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#a?ette Unite* States, «■»
Nt/Msejt 2104 • X : ' J ,
jgxrzz hpo^'"• r t \
in tie city of Pbi'.adc'pbia. M others pay I the public that bufmefs ofunpor
;7 ' - , . »: *• lance calling rum to Europe, he is oblige:
one Dollar adHititmal, for enclosing and d t . , tQ dfelin( . ~t s lrldl . |n Mffkettym.
I'ectiiig i ami viiless person in this city I ALL PERSONS indebted to ti i tp, and th fc
ii'ill become anwerlblc for the subscription, J to whom he is indebted'', will please to »ppiy to
it ir. "it be paid Six Months in Advance. I Mt. George Dob/on, no. gi, Market street, for
______ | the Settlement of their refpeilive accounts, who
is duly empowered for that purpose.
June .5
"JMMksi Tbt Danish Btig
* .WiU acsrgo in a fewday»
Jreal part thprcm feci'rg tr^sjr'd—9fie will take
ffomi fteigiit ab<j fail m a th'■' r r time, apply t«
V&ontai & John Kethind.
digt •
- if* <<
t " e sch ° onf! '
Iselac master,
Mow at V'iimingtoe, Dcbwarr ; to fa '
on rl'.e 2-th this For Paffagc apply to
The Brigatttine,
JSvfik ARI EL>
<W^<WHWiplllT < '^ n Hi after. For freight
or ; »fljge, apply to
June >7
United States )
Pennsylvania District, \
NOTICE is hereby given that in pursuance
of a wrrttomediredledf'om the Hon Rich
ard Peters Efq Judge of the Diftrift Court of
the United States in and for the Pennfyhania
Dillrifl will he cxpofed K> public Tale at Pen
rofe's Wedntfday the 19th day of
June (infant) at ten o'clock in the forenoon.
TheJhip or ueffel
With all audfingulaf her guns, Tackle, apparel,
and Furniture and the cargofovind on board the
fime confiftinj of one Trunk Umbrellas, two
hundred and forty-three cases of Claret, sixteen
boxes and seven bales of German Linens, nine
ty-fix barrels of Rice, nine bales of 6ermaa
Linens, one box of white Sheeting, .two boxts
Glass Ware, three bales of Glue, one cask of
Camphire, fix boxes Glass Ware, one cask of
Lamps,five cases Mahogany Furnituie, fix pack
ages Mahogany chairs, four elofe stool chaits,
Eleven barrels of Rice, one box of Checks, one
box brown Holland, thirty barrels Rice, two
boxes Glass Ware, one box two boxes
platillas, two bales of Flemilh Linen, one box
of German Linen, one box of ftr.ipes, one bo*
of thread, two bales of German Linen, one
Trunk of Sundries, three boxes of Sundries fvf
teen bundles of printing papar, twenty four bbls
Rice, forty boxes of Soap, one box platillas fif
ty windsor chairs, twenty five half and one
hundred and twelve barrels Rice, Eight boxes
and four biles Linens, two boxes and one bnn»
die sundries, oi.e cafe of Looking Glides, One
eopper Kettle and two Dutch Ovens.
Also to befold at fame yr'iarf on Wednesday
the nth inft at ten o'clock in the forenoon, fix
hundred Barrels of Flour, seven ctiflcs of H*ms,
one hundred kegs of Rsifins. one large and sev
en fmal.l boxes of Cinnamon water, twenty-five
kegs of Raisins, twenty Kegs of Figs and eight
boxes of Manna, Recaptured from a certain
French armed vcffel called Lo Telrmaque the
fame having been libelled agairft, prosecuted
and condemned at the filit of Thomas Tingey
Tsfq. commander "£the public armed ship Gan
ges, in behalf of bimifelf and the other officers
and the crew rhereof for Salvage.
William Nichols, marshal.
MarlhalV Office, Bth June, '99. f
N. 13. The inventory of the ship may be fcen
at my office,
Just Received,
By the late arrivals from Lon'on and Hamburg,
ard for ftJe by the Subscribers,
€9 tons heft St. Petcrfburgh Hemp
5-99 pieces English Sailcloth
a trunks, containing
Pcrfianand Gauze
3 csfes fafhionalile Ladies* Hats, &c.
