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County and Phil Sawyer
duces Bill to Dam
About 50 years ago some one
wrote a joker into' the constitu
tion of North Carolina by which
most of the rich men of the"
state have since heen exempt
from paying an Income tax to
the state. The joker, provided
that no income shall.be taxed
when the property from which
the income is derived is iaxed.
The present General Assembly
of North Carolina will scrap that
joker if the Doughtoh bill goes
thru and the Doughton bill is
apt to go thru just because it is
the Doughton bill. The author
of the bill himself has heretofore
been one of the greatest reac
tionaries in thev House and a
stumbling block in the path of
progressive legislation. .
Governor Doughton's iax amendment
bill would abolish that section of the
constitution whieh ,sa.ya "no income
shall be taxed when the property from
Lwhich the income is derived is taxed,"
and provide for a uniform income tax
law not to exceed six per cent. The
exemptions would be $1 000 for unmar
ried aad $1,500 for marned persons.
The bill would also cbangre the 'Con
stitution and provide a uniform poU tax
f $2.00 and limit the total State and
County tax rate on property to 66 2-3
cents on the one hundred dollars valu
ation except for a special put pose and
with the approval of the General As
semby. Residence in the State, as a
pre-reauisite to voting, would be chang
ed from two years to one and in the
precinct from six months to four. : The
payment of poll tax prerequisite would
be abolished altogether.
.The -assessment of sll property in
Korth Carolina , at Its real value for
taxation, and a special session of the
General" Assembly in the sximmer ol
1920 to reduce the rate of taxation
form the basis of a plsn agreed upon
unanimously by the joint , finance com
mittee of the House and the Senate
to put taxation in the State upon an
honest basis.
Realise of the short time left in
which a revaluation could be accom
plished, it is not the aim of the commit-,
tee to have the reassessment completed
by May of this year. But work of re
valuation for May, 1920, will be undej
way in the immediate future if the
plans of the Finance Committee work
out. "
-There is no purpose in the decision
ef the committee to increase the State's
income in this way, but merely to es
tablish a solid basis for the State's tax
ing system, a system which will insure
fairness on the part of the State to the
people and fairness on the part of the
people to the State. .
It is proposed that the tax rates in
cities and counties- will be lowered in
the same ratio as that of the State.
While the committee has as -yet
fgreed only on the general policy to
recommended to tne Urenerai Assem-
Dly, no effort having betn made to de
cide on the means to carry it out. Many
bfOifivfi that the existing machinery
should be used as far as possible. This
would place the gigantic? task under the
direct supervision of the State Tax
Commission, which wou.d be entrusted
j with the responsibility ; of securing
- equitable reassessments of all property
in the State.
$250,000 Agricultural Building
Governor T. W. Bickett has sent a
special message to the General Assem
bly reiterating his recommendation foi
a new $250,000 building for the State
: Department of Agriculture and recom-
' mending the establishment of thiE
building at the State College. "
Stock Law For Washington
Dr. B. F. Halsey, representing Wash
ington county, is drafting a bill to give
his county a stock law. . Dr. Halsey
will not Tsut the Question to a vote of
his people. He says he will' trust the
judgment of 20 of the most progressive
farmers of his county against the: opin?
f ion of the county's whole electorate.
, pVHalsey is thoroly-, progressive, ancj
aid to do thethfng he believes
Jght. He is determined on the
: few question. , - . . .
Local Legislation
sr representative has mtroaucea
(i joiiis oi interest to juuzaoein vny
,afid Pasquotank County. One bill seeks
t to provide the Recorder's Court of Pas
Vuotank county with a prosecutor, as
y ) 4s been done in other counties in the
fatewhere Recorder's Courts are es
- -3tTUi The nassaee of this bill will
'providearsquotank witfc. the machinery
to insure prosecutions in cases like that
of the recent attack on the Y. M. C, A
It is bad business . for any . county tc
maintain a Recorder's Court in which
the Recorder acts as Judge, -Jury and
Solicitor. The Bill follows closely the
Chowan county act and is as -follows:
PrnepriifftfA in' Pncniirtt'arilf
Wants the JobIiitro-
Kjiobbs Creek f ; 1 4
QUOTANK COUNTY.", ,: ... :-;
The General Assembly of North Caro
lina do enact:
Section 1. That chapter one hundred
and eighty. Public Laws of nineteen
hundred and seven, be snd the same is
hereby amended by adding at the end
of said chapter thesections which shall
be as follows: . - ..
