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. » 7e be Sold,
An elegant Country Seat,
Canta-nifig 6 acres and 40 perches, with a neat
t.." story brick Houfc and kitchen thereon, an ap
ple Orchard, ike. lituate on the Irilfc trad lane, in
thec:w:iihip of Moyamenfiajf, about one milefrom
tk-:ity ol Philadelphia. Further particulars wIH
be Trade knowx upon application at the office of
the Philadelphia Gazertt.
Th.-improvements upon this place, for ufte and
ulegance fiau i unrivalled.
N. D. If tbe abuVe place is not fold before the
mth inft. it will then be rented, for the Summer
feafun only. § march 5.
An a&ive, cleanly, ipduftrious woman to coot
a/id do rhe bufincfs of the kitchen. Such a one
will be allowed good wages, and no other need ap
ply—Enquire of the Printer.
KeKruary y §
Notice is hereby given,
application will be made for the renewal
X of a Certificate of a Share In the Bank of the
United States, Handing in the name of the Subfcri
her, No. 5004, and dated July 11,1797 —the fame
having been loft.
march 5 s6w
sfhd may be entered on immediately,
A good dry Store,
dories high, and in an excellent stand for
knfiaef*. Apply to
Thomas iff JoJhtta FiQter 9
march T. § No. 5, Dock-dreet.
Wanted to live in the Country,
Abort five mresfrom this city, a sober ftea
day Man who nndrrftands gardening and the
management of a few acres of land, and would
not objetf to attend a couple of horses Such
a one may meet with liberal wagss by applying
at the office of this Gazette.
N. D. Nrse need apply but those of unex
ceptionable characters.
March i i, dts
.Custom House,
Difiriß of Pennsylvania, March 6M, 1797,
t who may have any account or knowledge of
the capture or detention of any fbipcrveffel, «ar
go, cr other property, belonging to citizens of the
United States, residing within this di!lriist, by or
undersie authority of foreign nations, since the
firft day of Oiiober, 179 3, ?.re particularly reques
ted to give in information thereof, to the Collec
tor of the Port of Philadelphia, as soon as may
be convenient ; fpecifying the name of the veflcj,
the captain's name, the number of tons, the efti
m. ted value of the vtffcl, if condemned; the etli- !
matevalup of her cargo, or other property, whi
th i carried.. and by, or under the authority of
wh:,t nation captured, with fach observations as
may he thought ncceffary upon the circuifetlances
of each cafe, in order that Itatements thereof may I
be tr nfmitted to the Secretary of the i'reafury,
who is required to lay th* fame before tivv Senate
arid House ol Reprefentativesof the United States.
7. 4iot
w anted,
A Gardener—a Single Man.
None n.-td apply, unk-fs he can bring good rc
Ehcjuire at Slo. 30 Market-street.
March 17. <>»w
No 115 South Frtfnt Street.
A quantity of Tanner's Oil,
4th proof Jamaicaftum, "> entitled to
ifl and adprotf Brandy, 3 drawback.
Madeira Wire,
Juniper Berries, &c. Uc.
Feb. 9. eodtf
Valuable Property for Sale.
THAT well tn.wn Estate, called SHREWS
BU&Y FARM, formerly the'refldence of
General John Gadwalader, situate on Saffafras ki
ver, in Kent county, Maryland—containing a
boHt. 1900 acres of prime LAND, upwards of 500
of which are in woods. Ihe Buildings are all ex
cellent, and confiftof a handsome Dwelling House,
two large Barns wirhCow bouses, Stables for fifty
horses, a fpacicus treading floor under cover, a
granary, two Overseer's .houses, two ran
ges of two story buildings for Negroes (one of
them new and of brick), Orn house?, a Smoak
houfe,&c.&c. —The whole Eflate feeing nearly
liirrounded by water, it requires but little fencing,
and has a good Shad and Herring Sfheiy. It i 3
conveniently fit j?ted for both the Philadelphia and
Baltimore market®, wirh two landings on a navi
gable river but a short fail from Baltimore. There
w a large Peach, and two large As pie Orchards on
thepiemifes; aifo, a variety of excellent fruits of
different kind*. The foil ir n:ofl!y a rich loom.—
The whole %iW b« fold together, or divided into
f:. allcr farms (for which the buildings are conven
iently situated) as may suit the purchaser. The
Stock on said Farm, consisting of Horses, Cattle,
Sheep, &c. will also be difpol'ed of. For further
particulars apply to Gioros Hastings, on the
premises, or to the fubferiber, in Philadelphia.