*o cades Brillles
8 bales Ticlilenburgs, and
A few packages ot
Crtas a la Morlai*
Checks acd Stripes
55 Hhds Bourdeaux Brandy
10 pipes Spanish do
40 Hhds Bourdeaux Claret.
Erich if Lewis Bollmann.
No. 100 Spruce-street.
A Handsome New House,
, Within 5 miles of the city.
TUO (lories high, together with a grass lot, it
"I" J ,er y good fituatirn for bxfmefs—the term*-
« made very convenient to the p«rchaf«r—
Enquire of the printer.
way ig
For sale,
That beautiful and healthy Farm called
Nefhnminy creek, one mile from the
and three miles from Bristol. It con
rdll s 2 ' 2 7.3 of which arv -.-ood woodland,
* pr<»tu»i'Li-.)n of meadow on which was cut 50 ton?
good hay last year ; there is every convenience
°nt;!i; f arm f or a gentleman or a iirrncr; tl.-.;
orchard conta-s all lons of grafted fruit of tl<-"
eft kiti'l ; ir is 10 well known that lurcher (iei
criptiou is th: r y—l!' it is not fold at
private laic he:ore the acth instant.it will, on that
be fold ai" the Cof?ee Flouf;. For tenus ap
ply to NICKLIN iff GRIFi-inl, |
Attv-rnies in fad: for |
J urc 4- cluoth inft.
>-F ■ V!i'-
f .tt
John Nixon IS" Co.
•W-!'« ,
>1 ■■ X*. ..
Koss er si Wj
300 pieces Ift and' 2d quality Russia
100 pieces Ravans Duct (fupcriw )
Boftonjieef in Barrels,
A few biles B«gal [
iloo bofhtN'St Martin# Salt.
-»pn( it Q
Now from the (hip Delaware, from Cm
, tors aud fw &le by the Subscribers.
Wfcn Skis, Y _
Voiung Hyfoa, *
Sljuchonp, J)
Cintort and Garden
China Ware, iCorted.
Umbrellas 13 to 30 inches,
Silk HandfetrchicTa, '
■ 'Hair kibboas and Sewing Silks.
Tbey have ako remuintng on Hhni
1 Black Pti Caxi6, Choppaand PulKcat RncnatV
a general aflbrtn.esit of Dry CJoovJa s> ut'ual.
is? Josbuj Airier.
itth mo 26
I'he fiiblcribers kav.e 011 hand, ana tor ia!e at re
duced prices, the following article's, via.
Seventy Pipes London Particular
Madeira Wine,
the vintage of '96, since when they hive lain in a
. ore well adapted to their improvem-.nt;
IS Cheftsof Young Hyson Tea ;
An lrifoice of well-assorted China—origin;!
eqll between 8 an ! 900 dolU. in Canton.
march si
Freight to be had.
THE Subscribers have 3000 bufl\-
els of SAJLT to ship toJhe Havauria or New-
Orleang—Any perl'nji witc will lake it at a mo
darate freight will please apply at No. 95,
North Water-street, to
Who have for Sate, 70 tons Hemp, 14 pipes
i-hoice Old Port .Vine, Claret, Roll iirimftone,
Havanna Scgars, Demyjo'rins, Window Gtsfs,
Glue, Ticklenburghs and Oi iabrigs, Checks,
Stripes, &c ,&e.
may ao
An Invoice of Woollens,
CONSISTING of Coarfc and Fine Cloths, —
principally Dark Blue, and prioteH Caflimeres
—Apply to
Owen & Jonathan Jones,
'ril »9
AGENTEEI. convenient three story BRICK
HOUSE utuate in Eighth between Market
and Arch ftrects ; has lately been papered tad
painted- Enquire at No. 110, fputh Second street.
NBA convenient Cellar to let.
j»ne 8 §
Between Philadelphia and Baltimore,
LEAVE Philadelphia every day, {Sunday
excepted) at 8 o'clock, A M. arrive at
Baltimore the next day, by u o'clock, A. M.
