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A Digest of Everything ;Worth
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Make your family
proud of their home
Your wife and children cannot
beaten. That means no-paint.
And, for mansion of cottage,
( the best paint is
The Guaranteed
Lead and Zinc Paint
Fewer Gallons Wears Longer .
We guarantee Devoe Lead and
Zinc Paint to be absolutely pure.
When you paint with Devoe
you save paint-money fewer
gallons to buy ; you save labor
money fewer gallons to spread;
you get a better looking paint
job pure paint; and it will be
a longer time before you need
another paint-job.
Why have a shabby house any
longer? It will cost you more
" to paint next year. Paint with Devoe now
and insure your home against decay. Stop
in to-day and let us give you a Devoe color
card and a practical booklet "Keep Ap
pearances Up and Expenses Down." :,s
Knowing About Old North
State Folks and Things,
ItfewOrleans Coffee
Luzianne is distinctly
a Southern cofFeefbr
Southern peopleJNew
and"New Orleans has
tkexeputationof mak
ing the best coffee
in the whole United
The Reily -Taylor Company
JVew Urleans
It, after using the entire contents of
can according to directions, yon are not
satisfied in every respect, your grocer
wiH refund the money you paid for it.
Following an -examination.' of : the
child by physicians, O. L. Godley, 35
year-old carpenter of Smithneld,' was
arrested and placed in" State prison
on a charge of criminal assault on
Mamie Beasley, 9 years old , On the
day that the crime is alleged to have
been committed, Godley picked up the
little girl ' on her way home, and took
her for ah automobile ride. -The war
rant was ; sworn out by the child's
f atherr and,' mob violence being threat
ened, Godley was later placed in State
prison for safe keeping. . Godley denies
all knowledge of the crime. ; . '-
Alexander Sprunt" and . Son, ' noted
cotton exporters of Wilmington, for ,54
years a partnership, have recently fil
ed a $3,OOX),000 charter of incorporation
with the Secretary of State.
Wake Forest College has Just closed
its most successful year with . respect
to its debating teams. For the firs
time in the history of the institution
three successive , inter-collegiate de
bates have been won, and without a
defeat Wake Forest presents a record
unrivalled among the colleges of the
State, for the past' year..
After' a first successful attempt, and
with the aid of a blanket ladder, four
prisoners in the Fayetteville jail made
good .their escape. Bloodhounds trail
ed the fleeing prisoners witohut sue
cess.' ' ' ' j '
The new "Coast to Capital" 'high
way, which will begin at Columbia, in
Tyrrell county, will pass through the
cities of Plymouth, Jamesville, Wil
liamston, Robersonville, Bethel, Tar-
boro, Rocky Mount, Nashville, Sprinj
Hope and Raleigh. It is expected that
the proposed highway will bring a new
era of commercial and industrial pros
perity to this section of the State.
The shippers of North Carolina are
much interested in the big freight rate
fight which is now being waged in the
Federal court at Raleigh between the
railroads and the U. S. Railroad Ad
ministration on the pne side,; and the
North Carolina Corporation Commis
sion and twelve Chambers of Commer
ce on the other. The case affects every
man in the State who ships or receives
shipments . of goods. At present the
freight rate from New York to Raleigh
is practically double the rate from New
York to Richmond despite the com
parative mileages. In the same way it
costs no more to ship to South Caro
lina than to North Carolina from New
York, and in some cases even less, and
it is on account of this apparent rate
discrimination that the case is being
fought in the Raleigh court.
The new State revaluation act is
being favorably received all over the
State. Governor Bickett says: "This
act should be entitled, "an act to make
the . tax books speak the truth whereas
under the old policy all the people were
permitted to engage in a monumental
lie." .. , . v
Following an attack on the constitu
tionality of the taxing clause of the
new State Warehouse Act, requiring
the payment of a tax of 25c on each
bale of cotton ginned in North Caro
Una in the 2 years ending June 30,
1921, the Supreme Court has rendered
a decision that the clause is constitu
Harry L. Montgomery, Charlotte
business man, was murdered last-Fri
day night while out motoring with bis
flnancee, Miss Lorine Owens, 17 years
old. The latter declares that Mont
gomery -was killed by a negro. N.r
motive for the crime has been unearth
ed, nor has any definite clue to the
slayer been found.
