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Neatly aneli promptly done at
pre-war prices. Mail orders a
specialty, phone 2637.
The Southern Indicator
When placed in The Indicatore
Read by over 5,000 in
ing on but
my crowd
ience was 1
tions and
$15 UO was
On Saturday, June 26, I start
ed to Sum tor from Augusta, Ga.,
to conduct a week's revival at
Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Rev.
D. J. Johnson, is pastor of this
large churc h. Dea.R. W. West
berry, who is a member of my
high Council rendered great as
sistance to the pastor by helping
to advertise the meeting at great
expense also he put bath of his
cars at our disposal. I spent all
the week in the nice parsonage
of the past >r. Including my In
troductory sermon on my first;
visiti prerched seven sermons'
and the remit of my work was;
the addition of 60 persons to the'
church. One thing that appear-j
ed strange to a number of people
was the weather condition. For
four evenings it rained at 6
o'clock and it would clear so the
people could get to church.
Sometime i ; is hard to get a full
house i n the towns because
so many different things are go
ks the week advanced
increased. The aud
beral in its contribu
jon Friday night over
This chtjrch is said to have a
membership of at least 1,000 and
the 60 that) gave me their hand
greatly increased the number,
There are only five other city
churches ir the State that carry
as large a congregation as this
one and on y two carrying larger]
ones. A i?eat many members
of the ott er churches attended
the meeting regularly and some,
were eon verted that joined other ]
churches. Several persons sent]
valuable *i:fts to me. Rev. John
is a friendly minister: andJsj
_ ^?d^br h^ tntot?bew^
He is in line with all the work of j
the State Convention. He in
tends to do all he can for the1
$50,000 drive for Merris College.
There w4s a great deal of ex
citement all over the U. S. and
some in Sum ter about the comet
tail but a ?umber of people had
heard whajt I had said in The
Indicator that there was absolute
ly no use of any fear and they be
lieved whajt I said about it and
everybody j can see now. You
could not see the comet nor its
tail without a glass.
Our meeting had the good will
of the white citizens and they
gave large space in Daily Item to
tell of the iwonderful work that
was being jwrought by the Holy
Spirit in Sujmter. Many of them
had heard j me three years ago
when the World's War was rag
ing and they remembered clearly
that I told f he exact time that it
would end j a long time before it
really did e nd.
On my way home on the Coast
Line a freight train wrecked in
front of us therefore my train
had to step half an hour-near
Ellen ton. While there I went
out to loo z around and two of
the Deacons of Mt. Moriah Bap
tist Churcl came and asked me
to run a re rival for them because
they thought I could do them a
great deal of good. I told them
alright, we will give the Devil a
We had a fine meet
was well attended. I
good people a pastor
last year year. They are intelli
gent and nearly all of them own
their own homes.
In June preached at Welch
Zion Baptist Church, Newberry
County. The people had heard
of me thro lgh Sister Violet Kin
is one of my helpers,
were converted and I
-, to return soon. I
spent the first night with Bro.
Davenportj. This family owns
1,000 acrfes of land. Sunday'
nightlwals with Sister Kinard.
An inspection of the building
and the grjeat work that is being
done at Mbrris College will con
vince any Jone of the necessity of
the great j drive for funds that
Dr. Earlei and the State Board
has launched.
Those prophets and astrone-.
mers certainly excited many per
sons about the destruction the
comet woiild wrought But the
readers of The Indicator knew
what I said the Lord had revealed
to me about it. Also on Decem
ber 19,19*9 Prof. Puta a white
! _
Buy Guarntee<
hot reund.
ing and it
sent these
ard, who
Boston Frederick breathed his
last on Saturday 2nd. inst. while
returning from a Sisters' Auxil
iary meeting held at Ned Branch
Baptist Church of which he was
a member and sexton for years.
Bro. Frederick was stricken at
6 p. m. and died in a few min
utes. He had previous present
ments of his death. His funeral
was largely attended. The body
was embalmed and kept from
Saturday 2nd. until Wednesday
6th inst. Rev: G. W. Cherry,
his pastor officiated and preached
the funeral with great zeal.
The Sisters' Auxilirry Union of
the Storm Branch Association
held its annual meeting with the
Ned Branch Baptist Church, Sat
urday 2nd. inst, Rev. G. W.
