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Correspondent Nesbit Write?
Entertainingly from the
"City of .Brotherly Love."
Philadelphia, Pa -, July. 20th
The pleasures enjoyed during the
first week of my^arrival here,
were greatly marred by the news
of the.death of so many friends
and acquaintances ; and especial
ly the death of our Prof. H. S.
Wallace. The school has lost one
of it3 most efficient teachers, the
young people, one of their dea%.
est friends and Columbia orj# of
its best colored citizens. J? A
We shall ever remember^Prdf*
Wallace kindly, because ^?^he
great interest lie took in?ftr;]8fi
ci al affairs and for^ insfc^?ci|?mff
he so generously gaye us^fl^^
we would, during;the lij?e^^Pie
Star Glee Club, attempt to eftwr
tainour friends with literature
and song. * - '
During my brief stay in Wash-i
ingt?n, D. C.,%i- was enterained
by Theodore All?n, an old Colum
bia boy who will be*remEmbered
by all for the acti^.part he took
in entertaining visitors and pro
moting so many social functions
that cannot be forgotten, by those
who attended, because of their
' Theodore is the- "picture of
health." He is a barber in one
of the best Tonsorial Parlors ip
?laington, v- JV
heldHne responsible position- of
turning out the lights on ?ur
"Great White Way, " is here with
his wife, and it will be good news
to his friends to hear that he has
a job of equal responsibility, with
a great paint shop here in "Phil
By chance we ran across Deck
er Johnson on the street, and our
greetings, upon recognizing each
other, were so strongly marked
that Philadelphia paused and
looked amazingly on. Decker
too ic well and spends much of
his time in Atlantic City. Like
his father Dr. Decker Johnson,
he has, through his geniality,
created many friends who make
him feel "perfectly at home
All Columbia will be proud to
learn that Dr. Ben j. P. Thomas
is meeting with wonderful suc
cess here as a physician in the
Mercy Hospital. He has been
promoted to "resident physician"
and the entire force of attend
ants is under his immediate
charge. They love and respect
him and their co-operation with
him in his work makes their hos
pital one of the most successful
in South Philadelphia.
He will be in Columbia in No
vember for the Medical Exami
nation. That he wili pass be
yond all doubt, is the prediction
of the writer.
"Luna, you are a great big
beautiful Doll" And "Love means
Chess" are the subjects of two
songs recently from Miss Harri
ett F. Eds. Battese, and they
were great surprises as I had
never dreamt of her as a lyric
and song writer. I have had the
songs trier1 by some accomplished
musicians, from the Academy of
music, and they all speak in high
terms of praise of them.
Despite the fact that this is
,the place of "freedom, liberty and
.justice," there are some things
?going on that remind me so much
;;of the South that I can't feel
.homesick. Just to show that
?race prejudice is spreading, I
Write of an incident that hap
pened last week in West Phila
delphia; the home of a colored
woman was almost destroyed by
white people who "did not want
Negroes,.in the- neighborhood"
and "despite the efforts of the
police, the guilty parties cannot
be found:" The Colored Minis
terial'), Union is taking up the
matter and I shall await the out
come with interest.
Th? doings of the Governor are
conspicuous place, on some
4oy^b;iulle|;ins and we see by the
firsi ot. August he will turn out
-all the prisoners in the State
Penitentiary, and turn that insti
t?tiott in^^?hoapitalv' , Probably
a hunchy ^j^ff?|^oj^^a
tions of. ?fflwSbwe^?eedf? TOT
prisons 'w^^^f^^;>..;as great as
they ar?Jay^?^p|'|^iewn,^^e
decent scno^iKb^&^or. ch Udren
ol both faces, ^t^h rights in
.business ?or all, an?T?& na&pw
r^ess would do a lot to 4mpr?ye
?conditions in the South. ' \?.
The Baptists are making great
preparations to entertain their)
I ^?tiona^?onyention,- in Septem
ber, wlx^L^Hl, hold its sessions
" ' * of moooi
and it is
ever held smc?'':; its Organization
in 1880. I am hoping to see a
mong the Carolina delegation
Drs. R. W. Baylor, Durham,
Hall^Cheek, Wm. Howard, and
my friend |tev. Morgan the man
ager of th j 3/ paper, et al.
