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. i. . . ipp / ^ ".'
?i. v.
_.-? .' ? _:-,-._
? |pth, 1914.
PJT principal
PP^" Chester,
^PIH^^HPH^Pi^^^^olumbia, were the
^^T^B , N .virs. Cynthia Geer, during
Baptist State^ Convention.
^i<fv\ J. C. Whjte, .'.of Columbia ;
Mrs.W?bi? of Greer; Prof, Andrew
Sims 'and Miss';'Effie Hughes, of
>. Uhio^,>wejt!e7hei.-guests^?f Mrs. W.
i;E. II^^i?.t^%r'r,:*':the .Convention.'
'fy D^?^^Sg?t't). %?ttpr o?--Tn?
- ;I N DI ? ^i^in Ah?/city last .week
-attendir^ ;t.W Contention ?nd look*
;?ing afteiV'tl^ intk^ist:of THE Ifrm
soiji?l ardst;v^> S?neca^-was in the
c?fv last Sd'nday/. ' ri ,? ? ' # :
:4Mr.-.and Mrs. C. ilerijamin Cur
l?jyj of .Wash'ington^Ty. C., dre vis
iting Mrs. Curley 's - mother, Mrs.
. ,Q(ka M/'Duncan, on Hampton Ave.
f?? Miss Mary? Goodwin is very much
Improved_ ?f t?r shaving been ill .for
ab?^t threCi-Weejks:^ " ' #*.
' '.R?vi ?jf."-'p'^t?:fks, D. D.-, Presi
dent of . dorris . Coljeg?, Mrs.
Starks, and. ^^W.'?rPrince, of.
Sumter; were irf the city last week
?ttendihgv the Convention. They
.came through^the;1 country in Dr.
Stark's n^?dii&e.^^1-?-X-w
Dr. . J?fi. ^?^ra^pjSjFi (P?;
the p^^p^^^1?ne^^^pt^;
v through -tjfee country.; vc: )S&fefc&
s v. Dr^D'? .M?niifi^?i?i^
was ifbthe city Tuesda^'?nHs?iiei^b
& M rs.-"" M. C. %^w|H
from a three week^' st?^^^^W
where she visited sic^?t?^a^fe^V^
Miss Nellie Moore ^ha^^Mm^
from Asheville,^wh^?;?^?'<)^D^
attending the poe ?c??ool. t ''?frvt?S
Prof.. C. iB*^J*hnson,sof-;;?cM
* Valley," Ga.), w^s jrL*the city ?;:s1iic?f?
Mrs. ?. P. Dur?t?i^ana Mrs. L:
J. Rhodes, of Columbia, were in
the city last weekj attending the
Baptist State Convention. While
here they were the guests of the
Misses Glaseo, on Bpice street.
Mrs. Mary Garrett and Mrs. Ada
Hood, of Laurens, were the guests
of the Misses Johnson on Richard
son street last week.
Mrs. Kate C. Goodwin announces
thc engagement of her daughter,
Lillian Vandross Snead, to Mr.
Edward T. Sherwood, Jr., of
Brooklyn, N. Y. The marriage is
to take place this month.
Prof. C. C. Clarkson went to
Greenwood Tuesday on a business
Mr. Roscoe Thomas and little
daughter, Ruth, of Atlanta, were
in tlfb city last week. Mr. Thomas
has been transferred from the road
to the Atlanta postoffice. They
' were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
\V. 1. Thomas, on Ecbols street.
Rev. P. P. Watson, of the State
College, was in the city last week
attending thc Convention. He
preached a soul-stirring sermon
Sunday morning at John Wesley
M. E. church fr, m 116 Psa.
12. He held the audience spell
bound. Jil:- discourse was enjoyed
by all present. Sunday night Dr,
P. A. Ca ?aban, of Darlington,
preached an excellent sermon from
1 Psa. 2. He certainly interested
his hearers. Dr.^Watson was the
guest of Dr. anc \Trs. W. G. Vent
ing at the M. E. ; nt .onage, and Dr.
Callahan was thc guest of Mr. and
MJK. I r Chappell, on Nichols
?L I . vS. Adams, of Traveler's
jl B^;, in thc city Tuesday.
Mp^V ; -lin/? exercises of the
.. vMn^u'! ? i school was held Mon
day night at Tabernacle Baptist
church, There were 22 that receiv
ed diplomas. Thc church was
crown" ( 1
Miss Kate Powell, ?>' Camden, is
spending a fortnight with her
hrother. Mr. Elijah Powell, on
Towr's street.
Gen. ioho R. Nowell, grand lec
turer ot the K. of P., was in the
city Monday night and lectured to
the Knights of thc city.
Rev. P. P. Maloy. A. B., D. D.,
of Greensboro, N. C., was amonr;
the visitors to the Convention. Dr.