Cherry, pastor. The meeting
was full of inspiration seemingly
to all who attended. The sisters
seemed deeply concerned and
interested in the raising of funds
for the education of the young
people Well done Sisters may
other Associational Fields follow
your gooci example. Rev. G. W.
Cherry, that untiring and zealous
worker for his people on his way
through Dunbartonto the sister's
meeting was liberally donated by
the whites of this town, who as
serts that the esteem they hold
for this man of God prompted
them to give liberally. Rev.
Cherry stands high in the esti
mation of both white and black.
The sisters raised over $161 for
educational purposes. Let me
tell you Rev. Mabry with his
staff of united ministers is doing
a great work for our race. The
sisters of the Four Mile Field
have also organized a Sisters'
Auxiliary Union for t* d9^^^^
the ministers will fall in line also
the Storm Branch Field and vic
tory is sure.
The leaders of the Four Mile
Educational Institute celebrated
the 4th of July at the Four Mile
Academy near Donora. The at
[tendance was small but inthusi
astic. Rev, W. M. Phiniziethe
moderator is striving hard to
bring things t o pass. Tie
Abyssinian priest visited oar
soction the last week in June and
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
j Jake Peoples and Mr. and Mrs.
|W. J. McCutchen. We hope he
iis real.
Crops are looking fine just a
bout this time. Farmers in our
had almost lost hope of a corn
crop. Rain fell in big showers
day after day and corn in most
parts is doing well. This shows
chat man's extremity is God's
1 Rev, Wm. Moody, pastor of St.
Paul is running a successful re
vival meeting at his church and
added 18 souls. We are truely
sorry to say that the nefarious
habit of nighl riding is being
practiced in our vicinity by both
! white and black. We hope that
this bad practice will soon find
its end in more legal and serieus
reflections. Oh what, a som
brous future one see when in al
most every nook and crook, that
is, in some parts, a blind tiger ii
operated, I mean distilling liquor
or trying to do so. Many of them
so call church members. Its a
shame as well as its illegal and
degrading. Oh, Christian people
are you on the side of your
country's woe, Habakkuk 215,
"woe unto him that giveth his
neighbor drink that putteth thy
bottle to him' and makest him
Rev. J. 0. Williams preached
the communion sermon on the
second Lord's day at Ned Branch
to a large and orderly audience.
He held his hearers spellbound.
We are glad to learn that Dea.
Dr. B. A. Everett will be out of the
city from July 12th to the 20th. His
patients will please take notice and
govern themselves accordingly.
man had many packing up for
the end and I said there is noth
ing to it. But there is a great
thing coming soon. I will tell
you later about it. On account
of the great expense to run a
good race paper like this one
inclose find $1.00,
Rev. Arthur Ross.
i shoes for the wl
I -
National Negro business
League Meets fo Atlanta
Atlanta Branch PlansJTo R ? En
j tertam Large De%ati0ns..S. S.
j Abrams, Ex. Secretary.
Travel Over Southern Rail way
For the information of those who contemplate attending the
Natienal Negro Besiness League which,meets in Atlanta, Ga. next
month we publish belew a personal letter from the executive sec
retary of the Atlanta Branch:
! National Negro Business League
Atlanta Branch
146 N| Butler St, Atlanta, Ga.,
July 11th, 1921.
Mr. J. A. Roach, Editor,
The Southern Indicater,
Columbia, S. C.
Dear Sir: The Atlanta Branch National Negro Business League
is expecting a very large attendance at the coming session of the
National League to be held in Atlanta, on August 17, 18 and 19th.
To enable us to make definite arrangements for the accomodation
of our delegates, we are requesting all who will attend to send
tneir names and addresses, as early as possible, to S. S. Abrams,
Executive Secretary, Atlanta Negro Business League, 146 N. But
ler St., Atlanta, Ga. V
Editor's Note: We would emphasfee the importance of every
person, male and female, fending in thlir names and addresses to
Mr, Abrams at once; for while Atlanta^ a very large city and can
easily accomodate the thousands who #11 attend this the greatest
annual Negro gathering in this counjfe, preparation has to be
made for their entertainment in keepi?? with the number expect
ed. Therefore it is very necessary thrall of us heed Mr. Abram's
request at once. 11
The Southern Ry. Co. promises firroplass accomodations over
their roads. Further announcements fBl be made later.
