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No. 95, North Water-rtreet,
to drawback, which they offsrfor
- usual
- upon
Mortgage* on Real Property, in or near the City
of Philadelphia, or <;ther fatisfa&ory security.
JO boxei at>dbales sick- 13 pipes old Port Wine
lenburghi. jj boies Tumbleri af
do. Hemp
en linens. 100 boxes Hamburgh
JO do. Window Glass 8 by
10, &c.
JO do Patterliornes I chcft aflorted Look in j
#J do. Bielficld Linens. Glade's.
II do. Crcas and Creas Several large elegant do
a la Morlaix. I joo Dimijohns.
Brown Rolls. 50 kegs Pearl Barley.
Do. Hessians. A few tons Roll Brm
Polith Rolls. ftoue.
Bed Ticks. 10 kegs Yellow Ochre
Siamois. A few bbls. Rosin.
ftrabias. 40 tons Ruflia Hero
Empty Bags.
Oil Cloths
Shoes and Slippers,
Soal and upper Leather.
Quills and Scaling Wax.
A package Gold and Sil
ver Watches.
A few chests Toys.
Slates and Peuc ils.
70 hhds Havanna Mo
February 15
*. - i •
fUfe anti Character
Field-Maiftial General the ferviceof Hi« Imperi
al Majelly, the Emperor of all the Ruffias,
The History of his Campaigns.
Translated from the German of Frederick
To which it added,
A eoneise and eomhrebensive History of
His Italian Campaign.
By William Cobbett.
With an elegant Print-Portrait of thai re.
novmed Warrior.
[Price 1 l-» Dollars.]
Portrait of Marshal Stiivorow.
Gentlemen defircras of poflefling a capital like
ness executed in the firft style, of this illustrious
Chriflian Chieftain, may be (urnilhed with parti
cular proof impressions, at this office, price one
February I?.
nnHE Sublcriber having undertaken the
pi lifiering of the Prefidtnt's ho»fe in the
eity of Washington, wifhei to engage twenty
good hands, to whom he will give generous
wages. To commence from the id of March.
February to■
Population & Ajy lum Companies.
On Friday the ?th day of March next,
At 7 o'clock in the evening wiK be expoied to
Sale by Public Vendue,
At the MerchinU Coffee House in Second
ftr<tt, in the city of Philadelphia,
J" 4*
7 *943 41
8 3187 70
a 853 80
3 1083 66
3 1309 61
» 835 33
2 879 78
II 4714 8l
4 1489 58
4 1 757 88
2603 124
6 2101 97
43 9737 9 6
8 3505 "4
19 8061 8
20 8644 100
.17 11474 'l3
63 »J493
43 9516 91
»o JOOOO o
8 3439 30
10 3456 13
747 10a
5 2181 68
15 6000 o
3 I2QO o
75 J9OOO- o
ie 6188 80
37 14879 o
11 3**7 S9
»a s*9* 9*
It 4406 O
9 33*4 44
4 6293 IJJ
309664 17
Six hundred and seventy-three Shares in
the Population Co-mpany.
Three hundred and twenty six Shares in
io lihds. Hogs Bristles.
\ lihds Dutch Glue
10 calks Nails assorted
from ?d. to 2cd.
[6 caflcs Ironmongery.
8 calks Hoes.
Geiman Steel.
6 hhds. Coffee mills.
Blocking Twine, Tapes,
Stone Pickling Pots,
See See.
Equinunk, Nortkarnpton co.
Lehawaxen, ditto do.
Buttermilk Falls, Luzerne do.
Equinunk, Northampton da.
ditto ditto do.
Lehawaxen, ditto do.
Cufhes Creek, d'tto do.
Equinunk, ditto do.
Lehawaxen, ditto do.
ditto ditto do.
Equinunk, ditto do.
Wyfankin, Luierne, do.
Starucia, Northampton do.
Buttermilk Fills, Luzerne do.
Ox Bow Creek, ditto do.
ditto do.
ditto do.
ditto do,
WappafTng, ditto do.
Mclhappin & Tunkannock,
Luzerne do.
Allegheny do.
Equinunk, Northampton do.
