tho ico, and managed to throw i
over, so that both ends rested on tho odg
of the ice, across the gulf, and then wen
across himself on tho rounds of tho laddei
After cutting a stick of rod cedar sufficieti
j to make three or four canes, ho fastened i
over his shoulder and then made tho pei
; ilous return ovor tho rounds of tho laddei
I in the s.vno way he went.
s. w. gilliland/
?? NKWliKKRY, C.
I |> KSPKCTFULLY offers hi. services to i
U A\> thooe who trade at Newberry, a* their Goiter
v Commission Agent, lor the disposal of their ColU
' and othrr produce. Will give hia personal uttei
tiou to Receiving, Selling, Storing or Shipping
II Cottou and all kiuda of produce intrusted to L
o ' euro. *
0 Having made arrangements with different IIo
3 sea, he is now prepared to mako liberal ndvauc
| on Cotton shipped to Cliurleaton.
4 Will also pay the highest market caah prices <
8 : delivery for all tho Wheat, Flour, Corn and oth
0 produce that can ho brought to tlna market f
I. vale.
s An experience of aeveral years husimssnt tli
place, iu all ita various forms, indiicvs him to belie
that lie can promote the interest of planters, at
II hopes by prompt attention to merit a liberal shu
II of patronage Charges for selling or shippii
r Cotton 25 cents per bale, all other transactions
accordance with custom. Tito best of rufereuc
,s i Until lite first of January next lie may be font
n nbout the Store Kootti formerly occupied by Mcssi
,r \V. <;. & J. F. Glen.
0 Nov ij ay tf
!8 / \ N Monday next, agreeably to notice, the <)<
'o V/ Fellows will open their SCHUOH in the O
; Male Academy, tinder tlio conttol of DAVID
Mr. Duncan is n sou of Professor Duncan.
vv : WotFord College, and a graduate' ol Katidol]
" Maeoti College, Virginia. His testimonials
I. scholarship and moral character tire full and sat
factory. In starting nit enterprise of th" kind
the laslge, it is indeed gratifying that one so *.h
I roughly prepared for the ollice o( leaehc" M
'* ! l)uueatt has been selected and consef vo tu
It ' charge of the school.
.O j The established rates of tuition have lieretofo
excluded many from tin.- klvnntatfc-a of t-ducat if
Willi a view to hem-lit ?uch, and ull who m
i* avail themselves of the facilities of a cheap :n
" thorough education, we append the following tal
of charges, *o reduced an to make it avuiluble.
I. Primary Department?including Spelling,
)(J (Leading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Primary
Geography, per session of live
' months $0.
II- Second L)c|?nrtincnt ? Philosophy, Grainj
I mar, Alg< bra, and all the liiglu r branch,|
j es of Knglish education, per term of live
months, with a continuation of anv of the
C a l- * m
1 prc-eiiumerated studies S.
'' Third l>epartmcnt ? Classics, with a re10
view of any ol the previous studiea, per
|) term of live mouths II
i0 Contingent fee, per term 1
tugs. p. vmixo.n,
Chairman Hoard Trustees.
>0 I .Ian 10 46
jt \ \7 K are now opening our stock of FAI.l. n
id ? v WINTKIt (?G<>DS, embracing m
t style and variety usually lound iu a well selecl
, stock of
to which we would invite the special attciitina
, FA KM KUS, I'l,ANTI-IKS and Country M<
! ebnuta.
Negro Blankets, Kerseys, Osnj
IY which *ve nre oilcring at reduced prices. It
e needless to enter into an enumeration ol our ent
' stock, ns it is like "Gricnlal pearls, at rand<
" strung." All we ask is a call, and we will til
It great pleasure in exhibiting them, and fr? I con
it | dent in sa_\ino that general satisfaction will be g
| en. Come early ami rrriirr bargain*.
