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Moiker Says-
"In home emergencies, first aid
means 'Mother aid.' At such times
it is good to know that bandages
and remedies are handy.' f
A feeling of confidence, both in
Mother and in her first aid outfit, is
a feeling the whole family enjoys.
Promptness in Emergencies
comes first, but cleanliness arid
quality must not be sacrificed.
We have a full supply of bandages, oint
ments, disinfectants, medicated cotton and
adhesive plaster in. family size packages.
Your hands will be the first to touch these
carefully prepared materials. We can supply
hot water bottles, syringes and other rubber
goods of the best manufacture. When
emergency finds you lacking any needed
article, a call will find us prompt to respond.
Home VmMQmm
The Apothecary Shop
Hinton Block
th Century Cooler"
M In the XXth Century Cooler no
H ice can come in contact with the -
s water and contaminate it. Its W
1 patented "C & H" Push Faucet 1
f will not collect sediment, get foul g
H or drip and soil floors. The water
j is always served at just the right
5 degree of coolness never un- f
is pleasantly and harmfully cold.
1 To users of H20,"THE PUR- I
we sell them at cost, $15.00.
Elizabeth City Water and
Power Company
Phones 80 and 4. EE
iiiMiif iiif iiiiiiiiiiii liiniririt f ill iiiiiiiiiiif iiiiiiiif iiiiiiiiiiiiivs
Have your kodak work done
where you can also get pro
fesional advice about your
kodak, if you are not getting
good pictures. .
Zoeller's Studio
Good Coffee
You will find it at Twiddy's. Twiddy sells
nothing but the best in groceries. . His old and. suc
cessful business has been built upon that one thing,
plus, courtesy and honesty. . ..
Phone 185
, S.Poindexter. Street
Coet to yoa $325 a Gallon when made ready ta use
i Obtain COLOR CARD from oar Agents or
JiZ MARTINEZ Uamtfactarers New York
" - i. Wilis'
I :-y:N-:v , rni i ih i il i urn f f -"mitfiin , f
THESE two Senators' have recently introduced JTifls calculated to give due rewards
to both men and women who served in the military forces of the United. States!
in the Great War. Senator Jones, of Washinaton. is autliorof a bill to give thdt
rank of officers to army nurses, while Senator Moses, of New Hampshire, Is auw
thor of a bill to increase from $30 to $100 a month the total liability allowance)
to soldiers, with an additional allowance of $20 for depenoems.
C. W. Mann and C. R. Fulcher, Crack
Shad Fishermen Will Be in Charge
, Elizabeth City Branch
The Buck Roe Fish Co., of Washing
ton, D. C has established a branch in
Elizabeth City and put in charge of that
branch a pair of the most wide awake
New Modern Ventilating System Adds
Much to Comfort of Patrons of Pop
ular Movie House
Two giant 48-inch fans, with a capa
city of seventy thousand cubic feet of
air per minute, driven by 3 H. P. elec
tric motors, form the essential feature
of the newly installed ventilating system
North Carolina. C. W. Mann and O. R.
Fulcher, both of Manns Harbor, will man
age the Elizabeth City branch of the
Buck Roe Fish Co. AU fish consigned
to the Buck Roe Fish Co., Washington,
D.-C, will be looked out for at Eliza
beth City by Messrs. Manrf and Fulcher
who, will personally see to the re-icing,
insuring all shipments from down the
sound points reaching Washington in
good condition.
C. W. Mann (known down the sound
as Charlie Wilse) is one of the best
shad fishermen in North Carolina. He
has represented Edwin S. Huff, the Phil
adelphia Shad Man, for several years.
C. R. Fulcher is , another live fisherman
and has represented a number of New
York and Philadelphia concerns in this
section for several years. Last year he
connected with the Buck Roe Fish Co.,
of Washington. This concern was so
well pleased with the business he secur
ed for them, and was so well pleased
with the treatment acccorded his ship
pers, that the Buck Roe Fish Co. was
persuaded to pay more attention to
North Carolina.
In addition to managing the Buck
Roe Fish Co. Elizabeth City branch,
Messrs. Mann and Fulcher will conduct
a ' retail fish busines -in this city, open
ing in the city market about Sept, 1.
These young men operate 40 pound nets
of their own and will guarantee Eliza
beth City 'folk a constant supply of fresh
and seasoned fishermen vd. northeastern cf e Alkrama Theatre. The new sys
tem is up to date in every respect, be
ing similar in construction to the type
used in the most modern theatres, res
taurants and" churches or the big cities.
D. Ray Kramer, the enterprising mana
ger of the Alkrama, states that the big
fans provide a theater-full of fresh air
.every three minutes, and they are im
measurably superior to the series of
small bracket fans formerly used in the
building, which merely created a mild
disturbance in the stale air close by
them. The new fans may be reversed
so as to drive air into the theatre, but
experimentation has shown that it is
better to operate them as a powerful
suction force, to draw all the vitiated
air from the building, and provide a
sweet, pure atmosphere for the vitiated
patrons of the Alkrama at all times.
