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on the following Post Roads v/ill be re
csived at the Genefal Post Office until
the 14th day of February next incluiivc.
r R WttfSYL VA NIA, tsV-
I. From Philadelphia by Wilmington, Newcaf
tie., Cantwell's bridge, Duek creek, Dover, Fred
erica, Milford, Cloughs, Daglborough, Trap,
Snowhill, Horntown and Accoidic court hMlfe to
Northampton court house three times a week.
A/rril Ito Nwembtr IJ. Leave Philadelphia ev
ery Tuesday, Thoifday and Saturday at 2 a M.aml
urrrive at Northampton court house on Thufday,
Saturday ind Monday at 7Jp m. Returning. Leave
Northampton court hr.nfe every Friday, MonJay
and Wedni fday.'at 2 a m, nnd ar> ive at Philadel
phia on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday by 7 I-a
p m.
Nncmkcr f5 to Afril I. Leave Philadelphia ev
ery fnafdiy, Thursday and Saturday at 6 a si,
and arrive at Northampton court houfc on Friday,
Monday and Wednesday by 7r m. Retnr*ing-~
Leave Northampton court hoafe every Saturday,
Tuesday and Thursday at 6 am, and arrive at
Philadelphia on Wednesday, Friday and Monday
by 7 p u,
2. From Northampton court house to Norfolk
thrae timesa week.
April 1 tc November 15. Leave Northampton
court bouse every Monday* and Fri
day at 8 pH, and arrive at Norfolk in 24 hoors.
v Met*ming—Leave Norfolk every Wednesday, Fri
day and Monday a 4 a m, and arrive at Northamp
ton court bouse m twenty four hours.
November IS to April I. Leave Northampton
court house everyTuefday. Thnrfday and Saturday
at 3a Up and arrive at Norfolk iu *4 hours. Re
tt, Kig —Leave Norfolk every Monday, Wcdnef
day and Friday by 4 a m, and arrive at Northamp
ton court house in 24 hours.
3. From Philadelphia by Wilmington, N-w
---port,Chriftiafla,Middletown,Warwick andGoerge
to wn cross roads to Chrfterfto wn three times a week.
May Ito November I. Leave Philadelphia every
Sunday,'Tuefday and Thursday bp 9 p m, and ar
rive at Cheftertown the next days by 8 pm. Re
turning—Leave Chedertown every Monday, Wed
aefday and Friday by 9 p m, and arrive at Phila
delphia the next days by 8 p m.
November I to May I. Leave Philadelphia eve
rj Monday and Friday by 9 a m, and arrive at
Cheflertown on Tuesday aud Saturday by 4 r h.
Metuninsr —Leave Cheftertown every Monday and
Friday ky 8 a u, and arrive at Philadelphia on
Tuesday aud Saturday by 4 p m.
4. From Cheftertown by Centerville, Ealton,
Newmarket, Vienna, Salilbury, Snowhill andPrin
csfs Ann to Salisbury once a week.
Receive the mail at Cheftertown every Wednes
day at '7 am, arrive at Eafton by 4P M. Leave
Ballon on Thursday by 6 a m, arrive at Snowhill
on Friday by I *. m, *hd at Prificels Ann by 6 p.
A. Returning —LeavePrincefi Ann on Saturday by
jo a m , arrive at Eafton the nesst day or Monday
by 6p m Leave Eafton on Tuesday by 8A M, and
arrive at Cheftertown fame day by 4 p m.
5. From Harford by 801-Air to the blaskhorfe
ones a week. 1
Leave Harford everyTuefday by 10 A m, and
arrive at Black borfe by 6 pm. Returning—Leave
Blackhorfe on Wednesday by 6 a m, and afriveat
Harford the next Tuesday by 9 a m.
I 6. From Baltimore by Blackhorfe to Yorktown
Pa. once a week.
Leave Baitin.ore every Triday by 4 p M, arrive
at Blackhorfe on Saturday hy 10 a u, and arrive
at Yorktown by 8 PM. Returning —Leave Yoirk
town every Thursday by 7 a a, and arrive at Bal
tinvore on Friday noon.
7. From Yorktown by Hanover, Petersburg,
Taneyton and Fredericktown to once a
Leave Yorktown every Monday at 8 a m,arrive
at Freciericktown on Tu fday by 5 p m, andarrive
at Leefburg on Wednesday by 2p m. Returning—
Leave Leefburg every Friday at noon, andarrive
at Yorktown by 6 p m on Sunday.
8. From Yorktown by Abbotftown,Gettifburg,
Fairßeld, Elisabethtown, Williansfport, Martinf
burg, Winchester, Stevenfburg and Strafburg to
WotHlftock once a week.
