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v--; i - - - ; - i,;..,' , . - .... - - - - 5 - - ' .
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..si -:tv-
; MAY 30, 1919
NO 567
- " - - - .... TT, . : :
That's The Question Uppermost in Everybody's
Mind and Not Even The Aldermen Elect
Have Answered It ,
Who will be the next mayor of,
gteabeth City? That, is the
-uestion' on .everybody's hps.
glizabeth City's new Board of
Himuen. takes office Monday
Bigtit, June 2. The first duty of
tu new Board after organiza
tion is the filling of appointive
oifices. first 'of which is Mayor.
Who will be the Mayor?
T.VinklV. tlllS
newspaper aoesn t
know: ir- cant even suess And all
for the very good reason that the new
idermen elect, themselves : do not
tnow who they are going to name for
jfiyor. The Aldermen elect have been
caucusing ever since their election
and every lime they hold a caucus they
safia to get further and further apart
ofl the mayoralty question. , They cau
cus again to-night and to-night they
,iay hit on some one; time is getting
,iVjrt and they must do something. But
ut to this hour they don't know who
t-ney want to preside at their meet
inSB and aest the decisive vote when
coniss a tie.
AU sorts of men have been sug
gested for Mayor. Their has been a
soastderable boom for A. B. Houtz, and
a boom for O. F. Gilbert , and a boom
foe P. "W- McMullan. But every one
of these men already occupies public
ffice and is not eligible; Under North
Carolina's constitution no man can
kold two political offices.' Mr. Houtz
and Mr. Gilbert are members or tne
Pasquotank Highway Commission and
Mr. McMullan is a member of the
Northeastern North Carolina. District
Highway Commission.
Tjhen some one started a boom for
j T. McCabe and another for W. C.
Glover. Whispers of C. H. Robinson
likewise were heard. But the younger
eiement in the town says give us a
younger man; this is a young man's
ags aad 'Elizabeth City wants youth
and ?ep and progress in office. No
ne nwetions the ability of the ojder
nen bat younger men are demanding
, recognition. :.. '., k' ''-j'
SeBT8Ll younger men"""'Iiave TT tt&iti
meattoned. W. I. Duff is a favorite
iritii a large number of people. An-
vniinir vnsinpRs man who has
been suggested is M. Ieigh Sheep
Biiher of these men would make a
good executive. Either of these men
would let a "-City Manager run the
town. Neither of these men has an
axe to grind and neither is unduly in
fluenced, by men higher up. Both are
dependable. The Board of Aldermen
wouldn't go wrong on either of them.
And there is another man looming
large in the estimation of the public.
There has grown up in Elizabeth City
within a few weeks a sentiment favor
ing Geo. Seyffert, superintendent of the
Eueabeth City Hosiery Mills, for the
mayoralty. Geo. Seyffert is an effi
cient executive; he knows how to deal
with crowds; and Geo. Seffert is a
thinker and student. Geo. Seyffert is
one of a very few men in Elizabeth City
who knows a little something about
everything under the sun; he is . post
ed oa current events and he has a
grasp of big economic and social prob
lems. And in the estimation of his
frieds he excels because of the purity
of his personal life; he is clean, strong,
heatthy and has a clear vision. He
kas "pep". Some believe that George
Seyffert once called to serve the com
munity would make as big a commun
ity man as A. B. Houtz, and that's
saying something.
The Aldermen elect will get together
to-night and consider all of the men
kereiu named, and probably many
oe. What will be the up-shot?
And As To City Manager
The Aldermen elect seem to be more'
oartain of what course to" pursue in
th selection of a City Manager. This
ewspaper has felt them out sufficient
to believe that they are almost un
animously committed to the good, sen
sible idea of going out of town for a
City Manager. In fact., this newspaper
is informed that the new Aldermen are
already in touch with the National
Association of City .Managers and is
getting a line on trained men for the
job. if they fall down on this it really
will not matter who is made Mayor.