Starucia, ditto do
Brodbcad's Creek, do. do.
ditto ditto do.
Eali branch of Lehawaxen,
Northampton do.
East briech of Lehawaxen,
Northampton do.
French creek &c. Allegheny do.
Toby's creak, Northamp. do.
Schuylkill, Berks do.
Conocanering, Allegheny do.
ditto ditto do.
Lehawaxen, Northampton do.
Wappufirig, Lurerne do.
Northumberland do.
; Asylum Company.
i, 14th Feb. dtf
ffgKl •j.f' WILLIAM BELL, Master;
To fail on Sunday nsxt. She is a
good strong vefTel, and just out of the Carpenters
sp 3 For freighr or apply to
Ac. 107 South Water Street.
J.' '■*>
February 24*
of an eaccllent quality, and in good order for
Shipping, foriale at No. 17 South Water-street.
m. 3t
Thirty-nine hogsheads oj Sugar
A generous credit wi.l be allowed.
Apply to MOORE WHAR i ON, No. m
Sonth Water Street.
February 21
Has removed bis Ojfice/rum S. Second street,
to No. 134 Arch street, nepr Sixth St.
AH orders will be pundtually atttended to.
February 10. eoaw
IS difiolved by mutual cottfcnt, and. the
bufaefs continued by
February 24.
-■pHE, Stock Holders of the East Indu Com
pany of North America are reqn«fted to
meet at the City Tavera on Saturday next, iit
March, at n o'clock A. M. on bufineft of im
February 25, 1800.
A PERSON to superintend 2 small Farm,
about five miles from tTie city. He will
be accommodated with a good house and other
None need apply who cannot be well recom
fT Enquire at 109 Spruce Street.
February 19.
Centre Square, t'cbeua<y 5, 1800.
IN compliance with the inftruftions of the
Committee for watering the city, and with
my own inclinations, every possible admit
tance and information has been given to
those citizens who have visited the Works
during their progress. The Engines are now
arrived, and are immediately to be put up,
and it is hoped that it will be thought rea
sonable and just, both to the Public, and to
the Contraftor for the Engines, that the
workmen should not be interrupted. As a
very few months will fully gratify the cu
riosity of the citizens, by (hewing them the
Engines in full operation, a temporary ex
clusion of all vifitorsfrom the Engine houiM
cannot appear improper.
B. H. LATROBE, Engintcr.
February ij.
Or to be exchanged for a good VelTel,
AN elegant new two story FRAME HOUSE,
twenty feveß feet front by thirty-four in
depth, with a commodious piazza and kitchen, to
gether with a coach hou r e and (table, situate in
the flourifhiag village of Frankford. The houfc,
which may be entered the firft of June next, will
be fimfncd in the ncateft stile with many conveni
ence?, and will be well adapted to a large geoteel
family who may wilh to reside in the country du
ring the summer season. In exchange, it will be
valued low, if a vessel offer that may be suitable.
Further particulars will be made known by ap
plication to
February 14.
About 25 acres of Land,
LAYING on the cad fide of the Falls R#ad.—•
On the East it it bounded by property belong*
ing to Mr. Tench Francis, fen.—on the south, by
a road »f two perches, and on the north by a lane,
which separates it from Mr. M'Call. It n propo
sed to divide thia land into 3 equal parts in order
to fait the purcha(cr»
Also, 31 acres, (ituated on the weft fide of
Germanto'wn road, adjoining Mafiers's eftite,
being part of th« property of the lata Samuel
For terms apply to Samuel Mifflin, corner of
Market and nth (Ireetc.
January 24. dtf.
„ Notice is hereby given,
To all persons interested in a Tract of Land
lying and being in Springjield, Burling
ton county, State of New Jersey, for
merly belonging to Samuel Bullus, and by
him conveyed to his six children, That
WE the Subscribers, appointed by James Kin
fey, Efq Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court of the State of New Jersey, Commifiieners
to make partition of the fame Lands, to, and
amongll the said children and their assigns, do in
tend ta meet at the house ef Jofepb HcliinJhejd, inn
keeper in Burlington, on the twelfth day of March
next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon of that
day, and either by ourselves or in conjun&ion with
thefiid Chief Justice proceed to allot and by ballot
fix on the (bares or part of each of* the said chil
dren and their assigns pursuant to the a& entitled
" ail ait far the more easy partition of Lands held
by Copartners, joint Tenanis and Tenants in com
mon," made and palfed the eleventh day of Nov.
