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T) IjSPECTFt'LLY ip'orms hit fiiciuli and
1\ tlie public, T-lwi from the encouragement
hf T>s»» tr« cived, liom several icfpc£|abl< Genfle
mri-, he is induced once more, to embark in the
TAPER I.IN E— and would offer Ins fcvie. sto
all • nose Gent !< mm, who ran place cnnfirlrnct
in bim ; *n<i h- alLirrs thole who employ him,
tha* tb' ir confitience frail not be milplacen;—
hut tl Oinll be his constant rnriravor, to pay the
flnelt jt aueniiontoVfieii bell interest, ii» all ne
goc'ations whatever. He has taken tin Chambci,
in $tate-str et, ovpr Mr. Pax id. TnwhJeniL, Wa-eb
Make: 's Shop. Where PUBLIC SKCURI-
T1 1 S, of all k nos at' bought and fold; and
whet Commifljon Hu'fiuefs of all kinds, wtll be
tran';£U'd on icafonable terms. HOUSKS and
VESSELS will be constantly expofec} lor fak, oji
* # * Cash t»aid for Salem, Piovidence, and
Poirfmoutb BIL! S.
\ B. l[ an\ Gentleman in Philadelphia, or
Ken>- Yuik. has any l ; (n tranfcfl aI fiojlvv,
in Fapct Nesoci it>ons, he uiU be fappx to be em
ploy d on comwjjion.
Boffon, Jan. *4, 1794.
To be Sold at Public Vendue,
On Friday the ilthday of April next,
at thcrlioufe of JchnThomfun, in Pertli-
The Proprietary House
r 1 Lot ciniiains elcvtn acies, on which is
1 an oichajd of g-aftrd apple fees, a well of
CXccHini water,' a large It ore c ftcrn, and a very
commodious tt.il>lr and coach-house, and a great
quantity of 1 Vic b*fl bnild;ng ft>hrs in fnc wallsj
of the houV, which was foimcrly birlt for tie
re fide nee of the G'»vcoyns of w-J«rfey. The
fniutiou of this Lot is <0 well ifP'<wri 'or its
h.'aiihinefs and Ueauiiful profped of the Rariion
river to the weft of the bav, and 5-iiidy-tfloofc tpi
(he r-iU, that a further defe-iptiqn is unn ccflVy.
The conditions of sale w ill he, one third of the
purchafc money 'O he paid on ijrie tit ft d*y of
M>v n>■ \, w h cii i good and fuffictrni D-ed will
be given to th< putchafrr, hv Walt** Ru
the'kkvk'd, Kfq*. Prcfident of the Boaid of
pioorietors ol the Eaftcrn D-vifi*>n of New
j. ifev, «nti[ the remainingt\v ft t.hi'ds fatisfado
rily.fccureJ in iijutl annual p'a\mcn:s.
By order of' the Board.
JAMI'.S PARKEU, Rigjfter,
Perth-Amfa?, y 5, 1 ;y4 a-iv.2in
War Department.
January 30\h 1794-
1\ T FORM ATION is heel.) gtv< nto air the
military invalids of the United States,that the
funis to which they are entitled for fix months
of 1 hen annua) penfvon, fiqtji the fourth day of
September 1793, and .will become dfie
on the sth diy of March'l7o4, will he paid on
the laid day tjy the. Com.njifiione's of the Loans
within the fines relp(&ivd\, under ihe ufml re-
Applications of cxccurqrs an.i ndrmniftrators
roj# I'C accompanird with iegil cviijrijce of
tkcir re Co- £tivc offices, and alio of lifetime the
invalids £ied, whofr penfiop they may. claim.
By command of the Pr.cij3-.nt
of the United Siair«,
Secretary of. War.,
(£T The printers in the rcfpcttivc lUtes srt
uqnellcd (opuhlill; the above in their nf.wfpa
pcrs lor the (pace of two months.
januavy 30.
H. & P. RICE, No.' 50, Market-street,
No. 147, Market-fteeet,
(Price, bound, 6/61)
Paul and Mary,
An Indian Story,
to which is 4flW>*
The Indian Cottage
From the French of M. dt St. Pierre.
" lHfc ab«veStqnc« liivr t>e< n Ntrly pub
lished, the works ot a very difFcient
nature, by M. de S'. Pierre, whor.fided in the
country which it describes, and wai well ac
quainted with the piincipal tafla. 11l oina
rtien's are the Lanrtfcape-the Climate—and
the natural hiftorv of the Tonid Zone, »bfer
wd with the eye of Taflr, and delineated with
the eve of Philofophtcal knowledge. It is a
Pastoral, of which the fable and the machine
ry may be said to be eqnally rell. To these arc
added, the puraveio of Moral Inftiuftion, and
the Sublime Ideas of M. dc St. Pierre."