The success or failure of the new
political administration in BUeabetb
City will rest upon the office of City
he u. S. Navy seaplane NC-4, com
manded by Lieutenant' Commander
Albert C. Read, successfully completed
its flight across the Atlantic Ocean
from Trepassey Bay, Newfoundland to
Lon. PortueaL via the Azores Is
lands May 27, thus winning for the
Aaieriaan Navy the honor of the first
wans-Atlantic flight in history- The
ual flying time from America to
Europe was 26 hours and 41 minutes.
Tke last lap of the flight is the 755
miles from Lisbon to Plymouth, which
0ninander Real plans to begin at the
""feb. potato Growers in-Currituck
and Tyrrell counties are expecting to
0ake their first shipments about June
IP- Pasquotank will follow about June
. -- - - 1 111 11 "" " 1 1 fc- i" i ' "... . .. . VT.
This. Year's Program Looks
' Like Biggest and
This year's Chautauqua which comes
to Elizabeth City for one week begin
ning June 13, offers the most varied and
interesting' program that Chautauqua
has ever brought to this city. The
comprehensive and instructively tn
tertaininf features of this wonderful
Chautauqua program are many &nd
diversified. On the afternoon of the
first day the -well-known Pietro Mor
delia company- will render a musical
number featuring- the piano accor-;
dion, played . by Pietro Mordelia him
self, which has recently made a big
hit on the, Keith circuit. '
Upon the night of , the first day,
former Chancellor George H. Brad
ford of the University of Oklahoma,
will deliver his famous lecture, "Sun
crowned Manhood." He is heralded
as a speaker of virile personality and
splendid eloquence;
The Overseas Quartette will enter
tain on" the afternoon of the second
day. This quartette is made up of
boys from the A. E. F. who will bring
us a first-hand musical interpretation
of the Great War. The night perform
ance will feature Ross Crane's lecture,
Dollars and Sense for Your Town."
Mr. Crane is the head of the extension
department of the Art Institute . of
Chicago, and a recognized, authority
on civic improvement. ' :
Carlton Chamberlayne will give us
an inspiring vision of the spirit of the
new era in his lecture, "To-morrow",
on the afternoon of the third day. He
is a popular lecturer who won much
favor on another ; Chautauqua circuit
last year, - and; his address-promises to
IeteresUng. pn - tne third ; Jk. the
ArnSn tVlav. ''Polly f tt.e:CTrcustr
will be given by a full cast with, five
sets of scenery. This popular drama
tization of circus life, which is already
familiar to many Elizabeth City peo
ple, will be welcomed by - alL
The afternoon of the fourth day
Krincra a ViT-iwVit KnTnv concert bv the
1919 Revue company. The latest musi-
cal successes now being sung in the
theatres and whistled on the streets
of the big cities will be rendered by
these accomplished performers in
strikingly attractive costumes. This
company has been with Chautauqua
for three years. They will give a sec
ond concert in the night performance,!
which will be followed by a lecture,
"The Salt of the Earth" by Thomas
Green, Ph. D.. director of the Speakers j
Bureau of the American Red Cross. His I
Chautauqua lecture Is a vital recon -
struction message. . ' I
Th. Piir- orchestral Club, each I
member of which is a star of national 1
renutation. will offer a program Of
:v. ioo ,i,ai n.imhAr on the aft- I
orwar. or the fifth day. after which
Miss Welthy Honsinger, Just back
from war-torn Prance, wilr tell of the
vital reconstruction needs of Europe,
r.iai reference to conditions af-
rtir, women and children. . At the
iorV,t nerformanee the opera. "Robin
Hood" will begiven by a full cast,
chorus and orchestra. This is char-
acterized as Chautauqua's greatest
musical success.
Upon the afternoon of the sixth and
,0. Tninr Chautauaua will pres-
' ... I
euiapasrau., '
j. "THo wnn" wnir.n nrora-
ises to be wonderfully entertaining.
