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For Sale by tbe Subscribers,
MUSCOVADO Sugar in hhds.&bbsl.
Hyson and Souchong Teas.
Sherrv Wines, of superior quality, in pipes
ami quarter calks,
Spanilh Indigo.
B'ifton Beef, in barrels.
And a small invoice of Muslins.
No. 164, South Front-ftrcct.
March 8,
Loft at the Theatre,
IN Chcfnut Street, a handsome Shawl, com
monly called Camels Hair ; worked with co
lours. Whoever will ietum it to the Printer,
Hial) recfceive a handsome reward.
March 12, 1794- 3'*
Done in the most elegant manner, and after
the firll mailers ; likewise,
Fire Buckets
Painted and finifhed at the Ihorteft notice, by
In Norris's Court, back of the New Library,
between Chefnut and Walnut,
Fourth and Fifth streets.
March 4<
Treasury of Pennsylvania,
/ February I4> 1794*
PUBLIC Notice is hereby given to all persons
indebted to the Commonwealth, for monies
borrowed of the Trustees of the Loan Office,
cUab'ifhed per ast of the 4th of April, 1785,
that the time is expired when the last payment
should have been made, and every juftifiable
indulgence having been granted, That unless
they come forward and pay off their refpettive
balances on or before the firft day of April next,
precepts w»ll issue against all delinquents with
out regard to persons or All
former and ex:fting Iheriffs, who have money
in their hands belonging to said Office, are re
queftcd to br.ng it to me on or before the above
period, otherwile I fh :ll be under the disagree
able neccflity of prolecuting them without dif
P S. The Printers throughout the State are
requcfted to iniert the above in their papers for
flumfoi mation of their fellow-citizens. d
Agreeably to the last Will of DEBORAH
MORRIS, deceased,
TheHoufe N°. 245,
Lot of Ground
On which it stands, wherein Jamls Biddle
now lives, on the north fide of Market-
street, near Sixth-street.
""["•HE House being 18 feet 10 inches in
A Front on Market-street, and the Lot
H7 feet deep. The whole will be Ibid fub
je<£t to a ground rent of twelve pounds per
annum, pavable to the contributors to the
Pennsylvania Hospital, and their successors
forever. For terms apply to
Samuel Coates,
Jonathan Jonfs,
Anthony W. Morris,
Samuel Powell Griffiths,
Surviving Executors of
Deborah Morris, dee'd.
*eop 3W
March 1, 1794-
Mordecai Lewis,
Has for Sale at bis Store, No. 25, Dock-
Street :—
A few Bales of Russia Sheetings,
Barcelona Handkerchiefs in Boxes,
A bale of low-priced Cotton Handkerchiefs,
A Quantity of Souchong Tea, Hyson and
Tookay, ditto.
Holland Gin in Cases,
A Quantity of Brimstone,
With a Variety of other Goods.
Feb. 10. 3"w6w
WHEREAS an alias fubpocna has issued
out of the Supreme Court of this Com
monwealth, at the suit of Marc a ret Ev ans,
upon a petition preferred by the said Marga-
r et, praying tor a Divorce from the bonds of
Matrimony,entered into with Robert Evans*
This is tog«vc notice to the said Robert, that
he be and appear at the said Supreme Court, to
beheld at the City of Philadelphia on Monday
the seventh day of April next, at the State-House
in the said City, to answer the matters alledged
Sheriff of Bucks County,
March 5, 1794-
To Robert Evans.
A Slitter of Iron
A MAN well (killed in rolling and
flitting Iron into Sheets, may have
good encouragement by calling on the
Printer. Feb. 27. eop4t
(£j- This Gazette Jhall be enlarged, as it
receives encouragement—The Subscription
encreafes daily—Adverting Favors are
folicited —These conjlitute an ejfential Item
n diminijhing the Debit Jide of the Account.
Back of the New Library, between Cheinut
and Walnut-Streets.
George Rutter,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
the public in general, that he continues
carrying on the business of
Sign and Fire-Bucket Painting,
for doors or window-fhutters,donfc in the most
elegant manner, and with dispatch.