/ The one; copy of Tho Southern
Indjfcfttior that we have seen since I
we will Bh?rtly receive- ?nbther'
so we can file this one. We don't
throw away home papers.
Richard W. Nesbitt.
State Convention Called to
Meet September 29th.
On Tuesday the 21st about
midday a number of the leaders
of the republican party met in
the hall of Hardy, Pinckney and
Biggs on Washington street.
J. VV. Tolbert is state chairman
and H. H. Mobley secretary
The meeting was opened with
prayer by Rev. S. M. Walk ir.
Secretary Mobley read the min
utes of the last meeting. The
roll call, at this meeting de
veloped the fact that 25 per cent
more were present at the meet
:ng than at the last. State
mairman Tolbert delivered an
iddress that evoked considera
te applause. In the speeches
vhich followed the speakers de
dared it to be manly, courage
)us, inspiring and tending to ac
complish much good. Some of
;he speeches were very thought
:ul and suggestive.
The prediction was made that
he elements constituting the
lemocratic party were so discor
lant and out of harmony, that
livision or disintegration must
iventually take place. Among
he other things done was a res
ilution thanking chairman J. W.
tolbert for his manly and in
piring address; a resolution
Kinking editor C. C. Scott of
'he Southern Indicator for an
ditorial appearing in the issue
f July 18th; the adoption of a
esolution to hold a state con-:
ention in Columbia on Tuesday
lept. 29th, and the inaugur?
ion of a plan to prevent a re
action of representation in the
atianal republican couventiori.
intire harmony prevailed
broughout the meeting.
Mrs. Mable Dillard, of Hous
an, Texas, is in the city on a
hree months' visit to relatives
nd friends. *
A True Repr?sentatif
Facta Concerning the,
gro and his Money.
Orangeburg, July ?; 193
have information from
our good and experienced i
ers that the present eottonj
of this county is th?'
they have seen ? WK 8/
yeats, and I believ$'vth*
aient to be true?pfdK ;i
been long since ctfhcedec
Orajngeburg County has,
the best lands for^owii^
in the State. The soil |
fertile and with suitable
and proper cultivation thc
?pated yield is always good,
bf our people who pay
ous of buying farming lt
easy terms would do welt?
to Orangeburg-County, Jj
With the Negro, the artf?
ing money is real easy,
to save it is a problem,
tion of which gives
concern. His greatest
whiskey, and the mc
spends for this mean
able stuff in one year 3
Claflin Uuiversity
endownment and run*;
ral school 3 nine montrai
year; pay his honestcjej
ding his newspaper
his family decently^
aU benevolent^
iit9I9S^^/^t^8?mh .oneway
say tfiat^the above statement is
both irregular and extravagant
and void of proofs; well, we will
ask our witnesses a few ques
tions. How many dispensaries
have you in Orangeburg County ?
Nine. How long have they been
running? About six or seven
months. Amount of sales? $120
000.00. Of this amount about
how much was spent by colored
people who use "booze' ' ? About
two thirds -$80,000 00. Come
down; that will do. Orangeburg
County with the exception of five
or six counties, is the largest in
South Carolina and has but nine
dispensaries, the same being ac
cessible to abont two thirds of
the (Negro) drinking population
Df the county, which according
to the estimate above given spent
in six or seven months for whis
key $80,000! Now we have one
third of the drinking population
(Negro) who is without his
"booze," give him the same op
portunity as the others have and
ie will spend in the same length
)f time $40,000 for whiskey which
vhen added to $80,000 wiil give
/ou $120,000.00 he spends for
whiskev in six or seven months.
Mow the above figures simply
.epresent the actual cost of the
vhiskey; but we must consider
iubsequent results. He gets
Irunk-whips his wife, and is
irrested by the poiice, and fined
n mayor's court $10-$15-$25
ir sent to the "gang," neglect a
joodj?b, commits murder, drives
lis horse to death, damages his
iew buggy, carelessly burns his
muse down-disturbs religious
vorship-cur ses and uses pi ofane
anguage, gets sick from expos
ire and finally dies and goes t,o
?ell? Withtheaid of ourc'.rrch
s, schools and colleges, i ornes
nd societies let us try to redeem
ur people.
