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VOL. XII. NO. 516.
Published Bverjr Friday by W. O. Saunders at
505 E. Fearing St., Elizabeth City, Jf . C.
Entered as Second Glass Matter at the Post-ofHce
at Elizabeth City, N. C, June 9, 1908
$2,00 A YEAR
Copyright, 1920, 'by Stair Company
Pasquotank Post of The American -Legion
Will Probably Keep Hands Off, Tho Extra
Pay Will Be Genuinely Welcome
A plan advocating extra back
f0r soldiers, sailors and marines
who served during the world war
and who do not wish aid through
land settlement or .vocational
training, was introduced in Con
otons this week by Franklin D'Ol
national commander of the .
American Legion, who stated
that 3.000,000 men, with the tu-j
mult of war still ringing in their
firly believed that the mov
ent owed an obligation to
All American Organization of
Former Soldiers, Sailors and
Marines Locally know as
Pasquotank Post
The first steps toward the organiza
tion of a post of the American Legion
in Northeastern North Carolina were
taken at the Elizabeth City Y. M. C. A.
all who came OUt of the conflict Friday night, when about twenty forme
handicapped bodily and financial
ly. Commander DOlier and oth
er representees of the Legion ap
pearing before the house ways
and means committee at the first
public hearing on a mass of bills
service men met and elected temporary
officers, choosing J. Kenyon Wilson of
this city chairman, and Joseph Peele,
secretary. For the present, this post
of the Legion will be known as Pasquo
tank Post, and an official invitation to
become members was issued to all hcn
iorably discharged soldiers, sailors and
. l . t .. C T ........ .7- i .. ,IA 3
denned to neip tormer service 1 "Mim" VL nuuinu., vmuFu uu
. , . . , . 11 i Currituck counties. Men from the latter
raen. strongly objected to the call , (.ounties will come in with the under.
ins: of soldier relief legislation by J standing that if posts are later formed in
ti e term, "Government bonus." ! their counties they will be at liberty to
. , , ! c hange their membership if they so wish.
It was further brought out that i The Allierican Legion is a thoroughly
the Legion wants assistance fori American organization, with a slogan of
everv man in the service during!110 Per c'ent Americanism. It is not
" j connected, allied or associated in any
the war. I way with any political party, and it is
Charces were made at the beginning; in no sense under the direction or influ
of the pm. ceding that all soldire relief ence of the army. Distinctions of rank
bills had been sent to the ways and or service carry no weight with the Le
r.itaiis committee for burial until after 'gioii, ex-generals and ex-privates coin
t':.f November elections. These were 'ing in on exactly the same terms, and
haii'Iy dtr.iod. and the wrangle became enjoying precisely the same privileges
m. s-i!-ral that the hearing ended in con-! in every respect. As one local member
fu-iv!:. The committee later agreed to put it. the men of the American Legion
nil w;rnes.ses. starting this week, if ; are "banding themselves together to up
h ;. r.k two months. Questions asked hold the principles for which they
tin:- far do not indicate how the bonus fought" ami they do not propose to be
n:::i!. if voted by Congress, would be ; dictated to by anybody.
rai-('l. It is believed by those in close I In many of the cities where posts of
m l. with the situation that approx-; the American Legion have been formed
i:.. !y five billion dollars will be re- j lubrooms have been secured, and an at-
, to carry out the plan suggested tractive social feature has been added to
iiv Thomsa W. Miller, head of the leg- j the organization.. Members of one post
:;. ::. whereby bonuses in vafying ' quarters of other posts ot tne legion, ;on iv'.vvaru i arr, 1. . I . iniiiit;
u::...uiits depending upon the length of , and it is probable that later the local or-j an(. Ay -j- Saunders, the
s.-vvi- of the individual would De award ; gair.zation win proviue reaumg roouis. ;
.-'I T all ex-service men. It is suggest- : shower baths, and other desirable fea-j'OUnj
t.': x'u-.a the relief might be handled iiKeitures. it is aiso suggesieu mat provis-tl:.-
s;-,n bonus, whk-h automatically to all j ion be made by the Pasquotank Post of
i-'..!li'(l men. and to officers requestin
irman Fordney. of the house ways i and give assistance in the conversion of
Executives Here Yesterday in Conference With
Chamber of Commerce on Pennsylvania
Avenue Play Ground Proposition
The movement to secure a pub
i Second Woman To Lose Life
This Way Within Week
Ehringhaus Would Try Currituck
Highwaymen Cases at
Camden Next Week
Indictments of Tames Pope Mix
white men charged with
It is also suggested that provis- j sensational robberies in Curri-
i the American Legion to look after the
I Government insurance of its members,
:;icans committee, in a reference to ( term policies now held by many ex-ser-i
's statement that the Legion did ' vice men into permanent insurance of
wish soldier relief administered as j whatever kind they desire.
