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From the BdSTOF Manufactory,
a tnJAtturt ot
Of different sizes,
N . 5 . Any fa: or Gzestltat irity.be wsiitrfcu;
Urger thin t8 bv it .can be had from fjid maiuniilo
ty, on being ordered; and attenrioA given tolorward
00 soy orders th« m*y b« ftfc for that purpose
Apply at No. 9, Sooth Wner-ftreet, at above.
iiarcb 6, I 800.
WILL be receTved at thi« Office until the
seventh day of April next for rutting out
cloathing for the Army of the United States.
The prnpofalj mull fpecify the price required
for cuttire out each of the several articles, to
writ, Horseman's cloaks, regimental coats, veils
and overalls.
PROPOSALS will also be received until the
seventh day of April next for the delivery of
five thousand hats and twenty thonfand shirts.
The hats to be made of good wool toT>e well ma
nufactured, full cocked, bound with, narrow
black binding, the fan »r hiM part eight inch
es broid, fides and corners fix irtches broad. —
The fhirls to be of linen equal in quality with
the pattern *rtjtlt, anil to be as well made as
le said pattern.
One half of the hats and fliirts to be daliver
»ii or hifore the Srll day nt June Aext, and
the remainder on or before the firfl day of July
Patterns of the several articles may be seen at
th^Military Stores feept by John Harrii,on the
wharf between Arch and Race street».
Security will be required.
Secretary of War.
dt! A.
March 7.
Centre Square, Febcuary j, ißod.
IN compliance with the inftru&ions of the
Committee for watering the city, and with
my own inclinations, every poflible admit
tance and information has been given to
tbofe citizens who have visited the "Worfcs
during their progress. The Engines are now
arrived, and ate immediately to be put up,
and it is hoped that it will be thought rea
sonable and just, both to the Public, and to
the Gontraftor for the Enjrines, that the
workmen (hould not be interrupted. AS 4
vt'ry few months will fully gratify the cu
liofuy of the citizens, by shewing tWin the
Jiiigines it) full operation, a temporary ex
clusion of all vifitorsfrom the Engine houses
iannot appear improper.
B. H. LATROBE, Engineer.
February 13. dtf.
(At Public Ve.idue)
On Second Day, tht nti> of this ImtiiM,
ON Ttr r_p*Rwish,
PLEASANTLY fituaud on the main road
leading from Philadelphia to New York, in
Lower Dublin townlhip, in tht county of Philadel
phia, between the 10 and ir mile ftoncs, contain
ing from one to five acres each; one other Lot,
containing about thirty acres, lying on the road
leading from said road to Buftleton ; there arc pn
said lot a good stone dwelling house, a.good apple
orchard, about fix acres of well timbered land,
the remainder cleared and in a good state of cul
tivation .
For further particulars, enquire ®f the owner,
on the premises.
jd month, 13th. 1
TTIS Sw?difli Majesty's Consul General, and au-
JLJL thorized to tranfaA the Conlular Biifinefs,
for his Majesty the KiDg of Denmaak in the United
States of America, residing at Philadelphia,
tiereby gives public Notice,
That in obedience to recent in£ru&ion? received
from his government, it is the duty of all Maflers
of Swedilh and Danilh vcffels, before their failing
from any port in the said States, to call upor him
•r the Vice Consul, in oritr to be granted such
Certificates for their Cargoes, which the exigency
of the Aate of the Neutral Commerce ani the fe
ver.d Decrees of the Belligerent Power?, render
indifperfably neccflary, and, that any Matter of
veffcls belonging to the refpe&ive nations, or na
vigating wader the proteAion of thoir flags, in
omitting to take such certificates, will pcrfonally
ftJud refpoefible for the conferences.
Philadelphia, ißt> December, 1799.
About 25 acres of Land i
LAYING on the east fide of the Falls Road—
On the East it is bounded by property belong
ing to Mr. Tench Francis, fen.—on the south, by
a road of two perches, and Oto the north by 4 lane,
which separates it from Mr. M'Call. It is propo
sed to divide this land into 3 equal parts in order
to fait the pur chafer*.