Foster Davis is better. Mrs. G.
W. Cherry is spending some time
in the mountains. VVe are glad
to hear from Rev. S. A. Joseph
of Ellenton. Hope others will
do likewise and ask fer news.
To the subscribers of the above
places, the writer has been in
disposed for 5 months but hope
to be able to give you the cur
rent news again soon. I am still
living and working for the ad
vancement of The Indicator.
Our phone must live and may
God help you all to help it live.
Amea. Good will toward all.
The Rev. Richard Carroll is
still suffering with high blood
pressure to a dangerous degree.
He has been spending the most
of the year among his special
friends of all denominations but
preaching very little, He has
just returned from a trip to Ben
nett8ville where he held services
for the Rev. J. J. Harrison at
Saw Mill Baptist Church on the
first Sunday. He states that
Rev. Mr. Harrison is very popu
lar with his big congregation at
Saw Mill. They are orderly and
On the same afternoon, Rev.
Carroll served the Level Green
Methodist Church, of which Mr.
Jonas Thomas is a trustee and
steward. He had great crowds
at both meetings.
Rev. Carroll was the guest for
nearly a week, of Mr. Jonas
Thomas in his home near Ben
nettsville. Mr. Thomas will be
in Columbia this week and spend
some time with Rev. Carroll and
therf they will leave for a trip in
the Piedmont section of the
State and may endup by taking
a trip te Battle Creek, Michif an.
They will spend some time on
the farm of Mrs. Carroll's broth
er Mr. A. L. McDaniel near
Laurens. They will be supplied
daily with Davis' spring water.
Mr. Thomas has been sick for
twe years and his family ano
iole family and C
S. B. Coker.
Walking Around Zi
Trii fthink a stay away from
hoifraid absolute rest will do
hin| |i. Last year Mr. Thorn
as 4 i ced about two thousand
barai cotton, much of it being
loiwaple cotton. Hii only son
Mi??ed Thomas, has moved to
hiswjher's home and has taken
chap of the farming interest.
Hi?in-law, Mr. A. G. Ken
ne?|s in charge of the mer
chSKie business in the town of
ntsville. Mr. Thomas ii
"of the Enterprise Bank
Enterprise Bank with a
of fifty thousand dollari,
^athrivihg busiaesi, with
J. Sawyer as president.
_ Jr. J. B. Taylor, D. D., is
r S. S. Youngblood is the
pa*rof the Baptist Church in
Bewttsuille, which has a tre
m M dou s congregation. Dr.
iMood has certainly made
* Bennettsville and he is
V?. B. Taylor is pastor of
*E. Church and they have
mi a more popular preach
viey have just broken
j for a new twenty thou
fek church, fiir. Jonas
though a member of a
Church in the country
a contribution by giving
tandred, dollars to begih
Mr. King also started
,aca?h contribution of one
'^dollars. Of course Mr.
Sawyer was on the front
Other members have made
' contributions.
5 Richard Carroll states,
w finest crops that he has
99 where in the State, are
wlboro County! It is the,
S?nty in the State, free of
r. leaving the McDaniel
in Laurens, Mr. Jonas
las and Rev. Richard Car
ili spend some time in.
e?. S. C, at the foot of the!
idge Mountain." While
?*eef a Christian Assem
be conducted. Among
Jeakers will be, Dr. Silas X.
of Augusta, Ga , Dr. S. L.
?a of Virginia and other
and speakers. The busi
toen of Chesnee, including
i|jts Furnishing!
As usual Dr. Moore preached a
fine sermon both morning and
night last Sunday.
Prof. W. D. Prince of Morris
College worshipped with us Sun
day all day. He represented
Morris Coliege and its work at
the morning service. A liberal
after collection was given him
for the school. In the evening,
Prof. Prince addressed the B. Y.
P. U. at which time he surpassed
his morning* talk.
Dr. Moore will leave for Ashe
ville on his vacation next week.
Aside from many personal do
nations by members in apprecia
tion for his first year's service to
the church, the officers autho
rized the treasurer to give him a
check for $75.00 for expense
money while on his vacation with
the understanding that if that a
mountdid not meet his require
ments, he must notify the officers
at the instance of which more
money will be forth coming.
This mildly bespeaks the high
terms in which pastor Moore is
held by his members.