Leave iafrimore every day, fimdiy except
ed) at 4 o'clock, A. M. and arrive at Philadel
phia the next day, by 9 o'clock, A. M.
Between Nqw-Yohk and Philad£Lphia.
Leave Philadelphia every day (Sunday ex
ceptetif at la o'clock al noon, arrive at New-
York the next morning, by 8 o'clock.
Leave New-York everyday (Sunday ex<S?pt
cepted) at one o'clork, P- M. and arrive at
Philadelphia the next morning, by 7 o'clock.
Seats in the Mail Coacbtcs to be taken in
At Butman's Office, No. 5, Certland-ftreet
In Philadelphia.
At Fra»cis' Hotel, No. 13, iouth Fourth
ftreet, artd at the Franklin Inn, No. 39, north
Second street.
In Baltimore.
At Evans' Tavern.
Fire for PalTengers, 8 Dollars from Philadel
phia to New-York, and 8 Dollars from Phila
delphia to Baltimore.
AH baggage over 14H). weight, is carried at j
5 cents per pound.
The Proprietors are not refpnnfible f«if Bag
Agent for the Public Lint, from Philadelphia
to Baltimore.
Proprietors of the Mail Line, from
Philadelphia to New-Tori.
General Poll-Office, )
May 1. 5 ®
N O T I C E.
THE partnership of Jofhna B. Bond, and
|ohn Brooks, trading under tlie firm of
Bond & Brooks, is this day diflolveil by mutual
coafent, all persons indebted to them, arc re
qutfted to make immediate payment to Joftiua
B. Bond, and those having demands to present
rhtfh" accounts to him for fettletnent,
apfil I ■«
The creditors of the fubfcrtber,
ARE requtfled to take notice tkat he has appli
ed to the court of common pleas, for the
county of Berks, to extend to him the benefit ef an
asSlof the legiflatuie of this state, faffed the 4th
ot -'.pril, 1798,f0r the bene it of insolvent debtors,
atlvi the laid court have appointed the l!i Monday
ia Augull next, to hear him and his creditors at
the court house in the borough of Reading, in the
county of Berks. JOHN MdRKOW.
Reading, May 18 fcH) d6w j
Old trench Brandy in large and
Igo r'vxe-. 7 bv v y < Bby r Window Glass
ao ehelt pint & r, v >!f pint Tumblers* aflbritd
Guriicy Is' Smith.
jnav i, 1^99
' Nk.l Ij L & SM !TH,
* No "%9 Marketi : tR.i tTi
Hate Received iy the Ship Siodport from
A <xE*[EJtAfe Assortment of
Suitable to tlie present fr.ifon, which they
v.'i!! difpoie of on modch<te terinrfbr
A CERTIFICATE of one (hire of the Bank of
the United States bearing da:e ill January
17 .V» in thr name of Jofeprx Thornburgh, No.
for the renewal of vvhkh application hath
been made at said Bank, and all ptrl'sns concerned
are desired to take noticfe thereof.
j'.isie i i. •" d.;m
THJ owners «rf Oufeared laud* in FAYETTE
COUNTY, (ici.u.) are hereby notified, that
utile ■< the tsxes due or. fiid lai.ds for the years
a,>( l repud iriro the frandt of
Grtierel Kj-l'rarm Hougllfs, County Ti'iSfurcr, oil
or befure llmrfilay the 19th day of September
next, they wil! be advertised for file as the law 01-
Caleb M--,,rhs, <
j ernes Alien, I County Coamn'h
y'sir j
r-i.vi;, Jcui: ~*99
1.0 Bricklayers and iVlafons.
Proipnfjls «"ll tie (fefeivfd for executing t' u
rough ilotre v.auk. and laving iht Bricks of an
Engii.e hojflr ii. Certer Square according t0
'P'aill to be delivered to the CentradW, and u r -"
tier the dire<sVo.; of the n; ineer of the city-
The Prickwerk will * Onfiif of plain straight »a"
plain 'and groined arches an I backing to fton*
work. The drawings may be viewed by appli
cation at the office of the City, in Center Square
where every information on the fubjeft will - 0e
given and fepcrate prices msy be offered fcr
each particular species of Brick work—All ma
terials, fcafiold'ng, Centering rope, planks and
boards will be found by the'City—The Con
tradlor is to provide all labourers and workmen,
hods and working tools, and to ereifl and take
down the fcaffolding Proposals to be deli
vered.to B H. Latrobe, at his office in Center
Square, before the joth of the present month,
june 11 duo.
m & f 3W
Valuable Lands for Sale.