Also, 31 acres, situated on the weft fide «f
Germautown road, adjoining Mafters's estate,
beiilf* part of the property of the late Samuel
For terms apply to Samuel Miffiii, corner of
Market and nth Itreets.
January 24. dtf.
TO AN AWAY on Saturday evening the 13th
Ja. July inftattt, from Cnlebrock Furnace,
Lantaucr county, a Negro Man named Cato,
he is about 40 years of jge, five feet fix or se
ven inches high, tolerable black, with a down
iU look, squints, he is a cunning artful fellow,
i great liar, and very fond of flrong liquor,
hat been brought up to the farming bufineis, is
very handy at any kind ot lab wing work; he
took with him a number of clothing, amoogfi
whi;h were, one fiiit plain Nankeen; (feme
money). It isexpeded he hasfliapedbiscourfe
for Philadelphia er New York.
*-(■* The above reward will bepaid for fe-r
curing bin) i n any giol in the United States,
with reasonable charges if brought heme.
Colebrosk Furnate, July 16, 1799:
(OiS dim
small ehefts of Ginghams, on board
4 ditto of colored Muflinets, the ship
4 hales of St. Fernando Serges, [ Neftor,in
4 ditto of Camblets, j tbe river
10 ditto of colored and white j from
Caffimerss, J Liverpool
14 trunks of printed Callicoes,
The above are in small affortedpackages calculated
either for the IVeji India or borne trade,
30 tons Lead, in pigs,
8 tons of dry White Lead in hhds.
17 calks of fine dry Yellow Paint,
6 ditto of Mineral Black,
I ditto of ditto White,
10 ditto of Coleothar,
3 ditto of Purple Brown,
jo cases English China Ware in letts,
36 calk* of Nails aflorred,
300 barrels pickled Salmon,
80 half ditto ditto,
80 barrels Herrings,
10 ditto Shad,
I© ditto Mackarel,
7 calks of Porter in'bottles,
20 puncheons Rum,
190 pipes of Brandy, 4-h proof,
15 pipes old Madeira Wine,
27 quarter chests Young HyfonTea,
13 boxes of Imperial r!:tto,
EngliJh Gunpowder, HF
Porged Copper Nails and BoUs,
Sail Canvass,
Empty Wine Bottles,
Cork in sheets,
Green Coffee in hhds.
ft hrvary j3
OF Untested l ands in WcCmorehma county,
Pennsylvania, are hereby notified, that un
left the Tax«» due on said land» for 1798, are paid
into the hand® of John Brandon, E/f. trcafuier of
said county, on or before the acth of April next,
they will be advertised for fiV-*, as the law dire&i
Jtnuary jB.
March 'tit, 1799.
PUBLIC notice is hereby given,
Pfirfiiant to the iG of Cengreft passed on the
Ift day of Ju»e, one ihoi>fand, fe»en hun
dred snt! ninety fix, entitled " an Jfl reguitt
ing the gr»ni< appropriated for mili
tary farvices, »od for the focioty of United
Brethren for the fjofpcl Ohor.g
the Heuhen ; and the ift fupplemcstary to
the said recited ICt polled on tiltl riatld day of
March, snethoufand frven hundred andnine
tyning" to wit:
THAT the traSi of Lattd herein after de
fdribed, namely, " beginning at the North Weft
corhcr of the fcVea rtftfits of tcwnftiipa, and
running thence fifty miles due fouih, along the
western boundaiy ot tba said ranges;—thence
due Weft to the Main Branch of tli-e Scioto ri
ver ; thence up the Main Branch of the ted ri
ver to the place where the Indian boundary line
crofTee the fame;—thence along. laid boun
dary hne to the Tufcaroras branch of the Mi»f
kingum river at the eroding plice abt ve Fort
Lawrence ; theficc down the said river, to the
point where a line run due weft from the place
of beginning, trill inttrle£\ the said river;
thence along the fine so run to tha place of be
ginning has been dividtd. into townlhips of
five ihiles fquaie, and fraclionalparts of town
ships ; aftd that plats and ftirvkys of the laid
tovmfhips and fra&ional parts of townlhips are
deposited in the offices of the Rf gifter of the
Trealury and Surveyor General, for tfce inspec
tion of all perfoßs concerned.