The Summer Normal at the
?tate College will close Friday of
his week. The enrollment is
ow over 200 and this shows the
nterest the race is now taking in
ducational work in this state.
Esq. Moorer has returned fi om
li icinnati and reports a most
leasant and successful trip.
Mr. Marion Jackson and wife
re now on an extended trip west
?siting their children/ *
President Wilkinson went to
jp?Bfi^4J? last Friday on business.
foTr^e Indicator extends to Mr.
Killers* *Jas. W. McPherson
TC|$&kY congratulations on the ar
aSKSfia ^ine ^oy last friday
jflBp}^""^'0 name is Emanuel*
^?PHftwtt?fef and son are doing
Well ,'^riaT? j mm ie is singing "un
to us a^pn is born."
V TheiRev. a D. Sally has just
closed.pis revival meeting in this
city and reports glorious results.
Rfev. Dr. Christie, Presiding
Elder of the Orangeburg Dist,
reached one of his splendids er
**ns on last Sunday night at
liliams Chapel A. M. E. Church.
I Indicator's friend.
Esquire Moorer Warns the
Public not to Call School
by Any Other Name.
To the South Carolina Confer
ence of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, the Alumni Association
of Claflin University, and the
Methodist Membership:
Greetings:-In accordance with
the request of the Alumni Asso
ciation and the desire of all con
cerned in the present and future
welfare of Claflin University, I
appeared before the board of
the Freedmen Aid Society of the ;
Methodist Episcopal Church on
?uly,16, 1914 in the city of Cin- j
cihnati Ohio, and there protested
?ng the name of i
ity to Claflin Col
?'g t??^h?v'Ur Tor "
any. change and* it was decided |
that no further steps would ever
be taken in the matter without
full notice being given us in
South Carolina. The name is not
changed yet. It is still Claflin
University and I hereby warn
any and all persons not to pub
lish or call the school under or
by any other name than Claflin
Pres. Alumni Association.
we learn that Mrs. M. H.
Bright has returned from the
up-country where she took a
much needed rest and that she
will go to work now, in earnest,
for the hospital.
Last Sunday, at the Mt. Zion
Baptist church in Laurens
county, she raised $100 in cash
ind pledges. She is . a strong
woman, an excellent speaker, a
;rained nurse of great ability,
[t is hoped, the people of South
karolina will receive her gladly
wherever she goes.
We have been informed that
;he Rev. Richard Carroll has|been
ippointed on the staff of evange
ists by the Southern Baptist
He will begin work in Peters
)urg. Va Sept. 13. He will give
lis time wholly to lecturing and
jreaching. He will remain
resident of the Hospital
Association and continue his in
erest, but he will be absent
rom the state from one to two
nonths at the time. He stites
hat there are more than three
housand dollars in sight for the
lospital and that the money that
ie raised comes entirely from
/hite people.
Card Of Thinks.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Pearson
fould like to take this oppor
unity of thanking the many
riends who participated in en
ertaining them os royally upon
heir arrival in the city of
Ipartanburg on the evening of
Vednesday July I5th. We ex
end to each and every one our
leartiest appreciations.
Spartanburg, July 20th.
Greenwood, July 20th,-Dr. C.
C. Johnson of Aiken stopped in
Greenwood last week enroute to
Honea Path where he went to
institute a Masonic lodge. Dr.
Johnson is also Grand Medical
Register of the Odd Fellow
Lodges in the Stat? and is a
Pythian of distinguished honor
He was the guest of Dr. C. S.
H. Henderson while here.
The people in Greenwood are
dusting up and arranging things
for the reception of the Annual
Convention of Odd Fellows and
Ruths, which meets here next
month. Grand Master McCot
trie and Grand Secretary, H. B.
Rutherford may expect a royal
entertainment while in the Pied
Miss Annie Mae Williams has
returned from the Summer
school at the State College. The
session was .ilorious one thinks
Miss Williams.
Mrs. C. A. Thompson and
daughter, of Columbia, passed
through Friday on a visit to the
Mrs. Nettie Bomar-Logan was
in the city last week on busi
ness, Mrs. Logan" married a
gain to a rich preacher in Ches
ter some months ago where she
and the children are most happi
ly located.