February 24. 2aw6w
Balkenridge —for sale
IT consists of 920 acres, /imoft ail of which is
a fine rich Meadow, (the refidenceof the late
Eorl of Sterling). It may be conveniently dixided
into five fafms, four of which are bounded on the-
East by the river Pafrfick.
Thec are on it a number of buildings, forming
afq u are of nearly three acres—The dwelling house
is & vjry convenient one fmallexpence would
put it in complete repair.
The orchard ccnufts of 1500 fin»bearing engraf
ed Apple Trees—and there is on other parts of said
trail near 300 other Apple Trees—as also a great
var-ry of other fruits, particularly Cherries of the
bed and moil delicious kind**.
Also, a great number of beautiful Exotics and
Forest Trees, that add to the beauty and conveni
ence rf the place. Itsfituation is abeut 18 miles
from the towns of Newark and Elizabeth : jodo.
from Marris-Town, and ia from Springfield—lt
is wooded and watered.
To favc trouble, the price is five pound pr. acre
in cafli, on delivery of the deeds. Please to en
quire of T. McEUEN & Co. \
No. 78, Chefnut treet.
February 4» eodtf
Canal Lottery—No. 11.
WILL commence drawing Monday, thezoth
ind. Tickets si r Sale in thl< I.ottery, at
Seven Dollar*, at Wa., BLACKBURN'S Lottery
and Brokers Oifice, No. 64, South Second-flrcet—
Tickets in the Schuylkill liridge Lottery, at T«
Billtri, where check books aro kept lor render
ing and ex.mining in these, the Oity ol Walhiag
<on, No. ll.aii') Patt.ifoD Lottciics, and informa
tion wh'lre tickets maybe had in n.< ft'of the I.otte- I
riis authotifed by luw in any of the States of the |
N.B. Th«b«Cnels»f a PkoKlr, inhuyirgatd
fdlirg all kindu of Fwblic Stock and Securities,
Bill* *nd Notts of Hand, sale of !
1 ands, Houle., &e. &c. w'll beciuiy atiti ded to, •
J y LL/,-CK£i;feN. ;
NovtUibtr Ij. §. j
Ttifurance Company of North America.
For Insurance again ft Fire, on Dwelling-
Houfcs, Ware-Hoafes, and other Buildings (and
on Goods contained in such Buildings) distant from
Philadelphia, in the United States.
I. Common lufurancet, on hazards of the firft
class, will be undertaken at a premium of ahout
hall per cent, per annum. For extra hazardous
r.fqnes a larger premium be required, which
will vaiy according to circumstances, feidom ex
ceeding one per cent, per annum ; but in some in
stances, where the property insured is not airty In
irfelf extra hazardous, Wut rendered still fo
by the vicinity of extra hazardous buddings and
occupations, the premium demanded will be raised
according to circumftar.ces.
Houses and Ware Houses, the waits and parti
tions of which are wholly of stone or brick, well
con ft ru died, so as to be guarded as well as may be
againO fires from wi'hin, and tree from extra ha
zardous buildings and occcupations in their neigh
borhood, will be deemed hazardous of the firft
class, and may be insured ta their full value.