Leave Yorktown every Sunday by noon, arrive
at Martinfburg on Tuesday by II am. Leave
Martinfburg on Tuesday noon andarrive at Wood
stock on Wednesday by 6r m. Returning—Leave
Woodftock on Thursday by 6 a m, arrive at Mar
tinfburg on Friday by II a m, andarrive atYork
town on Sunday by 11 am . '
9. From Pittfburg hy Canr.onfburg, Washing
ton. Weft Liberty and Wheeling to the mouth of
Fishing creek once a week (contrail for one year
Leave Pittfliurg every Friday at 9 a m, and ar
rive at Fishing creek on Sunday at 9 a m. Return
ing—Leave/Fifhir.g creek on Wednesday at 8 a m,
and arrive at Pittfburg on Friday at 8 a m. ,
10. From WaJhington by BrownfviUe and Union
to Morgantown once a week. . .
I.eave Union every Friday at 6 am, and arrive
at Washington by 6p m. Leave WaJhington on
Saturday at 6 a m, arrive at Morgartown on Sun
day at 6P m. Leave Morgantowti on Monday at
8 am, andarrive at Union by 3 r m.
11. From Baltimore by Fredericktown, Eliia
bcthtown, Greencaftle and Chamberfburg to Ship
penfburg once a week.
Leave Baltimore every Friday hyii a m, arrive
at Fredericktown on Saturday by 10 a si, atEli
zabethrmvn in the evening, and at Shippenfburg
ou Monday by 7 r >«• Returning—Leave Shippenfc
l>urg every Tuesday at 9 am, arrive at Eliaabeth
town at 8 P m , at Fredericktown o* Wednesday
nooti, and at Baltimore on-Thurfday by j m,
12. From Eliaabethtown by Hancock and Old
town to Cumberland once a week.
LeavoCumberlaudevcrytaturday by 6 a M,and
arrive at Klizabethtown on Monday by 8 a m.
Returning—l.eave Eliiabethtown every Monday by
10 a m, and arrive at Cumberland on Tuesday by
6 pm. .
13. From Bfltimore to a week.
Leave Baltimore every Monday at 8 am, aud
arrive at Anrapolis by JT m. Returning■— Leave
Annapolis everyTuefday at 8 a m, and arrive at
Baltimore by 5 pm.
14. From Baltimore by Annapolis, Queen Anns,
Upper Marlborough, Pifcataway.Porttobatco, Al
- Newport and Chaptico to Leonardtown
once* week..
Leave Baltimore every Friday at 10 arrjve
at Annapoli> at 5 r m. Leave Annapoli. on
turday at 6 a u, arrive at Upper Marlborough
by uoon,arrive at Pifcataway by 6 pm. & arrive at
Leonardtown every Monday forenoon by 90' clock.
Returning—Leave Leonardtown every Monday at 3
r u, arrive at Pifcataway on Tuesday by 6 p m
arrive at Upper Marlborough on Wednesday by
Ham, andarrive at Annapolis by 6p m. Leave
Annapolis on Thursday by 7 a m, and arrive at
Baltimore by3P m.
15. Froin Annapolis by Lower Marlborough,
Huntington and Calvert eovrt house to St. Leon
ards Once a week
I .cave Annapolis every Saturday at 9 a m, and
• arrive at St. Leonards on Monday by 3p m. Re.
turn£-r; —Leave St. Leonards every Monday at 4
' F u, and arrive at Annapolis the next Saturday by
6 am.
16. From Bladmffcurg by Upper Marlborough,
■ ! Not iilghim, tow»r Vfarlbortiuglii
ned:A and Charlmehall to Ciaptico once a week
Leave cviry Saturday at 9 a m i ar
rive at Upper Marlborough by noonand at Lower
Marlhoro<ighon Monday by 5 r m, & at Chaptieo
S by 6r m. Returning—LeaveChapticoeveryThuif
day at 6a m, and arrive at BiaJotfijiirjon Satur
day at 6 a m.
1 17 From Georgetown by Montgomery court
house to Frrderick'ownoncea week.
Leave Georgetown every Friday by 6 a m, and
arrive at Fr--dericktown by 6 pm- Returning— |
Leave Fsedericktown jvery Thursday by }a m,
" and arrive at Georgetown by 6 pm.
' 18. From Woodftock by Newmarket, Rockinj
' han> court bowse, Staunton, Lexington And Fitteaf
tle to Big Lick ouee a week.
Leave Woodftock .very Thursday by 6 a m, ar
' rive at Stauntoo on Friday at I P Leave Sraun
• ton every Fridr-y at 1 Pm, arrive at Big Lick on
Sunday by it am. Returnisg—Leave Big Lick
on So .day by 1 p m, arrive at Staunton every Tues
day by 11 a«. Lcavd Stauntom by X 2 o'clock
)noou) aud arriv* at Woodftock on Wednesday by
5 m.