Miss Beatrice White, of the Winston-
Salem1 high school, is the winner of
the $10 prize offered by ,the State
Bureau of Infant Hygiene, for the best
1 : 1 f HIII V I
Model 90 Breaks 4fi 11
i J V the World's Non- .Tlj ' M
Wr - stoP High Gear A ll u
jp . Kecord ' ' '
I ' ' - ' Oh Boy ! " :
The owner of an Overland owns all out of doors. .In
his Model 90 -he goes in comfort and with an enjoyment
possible only because of the high quality, fine appearance
and unfailing performance of his car. . ;
Last month in Oklahoma, a stock Model SO Overland
car broke the world's non-stop high gear record. 4,370
miles in 7 days and nights in high gear, over bad roads with
a gas record of 20.66 miles per gallon.
T"Siduraktv an economy is an every-day advantage
for Model 90 owners order yours now. -
Overland Model Ninety Five Pa. sender Tearing Car. ?985 Lo.b. ToMo
Come to bur store -
essay on diarrheal diseases of infants.
Fully 500 essays from 350 schools of
the State entered , in the: competition.
7 Farmers who plan to build siles dur
ing the months 6f Jime, July and Aug
uest should write to the Animal Indus
try Divisions of the Department of
Agriculture, Raleigh. J. H.'Heiton has
been secured by the ' Department to
render assistance and, give advice in
the construction' of silos. C-.
If any grower or shipper has not re
ceived copies of the regulations and
grades according to which all graded
potatoes must. be graded that are of
fered for sale in North Carolina, they
may obtain copies by applying to the
office of the Division of Markets of the
Department of Agriculture, Rnleigh
N. C, also copies of Federal
inspection offices .which are locat
ed upon leading consuming mar
kets. Last year graded potatoes
brought, from fifty cents to a dollar
and a half a barrel more than ungrad
ed. This would have made a gain ' of
$500,000 to $1,000,000 to. growers and
shippers if all had graded v their pota
toes according to United States Stan
dard last year. .
The North Carolina Methodist con
ference has exceeded its quota of $1,
608,455 in the centennary drive by
$22,259.65 it was announced Monday by
the conference, campaign manager, D
W. Newsom of Durham. Pledges se
cured total $1,630,714.65. Belated re
turns are expected to give a still
greater surplus.
Senator F. M. Simmons of North
Carolina has placed himself on record
as unequivocally opposed to the repeal
of the wartime prohibition act, inan-
swer to questions as to his attitude on
this issue.
Harnet, Chatham, Lee and Moore
counties will cooperate in staging
big Fourth of July celebration of wel
come for their returning soldiers. A
feature of. the day will be a camion
tribute to the boys of these counties
who died in the service.
The indictment rftgainst Harvey
Johnson, returned soldier charged with
manslaughter in the Raleigh courts
was amended to a charge of homicide
in Monday's session of the court.
Johnson.' under the influence of
liquor, was out auto riding April 27
with Thelma Johnson, a 10-year-old
girl. The automobile was overturned
and Miss Johnson was .fatally injured
Other persons in the car-were unhurt
Johnson stated that he got his liquor
in Richmond -at the time of his dis
charge from the "army.
TT'OLICS arc a Tisap rlike tobacco. That's hot-headed,
F hitey folko. Thar's flat, uninterestin' folks. An9
tlien thars; f hearty an9
fren'ly, too.
Searching Questions To Be Asked
Property Owners, Under Reval
uation Act
In compiling the volume of data
necessary for the statewide property
revaluation, the various district tax
supervisors will mail questionaires to
all property owners, to be filled out
and returned to the supervisors. In
this questionaire each man wul be-re
quired to make statement under oath
as the actual value of his property.
