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FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1921,
- . : l n i r
1 f..
3 -
W. O. SAUNDERS, Editdr
Leiah Sheep, Back From New Yotk,
Talks About New Season's
.. Styles ' i
D..hi;.i.nrf c-tSt, Prirfaw in thfl Year, hv W. O. Saunders, at 5U3 fc. i-earing 01.,
Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, North Carolina. v
M. Leigh Sheep, . proprietor of M.
Lpieh SheeD Co., the ."Woman's 'WJr
Stnn is hack from New York. . where
C.ik.oii'nti'nn Rates. 1 vear $1.50: 8 months. $1.00; months, 50c. he Bas spent two weeks leisurely study
- " 1 ' - . . ., .1.4,. TIrt .,-. hnmn
IJQg IDe lUUrncLS. lie wmc 'O uo.i. - uval;
with a greater confidence in business
onnrlitiorts. . brines glad news of lower
office In Ledger Dispatch Bldg. prices for women s suits, coats ana
things ana says ne nas prepared ior a
good Fall business. This newdfcaper has
asked Mr. Sheep to tell its women read-
Entered as
2nd class matter at the postoffice at Elizabeth City, N: p., June 9, 1908.
Represented in Norfolk, Va., by J. H. McLaughlin,
' - Phone 25823.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1921.
030. I .-motlJnif nhnnt the at-rlos nf flip
coming "season. In reply . to the que s-
See What Agricola Did?
4 .',
tion. What will women mostly wear this
fall? he says
'That is a pretty hard question to
EE what the farmers have done to the greatest revolution answer "as the season is yet too unde-
in the history of modern man ! In a general way the aim HowPever the're are some features which
of the boviet government ol Russia was to socialize Can now be depended upon to be right
4 I - . . A I
i.. :r,rcft-.r "RonHno- onH nnvafp tradinp- were abolished, ine for Fall. For instance, -two distinct
-i : u? ':im-.,lB oil PcconH'nl industries I silhouettes showing a sharp contrast to
SiaiC OVCr 11IC mmn, wc i".iuaua lnrT& nr ...Mf n o1i MrmlT,tn
T j 1 t J J.. I
The state took over all the lands and gave tnem xo tne peasants io 0ne 0f these is characterized by straight
farm , I "nes yntu width- above the waist line,
. . , .. j jI the natural result of the blouse and un-
The state -proposed to take the surplus of everything produced L, figure, The other 8iihouette is
atid aoolv it to the common good. The farmer would give his created by the fitted basque and the
r1 tat tn he used in feeding the industrial classes in skt, shadows from olden days.
outjs..? " I "Tha Bt-rlaa -n-,n AHfar cUll on
the towns and cities. And the state would take from the surplus I ite 8imilar fo lagt 8eaBon.g"garment8
of the industrial classes in the towns and cities and supply .the I although, so diversified this reason, .that
needs of the farmers for implements, machinery, Duuamg material, w reaomm-
clothing, etc. . "The coat styles for winter reflect
After the material needs of all the working people had been both silhouettes as described above and
supplied, the remaining surplus was to have been applied to the iZ
building of roads, schools, art galleries theatres, parks, playgrounds,
collars, with, fur around cuffs-and other
"hospitals, kindergartens, homes for the aged and other enterprises I touches here and there are the jnost
x il (4. c,M KottorniPnt rf all thp rrle. t.iiiuunuSB, wuiBupi iocs oi con-
IUI UlC tuiiuic, v-"" ""- - - trust nnd bp If lrtri .n.hM.n ,o Mf
Under the old Czarist system as tmder our own Wall Street dent on dressy coats. The plain tail
vctem. the millions lived from hand to mouth while a few con- ? coat of rich material is much in
trolled the wealth of the nation. Under Soviet -rule there should
be no rich and no poor and a nation of one hundred and fifty mil
lions of souls were to work and live as one big family, each work
ing for the good of all, all working for the good of each, not one
working for his personal advancement at the expense of' his fel
lows. One of the first laws of the Russian Federated Soviet Re
public was that he who did no labor should not eat ?
It was a beautiful dream, but to date it hasn't worked. - It
hasn't worked because the whole world conspired to bring about
its failure and the farmer finally, turned the trick that brought the
evidence also.