Orders from the country will be thankfully
received, and duly attended to. 1
December 30, dtf
Excellent CLARET,
in hogP»eads and in cases of 50 bottles each.
A few cases Champaigne Wine;
In pipes, hogsheads and quarter calks,
No. ill, South Front ltreet.
Jan. 2, 1794.
M.Carey,No. 118,High-Jlreet,
Commentary on Common Sayings and
Subjects, 'which are full of Common
Sense, the lejl sense in the world.
THIS little book is written in a stile altogether
novel, and is adapted to all capacities, as
well as to all claffcs of people, merchants, me
chanics and farmers. Such a reputation has this
work acquired, that it has patted thro three im
preflions in the eastern dates, and many houfe
holdeis deem it so ufeful as to purchase a copy
for every adult in their families. Price 2s.
February 4. dtl
Just Imported,
[n the Ship Edward, Capt. Crandon, from
St. Petersburg in Ruflia,
And now landing South-street Wharf, viz,
John Donnaldfon,
No. 22, Walnut-street.
March 4,1794-
War Department.
January 30 th 1794.
INFORMATION is hereby given to «»ll the
military invalids of the United States,that the
sums to which they are entitled for fix months
of their annual pension, from the fourth day of
September 1793, and which will become due
on the sth day of March 1794, will be paid on
the said day by the Commissioners of the Loans
within the dates refpeftively, under the usual re
Applications of executors and administrators
must be accompanied with legal evidence of
their refpc&ive offices, and also of the time the
invalids died, whose pension they may claim.
By command of the Prefid-.nt
of the United S'ates,
Sectetary oj IVar.
The printers in the refpe&ive states are
requcftcd to publilh the above in their newspa
pers for the space of two months.
January 30
In the House of Representatives,
December 21(1,1793.
WHEREAS the Commiflioners of public
Accounts, have reported, that they can
not proceed to the investigation of the Treasury
Accounts, refpefting special Indents, without
knowing the outstanding amount thereof in cir
culation -.—Therefore,
Rcfolvcd % That all holders of special Indents
be directed, and required, on or before the firft
day of November ru xt, to deliver the special In
dents in their polTeflion to one or other of the
Commifliontrs of the Treasury, who are to give
receipts for the fame, and to report to tfeeCom
miflioncrs on public accounts, on or before the
tenth day of November next, the amount by
them refpe&ively received, and also to the Le
gislature, at their meeting in November next,
and that all special Indents not rendered into
the Treasury as above, on or before the firft day
of November next, lhall be, and the fame are
heieby barred.
Rejolved, That public notice of this resolution
be given in the several Gazettes in this State,
once every three weeks, until the firft day of
November next. And that the Delegates of this
State in the Congress of the United States, be re
queued to cause this resolution to be publifocd
in one or more papers in the cities of Philadel
phia and New-York, and that provision will be
made for the expeoces attending such publica
Ordered, That the resolution be sent to the
Senate for their concurrence.
By order of the House,
In the SENATE,
Dkcsmbik 21(1,1793.
Resolved, That this House do concur with the
Houle of Representatives in the foregoing refo-
Ordered, That the resolutions be lent to the
House of Representatives.
By order of the Srnafe,
JuJi Imported,
From London, Dublin, and Glasgow,
And now opening tor Tale,
No. 118, Markei-Jlreet,
A L:n'ge and Valuable
Among which are the following :
NEW Annual Regilterfor 1792
European Magazine for the fir ft fix
months of 1793
Gibbons decline and fall of the Roman Empire
Memoirs of the Mauchefter society, 3 vols *
Priestly on matrer and spirit
on christianity
Disney's lite of Dr. Jortin
Kingville's ancient geography
D'Anoii s of Guy Jolt
Memty,a collection of elTays
Varieof Prussia's works
Calm observer—by Mackintosh
RulTell's ancient and modern Europe
Langhorne's Plutarch
Elegant extracts, superbly gilt
Elegant extracts of natural history
Saugnier and BrifTon's voyage
Rochon's voyage to Madagascar
Tow 11 (end's travels in Spain
Taflo's Jerusalem delivered
SmelHe's translation of Buffon
Berwick's history of quadrupeds
1 Buffon abridged
History of birds
Philips's history of inland navigation
Hooper's rational recreations
History of France, in 3 vols.