Feb... <14'
and for iali by
M. Carey,No. 118,Higb-Jlreet,
CoMMMiTAHr on Common Savings and
SuRJiCTS, which are full of Common
Sknse, the hefifeafe in the world.
TH IS little book 1! written in a stile altogether
novel, and i> adapted lo all capacities, at
V.ell as 10 all dalles of people, merchants, me.
thanics and farmerl. Such a reputation has thii
work acquired, that it has patted tlno three iro
prefljonain the eafteni states, and many houle
hoidersdeem it so ufelul as to purchase a copy
lot every adult in tbcii faroiliej.——Pmc « 2».
February 4.
Back of the New Library, between Chefuut
and Walnut-Streets.
George Rutter,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
the public in general, that he continues
carrying on the bu fine Is of
Sign and Fire-Bucket Painting,
for doors or wtndow-fl)utters,donl in the mod
elegant manner, and with dil'patch.
Orders from the country will be thankfully
received, and duly attended to.
December 30, dtf
|uft Imported,
From London, Dublin and Glasgow,
And n'»w '>;><*'ii 11 cj for ;il< ,by
At No. 118, Market Jireet,
A Large and Valuable
Among which are the follow,! g:
NE?P" Annual Register for 1792
European Magazine for the fit ft lix
months of I 793
Gibbons decline and fall of the Roman Empire
Memoirs of the Manchefler society, 3 vols.
Priestly on matter and Ipiiit
on chrittianity
Difney'siife of' Dr. Jortin
Kingville's ancient geography
P'Arioirs of Guy Joli
Meinty, a collection of e flays
Varieof Prussia's works
Calm ohfervei—by Maekintofli
RuiTell's ancient and modern Europe
Langhorne's Plutarch
Elegant extra&s, superbly gilt
Elegant extracts of natural history
Saugnicr and BrifTon's voyage
RocHon's voyage to MadagitTcar
TowrifemPs travels in Spain
TaflVs Jerufaleni delivered
SmeUie's tranflatibn of Buffon
Berwick's hiiloty of quadrupeds
Buffon abridged
liiftory of birds
Philips's history of inland navigation
Hooper's rational recreations
History of France, in 3 vols.
Curiefities of literature, 3 vols.
Whitaker's defence of queen Mary
Sheridan's dictionary, 2 vols.
Dow's history of Hindoftan
Sketches of the Hindoos
Key to poYite literature.
I inlay's description of Kentucky
Present state of Nova-Scotia
Present state of Hudlon's Bay
Preston on inafonry
Lavater on physiognomy, aoridjfld
Zimmerman's survey
Murphy's life of Dr. Johnson
NeVker on executive power
Rifles of Spcundus
Gallery of portraits
Volney's roins of empires
travels, with superb engrayjngs
Down man's infancy
Adair's history of American Indians
Benington on materialism and immaterialifni
Berchold > s advice to patriotic travellers
Builder's magazine
Complete farmer
Chanson's life of \ oltaire
De Non's travels
Franklin's life and works
Grozier's description of China
Murphy's translation of Tacitns
Godwin on political justice
Gazetteer of France, 3 vols.
Helvetius on man
Kaimes's (ketches of the history ps man
Liberal opinion*, or the history of Benignus
Mawe-'s gardener's dictionary
Noble's memoirs of the CrojnvfeU family
Playhouse dictionary
| Reveries of solitude
Smith's thpory of moral fenfiment*
l\iftory of the bible
Watfoq's life of Philip lid- & lUd.
Wonders of nature and art, 6 vols-
Wan ley wonders oF the little world, called
■\yallis on ttye prevention of diseases
Moore's journal in France
Cox's travels into Denmark.Ruflia,Poland,&:&.
Cox's travels into Switzerland
Rabant's history of the French revolution
Life of Lord Chatham
Mallet's northern antiquities
Motherby's medical 4i&iflUU3
Grigg's advice to females
Hamilton's outlines of the pra<sfcice of mid
Maunipg's practice of physic
Clcghorn'i. diseases of Minors*
Innes on the muscles
Pott's works
Fourcroy's chemistry
Armstrong on diseases of cliildrc*
Qnincy's d fpenferory
Edinburgh dispensatory
Lewis's dispensatory
Ryan on the asthma
Robertfon's treatise on fevers
Lee's botany,
Leake on the viscera
Leake on d(/cafes of women
Nicholfon's chemistry
Gardiner on the animal economy
Lewis's Materia Medica
Fordyce on digestion
Withering on the fox glove
Lind on the diseases of heat
Monro on diseases of armies
Haller's pjiyfmlogy
Spalanzane's difl'ei tations
London practice of physic
Bell's forgery
Ckaptal's chemistry.