"Apart from the fact that the coats
I of suits are somewhat fuller and a- lit
tle longer. than in the spring, the suits
are quite, similar jto last season s.-" lhe
skirts to suits are . practically the same
width and only a trifle longer,
"Dresses also reflect the two silhou
ettes' as described above and the straight
line dress is the most popular,, as it is
also- the most practical garment'for
street wear, ilthough, thetight bodice
and full skirts offer many, opportunities
for original trimmings for the dressier
models and is also, quite largely taken
bv buyers from all over the country.
, "The long loose sleeve is one of the
dress features of the season, although
these, do not predominate, as all style
sleeves- are shown, the model of the
dress being the deciding factor of which
sleeve is right.
Black ' is - the . predominating? color,
of course, brightened here and there by
a belt or buckle .of some brighter - shade.
So much for what styles are good.
Now about prices. I am . glad to say
that prices 'look good to me.' They are
so much more reasonable than theyl
have been for four or five years that
don't believe any one can help but
agree that tilings are gettng dsck io
'normalcy' an can realize that they are
getting a dollars' worth for every hun
dred cents they spend with us in any
garment they may purchase.
"I believe the bottom has been
reached ' and. the tendency in all- lines
is towards healthier business conditions
so that we, may look forward to Fall
with more confidence than for several
seasons past.
. "We are preparing for a large Fall's
business and we believe that the com
ivg season . will come up to our every
expectation. . . -
f . Norf olk.'S'a., August If 1921.
Reported especially for -HE INDB
PENDENT -by larvis & Fentress. The
following prices represent actual sales
made to-day. -
Items not quoted were not sold to-day(
and the Food Administration prohibits
quotations other than actual sales.
Eggs : . 1 34c to 35c
Hens Hoc
Chickens: . ' . -
1 1-2 to 2 lbs. --. : 30c to 35c
Chickens under 11-4 lbs. not" wanted.
Roosters . loc
North Carolina Irish Fo- .-.
tatoes $4.00
New Swee Potaeos -
- Yellow $4.50 to $4.75
Yams $5.00
'Robert Smith, a negro. of Garner, die-
in a hos pital in Raleigh as result of
taking another man's wife to church
and keeping -her too long and John Nor
rwood, who shot Smith, -is in Wake coun
ty jail. .
A fish fry was given at the Rebecca
Hall at Sligo Saturday night. The-proceeds
will go for the benefit of the Re
Miss Mahala Ballance entertained a
few of her friends Friday night m
honor of Miss Thelma Lyles of Norfolk
who is visiting 'her
Miss Lythia Spence ' returned to her
home Saturday morning, after spending
some time here.
Currituck nlay'ed Knott's Island base-
ilall Saturday afternoon on the Knott's
Island diamond, lhe score was 11 to
12 in favor of Knott's Island. Currituck
did not mind defeat, as the hospitality
extended to them, together with the de
lightful lunches, wis the source of more
pleasure than the . mere winning of a
game of baseball, They J are going
again. - j
Misses tNell Walker and Beatrice
Parker of Poplar Branch spent the week
end here. - - i
There is more big news- in THE IN
DEPENDENT once a week than ia the
average daily six days a week.
ONE HOUSE and store combined, good
location and good trade, large lot. A
bargain for $3,600.00. Terms easy., Call
abeth City, N. C. c.Aug.l2-lt
system to smash. To begin with, the Soviets found themselves
Gatesville, Gates County, N. C.
Aug. 1st, 1921.
The Gates County Free Range As-
contronted Wltn a DIOCKaae wmcn snui xnem o.ui ,irom itic acquisi- by the temp0rary Chairman on the
tion of the machine parts, tools and raw materials essential to above mentioned date , at 11 o'clock A.
. 1 " r pi i a t
rocTnrat nn nf the r industries. The working- classes in the iue purpose 01 tne meeting as ex
.. .. .. I Dressed from the Chair was ns follows
. 11 . 1 . T J I I 4 . 4-EA 4- I l 1 . ' ' '
Cities coma not woik uctausc mcy xiu ucuuci wc tuuis nux u.c To organize and co-0perate with the
materials to work with. And while the farmers were producing Counties of Chowan, Perquimans, Tas
i .wrain to feed those in enforced idleness in the cities, the farmers quotank, Camden and Currituck in pre-
! ' . .... f.'i- t- i- 4i :..: sentmg petitions before the next Gen-
were not getting back thethings which those in the cities were eral Assembly of North Carolina ask
I 1 A rA U-nrr frr- Vio -f rfcrf cii flFc Vi f forme I . , ..
i' J LJ lid V C y UUUttu 111 W-VLiiaii a wx in v -U--U- i.a.j ws. . -7.
