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A>;D Philadelphia Daily
Number 2316.]
7# *
scr The price of this Gazette is Eight
Dollars per annum to Subscribers residing
in the city of Philadelphia. AH others pay
one Dollar additional, for enclosing tfnd di
recting ; and in this city
will become answerable for the subscription,
it must be paid Six Months in Advance.
%* No Subscription will be received for
a shorter term than six months.
Deccnj'itr I »799-
Having opened an Office in Cbesmit street,
(A nb«« ?#ursii ;
At Jfe. 141,
AND again commenced the fiu finals of Ne
gociatiofit, in (sea various Itinds of Public
Stack- Sills 0/ Exchange, cZic. i!fc. Engages
to do ev«ry thing In his power to givs frtisfac
tion to thofc who may (hint proper to employ
Ji'im. He means to confine his tranlaflions to
the Agency and CommiJJion line, in all such bu
ifinefs at is common to the profcfiion.
The parohafe and sale of Houses and Lots in
and near the City will be attended t", and alio
of Lands, when »hat btrfinefj again revives.
November 19. diw(Ds«itf)
No. 80 Dock, near Third street,
Striped Doreat,
Patna and
Santipoor Handkerchief*.
The foregoing will be fold very low m order to
elofe iaiea.
German Goods,
Suitable to the Weft India Market;
Received by the Fair American from Hamburgh.
OAober 15-
Old Port Wine, in pipes, hhds. and qr. calks,
Also Landing at tbeir WharJ
From on board the (hip Edward from I.ifbon.
Lisbon Wine, in pipes and qr. calks,
june « §
3000 pieces ift and 2d quality Ruflia Duck,
100 pieces Ravens Duck (fuperio-r)
Bolton beef in Barrels,
A few bile. Bengal [
1100 bushels St. Martins Salt.
aprfl It (j
Taxes of Lycoming County.
JOHN KIDD, Treafnrer,
BY DireAioa of the Commissioners of Lyco
ming county, mends at Philadelphia to re
eeiwethe Taxes afleflVd upon undated Lands in
that County, from the holdei i thereof, in this
City. Those who j)ave filed wiih the Com
mi(Tioners, Dstemeuts of their Lands, are re
quested to call upon him, to know the amount
of Taxes thereon, and pay them ; ntherwife, b»-
fore his leaving the City, they will be put into
the hands of the Shsriff for colledtion, agreea
bly to the a<3 for taifing county rates and levies
Thof« who hive not filed ftaiemenU of (heii
Jands with the Commifiioners, and aredefirous
of having it done, to prevent f»tes without pre
vious perfbna! Nptice, may file with the above
Treafur*'-, their lift*, Hating the quantities re
turned, riomber arid dates of the warrants and
names of the warrantees, urder which they
V*ld their lands. He will attend at Mr. Joseph,-
H-Tdy'e No 98, Market street (or thio purpose
until the 18th infUnt.
November 9.
Twenty Dollars Reward.
RAN-AWAY from Spring Forge, in York
County, a negro man, named ISAAC, other
wise QUDJQ, about »t years aid, the property
of Robert Coleßian; Esq. He is a'usut 5 fact 8
inches high, ha; ablemifii in his eyes, t ore wmte
in them than common, by trade a F«rge man; had
on snd took with him a drab coloured broad eloth
coat, aimed new, a failcrs jacket and pantaloons
printed fancy cord, a Iwanfdown striped under
jeket; a rorura hat; one fine and one coarse
fbirt' one muslin handkerchief, sprigged, two
ditto striped border, a blue Persian under jacket
and two peir eottoM stockings. Whoever takes up
tiu4 negro and lodges him in any jail in this or any
cf the neighbouring dates (hall have the above re
ward or reasonable expencesif brought home.
Spring Forge, O&ober 23,1799.
N. B. As said negro formorly lived in Chester
eounty, it is probable he may return there.
November 5
RAN AWAY on Saturday evening the 13th
July infant, from Caiebrook Furnace,
Lancaster county, a Negro Man named Otto,
kc it about 40 years of age, five feet fix or se
ven inches high, tolerable black, with a down
iH look, fquiats, he is a cunr.ing artful fellow,
i great liar, and very fond of strong liquor,
has been brought up to the farming bufineli, is
very bandy at any kind of laboring work ; he
took with him a nuir;b«r of clothing, amongst
whi&U wer«, one l'uit plain Nankeen ; (forne
inone'y). It is expected he has fhapedhiscourfe
for Philadelphia or New York.