Peale's Museum,
HAS Lately received a number of article?;
among which are the following : That
remarkable bird called the Cut-v*ater, or fcif
ars-bill; The Avofctte, commonly called the
Shoe-maker, because ol its bill resembling a
crooked awl—The Long-legs, commonly call
ed the Black-bet, having perhaps the longest legs,
in proportion to the fi/e of the bird, of any of
ihe feathered tribe—The Storm-finch, common
ly called mother Cary's chicken—The Sca
fwallow, and various Gulls ; besides a variety
ot Oanes, Curlews, Snipes, &c.
The frull of a Whale 2nd one of its Vertebres.
An Indian hatchet made of chryftal : It is
curious that those uninformed wild people, hav
ing very little knowledge of the arts, and being
ignorant even ol the existence of iron and steel,
(hould be able to form such hard substances in
to fanciful forms as this, and other Indian ma
nuta&ures now in the Mufeuro.
The fpccimen shews
A lignified Quince
what a remarkable effe6t a dry warm situation
has on fruit. It is now about 8 years since it
was gathered ; and it was a real quince, now be
come wood, at lead in appearancc.
Pnefented by Mrs. Manfon o! Charleftown,
S. C.—a tool ufcd by the Otaheitans in making
their bark cloth, by pounding the bark on this
inftrumcnt of wood, u produces the ribs which
resemble threads : the perfectly straight and
equal lines made in this extreme hard wood, by
men without the use of iron,are curious & won
Alio, a rope made of grass, part of the rigg
ing of a veflel of Kamfkatka.
Pielented by Dr. Hall, of Lcwis-'own, a Squib
in spirits : when this filh was found, a number
of stones were appended to firings or ligaments
that projected from the front of its head,which
occasioned a conjeftute, as it is not furnilbed
wi;h fufficicnt fins to resist the violence of the
tide and currents, th-t it fattened wi»h these li
gaments on whatever it found at the bottom ; so
that the stones anfwercd the purpofeof anchors
and the ligaments of a glutinous sticky nature,
that of cable.*. Some of the Hones are in the
lame phial.
A collection of Minerals and other Foflils-
a r e now dtfplayed in drawers covered with glass
and in a mode which will feeure thein frdm de
rangement. To each specimen are affixed rcfe-
rences to a book of cefcuptions. This manage-
ment of specimens of*the Foflil kingdom, ren
ders this part of the Museum very convenient
and fatisfa£tory,and great attention will be paid
to the fvftcmaiical order of them, and in mak-
ing the neccffary c Ofays of : Also in giving
in a concise manner, the various uses they are
applied to; thereby rendering them the more
luterefliug to the public.
A Living Elk, of 2 years old, is just receiv
ed. By the account which tnonf. Button gives
of the Elk, it appears that he was not acquaint
ed with this American animal; lie particularly
omits all notice of the curious apertures adjoin
ing the eyes of this Elk.
George Bringhurft,
n Mulberry (Arch) between Fourth and Fifth
Streets, adjoining the Episcopal burying,
TAKES this opportunity of returning his
grateful thanks to his former employers,
and requsfting their future favors, as well as
those of the public in general.
He continues to make and repair at the
(horteft notice, alt kinds of pleasure carriages,
such as coaches, chariots, phaetons with and
without crane necks, coachees, chaises, kitte
reens, windsor fulkey s and chaits, and harness
of every description, in the ncateft and newest
fafhion now prevailing in the United States.
And as he has a quantity of the best seasoned
wood by him, and capital workmen, he has
not the least doubt but he will be able to give
fatisfa&ion to those who please to employ him.
He has for fake, several carriages almost
finithed, such as coachees, an Italian windsor
chair, hung on steel springs, a light phaston for
one or two horses, and a fulkey with a falling
Carriages fold on Commission
Philadelphia, Jan. 6, *.794.
Notice is hereby given,
THAT the fubferiber has been duly ap
pointed Administratrix on the eft ate of
his Excellency Johic Hancock, Esq. late of
801 l on, in the county of Suffolk, deceased, and
has taken upon herlelf that trust, by giving
bonds as the law diretts—and ajl persons in.
tcrcfted, are deGrc<i to take notice accord
Softon, Nov. 13, 1793.
Take Notice.