' <aci:i;\ a m.ms,
No *2 Granite Kangc. Ilichardsoii-strcct
Coi.i mbia, S C , Sept. l? CO?1(
S. T. A6NEW,
i .lVirftrnv/ Court House,
i' Importer and Dcalor
r in llAltPWAKi:, PA i nts, oils, Wl.
j dow < i. \ss. hhoclkils at:ai:h
, ALLY,DR\ (.onus. iiats.
shots, ash ci.otii11
7 A G, .j r , ,jr., ,J C.
,, ?/ t IW/-/ TT/lV
am) orniih vorsTitv rmnn cr.,
. Ii.m now hi otic i>f liiu lurgr ?t, aiiii most ?ari
Stuck oftJ'HMU in South Carolina, and i pi spar
'I In olli r toli'.n muni T"Ui friend* and eustonui
;i liberal iudin cnu uis w h.cli i-aim. t fail to pro??
ilic r uit< rc?t I inn always in (lie tnsrki t for t
purchase of COTTON and COl'NTIlY I'llt
Dl't.'K gem rally, ami planters M ill mid u gi-ncri
ly to their interest, l?y calling on mc before makii
their arr.ingimenu elm where.
>! Ini|mrtcr of Knglish Hardware.
?t I <>.-t. is :;.*i tf
Fisk's Patent Burial Cases!
' r |M1 K subscriber i^ngrnt for t lie male of I 'ISK
0 1 VAT EST ItlRIAL CASES? Cloth o
e vered or Bronzed?in width a ho?ly can be kept
> transported any distance, without danger from d
composition or rcriuill.
Cabinet Making.
' UK is also a CABINET MAKER, and pr
J pared to furnish New Cabinet Ware at short n
> tice, and also to repair old furniture on reasnnab
y terms, and solicits a call at his rooms on Main s
: Spartanburg, below the Court House.
' Sept SO i>i tf S. V? GENTRY.
i Haiti> is iii the Field ! !
r * f sSk
.1 . N . iN O L L V
c \\ * 1^111-S tn make know n that Ik- is still eng
v T t?ed in tlio husiix ss ill making Carriagt
| Koekaways, Uuggy's, one and two Imrsf wagot
( vvliii'li lie lias iiinl will keep on hand, at his e
stand, near the ltaplist Chureli. Having emplo
' rd additional work tin n, lie asks a share o) the li
' oral patronage lie has heretofore received. Ai
t work hi his I.no, w:!l and shall do service lie I
s so keeps coach trimmings, avcltree*. springs, bla
smith work of all kinds for sale. Call and see f
yourselves, if \on wish.
All indehted'to me previous to the 1st of.lnnua
a la??. ari eospoctfully requested to call and settle
M irch '^0 -I ntf
$500 REWARD;
INN II.I. pay t..e above reward to any one wl
will lodge my negro mum IIA Ml* m the .J;
| at Spartuuhiirg or t'liion. Sa d ls>y has heen a
sent from my plantation near three years I
formerly belonged to S.irali ISurnctt, ofSpartanbu
District, lie >s well set, about forty* years old, ft f<
* 10 inches high, blind in one tie and a hlneksmi
by tr i le. KOHKHT IIKATY.
CaMwell, Union District, IVc. CO 44 tf,
VVKBA l.uy.- selection of the f r-^T
best and Kit? st improved 1*1'
ANdS of jill kind*can be had at II B J
R \ M S A V ' S
^ llo invite* aspecial examination of the late p
toned improvement* in Mallet, 1 >uvis ?V Co'*.eel
r brated Pianos. Every piano is guarantied.
1. .I iino *28 18 ly
It. I). () \V E NT
? ?"c may be found at No. Brick Hanp
I 1 on Chnroh street, where lie will be \e
happy to see Iti<? old friends, and ready
? Nov 1 37 tf
IN EQUITY?Spartanburg.
Klcnor Mr a, C?UMMk:ti ?* iW ior
Spartanburg District, ra. Jut*I Maaon, Jmw Manun,
Mo*t? Smith and wife, and other*.
?1 , Hill for eale of Land and Relief.
>n F T appearing to (he Malefaction of tliia Court, that
B- 1 A Muaea Smith aud wife Surah, Joel Maaon, Jenof
j 5c Mmou, Jainc* Rainwater* and wife Folly, Mudlia
I iaon Ray and wifu Eliaubcth, J mm* Maaon, Tereaa
j Muson, Wilaoo Maa<a, nud l?ai*ia Muaon, Dau
| fetidaiita in tliia cuac, leaide Irwin and without the
ea limit* of thia Suite:' It ia, on motion of Hobo nnd
I Kdwnrda, (Joinplaiuai la' solicitor*, Ordered, Tliat
>u , they appear and pleud, nuawer or demur to Comer
I ploinuiita' Hill, within three moutha from the data
or hereof, or the aunto will he taken pro eonfeemt
; agninat them.