*f * The above reward will be paid for fe
curfag him in any giol m the United States, |
with reasonable charges if brought heme.
CoUbrosk Furnace, July 16, *799:
ALL perfotis indebted to the estate of Thomas
Wilson, late of South wark, decesfcd. are
are rccjuofted to make immediate paymc \t to the
fufcfcribers, and thofr. who Ivave any demand*
against the laid *flate are %o furnilk their
accounts for i'ettlemefit.
SAUAI-I WILSON. Administratrix.
JOKL W. WILSON, Administrator.
No. »95, south Front ftrect, Souihwjrk..
Sufficiantly large to contain nine Horse».
Far Said or to Let,
Npt i, 1799. dtf.
'"P'HE Proprietors of the Philadelphia and Lan-
JL carter line of Stages DISPATCH, retuni their
grateful thanks to their friends jmd the public in
general, lor the pall favors t!;ey have received,and
inform them that in addition to the regular Line,
th«y ara p'ovuied with Carriages, sober and careful
drivers, to go through between the City and
Boitugh in two days. Thof* who prefer this made
of travelling can be accommodated tt the Stage-
Office, sign of United States EagW, Market (Weet,
Philade!| hia.
Slough. Downing, Dur.woody iSt Co.
Nov. 30. at—s
ed by the fsbfcrlbar, tor undivided Shares or
Lots on hit purchase within the city of Waihing
ton, who have not yet applied lor and received
their Deeds, are hereby notified, that their leveral
Titles/will be duly completed to the order of thole
who in conformity with the terms of the said Cer
tificates, do make the Payments in full therefor,
either to Tlwmts M'Eum \lf Co. or to the sub
scriber at Philadelphia, on or at any time before
the 31ft day of May next.
December 17
Valuable Estate,
KNOWN by the name of the Boonetos Iron
Works, fitnatuin the county of Morris is the
(laU of New-Jersey, confining of a Forge with
four fires, a Rolling and Slitting Mill, a Grift mill
with two Run of flocct, and Saw mill, all in good
order and now in use, together with an Excellent,
large, .>nd convenient honfe, with out-houfes of
every kind ; among which are an Ice house, and
flow milk house, with a aemarkable fine spring in
it, a large Garden, and an «xc«U«Bt eolU&iou of
Fruit, a larfleOrcVard, and IJOO arret of wood,
pa -ure and arable land, and S gfct Bomber of
(lors» and workmen's houses. Immediate pofleiCun
will be given of honfei and ftpres fafSclent for
providing flock the psefcut winter* aad poffeflion
vf the whole in the spring.
For terms enquire of Oavtdß it New
ark, mr Peter Marlue in New-York, mr. David
Ford in Morri» Town, or mtfa*. Jacob aad Rich
ard Fael'ch on thcprsm&s.
Januarv it
A good three story Brick House,
O ITU A TED at the nortli Ciift. corner of Wcter
O and Market fireet, thirty feet front on Wa
ter Street, and fifty ou Market-; trect having
four r oitis on each floor, two good vaults un
der Waterftreet, which may contain ten coid
of wood ; is one f the heft stand* in this city
for bul:ncfs. Kot terms enquire of
Who will let on le&fe the house he now lives
in for two or three years.
February . 7,
HIS Swrdilh Majesty's Consul General, and au
thorized to traid'acl the Consular Bu%efe,
lor his Majcfty the King of IJenmaak iu the United
States of America, tefiding at Philadelphia,
Hereby gives public Notice,
That in ob-dierce to recent initrusion« received
from his government, it is the du-y of all Matters
of Swedish and Daniih vcffels, before their failing
from any port in the said States, to call upor him
or the Vice Consul in ort.'er to be granted fucb
Certificates for their Cargoes, which the exigency
of the state of the Neutral Commerce an* the fe
ver I Derives of the Belligerent Powtrt, render
indllpj-pfably necefiary, anil, that any M after o'
veifeJs belonging to the rcfpcSlive nations, or na
vigating Binder the proteSion of their flags, in
omitting to t ike such certificates, will perfonall;
ft and ralpo-fible for the consequences.
Philadelphia, 18tl» December, 1799.
Thirty Dollars Reward.