Curiosities of literature, 3 vols.
Whitaker's defence of queen Mary
Sheridan's dictionary, 2 vols.
Dow's history of Hindoftan
Sketches of the Hindoos
Key to polite literature.
Imlay's description of Kentucky
Present state of Nova-Scotia
Present state of Hudson's Bay
Preston on masonry
Lavater on physiognomy, abridged
Zimmerman's survey
Murphy's life of Dr. Johnson
Necker on executive power
KifTes of Secundus
Gallery of portraits
Volney's ruins of empires
Vaillaint's travels, with superb engravings
Downman's infancy
Adair's history of American Indians
Benington on materialism and immateriahlm
Berchold's advice to patriotic travellers
Builder's magazine
Complete farmer
Chandon's life of Voltaire
De Non's travels
Franklin's life and works
Grozier's description of China
Murphy's translation of Tacitus
Godwin on political justice
Gazetteer of France, 3 vols.
Helvetius on man
Kaimes's (ketches of the history of man
Liberal opinion?, or the history of Benignns
Mawe's gardener's dictionary
Noble's memoirs of the Cromwell family
Playhouse dictionary
Reveries of solitude
Smith's theory of moral sentiments
Stackhoufe's history of the bible
Wat fan's life of Philip I Id. &r Illd.
Wonders of nature and art, 6 vols.
Wanley's wonders of the little world, called
Walts on the prevention ofdifeafes
Moore's journal in France
Cox's travels into Denmark, Ruflla, Poland,&c.
Cox's ravels into Switzerland
Rabant's history of the French revolution
Life ofLor<) Chatham
Mallet's northern antiquities
Motherby's medical dictionary
Grigg's advice to females
Hamilton's outlines of the practice of mid
Manning's practice of physic
Cleghorn's diseases of Minorca
Innes on the muscles
Pott's works
Fourcroy's chemistry
Armstrong on diseases of children
Quincy's dispensatory
Edinburgh dispensatory
Lewis's dispensatory
Ryan on the asthma
Robertfon's treatise on fevers
Lee's botany,
Leake on the viscera
Leake on diseases of women
Nicholfon's chemistry
Gardiner on the animal economy
Lewis's Materia Medica
Fordyce on digestion
Withering on the fox glove
Lind on the diseases of heat
Monro on diseases of armies
Haller's physiology
Spalanzane's diflertations
London practice of physic
Bell's furgety
Chaptal's chemistry. d
An Eflay on Slavery
Designed to exhibit in a new point of view,
its effects on morals, indujlry, and the peace of
ociety. Some tacts and calculations are offered
to prove the labor of freemen to be much more
produQive than that ot Jlaves ; that countries are
rich, powerful and happy, in proportion as the
laboring people enjoy the fruits of their own
labor ; and hence the n ceflaiy conclusion, that
flavcry is impolitic as well -s unjujl.
Price *5 Ccutti
Februlry ts.
RESPECTFULLY informs bis friends and
the public, That from the encouragement
he has received, from several refpcdable Gentle
men, he is induced once more, to embark in the
PAPER LlNE—and would offer his leivices to
all thoCe Gentlemen, who can place confidence
in him ; and he allures those who employ him,'
that their confidence (hall not be miiplaced
but it (hall be his constant endeavor, to pay the
ftri&eft attention to their best interest, in all ne
gociations whatever. He has taken the
in State-Street, over Mr. David Tuwnjend, Watch
Makei's Shop. Where PUBLIC ShCURI
TIES, of all kinds, are bought and fold ; and
where Commiflion Bufitiefs of all kinds, will be
tranfa&ed on reasonable terms. HOUSES nnd
VESSELS will bt conftanily exposed iorfale, ori
commiflion. ,
*1* Carti paid for Salem, Providence, and
Portsmouth BILLS.
N. B. If any Gentleman in Philadelphia, or
New-York, has anj Bufine/s to tranfad at BojUv,
in Paper Negociations, he will be happy to be em
ployed on commijjion.