Also Goods and Merchandize, not o' an extra
hazardous kind, in calks, bales, or package*, de
pofircd in such buildings, to an amount not ex
ceeding 4000 dollars ; but if more than thisfum
is required to be insured in one tenement, an addi
tional premium will be required, in proportion to
11. lnfurances will also be made on building? and
goods extra hazardous, at premiums proportioned
to tho risque. But it is not easy to arrange these
under particular heads or classes, so as to describe
each with the necessary accuracyt Each cafe must
therefore be decided upon aceorcliog to the circum
stances attending it ; and these cjreumftances wili,
in general, appear from the defcrtptloii accompa
uying the application.
Buildings partly conftru&ed of brick or stone,
are preferable to those w holly wooden. And in
both cases, the stile of building, how they are oc
cupied, how they are fituatcd, the neighboring
buildings, and how occupied, are considerations to
be taken into view. And with refpeit te goods,
their tendency, whether from their nature, or
from the manner in which they are exposed, either
to commence or to increaft an accidental fire, and
th< it liability in such state to receive damage by
wet, or by sudden andhafly removal, or to be £«o
---len ip time of confufion and hurry, are all cir
cumfi-ances of weight ; and the premiums must be
proportioned accordingly.
HI. The following conditiont are to be under
ftodd by the parties,
ift. The Iniurance is net binding till the stipu
lated premium be paid ; but it (hall be deem«d ef
fectual from the time of such payment and accep
tance thereof, whether the policy be immediately
figried or not.
id. lnfurances may be renewed at the expira
tion of the term of the policy, without further ex
penses thati the payment of the premium of the re
newed term, the circumftancescontinuing the.fame 1
as they WCi e»nderftood by the Tnfurtrs at the time
tile former insurance was made ; but the payment
of the premium is eflential to such rettetfal ; and
if the party insured fuffers any time to elapse after
the expiration of the former insurance, before he
pays a premium for the renewal, he is not insured
cftiriAg ftlcft time ; no'r can the irifurantfe be renew
ed ©A the forttae* policy fctit by computing the
coromcn'ctnfient of the rehewal frdm the expiration
of the former tnfurauce. The fubjeA of iilfur
ance may neverthelcfs be open to treaty for a new
3d. If a' y other insurance be made on the fame
property ; it mult be made krtoWn at the tf'Ane of
applicatior!, other-wife the policy fnade 611 such ap
plication will be void.
4th Goods held in trust, or on consignment.
jaay be insured as such in a fe?arate policy ; but
, they are not td be considered as infuied other wife.
sth. This company will not be liable or accoun
taffte for any loss or damage occasioned by any f Or
• efgn invafioiT, or by any military or ufnrped force,
or by peafon of any commotion ; or dccafion- 1
! 6d by gunpowdvr, aquafortis or other thing of the
like kind kept in the building, or amongst the pro
perty if. lured. r
6th. Bills of Exchange, Bonds and other Secu
rities, Title Deids, Money, Bank and other pro
missory Notes, are not included in any infarance ;
nor are paintings, medals, jewels, gems, antique
curiosities, or mirrors exceeding the value of twen
ty-five dollars each, to be considered as insured un
less particularly mentioned and by special agree
7th. No insurance will be made for a shorter.
term than" one year, nor for a longer term than fe
vea years. Persons choosing to infare for seven
years (hall be allowed one year's premium by way
of difeount: One third of a years premium (hall
be abated in like manner en an insurance for
three years.
Bth. LolTes sustained by fire on property insured,
Ihall be paid in thirty days after due prouf and li
quidation thereof, without deduction.
A defciiption of the property to be infurod will
be expe&ed with each application, to be made by
a master carpenter and signed by him, as well as
by the owner of the building or applicant for in
surance, and attested before a Notary or principal
Magistrate, who will certify his knowleigeof the
parties and their credibility.