' 4 But this wasn't the worst of it. The Soviets, after having dis
banded their armies found that they had to mobilize their armies , .rsT.bT , .1, k
Motion carried, and Secretary . in
structed to give notice by . publication.
The undersigned would be glad to hear
expressions from each of the Counties
mentioned in this notice onTthe earliest
possible date.
Secretary and Treasurer.
We citizens of Gates county, affirm-
ing our allegiance to the State of North
again and fight the nations of the capitalist world on every hand. Law or Free Range by a vote of the
Great Britain. France and the United States sent their soldiers into Pe0Pl0-m e territory named above.
-j ,i,- After election of permanent Chair
xvussia anu counter icvuiuuuu duct i-uumti n,rumuuii aa
uCIUllc ouuiiu aa xueiiiou jsay, tne Carolina, avowing our belief in the just
ness of the fundamental principle upon
which our State and Natjon is founded,
the right to settle questions affecting
aiiced by the Allies to smash' the Soviet regime. The Soviets de
feated the -armies of & Yudenitch, only to have to iage war all
over again against a newly ' financed Kolchak, a Denikin or a
- Wrangle. . ( ' '
And while the Red Armies waged successful war on every
front and defeated every foe, the farmers back home were carry
ing the burden of feeding the armies. The farmer gave his surplus
to the state, but he got nothing, back in turn for it. The surplus
went to the army, everything went to the army. The poor peasants
couldn't vmderstand. The only thing they could understand was
that they produced a surplus only to see it taken away. And so
- the farmers began to curtail production. They reduced their acreage
"to their own needs.'" They refused to produce a surplus for which
they would receive no return. And on top of this restricted pro
duction last summer there came a drouth which burned up most
of the crops that were planted
the neonles hv a mainritv vnfa hnmhlu
man, Secretary ,and Treasurer, the but earnestly .petition' you, the represen
Chair announced its readiness to hear tatives of the neonle. not t inv ht
motions; Whereupon a form of petition, extend to us the right to settle the
which, the qualified voters will be asked Question of stnok law nr fr r,nn i,..
to sign was presented before the meet- a vote of the people, in accordance with
mg Same was adopted by vote and our inalienable right, in the counties of
ordered to be published in connection Gates, Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquo-
with the minutes of this meeting. tank, Camden and' Currituck, being that
Motion that one man appointed in group of counties to the west of the
each township of the County to circu- Atlantic Ocean, North of the Albemarle
late the petitions, and that he be in- Sound and Etfenton Bay, to the East of
structed to appoint helpers to assist in Chowan and Black Water rivers, and
the work if necessary, motion carried South of the North Carolina-Virginia
and so ordered sjate line. Free range prevails in Vir-
Motion that the various Township ginia from the Atlantic Ocean to Black
Canvassers be instructed to report on Water river: these si rmmfipc nP cr.
petitions on or before Oct. 1st, 1021. to runded Past Sm.th -,r,,i wo
- WW UW 1 I
the Secretary of the Association.
Motion, that the other- five Counties
named in these minutes be notified of
I i
1 1
I ! i
4 U i
done to the greatest revolution in the history of man.
The result of it all is that Lenin, theiead of the Soviet govern
ment has sacrificed his communistic schemes and has started the
.farmers all over again by agreeing to levy a specific tax on them.
Their surplus products they are now permitted to sell or barter
in the old capitalistic way. Stores and shops are open again in
Russia to-day as inthe days before the Revolution and Lenin and
Trotzky will have to vait another day to socialize or .communize
the industry of one hundred and fifty million Russians. This Lenin
thinks can be done when .the machinery of production on both the
farms and in the cities is working full speed ahead again and he is
given a normal state to work with. We shall see.
We see what an agriculturists' strike has "done to restore the
thing called "normalcy'' in Russia. Wonder what would happen
- here in America if the farmers of this country should restrict their
production to their own needs and refuse to produce a surplus for
the profit of the money lenders, the railroads and the speculators !
