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'Published ai ?i6 Washington Street
Columbia, S. C.
Entered UH Second Claws Matte
May 8tb, 1912, at the post office a
Columbia, S. *C , under the Act o
March 3d. 1879.
? SousciUrTioN HATES
One year.il O'
Six Mouths. 60
Three Months . 85
AdvertiRi??jf Hates Made Known o
Saturday, June 26, 1915.
The Appeal for Morris Col
We commend to the serious at
tention of fie people of that de
nomination the appeal,appearing
elsewhere in this paper, ot th<
Finance Commiteeof Morris Col
lege. The plan ia feasible ant
the cause is indeed worthy Th<
response ought, and surely will
be prompt and heany. Morn
; College represents what trw
Negro Baptists are doing educa
tionally for themselves. If ever:
Baptist would do as requested b:
the finance committee the $5,001
would be raised easily any Sun
day set apart for that purpose
Abbeville, June 15,-Dear edi
tor: On Friday night June ll
our beloved pastor. Rev. A. W.
Brown was with his Mt. Pleas
ant flock and held conference
which was. called to order at \
o'clock by moderator Brown,
The moderator makes a fine
judjie for he will preserve order,
On Sunday the 13th, was the da>
ol* much rejoicing. Never befort
did this "star ?hine" brighter
nor travel faster in the "firma
ment" as he (Browji) did morn
ing and evening- by preaching
two powerful soul feeding ser
The Popular Grove Graded and
High S-mool closed out May 28.
Tue annual sermon was preached
Sunday, May 22nd by the Rev.
A. J. C. Johnson. During com
mencment week some distinguish
ed visitors were present- some
of them were B shop L. J. Copi fi
of Philadelphia Pa. A. M. E.
Rev. Prof. R. E. Brogden, of
Allen Uuiversity Columbia, Mrs,
A. W. Coleman and daughter of
Helena. Mrs. E. V. C. Williams
who had recently returned from
Washington D. C. and our dear
pastor who made a fine little talk,
a id advocated educating the boys
that the giris would'nthave to
keep company with criminals and
said to the class that they make a
n ime and history Bishop Copin
made two good speeches during
t ie commencement. Aside from
a talk or lecture to Abbeville
Negroes on Tuesday 25th, oh
what stress he put on pure wo
manhood which was the subject
of one c?irl of the class.
On Friday niirht May 28th Rev.
Prof. R. E. Broaden made the
annual address which was very
ti ely and without mauuscript.
Allen Uuiversity was well repres
ented by the speaker. made
a fine speeclvand was greeted
with much approval by a recep
tive audience. We thank God
for such men as Rev. Prof.
Brogden, who are not afraid
to speak of the evils of our peo
ple, and condemns the wrong
Prof. J. W. Lee and wife ars
home after finishing work fori
the term at Ninety-six". We are
pleased to have them here.
Miss Abbie W. Johnson one of
the faculty of Allen Uuiversity
and little Eliza Nelson are here
with former's parents. Miss
Abbie is a kindergarten teacher
and very fond of little ones but
she must bring home with her a
little Nelson . What does it
mean? Well ask Wm. D. C.M.D.
Messrs A. N Neil and H.
Howard passed through our city
The veteran teacher Miss M. N.
Pinkney after some months of
hard labor in this city teaching
children, left for her home in
Miss Ella V. Richie is home
from North Carolina where she
has been teaching school (Lum
berton N. C.)
Miss Wilhemina Wilson^ is
home from her work in Uniou,
where she has been teaching in
the graded school, to the delight
of friends.
The Winnsboro Distrit
The Winnsboro District
ference was held in the A. M;
church May ?O-24. For the dele
gates, ministers and visitors ir
attendance, the pastor, the Rev.
J. F Boyd, did all in his powei
to make it pleasant.
Those attending the conference
were met at Alston and conveyed
to the church where a large crowe
awaited their arrival. Early
Thursday morning, long before
the conference began, the writei
met two intellectual giants. Thej
were L. A. Hawkins LL. B. and
S. J. McKnight. They franki}
told me that they wanted me
and all concerned to know thal
they were candidates for election
to the General Conference. After
they had conversed with me, dis
playiog their knowledge of the
church and the legislation needed
for it. I became compelled tc
admit that those two live men
are worthy of the honor they seek.
