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Bricks Wanted.
On or b.-fore the lift day of theprefcnt month,
To 'he Corporation of the City of Philadelphia
or th-ir agent—on any part of C hefnut-ftrect,
George-ftreec, Broad-ftrcet, or Center-
Square. between the Schuylkill and
Center-Square, as (hall be di
rected, the whole, or
Part of
One Mi'/ion of found, hard burned
So Sammsl or place Bricks will he received—
One half of this quantity will be required to be
delivered before the 2 rft of March next—the other
before the I,;th ef May. It is desired that the
proposals may mention the Yard from which the
bricks are intended to be delivered, and that they
be fe.rt in writing to
B. Henry Latrobe, engineer.
South Twelfth street
the firft house from Market-street.
feh 8. S
White Oak Logs—or
White Oak Pipe—Wanted.
On or before the loth day of March,
For the Delivery,
To the Corporation of the City of Philadelphia,
or their ag#nt at any part within the said City
of the whole or part of
104, cOO fret, running measure, of
In \engths of ten or twelve feet,
Or of the fame quantity, cf
• Bored into pipe, counterborcd and tapped,
as under :
14,000 feet to measure 13 inches at 'he thickest
end, if bored, 4 1-1 inch pipe.
16,000 set to measure ti inches at the thickest
end. if bored, 4 inch pipa
64000 feet tpmesfure if inches at the thickest
end, if bored, 3 inch pipe.
The l-"g« must he strait and free from (hakes
and Knots : no faulty logs will on any jeeonnt he
received Thr.fr who deliver proposals for bored
logs, are requested to mention the price at which
they will deliver the logs unbared,in cafe it (hould
b« found prepcr to bore them in Philadelphia.
Proposals in writing will be received by
B. Henry Latrobe, engineer.
South Twelfth-ftreet,
the firft House from Market-street.
feb 8 __ §_
A quantity of Ruflia Hemp
Cordage and bar Iron
»; hogsheads Tallow
Platilla«, Royal Brit'taniaS
Checks &c in cases
Now landing from the (hip Four Friends, Capt.
Hubber, from Hamburg, at Jefle and Robert
Wain's wharf, and for Sale by
Who have on band,
Crates of Earth«n Ware
Cannon and Carronades of various sizes
Dry white I.ead
Guns and Pift»l» afTorted in cases
Gun Flints in kegs c
Ships' Muflcets
Claret of a superior quality in cafei of » to 3
dozen each.
Feb. 13. dTOt
THE creditors of George J hnfton, late cf ■
Queen Ann's county, in the slate of Mary
land, dereafed, are hereby requested to appear
at Church Hill, in the county and (late afore
said, on Thursday the lift day of January next,
with their claims against the said deceased.
properly authenticated, at which time a propor
tionable division of the afiett in the hands of the
fubferiber will be made among the creditors ai\
cording to law j and those who do not appear
on the said day, will be forever precluded frorr
theirclaims on the said estate.
Church Hill, Dec. n.
&3" ANY Persons wan-ting
paflage to France, cau obtain it in the Swedlfti
Barque Neptune, Daniel Jadcrbem, master* lying
at Hew ork, Vy applying to Mr Letombe, or to
Ric ari SoclerstroiiJ, Confal General of Sweden,
tn this city.
i* n - *4 §
•"J"* HE Book for Subscriptions to the Company
e r , C ?,' n £ a permanent Bridge over the ri
ver Schudk.il, at, or near t\it City of Philadel
phia, continuei open at the house ot the-Treafurar
ot said Company, No. 13, ChurcU Alley.
January 8, 1799. ' eod6w
A S , MAI r, I ' Fa y ra of four acres, within
. m.'es and a half of Philadelphia and one
mile from Frank ford ®n the riverroad, fourteen
acre, of wood-lind, five acre* ef good meadow,
the residue -h.rty five acre-, excellent arrable land
and r hich wi.l make thebeft of m«adow On the
premises are a decent two (lory Brick House and
BnckKitchen a good garden & orchard with a va
liety of fruit trees and a well of very good water
For terms apply to Thomas Benger, nearßriftol
fcucks County, or William Wain, No. 144 ,50«h
Second street. Philadelphia, 44,*"«n
A Lot of eight or nine acres,
OF very good land in go«d order fc r clover feed
with or without a large franvj Barn as good as
new, enquire as above.
feb 14 3taw3w
Samuel Miles, jun'r.
