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The Southern indicator. (Columbia, S.C.) 1903-1925, November 14, 1914, Image 2

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. i. . . ipp / ^ ".'
?i. v.
_.-? .' ? _:-,-._
. h.
opartanburg, S. C.*, October 20th 191^>
;^'Phai^^^tti;C?h^.. EUs^.Convention of South Carolina.
^ithv^?^nv^^ ap^eciat4o^;?or the' honor y?ii
pS??OT^^e^:s?^PTly realizing we-'i?yri?ris?hil tv???t\e^t?ils;?h? tt??
tfia^th?t lco?^ ' ..' ;
''i^^r?ali^e/f?l^r tbe great task y,our conv'entiptfiof^
placed in my hands an,d* ?the instruction gi veri' ;m?\^.carry" th? rf?ght
BBTBi?ffl the haijs of C?jTgre3s', an?frthere;
I'cans df a'?air and. impart?aKchari?e' ? to cast a, ballot for vv hate ver
p??ndWat?..OT?ey may desire to represent them Th Udhgr?ssi '. '*
! :\/^.'A? your representative in ?he-Cobgre&Sl .shall " haye that body
/say what is meant by th? 14th and r&th Amendments of our nation
? ai constitution. .' We have appearedvb?f ore the courts, ti me abd a'gain'
land'thpse tribunals have so shifted about.'from*one technicality to
[ another until tnevmain question is. l?ft unsettled ; AlJ*TsKall.ask is
ti?&<tjWiemeaning of the two ?meiVdm?hts,-jand shall insist thatCon
jgress place its.^construction uppn-these .tvvoijlanks:
;,; : |f fully realize that J*"am' making the race against one of the
.-mblBt-h.b;^wable''?'n^.ablest.-men.of the district, and one who the peo
$le fiaiftrU^t^a.far as ? d?mocrates concerned, hut the great ma..
3brt&y~of voters in this district have been** ajid are now denjej^th'e^
"pkivileg?'?f casting^faf^ballot. v.'.;;(.-V . ..-...>-v".
"^vJ;.wao.?al?4he^at?ehtiori of the v6tef?'"?'f'^?.(jl^?trict to the'sta-lT
jprn ?_4ct;th?t t^??i ty "months .of1 d^rib^rat^c; national rul^has'so
depleted th^>'national treasury jolHng tme hu nd red ajid forty million
"(?#140,000^ 'the. republicans,, that they are.1
f'^pWnrting a .d|i?ct tax Ppqjv the people to' raise one hundred a'ri<F:
r^?]|lion>4o)?a^s^t^caiTy^??'the gov|i'hmeht;C-?nd.c^ling;.it,a war
-when the' wat?'4.Q00Wl?s:away, .ampt?^&ev.most rempt? na
is qf/th.e ?j^ttfep>Ti*^^TOUgh ejc^-Vagancp and .incompetence
k'?jthb? 4ei^#riat3^^^^V^j9r^'r* twenty Vnonths made, appropriations,
'^j^p^ dollars mory th-attir? whole bf the '
??jr^Pv^F^^^?^^??OT^^ .^^Sft^ fqur ye?rs :'qf republican
.fuT$'j:#iH|i 'they bav?" broker .-'.ouivsystem pf collectingrevenue to !
f^xn^\govarnme?t;an4 ofceji^?iy*our^rtf^ee:'tb the. world, arid
turned bur Workin''^m?Vlbp^.'^ (Jombat wi w?$he cheap. la?or of the"1
-^rcr^^ld, j.?n^ after^.'vi? 'had-. built.tl>e Panama "Canal mi a cost tff
withfbur. ovvn'vmoney trie democrats
.^^ Corigress have ??^keh down jraff?^
..Iftrade-and gMverd?t to,England and-the y/hol&woria by putting
^r.'xham'oin equal footing withiAtherican coastwise- vessels,* . '..>..
