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tVYljIl. OlA . ''
v FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, i9l9
W. 0. SAUNDERS, Editor
Published every Friday by W. 0. Saunders at 505 East Fear
ing St., Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, North Carolina.
Subscription Rates: 1 Year $1.50; 6 months $1.00; 3
months 50c; Payable in Advance. r
' Entered 2rdl... matter atthe po. of fic. .t Elizabeth City, N. C. June 9. 1908
NO. 598
a, LA
Paying The Price -
'OR two decades prior to the European War, thd'big iridus- '
tries ot this .country .scourca .wa;vo"" : - "
labor for American industries.., Jl he lowest, scum oi xne
lowest strata of European society, -the unwashed, the unlettered
were brought into this country by the big industries to compete
with American labor.
Many of the big industries maintained employment agents
abroad and in many instances these agencies turnisnea transpor
tation to America to whole families of lower class Europeans.
These dirtv, illiterate, but thoroly human immigrants were
out to work in our coal mines, in our steel mills, in our packing
plants, in our lumber mills and where there was hard, uninviting
work to do.
With this class of labor the captains of industries kept down
the standard of wages and kept down the standard of living of na
tive labor.
It was all very fine and very profitable for the big employers
of labor for a time. The immigrant was content to live herded like
cattl'e in the cheapest sort of tenements, was content to subsist up
on the coarsest sort of food and accepted whatever wages the bosses
elected to pay him.
But while the immigrant sweated in the mill mine or stock
yard and never got a bigger vision of American institutions than
the corner saloon and the alley brothel, his children were in the
public schools getting an education and acquiring the American
appetite for the finer comforts of life.
To-day this same immigrant labor, for a time so profitable, is
the greatest liability on the hands of industrial America. The for
eigner is making such trouble in the industrial centers of America
to-day as to cause the owners of industry to frantically declare that
a Red Terror exists in America. Everywhere the captains of in
dustry are calling upon the plain, substantial, solid American stock
to save them from this peril and make the country again safe for
Everybody is beginning to feel sorry for the poor capitalists ;
they certainly are having troubles of their own; but it should not
be forgotten that they have brought most of the trouble upon themselves.
work is provided in the vineyard will get his daily ration the same
as the worker for whom more work was, provided ; a society in which- j .
all men will be truly equals; a society in 'which no man shall acquire rKfcb '
kvealth and cower at the expense of other men. Such-is'-the King
dom of Christ, the Christian Brotherhood of Man
If the class cons'cious capitalists in this country thought Jo-
sephus -Daniels was talking seriously about putting the religion of
Jesus Christ into actual practice in this world they would put a Bol
shevik label on him and put him where they put Eugene Debs,
Rose Pastor Stokes and a number of other consecrated mortals who
talked the same thing and called it Socialism.
s r ow
Wild Drivers
T TT A Ti T?TT T r'TTITJC A. f tl . A2 . -ir 1 1 n A A i-lllTl
j-,lZ,rrL 1X1 Lll x o new uaniL ui viiiictiiccs win a.uu mwx m
to the happiness, safety and peace of mind of every one, if gj:.
pitiperly. enforced. ;: The ordinance requiring automobiles
to ilow down to. five miles an hour when turning corners or cross
ing intersections of streets is especially desirable. Kj
; . yyi Five1 niiles js an irksome, bothersome gait for an automobihst, K?
but the Citv fathers -were wise in not maKiner it more. io one is
going' to throttle' down to five miles an hour. Automobilists always
take as much liberty as they dare. Had the Aldermen made the
limit ten miles instead of five, the automobilists would have stretch
ed the ten mile limit to twelve or fifteen miles. If they stretch
the five mile limit to seven, eight or even ten miles, then the great- Ujgj
est traffice menace in the city will be removed.
There are too many wild drivers in Elizabeth City and their
dancer lies in the fact that thev do not know they are wild. There
are boys and girls driving cars in this town who miraculously es
cape killing or eettine killed many times in a week. If the new
traffic ordinances are not enforced there will be many terrible
and costly accidents in this town in the weeks to come.