- Could they not force anything from free trade and currency reform
to ownership of all public utilities and the disarmament of nations?
It is something to think about. r -"
tile action Of this niPPtinir Kit
ju we sec wiictL me idimcis lidvcjnon, ana that those five Counties be
AT the risk of being accused "of 'throwing coldwater on a worthy
enterprise, I can not'irefoam frojn suggesting that Dr., Crosby, Prof.
Clements and Miss Mabel vafts-ae going to encounter nearly in
surmountable difficulties in Iheir brave effort to film the ,e;
colonial history of Roanoke Island; and Vfcitfiy Vjn the state's meagi'e
tl'i apprppriation of $3,000. This limited appropriation means that the,
-jjroapcers win nave to. reiy .wpoii apnaiea properties, uunaicu us-
W -S-t..' -Vl .'-. . .
i t ixxtnes ana sucn amatetir tncatrocai wtwent as tney can eniisx nere in
liri'l Elizabeth Ti'tv at FfefiiTAA Rnatintp Tsland. Tust'howihev
iy't ' expect to find awl VytfJLp1t yfy gpp"i-ctng
;f realism into a moving pictiorVdrama of the landing of the first,
t'l setters requires more enthusiasm and imagination than I,. for one,
possess. Would it not have been far better for the promoters to
have spent $3,000 in interesting, some big producing organization
like Pathe, Paramount, Metro, oh David .arlc Qpftl.taging
a great historical production 'cuittasthfflitkf MidHvfa 6i dramatic
vu&iiuiiiiics as Lixon xnexTrxn oi K -aauoni
1 1
invited to co-operate with Gates County
in this movement.
ural water boundaries and if free range
should prevail no fencing would be nec
essary. The free men and women of
this lost Colony claim the right of local
self government,, the right, to settle .this
question in harmony with the fundamen
tal principle supporting this government;
All Summer
The time to unload . all 1 Summer,
garments is now1 here. And we have
out reductions into effect1 that, should
move these goods out quicKiy. , .
- We have put bona fide price reduc-
tions ranging from 25 to 50 per cent N
cut in prices oh all .Sunimer Silk
Dresses, Sp9rV Dresses? Voile and Or--v
gandie Dresses, White Wash iSkirts, -Etc.
You get the benefit. ,
Silt Hosiery at $lJ00 ,
We are offering a very good silk hose npw at above
price. . Extra fine, pure silk thread; colors, black, white
ti vi'
1- l -
and brown.
We " Sorta" Take to
Perhaps one reason farmers like to deal with usis
because we like to deal with 'them. - : ,
. i - . ' ....
,We like to talk over their problems and to get their
good, practical" viewpoint on things in general.
Occasionally because of our affiliations all over
the United States, weafe able to be of considerable
help with sound financial advice. When we are -they're
glad and we're glad.
r "' ,
""" "" " -TZX
Electric ,
A good, l-ionest'iron tl Has made a
.wonderful reputation everywhere
it has been sold for nine years
. - I Moderately prided r
HhWuM St; lizJbth jCity, N. C
r ... t
1 Bainuk
Elizabeth City, N. C. '
I S. BLADES- - j
W. C. GLOVER. - .
NOW that Elizabeth City is about to bring its Hospital-drive to a
successful conclusion it is time to think about the next .thing to
be done. One's first thought -turns to schools, but Hon.' E. F. Ayd
lett, Mr. P. H. Williams and Prof. Sheep are looking after our
school problems and we mustn't worry about them at all. Maybe
the schools are not. ours to worry about anyway. But how about
a Public Library ! Can't we start something in that direction now?
This newspaper believes we can and will. -
i - -.
mm i
W operate cmr ewa sew mill, fti
WrieH e6.f feed and ferllllzers.' If you hava 'never done baslnest with
as, pay us a visit and look us over.
MI eottea fia aad fcarraV
Famerj. & Produce Co
X .
W. Main St.
Elizabeth City, N. C.
Phone 572
afejieroinsr awav to School nn. vonnf;rt
u a!the bst colors. They are all wool of the best rade
fColIeal ! style Coat Sweater.
VolorsV Navy- and -; ' C A
Maroon Priced --;$3f3U
Pricedj 1
College Style -Coat Sweater;
.Maroon and Navy V A A
Colors, White. Naw -r
Busy Stor6

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