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o>dsZttZ°f tlje mmm States, - D Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
■ * '* m-t
By John Fenno, N°* ii <) Chefnut Street.
Number 1737.J
For Savannah,
(To fail on Saturday the *]th of April)
j~-the ship
'I^ ATRIcK Gribbin, Matter.
& A regular eflablifiied Packet with
T.' clegan accommodations. For
freight or paff&ge apply to the IVfafter on board at
Rofs's wharf, or to
N. €* J. Frazier,
No. 95, South Front Street.
Who have for sale a quantity of prime new Rice
by {aid veflel.
march 31 d7t
Savannah Sugar
200 Hides
Will be landed to-morrow, at Willingsand Fran
cis's wharf, from on board the brig Adlive, Will
iam Williams, matter. «
faid Brigforfale,
&V. Jyfijp And may take in immedi
ately after discharged.
Apply to
Jehu Hollingftvorth bf Co.
march 30. §
This Day will be Landed,
At Morris's wharf, just above the Drawbridge,
from on board the brig Eliza, capt. Vaughan,
from Malaga—
Fresh Fruits, Wine and Brandy
Lemons in cheWs and ha.f elicits
Raisins of the Sun in kegs
Figs in do.
Soft ftiell'd Almonds in facka
Granes and Olives in jar 9
Bloom and MufcarelHaifins in boxes I
Anchovies in kegs
Jordan and Bitter AlmOsds in boxes ,
Old Mountain Wine in qr. calks
Brandy in butts, &c. &c.
For Sale by
P. s.
i'Theaboveßrig for sale
immediately applied for ; flie
a remarkable fine faft failing
inirfci veffc 1, having made her paffagc
to and frora Malaga in little morft than 60 days,
march lot
For Sale,
NOW lying at RulTel's Wars
Burthe^^^ou^—three years old, built of the bed
materials and is well found—would answer well
for a coaster, as she has excellent accommodations.
For terms apply to
Carney & Smith.
march 13 §_
Fnr Hamburgh,
Dominick Terry,
John Fleming, Majler,
grc«»t cargo en"
gagifd.—For freight ariply to
Jejfe isf Robert Wain.
February 26
iff Griffith,
At their Store on Walnut Street Wharf—
j 8 hhds. of Jamaica Rum
Madeira Wineinpipes indhhds.
Teneriffe do. in p'pes
Port do. in hhd».
Imperial Tea in quarters and eighths ®f chests
Sail Canvass, No. t, to 8
Dimities, (Tmghams, and rili*fiinets, in packa
ges fuitabld for the Weft-India market
Nails afl'ortecl
Black quart bottles
Queens ware in hhds. snd crates
Yellow ochre dry in calks ;
And at New-York, on board the
ship Diana, from Liverpool, expedled round
as soon as the navigatioa is open,
Fine Liverpool Salt
Spjnift Brown T
Venetian Red I
Purple Hrnwn ! p^JNTS
Patent White I
White L?ad I
Red Lead J
Colcfithar vitriol
160 bundles Sheathing paper"
Seaming Twine
Ship Diana,
For Sale or Charter.
Brig Amazon.
N. B. The late firm of Philip Nicklin & Co.
ii now changed to _ T _, T ,
~Por Sale or Charter,
Will carry about tioo barrels, and
is read Y totake in a cargo. For terms
,p p'y to „
Pragers ts Co.
No. 151, South Second-street.
Who havq for sale —prime St. Croix Sugar
and Rum, Madera, Lisbon, and Teneriffe wine.
November 7. <itf
Wm. Young's Book Store,
No. sl, Second flrett, the corner of Chefnnt street.
REPORT of the Committee of the House of
Reprefentativesotthe United States, appoint
ed to prepare and report Articles of Impeachment
againit V" ILI.I BLOUNT, a Senator of the
United States, impeached of high crimes and mis
demeanors, made in pursuance of a resolution of
the Houfuof Representatives, authorizing the said
Committee to fit during the recef6 of Congress, and
inilruiling them " to enquire, and, by all lawful
" means, to discover whole nature and rxt.*nt
" 'of the offence whereof the said William Blount
" ft ind* impeaches, and who are the parties and
" affqciatejtherein."