19. From Big Lick by Montgomery court house
and Wythe court house to Abingdon once a week.
| Leave BifLick every Sunday at 1p m, arrive
at Wythe cofirt house on Tuesday bfz p m, and at
Abingdon on Wedaefday by 6r«. Returning —
Leavi Ahiogdon every Thursday by 6 a m, arrive
at WythC court house on Friday by » p m,
' rive at Big Lick on Sunday by n a m.
20. From Abingdon, Vir. by Jnnc&orough
Greenville, Moffat's Uore and Jeffcrfon cqurt houie
' to Knoxvilie once a week.
Leave Abingdon every Thursday by 6-A m, ar
rive at Moffats (lore on Saturday by 8 a m. Leave .
Moffitt by 9 * m, and arrive at Knoxvilie on Sun
day try 10 a m. Returning—Leave Knoxvilie eve
ry Sunday by % r m, arrive at Moffats on Monday
by 3 pm. Leavo Moffats <.n Monday at 4p m,
and arrive at Abihgdon oh Wednesday by 7 p m.
31. From Wvcheftcr by Romney to Moorfields
once a week.
Leave Winchester every Thursday at 6 A m, and
arrive at Moorfield ®n Friday by 6 PM. Return
ing- Moorfield every Saturday at 8 a M,arfd
arrive at Winchester on Sunday by 6 P M.
11. From Alexandria by Centcrville, Leefburg
and Sheplierdftown to Martinfburg once a week.
Leave Alexandria every Wednesday at 9 a m,
and arrive at Martinfburg on Friday by 10 am.
Returning—Leave Martinfburg every Friday by
noon & arrive at Alexandria on Monday by 7 a m.
23. From Frederickfbburg by Port Royal, Lay
tans, Tappahannock, Urbanna and Gloucester court
house to Yorktown once a week.
Leave Frederickfburjj every Wednesday at 6 a
m, arrive at Tappahannock on Thursday by 11
a m. Leave Tappahannock at noon and arrive at
Yorktown on Saturday by 11 am. Returning—
Leave Yorktown every Saturday at 1 P M, arrive
at Tappahannockthe next Monday noon and arrive
at.Frederickflcurg onTueffeyby 5 PM.
14. From Tappahanpock by Richmond court
house, Weftmoreland court house, Kinfale, Farn
ham church and Northumberland court house to
Lancaster court houfeoncc a week-
Leave Tappahannock every Thursday noon and
arriv# at Lancaster court house on Saturday by 1 >
a m,. Returning—LeaveLancafter court bouse ev
ery Saturday by 1 P M. and arrive atTappahan
noak on Monday by 11 a m.
25. From Fredericklburg by Culpeper cofirt
hoiife &Oraoge c. h. to Cbarlottffvilleonce a week.
Leave Fredrnckfburg every Tuefclay at 10 a m,
and arrive at Charlottefvijle on Thursday by it A
m . Returning— Leave Charlottefville on Saturday
at 8 J* M, and arrive at fredericklburg on Tues
day by 6 am.
j6. Frarn Richmond by Gooehlind court
hoult Columbia and Charlottefville to Staunton
once a week.
Leave Richmond every Tuesday at 1 p m, ar
rive at Charlotj*lviile on Thursday by it a m.
Leave CbatlortcTvilie tv noon and arrive at
Staunton on Friday by 11 am. Returning—
Leave Staunton om Saturday by 6 A M, arrive at
Charloitefvifte by 7 p m, and arrive at Rich
mond the next Tuesday by 9 A M.
17. From Stauiiton by Bath court-house and
Sweet Springs to Greenbrier court-house ouce a
Leave Stiunton every Saturday at 6 a m, and
arrive at Greenbrier court-house on Tuesday by
6 pm. Returning—Leave Greenbrier oourt
houfe every Monday by 9 AM, and arrive at
Staunton on Thursday by 8 p m.
28. From Charloxtefvile by Warren, War
minfter, New-Market, Araherft court house,
Cabeilfburg, and Maddifon to Lynchburg once
a week. '
Leave Charlottefville every Thursday at I P
m . and arrive at Lynchburg on Saturday at 6
p m. Returning—Leave Lynchburg every
Tuesday by 6 A m, and arrive at Charlottefville
on Thursday by 10 A m.
29. From Richmond by Hanfltfertown, Ay
ietts and Todds to Tappahannock once a week
•r if carried in stages as often as they fiiall run.
Leave Richmond every Wednesday at 5 A M,
arrive at Todds at 3 P M, and at Tappahannock
on Thursday at 11 A m. Returning—Leave
Tippahannock on Monday at 1 P m, and ar
rive at Richmond on Tuesday by 5 p m.
