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At Chalk's Circulating Library, : 1
No. 75 North Third Street,
WHERE may be had, all tbe h'ajbitnebh Music i
compelling the songs &c lately iold at the <
Repository in South Second Street To which, in
a few days, will be added, feme PIANO FOR! Ei>
of a very fuperier tone and quality, Flutes, I'ltes,
Violins, best Roman Violin fringe, and every
other article in the musical ljrte, which Vfill be
fold in prime order, and pR \the moll reasonable
terms. \ ,
Subfcriptiom received for Muf'cal Journal
lor the Piano Forte, a-.id the FliXje or V'obn, trie
firft fix numbers of which are already publtfhed,
and may-te purchased together or Separately by
nonfubferibers \
March 6, 1800 \
From the BOSTON
Of different
N. B. Any foe " r
larger than » 8 i«.canbeha
IV, on o-rferrd; and an
' .... .rd.rtthst may be le
. No. g, South Water
» S
WJLL be received at 1
seventh day of April
cioathirip lor the Army of t
' he prnpofals injift fpecify
ffr cutting out each of the
wit; Hoifeman'scloaks, r»c
and oveialls.
PROPOSALS will^ifob
fevinth diy of April ntxt
five thousand hats and twei:
1 he hats to be made of pood
nufiflured, full cocked, be
black binding, the fan ar hi
« bread, fides and corner# I
The Ihirts to be of linen eqi
the pattern article, and to b
he said pattern.
One halt" of the hats and
cn or before the firfl day 1
the remainder on or before t
Patternt of tbe art
the Military Stores kept by Jryce streets.
wharf between Arch and R_r.
Security will he required* Mr. HENRY,
J A\j t' Secretary cf War,
" MiP'h 7
wax £R 1 office -
-tre Square, Fekeuaty 5, 1800.
-e with thf inftru<flions.of the
■watering the city, and with
ins, every poflible admit
lation has been given to
* have visited the WWks
-"ft. I iic Engine«4.cAlv,«
immediately to be put up,
st it will be thought rea
/both to the Public, and to
for the Engines, that the
-1 not be interrupted. Asa
.iths will fully gratify the cu
cittleni, by (hewing them the
full operation, a temporary ex
all vifitorsfrom th? houses
appear improper.
B. H. LATROBE, En?\necr.
rebruary 13
HIS SwediSj Majefty'sC'onful General, and au
thorized to tranfed the C'onf/.ar Business,
for his Majefly the King of Denmark iu the United
States of America, reGding at Philadelphia,
Hereby gives public Notice,
That in obedience to muit inductions received
J'rorti hi* government, it is the duty of all Ma(ler6
«t Sweriiflj and Danish veflcls, before their failing
frrm any port in the said States, to cali upor him
or the Vice Consul, in order to be granted such
Certificates for their Cargoes, which the exigency
nl the ft ate of the Neutral Commerce and thefe
vcr.il Octrees of the Belligerent Powers, render
indifperfably necessary, and, that any Matter of
Vt lf«Js belonging to the refpedive nations, or na
vigating sader the protection of their fljgs, in
omitting to take such certificates, will personally
ftacd responsible for the cofllequences.
Philadelphia, 18th December, 1799.
About 25 acres of Land,
LAYIN'6 on the east fide of the Falls Road.—
On the East it it bounded by property belong
ing to Mr. Tench Francis, f«n—on the south, by
a road #f two perches, and on the north by a lane,
which separates it from Mr. M'Call. It is propo
sed to divide this land into 3 equal parts in order
to fait the purchaser*
Also, 31 acres, situated on the well Gile of
Gcrirantswn road, adjoining Mafters's estate,
being part of the property of the late Samuel
For terms apply to Samuel Mifflin, corner of
Market and ilth flreeu,
January 24.
RAN AWAY OB Saturday evening the 13th
July instant, from Golebrook Furnace,
Lancaster county, a Negro Man named Cato,
" is about 40 years of age, five feet fix or fe-
V" 1 -hes high, tolerable black, with a down
iM look, Tiuinta, he 19 a cunning artful fellow,
a grear liar, very fond of strong liquor,
ha« been brouj.l* ~n t o the farming business, it
very bandy at any'w. .4 of laboring work ; he
took with him a numbet -,f clothing, amongfl
were, one suit plain Nankeen; (some
money). It is expe<9ed he has fhk r »(j hiscourfe
so. Philadelphia or New York.