Printed by order of the lloitft of Reprefentati-u.s
On Tuesday, the 10th day of
April next, at 7 o'clock jn the evening, at
the City Tavern, Second Street, in the City
of Philadelphia,
WILL be ejpofed to public sale, fevenresß
tia<sls or parcels of land situated in Point
townlhip in the county of Northumberland, and
(jonUinjnp in the whole si* fevfrj hun
dred and fixtf-four acres andttree quarters,
with the usual allowance for roads.
Terms of sale, 1-5 of the purchase menev on
the execution of the deed, 1-3 in three months,
and 1-3 in fix months, in good notes sr other
approved fecarity.
March 9. iawtn dtlca
Valuable Stands for Business.
FOR SALE—by the Subscriber,
Two Lots of Ground,
Situate on the south fide of Chefnut-dreet, be
tween Second and Third streets : —one containing
eighteen feet, and the other seventeen ftet, more or
less, on the said street, and both extending, the
fame breadth, one hundred and forty-eight, more
or less, to Carter's alley.
There are, on Chefnut-ftreet, two two-fiery
(Numbers 80 and 8i)
Which may readily be made ir.to one ; and, on
Carter's alley, there is a convenient, well built
Brick House and Kitchen,
Almost new, which has two rooms on a floor
and a front of eighteen feet on said alley.
This pro-erty is clear of ground-r«nt, and an
indisputable title will be given to thepurchafer.
The three Houses will be fold fcparately or toge
Farther particulars may k« l-.n&wn on applica
tion to 0 ' •
No. 80, Chefuut-ftreet, or at the Library,
march 23.
A Negro B6y for iale.
HE is about 13 years old, and has about 15
years to serve, haying been bound until he
ia 28 years old, inprefencs of the Mayor of this
City and Mr. Thomas Harrifon. He is both ac
tive and mischievous, but is capable of becoming
a very ufeful boy with a niafter that would imme
diately superintend his c viiuSl. For further par
ticulars apply to the Printel hereof.
march 18. §
Valuable Property for Sale.
THAT well known Estate, called SHREWS
BURY FARM, formerly the rtfidence of
General John Cadwalader, situate on Saffafras Ri
ver, in Kent county, Maryland—containing a
bout 1900 acres of prime LAND, upwards of 500
ef which are in woods. Ths Buildings are all ex
cellent, and eOnfift of a handsome Dwelling House,
two large Barns with Cow houses, Stables for fifty
horses, a spacious treading floor under cover, a
granary, two Overseer's houses, two ran
ges of two story buildings for Negroes (one of
them new and of brick), Corn houses, a flmoak
house , &c. &c.—The whole Estate being nearly
. Huxoundad-by asuez* it r but little
and has a good Shad and Herring filhriy. ft is
conveniently situated for both the Philadelphia and
Baltimore markets, with two landings on a navi
gable river but a (hort fail from Baltimore. There
is a large Peach, and two large Apple Orchards on
thepicmifts; also, a variety of excellent fruits of
different kinds. The foil is irioftly a rich loom.—
The whole will ba fold together, or divided into
froaller farms (for which the buildings are conven
iently situated) as may suit the purchaser. The
Stock on said Farm, confifllng of Horses, Cattle,
Sheep, &c. will also bedifpofedof For further
particulars apply to Georoe Hastings, on the ■
premises, or to the fubferiber, in Philadelphia.
February 24. law6w
BROKE the Prison of Cumberland county, in
New-Jersey, and made their escape, be. wecn
1 and 2 o'clock, this mornin;, two Men, who
were convicted of dealing—one of them calls him
felf James Legg, the other Edward Hambleton—
Leggis a grey-headed Man. about toyearsold, 5
feet 8 inches high, thick set, with a remarkable
large head; Hambleton is about 26 years oid, 5
feet, 9 or IO inches high, black hair. Left the
prison in company with the ab"ve described
thieves, a fmallman, who calls himfelf Matthew
Morrifon, about 24 years old, 5 tect 6 inches high,
light hair, fair complexion, fatiles .when talking, is
a wheel-wright by trade. Whoever wilLfecure
the thieves in any Gaol in New-J«rfey or Pennsyl
vania, shall b« entitled to receive Ten Dollars for
the old one. Fifteen for the young one, and Twen
ty for Matthew Morrifon
Bridgetown, march 15. 24 —mtscf.;w
Law book Store,
Np. 319, High-flreet.