FIFTEEN THOUSAND Mexicans sat in a down pour of rain
in the city of Mexico the other day, sat in a bull ring and listened
to the singing of Caruso And then we are to believe that there is no
good in these people, that they are a hopeless, ungovernable lot !
'11 believe it when I believe that Woodrow Wilson can set the sun
back or control the prohibition element in Congress.
This question is frequent
ly asked in the business
world arid it is often more
significant than the mere
matter of a bank account.
far-reaching Influence of
a great bank constitutes
a Financial Prestige that
is an asset to its patrons.
am repeatedly asked, What is a Bolshevik? I will tell you.
A Bolshevik, in this part of the world, is an employe who
tries to undermine his employer. I have had Bolsheviks in
my shop and I get rid of them just as fast as I find them out.
The Bolshevik is a time killer, a joy killer and a trouble breed
er You can recognize him in the shop in which heworks by the
fact that he is always shoving his work off on his. fellow laborers.
He can always find something to piddle at while he shoves the un
desirable work off on his fellow workmen.
You can recognize him outside the shop because he always
has the men from some other shop around him, telling them how
little he works and calling them names because they do an honest
day's work.
Your Bolshevik is forever breeding trouble. He hasn't the
capacity for honest work, doesn't know how to perform any task
well, but fools himself into thinking he is smart by giving as little
labor as he possibly can for the wages he receives
about it to the other fellows.
Your Bolshevik isn't trying to undermine the government
He doesn't know anvthing about government and doesn't care. He
is content to undermine his employer and put unrest in the hearts
of decent workers. If you gave him a co-operative commonwealth
gave him industrial communism, gave him a Soviet form of govern
ment, he .would starve to death, because under a true Soviet, the
loafer, the trouble breeder and the time killer are not given mea
If you've got a Bolshevik in your shop, in your store, on your
farm, kick him out. They are the greatest liability in your business
A Bolshevik in Russia has a definite idea of a co-operative
commonwealth in which every man must contribute his pro rata of
the labor required by the commune. Your American Bolshevik has
no such ideals. His idea is to do no work at all and the spirit of
co-operation isnt in him. He will wreck any organization in which
he is given any consideration at all; Kick him out.
Voluntary Parenthood an Economic Ne- j
cessity in Face of High Cost of
and bragering
Josephus On Thin Ice
sffk DDRESSING the Western North Carolina Methodist Con
ll D Ierence at Greensboro last Sunday, Secretary of the Navy
JJ Daniels said :
We may denounce what we call bolshevism, we may ridicule it, we may
stick our heads in the sand and deny its existence, but the evil thing is with us.
How can it be exorcised? Force can awe it today. Power. may subdue it to
morrow, but there Is only one way to destroy the germ of. anarchy which has
sprung up in the upheaval that follows war. That power is. the same which
bade the unclean spirit come out of the man in the Gadarones two thousand
r years ago. And it cannpt be invoked by the church until Christain men prac
tice the brotherhood of man.
Mr. Daniels has uttered a truth which is beginning to dawn in
the minds of men everywhere after nineteen hundred years, of mis
understanding and misapplication of the teachings of Jesus Christ
The only way out of the disorder, revolution and chaos of these
trying times is full acceptance of the teachings of the Martof Gal-
lilee. Everything else has been tried and found wanting. Christian
ity alone remains to be given a trial. Personally, I have been con
vinced for a long time that the world ought to give Christainity a
trial and auit makinsr a mockery of the teachings of Tesus. If we
can't give Christainity a trial and wont give it a trial, then, let's be
honest in our avarice, and close up our churches and quit pretend
ing to be that which we are not.
There is, however, an all powerful: obstacle to the acceptance
of the teachings of Jesus : BIG BUSINESS IS AS HOSTILE TO
its servile henchmen the big politicians would call Christianiay Bol
shevism and fight it with machine guns and bayonets were it pre
sented them for serious consideration.