"Sec. 24. That there is hereby creat
ed the office of 'County prosecutor for
Pasauotank County, which, office shall
be filled by a reputable lawyer of said
countyr Said prosecutor shall be elect
ed by the qualified voters of Pasquo
tank County at the first 'general elec
tion for -county officers following the
ratification of this act, at the same time
and in the same manner as members
of the General Assembly. The term of
office- of the said prosecutor snail be"
for two years from and after the .first
Monday in December, next succeeaing
his election. Until .said election Is held
Ernest L. Sawyer be and he is, hereby
appointed to serve as such prosecutoi
in Pasquotank County from and after
the ratification of this act and until his
successor is elected and qualified as
provided for in this act. - Said prose
cutor, before entering upon the dis
charge of his duties, shall take and
subscribe the oath of solicitors before
the Clerk of the Superior Court of
Pasquotank County, or some other per
son qualified to administer oaths, whicb
oath shall be filed and recorded by the
Clerk of the Superior Court of Pasquo
tank County.
Sec. 25. Said prosecutor shall ap
pear for the State in all criminal ac
tions or-matters heard before the Tria'
Justice and shall receive as compensa
tion -therefor, one half the fees as are
now prescribed by law for solicitors
except that in prosecutions for viola
tion of city ordinances the fee shall be
two. dollars for each conviction, and
said fees shall be -taxed in the bill of
cost, to be couected and paid the prose
cutor "as now provided by law "for soli
citors. " .. r
SecC 26. Any vacany that may tppeai
in the above named office, either by
death, resignation, failure to qualify
or for any other cause, shall 'be filled
for the unexpired term by the Board of
County Commissioners of T Pasquotank
County." - v
Secr2l That this act shall be injull
force and effect-from and after Its ratification.'-
-Wi ".--.- . ' '
To Dam .KnobbiCrek - .
" The other bill introduced by your
representative this reefciatar an act
to authorize the Elizabetn "City Water
& Power Compaiiy to dam -Knobbs
Creek. The bill has the written approv
al of the Elizabeth City Board Of Al
derman nd the Elizabeth City Cham
ber of Commerce. The bill as drafted
and forwarded to your representative
was rather loose in ;ts - construction
and gave no protection whatever to
land owners on Knobbs Creek who, are
opposed to any dam that would back
the water of the creek up on their
lands. Your representative has " so
drafted the act that the landowners on
Knobbs Creek need have no such fears.
The landpwneis are. further protected
by a provision "which puts the plans
and specifications for. the proposed, dam
up to the Pasquotank Highway com
mission. ..Any one who desire to be
heard on thisVbill can get a hearing
by wiring me; but I am determined in
the interest. of Elizabeth City , water
consumers to put this bill thru. The
bill follows:
The General Assembly of North Caro
lina do enact:
Section 1. That authority is hereby
granted to the Elizabeth City Water &
Power Company to erect and build a
dam across Knobbs Creek at a point
which is sixty-five feet west from the
center of the main line track of the
Norfolk-Southern Railroad . Company
where it crosses the creek with ite
bridge over the road leading from Fore
man Blades Lumber Company to Road
Street, together with the necessary
powers for ijonstructing and maintain
ing said dam. The said dam is to have
a' concrete wall and base, together with
the necessary automatic tide gates to
permit the free outflow of water when
the current is outward but closing when
the. current is inward, and an expecial
sluice or gate to permit the passage of
logs. The plans and specifications for
the said dam shall be approved .by the
Pasquotank County Highway Commis
sion and. the dam. built in accordance
with the plans and specifications so
approved. -
Sec. 2. That all lays and- clauses. f
laws In conflict with this act are here-
Sec. 3. This act shall- be to force
from and after its ratification, v
. Market House.- Legislation
;-. Your- representative is repeatedly taw.
plbred Horno; Aomeihing:. to:-? force; thej
butchers: in Elizabeth; City .to -Hsjeilhe
market' housei There . is ' nothing ?your,
representative could do in thia connec
tion. The Board of Aldermen has. every
power In this respect that is invested
in the General Assembly of - North
Carolina. It is up to the Board of AT
de'rmen and .the Alderman r who? tells
you that he has got to have more" legis
lative, authority, is not telling you the
truth.' No act of the General Assembly
could change . the- attitude of the pre
sent Board of Aldermen to the Market
House. Elizabeth City . has- -got ' to
change its Board ; of Aldermen. - -
P. G. Wants the Job
Only two persons In Elizabeth City
"knew on Monday of tis week that J
contemplated introducing a . bill .to
create the office ofPublic Prof ecutor io
connection ; with the. Recorder's : Court.