FROM the Marine Bwraeltt on the night of t*>-
14th infl —JOHN OjiJSORN, bori in tht
town of Badford, Well Chester county and fiate
8 and a quarter inches high, grey ey«s (longqued)
light hair, ruddy complexion, pock marked, ' y
trade a Shoemaker. EnliHed by l.ieutenawt Wey
noldi in Stephen's Towft, near Albany the 15th of
round bl«e cloth coat with a red cape, a blue
cloth coat c, a few whit; waiftca's, a bng grrv
mixed c'.o'li coat ana breeches, a pair of boot's, a
chocolate coloured great coat trimmed with black j
hair plush, a fur- hat fcalf worn, and two fijver '
watches, one a middle lize, the other flpall. He !
may impose hinifolt on feme family or gentleman
as a waiter, as he has a&ed in that capacity
Whoever apprehends fa id Deserter, and secures him
n jail, fendi him to Headquarters, or delivers him
o any of the Marine efficers, or any officer of t-he
irmy of the United Stat;, shall receive the above
cward and all reasonable charges.
Adjutant Marine Corps.
January 16.
J#£<. .•;*•«
Samuel Blodgtt.
IBM f • W
D A N C I G.
or Tui: N tW.'YHEATRK,
RESPECTFJIXY informs bis scholars anJ the
pu'nic in jrciicril, that Tie will f-commerce
Teaching on i LV.SD A Y rhc 24th instant, at the
Ruohi, South FoNrch S.
Uavii ef tuition, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Five PoUars per *Torub,
Ten do. per Quarter,
No Entrance.
■■£s" For further Particulars app'y to Mr. f.
70, north Eighth flrcet.
Detembbr }l.
To the Public.
WHEN I determined to discontinue the
pOiilic/tttci) of Porcupine's Gazelle, I inten
ded to it-main for the future, it not an ui -
c oncerned, at lead, a silent fpeftator of pub
lic tr.ml'actipiu and political events ; but,
the unexpected and sweeping refuli of a ljw
l'uit, finre decidid again!! ins, 1m induced
me to abandon my lounging intention. The
suit to which I allude, was ail action of
(lander, commenced against me in the au
tumn of 1797. b/ Dodior Benjamin Hufli,
the noted bleeding physician of Philadelphia.
It was tried 011 the 14th of December l&ft,
when " the upright, enlightened and impar
tial Republican Jury" afiefied, as damages,
Jive thousand dollars i a fnin furpaffipgthe
aggregate amount of all the damages, ai!cfif
ed for all the torts of this kind, ever filed
for in / these States, from their Gift fettlc
ment to the present day. To the five thou
&llJ dollars, must be added the colls of fait,
tbe lol's incurred h\r the interruption in col
lecting debts in Pennsylvania, and by the
faci ifke of property taken in execution, and
fold by the fiieriff at public au&ion in Phi
ladelphia, where a great number of books in
Iheets (among which was a part of the new
edition of Porcupine's Works) were fold, cr
rather given away, as'wafte>paper ; so that,
the total of what has been, and will be,
wreftea from me by Rulh, will fall little
llisrt of eight thousand (jollars.
To fay that I do not feel this stroke, and
very sensibly too, would be great affefta
tion ; but, to repine at it would be felly,
and to fink under it would be cowardice. I
knew a,i Englishman in the Royal Proviuce
of New Bri'nfwick, wli# had a very valuable
house, which, was, I believe, at that time,
nearly his all, burnt to tlie ground. He
was out of town vytocu the fire broke out,
ar.d happened to come just after it hadexbau
fted itfcif. Every one, knowing how hard
he lied earned the expefted to fee
hire bitterly bewail its lols. He came vejy
1.-ifurely up to the spot, flood :.bcut five
minutes, looking earneflly at ttie rubbill), »i d
then, stripping off his coat, " here goes."
f.iil he, " tj earn another !" ;.nd immedi
ately went to work, rakir.g the fjikes and
bit-- ol'iron out of tin- hAk-s. This noble spir
ited man I h:ivc the honor to call my friend,
and if ever this pa»c Ihouli meet his eye, he
will have the tatisfaillrin to fee, that, fliauict
it be impoiliWe for me to follow, I, at lead
remember his example. V
II) the future exertions «f my induflrV,
however, pecuniary emolument will be, r.s'it
always has beer, with me, an objefl of oi»ly
(econdary co-.ificieration. Rceent incidents,
amrngft which I reckon the unptT'eu i jted ]
proceedings agair.ft me at Philadelphia, j
impo(j?d 011 me tk- difciijrge of it duty, !
which I ewe to my own country as w 11 , s j
this, and the [oonei I begin the 1# oiler T/hilj '
have done.
