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The Southern Indicator
When placed in The Indicatore
Read by orar 5,000 in Columbia
Atlanta Prepares For Busi
ness League?Anotker
B?nk Opens?Other
?y W. F. Williams.
Atlaita, Ga., July 14-While
the sut in its midsummer mad
ness p >urs its penetrating rays
upon a dozen hills, of the Gate
City of the South, sympathizing
zephyr i from some haven of un
forgetfulness bring refreshing
coolness and bewitching odors j
which make life still a pleasure.
With [mellow Georgia peaches
and jupcy Georgia water melons
at their best and almost free if
you'11 jkote them, it is great to
live in t)ixie in the good old sum
mer tike.
Nothing impedes the progress
of the Atlanta Negro Business
League. They are preparing to
put it over Philadelphia and
Cities that have entertain
great commerical organi
Mr. J. 0 Ross, the
lignt of the local league and
his forces are getting things in
trim a ad those who attend will
sing praises of Atlanta and her
business men of color. Many
places of interest are here. A
city famous from Sherman's
army down to Metropolitan
Opera. Its parks, theatres, and
boulevards are numberless and;
its Negro enterprises and beauti
ful Colleges and homes are an
inspiration co visitors from every
Come to Atlanta.
ed thi?
this enterprise is $2^,tQ**r IK
Hermin E. Perry is the presi
dent. It is located in the new
Standard Life Insurance build
ing. The work is completed and
it is snidato have the most beau
tiful fixtures of any Negro bank.
It is k member of the Federal
Reaeijve System.
The Service Printing Company
is the! largest Negro Commercial
Printing Plant in the world. It
employs a force of twenty and
has a; complete array of machin
ery, j
Th? Southeastern Federation
of N?gro Women's Clubs met in
this Gjity at the Butler Street Y.
M. C
A., recently. They were
entertained by the local federa
tion j of which Mrs. Alice D.
Career is president. j
Colored Society was widely
dispersed on July 4th. Some
went to Joy land, the new color
ed i ark, some to other parks,
some to Stone mountain, some
weni; motoring on the beautiful
pave d roads of Fulton County and
som<s visited the theatre. The
writer was in a party that took a
trolley ride to the beautiful re
gions around Camp Gordon,
thirt een miles distance. In the
partir also were Miss Lois Rut
ledge of Greenwood, S. C, who
is a student at Spellman, Miss
Mozelle Mason of this city and
Mr.{John L. Gibson of Columbia,
S. C. The party spent the time
Teachers from all over the
South are attending the first
Moijehouse College Summer
Work on the $150,000 Wheat
Street Baptist Church is pro
gressing. Rev. P. J. Iryant, D.
D., is the pastor. The member
ship of this church is 6,000.
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The Bbernezer Baptist Union
will convene with the Baptist
Church at Killians, S. C, Satur
day before the fifth Sunday in
July. There will be trucks and
transfers te convey all who wish
to go. They will leave Eberne
zer Baptist Church at 10 o'clock.
The Doctrinal sermon will be
preached by the Rev. H. Gunter,
Saturday night at 8:80 after
which collection. The Mission
ary sermon will be preached by
Rev. Harry M. Taylor of this
city, pastor Brown Chapel Bap
tist Chureh, Alston S. C. Sunday
morning at 11:30 followed by a
collection. The Doctrinal ser
mon will be preached by the Rev.
Solomon Jackson of Columbia?
at 3:30 Sunday afternoon and
followed by collection.
Dea. Wallace D?mick, Met?.
Dea. Willis Evans, Clerk
Rev. H. M. Taylor, Ree. Sec.
Sumteri July 16.?In the court
of general sessions here, W. H.
Thomas, white, indicted for as
sault with intent to ravish, was
found not guilty, the jury re
maining out 21 hours. The al
leged victim of the attack was a
Negro girl.
?The Record.
, Among those who attended the!
State SundaySchool and B. Y. I
Mary Cunningham, Rev. J. W.