With refpetf to Houses and other Buildings >
lit. The site and pofction ; describing the
street or road on or near which the building
stands ; its contiguity to water, and other.cir
cumstances relative to the extinguiflimentof fire
in cafe of accident; and particularly whether
any and what fire companies are established, and
engines provided,in the place or neighbourhood.
ad. The materials of which it is built, whe
ther of brick, stone or wood, and what part of
each, as well as to theoutfide walls as infideor
partition walls, and their refpeftive height and
thickness; the ltyle of the reof arid of what
material* ; how secured by battlements or par
ty walls j what kind of accefsto the top of the
house and to the cbimnies whether any and
what ele&ric rods ; the number aid kind of
fire places ; and the kind of deposit for ashes.
3d. The dimenGons of the building and how
divided, and the style in which it is finifhed so
as to enable indifferent persons to judge in what
manner it is to be repaired or /ebuilt in cafe of
injury ; the age and condition of the buildißg,
and how occupied, whether merely as a dwel
ling house, or for any other, and for* what pur
pose i also an estimate of the value of the bcul'e
or building independent of the ground.
4th. The situation with retpedi to other build
ings or back buildings, whether adjoining or
not, comprehending at least one hundred feet
each way : what kind of buildings are within
that distance, how built, of what materials, and
how occupied or improved, whether as dwel
lings for private families or otherwise : whe
ther any and what trade or manufa&cry is car
; riedor, and particularly whether there be any
I extra hazardous articles used, or uftially depo
j fired in the hou/e, or within the diftafice afore
; said, and of what kind.
I in Houffcs, Warehouses, &c.
1. A general description of the building in
which they are kept will be expe«Sted, similar in
all refpeiSls, as to the danger from fire, with that
required for Insurance on the buildings them
2. A description of the kinds and nature of
the gcods, whether in calks or other packages,
or opened ; and whether displayed in whole
pi.ces or in the ulual form for retailing. And
if goods vary materially in kihd, a genera)
efijcmate of the value vf each fcind prcpofed to
be in'ured ; but in the last particular mimKe
nefsof description is not expeiled.
j. Articles of the following kinds are deem
ed extra hazardous, th»ugh in various degrees,
in whatever building they may be viz.
pitch, tar, turpentine, rol»n, wax, tallow, oil,
inflammable spirits, sulphur, hemp,flax, cotton,
dry goods ol an inflammable kind opened.—
Gl ifs, china ware'or porcelain, especially un
packed j Looking glaftes, jewelery ; andallo
ther articles mor« than commonly inflammable,
or more than commonly liable to injury by sud
den removal or by moiflures, or particularly
obnoxious to theft on an alarm of fire.
Letters pest paid, dire<ft»d to the Secretary of
the Board of Direflors, will be duly attended
to. An order {or Tnfurance accompanied by Che
mean 9 of paying the premium, will he imme
diately executed on the premium being paid. If
the application contain an enquiry only, it will
be infwered.
By order of the Tleard,
Office of the Infyrance Company of NoiV* )
America ; Pbiiad. Feb. i, i 798. j
Feb. 14.
House and Lots, in liordeniown.
'IJ 'O BE SOLD, a hanJlome two story House,
X with the Lot on which i' is ereiied, situat
ed about the middle rtf the beautiful and healthy
■ Village of Mordentown. The ho»fe is forty
two feet in front, and in neat order. The lot
contains one acre, ar. d is one hundred feet 011
the main flrett, and extends with the fame
breadth to back street. Also, a large Lot., eon
tainirg nearly four acres, ft panted from the
former by back street. One third only of the
purchase money will be required up-pn execut
ing a deed, and for the remainder., fuel! credit
w II be give* as the purchaser may chufe. Tb.'is
property will be fold free of all incumbrances,
and an indifputalile title given.
For further particulars enquire either r,f Dr.
William Burnes, residing in Bordentov n, near
the prtmife3j who will {hew the fame, or of
Conveyancer, N». 43, Mulberry-street.
