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'You (all
Drug ?Store
Mr. Robert H. Norris, No. 1833 Hen
ry St., North Berkeley, Cal., writes:
.'We have never had any other medi
cine but Paruna in our home since ws
have been married. I Suffered with
kidney and bladder trouble, but two
months treatment with Peruna made
me a well and strong man. My wife
felt weak and was easily tired and
was also troubled with various pains,
but since she took Peruna she ls well
and strong." _
For Gray, Streaked, Bleached and Red Hair ec
Moustache. Matches Shade - Light Brown to
. Black. Doa not wash nor rub off. Sold by
four Druggist. Regular sire, 60 cents.
m Send lo Howard Nichol?. |W>A#%
^fpU2208CJ<ukAv..Si.LoUU.Mo. HUU
I I UU andact a FREE Trial Bottle. I 1 UH
A Change.
"Did Caesar's disposition change
much during his life?" asked the pro
"Well," answered the bluffing stu
dent, "he had a lot more Gaul when
he died."
In an Effort to Bring Wife's Trou
bles to End, and Finally
i Succeeds.
Myra, Ky.-Mrs. Sarah Branham, of
this town, gives out the following
statement for publication: "I am 37
years of age, and suffered untold agony
with womanly troubles for ll years.
For 7 yeaxB, I was all run down, and
was told that I could not live. My
husband spent everything he had, but
I got only temporary relief.
A merchant, recommended Cardul,
the woman's tonic, to my husband,
and he got roe 5 bottles at one time.
I began taking it, and before the first
bottle was gone, I began to feel better.
I took all of the 5 bottles, and I am
today as sound nnd v< ill as any
'woman, and fat and henri
. Such testimony as the above, which
ls given unsolicited, speaks for itself.
Can't you see, lady reader, that you
are doing yourself, your family, your
friends, un Injustice by not, at least,
trying Cardui, if you suffer from any
of the many ailments so common to
Cardui ls composed of pure, harm
less,, vegetable ingredients, which act
In a gentle, natural way on the weak
ened womanly organs, helping build
them back to permanent strength and
Cardui has helped thousands of oth
er women. Why not you?
Ask your druggist. He knowB about
N. B.- Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dept.. Chatta
nooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., for
Spf da! Instruction, and 64-page book."Home Treat
ment for Women,", sent in plain wrapper, on
request. Adv.
lt IB Still Fashionable.
"Pa, what's poetic justice?"
"The former president of a bache
lor club being married to a woman
who makes him feel that he would
rather lose his Job than be late for
dinner furnishes a pretty fair sample
of it."
Calomel ls an Incurious Drug
and is being displaced in a great
many s?ctions of the South by Dr.
G. B. Williams' Liver and Kidney
Fills. These pills stimulate the Liver
and Bowels without that weakening
after effect which Ca'lomel causen.
Sold by dealers 25c. bottle. Sample
malled free on request. The G. B.
Williams Co., Quitman, Ga.-Adv.
Lou-I saw Ethel yesterday, and
we had the loveliest confidential ebal
Lucy-I thought so; she wouldn't
talk to me today.-Judge.
Backache Warns You
Backache is one of Nature's warnings
of kidney weakness. Kidney disease
kills thousands c wry year.
Don't neglect a bad back. If your back
is lame-if it hurts to stoop or lift-if I
there is irregularity of the secretions
suspect your kidneys. If you suffer head
aches, dizziness and are tired, nervous
and worn-out, you have further proof.
Use Doan's Kidney Pills, a fine rem
edy for bad backs and weak kidneys?
O. "W. L. Nesbitt,
Marlon, Ky., anya: yob "Fwy
"Kidney diseaae had W^?tt? rTctsrt Ttlb
made me an Invalid. L? jiV vii a Storr"
I waa in bod for
weeks at a time and
oft?n wished that
do?th con??
and end my misery.