Mathais and Rev. M. A. Cun
ningham. All report an inter
esting and profitable stay.
Prof. C. C, Clarkson of Green
, ville was a pleasant visitor in the
city last week.
? Mrs. L. J. Maxwell left Mon
day for Cheraw to attend the
Grand Session of the Order of
Eastern Stars.
Dr. J. C. Tobin of Union is
conducting a revival at St. Paul
that is doing great good and will
not soon be forgotten. He is in
deed a powerful preacher.
Mr. C. A. Odell spent a few
days in Atlanta last week.
The Children's Day exercises
were held at Bethel A. M. E.
Church, Sunday night. A large
crowd was delightfully enter
tained by the little folks.
Mrs. T. E. Hall has returned
to the city after pleasant visits
in Columbia and Whitmire.
Mr. Elihu Leak, who suffered
a stroke of paralysis is able to be
up we are glad to say.
Rev. R. Y. Adair a well known
character of the city, after a
long seige of illness passed to his
reward last Thursday and was
buried from Bethel Friday. Rev.
Smart preached the funeral and
in a very fitting eulogy the last
tribute of respect was paid to
his friend and brother minister.
We feel justly proud of our
competent Undertaker and Em
balmer in the person of Mr.
Norman Torrence. Mr. Torrence
now has complete charge of the
Colored Department of the Ken
nedy's Undertaking establish*
Mr. John Finley, of Rocky
Spring Church attended the Con.
vention at Sumter.
Miss Julia Collins of Green
ville spent a few hours in the
city last Tuesday.
Dr. B. A. Everett has returned
to the city and will resume his
practice immediately.
i shoes for the wl
Gethsemane Union and Sunday School
To be held with the St Pet?r ^aptiit Church, Inno, S. C,
July 30- 31, Re*. W. Jumper, Pastor.
10:00 a m; Dsvotionals led by Dea. D. R. Griffin.
10:30 a. m. Introductory Sermon, Rev. J. W. Ferguson, Alternate
Rev. T. J. Lawrence.
12:00 m. Reception and reading of Letters.
1:30 p. m. Reeess. Dinner.
3:00 p. m. Business. Appointment of Committees.
4:00 p. m. Institute Lecture, Prof. R. F. Lee, Columbia.
5:00 p. m. Echoes from Rural Schools.
Collection. Adjournment.
8:00 p. m. Devotionals led by De?. C. E. Bailey.
8:30 p. m. Sermon?Rev. w- P Peterson, Alternate Rev. Mat
thew Ford.
Collection. Adjournment.
9:30 a. m. Model Sunday School-Supts. E. E. Cornwell and A.
B. Holloway.
11:00 a. m. Missionary Sermon, Rev. J. C. White, D. D. Alter
nate, Rev. J. R. Chandler.
Collection. Recess. Dinner.
3:00 p. m. Devotionals led by Dea. John Suber.
3:30 p. m. Addresses and Papers by Representatives.
4:00 p. m. Closing Sermon, Rev. D. F. Thompson, D. D. Alter
nate, Rev. W. Jumper.
Collection. Reports of Committees. Adjournment.
REV. J. C. WHITE, D. D., President
Bull Street, Between Tijrfw *n* HampUn Str*?ta.
iviteayou and your frikdi
Sunday 10 a. m. Sunday Jebol.
Sunday 11 a. m., Mornini&rvice.
Sunday 6 p. m., B. Y. PMI.
Sunday 7 :S0 p. m., Eve^Service.
with them at all of
The city was saddened whli
the news spread like wild fim
that Mrs. Maria McLure, wife if
Rev. D. 8. McLure had depart*
this life on Thursday night aftir
an illness of 25 minutes. Ml
McLure was a refined christiln
woman and numbered her f rienls
by the hundreds. The fune*
was held at the Calvary Baptlt
Church on Saturday at 2 o'cloot.
Rev. J. C. Gilmore and Rev. W.