T . I again/thank "you/iMc. phairman-. arid the-'Ccpv'entidn '.-for the
?0 trtist and honor you have ,co)TTerred upon me -to. lay our case before
?BP--the, Congress ..of' the United -States which! shall du.-with all my
.?ii^?iL w^th +he assistance of my. (kid and fellow republicans.
* Itt .in?* warne of Freedom and Justice my aim shall be, My peo
ple, my God, and my country.
V" ' - J. VV. SEXTON.
Zion Baptist Church.
l'^O? ?. m. Su.nd?y School; 11:
l 00 u- m preaching by the pastor.
6;00 p. m. Woman's Missionary
Society Mrs, Emma Washington
President. 8:30 p. m. preacning
py the pastor. All are cordially
invited (ito attend.
Rev. J- C. White, Pastor
Wesley ;?fc:Er Church,
10.30 a. m., Sunfjay^chool, I
S. Iieevy, superintendent ? 11;30
a. rn,, preachipg hy' We pastor ;
f:0p p, m.. Special service for
. y?ung ni?n ^nd women ; ' 8??0 p,
.ir :" . l^. rp??e^ching by thepa'stotV A
^up^W invitation is^ extended tc
i RM. *Mtevj O.^C, Scott, pastor, j,
? - ?t ~> ^?^??fc ... W
. Our Job Prir?0hg,pl???es;
A Splendid Opportunity at
. Benedict College.
A course in Stenography'- in
short h^nd and - typewriting and
also in book-keeping can be
acquired by those unable to at
tend the day school and willing
to attend at night at Benedicl
College. The tuition fee is rea
sonable and the opportunity .is
1 within the' reach of all. Writ<
or call upon President B. W
Valentine for full information
; Mesdames Mamie James. Nan
.cy Boatwright, Sonic Wilson
?Ethel Renick and ^liss lissie But
l ier, all living in a stone throw 9
?leach other, gave our office a po
: j call Thursday afternoon. jf
Let ua do your Job printing
Orangeburg, Oct 27.-This is
most a sala ?*ppk for Orangp
irg. .lohn ??- I-'- ?*on's bip show
h i f' . *housandri r-f
.o? '?>>.*. -;' \ i-o? will -
mv . ?.? 1 III :-ci
itness ihi- I?! t.- ?ni a trac",
arade while m lifts will see lin
eal show ard thus add largely, to
lr. Robinson's already aecumu
ited wealth, ?and at the same
me reducing their own financial
:anding in a manner almost a
irming when we consider pres
nt conditions. Curiosity, fine
lothes, and a desire for a ' 'big
me" or the part of some of our
eople together with an insatia
le appetite for whiskey, are
mong some of the things by
^hich the country is ruined I
hink we need to replenish our
tock of "Old Time Religion"
i all avenues of life and thus
mu?ate some of the virtues of
ur forefathers.
The York rite F. A. Masons
ire in annual convention here
his week with grand master Ken
ledy and Dr. I. L. Hardy lead
ng. They say financial reports
ire remarkably good, all things
Hon. I. S. Leevy, of Columbia,
s in the city to-day looking after
lis rcongressional interests.
?Hon. R. W. Westberry, of Sum
ter,*^ also in the city to-day at
tending; the masonic convention
af which" he i$-a;member in good
3tan?ihgAaric| he is boosting- the
Sp.l?f??i'St?t^^^iir which meets
?|L:^.??umb'i^?fin;' week and of
ivh4?h Mte - ^s t^tey ls gen eral
trains. .to ? en ter ?I?flu? ;??d thei
State College'. ; f K?sfe' ttoo scjioola
are doing, a' great - w^r?t for 'our ' r
boyland girls. At the. State GoU, '
lege last Sun?a^' nigi?tthe'Y. W
C. A. held a':J?Uy-meeting which !"
was Jartfel^ attended by the fae-1 .