In his speech before the con
ference, S. J. McKnigt said that
he wanted to go to the General
Conference because he knew the
wav; becatitee, as sorhe new men
would be sent, he would be
needed to pilot them about; Prof
Hawkins said that he wanted to
go because of his efficiency, man
hood, and principles; because he
hid the courage to striked in the
right way, at any evil. ?He said
that he wanted delegates" to the
electoral college to come down
there, not in any man's pocket,
but governed by principle.
In the organization of the con
ference, Rev. J. F, Young was
elected secretary. The Rev. Dr.
Curry of St Matthews and the
Rev. I. J. Pruitt were introduced
and they made it known that
they too were candidates for
el ction to the Igeneral confer
ence. TherRev. Curry claims
that he is able to right; some
wrongs. He wants the discipline
so changed that women may be
come eligible as delegates to the
general conference. Rev. I. J.
Pruitt gave satisfactory assur
ance that, if chosen, he would
work for the best interest, of the
On Thursday night, the annual
sermon was preached by the Rev.
Mr. Pyles. As was to be ex
pected, Jie preached a soulstir
ring sermon. When the reports
were called for on Friday. I never
saw money paid more readily.
No excuses were heard. At
night the Rev. S. M Bowers of
Union preached the educational
sermon. It was a plain spiritual
doctrinal discourse. Saturday J.
S, Martin and J. J. Geter were
elected lay delegates to the an
nual conference which will be
held in Columbia in November.
Mr. A. P. Harper of White Hall
who, as a layman, is a candidate
for the General Conference was
introduced. He has executive
ability, and is kind, friendly and
lovable. He made a favorable
Sunday was a great day. The
following preachers preached:
10 a. m., Rev. M. S. Glenn; lia.
m., Rev. J. W. Lykes, presiding
elder of the district;3 p. m. Rev.
White; 8 p. m. Rev. J. N. Burks.
The sermons were grand espec
ially the one preached by the
presiding elder.
Elder Lykes announced that
over $260 was raised and that
the conference was the best
conference he had held in all his
John S. Martin.
In memory of my dear mother,
Mollie Smith, who departed this
I life June 24th 1914.
' One year this very dav.
j My mother whom I loved,
i On wings of everlasting joy,
I Flew to her home above.
I Oh ! how I miss her tender voice,
No human tongue can tell.
But yet I feel within my heart,
God doeth all things well.
Faithful was she to her church,
Meekly and obediently she
heard the commands,
And oersistently by her faithful
labors, ?
She is now at God's right hand.
So dear mother sleep on and
take thy rest,
T love thee well but Jesue loves
thee best.
A calm and undisturbed repose,
Unbroken by the last of foe3.
Daughter, _R. H. Collins,
Eastover, S. C.
Ice Cream
Mrs. L. E.
ice cream on
2128 Gervais
on the af tern
ngpstfcle, W;
Aleare cor
, tak|r and jj
. caa se. Jj
I m
^Corne one, come all to the
be given for tl
July A
Which will be on Monday,
Mrs. A. M. Reddick,
To the Baptist bf South Caro
We are making this appeal t<
every Baptist pastor, church, Sun
day School, Union and Association
in the State in the behalf of Mon i:
College. You arc hereby a?ked ant
urged to immediately take a con
tribution for the mortgaged debt o
Morris. College, which debtltnust,bi
looked after at once..
vThe amount .asked for is twi
.dollars ($2 00) from each church
TJnion. and Association and om
dollar ($1.00) from each Sunda]
School. The amount asked is small
and we truly hope that no church
Union, Sunday School, or Associa
tion will fail to respond to this ap
peal at once. There are many in
dividuals who can easily give om
dollar ($1.00) and we ear nest h
call upon all such to do so^
If any church. Sunday School
Union, Associatisn or individua
can give more than the atnoun
asked for, by all means do so, bu
clo not fail to give the amount here
in stated. Every dollar contributec
in response to this appeal will b<
applied to the college without de
ducting a single cent for expense
Now brother, the matter ii
squarely before you Do you lov<
your denomination? Do >ou wanl
it to own something? Then now ii
your time to act. Morris College
does not belong to any particular
section, or association; it belong?
to all sections,to all associations, tc
the denomination-to one and tc
every Negro Baptist of the state.
Now, show whether or not yot
care for your own.