Maloy is an ex-pastor of Spring
field Baptist church, where the
Convention was held, and has many
warm friends in this city. Dr.
Maloy is an old friend of ours and
wc were glad to see him and sec
that bc was looking the picture ol
Wc could write more, but space
will not permit. You will heat
from us next week. Yours,
One of the very impressive and
noted events in:$^Bocial history
was the marriageabf Miss Fran-1
ces Edelle, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. N. S. SheJtori, to Mr. Tous?
saintL'Overture Owen, a leading
young .'citizen of Columbia, which
took place at the well-appointed
home of the bride's parente, Park
street kt 1:30 o'clock Wednesday
afternoon, June ?d,*. in the pres
ence of one of the most represen
tative j and cultured ; assemblage
of Columbia's social circle.
Rev. M. ?. Johnson, of La,dson
Presbyterian church, officiated.
In their dress and onjj?men ts the
lady guests presented a'beautiful
picture of good taste ,and refine
ment. The gentlemen, mos-t of
them young men, presented a
hopeful assemblage ; Of knightly
citizens. Grouped * in the
splendidly arranged Aparlor? with
the ' bridal party"' ???;the cenjter,
under the sound of the solemnly
pronounced marriage"ceremony
and the sweet seductive strains
of wedding music,' ;rend>red by
Efrof. F.. H. Thc^iwfvj and M?SB
.^^j|^|^||^!|^P a, beauti
pR?seritedi to the
S|??^Q??L given to
. . . ?. K pyo of our
W\ death.
hcerm?Qt aea
' attendants
' *' s Oli ve
fciew?:> Galen.
" The 'pride >was handsomely
gowned 1 in white ivory satin
draped with white chantily lace
and caught with pearls.
Miss Olive Shelton was arrayed
in clerise crepe meteor, with lace
md pearls. Miss Daniels was
attired in blue crepe meteor with
lace and pearls. The bride-maids
carried crooks draped with chif
fon to match their costumes.
The numerous and handsome
presents represented all features
)f household and ornamental life:
n. their value and selection is
jiven a splendid tribute to the
.vorth of this.newly wedded cou
ple. After the ceremony ices
ind cake were served, blended
?vith congratulations and felici
Amidst the hearty good wishes
>f the guests the bridal couple
eft for Charlotte, N. C , to spend
i portion of their honey-moon
?eason. We bespeak for this
vorthy couple a life of united
ove, health and prosperity,
Another star appears in the
iterary sphere in the person, of
rliss Harriet F. Edwards Battese
if Columbia, a student of Har
As authoress ami composer
he has presented the public
vith two meritorious lyrics
'Love Means Chess," a clever,
ong, and, "Luna, You
?rreat Big Beautiful Dear" ex
cessing very high ideals. Miss
Jattese may truly be called a
;enins for she has many I
ecomplishments. Designing j
nodiste, millinery, embroidery- ?
n domestic science. She was
;raduated in 1910 from the|
Episcopal school of this city as
aluttatorian of the class. She
endered a sublime oration. Miss
?attese has been peculiarly af
licted for more than a year, but
3 gradually improving. Some
f her songs will be used at the
Vomen's Federation in Sumter.
^he Indicator does Job Printing!
Orangeburg, S. C., June 9.-W
Have had one or two good shower
of rain this week a*hd from prese$
indications we are exacting bio; "
tonight, and with these and oth?j
favorable conditions crops, w
think, are safe and tfiere is no^im^
mediate cause for apprehension?
Tbe^Good Samaritans ran an excu|j|
sipt? ffom.this city to Columbia'ove*
the S..'A.jU on last Thursday anj*
from all reports the trip was bot
successful and enjojfable. . /?he cit
on the Congaree, like .the'city^-d!
the Edisto, ?will always give you g
good time, for in these are to bi
found some of the'best people U
America. ^ . , ' ^
? Hon. Ai D. Dantzler, one of on
leading farmers and at one time th
largest negro landowner in Orang
burg cou: ,tv, was in the city a. feW.
days ago aili reported a "most thrill
ing expcjfri?ic? which he and hi
son, Dr. Lemuel, had with his stoel
bull. Tjhe Bull, for some cause?
possibly best known to bullologyJ
suddenly became enraged and withjn
out notice undertook to put Mr?
Dantzler o*ut of commission. How
well the bull succeeded will be told;
further . ott. However, you'll re?'
member Mr. A. D. Dantzler as hav*
ing several times rah for Congress,
from the seventh Congressional
District and was defeated as manjfil
times as \\e ran, but not until af te?|
he had made.his contests. Now, iii'
this bull contest- Mr. . Dantzle?
seemed to have been wholly unpre-5
pared and as a result soon found?
himself on the ground, haying beet
knocked down by the infuriate*
animal, which proceeded to paw ant
gore Mr. Dantzler, whoj-was s?mph
acting in se?frdefens?, which con
sisted in lyuig^down, ; kicking arti
calling,for l^ip and ^umpftjg ^
from this you will see that Mr.