iia I TIIO. O. P. VERNON, c. a. a d.
ve | Com'ra. Office. Feb. 27 1 3m ^
Sj "IN"EQUITY?SpTrtanbarg.
| John McD.ivid nnd Wife Rijaunnnh, und others,
1,1 | v.*. .John R. Robertson, Jefferson Kendriek,
?* nnd other*.
iiiil for speuifio delivery of Negr.M?*, Partition, nc1
' count nud Relief, drc.
rB- TTappearing to the natiafae-tioii ..f thia Court tlint
A John Mc.M.ikin, und the children of Jane McM.-ikin,
formerly June Kendriek, Sarah McMnkin,
i Ishatii McMnkin, Alexander McMukin. Andrew
I. tloMakin. John C. McM.-tkin, William J. Mold
Makiu, Martha MoMakiu, Eliznlieth Hook wife ol
''d I<ewia M. llook, Elizabeth Edwards and her husH.
j band Edward, Jefferson Kendriek, Defendant*,
1 reside from and without the limits of this State : It
<>f j is, on motion of Hoho and Edwards, Complninauts'
I'h : aolicitors, Ordered, That they appear uud plend,
of answer or demur, to Complainants' Hill, within
> - | three mouths from the publication of tliia role, or
by ' the same will be taken pro eonfeeeo against them.
I THO. O. P. VERNON, c. e. a. n.
If. Com'ra. Office, 27. 1 3m
I IN EQUITY?Spartanburg.
i James J. Vernon and Ilirnin Mitchell, vs. Elins C
Heitiicr inul others.
Hill f..r Injunction, Account and Relief.
^ 1 T ?|n?*-nrn?^ to the satisfaction ol this Court llial
' e | 1 K. C. I/'il'i't, uiw of the Defendant* iu thii
! cMt', rrtiilci from :tn<l without the limits ol tliii
t State: It is, on motion ol Kd wards and Carlisle
Complainants'solicitors, Ordered, Tluit he appeal
| ami (dead, answer or demur, to Complainants' Hil
! within three months from the date of tins rule, 01
the name will be taken pro eonfetto against him
Tlff>. <). IV VERNON, c. *. ?. u
I Comr's. Ollici', Feb. 27 3ni
H IN EQUITY SimrtanbtirR.
Wade II. W..(Tonl, and others vs. AIciande
0I> Thomas mid wife, and others.
t)0 Bill for I'artition, Account and Kclicf.
IT appealing to the satisfaction of the Court, tha
llosea A. Woflord, Ml as J. WolTord, Klviri
! Wright, and Ralph S. Wright her husband
| < Hhcllo Thomas. A i xmdcr Thomas, and Martin
i | his wife, John Tillotnon and Eliza Ins wife, an'
ltd ' desse K. W? fiord, Defendants in this case, rrsidi
try "oni and without the limits of this State: It is, ot
tt d 1 motion of Mdivards and Carlisle, Complainants' so
lieitors, Ordered, Tliat they appear and plead
aitMvir or demur, to Complainants' Hill of cum
plaint within thr? e mcftitlis from the date hcreol
or the same will he taken pro eirnfet.ro again*
? ' litem. TIIO. O. I* VKHNON, c. e. b d.
r- Coni'rs. Office, Fib. 27 3m
IN EQU ITY?Spartauliur^.
1? | Mary Owen Dean, ex'rx. v*. d unes Soay am
Agnes Scay, his wife, and others.
?. I Hill to settle Met ate. Invest Funds, Chaugi
'* j Tiust, Relief, Ac.