We send this appeal to each pastot
with the hope that he will present
it at once to his church and Snnday
?schooli and help in .whatever vjay
he can in this vital and pressing
The reputation of the Baptists is
at stake. Line up and ask God to
help save the two hundred and
fifty thousand (250,000) Baptists
in this state.
Send all money orders and checks
to Rev. Dr. A. P Dunbar. 1501 1
2 Taylor street, Columbia, S, C.
who will promptly receipt you for
the same and have your name and
organization with the amount con
tributed published in the "Pilot",
which ia now our official and de
nominational newspaper.
Yours for the cause, Finance
Coniittee of Morris College,
J. J. Durham, E. W. Bowen, R.
W. Baylor, A. P. Dunbar, chair
man. ,
June 22, 1915.
By the Official Correspondent.
Supreme Chancellor Green will
bring to the Supreme Lodge a re
port of a striking Pythian revival.
Surrounded in the Alain by a loyal
cabinet, Green has kept the organ
ization way in front as the on x dis
tinctive Negro,.organization. As
usual he will be returned to his
station at Columbus.
From all sections there is_* ail
almost universal demand for M. M.
Rodgers, of Texas, to announce
himself for some honor vwifain the
gift of the Supreme Loage. As
chairman of the Committe on Cre
dentials at the Baltimore session,
the Texan made no small reputation
for himself.
Grand Chancellor Henry, of
South Carolina,$will come up with
a startling record for a Grand
Lodge that covens so much of the
State that there ja^po room for ex
pansion. He r?jBrtS thirty-eigj
lodges for one ye'ffB*T
The Pythians pf Kentucky, ?li
by Garvin,are making unpreceden
ted progress. In September they
will dedicate a State temple at
Louisville, which cost $125,000.
Roscoe Simmons P. O. C. will be
the anniversary orator at the Crand
Lodge in July.
The Grand Lodge of Tennessee,
Which meets in July at Knoxviile,
llJlCpngratulating itself on the
. of Grand Chancellor
V:ite membership on the
rammittee, the bulwark of
5jupreme Lodge.
Grat? Chancellor Blount, the
unique Alabama leader, will be one,
f the big figures at Columbus
d will lead as an administrator.
Supreme vice-Chancellor Jones,
anthe wizard, himself a very
Annual Barbecue which will
ie benefit of the
[th 1915
July 5th at the Residsnce of N'?
-:- 615 Blanding Street
SP*"' - .
prominent citizen of Ohio, will be
.one: .of the hosts at Colambus, and
particularly invites all the news
paper-.mcn to attend the Supreme
Th? Supreme Lodge will fittingly
celebrate , the golden jubilee o?
freedom at Columbus. The Supreme
Chancellor announces that the ju
bilee orator will be Roscoe Coll
iding iSBimmons.
Sir Henry Avant, brilliant leader
of Arkansas Pythians, is just clos
Prrine of the best years of his long
happy adminstration. Sir Avant
*i( possesses unusual executive ability.
Hutto, successor to Creswill'. the
Georgian Grand Lodge has a born
leader of men, and a fraternal mir
acleworker. ko Georgian seeking
honors , cdn nope to stand unless
Hotto says the word. The Georgia
GrandiLodge will meet soon in Sav
annah, and the anniversary orator
will be',Cpl; R, C. Simmons.
Pythian leaders are ready to en
dorse the preparation of a history of
Negro knigthood if such is to be pre
pared by competent hands. A Life
of Starks would be a good founda
tion for a Pythian history.
Since the Baltimore Supreme
Lodge, the Pythians Sanitorium at
Hot Springs, Ark., that was de
stroyed by fire on the closing day of
that session, has been rebuilt, and
John T. T, Warren, the financier
and manager, will make report
thereon at Columbus.
Tidrington, the building Grand
Chancellor, will bring a regiment of
Hoosiers over into Ohio,
While there have been no great
legal battles since the Baltimore
session. Supreme Attorney W?tkAs
has been busy, and will make Wi
interesting report.
The Crand Lodge, of Texas, un
der Prince, the prince, is erect
a $100.000 temple in Dallas, w(
the Grand Lodge meets in 1916.'
* The finest meeting places in Co
lumbus have been turned over to
the Pythians of Columbus for the
Supreme Lodge. ^?
The Supreme Lodge proper mF
open Tuesday, August 17. *
Anderson County June 13.