Dantzler was not the aggressor, but
was simply acting in self-defense,
because he did jump the fence,
leaving the situation with his son,
Dr. Lemuel, who has had no experi
ence in congressional contests and
eery little in fighting an enraged
bull. Thus Dr. Lemuel soon found
himself on the ground with the bull
in charge, having no respect what
ever for pharmaceutical ability.
The doctor is now compelled to call
upon his rescued father to return
Lhe kindness and the same is grant
ed, whereby father and son are
masters of the situation and except
for a few scratches and lacerated
:lothes they are Dantzlers just thc
same. Now, Esquire Moorer has
lerctoforc had chrage of Mr.
Dantzler's congressional contests,
md whether he has been consulted
ar rptained in this case is among
ny unknown quantities. However,
iftcr thc fight Mr. Dantzler held a
;hort consultation with his son, who
s a recent graduate of Meharry
Medical College, as. to what dispo
sition should bc made of "fighting
mil." Dr. Dantzler, who seems to
)e well versed in modern pharmacy,
described a dose.o? hot lead, but
o this the father disagreed, and
vith a more economic view fo* a
inal solution suggested that u? .
mil be sold aiv'. ?he proceeds go to
'cotton choppers.''v"
Dr. Nix, District Deputy Grand
Chancellor of his domain, is now
ashing his lodges and arranging!
br thc meeting of the Grand
^odge, which meets in Abbeville,
>. C., July 27th, 1914.
Please send THE INDICATOR to
he following names: Rev. E. W.
looser. Orangeburg, S. C.; Dr.
. M. Brown, Orangeburg, S. C. ;
t. W. Brown, Orangeburg, S. C. ;
lon. T. M. Rayspr, Orangeburg,
>. C., and to Postmas. ?. D. W?
shall have sotfethim.' .?? say con
erning these g?ritlcnun ?' my next
ctter to THE INDICATOK Yours,
Camden, June bib. - Another
ommencement week was wit
lesed in Camden last week when
he Jackson 'Graded school con
Iuct3d its closing exercises. The
xercises began Wednesday June
rd inst, with the graduating
xercises and declamational con
The class of 1914 consisted of
?Catie Lee Boykin, Corinne Gen
eva Roach ano: Joseph James
W id, Jr.
The class honor medal was
wort by Katie Lee Boykin and
the second honor prize went to
Corine Geneva Roach.
These children are very young:,
but they spoke well and reflected j
much credit. On this occasion
|ome beautiful choruses vere
rendered by the choral eiass and
a vocal solo by Corinne G. Roach.
The annual ? ld ross was ?loquent
[jy delivered by Rey. J. A. Davi
en , pastor of the Camden Bap
tist church (white}. The contest I
medal was won by Ruth E. Alex
arider class of 1915. She recited
'-'Charlie Machree." Thesecond
prize was won by Geneva Cure
fton, who rendered? "Pictures of
?Ajemory," and the third prize!
??Was awarded Thomas J. H ai in
coe k who rendered, "Twenty!
Years Ago."
U> Friday evening June 5 inst the|
general exhibition was rendered
by the intermediate and pri
mary grades.
These are said to be the best
^exercises ever given by this
?4 Quite a number of the white
people were present and express
ed themselves as being pleased in
every way.
I^JThe scholarship prizes were
^presented by Mr. C. W. Burch
.ni$re Co., Supt of Education and
Principal C. C. Lowery.
^TJie contest prizes were I
?itai&ented by Rev. B. S;A. Will
iams^ The certificates were Dre
'?ented by Prof. R. F. Simpson,
of 521 with the ten day enroll
ment of 470.
During this session the school
purchased a $250 piano and at
present the amount due on the
instrument does not exceed $65.
Nearly $40 of the amouet paid on
the piano was raised during the
closing exercises. Aside from
this the school has purchased a
good ice cream freezer and dish
es and spoons for serving refresh
ments. From this information,
the friends and patrons of the
school can decide upon its suc
cess. The school auditorium was
packed both nights by people
from for and near. Some of the
distinguished attendants upon the
exercises were: Rev. G. B. Till
of Lynchburg, Mr. W. S. Will
iams of Horatio and Mrs. Julia
Douglass of Biddle Universty.
The Rev, Richard Carroll aftre
canvassing for four hours last |
Wednesday, in Columbia secured
nine hundred dollars for the
hospital, and has in sight twelve
hundred more which he is sure to
get before the end of this week.
These large amounts Come, of
course, from white people. One
man gave five hundred, and the
others one hundred each.