ulty:a?(|student body and. other ^
?r?en??of tJie'schoqL Splendid j
a^fesse^vere VleliverepV by offt- (
?ers and* men^bet* of the,associa- J x
tion. The m?sio under tne'direc-11
tion- of Miss G Delpha Bogep, (
who is also ? member of tthe fa?- '
ulty,. was indeed both, charming j
and inspiring . Or. Wilkinson. ! ?
made a'fine and impressive appeal; i
to the young rt\e^ of the school
inviting them te become, ^em
bers of. the Y. M. C; A, ~i fAft&r
which/25 young ni'en-gave>_.their
names. Miss'.Boger, wh^.i'vvaa
oil the program for-a'aql^ re?ob,*
ed her. c?fmax arid ajmosi brought
the large audience to 'their feet
with applause/ Jthip'k ~%h\? .'was,
mpre of a highlo jth&; a't?lo,' ' ]
Rev. J: B. Mi?dj?&^on? of
the veterans ol tne1Spu?$i<(3?roli
na Confer 3nce?n^i??e^ a-iii ble
?tudent,* preacheoV foi'/Dir. dick
son last ?un9afcmt)rning|; the
Dr. being som^wh?^^l?fe^??
and also ^?ejrfv>afected
oou nt of the.? sad news j ??dt?i?
death of Kjjjf* brother-? whojtad
just died oof/ in A^ka'ftsa^/VQp,
Burroughs pr?a<:^e?|*at ri|ght.?m.d
held his fourth4 quarterly-confer^
en ce "Mond ay night. ?tv ?1?!
the gpo^ wprk/vgoe|,.Q'n i? the;
midst- ojf sickness, borrow,- n^fa
and de?th. v;
Our/good friend, Mr. ?.,1*. W.
Hook*; has opened up a fine fffvp
cery 'business. oh Middleton\ St/,
where he is doing a fine business.
Call and see him and get some
thing nice to cook. v " K/
. Pur goqd frienc), Mr. C,, ' C,
S?ott Jr , dropped into- see me a
few c|^ys ago and said ?'Papaand
a11 were well, and .that he wa>
getting along nicely^"' ' Mr. 'Scotj
is a student at Claflin and is mak
lng good. Call .again. Mr. Scott
rfihe Indicator's Friend.;^
/ V - TV ; . ' " .'.>'. '? v.
The f?dicator has not appeared
. . K(*t . n .1 _
miesj$?0ur creditor a P FM; ,
gus^afid w * hav ' t ? M then
) tho|?^'h') owe us m ?st pay t:
they>.wish to get this paper di-:
;ct frumour office." If you have
at albgend us a part of wha
DU ow?fc From now on we will
jblishieach week the name of
/ery jftibscriber who pays for
is or"$|r paper, tf your name
aes n?j appear the week you
ay it appear the next week
rovidir^ you pay at least 35
mts fop 3 months.
This p^per is published for the
enefit (Jf the Negro race and on
r thosejpf the race who pay for
;. Tljikr news items will -be
rintedf?j first, others will be
hargear?t the regular price-15
gnts p?f incH for 10 inches; un*
er l?ln^ches 25 cents per inch,
nd irr) advance. Our corres
ondenr? are urged to govern
hems?jVes in accordance with
he ab dye rules. Big write Ups
f Church rallies, Marriages, En
ertainments or Balls, will
irinted (at 15 cents per inch
dvance% No use to write
r^anj^o?y else in personal re
atiQns^f t address it. to the.
^SojifcHerti Indicator
iEv. eleni
' Early Jast week mvitation wei?&
brward, announcing: the * coni
ng marriage-of tlffe' Rev. Richard
carroll, of Columbia^ Mfs^Cor
ie J. McDaniel of Laurens;*vV\d
?esday. j^y^mp'?r 18th 3,014. The
ieremony ."$M.?1 be held jn^ tbe
?hurch a^o*'"tb"" nuptial knotfom?
je-tied by "?ir, o_ T Walker, of
\ugust?:.(*a.- The couple wtffc
eajye'imme^?ateiy iN? ?iouis-villp,
^ent^o^y, ^here-tHe fi?v> ?Bar?
foll?n resume nid evangreltetfcj
woTkj .? ? y - . X fA
.Misa ?orr|e'j. Mc'Daniel is trie
?inly . da??htfer^ o/ ' Rir; and Mts.