December 2. jawtf
Boston Glass Manufactory.
THE citizens of the Tjnited States are hereby
informed, that the manufaibure Window
Glass is now commenced at the Oiafs House in
It is needless to fay anything of the excellent
quality of the Boston Glass, as it isfo well known
throughout the United States to be in every ref
pe<st greatly superior to any ever imported from
It will be cat to aßy size commonly used ; and
may ba constantly had by applying to Charles F.
Kuffer, ar the Glass House.
Orders frorti the distant State? tobe addrefled to
Mr. Samuel Gore, CoUrt-ftroet, Boston.
Two 6r three tjooJ Glass makers a*e want
ed ar the above works; such as can produce tg»
commendations for good behavior, may be sure of
cn&ploy, by application to iVlr. George Z. Limit, at
the works. Men without families * ill be pre
ferred. However unacquainted with t-fce method
of rvakwig CrOwn Window Gtafo, they meet
with the fame encouragement).
ftpfion, January 16 % • —iaw6w
New-York, February, 1798.
A New and Valuable Work, which has been ex
tant only iix months—entitled
all the Religions and Governments ot EU
ROPE, carried on in the secret meetings of Free
Mifoni, fTtormiriati, and Reading Societies. Col
lected from pood authorities,
Priffjfsr of Natural Pbilofiphy, and Secretary to tit
Royal Society of Edinburgh.
Nam tua res agiiitr paries cum proximus ardet.
THIS work will be put to press as 'soon as
400 fubferibers are obtained, and no money requir
ed until the work is completed.—lc (hall be print
ed with an elegant new type, and on paper of su
perior quality, which will comprise about 400
pages neat o6lavo, handsomely bound and lettered
—the price will be one dollar and fifty certts.
Thole who procure la fubferibers, and become
accountable, (hall have a 13th gratis—and the u
sual allowance to booksellers.
%* The above work comes from the pen of J.
Robifon, of Edinborough, a gentleman in high
eft;mation in the hteriry world—the fa&s therein
recorded are well fub(lan and thereafoning
and argumen s thence deduced, while they difco
vcr the found judgment and penetration of the
writer, are calculated to amuse as well a? to in
ftruft. A scene of villainy is developed by the
author fufficient to appal the stoutest heart Thp
danger to he apprehended from fccret focietias is
clearly pointed out ; the degeneracy of human na
ture awfully illuftratad, and the hazard of every
deviation from the straight path of religion and
of virtue, incontcftibly proved both to the politi
cian and the christian by ftubborri and incontro
vertable f3<Sta. '
fjf Subscriptions taken in by G. Forman, No. 46,
IVilliam-Jireety oppoftte the Pojl- Office, and by the respec
tive bookfeellers in New-York and Philadelphia.
February 28.
New-York, January 14, 1798
By Arondt Van Hook,
Proprietor of the Reading Room ;
For Publishing by Subscription,
An Appeal to Impartial Posterity,
By Madame Roland ;
Wife of the Minilier of the Interior in France.
These scarce and very valuable Historical Me
moirs, (which ran through two London edi
tions in a few months,) will be comprised in i
vols. oiSlavo, ot 400 pages each.
They will be printed on fine paper and a new
type, and delivered to Subferibers, rieatly bound
and lettered, at i dollar and 50 cents per vol
ume—one third of tlieSiibfcription money tobe
paid on delivery of the firft volume—the re
mainder when the work iscompleat.
To Printers, Booksellers, and others, who
acquire Suhfcriptions, the usual allowance wilL
be mads.
gF Subscriptions ar* taken at the Reading-
Room, No. 149, Water street—the Printing-
Offiee, 149, Pearl-street—and at the different
Bookstores in New-York-- Also, by William
Young, corner of Second and Chefnut street, and
the Editor of the Gazette ®f the United States,
As soon as a fufficient number of Subferibers
are obtained, the work will he put to press, and
completed with the utmost dispatch.