Two leaders will direct the work of
the Junior Chautauqua this year im-
ns, formerly. Also a num-
V. I
S rcTrt"c7n,
The features tor the last nlsht OI
Chautauqua win oe a secox
by the
Hawaiian Concert Company, and
. n
a lecture uy owub h". vi..i.v...w
... .
statesman, whose name will oe n-
nounced later. A sacred concert and
for Sunday.
auarwa vy ai us
t is whinh comes within unautau-
qua week.
The home os na.r. -
Spaight, at Edenton, N. was the
- r 1 . mm TV I
ter Miss Alula Julian Spaight became
the bride of -Mr. Fuller F, Taylor v of
ATnUC. V iX., T, tvw" J I r , -
. tt. TTrjOI.ov' Alav ZH.V V.
The bride wore a.handsome suit, of
dark blue tricotme wim iia -
r . Hvpn in marriage
M.nfiria nrith hat ana uiovesi:' , . ,
to mai-vu.
by her father, Mr. W. O. Spaight.
The ceremony, which iook y puto
v, o Winmr of Annunciauuu jjiix,
ferns and candles, was performed by.
Rev Dr R.B. Drane in the impressive
Episcopal ceremony. The wedding
music was piayea oy
Dowdy. Buffet luncneon "7
after which Mr. and Airs. ayior
on the north-bound train for a tour 01
Paamiotanv was the third county in
the state to report its quota for the
Salvation Army, ratsea. ' v v
Under the Hammer! tyillYoii
1 T.-f&l i
MT LEBANON A. M. E. ZION CHURCH, the most imposing : religious edifice ever erected by the colored people of
this" city is under the hammer, to be sold to satisfy a. mortgage of $13,000 t held by a man in another state. The
mmhershin of Mt. Lebanon IS asking
: ui thulr church.
believes in missions can turn it down. It is just as important to save a church at home as it is to build a church
for black people in Africa or yellow people in China. The church at, home is a community asset. - .
A desperate game of love
between a young American
rancher and a Mexican that"
required quick wits and, a
brave heart. .' , ,
17 -i
It's Too Good to Miss!
L. Pritchard of South Mills Wants
To See How New Dog Law -Works
g. I Pritchard, of South' Mills, has
applied to the Commissioner of Cam
jen county for damages in the loss of
two hogs killed by a mad dog. So far
as this newspaper is informed this
is the -first application . for damages
under the new state wide dog law.
made by any one in the northeastern
Norm uaronna cpunwes. sa.r. miuM
had two big sows bitten oy a maa aog
several weeks ago: both hogs aeyeiop-
ed hydrophobia and had to be shot
The Commissioners oi v;amaeu uui,
tell Mr. Pritchard that they haven't
seen a copy of the new dog law and
don't know wnetner ne woum ue u
titled to recover for damages from a
maa aog or not.
Under .the new state dog law, every
owners a uug -
dog. The tax goes into a. xvx
j funrl anv nAr.on whose
" 7' JL Z
live stock is damage y 6
obtain relier upon proper uVUMUVU
-r nf rnii-nv rinmmissioners
to me uuaiu J
ss 1 Q to
The uomnussiuuws
assess tne damages " r'
are left in the dog tax fund aV the
end of each tax year go to the public
Count, Comm.
not seem to u-""-"
. nn nieht
I quiring augs "
I a a vvA;no- enrorcea. nucu
I . -rov out . money for
counties u& - r;m7" doss then
damages done by roaming dogs, tnen
ome one will wake up and enforce
i r
i tne law.
I 111 I W A . . . w- r ,
i .-. . -. c mL" ' L
come to EJlZabeth City IOr
eye glassy
1 111 IMJ LUG 9CUUi
I : .- ; - - . '
a-v service. No need . tC
., . . ., ; r -f
wait a week tor some one to
i . - x t
nrAr alaSSeS for VOU. 1 haV'
- - - -. - - ' J
i riiv UVVU uiuaul t ,
ftnlv Dreribe the daSSS
- j mt - 7 - 1 1 f.
y0U need DUt HiaKe and lit
tkAm on - the nremiSeSv 11
j " 1 -to 0, -11 ae
t. saves a lOi VI 00 ttw
Qf rniddlemen S expenses.