ALL persons who have any demands against
the Estate of" his late Excellency JOHN
HANCOCK, Esq. deceased, are requested to
exhibit the fame to the Subfcnher, Attorney
to the Administratrix of said Estate : And all
persons who (land indebted to said are
requeued to fettle with hrni immediately; as the
of Limitation of Anions, which is to take
place on the firft day of December next, will
otherwise render it necelTary for Him 10 com
mence suits against them.
JOSEPH MAY, Attorney
to the Administratrix.
Boston, Nov. 13, 1793-
N. B The Printers throughout this Com
monwealth, are requ« fted to nfert this id their
refpe&ive newspaper*, aud forward thei' ac
count! for the fame, to J. M
Bank of the United States
January 6th, 1794.
NOTICE is hereby given, there will
be paid at the Bank, after the sixteenth
instant, to the Stockholders or their repiefen
tatives, duly authorized fifteen dollars and
fifty cents for each Ihare, being the dividend
declared for the last fix months.
Bv Order,
JOHN KEAN, Cafliier.
ALL persons having any de
mand> against the cftatc of GEORGE
WIBLE, late ot the city ot Philadelphia, baker,
are rtquefted to bring in their accounts, properlv
auihenticated ; and thofc who are indebted, are
desired to make immediate payment.
HENRY REES, Atniniftrator.
January 13.
Booklelier, at the Stone House, in Second
ftreet Philadelphia.
Encyclopedia; or Dictionary
Of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous
Literature, on a Plan entirely new ;
The Different Sciences and Arts,
are digcfled into the form of
Diftinft Treaties or Systems :
THIS volume contains principles of Levels,
Liberty, Do&rine of Light, Lightning,
Locks, Logarithms, Logic, Hiilory of Lon
don, Longitude. Luther, Lydia,
Madagascar, Magic, Magnetism, Malts, His
tory of Man, Marriage, Mary, Maryland,
Masonry, Materia Medica, Meadow, Mecha
nics, with a great variety of Biographical and
Miscellaneous articles, illultrated with Twen
ty two Copperplates.
As a number ol families are (till in the
country, and it is not generally known who
arereturned. T. Dobton, solicits the favor
of the fubfenbers to call px feud for their vo
lumes, that they may be supplied as early as
The tenth volume of the Encyclopedia is
now presented to the public ; but as it makes
its appcarance in an impcrfeft ft ate, some ac
count of the reason of that imperfection ftiould
be given. On the Bth of September last, the
Publisher had the misfortune of having his
Printing Office burnt down by a fire which
broke out in the neighbourhood, and a great
quantity of his printing materials destroyed,
and among other articles, the fiquies, with
which he was printing the tables of lo
garithms, belonging to the preterit volume,
were melted down by the violence of the fire.
As a supply of these could not be immediately
obtained, be was under the neceflity of pub
li filing tlie volume without thele tablks; bat
hopes he (hall be able to publifb them with the
next volume which is now in confideraMe for-
The Publisher embraces this opportunity of
his grateful acknowledgments to
the generous public, for the very libei al pa
tronage with which his undertaking has been
honored; at the fame time he takes the li
berty of reprelenting to such of the fubferibers
as are in arrears, the indifpenfible necessity of
punctuality, both in taking up ihe volumes as
early as possible after publication, and of pay
ing for them when taken. Many of the fuh
fcribers having got only one, two, three, •
volumes, and several volumes remain unpaid.
Thus the work hangs in all its different stages
from the commencement; and though the im
portance of a few dollars may be but a trifle
to the individuals, yet the accumulation of
these trifles unpaid lays the Publisher under
very serious embarraflment, and deprives him
of the use of many Thousands of Dollars which
at this time would be of very essential service.
For these reasons the Publisher finds himfelt
under the neceflity of recurring to the original
terms of publication, and in future no vo
lumes will be delivered but only to those who
take and pay to the time o4*publication.
December 10.
Excellent CLARET,
la hogi-eads and in cases of 50 bottles each.
A few cases Champaigne Wine;
In pipes, hogsheads and quarter cask?,
No. ix i, South Ftodi itrcei,
Jan. e, 1794.
Terms of Subscription for this
Gazette, are Six Dollars per annum-—to be
paid half-year/y. Subscriptions of pcrfons
who refrde at a diflance from the city, to be
twelve months in advance, or payment to be
guaranteed at the phice of publication.
j^dvertiff merits of cricfjuare, or less, in
fertedfour times for One Dollar—once, f r
Fifty Cents—and continuations at Twenty
Cents each—those of greater length in pre
portion. Favors in this line, and Subscrip
tions, will be gratefully received at the Office
in South Fo u rthflrret, five doors north of the
| Indian Queen
Printed by JOHN FENNO, N<*. 3,
South Fourik-Si t Jt-
Vol. X.
*awn J.

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