,rr I I T appearing to the satisfaction of this Court, tha
""I 1 Josiali Hlaekweil, the heirs and representative!
of Sally Hlaekweil, deceased, names unknown
lG. I Tl ? ' 1 * -*"*
i ivarneit, .loiin isamett, irlenu Harnett. .Jo'*
| r. miali Burnett, Allen Uncuk r aikI wife, Kliza
I lx tli Jane Bailey, widufl", James Bi.tckwell, h*-iri
ami representative* of Jamis !J aekwell, nam. s iiii
known, heirs and ri prrscutalives of Mark Elastic
names unknown, heirs anJ representatives ut Jo
soph 1 tar net t, decaseJ, names unknown, 1 )e
fcinlinits iu this w.-o, la iiile from and without lh<
I limits of th s Slate. Il is, oil motion of KJ wards
| Complainant's solicitor, ordered that tliey npjvm
I and plead, nns.vt r or demur, to Complainant's Bill
j within three month* from the publication of ihii
I rule, or the same* will he taken pro eonfisso ngainsl
j them. TIIO. O. 1'. VRRNON, o. k. s n.
f'oir r'n. Oftice. lab 2tl ,VJ ,1m
Mary Owen l?can,ex'rx. v? Bmry UiwIferJ ami
w .to, and others.
r/\ lhll to 941*lc K>;atc. Belief, Jee.
rd I T iippi ai ino to tie' s i: .lehmi of lh?? Court, tin!
r? 1 K' In eon I*. t.rav.w lo v, James Boy uolds, ami
tw the ehildrt n of llnr.it B. IleyinJJn, ikernMil, tii
I,, wit: John <1. Be\ Holds, Mary Ann, Km.loir,
Nancy l>.,Sarnli Ann. Kiiznlrelll 11. II, I.ucv,
James \V., Thus. l? , 111 xa X.. and llo?.eo K.
Bi n ii'-lds?Bojitt and Flint children of Jant?
" j ami Daniel Park. r, Defendants in this ease, ri wide
j from am! will out the fun ts of ths State. It is. on
' motion of Kdwnrd*, Complainant's sol citor, ortl'i-red
that they tipjv ir and plead, annua r or demur to
_ S Complainant'* C 11, within llireo mouths frotn the
j publication of this rule, t r the same will be taken
| proconfeaso as to them.
TIIO. n. r. VKBXOX, c. K. s. I..
Comr's Ofliei. Fell 20 52 dm
s (irrman Vegetable Horse Powder.
1 X I'lCIll KNf K has proved tins I'owder, which
or 1 j is coin|s?c.l pr ncipally of vegetables, to be
e- highly Ixuiefieial .and useful f?>r the cure, and as a
j preventive of all those diseases to which that
I noble animal, the Horse, is subject, as l>isteni[>er
! Hidebound. Drowsiness, I/?s of Appetite, Inward
Spra.ns, Vellow Water, Fatigue from hard exor0_
I oiso <ir work. Intlatiiination of the Kycs, Debility,
. Wasting of Kl sli, Ac. For sale by
1'liarinaeeutists and Chemists,
iu -ji? ' .'uri llouso.
f I ^11 IS safe and liiulily Pectoral PimiKr, *-o well
I known and appivo.nted, is universally admitted
l?y :?11 who have tested its virtues to be a speedy
and permanent cm.- tor (leaves, Sln-rtiuM. of
I treat 11 or llrokett Wind, G>ugliH, Colds, an I all
a- kindred disea , ?, originating from inflammation of
is, tlic muoou* membrane ol the lungs of Horse*. It
mt Is a contlnnal-oii of tin- approved vegetable
Id ingredients, such as are well known, and have b? en
y. successfully used against the Above diseases, and i*
i,. warranted to lie an efficacious and safe specific, and
iiv as such ib recommended to all who keep Horses,
if. i For sale at
or Jan 10 lt> opposite Court House.
oj tiii: i ist<;R\N(K or summer.
VEUi.KN A M Aim, .'I deiigiiiiul iiRit rtii'cahii.i?
perfume, prepared front the hot-house
plant Ia-iiioii Trifolia, and is esteemed the inost
Icu'ani appendage to the toilet. Also ("I I HONI
1.1.A WATER, being a very pleas nt j?e;ii?ine,
ho and is reeominetided to the ptihlie as a charming
ml article for the handkerchief, hands, and face. Also
h- mi elegant assortment of I.uhin's (ienu'lie Extracts,
le among whieli are several new odors. For sate by
? ' March 13 3 tf I frugtrists and Chemists.
Iiilallililr Worm Dr*lro}ing
- j SI WAR I'M MS.