ii of war risk insurance admin- ! In the matter of dties. Pasquotank
. i i 1 . " C ; f..... iTAfinif aIi. n.ctiAr. rill Ji i I T i V . T f 1 T 1 "I
i ""t it. denounced tne action 01 uujiuM utuum-v n uiviuw-
i!i.. ct i- of the bureau, name not men- j prospective members that they will not
t . i 1. who refused aid in the case of a i be asked to pay over .$2.50 per year,
law ci-solfiifr who had had both legs j Attractive buttons bearing the insignia
i: !..;) ar.d was otherwise injured.
V"i. I..- discovered that the applicant
.-; lawyer, this inspector, according
T" : K.i-iuat.on resented to tne cnairman
:-:-'.a:-'-d tha
of the American Legion will be presented
to each member, and these may be worn
by all members just as the' emblems of
any lodge or order, being bona ficfe cvi-
lie did not deserve help or! deuces of affiliation with the Legion.
ar;y tor the reason that a man in j Former soldiers, sailors and marines
condition going before a jury, could j who wish to enter Pasquotank Post
every cause he pleaded. Mr. Ford- j should write asking tor a memoersuip
blank to Joseph Peele. secretary, Eliz
abeth City, N. C, or blanks may be ob
tained at the Apothecary Shop in this
Application for a charter for the local
post of the Legion has already been for
warded to the State Executive Committee
ceived, a meeting of members and all
at Ualeigh, and shortly after it is re-ex-service
men wishing to become mem
bers will be held at this city. A perma
nent organization will then be formed,
by-laws will be adopted, the amount of
the annual dues will be decided upon, and
regular officers will be elected for a def
inite term of office. It is strongly urged
that all former soldiers, sailors and ma
rines who are interested in an independ
ent all-American organization of this
kind be present at this meeting, and take
part in its proceedings.
Mr. Ford-
! .-s ei,ii:l!ided by observing that the
f'.i-cg.,ii.g inspector should be taken in
t custody and "sent where Emma Gold
!..a:: is."
At a special meeting of the. Norfolk
I'1 -r of tie- American Legion held Tues-
highr. resolutions were passed by
; :. ..y: L-wliehiiing vote upholding the
st::'.i taken by the Legion in convention
:f .Minneapolis. Minn, last November,
' -ii -ii that body went on record as op
I" ''.:: any action by the Legion toward
ialiy promoting any legislation for
!if Mitional soldier relief measures. The
Norfolk body declared itself willing to
l'uvi the matter of extra compensation
iu!viy with Congress. The full text
i tin- resolution follows: "Be it resolved
That while the American Legion was
J ' f iounded for the purpose of promot
legislation in its selfish interest, yet
15 ! -.giii.es that our Government has
'ideation second only to that of ear
''!! relieve the financial disadvantar
i :cii;-.;jt;ij to their military service,
!! ' ' i:.ri;:. second only to that of car
the widows and orphans of those
v!.,, - :;r.r:rjf.,,, their lives, and noe al
' u'-kriowledged by our Allies but
' - : an Legion feels that it can
' for legislation in its selfish in
! '' :i:ii leaver with confidence to
' -s the discharge of this obliga-
ICi (;
" (J -s
: ti'-r of
Post of the Legion, now
f organisation, has neither
You Cant Have Good Milch Cattie in a
Tick Infested Neighborhood
'T)ne of the saddest cases of influ
enza which I have treated this year oc
cured in the lower part of the county,"
i said a local physician this week,
i "An entire family was clown with the
i disease. There were two small children
who v.-ere critically ill. They needed
! nourishing food, and above all things
tuck county will be presented to
the grand jury of the Superior
Court of Camden county which
convenes at Camden C. H. Mon
day, March 8.