Of the city of Philedelphia, merchant, hav
ing afiigned over all his efFe&s, real, personal
and mixed, to the fubferiber?, for the benefit
of such of his creditors as may fuhferibe to the
said alignment on or before the firft of August
Notice is hereby given,
To all persons indebted to the laid estate, that
they are requested to make immediate payment
to either of the affijnees, or to the said Samuel
Milts, who is anrhorifed to receive the fame ;
m failure whereof legal (leps will be taken for
the recovery of such debts, as are not difchar
ged arfordlnglv.
feb. 14. jawtf
To be Let,
A Store and Loft,
NEAR Market-llreet Wharf.—Enquire of
the Subfcribcr,
319 High-ftrret.
feb 11 aawtf
%ijt GcßCttC,
Philadelphia, February ».
Six Per Cent. j to 9
Three Per Cent. 9/8 to 9
Deferred 6 Per Cent. 14^
B \NIC United States, 13 percent.
Pennfylvania, 10 to zi
North America, 46 ditto
Infurante comp N.A. (hares xc~) ~ , _
Pennfylvania, (hares, 35 } Dividend
On Hamburgh 33 1-3 cents per Mark Eanco.
London, at 30 days 56 I-z
■ at 60 days 54
at 90 days 5Z i-i
Amfterdam,6o days, pr. guild. 36 to 37 i-z cents
The Hon. James Scluireman of the house
of Representatives of the L l nited States, is
appointed by the legislature of Ncwjcrfey,
a Senator in Congress, for that state, to
supply the vacancy occasioned by the reiigna
tion of the hon. Mr. Rutherford.
DIED—On the 7th itift. at his house in
Duck Creek, Ciofs Roads, Delaware, after
a lingering illness which he fuftaired with
great patience andf relignation, George
Mitchklij, esquire. He has left an ami
able wife and only child to lament his loss.
Of him it may be truly laid, he was an af
fettionate husband—a tender parent—and a
tincerc friend. /
<sasette Marine Hill.
Port* of Philadelphia.,
Schr. Little Tom, Butler, St. Thomas's
'Brig Polly, Smith from her.ee to the Havan
na, tvas recapturedby a Britishpri-Ateer, and
lent into Nassau.
Schr. Daphne, Riply,from hence to the Ha
'jemnah, is taken and carried into Neiv-Pro~
vidence and acquitted ivith the exception of
some part of her cargo which tvas deemed
co ntrband.
Schr. Commerce of andfor this port, from
Port au Prince, is cast away o?i Sugar-Key,
crew saved.
The Brig Fair American, Thompson, of
this port from N. Carolina to Surinam, is ta
ken and sent into New-Providence-
The brig Clarissa, Nicbolls,from hence to
La Guira, is taken and sent in to Marttni
.7ue, by a government trig of fourteen guns.
Letters for the ship India,
Capt. Afhmtad, for England, will be recei
ved ot the Coffee-Houfe until Monday next
the 19th instant.
New-York, February 14..
Vefterday arrived the Britifli packet Lsdy
Harriot, Capt, , in 91 days from
Falmouth. She failed 22 days before the
Cheftcrfield, capt. fones, at d brings the
Oftnber mail: of course affords us nothing
new. ,
She has experienced very tempeftuons
weather on the coast, and was obliged to
throw her gnus overboard.
We understand that fee was eight weeks
beating 011 the coast of Halifax, but could
not make that port. Capt. , picked
up the capt. and crew of the ship Amphi.
oti, foundered at fsa. This vessel was 21
days frcm this port, bound to Hamburg, at
the time of the accident. The particulars
detailed amongll our marine articles.
THE fubferiber® beg leave to inform thei'commer
cial friends in particular, and the public in general,
that an office for the Insur anci of Shi fm »c, u |
now opened at No. 95 South Fiont-ft reel, where a
lhare of the public pa ronage is refpeft'u'lv solicited.
feb 15 dim
Just received per ship 'Julio, Lapt. iYotters,
from Hamburgh,
Creas« la Morlaix,
Dowlas, whole pieces
Do half d».