Those' two . men. -were Recorder 3eo.
Speface and attorney Ernest L. Sawyer.
(Continued on page five?
Mr, John Berry Resents Editorial Sug
gestion in Recent Issue of -:
' This Paper : ;
The editor of this newspaper has a
good many ideas in the course of ; the
year and oceassionallyuhs hits- off one
that doesn't suit somebody. . His recent
suggestion that the Geneial Assembly
consider ' the idea of taxing church
property gets a rise out of John u
Berry, Grand Secretary of the Grand
Lodge of X O. O. P. of North Caro
lina. This newspaper is always glad
to get views of its readers and publishes
herewith Mr. -Berry's Conimraicauon
in full: r : - - -
I notice in "The Independent" under
date of' January 17. you call attention
to the fact that church - property in
North Carolina amounting to twenty
five to fifty million dollars worth, pays
no taxes. You raise the question,
"Wouldn't it be 'a good idea for our
legislators in the present General As
sembly to consider this fact?"
I think the answer to this question
be emphatically NO.
in the first place, churches have no
income except the voluntary contribu
tinns of its members, all of whom are
already taxpayers. To tax the church
property" would be an Injustice to its
members, as it wouia mean a uuuuk
taxation on those "who. are supporting
the churches of "our " land. Church
buildings have very little commercial
value 'except for the purpose for which
they were erected. Very" few church
buildings could be sold for one half
their cost of erection for any commer
cial 'purpose. There is no rental incme
from this class of real estate.
" In the second place, churches exert
a wonderful influence in their respec
tive' communities and reduce crime to
a minimum.. Search the records of yout
criminal courts, and you-wUl find that
a. very small per cent of those who are
prosecuted .pet ore the bar of Justice
not-to'say convicted, are members of
anv ofcurchW ever have-been. Thu It
canr -easily bl that tbe, churches J
pensea,. ana, -tnus jubuw -..
ed; enstonx. ofL-exempting cnureu
pertylfjonv taxatn,rv - -.; --l .-..4: a,
-You ay "niore taxes mfistjcotne from
somevhere v"5ye?ave no doubt this
is rueT Instead of Undertaking to tax
church propertyivre would sugest nec
essary machinery for the correct valu
ation of property, both real and. per-
sonAl, this year as the new asseBsmem
io "wimift. " If this be don we. do not
believe there will be any -occasion for
considering the taxation pi cnurcn pro-
It would be just as ieasiuw v -
the property of our schools and .col-
to: which-are public benefactors
thmiTE-hout ' the :; State
would advocate the taxation of church
property after mature deliberation "on
the -subject. r;. -- -: :. "- ;;
-' Tours very respectfully, - . ' '
. ..-. ,' ' JOHN.D. BERRY. ; :
Ieigh, Cm : January , 21, 1919.;, . .; ,
W ANTED : Second hand bicycle, must
be ? in - good - condition, - Appiy - to
Dare County Folk Don't Like
Publicity of Flu Fi
. Fliers ;
FightiBg the Flu via aero. may. s be
great sport for the U. S. Medieal Corps
and furnishes: interesting -headlines ."for
newspapers but it ,lan't , making the
strongest sort of 'appeal to the pejple
of Dare" county who are the beneficiar
ies (or the victims) of this latest d
ventured . .- ' iZ -. ' '
Dare countylike: every -otter county
in Nprth Carolina has hadj J'lu epi
demic., - On account of the . peculiar
geographical : nature - of ; that county
phjBBicIanscan not : get about - very
rapidly and .many communities - have
felt the handicap -of lack" o "prompt
medical ,aid during the epidemic.
B. G. Crjsp, an enterprising -lawyer
of Mahteo, conceivedthe idea of get
ting aid from the" U.. S. rublic -Health
Service Oh the ground that influenza
had broken " out in . the U. S. ' Coast
Guard stations, - 6f which there are a
great number in Dare County. The
mremment resoonded with . Capt. C.