Phone 999 - - Bradford Bldg.
S -
the wnite people, reaaruie or ineir piace or reiucn r rei.u,u.,gy
The white Deoole probably will respond
Fast Horses Try For Big
Stakes Here: To-day
and To Jliorroiiir'
Much Interest is being shown in the
Decoration Day. races to be held at- the
old fair grounds, Elizabeth City. Fri
day ahd Saturday, May 30and 31. . An
I unique feature.;' of tifr program is the
evening attraction, TO which the horses
will - race --rtlieVrilUaBtvgiawi35
scores of"electrio,lgbta: big JCton1
" The aggregate of the t purses to be
given totals over $1,200. It is divided
as follows: -2:25 pace stake, purse $400,
thirteen speedy racers already enterr
ed; 2:25 trot stake,; purse; $400, Jtour-
teen fast trotters entered; free f r aiL
trot or pace, purse $300r 225 pace or
trot for local horses, purse $50, fee of
$10 to enter: local trot or pace lor
horses never raced before, to.be driven
by owners,' . purse, 50, no entry fee;
mule running race, open to;,.all, lst
prize $10, : 2nd prize $5. Matinee races
to be arranged later. . .. ,
All races will be in mile, heats, 3
heats toa. race. The price of admission
will be adults, 50c at the afternoon
races, children under 12 free, and 25c
for the night performance, .with no
extra charge for the grand stand, and
no charge for parking autos. ..
How Some Property Is Listed Now
Explains Why Tax Rate
Is Hiah
North Carolina's new property re
valuation law, will make a tremen
dous change in the assessed valuation
of much Elizabeth City property, and
a corresponding 'reduction in the local
tax rate. It is confidently predicted
that the present tax of $1.00 per $100
will be reduced to a figure as low as
25c per $100 assessed valuation when
the property is rated on the tax books
at what it is actually worth, instead of
by the old system which tacitly' per
mitted and openly encouraged entirely
inaccurate figures as to property val
ues, making the tax books reflect some
of the biggest lies on earth.
A few examples of present valua
tions as compared with real values of
well-known Elizabeth City properties
are interesting. The Aydlett building,
occupied by S .R. sis & uo, worm
easily $40,000. Is listed at $11,875; the
Hinton building, which cost $110,000 to
construct, ' and for which the Hlntons
have asked $350,000, bears an assessed
valuation of $51,500;. the Robinson
building on south Poihdexter street,
worth $50,000. is listed at $14,200; the
new . Flora building, which .would seu
- m -
for $45,000 is vaiuea at fio.uwj
Kramer building, worth -$75,000. is
nioY. ar t3i.350. and the Bradfora
building, occupied by McCabe & Grlce,
xtrn.n.hwith thle adjolnliig Braaiora
property is worth close tof $100,000,
pays taxes on an assessed . vatue
&9.7 R?.5 . - . '
Of tbft handsomer, dwellings-01 ws
city, C. O. Roblnsoirs nome on
,tt orth nerhaper X2B.ooe,. is w
T m Meokinsi wortit $15,000, is assess
uea a.c jjavw,
-j. -1 f 1 o nnn and Ol TVKlenCO' ui
eH at i340. . These J1 two genteimen
will profit by the bona-fide assess
ment of their property under the de
creased tax rate. ... . ""
.'T. L. Hlggs, exnplyei last week- by
rt'pHn!'otaak: Hlgbway Commission,
will aWiune the duties of the office of
Road Kr - Tineer in this county Monday
June tS" V' : ":ZC-
Help Save it?
generously ,to the appeal
No one who I
Moonshinirtg Follows Bone Dry Prohi
bition In Northeastern
Deputy U," S. Internal Revenue Col
lector Jenkins of Elizabeth. City , has
returned from another excursion into
Currituck county with a record of three
more liquor stills destroyed. .