Boston, Jan. 24, 1794,
Fifty Dollars Reward.
ON the 31ft of last month, the fubfcrib< r ad
drcfTcd a letter to Miffrs. Thomas PearJaU
£# Son, meichants in New-York, and irtcloied
therein a bank note, No. 445, for twenty dol
lars ; one ditto, No. 1,51, tor thirty dollars;
and one ditto, No. 3,866', for twenty dollars.
—He also addrc(Ted a letter to Mr. Gilbert
Saltonjialf, merchant in New-York, incloiing a
bank bill, No. 148, for fif:y dollars, indorlfd
on ihe back thereof in these words—" Pa) the
within to Mr. Gilbert SaltonJlall-—f.ben. hunting
ton."—He also addrcfled a letter to MeflTrs. White
& Wardel/, merchant* in New-Yotk, and inclo
sed a bank bill for ten dollars, and a draft in fa
vor of said White & Wardel!, which letters were
put in the Port-Office on said 31ft January, to
be foiwarded to New-Yoik : But by letters re
ceived from the Gentlemen to whom they were
severally addressed, the money was robbed
from each letter before delivery.
The Public are requeued to endeavor a de"
teftion of the V'llains who committed the above
lobbery. The bill indorsed, I think was a York
bank bill, and some others, one or more was
of the United Sta'.cs bank, remitted at Philadel
phia. Any person discovering the Thief, and
returning the Money, (ball be entitled to fifty
dollars reward.
Norwich, 14th F'b. 1794. 3w3taw
A Ground Plan
City Philadelphia,
Taken from a&ual survey, by A. P. Folie,
Geographer, from St. Domingo.
THIS P.an will be engraved on a plate 26
inches square ; and it will contain an ex
alt defcr.ipiion of all ihe squares, Arrets and
alleys in ihe City and Liberties. The fiiuaiion
of the fevcral public buildings, such as ihe State-
House, City-Hall, Scat of Congress, Churches,
Meeting- Hospital, Library and Semina
ries of Learning— of the several Banks, and of
the Federal and State Offices, will be afcortained.
The pans which are built on will be diftingmfil
ed from those that are not. The courses of the
rivulets between Delaware and Schuylkill, and
as much of the Canal, intended to connect the
navigation of these two waters, as lies within
the compass of the draught, will be accurately
delineated. It will also be ornamented by a
view of the Ibipping in the harbor, and an ele
vation of Congress-Hall, and of the other public
buildings that occupy the ground contiguous.
In short, nothing will be omitted to render this
ufeful and desirable work acceptable to an en
lightened public, that is in the author's power :
and it (ball be compleated with ( thc greatest
poflible dispatch, as soon as the generous encou
ragement of fubferibeis dial I insure to the author
such a sum as will be fufficicnt to defray ex-
A Pamphlet will be delivered with each
Plan, which will contain an alphabetical lift of
the Subscribers names, and information con
cerning the police, population and prcfent (late
of the city.
The price to fubferibets will be Two DolUrt
and one third, to be paid at the time of deliver
ing the Plans.
Subfcrtptions will be gratefully received at
the principal Booksellers iu this city—and the
original Draft may be seen at B. Davies',
No. 68, Markrt-ftreet, at any time until it (hall
be put into the hands of the Engraver.
Feb. 28.
Daily's Hotel.
Formerly Keeper of the City Tavern, and
of the Merchants Coffee-Houfe of this
City :—
RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and
the Public in general, that he has THIS
DAY opened a HOTEL in Shippcn-Street, be
tweeif Third and Fourth-Streets, at the House
formerly occupied by Mr. Timmons, which
has lately been greatly improved, and is now
very commodious ; where he has turnilhed him
rdi with the bed of LIQUORS, ami will fur.
nifh a TABLE for Parties, with the best provi
sions the Markets afford, at any hour, on the
lhorteft notice. From his long experience in
this line of business, he flatters himfelf he shall
be able to give fatisfa&ion t6 all who may pleafc
to favor him with their company.
Philadelphia, January 29, 1794.
Printed by JOHN FENNO, No. j.
South Fourtk-Strcet.

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