George Davis,
IMPRESSED with the favors ftiewn htm in his
efforts toeflablifh a Store for the sale of Law
Books only, begs leave to inform the Gentlemen
of the Bar generally throughout the United States,
that in addition to his coUe&iou now on hand,
which he supposes to be more extensive, than in
the poffeflion of any one person for sale in Ameri
ca, he expe&s daily very large supplies from Lon
don & Dublin, particularly from the latter place,
having chiefly confined his importations to thole edi
tions, as being in his opinion equally Corre«ft with
the London copies, and well known to be infinite
ly lower charged.
G. D. limiting himfelf, solely to the sale of Law
Book#, it will appear obvious to profeffional gen
tlemen the great advantage* they have in
from him, both as to fele&ioft arid price, of which
the encouragement Me has received for several ycirs
past, i? the bell testimony he can offer.
rrarch 20. 3*W3w
This Day ij Publifhtd, by William
Ihe Democratic Judge,
on Trie
As exhibited, explained and exposed, in the
prosecution of
FOR A fStTSSDID 1.1811. ACA'tVIT »
The King of Spain and his Embajfudor, before
Chief Juflice of the State 'jf Hem r ylvania.
By Piter Porcupine.
WHEREA" several forgeries have been ci»tnmi'-
'.ed in this city and New-York and other plac
es by 3 or 4 men, <» are now confined in New-York
goal for life, one of ihein by name Dr. G,anr,
Smith White ; another by name Dr. Gilbert, alias
Lewis; forged a bill of exchange on NichoUsCook
of New-York with a letter of advice from Me{Tr«.
Brown, Beofon 3c Ives of Providence, they also forg
ed 3 checks in the name of Nicholas v ook,alfo 2 checks
in the name of John Rathbdne—Wiliiam Grant is a
bout 2\ years old, light complexion, long favored, his
countenance by no means expreflive, but rather filly
or unmeaning; breathes uncommonly hard, and fre
queutly heaves a ftgh, rathet thin built, flendei conlli
tution.has a hacking cough,confumptive look, wore a
green cloth coat in July '96, has a defc£Hn;one or both
front teeth, lived some time clerk with Nicholas Cook
in NewrYork—Gilbert, alias Lewi# is rather fat or
lusty, has a fear over one of his eyes. Grant & Gilbert
in June 1796 forged letters of recommendation and
credit to this city,from J. Rath bone, Nicholas Cook,
Hoyt & Tom, Pell & Mellick, John Rathbone's was
| well executed, Grant boarded at Mr. Grimes* Tavam
the f George, corner of Mulberry and Second-street ;
Gilbert in 7th street, and kept a one horse chaise.
Grant fleptina room with Mr. Robeit Bicknell, and
broke open his bureau, while Mr. B. was at Baltimore,
and ftolc a bill of exchange for 120 dollars, from the
signature he forged 2 drafts on the'Pennfylvania bank,
dated 6 July *96, one for four hundred and forty-two
dollars, and gave it to Mi. Wilcox's black boy tp re
ceive, the Bank being shut the boy was taken intocuf
tody bv Mefher a constable, the draft lays at the May
or's office ; the other dftft for 285 dollars was paid
by the Bank soon in the morning of the 7th July— on
the 9th, Saturday afternoon, he received through the
hands of JVleflri, DebaufFre and Goodwin a of
Wilnam Prieflnnan's, dated 8(h Joly* on the United
States Bank for 100 dollars. Being too late .to receive
it that night, he forged another from the figna ure on
the United States Bank for 446 dollars dated 10th
July, Sunday, which was paid en Monday morning,
early. 13th or 14th July he appeared in a new dreis
new boots, &c. and removed to a more retired lodg
ing, at Mrs. Smith's between Arch and ftace-ftreets,
3 daysafier, he set oik for Virginia Springs, bftt upon
the road he flcpt in a room with a"gen leman and
robbed his saddle bags of some watches for which he
was enteno'd at Baltimore to the wheel barrow, but
latelyrelcafed, having very good friends in Connecti
cut* —Any person who can prove his writing upon
convittion of the offender, fhailreceive ie'o dollars re
ward, as the United States Bank have refufed to pay
the money, apply to William Prieltman, No. 1,5 south
5 th-ftreet Philadelphia. t /
In a few days the 3 checks evidently wrote by the
fame Grant, 2 gentlemen having sworn to his writing,
will be left at the Mayor's office for infpe&ion.