Illicit distilleries of liquor in Currl
tuck county, are having a lively run!
thr mrvnpv these davs - Prior
to the inauguration of Bone-Dry pro-
v iHition the illicit manufacture of
liquor in the Elizabeth , City territory
.. Wnown: The news article in
,, Wer- in-t week tellinar of .the
nanr of Stills In Camden 'ahd.Cutri-1
i 0 hail a. vsmie idea that
(,XVVU0OUAU7 w uww c I
"mooneV.inine'" beloneed to tne moun-
fatnSSes of western North Car-
. . ...
Two or tne suns "l Z-
. i 4-v. a T- w h' Ara. rarm
"..'.riL bv .
near jluho. j. -
Virginian named Calvin Upton and
occuDied by a man named J. ackis.
r itm van-found a auaner of a
. The other
quarter mile awav on the
was just a
nthpr side of a swamp. No one was
raided the!
when the officers
The third still was found back of
the home of S. C. Jarvis, the man who
k- Jl JII.m. vVouAV loaf1
was caupx Pe .
weeK anawnuu
JenlinT and' iTlZty waded Tnru
Jenkins and. his party wa
water waist deep to reaen
on Jarvis' place.
About '20 minutes
f rMMhsr the Still the officers
CI r,itol shots fired. When
v,e atm thev found it
iney leavu i. " - -
nmnine full blast, but the opearrors
had disaoDeared. The pistol shots had
been fired by pickets to give tnem
warning. A man named Will Walker
is suspected in connection with tne
still on the Jarvis place, but no ar
.o have heen made in connection
itu",r tho insst three raids,
wim J " - . .
The Federal authorities are not on jamea v.
r tve moonshiners in north- Erskine Duff .
Liie i.i.a.11
wnrth Carolina. The Kevenue
-" ,
ritv. shot euns loaa-
shot, exnecting trouble
CM. V . '
and prepared to meet It.
For the purpose of assisting growers
and shippers in grading their potatoes,
inmocUMi offices for -the graaing 01
Irish potatoes will be locatea at ji.ujsa-
beth City, Washington, A.urora, ano
Mount Olive. Accorums w
nouncement by Dr. W. R. Camp. Chief
of the Divisions of Markets, wno
cinn of this notato grading
me .
. snhnmaker win oe "
l' t insnectlon office at Ellz -
Ttniiine Hall wm be In
.. . nr.viAn swtlnn. and
charge d tne wwuu5 "
George S. Tignall wiu be in cnaw
th Mount Olive section.
r T- A ew omnVAT
. i - . 4 a AfttiAr ' of these
or snipper io. -
points, or at any loading point in the
adjoining territory, may secure ;-the
services of an inspector by applying to
one ef these offices.
hnni or srowers who desire
the appointment of a licensed inspect
tutv iodine Minis, can
recommendations of suitable persons of
reliable character, who unaext"
.nA ' these recommwua"""
Puulura' . ; . . w TW
WIU .'-
t nmmnuv aciea uwu -
" Potash-Producing Weed.
It Is believed that the" ash of bracto
en contains 40 to 50 per cent of soln
m& wti si' .' In parts of Anstralia,
tha Md erows 'abundantly, it
hasvbeen found that a yield of 400
nrt, nf notflsh can be obtained per
acre. The potassium occurs chiefly a
sulphate and chloride. .
: : -:v$-xV-:-5:;:iA?V
HARRY" G. KRAMER, the hustling
and progressive cashier of the Savings
Bank & Trust Company of this city, is
the. newly elected president of the
Elizabeth City Chamber of Commerce,
succeeding A.' B. Houtz who has serv
ed with excellent, results for the past
year. Other members of the. new
board are: Oliver F. Gilbert, first
vice-president, W. G. Gaither. second
vice-president, J. C. Sawyer, treasurer,
and L. D. Case, re-elected secretary.