In jhe year of our Lord, OHe thousand fevsn hun
dred and eighty-nine.
Witness oar hands this fifth day of February,
One thoubnd sight hundred.
Abraham Stockton,
JO6 Lippencott,
Charles Ellis.
Feb. 8.
d 3 t.
juwtu M<
• V •
Br W. YOUNG, Bqokskllek,
At thv corner of Second and Chefout ftreeti,
On the Terrestial and Celestial Globes,
The description and ufc thereof exemplified; with
a greater variety of interesting pr»blem«, than are
to be found in any other work; and containing a
trearife on the general principles of dialing, and
By the late George Adams.
The fourth edition. Illuflratcd with Copper
plates, and the author's last improvemsr.ts.
Price in boards ona dollar.
Ditto plain binding one dollar and 15 cents.
Ditto gilt edges and lettered I dollar & 50 ct«.
In the Pref»,
A'troiinmical iff Georgrapbical
By the lat* George Adams j
Ulu'rated with 16 copperplates accurately cb
gravcii by Robert Scott.
N. B. If thi» volume (hould meet the patrenage
of the public, the lellowing work wih also be put
to press:
On natural and experimental Pbil&sopby <
Considered in itt present Hate of improvement.
Describing is a familiar and easy manner, the
principal Phenomena of Nature; and shewing
that tkey all co operate in displaying the good
nef», wisdom and power »f God.
By the late George Ada mi
Ih five volumes The fifth volume confiding
of the plates and index The iecond edition with
conCdtrable corre&ioni and additions, by Wbi.
Also, lately publiftwd by W. Yovkc,
On Crimes and Punishments.
Printed on writing pest paper. Price 8c cents.
Rutborforth's Institutes of Natural Law
Being th» substance of a course of leisures on
Grotius de jure Belli et Pacis. In two volumes.
The firft explains the rights of mankind, conGder
ed as in ->ividuals. The second explains the rights
ot mankind, considered as members of civil foci
ety. Third editian. Price 4 dollars and $0 cts.
in boards, 5 dollars neatly bound.
On the Intellectual and Active Povuert *f Man.
Neatly bound, gilt edges. Two large vols. Svo.
Price Five Dollars.
Complete Dictionary of the Englijb I. an raage,
Both with regard to found and meaning. One
main o!*je& ot which is ta eftablitH a plain and per
manent flandard of pronunciation. To which is
prefixed a pi ofodical grammar. Dolte. Cti.
The 6th edition in one large vol. Bvo. j
The fame book in one large vol. 12ms. 1 75
The fame do common paper plain. I 30
A comple knowledge of the plan of this die
tionary produces, that cafe and uniformity of pro
nunciation, which enables tofpeak without embar
rafiraent and tofpell with accuracy, witheut bur
thening the memory, or, having a puerile depend
ence on a vocabulary.
Sheridan's ProsodiclGrammar,
Of simple founds, of the nature and formation of
the simple founds, a fchime of the alphabet, of dip
thongs, of the manner of forming certain founds,
of the use and abuse of letters in fpclling or repre
senting words. Ot consonant digraphs. Rules
for the pronunciation sf English words. Of mo
nofyllables, dillyUblcs, polysyllables. Of the art
as delivery, articulation, accent, pronunciation,
emphafig, panics, pitch and management ol th«
voice. Rules to be ohferved by natives of Ireland,
Scotland and Wales—at 50 and at 75 cents.
Sheridan's Elements of English ; or a Stand
ard of Pronunciation ;
Being a new method of teaching the whole art of
reading j both with regard to pronunciation and
spelling. The ad edition greatly enlarged. IM. at
10 cents.