* The above reward will be paid tvr fe.
curing him i n any gaol in the United States,
■vith reasonable charges if brought home.
Colebroek Furnace, J«ly 16, 1799:
(0 18) dim
No 95, North Water-Greet,
ENTITLED to drawback, which they ofler for
sale at moderate pricts for cafti, or the lifua
credit ; or on a credit of i» or f8 months upon
Mortgages on Real Property, in or near the Lit,
of Philadelphia, or other fatisfailory security
„ pipes old Por^' ; f I
15 boxes r 9 J*" al ",
(one/ , ,
vVindow Glass 8 by
10, &e.
i chcft afiorted Looking
Several large elegant do.
1500 Demijohn".
50 kegs Pearl Barley.
A few tons Roll Brim>
iO kegs Yell»w Ochre.
A few bbls. Rosin,
40 tons Rufiia Hemp.
!So lihds. Hogs Brifties.
1 hhd3. Dutch Glue.
20 calks Nails afiorted
from ,;d. to iod.
16 casks Ironmongery,
g calks Hoes.
Get man Steel.
6 hhds. Coffee mills.
Blocking Twine, Tapes,
Stone Pickling Pots,
&c- &c.
;o boxes and bales Tick
60 do
en linns.
50 do.
b>igs. /
50 do
»5 do.Bielfiel^ re j s
1, do Cre^f| x
a U slL.
I 9tioi Kftii*.
Bed Ticks.
"jnpty Bags,
il Cloths,
iocs and Slippers,
lal and upper Leather,
mils and Saaling Wax.
package Gold and Sil
ver Watches,
few chests Toy«.
ates and PentiU.
> hhds Havanna Mo
February Is.
~>F Unseated Lands in Weftmorelawd county,
. J Peni fylvania, arc here y notified, that un
fs the T?xm due on (aid lands for are P 3 '^ 1
;to the hand* cf *Jcbn Brandon, Sfy. treasurer of
lid county, on or before the aoth of April next,
ley will be advertised for sale, as the law dirc<sU
'January l 8
March nth, 1799.
'urfuant to tb.e of Cong.refa palled on the
id day of Jukc, on: thoul'and, seven hun
dred and ninety fix, entitled "an a£l regulat
ing the grants ortand appropriated for mili
tary fsrvices, and for the focicty of United
Bre.hren for propagating the gospel among
the Kef hen 5" and the ail I'upplementary to
the faiarecited afl p-ifledon the lecond day of
March, nt th inland seven hundred and nine
ty nins > zvit:
THAT theiradl of Land herein after d»'
scribed, namely," beginning at the North "Weft
corner of the fcve|» ranges of townships, and
ruening thence Illy mile* due south, along the
western boundajy "I the said ranges thence
due Well to the Mai" Branch of the Scioto ri
ver ; thence lip the Main Branch of the said ri
ver to the place vJierethe Indian boundary line
crolTrs *he fame£-thence along.the laid boun
dary line to the "iufcaroras branch of the Muf
kingum river at (becrofling plice above Fort
Lawrence; thence down the said river, to the
point where a liif run due weft from the place
of begiaaing, jpiU interleifl the said river ;
J... so run to the place of be
ginning hasten divided into townships of
five miles square, and trait Tonal parts of town
lhips ; and that plats and (ijrvfcys of the laid
townships and fractional parts of townlhipa are
deposited in the uffices of the Regifler of the
Treasury and Surveyor General, for the infpec
tioa of all perfoß- concerned.
The holclars of foch warrants as have been
or (hall begrinteti fqr military tervicesperform
ed during the late war, are required to present
the fame to the Register of the Treasury, at
some time prior to the twelfth day of February
in the ye'r, one thousand eight hundred, for
tbt puipofe of being registered ; No registry
will however be made of any !«fs quant'ty than
a quarter townffiip, or four thuufand acres.
The priority of location of tlx warrants which
may be presented aiKl regifleredin manner afore
faid, prior to the lath day of February in the
year onethoufand eight hundred, will immediate
ly after the said day, be determined by lot, in the
mode drefcribed by th< a& firft recited.
The holders of regtfered warrants, (hall on
Monday the 17th day ofFebrwry, in the year
1800,1 n the order of which the priority ef locati
on (hall be determined by lotas afcrcfaid, prion
ally.or by th«ir agents, dcfignnte in writing at the
office of tbt Register of the Treasury, the particu
lar quarter townlhips elcilod by them refge&ively,
and such of the said holders as (hall not defignatr
their locations on the said day, (bail be postponed
as locating such warrants to ail other ht/lders of
regiftercd warrants.