Dairymen in the Far Southwest Enthu
siastic Over Results of Dipping
Against Harmful Cattle
. The folowing reprint from the
Albemarle Observer, published at
Edenton, N. C, shows how that
newspaper covers a big news
story like the Gates County Alms
house case. Fortunately, the
people of northeastern North Car
olina have' one newspaper that
doesn't cover news that way. The
Observer says editorially :
In passing through Gates County re
cently, we were very much surprised to
hear from a well-known and prominent
citizen of Gates some very serious criti
cisms of the management of the Gates
County Home. It is hard for us to be
lieve that the reports we heard were
true. Our informant did not state them
as facts but that he heard them from
I a nuniber of different sources and that
the reports seemed to be true. We are
writing this in the hope that they are
true and that some one in position to
know the' facts will at once write us an
article for this paper setting, forth the
facts and correct the reports if they are
It is hard for us to believe that the
good old county of Gates could have fall
en so low a? to permit such conditions
to -exist . and we shall, refuse to- believe
that "they do exist unless we are com
pelled to believe it. it is said that the
inmates of the county home are actually
starving to death that two are already
dead as a result of not having proper
nourishment; that one of the inmates
was so poorly . cared for that his feet
actually froze and putrefied to such an
extent that it was necessary to amputate
them. Not having any physician to do
the work the keeper of the kome actually
cut and sawed off his feet. Finding la
ter that he had not cut them off high
enough, he went up to where he knew
the flesh was all right and sawed them
off again and the boy still lives to tell
the tale! Can you believe it? We
frankly confess we cannot' and yet these
reports are "going the rounds" of Gates
County! It is useless to go into a dis
cussion of what ought to be done with
those responsible for these) conditions
until it is established that they are facts.
Let someone in position -to know give
us the facts for our next issue. It is a
libel on the county for such reports to
be circulated if they are not true. Let
the facts come out!
"It Must Have Been Dead at Least 6
Months; But Didn't Smell."
"Saw a big rat in our cellar last Fall."
Writes Mrs. Johnny, "and bought a 25c
cake of RAT-SNAP, broke it up into
small pieces. Last week while moving
we came across the dead rat. - Must have
been dead six months, didn't smell. RAT
SNAP is wonderful." ... Three sizes 25c,
50c $1.00 Sold and- guaranteed by CITY
CO., and G. W. TWIDDY A.22-4t
As stated in a former issue of THE
INDEPENDENT, Pasquotank County
will wage a war of extermination against
the cattle tick next year, beginning
March' 1, which, if Hsuuresefnl. will mean
the freeing of the county from State
and Federal quarantine, with consequent
increase in the value of cattle raised in
the county. What the eradication of the
cattle fever tick has done for one com
munity, and what it will do for othert
communities that drive out this insect
enemy of the live-stock industry, is typi
cally illustrated by the experience of
Harris county, Texas, in which the im
portant city of Houston is located.
In 1917 the people of Harris county
decided by popular election to be rid of
the cattle tick, and the work was so
thoroughly done that on December 1,
1918 the county was lifted from quar
antine. The firm of Bertrand and Dan
iels in that county owns 1000 head of
range cattle, and in spite of the diffi
culty experienced in dipping jso large a
herd. . all the cattle were dipped at in
tervals of two weeks during the tick
season. Up to July, 1919, when the re
port was made, not a tick had appeared
on the cattle, they were fatter, health
ier and more valuable, and all losses
from tick f ever had ceased.
The first demonstration vat in Hawis
county was built at Oaklawn Farm, on
which a dairy of 150 cows is operated.
In the year preceding the construction
of the vat, the owner 'iost 8 valuable
animals from tick fever, and he became
convinced that either all the ticks or all
the cows would have to go. He, decided
in favor of the cows, and voluntarily
offered to pay half the. cost of construct
ing the vat. The cows were dipped reg
ularly during 1917 and 1918, and no tick
has been seen this year on Oaklawn
The CO dairy cows owned by another
Harris county dairyman have shown an
improvement .of..vonethird in condition
and an increase of one-third 'rp milk
production, since they were freed of
ticks, tick fever has been eliminated,
and the owner states flvit he values his
cattle at $25 a head more than they
were worth when they were tick-infest
ed. He fiinds that his winter feed bill
is much lower because not as much feed
is required to keep cattle in condition
when they are not being, weakened by
These few instances from Harris
county, Texas, could be duplicated in
many parts of the South, where the
people have awakened to the seriousness
of the cattle tick evil, and have eradi
cated the pest by sytematic dipping.
More milk, more beef better, leather,
and more all-round cattle value is the
immediate result in sections reclaimed
from the cattle .fever tick. ,
Cotton fastened slavery on the South,
and slavery a false economic policy.
I have often said that if the South had
never raised a bale of cotton it would be
infinitely richer today than it is. Withr
out cotton the South would be the center
of the food-producing power of America.