O* Monday, the 24th instant, therefore,
I shall publllh the liii't number of a periodical
work, ivhich, as it i>. intended to r(T:ft the
public view ih the infpetVmfc of various te
nebi-rus obje&s, will be cnlicd, and not, I
pre fume, irnpro.. !v, .. Lirht ; ai>J, 5 the
appearance ot ili.„ nuift be attrib u-V
wholly to tht l'li.iidelpiii;Mi plihbotomili,
gratitude will fanAion the proprifcty of fix
ing to it the naive of Rush. Thus, while
the Rreat literary luninariet of tliisrtiliyht
ened nation en.it their effulgence through
vehicles which th-y reof! term
the Aurora, the .Star, the Coniie/lt/tion, rtr
Comet, or the S:;n % I am content that h y
glimmering eflfeits lliould ftral forth under
the appellation ef the
I mud, neverihelefs, do myfelf the justice
to aflurc the public, that, with the Ruih-
Light in his hand, any one (if the poor
foul be not (tone blind) will be able to fee
a good many very pretty things, which not
withstanding the splendor of the grand lu
minaries abuvs raemioned, wonld, without
the atd of my little taper, remain hidden
from him all the days of his life.
[ To fay what will be the su/fect of the
Rush-Light, would, at this time be impof
fible, and were it pofiible it would be ufelefo,
It may not, howcer, be amiss to rbferve,
that as Rulh is, in feme fort the father of
the work, a preference will certainly be gir
en to him and his caufc. TUefe will, indeed,
occupy 3 considerable portion of the three
firft numbers ; and as the matter is already
prepared for the press, these num ers will
follow each other as speedily a» may be.
Of the succeeding nnmbers.onp will be pufc
liftied on the 15th, and one on the lejl day
of every month.
The Rush-Light, not withstanding the
example of the patriot to whom it owes its
fur-name, will never lay it down a* a maxim,
that cringing for a lucrative pajl ii the best
proof 0/ a lo»e of independence , and there
fore. it aiks fcr neither patronage nor fufo-
Each number will contain 48 oflaro pa
ges, iifver left, and lometimes more, and
will be enveloped in a blue wrapper, in the
magazine (tyle. The printing will be exe
cuted by Mc/Jrs. G. and R. Wait: , of Neiv-
Tork, upon excellent paper, and the lejl
type in Amtrica.
The price of each number a ill be a quar
ter of a dollar. To booWeller« at a distance
rhe following are tlie tfrw? of sale: P}e who
pays ca(h for twtlve copes will be allowed
three over ; twenty five copies, eight over ;
fifty copies, twenty over; one hundred co
pies, fifty over ; and the like in proportion
for any intermediate number ; but none will,
on aiiy account, be sent out of New York,
till the cajh is received. To gentlemen who
wish to have lingle numbers sent on to them
by poll, the following information may
be ufeful. The pottage of a single number
for any distance not exceeding 50 miles, will
be three cents ; for any greater distance not
exceeding 100 mile , 4 and one halt cents ;
fbv any distance above 100 miles, fix cents.
February 21, 1800.
Militaty band' Warrants,
TAMES E. SMITII, a early as the ad of Sept.
J fti'jriiy after his return hum Tit-wing the
Military I.aad, offered {jis service to the holders
el Military, Land Warrants for the purpose of
< UlGng, regiftcring and locating them, in con.
f-qutnee of m arrangement m«de with Mr-
James Johnfun in July preced ng< on the land,
for the purpose of exploring the iedlions in the
whole furvev. This bufiaefs having been car
ried inio'co'mpleat effe<p by Mr. Johnf»n, with
the afiiftance of an intelligent inhabitant of that
country, they having talun notes descriptive of
the lltusticn, foil and natural advantages at
tached to eachfe&ion in the whole fui vey. Mr.
Johnson being now here with those notes, toge
ther with the said J. F« Smith having a com
plete copy of the Surveyor General's return,
made to the Treasury Department of the Towu
ftiip furvevs. ,
Being thus informed, the fubferibers, jsintly,
offer their services to the ho'ders of warrants of
th: above description, to receive, register and
loci'e, for which one tenth part of the land lo
cated wilt be required as a compenfation—for
locating where the registry is already made,
as may be hereafter agreed on by applying to
either of the fubferibers- Such of the honora
ble the members of Congress as may now hold,
or msyreceive warrants from their friends be
fore the 3d of March next, by addressing a line
to either of' the fubferibers, through the medi- ;
um of the Post Office, will be waited on agree- j
rnle to their appoirtaient.