I could I hardly hold
my arma above my
head at times and
tho kidney secre
tions wcro in awful
shape. Doctors held-/
out little hope for
my recovory. A rela
tive advised me to
try Donn's Kidney
Pills and after I had
taken one box, I felt
better. Before lons
I was a well man
and Doan's Kldnoy Pills alone cared me."
Gat Doan's at Any Store. SOe a Box
i -
Youngster Was Without Cognomen
Because Father Had Used All the
Good Ones on Dogs.
A lady in a small Alabama town had
accesi?n to call at the cabin of her
washerwoman, Aunt Betsy. While
waiting for the article she sought to bo
found she observed a woolly head
which appeared from under the edgo
of the bed and asked:
"Is that one of your children. Aunt
"Deed an' 'tis, honey," was the reply.
"What 1B Its name?"
"Dat chile ain't got no name yet,
Miss Rosa," Aunt Betsy said.
"Why, It must be five or B?X years
old. Surely it ought to have a name at
that age," the lady said.
Aunt Betsy podded.
"Bat done worried me a whole lot,
honey. Hit sho' has," 6he Bald. "But
whut Ah-gwine to do? .My ole man ho
done used up all de good names on de
dawgB, an' now. dat chile des hatter
wait twell one ob dem die, BO he can
git his name."-Houston Post.
Easy Shooting.
He had established a game preserve
and ordered the keeper to stock it
with very tame birdB.
"Now, keepah, you are sure these
are tame birds?"
"Won't be too hard to-aw-get at,
"Won't fly away too fast-aw?"
"No," said the keeper in deep dis
gust, "if you whistle they'll come to
Slighted Opportunity.
"That old novelist's autograph
brought a good price," said the col
"Yes," replied Mr. Snifkins. "How
little we appreciate the blessings with
which we are eurroundod. When that
novelist was alive he could have all
of his autographs that he wanted. And
I venture to say that he showed no ap
preciation of the luxury whatever."
Neighbors for Ten Years.
"How long have you known that
gentleman we just passed?"
"Well, I don't really know him at
all, to tell you the truth. I just have
a sort of scraped acquaintance with
him, you might say. We have lived
in adjoining flats for about ten years,
and the other day I ventured to speak
to him, don't you know."
More Advice.
"I know a way that you could get
all the money you want for battle
ships," said the man who is always
digging up advice for statesmen.
"Spend enough on rivers and har
bors to enable you to send battleships
all through the country as special at
tractions at county fairs."
How He Won Her.
She-Some persons claim that thej
cannot look from a height without
wishing to cast themselves down. Did
you ever have that feeling, Mr. Yearn
"Indeed? Where were you?"
"I wae In an elevated car, and I BSM
you in the street."
Hayrack-Why did you send Sla:
ton to the legislature? 1
Corntossle-We found that \s
couldn't send him to jail, so w
thought that was the next best plao
Intricacies of the Law.
Attorney-Well, Mr. Cornstalk, ha?
you made that schedule yet?
Mr. Cornstalk (who has been a;
pointed administrator)-Really, M
Lackbrief, I've looked all over my fan
and I don't believe I have any timbi
large enough to make one.
Wealthy Young Man Who Fell In Love <
With Mere Working Girl ls Glv<w*-^ <
Stinging Rebuke. / *
: The wealthy young man from the <
Bast end became smitten with a mero <
working giri, as the tale is told. In <
the enthusiasm of the moment ho pro- <
posed to mwTy her. But to his-in- <
tense surprise she refused him. <
He thought that she might he awed <
by his position and address and world- <
ly poserslons; so ho talked human J
brotherhood a^d equality and modern (
debera cy.
rtr:see," he said. "You refuse nie ?
because I am rich and you aro poor ?
-because I h*ve birth and position,
while your ancestry 1B doubtful. That
Idea is un-American. "We aro all alike
In this country. The fact that I drive j
a car while you sling hash moar>^
nothing-my position is a mere acc-v .1
dent of birth." jrt . L,
"It's moro th'u an accident" "she de
The Magistrate (to prisoner after
he had paid kiB fine)-Well, what are
you waiting for?