ON Tuesday the 20th of August nsxt, I Hiall
eipofe to public sale, at the town of N'ero-
Matket, in Dorehelier county, ail tha» valuable
trait or parcoj t>l:land commonly called the Chop
tank Indian Lands, situated on tha south Cd« and
binding on tneCltfi|Jt«ok river (Vveral iT!ilrs,fap
pofed to contain about fix thousand acres, to be
divided into lots to contain from iqo to 500 acres
each: The terms of sale as follow, viz. Eucchafers
to give bond immediately after the sale with ap
proved fecsrity, conditioned for the payment of
the pnrchalc money, with interest from the day of
sale, in four equal annual iiiftafaients, agreeably
to an ail, entitled, " An ail appointing rommil
fioners to contrail for and put chafe th* lands com
monly called the Choptauk li.dian Lands in Dor
cbefter county, and for appropriating the fame to
the use of this 0. ate, and to repeal the ail of affem
bty therein mentioned;" palled at November fef
fiou, 1798
ij f9-
\ CERTIFICATE of one (hare of the
I\. Bank of the United Statss, No. 4933. in
(lie name «f Julia Wadfworth Knox, ami for
which, application "is mate at the Bank of the
United States for the renewal of laid certiS
cate ; and all persons concerned are <!eftred to
take notice. CLEMENT BIDDLE.
ra.iv 23 d^m
I"HE Gentlemen compofwg the Committee
of Chcfier County appointed for the purpose
of promoting the Election of JAjMES ROSS
Efq- of Pittlburgh for Governor of the State
of Pennfylvanl, and such other Gentlemen of
said County who are willing to support the Elec
tion of Mr. Rcfc, art particularly requefitd to
rac«t at Weft Chester on Tuesday the i» of June
WeftChefter, may *4tjv, Juuf 8 <ftißf
N 0 T J'C E.
THE Following certificates of
Iharei of the stock of tl e Bank of the United
Stales have l)cen !<>!l or deft'oyeiiat lea, io-v. il
1} ftiar« in the name of Peter Blight, of which
(hares No 4187. arid 6 (hares in the name of
John Barker Church, No 1058. which were
ft.rwarded hy the Count'-f>" I,~iccfler packet
Irtsm Falmouth for Ne v-York—and ten (hares
of said stock in the name of Stadnitflci & Son,
of AniUerfiam, No 1796. which were forward,
ed by the Packet from Falmouth for New-York
which application is made at the laid Bank,and
all nerfons concerned are desired to take notice.
■ ' No/ice.
A CERTIFICATE of one fiiare of Bank of U
nited States, flock flaflding in the name of
Dcgas DC Vallow, having be#n loft or mislaid,
applicatioa is made at the laid Bank for renewal of
march 10.
No. 3 Cherry Alley—the situation is plea
fant and healthy.
[• Utf
* , •• ... ' ••
Lost or Mislaid,
(«4) J,v"
for the (late ol Maryland.
Loft or Mijlaid,
Corresponding mtmbtr of
the Committer of Ctcfter
*■ .'*•*'ft,r*F
■-r"' ' -
» * . .'V- ■ •
• - *
' I, '
5 M *
For carrying the M-ails cf the
On the following Pott-Roads,
WILL be received at the Genera! Pott-Os-
Cue in Pln'adeiphvi until the nth. day
ot risrxt, incluiive.
i;; Maine. | .
». Seopdii;. by Ch;»>d'fr' foier,
Columbi Narragyagut to otjrc
j «xrfe, e-ftimaMd eu&tf eight rtifta. x
From April i sib to UStitr lilb-f Le» v« Scoo
die every Satur it » ».«f. aiflj frnve at
.bortt' the mxt tuefdtyby if.M. RtturifiMt
L«ave Ooldlb >ro* evffj* Wedi)efd»y at 5 A.rJtf.