The four were to have been tried at
Currituck Court this week, but there
v.-.-is no court in Currituck
,.f tl niclemic of Influenza" in that Six, the Reo and
" ' i
, a- I
Expected to Resume Operations
at an Early Date Under
Able Executive
lie playground for the children'
of Elizabeth City took reassuring
form yesterday with the appear
ance here of leading officials of
the Norfolk Southern R. R. in a
conference- with directors of the
Elizabeth City Chamber of Com
merce. The Norfolk Southern rail road yards
are 700 feet long on Pennsylvania ave
nue. There is an unused strip 90 feet
wide between the street line and the rail
road tracks. This unused property is
at present serving no purpose and is an
eyesore to the town. It is overgrown
with weeds and harbors vast pools of
stagnant water, breeding places for mos
quitoes. To improve and beautify this
property would involve considerable ex
pense for the rail road company without
showing a profit. Elizabeth City has
offered to drain, f ill, jmprove and equip
this property for a public park and play
ground if the Norfolk Southern will lend
or lease the property to the city jor a
nominal sum for a definite period of
years. ' ,
E. D. Kyle, vice president; Morris S.
Hawkins, assistant to the president, and
F. L. Nicholson, chief engineer, of the
Norfolk Southern cmae to Elizabeth
City yesterday especially to view the
situation and confer with interested citi--
zens. Directors of the Chamber of Com-
Is Perfectly Willing For Elizabeth erce took them over the ground and
I CUtvl taiUCU LUC 111 Ulf C4.A- M.M-LA.J1. lliui &uu-u
eon at Dinty Moore's , Place.
Being rail road officials, the visitors
would not commit themselves on thespot
Mrs. Louisiana Haymaa, aged 62
years, died, at her home cm Bell street
in this city Tuesday night as a result
of burns received when her clothing:
caught on fire from a heater in her
room. This is the second case of the
kind reported in this vicinity within
la weefc.
Mrs. Hayman was a widow of the
late W. H. Hayman and a native of
Tyrrell County. She had lived in
ithis city about eighteen years.
She is survived by two sons, Wil
liam N. Hayman and Dewey L. Hay
nlan of this city; by one daughter,
Mrs. Mary Roughtoh of Harrellsville;
land by three stepdaughters, Mrs. L
Twiford of this city, Mrs. Cora Guard
and Mrs. Ella Mann, both of Manns
City To Go Down In Perquimans
And Build One
but they said many things to indicate
Editor of Independent: I
. . . j it.
uan t you. raise a iuuu irum iu -th t th inciined to favor the prop-
Elizabeth City merchants to repair j osition Mr Hawkins, assistant to Pres
our road from Durants Neck to ;ident Young, stated that the officials
Woodville so we of this section can would give tje matter immediate con
sideration and probably give the city
an answer within ten days.
A syndicate of Baltimore and New
Ynrk cm italists headed by E. M. Isew-
do our trading in Elizabath City?
The Perquimans County Road
Commission (wliicn are the County
Commissioners also) say they are
about done working a road for the
benefit of Elizabeth City, for the Dur
ants Neck folks are just making the
merchants of Elizabeth City rich.
Now you can see just the position
we are in. we are xo De uriveu iu
VI, t-i
MR. NEWBERN is secretary and man-:ger of the company,
iton, president of tne Antnracue voai Hertiora to ao our trauma o-uu umcj
i Co., is reported as having purchased the business, and they offer us real bar
plant and timber holdings of- the Uare gains too,
Lumber Co. in Elizabeth City and uare j wag talking witb. a man this
County and will put tne plant m opera- inornillg who said ne only had to
tion as soon as certain repairs ana n.i- p&y tgn dollars more for a Cook stove
provements can ue umue. f . make and size in Hert.
Walter S. Taylor, president and gen- . th he did in Elizabeth City
, & e il. T : J4- Tn.c I
lerai manager oi Ue -----" ' One of Hertford's leading doctors
line, ot .MOyoCK, I nam u . d
TVr Tov nr is an 1 " c- UJ " " - '
I I n in ""I "Tl Q ff f11 T"
ganization tnat is now PuS.....H .......-m-umc - ... ... ..tnat.a cheaoer than I can
- - 1L A . L. m U A 4 II TV I V fcJM -
On account! of the UIDsmooiie, ine uuu... j vu,. wtfnrfl : T'll take one.