Prisoner-Say, judge, don't you give
trading stamps?
Free of Duty.
Two Germans who were crossing
the Luxembourg frontier declared to
the CUB toms officials:
"We have three bottles of red wine
each. How much is there to pay?"
"Where is it?" asked one.
"Well, InBide us."
The official gravely looked at h?a
tariff hook and read: "Wine in casks,
20 shillings, in donkeys' hides, free.
Gentlemen," he Bald, looking up, "you
can go."
Why They Laughed.
Mrs. Youngbrlde-Norah, I don't
mind your entertaining your woman
friends in the kitchen evenings, but 1
must insist on their making less noise
with their boistui-ous laughing.
Norah-Sure, mum, I'm sorry, but
the ladies ra'lly couldn't help it. I was
tellin' them how you tried to make a
cake yesterday mornin*.
Pleasing Theory.
Anxious Mother-There's a look
about that young man's eyes that 1
don't like. He looks at me out of their
corners as if trying to conceal some
Daughter-Perhaps he is trying to
conceal hi? admiration for you, ma.
Mother (much relieved)-Oh, I
didn't think of thatl <
Trying to Please.
"Working hard?"
"I should say so," replied the stu
1 dent. "My football was eo poor that
111 have to see if I can do something
to please father with my Latin. The
only thing is that I can never get him
to take the interest in books that he
does in football."
"So you turned him down, eh?"
"Yes, I rejected him."
"But I thought you loved him?"
"I do. I'm just crazy about him."
"Then why did you refuse him?"
"One of my girl friends refused him
once, and 3 can't have her saying that
I took ono* of her cast-offs."
A Bad Card.
"You'll have to fire that trombone
"He plays all right," objected the
leader of the orchestra. "What'e
wrong with him?"
"The comedian complains that he
looks too bored during the show."
Time to Intrude.
Mother-Is Mr. Kissem in the parloi
Little Son-Yes.
"What are they doing V
"They are sitting a good distance
apart, and talking; but sister hat
taken off. her Elizabeth ruff."
"Very well; I'll go down at once."
Not Helping Mother.
"Y/ell, you have a sensible daughter
Hiram. I saw her washing dishes ii
the pantry just now. But why doei
ehe need a red light?"
"Washing dishes? She never dh
B?ch a thing in her life. She's devel
oping photographs, old chap."
A Hint.
"Do you know," he said at om
o'clock in the morning, "I think that
could learn to love you?"
"That may be so," she yawned, "bu
what gave you the idea , that I wa
keeping you after schcol?"
I The Evangel of
I Easter
K Secretory of Extras ion Department
.> Moody Bibi? lottitutc, Chicaso
TEXT-But they constrained him, say
ing, Abldo with us; for lt la toward ovon
Ing, and tho day Is far spent. And ho
went in to tarry with thom. Luko 24:23.
"What a great
and gracious gos
pel is proclaimed
and made possi
ble by the central
fact of Easter;
for without the
resurrection o f
Jesus Christ from
the dead there is
fin evangel for tho
11.'..'lister to preach
mid no gospel to
save those who
might believe -
no salvation from
sin, JO sun to
drive away dark
ness and despair, no hope of heaven.
Paul lays great emphasis upon thea?
vital things in I Corinthians 15:12-19. !
It is significant that after his resur 1
rection, Jesus appeared only to . . 's
disciples; and of these, first to t?.
who needed him most. There is deep
meaning in the very order of the re
corded appearances after his resurrec
tion. First, to Mary, probably the
most heart-broken of all tho little
band; then to Peter, who had denied
him, and since thon had been weeping
bitter tears of repentance; then to tho
two sad and weary ones on tho way to
Emmaus who were saying, "Wo
trusted lt had 'been he who should
have redeemed Israel."
On the Emmaus Road.