The holders of warrants for military service*
fufficient to cover one or more quarter townships
er trails of four thousand acres each ; (hall, at any
time after Monday the 17th day wf February, *Boo
and prior to the firftday ol January, 1802, be al
lowed to register the said warrants in manner a
forefaid, and forthwith to make locations therefor
on any trail or tFa&s of land not before located.
All warrants or claims for lands on account of
military feryis*a, wJiich (ballnotbe rrgifler*d and
located before Hie firft day of January, 1801, are by
the supplementary ail of Congrels herein fcr f ore
recited, paflcd on the second day of March, 1799,
'declared to be forever barred.
Gives under my hand at Philadelphia, the
day and year above mentioned.
May itjtky 1799.
THE proprietors of certificates ifliied forfub
fcriptiens to the Loan bearing interest at
eight per centum per annum, are notified, that
at any time after payment shall have been made
of the sth instalment, which will become due
during the firft ten days of the month ef July
enfding, Certificates of Funded Stock may at
their option be obtained at the Treasury or Loan
Offices, refpeflively, for the amount of the four
firft instalments, or o»emoiety of thefams ex
prefiedin the fubfeription certificates:—N® cer
tificates of Funded Stock will however be iflued
for less than one hundred dollars.
Such fubfeription certificates as may be pre
ented at the Treasury or Loan Offices in con
equence of the foregoing arrangement, will be
niorfed and diftindtly marked so as to denate,
that a noetv ef the flock has been iflued.
Secretary of tie Treasury.
do. Hemp-
do. Ozb*
Sec. of the Treasury,
March 11, 1800.
Notice is hereby given,
THAT separate >r»pofals will be received
U the office of the Secretary of the De
partment of War, until the expiration of the
ijth of July nexteiifuing, for the supply id a ; l
rations, which may be required for the use of
the United States, irotn the ift day of os*>bei i ,
1800, t" the 30th tlay of September,
both dais inclusive, at the places and within
the two diftrifls hereinafter firft mentioned ;
and alto that separate propef»ls will be received
at the Otid office untilthe expiration jfths 15th
day of July next enfuiig, for the 1 ipply <>f all
ratiixis which may be lequired as ai ore law/from
the lit day of Januaiy;in the year 1801, to the
31ft daly of Decern!*) in the f'am = year, both
days UclnCye, at thcplace and within the fev
er.il Hates hereinafter mentioned, viz,
FirJ. Propufals ti supply all rations, that
may be required, at C.fwego ; at Niagara 1 at
at Fort Franklin ; at aeuf; at Cincinnati ;at
Piequt Town, and L 1 ramies flores; at Fort
Wayne j at Fort Defhiee ; at any place below
Fort Defiance, on the Miami river to Lake
Erie ; at Port Knox, aid Ooatonon on the ri
ver Wabaih ; at Maffiicf at any plat s or places
on the river Mfffiffippi, abova the mouth of the
river Ohio, ami upon tie lllonois river.
Second. Propofalstc!fupply all rations that
may oe required, at an)j place or p aces, on the
east fideofthe Miffifiippiriver,bele<v the inouth
of the river Ohio to the southern boundary of
the Hate of KetUUfky and within thefaid state ;
at Knoxville ; t all pofti and places within the
state of Tent tffee ; at South Weft Point: at
Tellicoß'ock fcoufe; at St.Sevens, cr other fort
or poll on Mobile or Tombigby, and
any place or piices within the Cherokee bounda
ries ; below tfce southern boui/dary of the state
of I enncflee and within the boui.dary of the
United States./
Third Pripofals to supply all rations that
may be Vequirtd, at Poißt Petre ; at Colenine,
at Savannah, iad at any other place or piapet
where troops »re or may be stationed, marched
or recruited wT'hin the state of Georgia; at alt
forts or i!ation»fOn the Oconnee and Alatama
ha, =nd at al) psji" places in the Creek nation,
within the Unfits of the United States, Where
troops are or way be stationed.