,a»d irfive at Scoodic ofrS(turd;si>£ ip'/iVty
Fram OBober ts, to April Ij; tcafre
die every Sunday at % p. M- itrid aiHve it CfoiMC
bo*o' on W'edneid&y by - Mt&rtiiW£—
Go*ldftio' every Titurfttiy 4 «..
and arrri»e at Scoudic on Sunday ifr.*.*f-.
V JFdrom Gouldfo .ro' by Sullivajn, Ttuaftapi
Blhc 'Hi!!, Caftine, Byckflon, Ptafpep;
•Beifaft (o Ducktrap, oiice a Vetk; ifti;n>vted
eighty-five miles. ' ; *'
Ftotn April 1<; ,tc o(t»bcr ; 7—Leive Got;Mf
'l)ofo-' every Wcdnefday, at s#. M and arrio?
4t filu ktrap on Sati»rd;>y by It A. M. RutuiVr
ing"—lyCive Dmfetrcp.evcry Satui day ar a B.M.
and Arrive at Goyldfbor,u' tlie,ii«*t Tuefdaf by
6 P. M,
From O.loti, 15 to April 15 —leave OoulJf
baro* every Tliuriday at 6 a.m. and ariiwe at
Dacktrap on Sunday by to A. M. keturning,
Leave Dutkfrap every Sunday at 2 P. m. and
arrive at Goutdifcoro' on VVcdimfJay by 6 P.M.
3. Fi ; m .Macliias to Pafli:i:aquoddy a once in
ttt'O wtckj.
Leave > ichias every other Friday ncfin and
arrive a: Paflainaquoddy on Saturday it 10A.
M. Returning—Leave CalTaniaquoddjr l every
other Saturday at i?.m, and arrive at Machiai
on Sunday fiOOD.
From O&obtr ij to April 15 —Leave Ma
chias every otlitr Saturday noon and arrive at
Pjfatr.aqHoddy on Sunday at 10 a.ft, , Retur
ning— Leave Paflamaquoddy every other Sun
day at 1 p.m. and arrive at Masfnii ob Monday
at i p. m
4- From Argnfta by Reailfield awd Chester to
Fai raii'gtoii, once in two weeks.
Leave Augnfil every other Wednesday at 8
A. M. ar.d arrive at Farmingtcn on Thursday at
10 a. h. RetUrnuig—Leave Farruiiigtnn every
other Monday at j p M, and arrive at we!l
<>n Tuei'day by 6 P. M.
.5 From Windsor, by Royalton, Randolph,
Wil.iamlton and Montpelier to Burlington,
once in two weeks.
Leave W iridfor every other Thursday by 6
A. m. and arrive at Hurlingtou on Saturday by
4P. M. Returning—Leave Burlington every
Monday by 6 a. m. and an-ive at YVindf»r
011 Wednesday by 4 r. u.
6. "From Fiflikill to Newbury, once a week.
Leave Fi/hkilljevry Friday at 4 J o'clock, r. m.
and arrive at Newbury by 6, P. M Returning
—Leave Newbury eVefy Friday at 2, P. M. and
arrive at Fifhkillat 4, P. M.
7. From Canaudaigua by Hartford to Nia
gara once in two weeks.
Leave Canandaigua every other Monday, at
8 A. M. and arrive at Niagara the next Thurs
day by 9A. m. Returning —Lsave Niagara ev
ery other Thursday at 3 P. M.aiid arrive at
Canandaigua on Sunday by 6 P. m.
8. From Lewiib irg by M lH'nburgh, Aaronf
burg, Milcfbvrg, Bdiefort and Centre Furnace
to Alexandria !>nce a week.
Leave Lewifturg every Tuesday at a P. m.
and arrive at Alexandria on Friday by i p. m.
Returning—Leave Alexandria evsry Saturday
at 8 A. m. aid arrive at I.ewi&srg the next
Tuefdsy by 10 A. 11,
9. Froni Hirrifijiirg by Clark'9 ferry, Millerf
town, THQtnpfcr.tovvit, Miffiintou a, Lewif
town, CulbcrdV.n't mill» and Huntingdon to
Alexandria, once a week.