Feb. jo. cod am
For Sale,
A good situation for a Coantry Seat,
FOR FY acres of land on the Old York Road,
within fight of Oermantown and about siva miles
from the City, the whole being uudcr go»d fence,
and in excellent order as pallure ground.
For further information and terms, apply to
John Elliot t C»»sson, at his office for the
sale of Ileal Eflates, Conveyancing, &c. No. 54,
id mo. »6th, 1 iwiw
MARCH 1, 1798.
INpurfuance o/the A& of Oogrefs parted on the sixth day of July one thousand seven hundred and
ninety-seven,. entitled " An Ail laying duties Vellum, Parchment and Paper", and the,
A£t pal Ted on the fifteenth day of Dumber, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-feveH, entitled
" An AH to postpone for a limited time the commencement of t'ne duties i'npofed by the Acl enti
tled "An Ait laying Duties on Stamped Vellum, Parchment and Paper", that from and alter the
firft day of July enfiriny, the fcveral Stamped Duties hereafter enumerated, will be levied and collfcc
tcd throughout the United States.
For every Ikin or-piece of Vellum or Parchment, or Iheet or piece of Pttper, upon which Ihill be
written or printed any or either of the inftrumenti or olio wing—to wit:
Dls Cts. ( Mis
Any Certificate of Naturalization, ..... s
Any Licence to pradtice,of Certificate of the admiflion,enrolment or registry of
any Counsellor, Solicitor, Attorney, Advocate or Profler, in any Court of the
United States, ... . - 10
Pro-vided, that a Certificate in anv one of the Courts 6f the United States
for cue of the said Officer, fhj'l so- far as reijtes to the payment of the
duty afcre 'aid, be a fufficient- aAmiffion in all the Count of the United
States, for each and every of the {aid offices.
Any Grant ',ir Letters Patent, under the leal or authority of the United States
(except foi lands gramed.for miiirary fervires) - - 4
Any exemplification or certified copy of any fui.ll grant or letters patent, (ex
cept for lands granted for military services j - a
Any i/harter-Party, Bottomry, or Refpondentia Bond, - - 1
Any Receipt or dif.liarge for or on account of anyLrgacy left by any Will or 0-
ther teftiinn ntary iuftrument, or for any fha-re or part of a perfop.al estate di
vided by force oi any fiatute of difti7buti<ns, other than to the Wife, Chil
dren or Grand Children of the person dtceafed,"the amount whereof shall he
above the value of Fifty Dollars, and shall not exceed the value of One Hun
dred Dollars, .... -
When the-.amonnt thereof shall exceed the value of One Hundred Dollars and
shall not exceed five hundrod dollars, ... s0
A'.id for every further Aim of Five Hundred Dollars, the additional fuin of I
/.'lity Policy of Insurance or mfirnment in nature thereof, on any (hip, vefTet or
goods insured from one diflriiSl to another in the United States, 25
From the United States to any foreign port or place, when the sum for which
Insurance is made shall not exceed five hundred dollars, - 50
When the sum insured shall exceed five hundred dollars, - !
Ary Exemplification, of what nature soever, that shall pass the seal of any
Court, other than l't;ch as it may be the duty of the Clei k of such Court to
furuifh far the use of the United States or some particular fUte, - 50
Any Rond, hill single or penal, foreign or inland bill of exchange, promiffrry
noteorbther note, other than any recognizance, bill, bond, or other obliga
tion or contrail, made to or with the United States or any state, or for their
use refpeilively, ....
If above twenty dollars and not exceeding one hundred dollars, 10
If above one hundred dollars and not exceeding live hundred dollars, 25 .
If above five hundred dollars and not e-xceeding one thousand dollars, 50
And if above one thousand dollars, .....