Steuben's regulations for the order and dis
cipline of the troops of the U. States,
Illuflrated with a greater vaiiety copperplates
than any other edition ; and exhibiting the whole
of the manual exercise in 57 copperplate figures,
bid.—at 68 l-a cents.
gj" W. YOUNG has regular fuppliesofthelateft
European publications of books of divinity, history,
law, phytic, surgery, chemistry, agriculture, gar
dening, natural history, arts, fcietcee, trade and
commerce. The l.nglifh, French, l.atin and Gretk
classics, now in us« in the schools, academies, and
colleges i* the United States. Catalogues delivered
at faiil Store.
February 26
Public Notice
IS Hereby Given, purfuam to the afl of Con
grefspafled on the nth Jay of February, one
thousand eight hundred, entitled " An adt giv
ing further time to the holders of Military War
rants, to register and locate the fame" to wit.
_ First, That warrants grauted for military fer
vioes performed during the late war will be re
ceived at the Treasury until the 95th day of the
present month inclulive for the purpofc of being
regifUred, agreeably to the mode preferred in
the notification from this Department on the
nth of March, 1*99.
Second, The priority of location will be de- j
termined by lot immediately after the ajth of !
the present month, and the holders of register- \
ed Warrants (hall on Monday the 3d of March,
1800, ia the order in which the priority of lo
cation (hill be deter.-nined by lot as aforefaid, '
personally or by their agent, defigoate in wri- 1
ting at the office of the Register of the Treasury
the particular quarter townships elefled by them
refpe<fkively—and such of the £aid holders as
flial! not designate their Iscations on said day,
ftiall be puftponcd in locating such warrants to
all other holders of registered warrants-
Secretary of the Treasury.
Treasury Department, Feb. *4, 1800.
Feb. 15,
Infallible German Corn Plaister.
Thi» Plaifter (the invention of a German Phy
sician, who administered it in" Germany upwardi
of 30 yean with *he greatest success) is infallible
for the cure of corns. , It will effe&asl.'y eradicate
them, root and branch in a Jhort time.
[Price 50 cents.]
Prepared fcy Defior James Church, it hi« Dis
pensary, No. 137, Froat ftroet, n«ar the Fly mar
ket, New York.
Sold by Meffre. H. snd P, Ric#, 16 south Second
ure«t, Philadelphia.
February 13.
JuJi Pubn/hti,
%f>e (Sajette.
v iw
Judvim et tenacera propofiti viruin,
Nou civium ardor prava jubentium,
Non vultus iqAantis tyranni,
Mer.te quatit folida.
AS the inclosed answer to the following
Circular Letter addressed to me, lias never
appeared in " Tlie Press," arid as it may
have beer mislaid, I take the liberry of re
queuing a Place in yaur psper for its ia
Yours, &e.
February 26, 1800.
If you have thought it criminal in the
Richmond, November 2, 1799. &!**? complain ,f .0 to itfelf
' J the exclusive claim to federalilm, is it not
R> : tqaully criminal and ins.lent in the extreme
BELEIVING that far tkegreateft por in you, to propose your project, exclusively
Hob of that party which arroga.es to itfel* for the fafe keeping of the <• freedom and
the exclusive claim to Federalism, confilts of hap/n-fs of all our countrymen ?" What
men, moral, humane, religious, and well proofs have you given of your superior pc.
affe&ed to the R-publican Principle, but ; litical righteouihefs ? And with what f
who from indolence of other motives attend- ! Countenance can you appear before th
ing ft le to public affairs,'have been content people, and censure the conduft of others
with receiving their-information from men ' because they arrogate to themselves the
interfiled in keeping them in ignorauce ; and ; exclusive claim to federalism, and in the
believing in the omnipotence of truth, we fame breath, and in the very project yon have
have set on foot an eftablilhment, aa you ' proposed, ynu commit in fatt, the fame out.
will perceive by the fubjoine.t projeft, . rage, and arrogate to yourfelvei the exclu.
on a base so broad, <ind which (hall be gov j sive prerogative, of giving " freedom and
erned by a principle so extended arid lurni- J happiness to all our countrymen."