May 15 to 03ober is —Leave Harrifburg ev
ery Sunday at 6 A. m. and arrive at Alexandria
the next Tueiday by 7f. # Returning —
Leave Alexandria every Tburfday at o a. m.
and arrive at Han iiburg on Saturday at 4 P. m.
From Oflcter 15 to May 15 —Leave Harrif
burg every Monday at 6 a. m. and arrive at
Alexandria on Wednesday by 7 p.m. Return
ing—Leave Alexandria tvery Friday ai 6 a.m.
and arrive at Harrifburg on Sunday by 4 P- m.
'IN Virginia.
10. From Morgautown by Petty John to
ChvV.fburgh, ones ir. two wceki. Leave Alor.
giUfuvvi, every other Monday at 5 a. m. tnd ar
rive at ClarMburg by 5 r.M. Reluming. Leave
Clnrkfhurg every other Tuesday by S a. m. and
11. From by Suffer. h. South
ampton c. h. to South Quay, c evuy
Leave Peterlburg the - " V.clcV,- :a 1/ r
month by noon, awl >r. . ;
Wednesday by 7p. m. Ai i
Qiiay, the fcrft 1 hurfij v •
| and arrive a: Ptterfb • ; . »■
In Virginia'a ■ i.iwa.
New Lebanon and J *ti; >i's'
onc>; in two weeks.
Leave Norfolk ev ry mi & Wee • by * *
m. and arrive at E : . t. , T
A, M. Returning.
Suffolk eve v
and arrive at Murfre
Leave Murfreilbjrt . , -
and arrive at Suffolk by 6 p. m
Grayfon court house, Flower Gap and Bethama tc
Salem once in two wteirs.
Leave Wythe court hanfe every other Tueldaj
by 6 a.m. and arrive at Salem the next Thuriday
by 6 p.m. Returning. Leave 3altm every cthct
Saturday by 6 a m. and arrive at Wythe c. h. the
next Monday by 6. f. m.
• In Kentuckey and Tennessee.
Powell's Valley, Cumberland Gap and Stamford
to Danville, ouce a week. ,
rive at Danville the next Monday by 7 '■" • »P
turn;*r. Leave Banvill: every Tuelday by 5 A
M. and arrive at Moffats the next fnday by ic
A 16. From Kroxvillc by South Weft Point, and
Craig fort to MafltvUle we in two weeks.
Leave Knoxville every «ther Monday at $ a
*. and irrite at Nafhvillethe next Saturday by
M. Retiming. Leave Nalhvillc every o-
-• 4 e
l y Advertiser ■.
; .<»; b V 'n
wi£ ,&*>
«.n r* MfrfWlfii •*.'•
t *
jlitjjMQt-Jtoeut irntfoi Cg» .-jA', .
lymCjlU ••'••. ■ . j" V; • - .." y "• ■ •vv
Shrjild jnit^.C.^^.gjp'jYr rth^fjkiftffi' .''K''
•ft »::c!-jTi,.jnNot*,ih» cjrac;,,of'«rfiSjli®B^t« e V* '*ii*'
>ove fpccifagjie in«tt ftkr»ja
atkrfi* ddirrii, puA-
ihp -
; ..jfins K.fftio»» mAfng ««ss*& t»
wrctfoit jiwcMiy.t/ie. y<j*. iWte.coyfc'idi,
wiJI tetewr iticir pay ifapwit W
9«w»-."jjp^F i -^- i '' - " *' *'
rinrr *j'|hr n iiiii iH \ 1 ■ i fl|ii, i
g, a/c be m operation o4,ihc '
next, afid »rf rto cod>»;Uc Urii-lrrifc ..:
ißji. C6atr£&* inti iherfwr*i6|W : *
»lfo ip_beirfopdrjtioiToA -ilic lij. jfi) r 'f ftf frfol "h ' *
■ , vr -;"
: . ■... ; ••.•»
Gtn:i dt Pofi Office t \ ,-.£/<s} f. ; -
Phila. fane to. i'lfo y '
nriHAT application iviM bt
* urf 6i'the UoitM jStitei,;.for 'titkwi;
«jf tiie followmg•C*sfi®64t<ji'ef f&jfjksr'**&• and
Deferred funded jjiesfc, ffin i'rt
ing'aames, tit praiSorty %.f jfcj lin^Ht*k* ,
yf Yockfoir?, in Eilglsud ; tint fijiiti CeHifW*t»s
having btcn loft o?i, board the Srt ; aMqw Jacket',
captain Kidii, from FiUnotfJi to tjcyi-York. -
DgU.Cts. i\V .. ,
5000 1»73i (!attd March i jy;, R<-
giftir CtrrifitafE in f|vc'r ijf
John aoa Pi Ane!s Baring & Co.