Provided, that if any bonds or notes (hall be payable at or within sixty days, »
such bonds or notes shall be fubjeil to only two Cfth parts of the duty
aforcl'aiC—viz. - - - '
If above twenty dollars and not exceeding one hundred dolla-rs, - I 4
If above one hundred dollars and not exceeding five hundred dollai s, I io
If above five hundred doiilrs and not exceeding one thousand dollars, j 20
If above one thousand dollars, - - - 30
Any Notes ifliied by the banks now established, Or that may hereafter be eflali
lifhed within the United States, other than the noi-es cf fnch of the said Banks
as shall agree to an annual compofirion, of one per centum on the annual di
vidends made by such Banks, to their Stockholders relpeflively, according to
the following scale. .....
On all note 3 not exceeding fifty dollars, f6r each dollar, - - »
On all notes above fifty dollars, and not exceeding one hundred dollars, 50
Cn all notes above one hundred dollar* and not exceeding five»hundred
dollars, - - ... j
On all nates above five hundred dollars, - 2
Any Protest or other Notarial ail, ....
Any Letter of Attorney, except for an invalid penfioa,or to obtain or fell War
rants for Land granted by the United States as bounty for military itrvices
performed in the late war, - - - 2^
Any Certificate or Debenture for drawback of Customs or duties, for less than
five hundred dollars, - - - I
For five hundred dollars and not exceeding two thoufaftd dollars, 2
For more than two thousand dollars, ... 3
Any note or bill of lading for goods or merchandize tobe exported,
if from one diftri<sl to another diftrii?! of the United States, not being in the
fame State, .... j Q
If from the United Statesto any foreign port or place, - 25
Any Inventory or Catalogue of any furniture, goods or made in any
oafe required by law, (except in cafe# of goods and chattels difirained for
rent or taxes, and goods tjiken in virwe of any legal process by any officer,) 50
Any Certificate of a Share any Insurance Company, of a /hare in the Bank of
the United States, or of any State or other Bank,
If above twenty dollars and not exceeding one hundred dollars, - 10
If above one hnndred dollars, ...
If under twenty dollars, at (he rate of ten «w/jfor one hundred dollars.
The duties aforef aid will be colle£ted and received by the Supervisors, Jnfpe<Slors aud other Officers
of Infpe&ion, in the several Diflridls, Ssrveyt' and Divisions of the United States, and by such other
persons a« shall from t» time be specially appointed and employed by the Supcrvifers of Diftrids for
that purpose.
The Stipervifsrs of the several Diftrifls will, prio* to the firft day of July ensuing, and as soon r,s
may he pra&icafele, mark or ilamp, without fee or reward, any quantities or parcels of Vellum, Parch
ment or Paper, with any cf the rates of duties before enumerated, on payment of the said duties ; Or
stamped vellum, parchment and paper n.av at the option of the Citizens of the United States be ob
tained at the rates prescribed by law, by application to any Sufervilor, Infptiler, Officer of Infpedion,
or other par ton appointed for the diftributioa of Stamps, by the Supervisors of Diftrittls
GIVEN under my Hand, at Philadelphia
the day and year <bttvementUntd.
March 10. Secretary of the Treafurv.
ALL persons who have any demands against
the estate of Willam Fleewtood, of
Liverpool, late of Philadelphia, merchant, de
ceased, are reqnefted to exhibit their accounts,
properly attested ; and those who are indebted
to the fame, are desired to make immediate
payment, to
GEQ. DOBSGN, } ~ . ■„ ,
No. t S , So. Third-llreet. \ Mm,m J lr r
January 4. dtf
Just Published,
And to be had at the Book-stores of Meflrs. Dob
son, Campbell, Young and Okiirod,
in Philadelphia,
On the Cause& and Cure of Romitting «r Bilious
To "which is annexed,
AN ABSTRACT of the options and praSiceof
different authors: and an APPENDIX, exhib
iting interesting fails and reflexions relative to
the Synochui lacroithi, or Yellow Fever, which
has occafinned so much dillrefs and mortality,
at different periods, in several of the seaport
towns of rhs United Srates of America.
