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Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention
A Review and Interpretation of
; Current Events as been bf
G. W. P A S CIT A T.
Norfolk's Biggest Store
I Are You Interested in Having in
I Elizabeth City
- . w vi 1 t. 1 u - 1111 - m - . 1
I With a fraternity 700,000. strong in the United
I States to back it up and pay you $7.00 weekly m
1 case of sickness or accident.
I That's What the Loyal Order of Moose
B is going to do!
We need you Mr. Business Man, to line up with us g
M and help to make it a big success.
District Deputy Supervisor
1 v itp ue
"XXth Century Cooler" j
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come in contact with the water and con- g
g taminate it. Its patented "C & H" Push
Faucet will not collect sediment, get foul
S or drip and soil floors. The water is al-
H ways served at iust the right degree of
coolness never unpleasantly and harm- 5
E fully cold.
1 To users of H20, "THE PUREST
1 WATER IN THE WORLD", we sell them
tvio nna r a of Education and Board
of Commissioners of Currituck County
met in joint session 1st Monday in June
iqiq fne npr instructions OI . r,
Rasipv Commissioner of Public Wei
fa of The State Board of Charities)
fn nnsirlpr tVi a.rrointinr or a bUDl.
of Public Welfare and to fix his salary
and expenses, as provided by an aci
of th last Tjeeslature.
... .1
The following resolution was passeu
at the said joint meeting.
TtAsoK-pd that Both Boards meet in
joint session 1st Monday in July and
at that time make the appointment and
fix the salary and expenses of County
Supt. of Welfare, and in the mean time
riv thf? matter nublicity.
Several suggestions have been heard,
relative to combining the office of Supt.
of Welfare work with the office of Supt
of Public Instruction and the employing
of a Rural Supervisor or scnoois to as
sist the County supt. or v uouc insiruc
t inn
" As this matter is of vital intrest both
to The Taxpayer and the patrons of our
Public school system, I feel it my duty
to make this publication, so as to ac
rmaint th PUBLIC with the matter.
and to cordially invite every taxpayer
and public scnooi patron ot De presen
at this joint meting of the two Boards
at which time thorougn puDiic uiscu
Rion of tho onestion will h' lial
.. A. I L 1 11 3 ct-U 14 ww. m, ' j
A. M. Monday. July 7th, 1919. Come 1
give us the support of your presence
and the strength of your council.
Chm. Board" Education of
cJe20-2t Currituck Co.
June 23, the German Government an
nounced its willingness to sign the
peace treaty unconditionally after the
Council of Three refused a request for
a delay of 48 hours. On the same day
it was reported at Paris that Italy
would sign. This means that the
treaty will already be in effect before
this appears in print. Early last weeK
it became known in Germany that the
German delegates headed by Brock
dorff-Rantzau would not sign the
treaty and that the German cabinet
was also onnoRPd to signing. But the
peace sentiment in Germany was sc
strong that it resulted in the over
throw of the cabinet on last Friday
On the next day a new German cabinet
was formed under the premiership of
Herr Bauer, with Dr. Herman Millei
as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thi
was known to 'be a peace cabinet. It
sought for certain modifications of the
treaty, but none was granted. But the
Allies on last Sunday added a protocol
in explanation of six points of the
treaty, the general tenor of which was
assuring to the Germans of the pur
pose of the Allies to act with consider
ation and justice. On Sunday the Ger
man National Assembly by a vote of
236 to 1 89 decided to sign, while 68
members did not vote. Herr Bauer, the
new premier, said that in signing the
treaty the Government did not ack
nowledge the responsibility of the
German people for the war, nor ac
cept as just, the demand of the Allies
for the trial of the Kaiser and other
Germans. But at last the head of the
German Government acknowledges
helpless defeat. Standing before the
assembly he says:
'At this hour of life and death, un
der the menace of invasion, for 'the
last time I raise in free Germany a
protest against this treaty of violence
and destruction. I protest against this
mockery of self-determination, thi
enslavement of the German people, this
new menace to the peace of the world
under the mask of a teraty of peace
No signing can enfeeble this protest
which we raise and swear to. This
treaty does not lose its annihilating
character by alterations in detail. Pro
testing against it is useless and is at
the risk of a new crisis within 48 hours
'"Our power of resistance is broken
and there is no means of averting this
treaty. The treaty itself, however
does give us a handle which 'we can
not allow to be wrested from us, name
ly, the Entente's solemn promise oi
June 16. that the treaty can be revised
from time to time and adapted to new
conditions. That is one of the few
words in the treaty breathing the rea
spirit of peace."