Acceptance of the Christain idea of a brotherhood of man im
plies an acceptance of a social state in which the rich will forfeit
their wealth; a society in which the truly erreat will be those who
truly serve ; a society in which the worker for whom only one hour's
. There are four hundred thou
sand pounds of sugar" due to ar
rive from Cuba to this section ol
the country, within the next few
days If you will keep your eyes
and ears open and be thoroughly
alert to your every opportunity,
you may get enough to sweeten
your coffee, until another ship
ment comes.
It would be mightly hard for
you to believe one of the most
truthful individuals who might
tell you that Clothing is just
about as scarce today, as sugar,
wouldn't it?
You certainly would not believe
that next .season's clothings are
being rationed out to the retail
dealers on a 60 per cent basis of
this season's purchases, would
However hard it may be for
you to believe, the above state
ments represent the axact con-
1'." P l .i .J1
anions lor DOtn tniS season ana jn order to conserve his own strength,
next with respect to the whole- j learn how to fit the size of his family to
sale clothing manufacturers hi earning.
0 Hilt between the nn'pr cIossps nf
Fortunately we are blessed society and this knowledge stand certain
with having the Biggest Stock ! laws which must be repealed. It is for
that we have ever carried. And Tnp reiom 01 inose laws tnat rs- an
more than that: We are selling
them about 60 per cent below to-
There has been a tendency in some
quarters to misrepresent the work of
Mrs. Margaret Sanger, the founder of
the family limitation movement, who
lectures in Elizabeth City next Sunday.
Unionformed persons have said that she
advocates criminal practices and de
fiance of both criminal and civil laws.
Nbthing is farther from the truth. Those
who hear Mrs. Sanger Sunday will get
an entirely different impression of the
woman and her work. Mrs. Sanger is
opposed " to large families of irrespon
sible s. She believes that people who
are not capable of raising or adequately
providing for large families of child
ren, should not be forced thru ignorance
to have large families. She believes small
er families will mean a stronger, health
ier, saner, happier araee
It should require no argument to make
any worker who is earning less than $20
a week understand that he can not bring
up an unlimited family on that wage,
and that as he' can not get an unlimited
wage, even by a long succession of
strikes, he must in self defense, and for
the sake of his wife and children, and
L. S. BLADES, V.-Pres.
W. C. GLOVER, V.-Pres.
W. G. GAITHER, V.-Pres.-Cashr.
M. R. GRIFFIN Asst.-Cashier
M. H. JONES, Asst.-Cashier.
day's market.
If a Man, Young Man or Boy,
wants dress themselves out from
Hat to Shoes, in the Best and
most Stylish Clothing, Furnish
ings and Shoes to be found in
North Eastern Carolina, at the
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see us I . J$
Elizabeth City, N. C.
LOST: Small leather pocket book bear
ing imprint of Saving Bank & Trust Co.
and containing money and receipt from
Sharber & White Hdw. Co. for Pleasant
Branch church. TJrobably lost on Poin
dexter St. Finder will please notify T.
SYKES, Mamie, N. C. and receive re
ward. pQ31-lt
1 ger argues
The objects of that league are clearly
stated in the literature of the organiza-tion:-
1. To render available for the people's
need, the best scientific knowledge as to
how parenthood may be voluntary in
stead of accidental; and as -a first step
toward that end, the removal of the
words "prevention of conception" from
the Federal obscenity laws which
now besmirch and degrade the question
of intelligent parenthood by including it
with penalized indecencies.
2. The education of parent's so that the
birth of children may occur with due re
gard to health, heredity, income, choice,
environment and the well-being of the
3. Equal legal and social rights for il
legitimate children, and justice for the
unmarried mother.
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y. Established 1887
Wo Sell Products from the Farm.
Shipments .
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my J.o-ivr.-
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Norfolk, Va., Oct. 30, 1919
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