nous, as lead us to exptftfrom it oonfequen« ( For a moment I turn my eyes from the
ce« the most beneficial to the Freedom and j naked deformities of your letter, to themif
happinefs ef all our countrymen. The fre- I erable produftien of the firft number of
quent attempts to buy up the Republican'" The Press."* If I could indulge the fie
papers, and put tbcm down by harraffing tion, that Providence would in his most hum
aud ridiculous suits, or for libel and sedition, ble walks, notice the former evil, I would
point out the necessity of establishing one j recommend the latter, as a sovereign reme
beyond the reach of accidents. In full con- dy of cure, and would join with you, in
fidence of your coinciding with us in opini- j y°u<" conclulion, that "ah 111 wife Provi
on as to the importance of such an eftablilh- I dencc has eftablilhed for wife purposes, that
ment, we take the liberty of soliciting your every evil carries about it, some principle to
interest in procuring fubferihers, and request , counteraft and defeat it." " The outrage"
you to forward them to the address of j your letter is counteracted by the " out-
Meriwether Jones') i ra S e " committed again ft the proceedings of
(Signed.) Alexander M'Krae I Trufces. ! the co "ft ; tuted departments of our govern-
Jobn M. Fousbee, J i nient h 7 " The Press i" wh i ch may, for a
m r r u " ,ol ' t t,rac ) " derive its very means of exist-
To John Ewi»g, E S<lt j fncc from thoff , t . |md >
~ but which, from its violence and fallkood,
will eventually excite public indignation,
" and the establishment will fink under the
displeasure ef its matters."
But although truth will eventually tri.
umph over falfhood, and consequently the
fupportei s of our government will in time
fucreed in the eftabli/hment of those princi
ples, upon which our honor and happiness
as a nation depends ; yet it is to be lament
ed that the violence of faAien against found
principles, and the clamor of party against
the wisdom of our administration, will pro- .
craftinate the period, when we shall enjoy
the repose of political tranquility ; when the
constitution itself will be fafe ; when the
great anchor of our government, the Chief
Magifirate of the Union, whose unequalled
wisdom and unrivalled firmnefs entitling him
to the love and applause of all the American
people, will be without an enemy ; when
the intrigues of some men, against govern
ment, will cease to possess influence, and the
misplaced ambition of another to rife to the
Prefidei.tial Chair of the Union, will be
laughed out of countenance, as the idle
dreams of a rsstless, nervous politician.
In this struggle between the government, >
and those ip opposition to it, cool and dis
passionate minds look out for some fixed
point, to whieh they may rally, with a cer
tainty of doing right. That point is, the
preservation of our government from the
boflile attacks, made upon the constituent
parts of it, by which, that government has
an exigence, and through which, it has the
power of afting. I admit no diftindtion,
between the hostilities committed against the
constitution itself, and outrage and insult of
fered to thole departments, which the c®n
ftitution, through the voice rf the people,
has made, and filled. Our constitution was
called into existence, by a majority of the
people ; the departments, authorized by the
eonflitution, are filled by men, chosen by
the people ; if therefore, outrage and insult
are offered to those, who fill these depart
ments, the injury is done to the spirit of the
constitution itfelf, and the elential rights of
a majority of the people. The reverse of
these principles, appears to be the basis, upon
which your press is instituted ; and thecon
tents, of the firft number of it, fully charac
terize the objett for which it was instituted.
It will appear evident to the readers of
your paper, whatever ether views you may
have, or whatever disguise you may pleale
to afTume, that the principal objeft of year
press, is, to abuse the administration of our \
government, as a means preparatory to the
ensuing election of electors of president and
vice-president ef the United States, of en
suring the ele&ion of men, whose princi
ples and pra&ices coincide with your own '
The evidence of charalVer, which the firft
number of " The Press" has exhibited to
the public, illustrates the extent of your
candour and liberality on that fubjeft.—-
When that eleftion is thus anticipated,
To Messrs. Meriwether Jones, Alexander
M'Krae, and John H. Foushee, Trustees
of a paper, entitled " The Press," publish
ed at Richmond, Virginia.
YOUR printed letter, addressed tc me,
and dated the 2d Nov. last, was received by
me feme time since.
As you were personally unknown to me,
and the prcpofed " proje<ft," for the estab
lishment of a news paper was brought for
ward, under the auspices of principle;, which
I do not approve, I had indulged a hope,
that my perfeft silence on the l'ubjedl of
yotir letter, would, by you, have been con
sidered as a fufficient mark of my unwilling
ness, to become a party to your scheme.