30. From Richmond by Hopkins's, Powha
tan cdurt houfr, Cumberland coust house, Prince
Edward court hoirfe and Lynchburg to New-
London, once a week.
Leave Richmond every Tueliday at® a m,
arrive at Prince Edward on Wednesday at 6 p
m, and arrive at Lynchburg on Friday at 8 A m,
and at New-London by 10 am. Returning—
Leave New-London every Friday at 2 P M, ar
rive at Lynchburg by 5 fm, arrive at Prince
Edward on Saturday by 7 p m, and arrive at
Richmond on Monday by 4 P M.
3.1. New-London by Liberty to Finca/"-
tle once a week.
Leave New London every Friday at 1 p m,
and arrive at Fincaftle cn Saturday by 6 p m.
Returning—Leave Fincaftle on Monday at 5 A
■ M, and arrive at New London on Tuesday noon.
32. From Liberty by Hocky Mount to Mar
tinville once in two weeks.
Leave Liberty every other Saturday at 6 A
m, and arrive at Martinville on Sunday by 6 p
m. Leave Martinville on Monday by 6 AM,
ind arrive at Liberty .on Tuesday by 6 pm.
33. From Princn Edward court house bv
Charlotte court house to Halifax court house
once a week.
Leave Prince Edwar'cotsrthoufe every Thurs
day at 6 A M, and arrive at Halifax court house
on Friday at 10 AM. Returning—Leave Hal
ifax court house onFridayby 2 P M, and ar
-1 tVe at Prince Edward court house on Saurdav
by 6 P M.
34. From Hilifax court-houfeby Halifax old town,
Carters, Martinville, Patrick couri-bouCe, Upper Sau
ra, Gcrtuantown and Bethaniato Salem once in two
Leave Hatifax court-house every other Friday at
e, P M, and arrive at Salem the next Monday bv 6,
P M. Returning Leave Salem «vrry oiher Tuesday
at 6, A M, and iirive it Halifax oourt-houle oil Fri
-1 day by 10, A M.
55. Fiora Harris's by Hickci'sford to Halifax twice
a week.
Leave Harris's every Wednefdpy and Saturday by
5, A M. and arrive at Halifax by 6, P M. Relum
ing—leave Halifax every Thursday and SuLday by 6, .
A M, and arrive at Harris's by j, P. M.
36. From Stai'bfield by Southampton ccurt-houfe
to Hick:t'< fold once a week.
ie«ve KickjVford everyjother Fn4»yby t , P M,
anj arrive at SmitMicld on Saturday by 5, PM,-
Re:arntig—l ( eaveSm»«hfitid every other Sunday by
c, A M, 2nd arrive at Hicks's ford on Monday by
a, PM.
37. FromGoldfont by G-eibridge, St. Timmwy'i,
Mcckl«nberg aod coi>rt-houfc« and Ed
munds store to Go!dfon*s f nee a week.
Leave Goldfon'a every VVednefdayatio, A M,
return e^enext Saturday by a, P M, waiting at each
Poll-Of&ce 2 houri after delivery oi the mzi .
38. From SufFolk-by fdemon, Plymouth and Wa
flfcngtoo to Newbero, once a week Leave Suffolk
every Monday at ro<in, arrive M Edeuton on Tues
day at l» P M, at Flyinouth, on Wednesday by 6.
A M, at by 6, P M, and at New Bern on
Tburfday by 5, P M. fteturnm^ —Leave Mew be m
every Friday by 6, A M, arrive at WalhingMm ky
5, P M. Arrive at Plymouth on Saturday by 4
P M, at Edt mori on Sunday by 9, A M, aud at Suf
folk on Monday by 9, A M,
39. Frftm Edentouby Hertford, Nixonton, Eliza
beth city, and Jooelburg to iudian-town« once a
Leave EctelKoj»*i*ery
arrive at In<tiao-town on by 6, P M. Rc~
turning—Leave MiantowneveryTueuiay by 5, A M,
and arrive at Edentoii on Wedncfdayat 1!, A M.
40. From Halifax by Northampton court-house,
Princeton, Murfreelboropgh, WintOu and Wind for
to Edentoo. ©wee a week.
Leave Halifax every Monday at 9, AM, and arrive
at Edentonoo Weanefday by 3» P M, leave Eden
ton on Wednesday by 6, P M, and arrive at Halifax
on Saturcay by 1», A M
41. From Halifax by Scotland, Hogton, Williamf
ton and Daily's to Plymouth, once a week. Leave
Halifax every Monday at 10, A M, aod arrive at Ply
mouth on Wednesday by 10, A M. Returning—
. Leave Plymouth on Wednesday at a, P M, and ar
rive at Halifax on Friday at XO, A M
-42. From Halifa*iby Taiboro' and Greenville to
Wafhingtononeea week.