M. Honor preached, and bosk
spoke in the very highest terms
of the exemplary life of the <&
ceased. The church was packld
te overflowing, many comilg
from other towns of the State
and from Charlotte and Gastonfc,
N. C. The floral tributes w*e
many and beautiful. Rev. Mc
Lure has the sympathy of a hist
of friends in these sad houjs,
The body was laid to rest in He
bron Cemetery with Undertawr
E. N. Isom in charge. j
While leading his horse by tp
mane, Rev, J. C. Gilmore vjas
kicked in the side Tuesday whfen
the animal became playful; But
fortunately for him, the force of
the blow was not as heavy as
was at first feared.
Revs. J. C. Gilmore, W. I
Honor, L. F. Sanders, T JH,
Ward, Prof. S. L. Finley, MrjJ.
E. Spann, Mesdaraes Ma*it
Jones, Carrie McAlilley, Beulah
Cunningeam attended the State
Sunday School and B. Y. PI?,
Convention which met in Sunyer
last week. {
^ Mt Olive Baptist Church tas
packed to its utmost capscitrton
Sunday night, the occassionfce
inf Children's Day. The tre.
gram was enjoyed by *H. fta
eollection amounted to 111-39j
iole family anc G
Claasses in Sanitary Science
ire being instructed by Madam
Beckwith and Mr. Lewis of the
Beckwith Mfg. Co. of Cleveland,
Ohio. Agents for this company
are being made. Mme. Beck
with and * Mr. Lewis are alsG
showing a line of sacred pictures
at the various churches of the
Mrs. Robert Walker, Cemeterj
St., is spending three weeks ir
Washington with her sister.
Miss Hattie Gladden of Wash
ington, is in the city for a few
Mrs. Rebecca Ghist is suffer
ing with a bone felon on one oi
the fingers of her right hand.
The Sunday School picnic given
by the A. M. E. Z. Church twc
weeks ago, was largely attended.
All were served to a plenty oi
the choicest viands, which added
to the real enjoyment of the day.
Large crowds attended Chil
dren's Day at Calvary Baptist
Church last Sunday afternooi]
and night and enjoyed both pro
grams. The collection was $97.
Mrs. Maggie B. Currence oi
Charlotte spent laat week in the
the city with her parents, Mr,
and Mrs. S. M. Brice. Rev,
Currence spent Monday here anc
he and the madam returned t<
Mrs. Minnie Bell Brice is quit*
sick this week.
Mrs Lizzie McLees is prepar
ing a program for Children's Da]
atHick&on Chapel, Loomis St.
Sunday night.
Mra. Prof, Adair and childrei
are visiting relatives in Georgia
Mr. F. L. Lander, architec
and builder spent Tuesday an<
Wednesday in Laurens on busi
Miss Ethel Leach is in Colum
rents Furnishing
In response to the great de
mand in Columbia for an organi
zation that will give information,
aid and support in promoting
business enterprises; the better
thinking men of Columbia poses
sed with those qualities that
mean for advaneement and
achievement have organized an
association conducted for and by
colored people and given it the
name ' 'Board of Trade. ' '
The object of this organization
is united efforts towards peace,
charity, equity and aid in de
veloping and promoting racial
commerical enterprises; consid
eration of necessary questions
that may arise among our people
and for the good of the public in
To foster the work the follow
ing have been chosen as officers:
Dr. J. H. Goodwin, Pres., Mr. I.
J. Joseph, 1st vice Pres.. Bishop
W. D. Chappelle, 2nd vice Pres.,
Mr, L. B. Woods, Sec, Mr. Geo.
Hamyton, Asst. Sec, Mr. G. Lee
Ratliffe, Treasurer.
The officers along with the
Board of Directors and members
hope to cooperate with the Cham-,
ber of Commerce in helping toi
make Columbia one of the great
est commerical cities in America.
Tkere is now a drive on for,
500 members and of course we!
expect to go "over the top."