SINKING THE On June 21 the
GERMAN FLEET German crews ol
the German war vessels interned at
Scape Flow in the Orkney Islands
under the terms of the armistice, sank
almost the entire fleet by opening the
seacocks of the vessels. Every big
shin except one and most of the lightei
vessels were sunk- The crews took tc
boats but were taken into custody by
the British naval vessels in the harbor
Of course the reason for this action oi
the Germans was to keep their vessls
from coming into the hands of the allies
It means that the reparation bill ol
the Herman people will be bigger. On
the other hand it solves once for au
the Question of the disposition to be
made of the German warships. There
have always been those who advocated
that they be sunk. These men must be
extremely delighted. But to me this
allowing the Germans to sink those
Ghna is exasnerating. It is some
somebody's fault.
favor of the treaty. If they do they
will soon learn what a miserable part
they are playing in the eyes of the
American people, for we expect them
to be hissed by every audience they
responded to the general demand and
repealed the daylight Savings Law, tc
eo into effect on October 30. It it
doubtful if the law ever did as much
good as it has done harm. It did give
an opportunity to many dwellers jr
cities to have more hours of sunshine
in which to play golf in the afternoon
but that talk about its giving time foi
more work in gardens was all fol-de-rol.
There were more gardens plant
ed last year than ever before, but alsc
more given up to grass, for the new
gardener did not find it so pleasant
to work in the full glare of the mid
summer afternoon sun. Industry es-
necially agriculture, was much de
ranged. Now thanks be to Heaven
we are to go back to the old schedule
never again to be put out of it.
OUR SHIPS The Government Ship
ping Board has built or is building
2,434 vessels, aggregating 9,257,006
gross tons, at a cost of $2,861,755,570
It is now announced that the Govern
ment is to discontinue shipbuilding
It will have to make some disposition
of the vessels, either operate them, 01
sell them. The general trend of opin-
ion is that tney snouia De sum ouu
operated privately. The hope is that
the United States may have a strong
merchant marine. If this is to be real
ized, new and more liberal navigation
laws must be enacted, and the mer
chant marine must be popularized
Every considerable port in the coun
try must have its lines of vessels en
gaged- in foreign trade. The FederaT
government is showing a willingness tc
cooperate in effecting this.
OUR RETURN- Our men coming
ING SOLDIERS back from France
come almost universally with the con
viction that the United States is the
best country in the world. They have
seen something of the social life- oi
France and have learned that with al
its restrictions of woman's freedom ii
does not produce the strong, pure type
of woman-hood found In this country
They have also seen the wrecks ol
womanhood produced by the privations
of war, the swarms of poor, dissolute
women around the camps, and these
soldiers on this account have learned
to hate war with a more dealy hatred
They have seen the greed of the im
poverished French people, which greed
is in part at least a war product, and
in many instances they have thqught
this greed normal with Frenchmen
This has given them contempt for
French character which is not deserv
ed. But withal these soldiers are com
ing home better men than they went
out. They have seen the results 01
impurity in their own comrades, per
haps and are coming home to live
pure lives. These' three million men
are henceforth to be a powerful influ
ence in our political and social life
They may soon be effecting some re
volutions, for they have learned tc
think and to do.
at cost, $15.00.
Elizabeth City Water and
Power Company
Phones 80 and 4.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiHiiiiHiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiHUV 1
For Suburban or Country Home, Farm or Factory
. Anywhere
Running water and sewerage-disposal
facilities are ab
solute necessities that you
need' not deprive yourself of,
No matter how large or small,
it can be equipped with run
ning water, plumbing and
sewerage disposal system
that exactly meets its need.
Because of their individual
always give perfect satisfaction.
W. BEN. GOODWIN, Local Agent
Ptione 312 Elizabeth City, N. C.
THE bridegroom
who selects the
wedding ring and.
his wedding gift at
our store has the
comfortable assur
ance of knowing
that what he has
purchased is correct
in style and perfect
in taste. And he
knows that Selig's
name upon the bo
conveys the same
assurance to his
Your Jeweler since 1882. I
Main & Water Sts. l!