After this paper has been filled out
and returned, the assessors will view
the property, and will notify the owner
of any change of assessment they may
see fit to make. If the , owner thinks
he has just cause for complaint, he
may appeal to the State Tax Commis
sion, which will then pass judgment
on the case.
In view of some apprehension in cer
tain quarters that the present taxes
will be materially increased under
the new law, it is pointed , out that
under our State law the total amount
of money collected by tax cannot be
increased by more than 10 per cent;
and even this increase is" unlikely.
Another proviso of special interest to
renters and small property owners is
the amount of personal property, ex
emption, - which will be $300, instead
of $25 under the existing tax law.
For the benefit of any and all per
sons who do not thoroughly under
stand the" new law, the county super
visors are ready at any time to ex
plain the provisions of the new law.
6RW& ., m IMS .UftlEW
suae prooo of our boss
WAR --Tu-
VELVET'S nature-aged
mildness and mmoothnes
make it fast right for
Friendly" is a very good word to describe the
positively pleasing quality that sets VELVET
tobacco apart.
There is that indescribable something about VELVET
that is associated in men's minds with the thought
of a friend. . f
It is a satisfying smoke never harsh ; without a bite.
Like a friend itr "agrees" with you no matter how
much you use it.'
Long, patient ageing in
wooden hogsheads does it.
Friendship must ripen
slowly. Good tobacco the
same way.' An army of
" men have . learned this .
through VELVET.
Today is a good time to get
a lot of comfort out of a
pipefulof friendly VELVET.
And Permit Must be Obtained From
the Collector of Internal
A Revenue
Under an Act of Congress, approved
November 21, 1918, the manufacture
of wines for beverage purposes from
fruits, berries or fodd materials of any
kind is prohibited after May 1, 1919.
All persons are forbidden to produce
any wines for beverage purposes after
that date, or to sell any wines for bev
erage purposes after June 30, 1919, or
after May 1, 1919, to use any wines
manufactured after, that date for sac
ramental, medicinal or other than bev
erage uses in the manufacture or prep
aration of beverages," or to pell the
same for beverage purposes.
This does not prohibit making wine
intended for sacramental, medicinal, or
other than beverage uses, but the ves
sel .containing such wines must bear
a label rectangular in form, 4 by 6
inches, printed in letters easily legible,
warning all persons that the use or
sale of the wine for other than" sacra
mental, medicinal, or non-beverage
purposes, will subject them to impris
onment not exceeding one year, or a
fine not exceeding $1,000 or both.
The Internal Revenue- Department
announces that the provisions of this
Act will be strictly enforced. Here
tofore persons have been permitted to
make wine not in excess of 200 gallons
for their own family use. Now, how
ever, no wine may be made fr amy
use except sacramental, medicinal, or
non-beverage purposes.
The . Act applies, of course, to wines
made not only from grapes, but also
blackberries and other food products.
All persons (except those already-
bonded), desiring to use or sell wines
for other than beverage purposes will
be required first to'" qualify therefor
by filing with the Collector of Inter
nal" Revenue an application in dupli
cate for a permit, and a "bond in dup
licate to be approved by the Collector.
No Friends Like Old Friends.
A friend whom you have been gain
ing during your whole life, you ouht
not to h: displeased with in a moment.
A stone is many years becoming' a
ruby, take care you- do not destroy it
in an instant against . another stfft.
VCssr Cat ESat J 1
. . - " A
1 - nannnnfinnnnn
. iifftif!kiiifiiiiitiiifii'.'.
a ll I !r
11 I
1 mmv 1
- i Lasts
la resumine priTate practice ast (cnidfretiea
connection vitb building design atd coBsti-nt
tion. Correspondence solicited.
13tl fc A. Y. Ave. I AVaxh ington, D. Q
(ons-Iasting bars
in each package.
The biggest
value in
you can pos
sibly buy.
A BENEFIT fo teeth,
breath, appetite and
The price is 5 cents.

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