Brown Platillas.
Also on hand,
Rudia Horfa H »ir, curled and uncurled,
Do D.ck nail rods,
Brandy 41k proof, and
kice, Forfalehy
Feb. 15. dsw
The subscribers, flockhold-
in the Delaware Bridge Company at Eafton,
• e »k,ing within the cny of Philadelphia, are re-
S u elle-J to meet at Barnabas M'Sharie'j taveru,
»ga of the Harp and Eagle, Third, north of Mar
K f t street, on Monday evening thj 18th instant,
at 7 o'clock, when communications will be laid
before theni tor their confidrration, lately received
from the Managers of that Corporation.
Philadelphia, Feb. 17,
Java coffee, ~~
ABOU i n,ooolb. of Java Coffee in baws en
titled to the drawback,
At No. 119, Market street,
Where also may be had as usual.
Ironmongery, Cutlery, Hard
ware, Paints, Glafi, Kc &c of
'5- 3awtf
ALL persons indebted to the F.flatc of Will
iam Hrtsham,lcte of the city of Charleston,
aiKl formerly cf thi- city, mariner, dccale l.arc
requested to make payment, r.iid those who have
demands, against said F.ftate, will plrife exhibit
them to ROBERT HEYSHAM, Admr
Philadelphia, Feb. 6, 1799 eedjw .
Thursday Feb. 14
Mr. Livingfton c.-!led up for confederation
th? resolution which he yesterday laid upon
the table, calling upon the President forany
information which-he may possess touching
the fufpenlion of the French arrete decla
ring neutral citizens pfratt-s, when found on
board t'<e irefltls of Belligerent powers, which
being read. ' f ...
Mr. L called the Yeasand.Nays upon it
He fa id, ht undcrftood that (ince yefteday,
a member of this house had applied at the
Office if the Secretary of State,. and been
informed that some information had been re
ceived relative to this fubjeft.
His resolution was carried 52 to 38*
MefT. Livingfton and Harper wereappoin
ted a committee to wait upon the President
The following Report wzs made on'the 17th
ult. by the Committee, to whom was re
ferred so much of the President's Speech,
a« relates to the " naval, establishment,
the augmentation of the navy, and the
adoption of fyftema.'ic measures for pro
curing timber and other supplies."
THAT an aft pafled the firft of July,
one thousand seven hundred and ninety se
ven, authorizing the President of the Uni
ted States tocaufe the fr'gates United States
and Conllitution, of forty four guns each,
with Constellation of thirty fix, to be m n
ned and employed ; for the accompli(hment
e>f which, the twenty frventh of March fol
lowing, a law pzfled, appropriating a sum
not exceeding one hundred and fifteen thou
sand, eight hundred and thirty three dollars,
to complete and equip those (hips for sea ;
also two hundred and sixteen thousand, fix
hundred and seventy nine dollars for the
pay and subsistence of the officers and crews
for one thoufand dollars fJr
wear and tear, and two thousand two hun
dred dollars to pay salaries of persons having
care of the navy yards at Norfolk, New-
York and Portsmouth.
On the twenty seventh of April, one thou
sand seven hundred and ninety eight, an aft
pafled, entitled " An aft to provide an addi
" tional armament for the further prote&-
" ion of the trade of the United S ates, and
; " for other put poses," authorizing the Pre
-1 fident of the United States to cause to be
built, purchased of hired, a number of Tef-'
fels not exceeding twelve, nor carrying more
than twenty two guns each, to be armed,
fitted out and manned under his direction j
to carry this into effeft, the sum of nine
hundred and fifty thousand dollar* ware ap
I On the 4th of May, 1798, an aft pa (Ted,
I authorising the President of the United
' States to cause to be built or. purchased, a
number of small veflels, to be equipped at
gallies or otherwise, to be stationed in such
' partsof the United States as he may dired
to carry this into effeA, eighty thousand
dollars were appropriated.