Di.inbuu TriirlJS in : t-v T 1, r l.oc (.nn in hnrl I Si- J"-
J ine ware imur. -ao u n,.ttr. oM nf nnttine our
ci.untv only l. of tne ;.() jurors cirawn ( ims j- - , .. , monpv in Elizabeth City banks
. . .. . ... .1. i - cnonioitu has alwavs been Pen ,i u cr.,-f rf shnrners and snecu-1 money in a-""lucul
for Currituck rourt put m xueir ap-iaaja m.o - , ...a.n- --i - - . ,.nw
t. i to n -,,,3 in ccicormn iinps 11 1 auiu iiiuunco . tic n-iir wror-kon one i f uuj- ivauia 1
Ituws io jurui .ui.u ... a - " ... . , fnll from
11113 ICI . HWi J ' " i 1 1 l 1 1 (1 1 1 1 V wuil'w-".' ' I . -, j t
-- i. ... x or- that onn ileliver his ... ..i,i c- ,v.m nmnprtr for mil- Hertford banKs, tney saiu mcj uu
liatneroi:iy iu. lt, iiu,m. w..- x - qh thflv
lion-s more than it was wortli. m inz- ly nau a nmc """
Failure of the Shad Season in Florida
and Georgia Indicates Light Catch
ror North Carolina
ncarancc Monday
,.i, ini!rl a erand jury. The Court had : offer
lo be indefinitely postponed.
than carry the prisoners in jail indef- j specialty.
initely Solicitor .1. C. Ii. Ehringhaus will:
ask for their indictment and trial in Cam
den county, where Court convenes Mon- j A LIZSSON ,n ADVERTISING
day. It is understood that the defend- j John vanamaker, the world's
ants will agree to this. In fact it is-be- j most suceessful merchant, the own
lieved that the defendants will fare bet- j er of tne biggest stores in New York
ter in a trial outside of Currituck coun
ty where their alleged crimes were com
mitted. Handcuffed, the four young men were
taken from the Elizabeth City jail and
carried to Currituck Monday morning.
Handcuffed, they were brought back to
the Elizabeth City jail Monday night.
The youthfulness of the quartette made
a strong appeal to the sympathies of
many who saw them for the first time.
The leader of the young gang is un
doubtedly James Mixon, and Mixon is
not a bad appearing sort. He may be
24 years old or he may be 27. He was
formerly in the navy, was wounded in
, ul given a pension for himself, his wife increases . day by day and year by
f l ,p,, - r ,- vear until t exerts an irresitable
,ns own cm u. V ' U power. It is likened to a team pull
Norfolk knew ahonhm??: dic jerky pulls will not bulge the
ber of last year when the Red Cross
drSvo was started He presented h ,m- , , load A thousand
.if f Tf..,l Cross hoadciuarters. told the. . . . . . i
of the
The shad season is late in getting un
der way in North Carolina this year and
fishermen are convinced that there will
be a light season generally. The big
gest shipment of shad from Elizabeth
City this week aggregated only about 75
boxes. About 20 boxes went, thru Eliz
abeth City yesterday.
The shad season in Florida closed on
March 1, a disappointment to everybody.
Few shad appeared in Florida waters
this year. The same reports come from
Savannah, Ga., where the shad season
is now at its height. North Carolina
fishermen are not hoping for a profitable
season, in view of the failures farther
south. Some are predicting that the
shad will be extinct fci Atlantic Coast
waters in another decade or so.
r in n.nre conntv the news had to keep it for their customers
: iiuvui v .i.. . - -
!that this great pronerty is again in re- or friends. rnis man went iu
sponsible hands is hailed with genuine First and Citizens National Bank-m
Liri;rht Mr. Tavlor has made.no an- Elizabeth City and had no trouble
,.,...nont f liis nlnns and iust when hn ppttine the money, showing by
!the mill will resume operations is not that that the coliaterla was o. k.
; stated.
! .
and Philadelphia, and the largest
user of newspaper advertising space
that all history has known, says:
"If there is one business on earth
that a 'ouitter' shoud severly leave
... .r-: -r nUn
aione it is aaverii&niy. .u ,TiiS4 t a.,- At
ust be ' uisiiiiguisiif u iuuiikji i't'-
When the road legislation went
through last Spring I was told that
i i i. nA Vnur Unno 53 Tl H
tne roaa 0Biwi ,bee ran from the house into the yard.