The holders of ftich warrants as have been
or (hall be grantod foir military lervieesperform
ed during the late war, are required to present
the fame to the Register of the Treasury, at
some t.rre prior to the twelfth day of Februaiy
in the yeai\ one thousand eight hundred, for
the purpose of bein£ j No registry
will however be made of any left quantity than
a quarter townfaip, or four thoufnd acres.
The priority ofldcawon of tfet warrants which
may be presented and rerifterediin manner afore -
said, prior to the utb day of February in the
year odc thenfand eight hundred, w;M imandiate-
Jy after the said day, be determined by lot, in the
mode dtefcribe'd by the ail firft recited.
The holders of regiflered warrant#, {hall da
Monday the 17th day of February, in the year
1800,1 n the order of which the priority of locati
on (hall be determined by lotas aforefaid, pefon
aliy.or by their agents, defignatein writing at the
office of the Regjfler of the Treasury, the particu
lar quarter townftips ele&ed by them refpedUvely,
and such of the said holders as (hall rot defignatr
their locations on the said day, (hall be postponed
in locating such warrants to all othtfr h :rldei'* of
regiftercri warrants.
The holders of warrants for military services
fuffceient to cover one or more quarter towufhipa
or tra&s of four thousand acreicach ; (hall, at any
time after Monday the 17th day of February, *BOO
and prior to the firft day ol January, t&ojf, be al
lowed to register the said warrants in manner a
forefaid, and forthwith to make locations therefor
on any tra& or tta&s of land not before located.
All warrants or claims for lands on account of
military fcrvice*, which ihallnotbe regifterad and
located before the firft day of January, i8o», are by
the supplementary ,a& of Congrcb herein br f ore
recite;), paflcd nn ths second day of March, 1799,
declared to be forever barred.
Given under my hind at Philadelphia, ths
day and year above mentioned.
Sec. of the Treasury,
May 29tk, 1799.
THE proprietors of certificates ifTurd for sub
scriptions to the Loan bearing interest at
eight per centum per annum, are notified, that
at any time after payment lhall have been made
of the sth inftalnient, which will become due
during the firft ten days of the month of July
enfning, Certificates of Funded Stock may at
their option be obtained at the Treasury or Loan
Offices, refpe&ively, for the amount of the four
firft infialmenls, or ose moiety of thefums ex
prefiedin the fubfciiptioncertificates:—Ne cer
tificates of Funded Stock will however be iflued
for less than one hundred dollars.
Such fubfeription certificates as idly bepre
•nted at the Treifury or Loan Offices in con
eqtlenee of the foregoing arrangement, will be
ndorfed and diftindlly marked (o as to denete,
that a moetv of the flock has been iflued.
Secretary of tbe Treasury.
A N£4V
At Chalk's Circulating Library,
No. 75 North Tbird Street,
WHERE may be h?i, all the Fajbionable Music
compofin£ the song* &c lately fold ax the
Rcpofitory in Souch S.-cond Street. To in
a few days, wilf be added, some NANO FOtf"fT?S
of a very superior tone and qualify, Flutes, Fifes,
Violin*, he.'t Roman Violin Strings, arid every
other articl- in the musical line, wfcich will be
fold in prinve order, and o* the moll reasonable
Subfcriptioni received for the Muftcal 'Journal
for the Piano Force, a-H the Flute pr Violin, lha
firlt fix numbers of which are already publilhed,
and way l>e purchased together or fvparately by
new fubfcnhcrft
Mafch 6,1800
WHEREAS Mathew trwin did on the Bth
day ol July T 797 make an affignmentof his
cftate an 1 to us the subscribers, for the be
nefit of such of his creditors, as should on or before
the loth of September, 179?, execute to him a full
and final dilchaiye—Now thofc (ff his creditor?
who are entitled to a dividend under said align
ment are r«.qae(led to funilh their amounts to
Samuel Nick -r, with intcrell calculated up to the
Bth day o July, 1797, as a rfividend will abW.ute
ty be ft rut k on the firflday of April next, and those
who negleA te comply with this notice will there
after be excluded from the benefit ot the fame.