The following colored persons
have sent in their subscriptions:
Hon? E. H. Deas of Darlington,
and Madame C. J. Walker, of In
rii'm ipolis, Ind. As already re
ported, smaller amounts have
been donated />y white and col
ored pt opie and placed in the
Peoples Bank, care of Mr. J. A.
Hoyt. Mv. J. A. Roach is assis
tant treasurer of funds contribu
id by corred people. Mme. C.
I, Walkei contributed twenty
five dollars and marry gave more,
[t is hoped that all colored people
will contribute from one to twen
ty-five dollars Rev. Carroll's
object is to raise fifty thousand
dollars for a sanitarium and hos
pital to be built in the city of Col
Subscribe for The Indicator.
Hardy, Pincki
1006 Washington St. Phoni
Our Newly Establisher:
Washington St., Phone
The commencement program of
the Theological school at Allem I
University was an unique dem
onstration of the class of work
being done by the professors in
the department. The graduation
oration of Rev. Mercer L. Ram
sey, of Greenwood, was the es
sence of oratory, elocution, and
logic. Ths.t he held his audience
spell-bound on commencement
day is well said. He deserves
the degree|of B.D. which was con
ferred upon him. No department
in Allen is doing more excellent
work and reaches a greaten need
in the very life of the race and
church than the theoi'" ?rical
bert has had the deanship of Al
len University and his adminis
tration is one of constructive
work, Some able young men are
in the field representing the work
done in the department. Dr.
Rembert is assisted in this good
work by Prof. T. B. Nelson, who
has the chair of Hebrew and Di
dactic Theology. Bob Nelson is
a real good scholar, quiet and un
The support of the theological
department is growing. One
thousand dollars is given annual
ly now from the general church
and, it is said, that each confer
ence in the state will give a schol
arship that the scope of theologi
cal training may be more far
reaching as it affects the pulpits
?jf the A, M. E. church in South
The commencement exercises
it Allen last week were the best
;ver given out there, even the '
memies of Negro institutions
Tianned solely by Negroes, say
so. In my letter to The State a '
few days ago I made a mistake '
as to the number of graduates. I
im reliably informed that there 1
were 48 to graduate from the L. 1
[. course, two given degrees of A, I
B., one the degree of B. D., and ,
six certificates from the depart- <
ment of domestic arts. I. M. A. i
Big R?xl!y at the Air Dome
Theatre Sunday. Bishop
Chappelle to Speak. ,
The Men's Christian Alliance
m\\ pitch a thousand dollar rally ,
Sunday afternoon at the Ain]
Dome Theatre. They hope to c
.aise at least two hundred dollars 1
md to this end everybody, men I <
ind women are urged to come out j
ind give as liberally as they are I
ible to this wortey cause. The i
nen are going to buy a lot and (
?feet a building thereon for men.
The officers of the Alliance are:
iV, E. Green, president; H. J. j
Champion, secretary; T. J. Entz-' i
ninger, treasurer. c
Bishop W. D. Chappelle will i
jpeak at 4:30 P. M. on the im- i
sortance of Negroes getting to- y
pether. ?
Largest colored undert
the State, because we s
pie best?
kney & B?gg?
aking establishment in
erveand trod fhe p?o
ney 6- -J>ggs,
2 1695. . Columbia, S. C.
1 Branch Office is 113
1986, Greenville, S. C. -
The following is the standing
of the contestants in the . Grafo
nola Contest for the week ending
Wednesday, June 10th, 1914 :
No. 3.64,240
". 7..60,260
9. ...43,140
10. 52,020
15. 38,290
16. ...42,760
18. 30.170
31..;.*. 45,670
33....v...-:. ......40.260
'* .35:..60,140
sSS-r./....^.;...66;4?U -
43....'.. 64,270
' " 44....V.. 28,240
45. .32,182
49. .......24,160
" 51......58,870
52.:. 40,165
56. 41,240
62..... .34,760
109. .54,940
112. 44,640
121. 48,680
The politic ;>.' meetings held last
week am;ng th:3 ?3"r:iocrats of
Charleston shows th??: there was
"a hot time in the old town"
last week. One faction contends
that Charleston is being damned
by Grace, while the other vigor
ausly and -vociferously contend
bhat the old city has been saved
by Grace.
Grace and Logan is tfl Kran
for the Charleston Efc< '
We *v.u.ld like to k w wheth
er, when Mayor Grace left the
News and Courier office he was
loing a turkey strut or a turkey
trot. The Mayor avers he was
toing the turkey strut; judging
from what our esteemed Charies
;on contempary says about it he
vas doing either a graceful or
iisgraceful turkey trot.
Rev. W. R. Bowman preached
lis introductory sermon iast
sunday to one of his large new
murches 'at ' Fort Motte. The
Deople were elated with the ser
non and expessed them selves
veli pleased with their newly
ippointed pastor.

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