J\Y lOO| - ote'b ifb Street, opfiofth the Herfe Tvfarlet
>\ 0. j. *9l 2vhirl:t St< tct m I
311 'A* 15 M
February *l.
ON Siturday the ift of March ne*t it seven
o'clock m the at the Merchant's
Cii{Fce-l)oufe in the city of Philadelphia, agree
ab cin the ili'eftioni oMhe !.11 will and ullj
reent of Genera. THOMAS 6!IFfLIN, ae
leafccl, wilt be expofcd to Public Sale and p<s
j twdv (u'd to if»r hiphftf biddrr —that Wauti'u?
] irult cpiiit C< .UNTRY SEAT, Ornate it'tlie
i PvJ • I '"choylf ill, five milcifro-n Phihdtlphia.
' :nd ibcrut two fr.iin Cermiiitovru; confining
i of a large and commodious Hoiife fir.ilhed in
i ilu moderii stile, with a flarii, Stab!:j and Q::t-
I houfei, twenty-two acres of highli, improved
Mejd:vv land ; an^OKhard. f the belt r-rifted
Fruit T tees, and a Ctidtn of Fruit and Vege
table- in an ejceellr i txpofurc. The prcßttfei
[pic icubrly the Garden. in which tlure aie
!■.. u fountains') are watered wil|ia never failing
dream, - lid aI7 the imtidmgs and Fences are in
perfcfl or^er.
'- listed on »ti elevated lull, fjrroimdcd with
uillou aud oilier ornamental Trees of the lirft
prrowth, and command* an exttnlive view of
tie Falls ai d Meadows of the Schuylkill. Sup
plies of Marke ting of every drfrription are con
fl.mtly pafling on the roid in fro t of the house,
and Fish may be obtained in the greatest abun
dance during the IV a lon, aad at all times pre
fei vci in i Fish-Pond, on the Pren.ifes. The
terms wiii be inide known at thg timeof sale.
William Irviti, > ..
Joseph /?,„/, S ExCrIUOrS
SHANNON tS-POALK, Auctioneers
February it. rf t f
Patent Vermifuge Lozenges,
for destroying worms
In Children and Grown Perfoni.
Prepared only by Dr. Jsmes Cbwrcfc, at his Dif
per.l'ary, 137, From-flrrtt, near the Fly
Market, New-York.
WORMS it is .vet} known occnfion* the
;reatfft mortality among children than any
other d,!»>rder, and few childieA are without
them in a greater or leflir degree.'—The nrcef
fity of an infallible remedy therefore is Obvious,
she Vermifuge Lozenzes a e an excellent alte
rative, contain nothing but what is perfedly in
nocent, and maybe administered to children of
all ages, and to grown perl'ons, with the great
eft iafety. They are also Angularly eflicacious
in all gross Humours, Scorbutic Eruptions, Sore
Hea"s, &c. &c. snd an excellent physic in the
spring and f<tll of the year, but particularly af
t«r the Small-Pox, Meafie3, Fevers, &c.
cents box.—Family boxes con
taining eight small ones, at three dollars.
Sold by MrfiVe H. & P. Rice, i<s, South Se
cond ftrect, Philadelphia, and Mr. l<iec, Bal
-■» 2 j |i imi |iT
. _
7if Ist of Mutch next, ei 6 o'clock in itt
evening, will be scld by Public Auction
at toe Cay iijfce House, toe fol
/o-i;''7i* oa vvhte
Nj. i.
A THREE story brick house,
WITH extensive three fiery back build'
iagf, litnated in From below Pine llr»et.
The house contains two large rooms on c:ch
fioor, and Is iifeet £ inches in front, and 5*
feet, 6 inches deep- The piazza is 19 feet 6
inch' s iu iengh, ?«d ljt feet 6 inches in width,
it> which is carried up an cWjpr.t Jlair-cufei—
The l>atk arc 50 feet in length and
A>et 8 tinKc»iri width, and contain on the firrt
floor, a parlour' kitenrn, pantry and stair cafe.
The second and third floors are divided into
convenient chamber* and dressing rooms The
lot of ground is 198 ftetdeep, with the piivi
legeof a court leading into Lombard street.
No: 2.
onvei.'<i:t chambers and dre fling rooms The
ot of grt.und is 198 feet deep, with the piivi
egeof a court leading into Lombard street.