Let us consider this story of the
first Easter Sunday evening. There
is a peculiar charm in iL and the very
simplicity wins our hearts. How real
istic it is, how true to life, how pa
thetic in Its exhibition of mutual sor
row and the concern of a friend who
knows all about us, though we may
not know who ho is; how encourag
ing to hearts despondent and Bad. Ono
can pict .re the scene, without difficul
ty. It had been a day of great excite
ment in. Jerusalem; there were many
conflicting reports about Jesus, who
had been away in the tomb, a few days
before; some gave account of strange
things they had seen and heard, but
grave doubt still possessed many of
the disciples; and now these two are
on their homeward way, sorrowful aa
they go, under the shadow of a great
perplexing mystery. Perhaps light and
comfort will come in tho quiet and
rest of home.
AS they journeyed a stranger joined
them, inquiring the cause of their sor
row, and learning what he knew, their
perplexity about what had happened
that day. It was not strange that they
did not know him. To Abraham he
came as a wayfaring man, to Joshua
as a soldier, to Jacob as a wrestler, to
Mary as a gardener; besides their eyes
were holden. But, meeting their per
plexity and doubt, with a precious un
folding of the Scriptures, "beginning
at Moses and all the prophets, he ex
pounded unto them in all the Scrip
tures the things concerning himself."
Four blessings came to these sorrow
ing travelers from their unknown com
panion-their minds were opened,
their hearts burned within them, their
eyes were opened, and he revealed
himself as set forth in all the Scrip
The Gracious Revelation.
"And he made as though he would
have gone further. But they con
strained him . . . and he went in tc
tarry with them." That is one of the
sweetest touches in the story. But what
a calamity if they had let this u>
known companion go on his way-nt
gracious revelation of the very Christ
on whom their hopes had been set
And your calamity will be great If yoi
do not constrain the tarrying Jesus tt
come in and abide with you. Oh, bit
the dear Savior come in.
Can burning hearts keep back th<
message? These disciples were fillet
with Joy. Possibly they did not wal
to finish the meal, for they rose ui
that Bame hour, hastening to Jem
1 salem to tell the glad story about th?
risen Lord who had considered- I
1 worth while to take time on the firs
day of his resurrection to walk sevei
miles Into the country? with two sor
row-stricken disciples.
And this Christ with the tende
heart is with us yet. The evangel o
Easter is the glad news of a Savior
who by his resurrection from dead
! has power to raise our souls fror
death. As you accept Christ, the ver;
omnipotence of God will work withii
you, and your faith will secure for yoi
in your daily life a share in the resui
section of ChrisL (Eph. 1:19, 20). Ma;
. this beautiful Easter story repeat li
1 self in your life. May you hav
8 Christ as your companion, your teacl
er, your friend, your gu eat; and a!
1 that, and more, he will be after h
has becomo your Savior. Sorrowinj
. sinning soul, he may be meeting yo
on the way just now; perhaps just a
the parting of the ways; do not le
e him go on, but do say:
"I need thy presence every passing houi
t What but thy grace can foll tho tempter'
Who like thyself my guido and stay ca
Through cloud and sunshine, O, aUd
with me."
Vegetable Preparation for As -
similating the Food and Regula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ness and Rcst.Contains neither
Opium.Morphinc nor Mineral
F.tipt af Old DrSAMVt'LfinTf&l
si Ix St rt na *
fix A tU* Salt? ?.
An*J* Sud .
fkfipfrmtttt - V
H?rmSted - I
Ctarlfitd Suyar I
i tfia?ryrftn ftavwti 9
A perfect Remedy forConsflpa
lion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
'Guar*.MI under tho Foodart
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
If not sold by your druggist,
on receipt of price. Arthur
Secrets of the Wardrobe.
When Winston Churchill was run
ning for the governorship of New
Hampshire, his opponents became pes
tiferously active, making speeches,
writing letters and distributing cam
paign buttons. One morning a friend
sent, this telegram to Churchill:
"Have you no buttons for* your sup
porters?" i
The candidate waa out of town and
did not get the telegram, but a pretty
girl stenographer did.
She sent this answering wire:
"No. We use safety pins.
-Popular Magazine.