THE KAISER One reason that the
first German delegation refused to sign
the treaty was that they did not want
to consent to the trial of the Kaiser and
the others whose names are to be pre
sented by the Allies. It has been hard
for the Germans to realize that the
world has come to a point where those
guilty of "a supreme offense against
international morality, the sanctity 01
treaties and the essential rules of jus
tice," must appear before a tribunal
and answer for their crimes. This is
right. It will make the Kaiser realize
that after all he is only a man, and
nerhans onlv a monstrous criminal,
and not a special partner of God to
rule the common herd. It will furtner
be a warning to any others whb may
hereafter be tempted to violate the
fundamental laws of mankind and start
war of conauest. They will also
loam that detestible cruelties such as
those practised on the Belgians and
Miss Cavell are not safe even for tnose
tvI,a SMm trw Viave grown strong
through sin. For "Evil Incarnate is
held at last to answer to mankind", as
Kipling says. ,
THE SENATE AND It needed only a
THE TREATY little discussior
before the country to convince Sena
tors Borah, Knox and Lodge, that the
Senate must not dare pass the Knox
resolution notifying the Peace Con
ference that the United States Senate
would not ratify the treaty. It is now
evident that the Knox resolution wil
never be brought to a vote. In fact
as the treaty is already accepted by
Germany it seems to be too late for it.
Now Mr. Elihu Root comes forward
with a proposition that the Senate
ratify the covenant of the League oi
Nations but with certain modifications
He would have the United States de
clare that it must have the right . oi
withdrawing from the League without
giving the two years' notice provided
in the covenant. He also wants a
statement as to our independence in
domestic problems and some furthei
declaration in regard to the -Monroe
Doctrine. It is not probable that Mr.
Root's proposition will be more wel
come to our people than the Knox
resolution. They will expect the ben-
ate to ratify the treaty covenant and
all at the earliest possible moment
and will not be patient under delays
and quibbling for political advantage
Some of the Senators who oppose the
treaty say they will take the field and
make speeches in opposition to Presi
dent Wilson's proposed speeches in
American Federation of Labor has re
elected Mr. Samuel Gompers presi
dent. It was Mr. Gompers' program
that the meeting at Atlantic City has
put through, his program with regard
to prohibition, the Bolsheviki, the
Peace treaty, and all. One trait of
Mr. Gompers is especially noticeable
and that is his uncompromising, pa
triotic Americanism. Just because oi
this and his unyielding insistence of
the rights of the laboring man, this
big-headed, five-foot man, is over
whelmingly supported by the American
Federation of Labor. The country can
never forget that to Mr. Gompers is
due much of the credit for winning
the war. He kept labor loyal and ef
ficient. President Wilson had the dis
cretion to recognize his good qualities
and to court his friendship and Presi
dent Wilson protected Mr. Gompers
When the New York Nation criticised
President Wilson nothing was said, but
when it mildly censored "Mr. Gompers:
paper containing the editorial. And
the use of the mails was denied to the
yet some people think Mr. Wilson is
no politician. At least he recognizes
a good thing when he sees it, and he
must be pleased now that Mr. Gompers
is again elected head of the Federation
of Labor.
Furniture For
Youir Porch
A properly furnished porch provides the greatest possi
ble comfort during the summer months a cool sitting
room for, every member of the family and the most ac
ceptable place for the entertainment of the casual guest
We offer here some of the most appropriate and moder
ately priced of porch furnishings.
French Willow Furniture
French Willow Chairs and Rocker, with Settees and
Table to mach, shown in the natural willow finish
every piece in the full size suitable for porch, hall liv
ing room and bed rooms.
Chairs priced at $7 and $8 each; Tables priced at $7.50
each; Settees priced at $18.50 each.
French Willow Chairs and Rockers, finished in gray,
green and brown, strong and well made. The color
finish is durable and attractive, harmonizing with any
Chairs priced at $9 and $10 each. Tables priced at $9
each ; Settee priced at $20 each.
French Willow Sets
Four-piece set of fine grade French Willow, in a
lovely green finish, consisting of one settee, arm rocker,
arm chair, and a table; every piece is full size and most
Priced at $48 for the set. '
French Willow set in the natural willow finish, made
of 1 the best grade materials and well finished in every
particular. Set is composed of a settee, rocker, arm
chair and a table.
Priced at $41 for the set.
Chaise Lounge, made on the most comfortable lines
and the best workmanship, shown in the natural willow
and in brown, French gray and green.
Priced at $25 for the natural willow and $27.50 for the
colored finishes.
Rock Maple Porch Furniture
Porch Furniture made with strong rock maple frames
and with weather-proof cane seats, some with cane backs
also; choice of French gray, green and the natural finish
in arm rockers with high or low backs, smaller ladies'
rockers without arms, settees and arm chairs.
Rockers are priced from $1.98 to $3.50 each.
Main street third floor.
There Are Bigger
Hardware Stores
And they sell just as good hardware as we sell; but none
of them can give you better prices or appreciate your
trade more than we do.
Culpepper Hdw. Co.
17 No. Water St.
Elizabeth City, N. C.
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