On the 28th of May, «' An aft more ef
fectually to protest the commerce and coasts
of the U. States pasTed, which authorized
the president of the U. S. to inltruft and <3i
reft the commanders of the armed veflels of
the United States to seize, take 8c bring into
any port of the United State*,to be proceed
, ed again ft according to the law -of nations
; any aftned veflel of the Republic of France
failing under authority or pretence tif autho
[ rity, which (hall have committed, or which
(hall be found hovering on the coasts of the
United States, for the purpofr of commit
ting depredation on the veflels belonging to
the citizens thereof ; and also \o retake-any
(hip nr veflel of any citizen or citizens of
the United States which may have betfn
captured by such armed veflel.
On the 22dof June, an a& pafled entitled
" An aft to amend the aft, entitled " An
' aft providing a naval armament," and the
aft, entitled " An aft to authorise t&e Presi
dent of the United States to cause to be
purchased or built, a number of small vefielt,
to be equipped =»s gallies, or otherwise."
This aft authorizes the President to encreafe
the strength of the revenue cutters, to seven
ty marines and feameu, and authorizes the
President to employ them, as Well as the
small veflels to be equipped as gallies or
On the 30th of June, was pafled " An
aft supplementary to the aft, entitled '" An
aft to provide an additional armament for
the further protection of the trade of the
United States; and for other purposes
This aft authorizes the President of the
United States toaccept veflels offered on the
credit of the United States, where he may
cause evidence of the debt or the obligation
to be given therefor, limited te twelve vef
fels, ihe interest to be paid, not to exceed fix
per cent. This a£t also ftipulatcs the size
of the veflels to be received, as well as the
size of those authorized by the aft of the
27th of April—viz. fix, not exceeding 18"
guns each, twelve, not less than 20, not ex
ceeding 24, and fix not left than 32 guns
each. The third feftidn of thit aft autho- 1
! rizes the President to accept of ariWed vef 1
! fels from any state, body politifc or corpo
rate, citizen or citizens of the United
An aft pafled July 16th last, making a
further appropriat on for the additional na
val armament, provides for the building of
three (hips of not less than 32 guns each,
and appropriates 600x00 dollars for that
purpose, and auihor{yes the President of the
United States to employ timber and other
materials for (hips now on hand, to be used
for this purpose, of disposed of in such man
ner as he may direst.
In conformity to those several afts, the
(hip Delaware of twenty guns, failed on a •
cruize, and took Le Crcyable French priva
teer, of 14 guns, and seventy iren, with
in foundings, on our coall ; which priva
tecr had taken vessels ort the coall, A tew
days after, the (hip Ganges failedon a cruiz •,
this fliip mounted twenty four guns ; in
June, the Conllellation of thirty fix gun l ;,
■ failed on a Cruize, a"nd in July, the Oonlli
tution and United States; of 44 guns each,
and (hcrtly after several other veflels of war.
For a particular account of the existing
force, as well as the additional vessels prepa
ring, the Committee exhibit herewith, a re
port of the Secretary of the Navy, of the
26th ultimo, as follows :
[Here follow a number of estimates of'the
purchase, equipment arid support of vtflVls
of war; which have already been publfh
V our Comrr.ittee beg leave to report, fur
ther, that about the time of the failing of
our (hips of war. and before the merchant
(hips were permitted to arm for theirdefence,
our trade was in such jeopardy at sea and on
the coast from Fre- ch privateers, that but
few vessels escaped them —that ruin da
red in the face all concerned in (hipping,
and that it was difficult to get property in
sured—that infuranfce flood at the following
rates in Philadelphia at that time :
outwards homewards
Toßnflia, 11 \ per cent. - 22 \
Sweden, 20 12 1-2
Denmark. &")
ur. r 1 7 1 1 17 1-2
Hanfe town. J ' '
Holland, 20 17 1-2
Great Britain, 171-2 17 I «
Spain, 17 1-2 171-2
France .. ■ ■ ■—
Portugal 15 15
Morocco 20 20
Italy 27 t 2 27 1-2
China, & the 7
East-Indies, J 20
Weft-Indies, 171-2 17 1-2
Africa, i , 20
That at this time infuranceean be had at
the following lates, in the fame offices :
ou r ward» homewards
To Russia, 12 1-2 12 1-2
Sweden, 12 I 2 12 I 2
Denmark, &")
zj r . r 1-0 to
rianie towns j
Holland, 15 12 1-2
Great B itain, 10 10
Spain, 12 1-2 12 1-2
France ■ !