Route No. J, Box 20A, Broken Ar
row, Okla.-"My trouble began with
an itchier of the scalp of my head.
My scalp ' first became covered with
flakes of dandruff which caused me to
scratch and this caused a breaking
out here and there on the scalp. It
became so irritated until I could not
rest at night and my hair would come
out in bunches and becamo short and
"Everything I used would cause it
to grow worse and lt continued that
way for about three or four years.
While reading the paper I saw tho
advertisement of Cuticura Soap and
Ointment and sent for a sample. It
proved so good that I decided to get
some more. I used them aB directed
and in two weeks I saw a good ef
fect. Now my hair ls longer and
looks better than I have ever known
lt to be. I give all the credit of my
cure of scalp trouble to the Cuticura
Soap and Ointment" (Signed) Mrs.
Ella Sheffield, Nov. 30, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free,with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept L, Boston."-Adv.
Not Much.
Bess-Do you think much of Jim
Tess-No, only about twenty-four
hours a day.-Judge.
Take two or three Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills upon retiring a few
times an? you w?". say that they're
tho best Spring Medicine you've ever
tried. Send fe trial box to 372 Pearl
street, New York.-Adv.
Wrong Label.
Grocery Clerk-What ls it, auntie?
Colored Auntie--Missus sent me for
two cans of medicated milk.
Disease germs are on every
we breathe. A system Vim <
must have vital force to withs
on digestion-on whether c
quality of blood coursing tin
BR. Pl
Golden Bf edi
Strengthens the weak stomach,
sluggish liver. Feeds the starved n
return. A general upbuilding ena
running in oil. The vital force is
Year in and year oat for over i
remedy has been spreading throng1
ability to make the sick well ana
. 'bein g your old sel f again.M Give
-Now. You will soon feel "like new i
Druggistsortrial box for 50cbymail,
Dr. TMerce'asrrat lOOl
clo tia- bound. Mat ta
For Infants and Children.
he Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tao
For Over
Thirty Years
nd as a * 'ti" t? \ MM Bj g\
reneral ll 4M IV IO
will bo sent by Pit red
Peter & Co_ Louis*: ...
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver ll
right the stomach and bowels are right
gently butfirrrly comj|
pel a lazy liv sr
do ?ts duty. .
Cures Coii?
stipntion, In*
Headache, '
and Distress After Eating.
Genuine must bear Signature
The Reliable Remedy
tor all forms of
t Liquid, Tablet?, Mnhnon^
For salo br all
This is the BEST Saw Mill
The Twentieth
Every tangle
piece ie
thS ra?a! P> ^ *"?TuW.
bio belt feed and center friction feed
saw mills of the best tentmd materials
throughout. 8tcel hcadblocks and cable
drive. Economical.
Write for doscriptlvo catalog of all sizes of
saw mills, plauors, resans, odgers, ota
? J BA H i_ Our Mvor-Qall ltook sont KUBH.
TM M ia BBB M Curo yourself at home. Writ?
?JUSTOME ? EU EDT CO. J)?DL 787.219 S. Dearborn SL Chita*?
of Ruffle Mufllin cup
taltm with tl vc pleats,
2J4 yards loup. Retail price $1.26 pair; we will
send free al 60c a pair, wholcaale price. Send
money orders. SLATTERY & BREEN, 20
East 14th Street, Room 2, New York City
of this paper desiring to -buy any
thing advertised in its columns should
insist upon having what they ask for,
refusing all substitutes or imitations.
hand. They are in the very air
iown" is a prey for them. One
ttand them. Vital force depends
r not food nourishesr-on the
xragh the body.
cal Discovery
Gives cood digestion. Enlivens the
ervea. Again full health and Btrength
bles tile heart to pump like an engine
once- more established to full power,
orty years this great health-restoring
hoot the entire world-because of its
the weak strong. Don't despair of
this vegetable remedy a trial-Today
again." Sold In liquid or tablet form by
, Write Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y,
?pa?a "Me-tl?*] Adviser."
r 31 onc~ceirt IttMPli

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