Philip Nicklin
Samuel Meeker
Natb'l Lewis, by bis Ads.
Pearson Hunt 1
John M. Taylor J
Philadelphia, March 14
RE. Public arckutionedagainft receiving the
J SuhfciibrrS Note in favor of, and indor
sed by- r i homas W. Francis, dated yefter*!ay,
at 6c day* after date for £ight huhdred iToliars.
The note is in the hand writing of the Suhfcri
ber, and at the bottom a memorandum by the
iodflrfcr,-to the credjit of the drawer, Thomas
W. Fnr.cis. Ttfifc note together with* con
trail between Charles Williamfori, and Charles
Hale for lands in township, No. 4, in the 3th
range of Strutter county, state ofNew*Jerfey,
andftuftjJ j other papers contained "m a Pocket
BOOL . wrere Jaken from the ttabferiber* d«ik last
evening. As ihe above can be of no use t* the
person « sco has carried them off, fhhould they
be returned, no quefiions (hall fee asked.
A CERTIFICATE of one Share ef the Bank
of the United Sta'cs,.No. 19120, in the name
ot Lewis Peter Quirtyn, and a Certificate of two
Shares «f the faiH Bauk, No 191 !>, ij the name
of George Jas ts Ch*tltnoodely, Earl of Lh
dcly, were for-varded from N-'.v York by the'
CTielUrfield Eritifh Packet for Falmouth, wkich
v.'aß captured by the French, and the Certificates
I6TI or destroyed. and for W.ich application i,
made at said Kaitk for the renewal there ;!, of which
all periods concerned arc desired to takj notice.
February it
For property in lie City, or ivitbin thirty
miles of it,
A PLANTATION or trjfl of Lind in
Mifflin County and State of PennfyWa
nia, within £x milts of the river Juniata, con
taining about 330 acres. There art about fifty
acres cleared, part of which is 2 rith bottom,
watsied by a conitant llrtam that is ftrorig
• uougb to work an oil or a gritt mill Any
person inclining to deal for it, may obtain fur
ther lr.formatr'/n by .ppfying at the ofS.e- of
this gtzette.
N. B. If fold, cred.t will lij given for p»r:
of the money.
O-Sober 1799. ct:.
Or to fce exchanged far. a good Vcflcl,
AN elegant hew two fiery FRAME PJQUSE,
twenty seven feet ft out by thirty-four in
depth, with a commodious prnzsa *nd kitchen, to
gether with a ccach hcnTc add ftablu, situate in
the fiouriihiag village of Frankford. The houfc,
which may be entered the xirft of June ne*e, will
fee finifhed in the ncarcft stile with many conveni
ences, and viU be well adapted to a large gcntee!
family who may wilh to resile in the country du
ring the summer feofon. In exchange, it will be
value J low, if a veflel offer that may be fuitabic.
Further particulars will be made known by *;j
plication to
Fehrua-ry 14.
United States, ?
Pennsylvania District. J 1 '
BY virtjfK of a w fit of Venditioni exponas* to
me duelled, iffucd out of the circuit court
of the United States, in and for ihc Pennsylva
nia Diftril), of the tpiddie circuit, will be fold
by public vendue at the city tavern, in Second
street, in the oity of Philadelphia on Satur
day the sth day of April next, at 7 o'clock in
the evening, all that certain tract or parcel of
land, situate, lying and being on the river or
creek called Lackavvaxec, in the county cf
i Wayne, containing 8000 acres and upwards;
on which are erected * mefiuage, ftablea and
lawmill» with the appurtenances.—The name#
of the original warrantees of the fa;d tract or
pJnrcel of land were as follows.