April 2. 6r.
Treasury Department,
March 19, 1798.
THATpropolals will be received at the Office of
the Secretary of the Treasury until the expi
ration of the i>th day of July next ensuing, for
the supply of all rations which may be required
for the use of the United States, fromthe firil day of
Q&ober 1798, to the thirtieth day of September
1799, a y s inclusive, at the places and within
the diftridt hereafter mentioned, viz. At Ofwego;
at Niagara ; at Prefque Isle ; at Michilimackinac ;
at Fort Franklin ;at Pittsburgh ;tt Le Beuf; at
Cincinnati; at Greenville; atPicqueTown and
Lorafliie's Store ; at Fort Wayne; at Fort Defi
ance ; at any place below Fort Defiance on the Mi
ami River to Lake Erie ; at Fort Knox and Oua
tanon on the River Wabafh; at Mafiac ; at any
place or places on rne eart nae of tmr River wrmn
lippi above the month of the River Ohio, and up
on the Illinois River ; at any place or places on the
east fide of the Miflifiippi River below the mouth
of the River Ohio to the fouthem boundary of the
State of Kentucky, and within the said Stat# ; at
Knoxville, Tellico Block House, and at all other
Posts in the State of TennelTec ; at ap.y place or
places on the east fide of the River Mifiifiippi, be
low the foutliern boundary of the State of fennef
fee, to thcfoutherli boundary of the United States.
*lf supplies (hall be required for any posts or
places not mentioned in this notice,all such supplies
shall be furniflied at prices proportion'/d to thole to
the posts before recited, as may be agreed on be
tween the United States and the copria^or.
The rations to be supplied to consist of th° fol
lowing articles, viz.
One poynd of bread or flour
One pound of beef or twelve ounces of pork
or bacon
Half a jill of rum, brandy pr whif-S
ky, one q*uart of Salt, two quarts / , e . r ,
of vinegar, two pounds of soap,( ;,n . C r3
• r 11 \ rations
ona pound ot candles j
The rations are to be furniflied in such quantities,
as that there fball at all times during the said term,
be fulfici«nt for the eonfumption of the troops at
\lichilim2ckinac, Detroit, .Niagara, and Ofwego,
for the teim of fix months in advance, and at each
of the other polls, for the term of at lead three
months in advance, in good and wholesome pro i
fions, if the fame lhall be required, kista be un
derftoed, that the contradl»r»s to be at the er.-
ptnee and rifle of iflaing the fuppliesto the troops
at each pod, and that all lolTes fullained by the de
predations of an enemy, or by means of the
troops of the United States, lhall be paid for at
the price of the articles captured or dcltroyed, on
the depositions of two crn.orc persons of credit.;-
ble characters, and the certificate of a commiflion
ed officer, ascertaining the circure (lances «f the
loss and the amount of the articles far which com
pensation (ball be claimed.