GETS $1,020.50
Saunders Puts Pasquotank
Over the jTop Without
A Drive n
The Salvation Army asked Pasquo-
ta'nkr for- $850 - for its Home N Service
Fund and on thjs basis W. O, Saunders
accepted the ichairmaijshlp for this
county. Pasqootanc gives ine ai-
vation Army $l';020.t6, clear of knots
I and kinks... The. campaign was con
1 ducted without a "drive'f and without
J a cent of - expense to the Salvation
I Army. . ? W. O.. Saunders - personally
raised $329.50 of the money, acknow
-ct - - . - . . ; , -
I Dublishing the name 'or suoscnoera
ana tne nmuums s""'
Here is how the money came to the
Salvation Army Home Service Fund
ciMtui hir W f) Saunders..! 539.50
anu hv .T. A. Matthews
Solicited by Dr-B,C. Hening
1 nnV SmnTiM
from two games.
Pledged Col. M.? eeK-
credited to Klizabeth City.. 100.00
TOTAL. ............ . .$1,020.00
The Boy Scouts deserve particular
mention T them reu tne itkwww
scourlluJ ,the by-ways and hed
getting the money not found
in the usual paths. Some of the Boy
nt- did excellent work. Some others
" twnr t
Some did nothing at
I am gooa wo.
I w ii.i n tknaa nrVtO worked
an, w . u -"
and the amounts they turnea in.
Cash Subscriptions ... ?l9T.wS
Pledge Cards 26-00
TOTAL... ......$223.27
Individual Efforts.
Cash Pledge Cards
Edward Old . .$57.78
Billie Scott .Y 49.26
It nMteA
1 th.
w uwuu
I -r -1 ir.Unllon
William Dailey
William Overman
Clyde Gregson
Conrad Bailey
St. .Clair Bailey
Norman Trueblood
Rocnester Clark
Holi0well Goodwin
Curtia Berry
. suoscnpuuuo -
ders personally and previously unac-
knowledged: - -. . . .
t' Clark. $5: Geo. M. Scott, ss
1 " -r, , .
1 nMnria .TfLcocKB. $uc: J. i. ""St"
lp, v Williams. $5; C. R. Pugh, $5; J.
t. pMfohard. 11: Bev. Go. w.
I Vt rs. nroiiAir Xr CO.. J.
.dv, v.
Hooper, $5
Twriaa Catherine S. Albertsop, who has
j been for a number, of years a teacher
. thd Elizabeth City High School, has
- J been ected .director of the summer
iinoi of Chowan, uaws uuu
jmana counties, to be held at Hertford
beginning June 16. ne na uv
I tv mimmer school at ine pwhs -ms
. aolrivl
1 rm- the nasr iwo ywuo, " j
I . . t,-
to return this year, dui cnose w
in this section of the State, where she
is a leader in all educational activities,
land a zealous and efficient worker, for
the education of the boys andgiri
of this community. .
of the SL020.00" raised for the Saira
tion Army in this city, $618.00 was paid
in before the close Tof the campaign
I to the treasurer, H.;G. Kramer.
John Z. White of ; Heniy
Vssn. Here Sen-
day, June 15
John Z; White, lecturer for the Henry.
George Lecture Association, .will de
liver' an . address at the . Alkrama
Theatre in Elizabeth City at 3 o'clock.