Lfave Halifax every Monday at jo, A M, and ar
rive at Waihiugton on Wedriefdayby to A M. Re
turning-—Leave Washington every Wednesday at 2,
P M, and ariiye at Halifax on Friday at 10, A M.
43. From Uali/axby Wanenton, Williamfborough,
Oxford, HilHborqugh, Martins'ille, Salem, Lexing
ton, Salifbwry and StateWille to Charlotte and from
Charlotte by Cabarras court-bouse to Saltfbury, and
from tkeoce by the fame route to Halifax, once a
Leave Halifax every Mondaiy at 3; A M, arrive at
Warrefiton by 7» P M, arrive at Hillfborough on
Wednesday at 4, P M, at Salem on Fiiday by 5,
P M, at Salifeury on Saturday at 4, P M, and at
Charlotte on Monday by 45, A M.
Charlotte on at to, A M, arrive at -Salisbury
on TueGday by 16, A arrive at Wed
nefday at 9, A M. at Hlilmorongh on Friday by g,
A M, at Warrentknon Saturday at 7, P M» aird at
Halifax *n Monday V. 6, A M.
44. From Hillfi>orough by Moijnt Tirzah, Person
court-hotrfe, Leaffeurg, Cafwell court-houTe and Roc
kingham court-house to Germantown once in two
, Leave HiHihorough every otherTburfday at 6, A g,
and arrive at Germantown on Satuiday at 4, P. M.
Leave Geunantown every other Sunday at 6. A, M,
and arrive at Hillfborough onTuefday at 4, Y M
-45» From Salem by Bethania, Huntfville, Roch
ford, Wilkes, and Rutherfordton to Spar
tanburg in S. C. once in two weeks.
Salens *very other Saturday at Am, and ar
rive at Spartanburg on Wednesday at 5p m. Leave
Spartanburg etery other Thursday at 7 a and ar
rive at Salem tbe next Monday at 6 p m.
46. From Louilburg by Nafh court-house to Tar
borough once 2week.
Leave Tajbo wigh every Friday by, 6 am, and ar
rive at Louifburg by 6r m. Returning—Leave Louif
burg every Satitday by 6 am, and arrive at Tarbo
rOujfrn by 6 p m.
SR47* From Ralegh by Sinithfield, Wayncfboroagh,
and Kingston to SJewberp, oace in weeks.
Leave Raleigh rvery Other Tuesday by 8a m, and
arrive at Newb<rh the next Friday by 10 a m.
Returning-i-Lcavc Newbern every other Friday by 2
fm, and arrive at Raleigh oa Monday by 6 p m.
48. From Raleigh by Chapel hill to Hilliborougn,
and From Hifyfbotough by Chapel hill and Chatham
court-house to' Raleigh, once a week. To wait two
hours at Chatham court-house.
Leave Raleigh every Tutljday by 6 am, and ar
rive at HiUfborough by 6 p m. Returning—Leave
HiJUborough every Wednesday by 8 a m, and arrive
at Raleigh on Thursday by 10 a m.
49. From FayetteviUe by Beliefort
and Springfield to Wilmington, and frofci Wilqiiqg
ton by S. Walhington, Sarefto and Sampson court
houfe'to Fayetteville, once a week.
Leave Fayetteville every Tuesday at 6 a m, and
arrive at Wilmington on Thursday at 10 a.m. Re
turning —Leave Wilmington every Thursday f 4 A M »
and arrive at Fayetteville on Sunday by 5 pm.
50. From Fayetteville by Alfordton and Randolph
court-house to Salisbury, and from Salisbury by Mont
gomery court-house, Anion ccurt-houfe and Rich
mond court-house to Fayetteville, once a week.
Leave Fayetteville every Saturday at 6 a m, and
arrive at Salisbury on Tuesday by 9 a m, Leave Sa
lisbury every Tuesday noan and arrive at Fayetteville
on Friday by 6 p m.
51. From Newbern hy Trenton and Richland to
Wilmingtou once'a week.
Leave Newbern every Friday at 10 a m, and arrive
at Wilmington on Sunday by 6 p. m. Leave Wil
mington every Tuesday at to am, and arrive at New
bern on Thursday by 6 p m.
52. From Camden by Lancafterxouruhoufe, Char
lotte and Lincolnton to Statefville, once in two
Leave Camden every other Monday at 6 a
rive at Statefville orrThurftay by 6r m Leave State !-
ville every other Friday by" 2 p m, aad arrive at Cam
den on Monday by 6 p. m.