Mordecai Roberts,
Stopbel MecLra,
Zacbariab Ferris,
George Till,
Tb omr.s Wiggir.i,
George Morton,
George Street9n y
Friend S&eetOH,
Jobri Olrpbant,
Seized and taken in execution as the property
of Robert Lettis Hooper, decctfed.
JOHN HALL, Marshal-
N. B. A reasonable credit will be given,
Marshal's Office,
Philadelphia, March 17,
* Tbefi tzuo fraSs do not contain tix full
quantity of the orignal warrants ; ftu t of ibtm
having been conveyed aiuay.
John Till,
George Wartyn^
Benjamin Hancock,
Echosril Welsted,
James Thompson,
Joseph Whitehead,
Patrick Connolly,
Tbamat Qriffy, > „
William Halbert. \
eotj A
Territory of the United States,
NortkjPeJl of the river Ohio.
For the information of r.ofi reftknts, proprietors
of lands situate and lyifcg vritfi'fc said
By a lav) passed in the general assembly of
said territory, on the 19 tb of December,
A. D. 1799, entitled " An Aft levying
a Territorial Tax on Land," all lands
lymr r.'itbin said territory, tbe property
of individuals, non-residc\ts, as well as
resiiltrtft, are subjected, to taxation to de
defrjy territorial expences.
Publifbed by Authority
Sec. 8. And he it further enaStd, That
there (hall be paid within this territory, the
following taxes, for every hundred acres of
land, and so in proportion for a greater or
frfialler quantity : the land fha'l be divided
into three claflcs, according to thequ lity,
that ij to fay, firft. second and third rate—
the firft rate fhal! be taxed at eighty five
cent*, second rate at sixty cents and the 3d
rate at twenty-five cents, per hundred acres*
which said taxes (hall be p>aid annually in
the manner described by this a& ; and the
following rule (hall be observed in rating
any trail of land to wit—when a greater
part of a trad (hall be superior in point of
quality to second rate land, it (hall be deno
minated firft rate ; when a. greater part of
a trad (hall be inferior to firft rate and su
perior to third rate in point of quality, it
(hall be denominated second rate ; and when
the greater part of a tra& of land (hall be
inferior to second rate, it (hall be denomi
nated third rate land—taking into view the
furface of the earth as well as the quality of
the foil. Provided always, That nothing
herein contained (hall be construed to fub
jeft to taxation, any lands lying within the
limits of the contrast made by John Cleves
Syramrs and his aflociates, with the hoard
of treasury, and without the boundaries of
their paterrt, until the fame (lull have been
granted by the United States : Andprov'i
ded alio, That the unimproved lands in
the vincennis and Illinois country, (hall
not be lifted at higher than second rate.
Sec. 10. dnd bt it further enaSed, That
the territory (hall have a perpetual lieu or
every (raft of land add every part thereof,
for the amount of all taxes, and to per ten
turn interest thereon, from the firft day of
Septesibei.; and no alienation of lands be
longing to iiny person, or in enter
ing or lifting the fame, (hall the claim
or lieu of this territory, until the taxes and
interest thereof due from such person, are
Sec. 11. in Jbe itfurther IntiScd, That
the tentorial auditor and thfc clerk of the
peace of each county refpeflively, (hall ksep
a book for the purpose of entering lands of
non refidtnts in manner and form hercinaf
tef dire-fled. All nOn residents lhall enter
their lands with the auditor, or with tie
clerk of the peace of the country in which
the land lies, on or before the firft day t<(
July, who (hall administer an oaih to the
person delivering such lift, or by any ocher
mean 3 protfure fatisfadory information for
the purpose of afcertainiog the quality ot
such land, placing it ih its proper class, un
der the name of the county in which it lira ;
and every noil r.fideut (hill enter his Or her
land, agreeably to the rules and Wgulaiiin
of this a£fc, as ih <.aft of rtfideots. All tax
es on lands, lifted by the commissioner, and
returned to the clerk asafosefaid, (hall be
paid, with interest thereon, te the (tariff or
et'lltftor, as the cafe may be. And the
taxes on all lands, lifted by the audi*
tor (or by the clerks of the peace and cer.