The church is in fine condition
from every angle and the mem
bers and friends are singing the
praises of pastor Moore for rais
ing more money in one year than
any pastor that preceeded him in
the same length of time.
A correction : A typegraphical
error appeared in our Anniver
sary mention last week which
made the amount of money rais
ed during the week $25.50. The
amount raised was $205.50 and
others who were hot able to make
their contributions are paying up.
w?envilie, Jtf
Holloway,; for 31 years, a local
mail carrier, and the only Negro
letter carrier in the Greenville
postoffice has been elected by his
white co-workers as a delegate
to the convention of the National
Association of Letter Carriers in
St. Louis, September 5-10, it was
announced today.
?Columbia Record.
Any one interested in a fine
looking, durable, and serviceable
automobile at an unusually low
price, phone 1357-W or write \
"R" care of The Crescent Print
ing Co., 1515 Taylor St., Colum-j
bia, S. C.
A fine office desk and some
valuable, useful pieces of house
hold furniture for sale. You
wont mind paying the price
asked, Phone 1357-W.
MILLINERY?Hats made to order, old
Hats remodeled and trimmed. Wav
erly Millinery and Dressmaking
Shop, end of Waverley car line.
Edgewold, S. C June 29, *21.
There are only three more weeks
before the Gethsemane Sunday
School Convention will meet with
the Dabney Pond Sunday School
July 22nd. 1921.
?ll delegates and friends want
ing to be at the opening of the
Convention will have to leave the
Seaboard Station in Columbia,
Thursday, luly 21st at 3:45 p. m
The church is 8 miles from Blaney,
We have arranged to take all dele
gates to church, there being ser
vices at the church Thursday night
If you do not come Thursday 3:45
p. m., you will net get to the
church until Friday night as there
will be no chance for you to get to
Blaney until 4:30 p. tn, Friday.
REV. H. I- RYAL, President.
the mayor and bankers have
waited on Rev. Carroll and offer
ed to pay all expenses at this
meeting. It is likely that Mr. R.
W Westberryof Sumterwillgo
toChesnee. The meeting will[be
held in the Y. M. C. A. building
at Chesnee which win hold two
thousand people. Mr. John Law
nut the building up for white
people but it will be used for
both races.
from L S. Leevy
The Rev. Richard Carroll will
preach a Special sermon Sunday
morning at Second Calvary Bap
tist Church on the above subject:
"God Looking for a Man." Rev.
Carroll preached this same ser
mon at the State S. S. and B. Y.
P. U. Convention Thursday night.
The ladies of the Church Aid
Club of Second Calvary Baptist
Church will give a Pink and Yel
low Lawn Party for the benefit
of Second Calvary, next Monday
evening beginning at 7:30 o'clock
on the Jenkins' Lawn, 2202
Hampton Avenue.
The public is cordially invited.
All women interested in regis
tration, and right of citizenship
are cordially invited to be present
at 6:80 p. m., Monday afternoon
July 18th. at the Phyllis Wheatly
This is an important meeting
and all women from every ward
is urged to be present as well as
the members of the Womens'
Republican Club.
Mrs, L. J. Rhodes, Chairman
^?^ +
[Everything Done in Millinery
and First Class Dressmaking
End of Waverley Car Line
Watch Our Windows for the
Latest and Best Models at
Lowest Prices.
I Meals All "Hours. Sandwiches, Pies,
Light Groceries, Candies, Cakes,
Cigars, Cigarettes.
Ice Cream, Cold Drinks
2401% Gervais St. Columbia, S. C.
Cleaning, Pressing and
Your Patronage Solicited.
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Out of Town Orders So
licited. Prompt Deliverj
TOR, Columbia, S. C.
PHONE 2637
WANTED?Want you to buy that
aext pair of shoes from I. S. Leevy
)n Taylor street.
The Central Lumber Co., 700 Elm
woo? avenue, and Allison Lumber Co.,
J2d Lady street, solicit of our readers,
through their ads elsewhere in this
Issue, their business when in the mar
ket for building material of any kind
at very reasonable prices. And it
would be a favor to the publisher of
The Indicator if your patronage is
given these two well established and
business-like firms. Not only will you
save money by buying from them, but
you help all of us.
Try them with your next order.
on Taylor Steet.

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