'piIKHK 'n tin modicino more indispensable t<
1 Ik- kept In families, particularly where there
a - are children, than llii-sc Plums. They have been
J proven by ample experience to Ik- immediate, safe
and eflectual, and at the same time ver\ agreeable
readily taken hy children, d< stray all k nda ol
j,- i Worms in the human body. For sale at
Drug Store, opposite Court House.
a I dan 10 |i>
4 llKAUTIKl I. Complexion and Prarl While
i 1 V Teeth add much to the (traces of personal attraction,
atid are no inconsiderable charms to Female
beauty. Therefore, for the Hair?use Rug.
Minnny's Knu Sustral. For the complexion?
> use Itahu of a T'uousnnd Flowers. For the teeth,
i Patey's Orris Tooth Paste. Also, use the fine
Condon Tooth Hrushcs. 'Hie above preparations
arc valuable additions to the toilet, and are thsn>'
lore os-'iitially requisite to all persons of tnsto and
i fashion,
I ISIIKU A IIKINITS1I, Pharmaceutists and
Druggists, have for sale the articles alluded to.
1 March 13 3 w
The British Periodicals
L. SCOTT & CO., NEW YORK, noum* U
publish the following loading British Pwindiaah.
The Loudon Quarterly (Coaaorvartva.)
! 2The
Edinburgh Beview (Wliig.)
The North British Beview (FresCLmrob.)
The Weet minister Beview (Liboral.)
Blackwood's Edinburgh Wage tine (Tory.)
The groat and important evsnls? Religious,
Political, and Military?now agitating the nation*
or the O'kI World, give tc these Publication* an in,
tcrcst and value tliey never before poaacaaad. Tbejr
occupy a middle ground between the haatily writ- ,,
; ten ncwa-itcma, crude speculations, and flying rumors
of the newspaper, and the ponderous Tome ^
of the historian, written long after the living iuier- V
est in the (net* he record# hall have panted away.
The progress of the War in the Eatt occupies a
large sp.i 'e in their pages. Every moven^ent i*
cloet ly criticised, whether of friend or of foe, and
all short comings fearlessly pointed out. The letters
from the C7rlm<;t& and from the BbWltlc
in Blackwood's Maguzine, from two of its moot
popular contributor*, give a more intelligible and
i reliable account of the movements of the gfeSft b?U
ligerenls than can elsewhere bo found.
These Periodicals ably represent the three great
political partita of Great Britain?Whig, Tory,
mid Radical--but politics forms only one feature of
their character. As organs of the moat profound
writers on Science, Literature, Morality, niid ICe|
ligkvn, they stand, as they ever have otoad, unriI
vol led in the world of letters, being considered indispensable
to the scholar and the professions!
man, while to the intelligent render of every class
they furnish a more correct and satisfactory record
of the current literature of the day throughout the
L world than can be possibly obtained Irani anv other
' ' source.
The receipt of Advance Sheet* fromths
Rritirdl publishers gives additional value U> tliess
Reprints, especially during the present exciting
state- of Ktimpcnn affaire, inasmuch us they can
* j now be placed in the liands ot subs- ribers about tu
Isoon :is the original editions.
Per anrt. .
For any one of the fear Rutrktn $3 0<>
r For any two of the four Retrirwi 5 00
For any three of the four Reviews 7 00
j For all tour of the Review* 8 00
t For Blackwood's Magazine 3 00
For Blackwood and three Reviews 9 00
' For Blackwood mid the (but Reviews.... 10 00
j Payment* to be made in all catee in sdvcNC.
| Money current in the Stale where ieeued will
L. ; be received at par.
a CLI KKin<?.
- j A discount of Twenty Five per cent, from the
!. . above price* will be allowed to Clcbs ordering
- j direct froni J. SCOTT iV CO. lour or more copies
\ ol nny one or more of the above works. Thus :
t Four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will
lie sent to one address for $'J ; leur copies of thu
f ur Reviews and Black wood for $30; and ro on.
In all the principal CiliiM and Towns thoso
J works will be delivered FREE OF P08TAGE.
When sent by mail, the Postauk to any |??rt of
the I'llitcd States will Ik- but TW4'llt)'*(oiir
Ft'iih.i > ear for "Black wood ."and but FourI<*(*11
Ccnlt u yenr for each of the Reviews.
, j By Ilr.NRT STKrursr. F. II. S. of Kdinbttrgh,
and the kite J. P Norton, Professor of Seieii
title Agriculture in \'?l?- Ctillvcc, Neu- ll.iv> n. i
2 vol*. Royal Octavo. 1600 pages, ami nuino- 4
rv.?i* Wood and Steel Fngrnv:nes.