But finding that you have, notwithstanding
I had given your proposals no encourage
ment, forwarded to me the firft number of
the paper, called " The Press," published
by you at Richmond, agreeably to the plan
proposed in your letter, I am conllraitied at
this time, to express my disapprobation of
the principles upon which your paper appears
to be bottomed, and to request, that you
may not in future trouble me with 'tny of
the fruits of your labois, through the me
dium of " The Press."
In your letter, you presuppose the exist
ence ot two facts, to correft the evils of
which, you fay, forms the bails, upon which
your" Press" is instituted.
The first fact stated by you, is, that there
daes exil\ " a party in this cauntry, which
" arrogates to itfelf the exclusive claim to
" federalifm, confiding of men, interested
" in keeping the people of America ignorant
"of their public affairs the second fadt
which has claimed your attention, is, " that
" the frequent attempts made to buy up the
" republican papers, and put them down, by
" harrafling and ridiculous suits ; or for li
" bel aud sedition, point out the necessity as
" eftabliihing your " Press."
It is necessary, before just tonqlufions can
be drawn, that the premifci Ihould be sub
stantiated, and therefore, you fliould, firft,
have fully demonstrated both these fatts.
You are now called upon for a proof of the
existence of these facts, and I trufl that it is
out of your power to produce such evidence.
Thus destitute of principle, and of tritb,
you appear before the world at the head of an
institution, bottomed on falfhood ; which,
"whilst it arrogates to itfelf the right of de
claring into existence a party, to whom yeu
afcr.be, without any colour of proof, the
most improper pra&ices ; you extend the
luminous rays of your malevolent fyflein, and
under the insidious garb of pretended friend
ship to the country, vainly attempt to poi
lon the pure fountains of our political en
joyments, by endeavoring to create jaaloufy
between the people and the government.
But I trust " in the omnipotence of truth"
and believing, that " far the greatest por
tion of the people of Americ* consist of men,
moral, humane, religious, and well affedt
ed to the republican principles of our go
vernment," and feeling that attachment, and
alive to their true happiness, they will, on
the one hand, despise the insult you have
pointedly offered to them, by charging tlxri
with ton much indolence to watch over, and
too mvcb ignorance to comprehend their pub
lic affairs ; and on the other hand, that
they will diligently guard against a " Press"
which was conceived by falihood,—born in
a conflict ot party against the government
of the people, and organized far the express
purpose oi opposing the >;iws, upon which
suits far libels and sedition are authorised
to be instituted ; and this too, as it npetirt
by your own expreflions, an « a base f 0
broad," and «on principles so extended as
to be beyond the reach of accident," to lim, t
controul, or punish. '
With these marks of chara&er, self-im
pressed, on the infant countenance of your
proposed project, where faifhood and malev
olence contend for pre-eminence, overigne.
ranee and impudence, I aflc, upon what
ground, can the people of America expect
from such a project, <' consequences rood
beneficial to the freedom and happineft of all
our countrymen ?" If jour project reds on
" a bate so broad," and will be extended be
yornl the '• reach of accident" to controul.
I a£k, what security have the people of A.
merica, that their freedom and happinefj,
will be most fafc in your hands ? In whose
hands ? An unknown Editor, governed L
three obscure trus.'ees !
'" '»
" The bleflings of a standing army CT ® r T
" more and more unfold thcmfelves to the peo
" pie: Outrage upon outrage is accumulated od u*
" by an unnatural eftabliihment, which derives the
" very meant of existing from those it grinds an
" oppreCTes. Put an all-wife Providence has e&•
" bhfhed, doubtlcfs for wife purposes, that ever ?
" evil carries about some principle te countera
"and defeat it. The outrages ol a soldiery w '
" ixcite public indignation and the cftablimme
" will fink, under the displeasure ot its
"t he following beautiful and manly ' ettcr r0
" Mr. J. Randolph, proves that net even the re
" prefentative* of the people are not fccure r
" ou'.rage and irfult."
• ExtraA Irom " The Press."

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