53. From Columbia by Chefter
court-hortfe, Pinckneyville, Spartanburg and
Greenville court-house to and
from Pickenfville by Laarens court-house and New
bury court-bouse to Columbia, once a week :<yvaiting
one hour at each port-office on the route*
Leave Columbia every Monday at 9 a m, arrive at
Spartanburg every Wednesday by 3 p m, arrive at
Pickenfville on Thursday at4P m, arrive at Laurens
court-house on Friday at 4 r m, and at Columbia on 1
Sunday by 6 p m.
54. From Columbia by Orangeburg to Charleston,
once a week.
Leave Columbia every Monday at 10 a m. and ar
rive it Charleston on Tburfday at 10 ak. Returning
—Leave Charleston every
rive at Columbia on Sunday at neon.
55. From Edgefield court-house by Cambridge,
Abbeville court-bouie, Peadleron court-house, Hat
tonsford, Franklin court-house, Eibertoh and Peters
burg to W r aldington, and from Walhington by Pe
tersburg and Cambridge to Edgefield; court-house,
once a week. 1
Leave Edgefield court-house every Friday byß a w,
arrive at Pendleton court-house on Sunday by 9 am
arrive at Franklin court-house by 7 p vt, p. Prterfburg
on Tuesday by 19 a m, and at Washington by 5 p
m. Leave Washington every Wednesday at 6 a m,
at Cambridge on Tlwrfday by io am, and at Edge
field court-house by 7* m. * . <
From AognlUky yMhington, GretoTburg and
Lexington to Geoigetown, ooceiwetk.
Leave Augutta ev-try Monday at 3 r m, arrive at
Walhington on Tuesday by 5 r »; and arrive at
Geoigetown on Thurfdav by 7 t m. Returning
Leave Geoigetown evexy Friday at 6 a m, aadarrive
at Augutta by nooo oft Monday.
57. From Gardens Corner to "Beaufort once a week.
Leave Beaufort every Thursday at «r a, and ariive 1
a- Gairieas Corner by 8p w. Returning—Leave Gar. 1
den* Corner every Thursday at 3 * tn, and arrive at 1
Beaufort by to a. m. ,
Ntte I. Tbe Po/I Majler General may alter the time'
of arrival tut J Jef at lure aiany time during tbe
! of the contra fit, be frtvioujly Jlipulating an adequate com
fenfatitm for any extra expense that may be sccafmedtbere- 1
I b- *
l\,te l. Half an btmr feall be allruud Jtr opening
and etcjfng tbe Mailatai! (.JJUci where no particular time
is fpecif.i.
Mo 'c 3, Tor every hour's delay futmmJnhle accbcnts
excepted} inirnang after the times pre bribed in any cen
tral, the Contraftor Jhall JorJeit one doUar % and if the de
lay continueuntil the departure §f any depending MuU 1
whereby the Mails defined for such depending Mat/, left
a trip, an additional forfeiture of Jive dollars /hall be
Nste 4 Nervfpajrers as icrll as Letters are to be sent
in the Mails ; and if any perf an mating probefals desires
to carry nezof papers other than those eomveyed im tbe mail,
for bis orea em he mufl fate in bit proposals for
lubat fmm he will carry it -with thai emolument and for
xwhat sum •without tb'< emolument.
A'otd 5, Should any p erf on pairing profofals deftre an
alteration of tbe fwrrs of arrival and departure above fpc
eifiedy be mud fate i» bis proposals tbe alterations dcGred,
an I the difference tfxy njpPwoake in the terms of hi* c»f»-
Note 6. Ferfons mating ptopoftls are deft red to slate
tbeir prices in gross by tbe ye*r f a*d trot by tbe mile.
Those -who contra ft -will receive their pay quarterly, in
the months of January, April, July and O&uber, im
drafts on the po(l offices on tie route mad in bank notes.
(/ate 7. Tbe corttroils are to be in operation aa tbe ftrO
day of April next, and. continue for four years, until
j tbe s\fl day of March incluftve, 'n the year 1802.
Pofi-MaHer General.
GevrRAL Post Orrict, ■>
Philadelphia, December 18, I 7971 >
ALL persons who have any demands agauift
th» estate of Wilum Fleewtood, of
Liverpool, late of Philadelphia, merchant, de
ceased, are requested to exhibit their accounts,
properly attelled ; and those who are indebted
to the fame, are desired to make immediate
payment, to
No; 15, So. Third-street. 5 Admml J ir n
January 4. dtf
A front Parlour, suitable for
an Office ; a Room, lurniftedor unfurnilhad ; and
a large Cellar, which will serve either for (Wage
or a bottling cellar. Enquire at no. 24, South
Boarding and Lording to he had- Enquire as a
ovc> • Jan 6.— * jt
For Sale by the Subscribers,
Prinze Rice in <u>kole and Half tierces
Boutdeaux Brandy
Tenerijb Wive
Georgia and Earolina Indigo
Ravens Duck and -ene bog/head of paiit '■
N. izf J. Frazer.
No. 95, Santh Front Street.