Portugal, 10 10
Morocco, 12 1-2 12 1-2
Italy, 17 1-2 17 1-2
China, k the 1
East-Indies, J 10 10
Weft-Indies, 12 1-2 12 1-2
Africa, 12 1-2 12 12
lience it will appear, independent of our
greater security at home, as well as from
insult and robberies abroad, that the saving
on our (hipping, exports, and imports, for
the last yean has been more than could have
been expefted in so short a period. But
pleasing as this is to the committee, they
have good reasons to believe that the saving
will be greater as our naval force encreafes,
believing that infiirance will be less than it
now is. The committee would exhibit an
exaft statement of the imports and exports
of the last year if they had it in their pow
er, as well as the quantity of tonnage em
ployed by the United States, but on ac
count of the dreadful malady that afflifted
this city as well as other important towns of
the United States, the returns cannot be ob
tained ; nor can the committee exaftlv esti
mate the value oFthe imports of the last
year, as the value it not annexed to several
articles which pay duty—the duty beir.g
estimated by the pwnd, on coffee, &c.—
and rum, &c. by the gallon ; but the im
ports in the United States, from the ill of
Oftober, 1797, to 30th September 1798
may be fafely estimated at fifty millions of
dollars—the cemmittee believe, mare,as the
profits on exports have been considerable—l
- monies imported are not entered.
The exports beginning on the the ift Oc
tober, 1796, and ending September 30th,
1797, were 51,294,710 dollars.'
In addition to which, the committee are
allured, that L.rge sums of fpttic have been
exported, particularly to the East and Weft
indies, and China.
The merchant (hipping of the United
States built and employed in that period,
were as follows :
In Foreign Commerce, 675,046 tons
Coasting Trade, 200,372
Fisheries, 38,920
beiides 3,114 tons
of (hipping built in foreign
countries, making in the
whole a total valtie of .917,452 tions
the value of which may be fairly estimated as
follows :
Shipping owned in the"")
United States, employ- I
ed in foreign commerce, 27,126,400
678,160 tons, at forty |
dollars per ton, J
Coaflers and filhermen, )
239,292, at 30 dollars, j 7>i78)760
Total, Dollars, 34,305,160
The Committee beg leave to (late, as their
opinion, that the measures taken for the pro
tection of the commerce of the United States,
and fubfequerit thereto, have faveJ to the
United States, conliderably more than all
the expencet incurred by the naval edablift
nient; and in aid of their opinion, they beg
leave to exhibit the following ftatfinent:
Exports and imports into the
U. States for one year,com
mencing from the time of
the failing of our veff.ls of
wwr, and authorizing mer
chants Ihips to nrin—Dol
lars 100,000,00c —at ~j\ '■
percent, iM ' 7 ,j 0 o ; coo
Value of vessels employed in
foreign trade, 27.1
7 i-2 per cent, is 2,006,730 !
at one per. cent. , • '7
TotaT "Dollars 9.578,517 66
which may be reafcinafcrly calculated on, as,
notwiihdaHdii.g the rate of insurance has
fallen so much, the'tlock of infill a nee. C rri- 1
panics c f this city; is'higher than in 'any
other period, which evidently fhewi that it
may be ft 11 lowered—the* natHral confe.
quence mud be, that freight will fall, as
insurance ; foreign productions mu't share
the'fame fate, whilst the produftions of our
country and Ji/beries,' will raise in the fame
prflpartion—ai the merchaßts of this coun
try will be enabled to do more on a left
capital, and with more certainty.