><* 2.
the 3J ("eel 8 ipcKt* in
ront, and j i lert 6 inches in depth, exciutve
>t projection < f the Boa Window Thin house
outaiiis two large and elegant room* cn the
irfl and fecOrd floors—tWe third fiery is dU'fdtd
nto 1 hroe, chambers—There are t«o elegant
tair cai-es—a ajid convenient kitchen tin
ier the la.!; room, and double cellars under
he is. '! ;. c |..t is iji feet 6 inches
depth, uith the privilege nt a court leading
jito Lnnhsrd itreet a rcflriilion ij to be laid
ipjn this lot, that ho back building*, Stjflicr
han 8 feet irom the level ps Front Street, aie
v<*r to b{ ereiled upon the fptce now vacant
g - , No. 3.
iHjoining the above, rf the dimsnfions and plan
is the house No. 1, except that the back build
ups aie only 45 feet fn dcpih. The lot is 131
eet 6 iiuhes deep, and has the privilege of a
ourt into Lombard ttreet.
The above described h'julei are not platfter
d, but the Carpenters work is nearly finiOted.
?erfoßs w idling 10 view tliem previous to the
jay of fair, will p'.cal'e to apply at No. 183,
South Front fl/cet, for tht keys.
No. 4,
3» feet 8 inches front, and 37 feet in deptb (
upon a court leading into Lombard Ureet.
No. 5.
situate in Lombard street between Sixth and Se»
venth streets from Delawaie, contaiaing each
18 feet front upon Lombard street, and lie feet
in depth to a no feet alley leadipg into Sixth
llrtet, with the privilege of th- feme —.* plan
of these lots is to be ft en at the Coffee Hcufe—
upon the Lots marked No. 3 and 4 in the plan
there is a frame building and kitchen ah ut 16
feet front, and 31 feet deep, in good rspair.
•-ontainitig 114 feet on Lombard street, and
130 feet on Eighth iin.trfrom the Delaware,
with the privilege of a a feet ailtv running pa
rallel t(* Lombard street.
icjjoiltiilfi the above, containing 168 feet ca
Lombard flreet, :jud 13® feet in depth t« the a
l»o\ emetitioncd alley, awd with the pri v ilege of
the fame.
containing 114 feet on Pine fireet and 130 Peer,
on F.ighth street from Delaware, with the pri
vilege of a 1 j feet alley.
adjoining the above, containing 168 feet on
l'i;ie Itreet, and in ilepth, 10 the abore
1 ni. ni»;ned 11 feet alley with the privilege of
til: fame.
iii the Jiftrict of Southward, bounded as fel
low-, viz.
i! ; innir.g at a corner of T!">m.u Wharton'*
land on the louth lide of C 3 r j*f tcr street, tit
the cliAartce of 137 feet 3 inches from the cor
ner of I l.ird 11 ri 11 a» tl e ime is now laid out
and rcntmued a new rourfe 137 feet 3 inches,
tlienee li-uth westerly on the weft fide of the
180 feet to a corner ef Andrew Bet,hin's land
if.ence weft northwaidly 149 feet 9 niches to
i cor. cr of T. Wharton's land, thence by the
ame on a strait line 190 feet 6 inches to ttf
dace of beginning.
in the Diiliiifl of Southwark bounded as fcrU
e !ov! :
Beginning at the corner of M. Secpee's lot
on Mnyamcnfmg road, thence f-uth-u eiterly
along the weft tide of said road 56-fectfour t-»
s inches to Ldward Keily's lot, thei,ce v.eit
northerly 119 feet to Third ftrcet as the f,;me is
now laid out and continued on a new oourfe
fience north ealleriy along the east fide of laid
Third Arse 78 feet 6 inches—thence east fouth
eriy 1-3 feet—thence iouth vellerly zo feet
ihsi.ce tail iuutherly 140 feet to Moyainenfing
road a/orefaid to the place of beginning.
1 here are two brick tenements two flcries
high pb the above defcribsd premiies.
the above houfis and lot» of ground
are to be fetn at the C fifee-Houfe.
7erms of Payment.
1 Fourth in 60 days.
1 Fourth is 6 Months . ,
T F-mrth in 12 months C with approved fe
-1 Fourth in 15 months Ciiru > & interest. .
JOHN CONNELLY, Auctioneer.
February If. - eotiM.
A PERSON to fnp.-rintenei a fircall Farm,
about five miles from the city. He will
be accommodated wilt a good houfeand other
None need apply who cannot be well recom
£5" Enquire at 139 Sprue,« Strict.
February 19,
<# .
f Vou/art XVll*

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