G. W. Gilreath has issued the
program for the Odd Fellow
Grand Lodge. Even Rev. Mc
Kinzia-f?arr?son-.Jil .Sujntexjwill
be ''delighted" with everything.
Messrs. J. T. and Theodore
Percival, who worked for years
Ml The Press and Banner in Ab
beville, have opened a first class
printing snop in Greenwood.
Mr. B. F. Means, went to Col
ombia Monday night to attend
the meeting of the State Execu
tive Committee of the Repub
ican party.
The writer understands that
;he colored citizens of Abbeville
lave made ample preparations
for the entertainment of the An
lual convenion of Knights which
?onvenes in that town next
veek, and that Col. T. H. Henry,
he Grand Chancellor, holds a
ipecial letter from the City
Council of Abbeville, promising
he Colored Knights every pro
ection available while there
?his is one of the most represen
ative bodies of Negroes to as
emble any where. The growth
if the order is marvellous and its
uture is so fruitful that even
he man who runs may read.
Misses Beatrice and Florence
thue of Georgetown have been
n Greenwood several days the
:uest of Miss Geneva Nance on
?illiam street.
Matthew Cornelius Brown
JULY 1913.
Thou art gone but not forgotten
fo the land without a cloud
To the home where wait the
ust beyond the pearly gates.
At the bidding of the Father,
?ne by one we'll join you there
And enjoy His loving presence
hro'out all eternity.
Dearest Matthew, Thou hast
ieft us
'ere thy loss we deeply feel,
But 'tis God that hast bereft us
ecan all our sorrows heal.
Yet again, we hope to meet
fhen the day of life is fled,
When in Heaven with joy to
greet thee
fhere no faaewell tear is shed.
Spartanburg, July 15-Mrs.
Mary Sullivan and family have
gone to Washington, D. C. to stay
After a pleasant visit to friends
and relatives in Jonesville, Union,
and Spartanburg, Mrs. John
Woodson has returned to her
home in Greenville.
Mr. Jno. H. Austin has re
turned srom Hendersonville, N,
C. He is the picture of health.
Mrs. Sallie Beason and Mrs.
Henrietta Brewston are in Ashe
Mrs. Belle Gaither of Augusta
is visiting in the city.
Mrs. Julia Coleman went to At
lanta last Monday.
Rev. W. L. Barre of Cleveland
Ohio is visiting his brother-in-law
Mr. Gus Smith on Hines St.
Rev, Barre preached an excel
lent sermon to a large and ap
preciative audience last Sunday
night from the 12th Chapter of
Corinthians. Subject The power
of a strong fervent prayer. It
was good to be there.
Mrs. Rosa Douglass was well
enough to sit up a little last Tues
day. Aside from being a well
trained nurse, Rev. Douglass is a
good cook and housekeeper.
While staying around home to
care for his wife, he has filled
twenty half gallons and six quart
cans with peaches and six or
eight quart cans with black ber
ries. Hurrah for Bro. Douglass.
_Mrs. Frank Miller is sick at her
home on'j^?grimSt.*"^ -\
Mrs. Arthur Hardy is seriously ;
ill at home on Wnfford St. .>"
Mr. Kid Wallace died Wednes
day morning at his home on ^ax
on Ave. He appeared to be in
good health Snnday night but
was found speechless Monday
morning and remained unconsci
3us until tne end came.
Miss Annie Mayberry is dead
it her home on Wickert.
We are glad to learn that Mrs.
Ella Adams and Mr. George Cole
nons, who have been sick at their
?omes on Cleveland St., are able
;o be out again.
A large number of delegates
ind other visitors are in the city
?or the Sunday School Conven
ion at Mt. Moriah. We welcome
hem to our homes and wish them
t pleasant stay in our city,
A Reader.^
Special Services At Ladson
Presbyterian Church,
To Be Held Sunday.
Dr. H. L. McCrorey, president
?f Biddle University, Charlotte.
*J. C. will preach Sunday mora
ng at ll o'clock and at 5 p. m.
friends are cordially invited to
:ome out and hear Dr. McCorey,
The following is the standing
f the centestants in the Grafo
mla Contest for the week ending
Vednesday, July 22d, at Collins'
Apartment Store :
No. 3,.174,745
44 . 6.625
7. 20,240
36 .26,120

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