London. ' ■ '
361* 66 IJO7O do. Ma.cl!
in favor Bi\iu;!fDsvg-4ctiq>|i!
Facfch & Co oif rt.m<ierda.'i»
413 si 14813 do. Dec. 3d, I79>f' 4->- vu (*■
vor of F. L. ?raiwfcerg 01
■ Amsterdam
367*89 3536 do. March 15th, '96, do. in &
— j _ .1 . ' *
vor do do
898 36 14235 do. May 17th, '96, in favor
of do do
387 3J 14678 do. Sept. 9th, '96, -in favor
of do do
3367 5 1314* do, May 27th, '95, in favor
of Frederick Lodewyk B* aurif
berg of A mfterdam
»7ii 8 3149 do. August 28th, '95, mi favor
of do do
a*3t 47 31® J &>• J«ly 13d. *9J, ift' fsvaj l
of do , do i'-":;
34* o 13860 do. Dec. loth, '9s> in favor
' of do do
298 3i 33'6 tio - Au S- *Bth, '95, in favor
4000 o 13793 do Not, 16th, '95, in favor
of j:v.n 3:.u Francis Uaring &
Co London.
1500 o 13137 do. May 27th, '95, in favor
of do do
i6co o *3798 do. Nov. 16th, '95, in favor
of do do i
9376 66 11963 do. Apr. S+thf '97, Cr~.Tr.il
fiooer of I.oanj of Ne.v-\'t;rk,
in favor Jonathan Hrart «f
36,014. 97 6 per cent ftocfc,
Dols. Clj. Ap.
Certificate to Henmn Katen«
camp of Great Britain.
7000 o 5757. <!o. do do do do to
do of do
icoo o 5883 do. Mar, igih, '93, do to
do of do
ijoq o 1176 do. do do do do to
do of da
12000 o 90c. do- Oft, 9th, '92, do to
John Wardrr tc Co of London.-
700 43 9sz do, Oft. 26th, '9l, do to
do of do
10783 33 6074 do. May 13th, '93, do to L
Stadnitfki Sonof Amfterdara ™
SCOO o 6366 do. Aug. 6th, >93, do ta
Nich las Van Staphorft of Asn
5000 o 6367 dot do do do o-Jta
do _ of _— do
8.55 ap* 2868 do. May »6th, '95 , Commif-
Ssncr of Loan» at .New-York
to Henry M. Bird of London,
4000 o 1717 do. Nov. ad, '92, do to •*-"
Philip Saufom of London
1618 69 1718 do. do do do do to
do of do
2634 o 3068 do, Nov. 3d, '92, do tc
do of do '
5000 o 1724 do. Nov. 6th, '92, do t«T
do of do
74587 30 Deferred 6 per cant Stock.
may ij d3«l
Notice is hereby given,
THAT application will be made :o the Trea
ury ps the United States lor the renewal of the
following certificates of 6 per cent funded flock
the said certificate* having been loft on bf>ard the
Shallow Packet, captain Kidd, from Falmouth
to New-Yoik :
No. 3072, Signed Joseph Nourfe, in favor of
Samuel and Henry Waddinj;ton t
dated February 1795, for dol
lars 2000
No. 1964, Signed Joftp'n Nourfe. to William
it Jan Willink, and Nichols. &
Jjcob Van Stapho'rlt & Hubbard,
agents for the Un ted States at Am
llei'dam, dated January 31ft, 1795
for yoo dollars
may 45 ' "3m
may 25
■- - *'
• :-t ' v
"*■ '

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