( Micnel ot the tj. s. Army Medical
CorpS) four trained nurses and a" big
hydro-airplane to carry the fioctor and
his nurses from place to place.. The
presence of that airplane seems to have
advertised the prevalence- of Fluv in
Dare as no other device cbuldbave
done. The result is that merchants and
transportation men all over Dare - are
said to be Objecting to the "government
suvtlniv -na1nma; down that Wayr:: It
is pointed out that the government's
.use of a monster . airplane in- ite; f ight
on Flu in Dare has the" effect of mak
ing the outside public think that the
Flu J in Dare is worse tmw - in; . other
counties. ' TJC S. Army- surgeons,; and
nurses have worked in othOr counties
In theftato "without attracting any par
tlcular attention : but when the govern
ment sends them kiting ,roundthe
earth In an airplane at a Jpeed of SO
mfies faxi ' bour everybody aits up ana
takes notice. ' Dare,' llke other counties,
doesn't liketb have the-Flu. advertised.
Dr.' F.' P. Gates, -Health' Officer; for
Dare ;C6unty," is tuoted as saying -that
Influeiizar in Dare is nbt particularly
alarming" ana that there haver been-yery
few deaths. The U S;?Army outfit,
flofitAri' nUrses 'and . airplane, . was -sent
into Dare without the - solicitation f
Dr. Gates. He was as much surprised
as any one when the big flying machine
lit into his practice. - . . . :"-. .. -; "'- 7
The airplane has demonstrated what
. - " . - ...a 'malt.
- (could oe expeeiea-ot u wwm.
1 vice between Elizabeth City ana poinus
j in Dare county, he airplane now In
r -omea from Manteo," fo? Elistabetfi
City, for a .supply, of pills- in about 27
minutes and returns in the same space
of time. Other means.: of. transporta
tion consumes; nearly -A day under pre
sent - schedules. , -x' y ;i;
.Tr; C.V Michel, the S,: Public
Health ; officer having charge-of .the
Dare epidemic returned to .Norfolk,' Va.;
this, week, -declaring s that local physi
cians had the epidemic weu.tn nana,.
til Vlhil.
--1 ,
New Prohibition Law Makes The Sale
. Of Extraete Risky"
' Business. '. : , . '
tne present .uenenu "w
-. . . , i
the Anti-Saloon League . provides : a
bunch of -trouble for druggists and. deal
ers in toilet Articles, flavoring extracts..
etc The question arises, ho-w will such
law be enforced?, The section of V
1111 designated to put 1 ; the
.. t. . , -1 r.t
shoe poUsh, etw. follows..;
r SEC. 14 VThat it: shall be unlawful
to: manufacture-or sell any toilet, medi-
cinal antiseptic preparation or solu-f
tion.'or any flavoring extfcaet or patent
or'pi9prietary medicine or preparation
the' manuf acture or sale of which re-
quires the " payment'; . of the unitea
States liquor dealer's tax.-; All otner
toilet, medicinal, .antiseptic" prepara-
tions or solutions, or flavoring extracts.
or patent or proprietary: medicines
preparations, which are not potaDie or
capable; of being used as an alcoholic
beverage Imay- be manufactured' and
sold: Provided, the vendor, by ask-
in? ttiA nurchaser. satisfies -himself or
herself.: . : "
(1)" That the article or preparation
t be purchased is to be used accord-
ing to directions and purposes intended
w :Aa ninnfatnrer of the same.
m That the" purchaser is not ad -
dieted to the use of alcoholic, Uquors,
has not been under the influence of
alcoholiCliq.uor during the last tnree
to use the article or preparation as a
substitute for liquor. . " .
(3) And; that the would-be pur
.i.nn. 1,0a nrt -nroeured r from any
source the identical article orlprepara-
tion within the last forty-eight hours
preceding: Provided, further, that not
more than 8. ounces of flavoring ex-
tract or twelve ounces of patent . or
proprietary medicines may be sold
at any one time. ; ; ; V . ,
. -JL;-;,.--; ' - - . . ..v.- .
WAKrrii57A- hite? womas 25dta:5Jollvt near Moyock. : ';? ;P
--vrff - ofc d-,attend to liuen at nos -
nitat f Apply EICZABETHCiS;
PTCffi cT;;" "
f . : . . WrrwrHsTiehT ighwajt, wonld jtte thAmosi
-rmnf : oodlaporovaTof the Representatives of .thefc
. The -Country 1 IS ;-fuU PI, fllCmmties. and they have: invited i
om ecialists land;-: there-rare
hundreds" Of g66d y glass man-
nfacrersbutitis worth some-
rthing to Elizabeth City ana vi-
Cinity tO knOW that DOtn can ue
found in this town, ur. riatna
roina:Ti sf onlv- a reputable and
Skillful Optometrist, uu.