■ Nov. 7. dim.
Musical Injlrument Manufactory.
167, Arch-ll^eet.
H m R PER,
INFORMS his friends and the public, that he has
now ready for sale, a few off hjs new invented,.
and much admired fide board Piano Fortes, with
Pedalt,patent swell, ionopahanf and French harp .
stop, which for f«nf?bility of touch, brilliancy of •
tone, (implicit/ and durability of cooftru£Uon, the
hperiority of flatters himfelf, a Cfcgle tp
al will convince the unprejudiced judge—As they
are manufactured under his immediate iufpe&ion,
of the very best feafoncd materials, he oan fell on.
rcafonabie terms for Cash. Instruments repaired,
tuned, &c.
N. B. Second hand Piano For tea taken in ex
change for new.
nnember 18. 2aw2Rlo.
Samuel & Mifirs. F-iiher,-
At their Wareheufe, No. 27, Dock Street, afrelh
afforttflent of Woolen and other goods, suitable to
the season, seceived by the late arrival; from Eng
Tbey have also for Sale,
P cs >bhds. and quarter calks-
Port Wines, J
Aflorted queen's ware in crates, £tc.
loth mo- 23d. diw3ta«3w.
Sarriuel Pleafants & Sons,
No. 74, South Second-Jlrcct,
HAVE received a supply of Seasonable GOODS,
which they are now opening for sale, on
reasonable terms. Oil 27. —4W
By the Subscriber, at his Store, No. 75, South
A general assortment of China
Black and coloured Sattins
Do. do. XjHteftrisgs
Do. . ds. Handkerchief*
Do. do. sewing Silks.
Imperial and Hyson Teas
Long and short Nackeens
Quick Silver, in tubs
Holland Gin, in pipes
Assorted Glass Ware, in cases
White and brown Havanna Sugars, in boxes
Mobiles, in hoglhcads
St. Croix Rum and Sugar, in do.
London particular Madeira Wine
and Malaga Wisep, in quarter calks
Red t yellow and pale Barks, in chcfts
Logwood, &c. &c.
n»v. 7.—tu&( 4 w JOSEPH SIMS.
Fresh Raisins.
A Small cargo, just arrired, and now landing
at Chcfmft Hreet wharf, from the Hoop Ya
rico. Capt. Halkell, coofiftieg of ltegs, Boxej ?no
Jars. A few Jars of excellent Grapes, and sacks
of foft (belied Almonds.——Apply to the Maiicr
on board, or to
"Jos. Anthony & Co.
December 19
Alphabetical Lift of Duties,
Payable by law on allGopds, Wares, and Mer
chandize, imported into the United State# —latest
edition, to be fold by JOHN ORMROD, no. 41,
Ch«fpac-ftreet. Dec 16 —d
This Day is-fubiiihed,
BY Mcff. Dobfon, Carey, CatnpbeM» Ric apd tht
otbex Bookfcilcrs,
Price One DoiUr and iwcniy-five ceiW*s,
Elegantly printed on fVwvr paper, and Hot
By John Thoropfnti,
The Constitutions
Of the several States with each other, and with
that of the United State?: exhibiting in Tables,
the prominent features of caeh Constitution, an 4
tlaffingtogether their most important provisions,
under the fsveral heads of adr tliftraticn ; with
"Notes andObftrvations.
Of South Carolina,
L L. D. and member of the Congress of the
United States.
Dedicated to the People of the United States.
N. B. A few Copies printed on an inferior pa
per, at 3-4 th? of a dpllar.
City Commiffionsr's Office, '
T HE foiW,n g ,n JDgcln Jfs
ft vine
be under .the fuperintenda.eeofNicLlai Hilt*
%. from the fnuth fide of Mii IWr« ft
the Couth fide of Ch-J-mt ftrtet o h 7 tSU'l*
fupcrindanrt of Wi||, lm Moulder. r t
3- 1 rorn the leuth fide of Chefi»,,t n
the porth fide of Spruce street,
fupenmendu.ee of Joseph
Th 6 Subscriber,
bQokt'which'have Arir h "
s 3wsaßsa s£^
Philadelphia, Jan . ™*NLBAF.