The priviledge is reserved to the United States
of requiring that none of the supplies which may
be furnilhed under the proposed contraift, tffcall be
ifiued, until the supplies which have or may be
furnilhed under the contiaft now in force have
been consumed. /
Secretary nf the Treasury.
march 17. 2awti<ly
/O K oALE, ~
ALL that elegant three (lory Brick House, brick
Kitchen and Lot of Ground situate on the
south wefl. corner of Fourth and Prune streets,
containing in front on fourth street 3j feet, and
in length on Prune street 98 leet, to a four feet al-
Jey intended to be left open with common privi
lege of the fame
Also, a two (lory brick House and Lot of Ground
situate on the weft fida *f Fourth fireet and ad
joining the above, containing in breadth en Fourth
llreet 25 fret 6 inches, and in depth f«et oh the
said four ftet alley, with the common privileges of
the fatne.
And also, a'.l that Lot of Ground situ ite on the
v/eft fide of Fourth street and adjoining the Uft
described lot, containing in breadth on Fourth
street 2$ feet 6 inches', and in depth on the north
fide ioafeet, thence running fouthwarrf 11 feet 6
inches, thence farther westward 12 feet, thence
dill further fruthward 14 feet, and thence by the
Chapel ground 114 feet to Fourth street, with the
common use of the said four feet alley leading in
to Prune street The whole will be fold together
if more agreeable to the purchaf/r.
For terms, enquire of the fubferiber, at his of.
sice. No. 144 South Foarth street.
march jawtf
To be Let,
(And poffeltion given on the id of May)
A genteel three story brick House,
12 feet front, aed 40 feet deep, with hack buildings
and ftablcs, at prefect m the tenure of Major J ck
son. Enquiry at 187 South Third street.
April z. §__
TWO handsome new three flory brick Dwell
ing H ou fe«> ten rooms ui tack; a Livery
Stable, large enough to contain thirty horses and a
large Coach House; all completely finiihed, 1 here
is a convenient yard with a pump in it, loir the ac
commodation of the buildings. Any perlon
inclining to purchase, by applying at the buildings,
No 46 aud 48 North Sixth I'.rect, may view them,
and b j informed of the terms, which will be made
easy if required.
N. B. I'he houses will be fold fcparately or to
gether, a 9 it may heft suit the purchaf/r ; one of
the houses is well calculated for a tavern or private
tamily. *eost s P r '' 2 *
Joseph Ricardo,
OF this City, Merchant, has afligneJ his pro
perty for the beFefit of hi. Creditors, t» Jatr.es
C. Ft (her, Samuel W. Fiiber, and 1 lyjn-.as "W'ilfon.
All persons who have demands are re
queued to furnilh their accounts with«ut delay—
and those indebted to make immediate payment to
the Subscribers, ailing AlTignees.
James C. & Samuel IV. Fi(her.
No. 13, ArchStreu.
A House and Lot in Dover.
A LOT OF GROUND, situate 011 ths euft fide
of the main street, running through the to*vn
of Dover, in Kent county, in ths State of Dela
ware, about thirty or for'y yards below Captain
Furbee's Tavern, containing in front on said street
thirty four feet, and extending in depth caftward
twelve perches, together with buildings there
on created, which consist of a good brick house,
two ftorie6 high, well finilhed, with two rooms a
bout seventeen or eighteen feet square each, and a
paflage eight or ten feet wide on the firft flaor ;
three rooms with a paflage above, and good gar
rets, the cellars are excellent, one of which is uTed
asakitcheß; a hack brick building with two rooms
above and below about ten or twelve feet by four
teen ; the upper rooms of this building communi
cate above ltairs with the paflage of'the house :
A brick smoke house, and a good pump of water
in the yard, and a garden adjoining.
The House is in every refpecSl as comfortable as
any in Dover, is in a good situation,
and now occupied by John Freeman, as a tavern,
with the sign of the Eagle.
The terms will be reasonable. Apply to Dan
iel Mifflin, at Camden, near Dover, or to thefub
fcriber, Nc. 60, North Eighth-street, Philadelphia.
march 17. tus4w
IS hereby given, that the Subscriber, an insol
vent debtor, confined in the common goal of
the County of Cape May in the state of New-
Jersey, hath presented his petition to the Judges
of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, in and
for the said county, praying that they would
attend to hear what can be alledged for or a
g-inft hia liberation, pursuant to an a£l of the
Legislature of this State,entitled "an a<2 for
th ■ relief of insolvent debtors," palled the 26th
day of January 1798 —And the the said court
did appoint Monday the a6th day of March
next for the p#rpofe aforefaid ; tn meet at the
CoiAHouff in the Middle Preeincft, at eleven
o'clock, in the forenoon of the said day, of which
his creditor:? are requested to rake notice.