tided to the auditor) with the interest that
may be due thereon, (hall be paid te the
territorial treaftrrir or to the (heriff or col
leflorof the proper county, but thetreafu
rer (hall not receive from the ion resident,
soy raxes, unlcfe such son refidenj pay the
fame before the firft day of August, annu
ally, nor Until such non resident (hall pro
duee to him, a certificate frt>m ths auditor
®r the clerk of the peace refpeftively, of the
quality of the land, for which he or (h- is
rbout to pay the tax, wi.h the amOuht due
tlitreon, which certificate (hall be, by the
treasurer, filed in his office. The auditor
0/ the territory andthe clerk of the peacfc of
th<- several counties refpeflively, (hall keep
books ot' transfers ; and every noli resident,
*ho has entered hi» or her lands, in manner
aforefaid, may, on the transferring the
fame or any part thereof to any other per
son or persons, have the alteration made
with the auditor or clerk of (he f>c,ice ref
peSi. Ely, and charged to the person or per
sons to whom transferred, and such person
lhall be chargible with "the tax of such land
or lands hereafter 5 and each person having
the alterat on made, (hall pay to the auditor
or clerk of the peace refpefh'velv, twenty
five cents, tohis own use. And it (hall be
the further duty of the auditor, in the month
of Augutl, yearly and every year, to trans
mit to the clerks of the peace of the several
coutitiei refptedtively, a certified ext raft cf
all lands entered in hit office, tf alteration!
therein ma le in the preceding year, noting
thereon the tra&sof land bn which tbe tax
es hare bee n "paid into the territorial treasu
ry. Providd alvjsyt, 1 hat it (hall be the
duty of the several clerks cf the peace, upon
receiving from the auditor, a lift of tbe non
reGdems' lands entered in his office, to make
diligent search at;d enquiry of the non resi
dents' lands lying in each of their refpefUre
counties; and after comparing the said au
ditorial lift with the lift of non residents'
lands entered in his office, (hail proceed Co
lift all the refi lue of 'he lands belonging to
non-rcfidents not hefore lifted, noting the
quantity anrf qu?!u'y of thi ftrvSrtl traSs of
lartd, so fey hihrt difcove'ieiJ «tnd tlSt beftife
en?#rtd, atrdfuch as hecar.oot with certainty
afcert*:.-. the quality of, He rttMl «)ter as
fecondrate ; end (hall nuke out and trarf-j
mit one copy to the territorial auditor, ajtd
a second copy of fncli lilt the clerk ihall dt -
liver to the (heriff or colleftor of the pro-,
per county, to govern him in the
taxes due thercoa, as in other c;>fea of non
refidentj' lands.
Sec. IJ And be it further enaScd, That
the fheriff or colltflor lhall be auihorifed to
fell so much of each trait of land charged
with ta*es, at will discharge the amount
thereof, with cods: Provided goods and
chattels cannot be found thereon to the a
mount. And the (heriff orcolle&or in that
cafe, (hall adtertifij the time and place of
sale one (ninth, at the door of the cpurt
houfe, and also, at four other public places
in his county ; and if the person claiming
the land does not par the amount on or be
fore the expiration of the time, the (heiiffor
colleftor (hail proceed to fell ; after fucb
sale, the fheriff or colleftor (hall deliver to
the purchaser a certificate of the quaa
tity of land fold, describing therein the
traft that was charged with the tax, and
the end or fide from which the quantity fold
was taken, which (hall always be laid off as
nearly in a square as the C uation will admit
of : And the fur»eyor of the county, ott
the receipt of such certificate, /half by him.