TirtTnotrlfit. DUt He
nTOTnise.S.1 ThiS unusual service
iA. HPrtTifl -rriftnt in muchlters and tlu . brothere suirlve . bim.
- "I " : .'
larger, cities.
erMabe;A:Grtee iH
Elizabeth City, NC.
Elizabeth : CitWoman i
k Organize Against Filth and Profiteering
1 Pasquotank': Member -Enraged Over
Latest Vicious" rJevfce of Cotton ;
Mill Men . . ; -;
' V: 'T . -"--., . .
WV O. Saunders will undertake , to
lead a fight - in the.- General - Assembly
to secure a child labor: law with. teeth
in it. Saunders" has,. In fact already
introduced a bill proposed by M. .1
,Shipman, Commissioner of Labor and
Printing,- which bill provides .a labor
commission, with -powers .'. to ; enforce
child labor legislation In North Carolina
r Saunders' was inspired to, lead the
fight by a damnably vicious move made
y the cotton mill men to destroy Com
missioner Shipman as soon as he pro
posed an. effective child labor law
Representative Love of Lincoln, a cot
ton manufacturer and chairman of the
House committee on Manufactures and
Labor introduced ac bill In the House
Tuesday to abolish Commissioner Ship
man ; and his office.-- Interviewed by a
reporter of the News & Observer. Tues
day night Representative Saunders, of
the committee, declared; that the biK
was one calculated to make red blood
ed North Carolinians bot in the collar."
'T have had & risini; " temperature
ever since. I saw the blamed thing this
morning," . continued . ti e Pasquotank
member. "There may."-be . some argu
ment in favor of-abolishing Shipman
and his office but' it.cdmes with a bad
face from a cotton mill representative
on the. heels of Commissioner Shipman'e
recommendation "of a, bill to put an end
to. the employment of -; child " labor . In
North Carolina. . Everybody knows that
the cotton mills violate every' child
labor 1- ar 0n the statute . books andl
maintain a lobby in every legislature to
block child labor legislation. ; Tb6ir lat
est move,- though, r is ;the rawest thing
I have ever seen. ' ,. .-. ;-' ' c- -'
. "Mr. Love'ffbill should act as a boom
erang." Mr. Saunders thinks.' "North
hians will resent so bold an effort
source of profit to the more powerful
manufacturing Interests in the State,,
he said. '' " - ' ': ." ' "
"Then menace' of "BolsbevisnV added
Mr. Saunders "is. abroad in the land
louay juoi ucv-auo w. . f
: " idfiff-T fhoueht tne
soverigh people of North Carolina were
to be run over; by the; "cotton'' mill In-:
terests .in any such .way as; indicated
jrf"-" "
und?r the red flag. , . . ,
The-cotton miirmeh pretendOo be
in favor of child labor legislation. They
always do; And they aiways Mil chUd
iabor tegislation; ,They maintain a big
ibiy .' at the. c'apitol and the ' House is
packed "with cottdn mill owners their
lawyers and representatives. ; A ftorneys
tne cotton mantifacturers have'ac
1 tuany -com.e into the House, sat in tne
of members and lobied; for their
mterestg in the House while the House
in "session. " Saundeis has hisfight-
mg clothes on and says he is not going
to.mmce words in taking up thisngni
m behalf of the child.en of the: Old
North State. , ' : - ' '.-:...;:,
j The cotton . mill me i are indorsing
I - -Riftirett's- views on -child
I labor. Governor Bicketi's vieVs ai ex
! nressed m his biehnia)- message are;
the Raieigh Times well says, "Less
pleasmg to his admirers than rny,other
hia "sniendid document: for
1 lULUVU f
I . - eovern6r did not gias this , sub
. . b the tail, head or middle ' but
merely pointed at it.'
Permanent roads for
- At a conference of the -Senators and
RepresentaUves of the first District
held in Raleigh Wednesday night, it
was planned to form a District of. the
flye counties, north of the Albemarle
sound, and bond the District for the
purposf of building a ; permanent road
between the Albemarle Sound at Eden-
ton and the r Virginia State, Hneat .a
1 . . t : sasnesed ao
1 v- . . , ri6rtv.-vEiBa4ciate beyond expression their sympathy
ibrth rftr" beWgtlM chief feeneflclarycof
l, feMeiedThe' blan has cthe
leadinK citizens of all .he counties to
meet them in Raleigh next Tuesday
ana 3
scneme has the support of the state
Highway Commission.