Cape May, Feb. 8, 1798.
Feb. 14 —xawjw
WHEREAS a Certificate to llannaii Shel
ly, 6f Cottage, in the of
Surrey, in Great-Britain, Spiniler, or her assigns,
for two thousand five hundred and Gxty-two dol
lars twenty-three cents, in the deferred flock of
the United States, was loft in the (hip
Capt. Hyef, Bound from Philadelphia to London
in the year 1796. The fukferiher, the said Hau
nah Shelly, intends to apply to the Treasury of
the United States, for a renewal of the said Cer
Feb.!?. lawbw.
To be Let,
A three story brick House,
With Stables, and a Garden containing nearly one
acre of choice ground, feveril Summer House*,
Fruit Trees, &c. on Race, and second street from
Schuylkill ; the whole in good condition, and the
situation high, airy and excellent lor a place of
public en'ertainment.
An adjoining Lot, 40 feet front and ll* deep,
is also to let.
For terms apply to the fubferiber, at No. 39,
Pine street.
march ■jr. wstf
Bafkenridge—lor lale
TT eonfifls of yao acres, almod all of wh'ch i«
a fine rich Meadow, (the refidenceof the late
JJgrl of Sterling). It may be conveniently dixided
into five farms, four of which arc bounded on the
Eail by the river Pafiiek.
Th~r? are on it a number of buildings, forming
a square of nearly three aercs—The dwelling house
ii a vary convenient one.and,a small expence would
put it in complete repair.
The orchard confiftsof 150® finabearing engraf
ed Apple Trees—and there is on other pnrts'ol said
trait near 300 other Apple Trees—as also a great
variety of other fruits, particularly Cherries of the
best and mod delicious kind 6.
Also, a great number of beautiful Exotics and
Forfft Treos, that add to ths beauty and conveni
ence of the place. Its situation is about 18 miles
from the towns of Newark and Elizabeth : 16 do.
from Morris-Town, and (1 from Sprijigfield—lt
is wooded and watered.
To lave trouble, the price is five pound pr. acre
in eafh, on delivery of the deed*. Plcafc to in
quire of T. McEUEN & Co.
No. 79, Chefnut. treet.
February a. eodtf
RedCiover Seed of the belt quality.
OH, and fit for immediate use, in pipes, half
pipes and Quarter calks.
Tenerift'e Wine,
And, Window Gtafi—all of which will be fold
on vsi y reasonable tcrtfts, by
John Craig,
No- 12, Dock Street,
march I * w&itf
- [ Volume XIII.
Twenty Dollars Reward.
THE Store occupied on account of'the United
States, back of No. 71, North Water-street
was on the night of the 19th inflant (March) bro
| ken open, and the following article! stolen, at d
taken therefrom :
Nine pieces Stroud, viz.
2 374 20 a j ue ftroud fmgle
2 37 20 \ cord. *
2379 20
2380 20 { 1 N
2381 201
2382 20 Two cord.
2383 20f
2384 20
2385 20£ J
The above'reward is oflered, for the
of the pe r pctrators of this robbery, so that they
he apprehended, and made amenable to juflice ;
further reward will be paid, for the recovery of
any part of the goods itolen, 00 delivery oi tke
fame to
Keeper Military Stores,
april J. iw
For Sale,
A CONVENIENT well built fecord h id Light
Waggon, hung 011 Jack with g'wff.s and
blind? in the door?, with or without harnef*.—
Enquire of Peter Umerickhoufc, Arch, belo.v
Sixth street, or the fubferiber in Germantown.
April 1, "aawyr
SALT r E 1 R E.
One hundred kegs of refined Salt Petre,
For Sale liy the Subscribers.