The exa£t expence that has attended the
whole of the naval equipment cannot be as
certained on the account of Ihe late fever,
added to the Secretary of the Navy's not
having entered on the duties of his office
until June last, and the Accountant of t'.te
Navy, not before September; but the an
nual expence attending the prcfent naval
eftablifhtnent, including eight revenue cut
ters, is estimated at two millions four hun
dred andthirty-f ur thousand, two hundred
and sixty-one dollars, and ten ce its, as will
appear by the report of the Secretary of
the Navy in this report ; and the Commit.
te< presume, that the sums there Hated will
be fully adequate to answer the purposes
for which they are intei.ded j from that
sum may he jaken the annual experce of
the Retaliation galley, taken in the Welt-
Indies by two French frigates, twe 'y four
thousand, eight hundred and thirty f ven
dollars, and fifty five Cents, leaving, the an
nual expnee of the present ar a:ntnt, two
million, four hundred and nine thousand,
four hundred and twenty-three dollars.
Your Committee beg leave 10 report, as
their opinion, that f»r the fafe kerping and
careening the ships of war of the U. Stats,
that a dock or docks should be ellab iihed 111
one or more places in the U. States- tha- i
would be advifeablc to lay in anually a flock
of timber for the building and repairing <.i'
(hips of war, and that a sum of money
ought to be appropriated for that purp f.s,
that the President of the United States be
a ithorifed to have put on board such of the
vcffels of war as he may think proper, an
additional numbct of gaiis, than for which
the (hip or vessel may be rated, and that an
additional sum ought to be appropriated
therefor—That the navy of the United
States ought to be augmented, they there
fore submit the following rcfolutionsi
v Rcfolved, That docks be esta
blished in the United Statei, and that a sum
not exceeding dollars, be appro
priated therefor.
Refolded, That dollars be appro
priated for the annual purchase of timber
to be used or preferred for building ships
or veiTelg of war of the United States.
Rcfolved, That the navy fhrmld be aug
mented with (hips, to carry
not less than seventy four guns, and
sloops of war of not more than eighteen
guns, and that a sum not exceeding
dollars be appropriated therefor.
Rcfolved, That the President of the U.
States be authorised by law to augment
the number of guns on board any (hip now
in service, <jr building, above the number
ffech ship may be rated, and that
dollars be appropriated for that purpose,
Rcfclved, That the President of the U
nited States should be authorised to take
on the naval establishment, such of the reve
nue gutters now jnjiervice as may be, in
his opinion fit for service abro3d.
——: sYe: : w
NEW-YORK, February 14.
Yefterdayariivedfhip Liberty, capt. Fitz
patrick, jy days from Tenerifife, infortrs us,
that a declaration of war, by Spain, against
France was daily expe&ed— that a few days
before he failed, a Spanish frigate arrived
there from Old Spain, with intelligence that
they were making great preparations for war,
and had ratfed in addition to their ftan&'ng
army upwards of o men. The day
capt. F. failed, a French privateer got un
derway, but was brought to again by the
21 days from this port, on the 17th of Octo
ber last shipped a sea, which carried away
her main and mizen malls and fore yard.
Shipped another iea, which did conlid:rable
damage. Went to work to clear the deck,
and got the boats overboard, and also the
large anchor. Sprung a leak, and could not
keep her clear with our pumps, one of which'
was broken in two with the ship of the iea.
We lay in this condition for three days,
when we (the captain and 1i hands) were
picked up by the Britifli packet Lady
THIS EVENING, Feb. i s ,
The celebrated CO ME DT, of
The Chapter of Accidents.
After which will beprefented, a COMEDY',
in one a&, called,-
All in Good Humour.
To which will be added, a Serious Panto
mipie, told m adlion, in one act. called,
The Death of General Wolfe.
[With new Scenery and Machinery, re
presenting the landing of the troops—
the aft ion on the heights of Abraham
—and the attack or. the town and forti
fications of Quebec.]
General Wolfe, Mr. Marshall,
[With " How stands the Ghfs. around,"
written by General Wolfe the night pre
vious to his embarkation for Quebec.]
The Scenery, &c. jlefigned by Mr. Mil
bourne—The Pantomime under the diredticn
of Mr. Francis.
Id?* 5 Ihe Doors of the Theatre will open
at a quarter past c, and the Curtain rife at a
quarter past 6 o'clock precisely.
%* Places in the Boxes to he taken of
Mr. Wells at the office of the Theatre, from
ten till one, rnd on the days of performance,
frcm ten till four.

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