Sunday, afternoon, June 15. His sub
ject being: "The Single Tax; "What It
Is-. and' What It Will Accomplish." Mt
White comes to Elizabeth City
Sunday because there was no other
date on which", he could be secured. :
He will deliver his lecture-under the
auspices of Chambers of Commerce
and "'Rotary Clubs in several. "Virginia
cities and consented to . jump - into
Elizabeth Cityon Sunday, between his
Virginia engagements. The lecture '
will be free of charge. W. O. Skunders
secured the lecture and will make no
charge 'for admission. . The manage
ment, of the Alkrama has consented to
the use of the theatre, without charge "
The Single Tax is one of the big vital
economic questions of the day. Deep
down .in his heart every man believes
that the Hand , belongs to the people
and that God Almighty did not put the -land
here to be gobbled up by a few
individuals, to be withheld from the use
of the masses. - But how to get the
land back to the people is the question.
The ' Socialists have one idea and the
anarchists another. But neither soc
ialism nor anarchism appeals to the
average individual, ' ".. .
Back in 1879 Henry George, the great
American publicist and economist, pro
mulgated- the idea of the Single Taxv
His theory was that:, all taxes should
be . taxes uponland values and that
private property and individual - en- -
terprise ; should not be penalized by
taxation. By his plan the owners and
occupants of the land- should pay all
the taxes. He Insisted ; that ' suchi a ,.
plan of ; taxation would make the land
available to all the people, encourage
every form of industry and . trade and
abolish unemployment and poverty.
The idea has taken hold upon millions
of thoughtful men and women In
America, England and. all English
speaking countries'.
Believing that Elizabeth City folk
should be " the best informed folk in
North Carolina, Mr. Saunders took it
upon, himself to invite The Henry ;
George Xiecture Association to send
-Mr.' "vThtte - Inr here ,.to -.teH our folk -
about the V Single Taxj : The Idea is
worth knowing about and thinking
about. W.Q. Saunders himself , Is mot
a Single Taxer and isn't after mak
ing converts "for the Single Tax, he is,
interested only In giving" his fellow
townsmen ; and townswomen and ; op
portunity to- hear a big lecturer , de
liver a big lecture on a big subject.
And the fact that the lecture t is on
Sunday .. probably vis all the better,
since Moses himself gave the best pari;
of his . life wrestling with the; land
problem.'.' . .' r;,;vV-
Delivers Commencement Ad
dress at Eliz City High
Lieut.-Col. Sam T. Ansell, whose v.
sensational arraignment of the Army..
court-martial system promises to re
sult in a complete revision of the "an
tiquated and barbaric penalties impos
ed for minor offenses, wno is to de
liver the commencement address at ,
the Elizabeth City Graded Schools
June 5, is a native of Currituck county,
and a graduate of Prof. Sheep's old
Atlantic ; Collegiate Institute in this
city. - " -
Currituck county, where sweet pota
toes and big. juicy watermelons thrive
as' nowhere else on earth, is the native
home of many men who have achieved
national and statewide fame. Among
these are the late Thomas Jarvis, form-
erly governor or iNorm wiuu. .
Nathan B. Walker, director of summer
schools, University of North Carolina,
and Lieut.-CoL Ansell of the United
States-army, who is bringing a power
ful, indictment against the present
army trial system. His address will
be heard with great Interest by the -
people of this section.
, 1 1 1 ;
M- - Leigh Sheep, proprietor of the
Woman's Wear Store, Just r return- -ed
from New York yesterday where
he has been on a buying trip, says that
the markets hare gone wild again and
that ".prices are soaring. Spot cojtotai "
at 31 cento Monday had an electrical
effect on , the wholesale cotton1 goods
market and prices of all cotton goods
went up by leaps and - bounds.- ; Silks
also are advancing and leather Is o!n
out of sight. "I will .not be. surprises
to see good shoes at $20 a pair next
season, says Mr. Sheep. Mr. ; Steep,
bought a lot of new summer dresses
for present needs and, " like: many
another wise merchant, will let well
enough alone. -' ' , - . : . - . '
O. F. Gilbert, Dr. J. ,D. Hathaway,
L C. Blades and G V . Seyffert, -.EHIaa-beth
City's greatest fisherme hare try
ing their luck at Ocracoke-this -week.
... fr : .
f I
' 1 '

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