James C. & Samuel IV. Fi/her,
No. 13, Arch Street
march 31 4tawtf
No. 115 SAth Front Street.
A quantity of Taker's Oil,
4th proof Jamaica Rum, ") entitled to
ill and id proof Brandy, j drawback.
Madeira Wine,
Juniper Berries, &c. &c.
Feb. 9. eodtf
In the Brig Ben JAmin Fr an k l i n, from
Claret in calks
White wine in half calks
Sweet oil Qf a superior quality in boxes andjbalkets
Lunelle ">
Sauterne ( w r- r.
„ , > Wines in Cafcs.
Macarty, and (
Mcdoc )
Thomas Mvrgatroydj
No. ii, Walnut Street.
Bourdeaux Brandy in pipes } In titled
Irish market "> tTr . . c > to
Medoa, and Sauterne J ines in Ca es ' j drawback
Sherry wine in pipe sand quarter calks
Pimento in bags
Two trunks of Umbrellas, and
Aleout 40oobulhels 1 iverpoolSalt.
march 19 mw&ftf
_ ..A. •
Hoafe and Lots, in Bordenlaiun.
-"pO EE SOLD, a har.dfome two story House,
A with the Lot en which ii is ereflrd, situat
ed about the middle of the beautiful and healthy
Village of Bordentovn. The houfo is forty
two feet in front, and in neat order. The lot
contains or.e hwmlred feet on
the ftrfet, and extends with the fame
breadth to bSck fireet. Also, a large Lot, cpn
taining nearly four acres, fepirated trogiC the
former by back street. One third only of th«
purchase money will be required upon execut
ing a deed, and for the remainder, such credit
w II he give* as the purehifer may chufe. This
property will be fold free of all incumbrancer,
and an indifputahle title given.
For further particulars enquire either of Dr.
Wriiiam Burnes, reiiding ih Bordentown, near
the premife3, who will Jhew the fame, or of
Conveyancer, No. 43, Mulberry-street.
December 2. 3awt#
Ne<w-Tork, February, 1798.
A New and Valuable Work, which has been ex
tant only ix m i-nths—entitled
all the Religions and Governments ot EU
ROPE, carried on in the secret meetings of Free
Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies. C»l
---leiled from good authorities.
I'refjfbr of Natural Piihftpby, and .Secretary to the
Royal Society of Edinburgh.
Nam tua res agilur paries cum proximus ardet.
■J/" THIS work will be put to prefaas fc>on as
400 tubferibers are ohtained, andno money requir
ed until the work is completed.—lt (hall be print
ed with an elegant new type, and on paper of fti-
P-rior quality, which will compriie about 400
pages neat ofiavo, hanrifomely bound and lettered
—the price will be op.e dollar and fifty cents.
Thofewho procure 12 fubicribers, andbecomq
accountable, fliall have a 13th gratis—and the u
sual allowance to booksellers.
' t " The above wotk ccmes from the pen of J.
Robifon, of UMinborough, a gentleman in hig(i
eflimation io the literary world—the fads therein
recorded are well fubft»:itiated, and thereafonirg
and argumen's thence deduced, while they dilco
ver the found judgment and penetration of the
writer, are calculated to nniufe as well w to in
ftruA. A scene of villainy is developed by the
author fuiEcient to rtpral the fitfutcft heart Tha
danger to be appr-hend'cd from secret focieti.s m
clearly pointed out ; the degeneracy of hutpan «s
---ttircawtuWy iHuflrat'«d, and the hazard of every,
deviation ;rfim the straight path of religion an j
of virtue, inccnrcllibly proved both to the politi
cian and the chriftiau by stubborn and incontro
vertible fjiSs.
Sulifcriptions talen in G. Forman, Ko 46,
Wiltiam-ftrcil, oppofilc the PoJI- Office, aud iy the 1 Jfec*
tive boolfcellers in New-Tori and rhiladtlv'oia.
February 23.
Several fonts of Types—half worn.
Incluatng Lcrg Primer, about 400 weight, in
good condition, and would arfwer the purpofi; of
a country Printer oi well as new. k
Enquire ef thf Printer.

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