Falow of the Philadelphia College of Fhylicians,
and Member of the American Philo/ophicxl So
cisty. Feb. I—*3m§1 —*3m§
For sale or to be let on ground
A valuable Lot of Ground ;
SITUATE on the north-east corner of Wal
nut and Fifth flreets, fronting the State-
House square. This lot is fifty-one feet front
on Walnut street, and f>ne huudTed and thirteen
feet and an half on Fifth street ; there are at
present two small two story brick bouiia, and a
number of small tenement* thereon.
Sllfo, for Sale,
Two three story Brick Houses
With convenient Sores, w harf,'&c. situate on
Water street, between Mulberry an-J Safiafras
Streets, containing in front on Water street fif
ty-four feet, and containing that breadth east
ward ninety-five feet, then widening to the
south thirteen feet fix inches. These houfts
have the convenience of a public alley adjoin
ing on the north fide, and area very defirabletit
uation for a a merchant, flour sailor, or others
who may have occasion for storage of goods.
This property will be fold on very reasonable
terms for cadi. For further information apply
ts the printer.
July jr. m*wtf
Secretary of tbe Treasury,
Saiifbury Estate.
Subfcriber, proposing (o contra® his buli»
ness, offers this Elhte tor sale, on moderate
terms. On it are one Blast and three Air Furnaces,
a complete Boreing Machine, and a very good grift
Mill, with two pair of stones ; also a good Forge, all
in perfeft repair, as are all the Water Works conntfl
ed with thefc various branches. The Air Furnace*
were lately built for the purpol'e of catting Cannon
for tins State.-"—There are abou two thou find acres
of Land, one half of which is under wood, the other
very fine arable Land, producing the befl Hay and
Pallure. The Cannon lately mannlaetared there,
fully proves the excellency of the metal, which is
lupeiior to any in this country, and probably, equal
to aHy in (he world ; for not one of sixty-nine guns
lately made, although fomeofthea4 were bored
into 3Z pounders have failed on proving. The situ.
ation is very eligible, particularly for this-branch of
manufafiure, and a place of arms lying in the Date
of Conne£licut,and only 30 miles from several land*
ings on the Hudson's riuer,and having every advan
tage that can rcfult from a plenty of water issuing
from a large natural pond, very near the Furnace,
and which may be converted into a variety of other
ufeful purposes. The purchaser can beaccommodat
ed with all the (lock and utensils, and have polTeflion
onor before the firtt of June next, and preparation
may be made in the meantime for going into Blast im
mediately there»fter, for every part will l»e delivered
in good order, with some coal, Ore, &c. &c. For
terms, aijply to Mr. Joseph Anthony, in Philadel
phia! David Brooks, E(q. one of the Representative*
in Congress for this State ; "Mr, Bavid Waterman, on
thepreimfes, or toiheproprietorin New-York.
Dee. ». 3 , wt f
A O T I C E.
A MannfoSnry of yelloiv and delft tvarf,
Such as never was in this Country before, has been
been lately ere&ed at Tivoii, Red Hook Landing,
onthe tall Bank of Hudson's River, !U*.e of Newg
York, * here any article of vaiidus foris and fhapea
may be executed, as well as earthern stoves upon •
new conHru&ion, that favrs ihree fourths of the fuel
commonly used in call iron ftov?s or open chvmnies;
they arc beGdes very wholefcme and ornamental, by
Wanted a (kiilful hand to attend to the bakinp and
giving part of the said ware. Generous appoint*
menu will be given. Anply asfebeve, or to
No. 71 South sth Street.
Feb. eod4w
Wanted, to Hire,
A Large and convsnient HOUSE, in or near
the icntreof th« city—for which a generous
rent wili begiven ; to be taken tor a year, or on
more for a longer term. Ipquireof thu Primer.
OA, 17. eotf

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