Pr1 Mcs^a^fel .?f . Laurens;'; S \Cl
^e^lw^m?^^ frqm^??u*
rens on g'f^^.o^' which there is
no ,^?S?i^vi)rt -?his property
and two ot^rlwuses for tenants,.
"Miss #?'DW?|?? ?p^duate |
o? ^rjj^?l^t Qonegfej a tojwecra
&d christian w?rf?^r^ one of the
h,?st scriool teachers in the state
ana Jaii excellent speaker.: ?8he
knows the BiW?^and '3 well read.
She ia a ^ressniaRer and a wom
bin, void .of .os'ten?itibn./'? Shebas
forked -on jt^es&rm many a
day ' and. \% jtfnV exc?dent cook'
fhe people jh'fier community i
dolize.her. Her parents are,,de
votee) mpr?berssi? Rocky$$iing
Bap?iBt euroli and ??Mfes^c;
Dani?l-is ?^prominent member of
the. Household of Ruth, a bf ancti
ot tfce bcld? jToHows" Society^'?
! TMjCfl^ Stat? pally
The^olore?'^tate* F?ijjj;'
^rytWrt? l:.'*?to '! ^orfsid?rat?
i^ifieers^ne^^M P?
j desTp?fe i^ep?iT?^m^ .
? **;-V.JWWrV.>iJ?i3?-..l.;-...j;. 3
Coli im bia's Leading
ELVY LEADS in making high-cla.ss Hand Tailored
Clothingtpfn short notice.
Being a practical Tiilor as well as a high class
Designer .and Cutter, you can see why LE EVY
can give you better Suit Values, better Fit and
hetter Workmanship for less money,
tecvy's (jeni's furnishing Dept.
, A. E SI WONS, Asst. Manager
Hats, Shirts, Socks Underwear,
Suit-cases, Umbrellas, O?pa, Suspenders,
.Sweaters, Neckwear, .(?loves, Rain-coats.
Garters, ollars, ^Sags, B3I?.
! ? Ten per cent. Discount to ^tude?ts and Ministers..
I "ft ! P? R V/ V
[ Colombia'? Le? .ng Tailor,
1221 Taylor Street, - - Phone" 319
I_. V. .
? ? * ?!
Mail Qrd^
No need send to the mail order houses
for what you want. We have it here at
the same price, if. no?che^frer. You
we us a tlrial any way - ^ ^end/a 1 i st pf
what you
have specially Jaidi?rsel ves put to
/ to Deal With
fe-; Because we give the best equipment
ipr the'money* Funeral Supplies the
?/,:. ^fewest of any Undertaking establish
ment in the city. Before arranging for
-your deceased relatives or friends call
r- ; t?' see us and be co riv i nee d that we
(?% . will satisfy you.
We furnish a lady &tten4aat with female bodies.
916 Washington $t,(^l??ti#ia
..it" .
? ? .
mm '
MADAM ELBO:Pt.lffiB?|p^:'-^.^
Corns Re m OT ed. Gives n?;-Pai?^; H?ir Dreesipg, kM?pi^ing, SU^p^o- .n -
lng, Scalp Treatment Singeing, .pipping" and Coloring, .^itf Vi>?i ' -i-?
Blandina Street, Columbia, ^ 0;':; * ; ,.
9 to ll A. IC.
?.. 210J OernuVSt:, ?fT\g ^ ..^iV^v-lWIf^n Street. .? ./,
^^^^L^?itiPHARMACY . ^?&&f^?te5.;0d^t?BiA,vS.-Or. ?jg

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