Woodville would be the last roaa flnmM vionp,! w and inflicted
Standing in frnot of an open grate in
her home at Shawboro, Mrs. Sam Fere
bee's clothing caught fire and she died
from her burns Friday afternoon, Feb.
27, just 24 hours after the horrible ac
cident. Not having the presence of
mind to smother the flames, Mrs. Fere-
success of advertising one m
prepared to stick to it like a barn-
acle on a boat's bottom. He should
know before he begins it that he
must spend money considerable of
it. .Somebody should tell him also
that he cannot hope to reap results
commensurate with his expenditures
early in the game. Advertising
at first, but the pull is steady. lt
Alkrama Tlieatre Under Auspi
ces of Methodist Women
improved. This was tola to me uy
two of the leading men of Hertford,
but I thought at that time they were
joking, but I now have reason to be
lieve that they were in earnest.
I think it is the cheapest politics I
ever heard of and the people of Dur
nor adopted resolutions on ;
thev needed milk. I endeavored to pro
dditional pay for ex-ser-i
thought, however, that
(.ken by tile Norfolk post will
; Mie approval of a majority of
ii - ;f"the local body. It is gen
'!i"-d that Congress, recog
' legation to the American
; -ist the men whose war ser
: i -udere;! at an actual sacrifice
: will be generously inclined "
pending relief legislation
. , c l : . .1 : v. .... 1
some out louim n uiiuiun, w v
I tain more than small quantites. With
vis'ht kind of food, and especially
CHcruiistance that the men thus as-
tc will themselves eventually have
i '"'. llir;siigh taxation the bulk of the
.-:),) necessary for the iroposed
"' m - ;. t.,t worrying anybody partic
Ur'.v t now.
--tuimtes j.lace the annual loss to the
' on sweet potatoes stored in earth
b; at !?1-'5,000,000.
i .1 1 1 1-T
with sufficient miwc tney wouiu nave iuu
valesced rapidly. As it was, they had to
remain in bed for several weeks."
The doctor went on to say that it was
not only in influenza but other cases of
sickness as well that the patients would
materially benefitted by a uiet in
which- milk figured liberally.
"I don't see why the farmers don't
ke ep more cows." he adde-l. The reas
on for the shortage of cows in Pasquo
tank County is due to the deadly
work of the cattle tick. As long as the
county remains under quarantine it will
always be impossible to raise cows in
any considerable number. And with a
shortage of cows there is bound to be a
shortage of milk. Tick eradication and
the subsequent raising of better cattle is
the only solution.
said nc wanted 10 uo . - Thr i opera,
TM.A- i meats i e mu uiiij .. j .
li.-'d Cross women how he
wounded and "how the Ited Cross had
ared for him. II
-n.: f,... tli Tiwl Ci nss
some i
cave him buttons to sell and he turned
in $f0 from his first day's work. Nor
folk papers made much of the incident
at the time.
feresting. He says he is not an angel,
Mixon is pleasant, talkative and in
but would like for folks to believe that
he isn't altogether bad. He insists that
his three companions are guilty of no
wrong doing and that he was perso
responsible for things that happened in
Currituck. Just what sort of defense
he will make for himself, he does not
indicate. He seems to know just when
to stop talking. He says he was once
a reporter on a Brooklyn daily, was at
another time a moving picture actor in
the employ of the Vitagraph Co., and if
he gets out of this mess he will go to a
Government Vocational Training School
and take a course in vocal music and
facial expression, with a view to going
back to the movies or on the stage.