Already the ministers as well as
the laymen are cooperating and
entering right into the spirit of
the occassion. In the near future
we hope to publish a paper to be
known as "The Board of Trade,"
in addition to that we hope to
have a large building with offices,
Haberdashery is used for a tem
porary office and Frederick's
Hall on Assembly St., for month
ly meetings.
: May we have a large numH?r
of new members at our next
meeting which will be Monday,
July 25th, at 8 p.m.? And lei
us ask God to give us true and
tried men who will stimulate
business enterprises.
Don't forget the Time, Place
and Hour of the next meeting.
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and First Class Dressmaking
MRS. J. A ROACH, Manager
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bia, the guest of her aunt, Mrs,
Mabel Jackson on Harden St.
Mrs. Bruce, widow of Bishoj
Bruce of Charlotte, spent the
week end with Mrs. Jennie C.
Mrs. Susie Phillips is convales
cing after being sick severa
Mr. J .C. White attended the
Grand Chapter of the Order oi
Eastern Star, in Cheraw thii
The ball game between Chestei
and Lancaster on Thursday re
suited in a score of 4 to 3 in fa voi
[of Chester. On Monday th<
score in the game betweei
Chester was 3 to 2 in favor o
Chester. Largo crowds attend
'ed both games.
Mrs. Bessie Douglass enter
tained a few friends at her hom<
on Friday night complimentar;
to Mrs. Bruce of Charlotte.
Will all whose subscription
are due please see the Chaste
Agent and pay up?
5 from I. S. Leevy
The National Association for
the Advancement of Colored Peo
ple, 70 Fifth Avenue, New York,
today issued a statement urging
every colored man and woman in
the United States, as soon as it
is announced that the Dyer Bill
is reported put of committee and
is before Congress, to telegraph
to his or her representative in
Congress urging passage of the
federal anti-lynching bill intro
duced by Representative Leoni
das C. Dyer of Missouri. There
is every prospect that the bill for
which the Association has been
fighting for more than a year
will soon be reported out of Com
mittee, and will be ready for con
sideration by the Congress. This
is the first time a federal anti
lynching bill has ever reached so
favorable a stage, and there is
every possibility provided colored
people throughout the United
States and white people who
stand for law and order unite in
demanding its passage, that it
will bo enacted into law.
As early as January, 1920
representatives of the National
Association for the Advance,
ment of Colored People attended
the hearings of the bill in Wash
ington. Arthur B. Spingarn.
vice president of the National
Association and Chairman of the
Legal Committee of the Associa
tion, was among those who ap
peared, as were Archibald H.
Grimko, Nevai H. Thomas and
Professor George W. Cook of the
Washington Branch, and James
I Weldon Johnson, the national
was not reported out, but a new
? bill was introduced by Mr. Dyer,
in May: was favorebly reported,
and was placed on the calendar
of the House of Representatives
; a few days before the adjourn
ment of the 66th Congress. It is
; substantially the same bill which
[ is now before the House Judiciary
i Committee. The bill provides:
That the putting to death with
i in any state of any person within
the jurisdiction of that state-by
a mob or rioteous assemblage of
three or more persons openly
acting in concert, is an offense
against the United States; that
every participant in such mob
shall be guilty of murder and
liable to prosecution in a District
Court of the United States; that
every county in which such mur
der occurs shall be fined $10,000,
recoverable in a United States
Court; that every state or muni
cipal officers who neglects all
reasonable efforts to protect his
prisoners shall be liable to pros
ecution in a District Court of the
United States, and may be
punished by imprisonment not
exceeding five years, or by fine
not exceeding $5,000 or both.
In making public the present
status of the Dyer Anti-Lynch
ing Bill, the National Associa
tion for the Advancement of
Colored People urges that colored
people organize so that as soon
as the Dyer bill is before Con
gress, a flood of telegrsma, from
white people x and colored, in
every part of the United States
will go to every Representative
in Congress urging the passage
of the measure.
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