English Grammar,
A DAwSf \ dh b*l? lth ' m P rove n>entty
A with ™ different cliffs of learners;
fervatioas for COntami , n S rul <* »d ob-
,nfwe t ;;^^fer D 7i„ 0 \ h Trtir r 7C dfUlly
have fcli." Pr ° pnetjr ' that we r«c6lleiS tcf
" ThUGrammw l lP*"** 1 ' ** l^6 '
to TtitW
carefully and j.dicioufly * "
jsdiftind and well ada'pud
Englifb Exercises, -
I i„ A JUM d t0 the ° r^ lmar la "'y publilhed b,
Lmdley Murray, confining of ei,mfl,J t
th* parts of lfceech, inftancesof falfcs orthofraDhv
violations of the rules of fynrax, defefl, i„ m L.
tnauon, and of the inks refpe<W
perspicuity and acc V acy, defined f, r the beneft
a * wdl ?s for theufe °f fchooli
fn. r* !r iye »*> much P leased the pernfaj
of these Exerofes. They «cc»py wil^diteipiift.
e " a " Dft im pottaDt pl»c» in the Ijcicuec
of the Epglifh language; and as such, cio
warmly recommend them ta the Teachers of
Schools, as well as Co all those who are desirous of
attaining cprro<#ae& and precision in their native
Monthly Rrvuiu, July 1797.
The above Boohs a f e for sale at Joseph & Tamss
Cru*suanics book (lore, No. 87, Market fired.
laiw»qr_g. _________ 3 tw«ir._
60 Dollars Reward.
R WAT framthe fubferiber, on the 14th
December, I?9h a WegM Man, about 1 a
by the nan* of C«o,he is about j feet
7or 8 inches high, milling well proportioned; he
has a very (oarfc voice, his fore teeth ftandvery
far apart; there werp pne qr two with him—X
aannot rightly deferibe the doaths he took with
hurt, for fie took two or three fuiis ; he had on
when he wept away, a pair of kerfef trowfcrs, a v
halt worn coloured coat, worji'wo^l
hat ; he took with him four very good Ihirts 1
txpc& he hat made for Philadelphia or the Jerseys.
-UttnC.—.. 1.1,.. ,i f i»i^w« B Fo-«mlfeitm:iilijm, ft*
that the owner way get b im again, fluil hire the
above reward, paid by me, JOHN MpORE,
Living, in Still r-<wd, Kent county, Maryland.
January 2. »6tiaw
Wanted, to Hire,
A Large and convenient HOOSE, in or near
the centre of the city—for which a generou*
rent'will he given; to be taken for a year, or on
more for a longer term. Inquireof th« Printer.
Oft- *7- eotf
Valuable Books,
Just received by the Fai* American from
London, and now opening and felling by
J. Orm rod, No. 41, Chefnut Street.
Of the newly imported books maybe had gra
tis. These added to O's usual stock, form an
extensive and elegant colled!ion of ancient and
modern literature, and comprise book? in sun
dry languages and on various fubjefls.
This Day is PulliQitd, l
By J. Ormrod, (Price 75 cents, haadfomely
bound and lettered, and embellished with au
elegant frontifpiece and' feveßty thfee euti.)
The Looking Glass for the Mind,
0 K, •
The Juvenile Friend ;
. Being a valuable collection of interesting and
mifcellaneout incidents, calculated to exhibit to
young minds the hapyy effefls of youthful in
nocence and filial affe&ion—ln prole and verse.
Defigncd (o improve and amuse the rising gene
In the Press, and will be speedily published,
Plan of Female Education.
Subscriptions for this incomparable work will
be thankfully rereivrd by the printer. The book
will contain about three hundred pages, will be
printed with a new type on fipe paper, aud de
fivertd to fubferibers neatly bound, lettered and
embelliflied with an elegant frontifptece, tor one
January 3. Jt.
This Day Publilhed,
And to be fold by WILLI AM YOUNG, orner of
Second «aid Chc/nut ftrcreu,
Price $-% ibs of a Dolhr,
Observations an lertain Dscuments
Contained i* No. V and VI ef
" The Hiflory of the United States for
the year 1796,"
In which the cu a«ge or srecoi-ATiosr aesiaft
Late Scc«itaay of the Triasort, is FULLV
ir klt re n Br almt s1 r.
This publication prefects a concile statement
of the base means praAifed by the Jacobins of tb«
United States to asperse the charafiers of iho(«
porfons who arc conliikred as hottilc to their «Kfor
ganizing schemes. It also contains the cor
refpondeace between Mr. Hamilton and Meflrs.
Monroe, Muhlenburgh and Venable, on the fub
jeift of the documents alorefaid, and a fiTies of let
ters from James Reynolds aadhis wife to Mr. Ha
milton, proving beyond the polßbility of a doubt,
that the conned ion between him and Reynolds,
was the result of a daring confpiraey on the pari
of the latter and bis associate* to extort money.
EA discount of one third from the retail price
e mads in faror ot wholefaie purrtiafers, fc.r
cash. Orders.to be tp Mr. Toumo.
AuguH 15.

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