Tit'* is, confessedly, tlie most complete work r.ti
I Agriculture evi r published, and in n*il r give a
. ' a wider circulation the publishers linve r.-a-lrtii to
: reduce the price to
! Fi\e Dollars for the Two Volumes!!
1 When sent by mail (p>m^poi-<\ <o fortiiu and
Oregon tlu- price will be ?i7. To every other [ ?
| of tin* Union ami to Canala <j?-i pa-d> Jtl.
^jp i ni? icork :? not wf old "Hook of is*
\ Remit! iuccn for any of tho above piMirMinri
uliunlii aUrnya ho aildrcw d. p??t-|>*id, to the Pu<?
; lishrra. * LEON .Vltl? SCOTT A CO
M i 6 2 if No. f> I l*?'M .Sir'-v*. N. i .
hooks : Msoo h s::
r|MIE ?ub?oriber lakes ties method loidf*rm the
A. citizen* of the \ llhigc and surrounding mutt
> try. that he i? now rc eiving a front) stock o| N KV?
llOOES. at hi* Book Store, No. r?. Main *:re?t.
opposite tlie Court I Iouae, such a* are generally
used in College*, Academic* ami common English
School*. A large variety of
Musical work*, of various *hu-* and pries*.
Some Ifftht reading (in the way of Novel*.)?
Ul'Tll HALL, Fanny Fcru** writing* ; TOM
BLANK BOOKS. A number of II Y M N
HOOKS, used^y the different denomination* of
Christians, togeflu r with h large assortment ol
l?riocs from $2 00 to $10 00; small BIBLES, from
." it cent* to 51,50 anil $2.00; TESTAMENTS
trout fifteen cent* to ?l.(tu. PRAY ER BOOKS,
at various priec*.
Abo a variety of *n?all religion* hooks,toy book*
asid Prion r*. .
A good lot of Foolscap, letter, Commercial and
Note Paper. Envelope* from common to the finest
Rln?L- *>-- r-?
uiuvni uiur <111(1 IBM*
Between 500 an<) 1 ,('00 new piece* for the Pi
aim, from the beet composer*, the greatest variety
ever offered in the up-country, (Wc hope the ladies
will call and supply thern*elve*.)
I have made permanent arrangement* with several
large Book Mouses in Philadelphia and New
York, to exchange niy Muaic Work?the
at CASH PKICK, for their B<?>k?. Ac.. at ssalt
price*, nctt. I will, therefore, be able to seil Book a
and Stationery lower than they have over been sold
in Spartanburg: and aa I d<-a re to do nn entire
ash 1 usinos. if the people w ill eall with their ?o- ^
ncv, I think they wKlbe satisfied that they ran bay
Book*, ?fce , frrnn me. a* cheap a* they can (at r*tail)
in Columbia or Charleston.
*^!f~S,-hi?<il teacher* supplied on liberal teraa*.
P. S. If any person should call for a Bo* k or
Books. that I have not got, I will immediately order
thent if they desire it.
V B. The New Edition of the Soi-mcan Haai
norv.kcpt constantly on hand, wholesale and re>
tad, at the CASH BOOK STORK.
11 May 17 19 ?f
IN EQUITY?Spartaabirga
1 Ambroao Watson and William Wauoa,q. Jam?
tVi tsui 2nd Atkeva
Hill for account nu<i rcliwf.
IT ?pp< aring to the ?at taction of litis (Xxirl. that
I .Itmc* Wotaxi, OM Iif the IVfendanu, r?eid**
from, nmt without the limit* of this Stat*. It ia
on motion ol Hobo, Coniplninant'**olicitnr ordered
i | that he do appear and plead, nnawer or demur m
! Complainant'* Bill, within three month* from the
, publication of thi* rule, oc the anrr e will he taken
pro confesen against him.
TIIO. O. P. VERNON, c. a. a. d.
Comr's. Office. Feb 20 52 ' Sot
SPARTANBURG, oppwip Palmetto Uewr,
_ keep* constantly on hand Candy, Gakea,
I llread Hop Boar, fine Scgare, *c., Air., fa ?d*)h
he invitee public OtteutruO Nov. SB 41 *

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