felf or deputy proceed tofurvey the quantity
fold as aforefnid, agreeably to the said oer
tificatt, ard charge the purchaser with the
expence of the fame. The surveyor or hi*
deputy ?.i the cafe may be, shall give notice
to the former owner, if in the county, or
his agent, if any he has therein, of the day
on which the furvsy is to be made : Ani
upon the plat and certificate of survey being
prefentfd to the (heriff or colleftor, it (hall
be his duty to convey the f<me to the pur
chaser l y deed, in due form of law execu
ted, which conveyance (hall vest in the pur
cnafir all the right, title and interest of the
proprietor ; and in consideration of law
(hall also vtft the pflfll-ffion of the land in the
purchaser : Provide V always, that nothing
the:tin cbntairted (hall extend, or ke con
firmed to extern!, to bar the right or equity
of re'tmption, which any infant, person
non compos mentis, or in captivity, may
havfc" the land so fold, provided the taxes
and charges thereon, wiih interest, and an
equitable compensation for improvements
thereon made, be rendered within one year
after such disability be removed.
Sec. 14. And le it further enafleJ, That
wh'B aiy traft of land, or part thereof, ig
not fold upon bf'ing rxpofeS, and th« tax
on the fame not paid, it (hall be the duty df
the OiHiff or Cdlle&or to advertise and ex
pose the fame to sale iu like mannar, as to
time and place as aforefaid, at every court
of quarter frffions, until the land be fold or
the tax be paid thereon ; and no flieriff or
collector, or their deputies, (hall direftly or
indireflly. purchase any land that (hall be
exposed to sale for the payment of taxes.
Sec. 16. And be it further enaSei, That
whe - any ron resident fails to pay to the
treasurer the tax and interest due on any
trafl of lahd, on or before the said month of
August annually, the auditor {hall, at tha
fane time when hs tranlmits to the several
clerks of the counties the amount of land*
entered in his office, certify to the several
(httiffs or collectors, as the cafe maybe,
such failure of paymeut, dating particular
ly the amount of the taxes due thereon ;
and also at the fame time advertise the famt
in one of the Gazettes of this territory, f#r
four weeks successively ; whereupon the
(hcriff or collector (hall, forthwith after tt
eiivingfuch lift, proceed to advertise on the
court houft door of his ptoper county, the
said trafts f f la ds on which the lax is due,
ft?.t ng the amnui.t thereof, and that he
{hall proceed to make sale of the fame to
fatisfy said taxes, tinlefs the fame /hall be
p.v'd on or before the firft Monday in No
vember, or so much thereof as w H pay the
taxes and expences attending the sale ; and
the said (heriff or collector (hall advertise the
fame in four different public places within
the county, and if the amount of taxes is
not paid, on or before the time mentioned,
the (heriffor colledtor (hall proceed to fell
each tra£t, or so much theresf as will i
mount to the taxes ahd interest, with legal
colls : and when any trad, or part thereof
be said, the Qieriff or colleftor (hall proceed
in the fame mariner to have the fame con
veyed to the porchafcr as is direfted in cafe
of l'cfidents ; and it (hall n it be lawful for
the (heriff or collefior, or their deputies, di
reiSly or indireflly, to purchase any land
fold under this feflion.
Sec. 17. /In Jbe it further enaßid, That
it ftiall be the duty of the territorial auditor
to publith such cxtrnifh from this law, as
relates to the landa of non-refiihrits, in one
newspaper v.'itlu'n this territory ; an<s also,
in otie hewfpapor at the fiat of the general
government, and at tbe city of Richmond
in Virginia ; »'id the toiVn of Boston in
M?ffaehufetis ; and the city of Hartford ir.
Conne£U<iUt, for the term of fix weeks, to
commence on the firft week in February
next, and the expaoces thereof (hall be de
frayed out of the territorial treasury.
True extrafls from faidlaw,
Auditor of Puilic Accounts. N. W. T.
ICT" The Auditor of said Territory his
opened his affice at Cincinnati, north-wtf
tern territory, where he it at all tim«s r«ady
to receive and enter the lands of non-refi
deoters in his office, lubjeA to the payment
of taxes under the above law.
Auditor if Public /tccawtis, N. IV. T.
Cincmad, fVb. i, iSoo.
Prifttte ivi'riquefted to fWegtaiag'tSt.
tca<S«> phutio ftrtir terpeftrceipiperi far thelto>
oeficofthMfe caiKcrned.

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