Hutt Fisher, American Violinist;
assisted by Quirino Camilli, Italian antg Neck win ref use to be domina-
, ham tone: will appear in a musical t d bv a few peanut politicians
concert at the Alkrama Theatre in There are a bunch of men m neri
tii mednpsdav evening. March ry,n thinlr thev have all the
11113 lllj wv... ' 1 IU1U " '
in A more pretentious musical h in Perauimans County, and are
doesn't jerk; it begins very gently ' t h not been offered an Eliza- d'ined to do an the thinking for
I both citv audience in several years. M -whole people. And yet tney
i . a -1 r. o in ii- I .. . irli tn Tvnilrl
Mr. Fisner is represeuieu o.o liavn t got energy euuu&n
sical senius who knows the yioun decent streets in their own town
as only a true artist can know it. Tne country people of Perquimans
His assisting artist, Sig. Camilla County are suffering from an epidem
will present a number oi songs m
Italian ana ng-
j. i : a. . ff nrt uiill crort o nrl
had been; erleu &leau.jr "
Keen it movinn. icic ic umoo
ways to make advertising pay and
French, Spanish;
.Jn,', incinrlins: famous arias
as well as shorter numoers.
are no others. The tirst is to keep - Tlie huu rjici
at it, the second is to keep at it and j the auspices of the Ladies Aid bo
' the third is to keep at it. I ciety of the First Methodist Church
. j an(j the sale of seats is being handled
by them.
Hemstiching 10 cents a yard. Mrs.
G. F. Hudgins, 307 E. Burgess st.phone
902 J. c-adv.-lt
You can't grow younger ; but
3rou can enjoy good sight to a
ripe old age, if you change your
glasses, as the advancing years
My eyeglass service is based
on long 'experience, modern
equipment and progressive me
thods in optometry.
This entitles me to 'our ser
ious consideration, if your eyes
need glasses.
Phone 999 : : Eliz. City, N. C
"If car owners would make a point of
inspecting the wiring on the;r machines
two or three times a year," says J. B.
Venters. Willard Service Station Dealer,
a lot of trouble would be avoided."
"There is no such thing as tightening
a connection so that you, are sure it will
stay. The constant jar and sway of a
ear will sometimes succeed in working
loose a nut that has been jammed down
?o tight tha it seemed to be there for
keeps. This is particularly likely to hap
pen if there is slack in the wire so that
it whips back and forth."
"It is quite common to find batteries
that are under-charged ffr no other
reason than neglect of the owner to keep
connections tight between battery and
generator. t
ic of too much Hertford."
Now if we have to support a cer
tain class of Hertford's people, why
we'll pension them, but we absolute
ly refuse to be driven there to do
our trading so let them cease driv
:ng and offer us some inducement.
"Fair Play"
Durants Neck, N. C. March 2nd
Fears that Elizabeth City had gone
Bolshevik were dispelled yesterday when
it- was learned that two immense red
flags displayed on Main street were put
there as danger signals by City Manager
Commander, whlie city workmen cm'
down the last remaining tree in the
block between Foindexter and McMorine
streets. The tree was in front of th
First & Citizens National Bank and was
more than 50 years old.
The flames enveloped her and inflicted
vital injuries before those at hand could
extinguish them .with buckets of water.
Mrs. JFerebee was 50 years old and is
survived by nine children and 25 yvand-children.
New Men's Clothing and Furnishings
Store Will Occupy Handsome
The Spencer Co. is the name of Eliz
abeth City's newest store which will
open in a few days. The Spencer Co.
will handle mens clothing, hats and fur
nishings. Their store is the stand for
merly occupied by the J. II. Aydlett Hwd
Co., in the Ilinton Building and the store
has been remodeled, decorated and equip
ped in keeping with the dignity of its
The Spencer Co. is composed of E. F.
Spencer, fotf many years with McCabe
& Grice, and John II. Snowden, former
agent of the Norfolk Southern It. It.
Both will be active in the new business.
Grover Jackson, formerly with McCabe
& Grice, but more recently with the
American Expeditionary Forces over
seas will also be connected with the new
The Spencer Co. expect to open next
According to previous announcement,
I am a candidate for Register of Deeds.
Subject to the Democratic Primary in
June. Thanking you in advance for your
support, I am,
Most respectfully,
cM5-2t GEO. W. BROTHERS. -
There will be a mobile school held at
Hertford March S to 12. The first ses
sion will be held Monday, 7:30 P. M.
Mrs. P. S. Vann of Elizabeth City will
teach the W. M. U. Manual Methods,
the course of study will include a brief
survey of our " history, our organization,
the study, prayer, giving and training
program of the Union, the branches of
mentary usage. We hope a large num
work fostered by it and the best parlia
ber of our women and young people will
attend, says Mrs. E. M. Sawyer, Asso
ciation Superintendent.

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