Mr. Editor, please allow me space
in your most excellent paper to
say a word about our work. We
are planning to have the Little
River Bapt. association of Abbe
ville Co. to meet with the Rocky
Mount Baptist,* church near
Honea Path, r 'r.ffst after the
3rd Lords Day in August 1915.
The pastor Rev. W. H. Miller
with the members are doing all
they can to have it pleasant for
the delegation and friends during
the session. Rev. Miller^is quite
a faithful pastor. Q|_i^hurCl1
has succeeded very ai?BBfsfully
since he has been wit^HpF
Not long since he was called to
to the Hopewell Baptist church
near Laurence and he oas
been very heartly received. Rev.
Miller is a graduate of Benedict
College and he preaches an im
comproroising gospel. Hopweell
is one of the best church in the
Tumbling Shoals Associosion.
The people are pleased with their
June 25, 1914 June 25, 1915
One year ago to-day you slept,
Your voice is heard no more,
We are left here and have wept,
But we'll meet thee on that
bright shore.
Darling Earle thou hast left us
We miss your little footsteps
i about our home,
We surely loved thee well, but
Jesus loved thee best,
Sleep on angel sleep on.
Grandparents '"
Aunt i
1 ______
Hendersonville N. C- June 21.
-Rev. M. K. Paige of Asheville,
spent last week in the city, visit
ing Rev. J. W. Beaty.
Mrs. Emma Williams, 3 Ave.
east, is recovering from a long
spell of illness.
Rev. J. W. Beaty will spend
next week in Asheville, N. C.,
il Lb
Mail Urders
? No need send to the mail order houses
y for what you want. We have it here at
the same price, if not cheaper. You
owe us a trial anyway. Send a list of
what you require and let us figure on it.
We have specially laid ourselves out to
execute mail orders and you may rely
on prompt attention. Our PAINT de*
partment is unexcelled in this country.
L?rick & Lowrance
Columbia, South Carolina.
If you havent our
Write for it.
Pins, Charms, Robes.
All orders filled
T. H. HENHY. Geril.Mgn
Real Estate & Insurance Agent
Houses for Colored People on Installment. My Prices like
Paying Rent. See me.
PHONE 2159
Columbia, S. C.
Phone 1488 1017 Lady St
C A. F?rgustfrr
Undertaker and Licensed Embalmers
I am the man who makes it easy for those
whose homes death has visited. A life-like
appearance given each body embalmed by me.
Coffins. Caskets, Robes, and Cars to suit each
and every one.
Good services on all occasions. My long time experience makes
it easy to give good services. . 4f
Bad ^eeth-Bad
One is dependent upon the other. HBBpF^teeth
are bad you may rest assured that your health
will be impaired.in ample time. During these war
times the opportunity is the best ever. Railroad
paid in proportion.
We Give Travel Slips ??
Fillings in Gold, Plati
num, Silver and Porce
ain 50c to $1.00,
Gas administered.
Gold Crowns and
Bridge Work
$3, $4, $5.
Phone 586 Open always. Lady Attendant
1329 1-2 Main Street, Over Stork's Grocery Store.
??" Reference : Our Work and Bank of Columbia "?o
attending the Bible Conference
held at the First Baptist church
Prof. Wm. Milln* of Johnes
ville S. C. is expected in the city
Tuesday of this week. He is on
bi? way to Asheville N. C. where
he will spend three weeks of his
vacation from school.
Miss Hectie Coleman is now
spending a few days in Jones
ville S. C. with her relatives and
Rev. R. V. Millier, the white
evangelist minister of the city,
preached a very interesting ser
mon, to a large congregation, at
the First Baptist church Sunday
Rev. J. W, Beaty spent Thurs
day of last week in Asheville N.
Mrs. J. W. Ne^^^^n^^e^^g
list this week.
Rev. Richard Carrol D. D. is
expected in the city at an early
Mr. Geo. Mills is confined to
his home on account of illness.
Dr. and Mrs. Morrow of La
felety Tenn, are visiting in the
Dr. C. E. Stephenson has moved
to 1325 Park street near corner
of Washington street. Callers
will please take notice and govern
themselves accordingly,
Fine Bargains.
For homes on easy terms see
me.. i have just had placed with
mk^?e^eftal fine bargains.
' iv? Hawkins, real estate a
>cy5#5.tO %m St.

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