ZBDUion Bieyu ui,-i.,.. -
Ronton Township
1 this -county, . aiea . 01 iiu.iueiii-.i. .e?
o'clock' Monday morning- Three ; si-
One brother now ill off Wumonla l
The funeral oecurred -Tuesday.; after
noon and intement was. to rHollywood.1
PEANUT MEAI; For? Sale, 3.00r'per
Elizabeth City,. N. CT.
.1 x . -. .
launches Movement To
Profiteers, look out! Eliza
beth. City housewives are going
after your" scalps. They hare
stood high prices and unsani
tary conditions in this town long
enough. They, are up in arms. .
There is to be organized in -Elizabeth
City within the next
few days, a Housewives League.
The object" of the Housewives
League will be the object .of all
Housewives - Leagues to com- -bat
the high cost of living. Pro
fiteers,, look out! . 7 -
Mrsj Sallie Boettcher is", the -promoter
of the proposed league.
She has already enlisted a num-;-;
ber of the city's most influential
women in the movement and is X
in correspondence with out of T
town women who have success
fully, organized such leagues
Mrs. Boettcher is one of the most i .
enterprising women in Elizabeth 4
City and when Bhe gets down;hv-v .! -v,? ;
hind a thing something is und:gfg
to happen. - In this instance
things are .going to happen- to
butchers who pay; 2f6 centjr'
pound for pork and charge ;th :
housewife 40 cents a pound for -ItT
The 24 centra . iKmrirbfft7;
on ;pork- chops is -the "straw that
has broken'the camel's back. i f. :
Mrs. Boettcher 'is in . earnest.
She says the consumers of EUz-,. ".
abeth City '.have suffered long
and -. patiently. .They- 'are not
only the victims of high prices,'r .
but the victims of dirt and filtlL v
The;B6ard of. Aldermen, and the-v
- TT.AUU Timuivt-mnvit"'BT,A'.K.-'-'-.?
pa - oOokes so aslnlbr
ing cleanltoessJs concernecL.
Elizabeth CStyihoTisewife has to.
putupth'dy bread;handd
between the baker and the buyVV
er. EUzabethXity - hpusewiviitj
have to .buy their meats too 6f-
ten in aircy ouxener suops 1 VKXk-" 1 "''A
Th ritri the: odor - ofr tainted Wm'
meats: rney puy
know not what they : Bayv vine
Hce box in the 'average store :is
a foul and germ laden thing that
hasn't been washed jtown,or;ah-.
ed out iti years. ' There is no one
to protest against ;such things f ;;
now; ' 'J.nere'.wiu ue gome .
to jprdtest against such things
when the- Housewives League is
organized. Z Mxs.' Boettcher in-
tiTYint that one of the nrst o.:-.n
things she would have the Lea- : Zyf-1
cTie do. would be to boycott . ." Oi
every butcher in town who does K if
hnsiness outside the city market. . ',:!
"We would compel the butchers
to use the city market house and
then compe; the city administra- : - ;-;
tion to keep that market house
in a sanitary : condition," says
Mrs.' Boettcher. : ,:--';.; 'Zi-r ' : ;':
Profiteers, look ouV 'p;ySr
MR8. V. A' ROY ALU ; r
Mrs. V. A. Rdyall, wife'of Rev.
Royall, formerly, pastor of. the Pasqub- i
tank Circuit of Methodist ' Churches,
dropped dead while about fcer house
work, at Sanford,.N. C last. Saturday. .
Mrs. Royall is survived by her husband
and four children. , . . t .
4We wish to take this method to, thank
our 'many friends and neighbors: dur-.
Ins - our--'recent s sorrow.r We- appre-
rand mafiysacto of Jdndnesa extende4,Ww'
naL during "the illness and - death of , oujr;
dearr MfOtber Mrs. . Kate M ann. -.
FOR -. SALE : A good
horse. 12 - years old. -A
gentle work .T "
crood . worker ft
but I don't need him any more. Apply., '" : " . f
to W.-D. WILWAMS, 814 Maple street 3 igf ;!
City. J,
7 The' Maritime Engineering Corpora-:;
tion during the'paet weeK, have unkad-::
"ed five carloads; of ; freight e nd trans-.':? ;
ferred same7 to Got Island shipyard.
Mr. Vandenburgh, the local represents
ktive; of the Company," states tlatj- the
reorganization ofthe compary "Will prolr-
bably,. be V completed ' withUu ten ,. days I "
and - work, immediately. . resumed there- r-
' nr -1- i.3". ,."' i--.r --;--jj. 3 . ;

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