Without cotton the South would long ago
have -become the industrial , center of
America, for its resources in minerals
and in water-power and in climatic ad
vantages give it preeminent potentialities
unmatched in the world. -
Nevertheless, we are now largely tied
to the cotton-industry, and it is the su
preme I dvty of the Sooth to make the
1Mb , v..'.' ,.
CzrmlaarasQld every-
' where in mcientifihally
mealed packages of 20
cigarettes or ten pack-
ages jiOO cigarettes) t
in a glassine-paper-
covered carton. We '
strongly recommend
this carton for ' the
home or office supply "
or when yoa travail
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Winston -Salem, N. C
18c a package
CAMELS are the most refreshing, satisfying cigarette you
ever smoked! Put all your cigarette desires in a bunch,
then buy some Camels, give them every taste-test and know
for youf own satisfaction that in quality, flavor, smooth
body and in many other delightful ways Camels are in a
class by themselves f :-: . -. ? ' ' J ;V
. Camels are an expert blend of choice Turkish and choice
Domestic tobaccos. You'll not only prefer this blend to either
kind of tobacco smoked straight, but you'll appreciate the
remarkable full-bodied-mildness and smooth, refreshing
flavor it provides! Camels are a cigarette revelation!
Camels win you in so many new ways! They not only
permit yqu to smoke liberally without tiring your
taste but leave no unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste or un
pleasant cigaretty odor! ' ; -
Compare Camels with any cigarette
in the world at any price! You'll
- prefer Camel quality to premiums,
coupons or gifts h
c?' I ' ' j
Norfolk's. Biggest Store
Advance Showing of the
New Fall Models
. . .. .
How delightful it is when one has grown tired of hot days and all hot weather things
to see the first new things for fall arrive! V ' " .. . -:'- V
They suggest the fine, crisp air that will soon be here. They give one the opportunity to
put away the things that suggest heat and discomfort and. put on the new things that be
long to Autumn and all the stimulating suggestions thatbelong to such an anticipation.
Here in lovely groups are Autumn's brilliant classics. .Style is supreme, and each pre
sentation is a masterpiece of art. Those who wish to select new wardrobes for Autumn
and Winter will find in these displays an admirable opportunity.
One of the handsomest of the suits for
fall is made of taupe Velour; with rich col
lar and cuffs of seal fur.
The style of the jacket is unusually at
tractive finished with a heavy silk cord
with ornamental tassels.
The new skirt is button trimmed ,to
match the coat.
A distinctive suit at $125.
. A new fall coat is made of the finest cam
el's hair doIo cloth, in a beautiful shade of
dark tan.
This one is made with the lines of the
shoulders and armholes in the kimona ef
fect. The coat is finished with large lapelsy
patch pockets and a belt. -
An enviable coat at $95. '
A lovely afternoon dress is made of navy
georgette, with the long-pointed sleeves so
much worn.
The. waist and panels are beaded cross
wise in blacky amber and coral . beads -the
fail colors.. - - .
The dress is finished with a sash of self
material at the waist.
A clevercostume at $59.75.
A timely coat is this, with its Autumn
shade of light brown and the large fur col
lar. ' ' '
The back is in a new effect, with three
' box pleats and a button-trimmed belt to
match. ; .
The coat is lined throughout with fancy
A notable wrap at $85. -
Fall and Winter Coats, made of fine black
Broadcloth, with a deep collar of Hudson
Seal with cuffs to match.
The back is finished with a long pleat all
the way down the front is belted. '
It is lined throughout with pean de cynge
of spelndid quality.
Priced at only $49.75. -
... . ,
This stylish fall dress is made of satin in
rich, darkbrown.
The waist has a round neck and bell
sleeves. It .is. embroidered"in.,hlue. and tan ,
chenille and 'is - finished- with a shortgath- -
eredpeplum.. . , - '
The long sash , ties' at the side and com
pletes the graceful lines of the skirt.
Priced at $35.
most of its opportunity and to win from
grain production.
For years diversified agriculture - was
well-nigh destroyed. The South kept its
corn crib And meat house in the West.
Almost every dollar secured for its crop
was in advance mortgaged for the bacon
and the corn and the flour of the West.
Richard H. Edmonds in Manufacturers
7c Apiece, Gilt 10c Apiece
Window Shades, All Colors
36x72 ......... 65c, 80c and $1,251
36x90 80c, 90c and $1.5U
42x90 $2.50
48x90 $3.29
54x90 ...w $3.75
Lucas, lb
Floor Stains, qt. ............ ...
1015 W. Baltimore Street
Room 29 Kramer Bids.
Parcel Post Brings bur Expert Gleaning and
Dyeing Service Right to Your Door Step
Thanks to Uncle Sam and his efficient parcel post sys
tem, distance places no limits on the service of our dry
cleaning and dyeing institution.' All work carefully boxed
so that the garment arrives fresh and immaculate.
We Prepay All Return Transportation Charges
Cleaners and Dyers Biggest and Best in the South

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