Fourth Prepofals to lupply all ration*-that
may be Fort Johnfton, at Fort Pinck
nev, at Charltfton, or at any other place or
places where (Soops are or may be stationed}
marched or rccinited in the state of South-Ca-
Fifth. Prortbfals to supply all rations that
may be required at the Foit at Wilmington,
Cape Feu-; at Beacon island, Ocracnck ; at
Charlotte j at Fayttteville 1 at Saiiftiury, or
at any oihcr p ace or places where troops are or
pay be fiatiotv d, marched or recruited in the
ftjte < r North Carolina.
Sixth. Proppfals to supply f" rations that
may bo required at Norfolk, at Portfrrouth, at
Kempfvtlle, at CKarlottrville, at Winchl&rr
at Staunton, .'t Richmond, at Alexandria ; at
Ltelburg, at Ijcderickiburg. at Carteifvillc. at
Harper's feriy or at any other place or places
where troops are or may be Rationed, marched
or recruited, n{ the state of Virginia
Seventh. P.rkpofals to supply all rations that
may be required at Fort M'Henry, at Halti
mor«, at Anrkpolis, at Frederick town, at
Leonard town, At Haters town, at
at Georee-toweU" East"*>", at the Head of
Elk, and at afy other place or places, where
troops are or may be Rationed, marched or rc
crur ed within tlje limi:s ef the ftatc of Mary
Eighth. Prcbofa!" to supply all rations that
may be at Fort Mifflin, at Philadel
phia, at Darby, at Lar.cafter, at WilkefbArre,
at Heading, at Hriftoi, at York town, at Carlisle,
at Lewiflown (Mifflin county) at Bedford, at
Greer.fburg, at Wifhington, at Eaftown,gat
VVilniingto', 3i Chrittiana, at Dover, or at
any other placi or placts where troops are or
may be ftatio'ied, marched or recruited within
the limits of tht- ftatrs o! Pennsylvania and De
laware, except the posts within the state of Penn
sylvania, enumerated in the firll proposals a
foresaid •
Ninth. Proposals to supply all rations that
may be required at Harkt-nfao, at Elizabsth
town, at Nevs-Brunfwick, at Burlington, at
Woodbury, at Trenton, aod at any ori.er place
or places where troops are or may be llationtd,
marched »r recruited within the limits of the
state of Jerfcy.
Tenth. Proposals td supply all rations that
may be required at New Yurie, at Weft Point,
at Fluftiing, at Haerlem, at Weft Chester, at
Poughkeplic, at Konderlioak, at Stillwater, at
Newberg, at Albany, at Conajol>arie, Jt Cler
ry Valley, and it .iny other plate or plites
where troops art or may be Rationed, mardied
or recruited within the limits of the llatt of
New-York, except the polls within the j'tld
state enumerated in the firft proposals aforeft;d.
Eleventh. Proposals to supply all rati as
that may be required at Hartford, at Hebfc.n,
at New London, r.t Brooklyn, at Wyndl&rr.,
at Litchfield, at Guilford, at New-H<.ven, at
Fairfield, at at Middletown, ant at
any other place or places where troops art or
may be stationed, marched or recruited wifiiiii
the limits oftheftare of Connedkicut.
T<wclftb. Proposals to supply all rat'ons tut
may be required ?t For; Wolcott, at Brinto.'s
Point, at Newport, at Providence, and at *iy
dace or places where troops are or may be fk
eioned, marcht d or recruited within the Hints
of the state of Khode-Ifland
Thirteenth. Prrfpofals to supply all ratidis
that may be required at Portland in the E f
trifl of Maine' Gloucellrr, Cape Ann, Sale ),
Marblehtad, Boiiori, atUxbi idge, and at a y
other place or places where troops are or may e
stationed, msrehed or recruited within the i
mits of the state of MafTachufetts.
Fcurteeitb. Proposals to supply all rations th>".
may be required at Portfmruth, at Exeter,i :
Windsor, at Bennin jrson, at Rutland, or at Ml
fort, place or places, where troops are or maylle
ftationtd, marched or recruited within the Stilly
of New Harapfhire acd Vermont
The rations ti be supplied, is to consist of t t
following articles, viz. eighteen ounces of bread f
quart ol ncc, or one and a half pound of fifted r
freSi beef, or one pound of salted beef, or thr c
quarters of a pound of salted pork, and when fr< h
meat i« ifTued, fait, at the rate of two quarts | r
every hundred rations; soap at the rate of ff< r
pounds, and candles at the rate of a pou.id «i:i( a
half for every hundred rations
the supply of rum, whiiky, or other
rits at the rat« of half a gill per ra:ion, and )vin -
gar at the rate o[ two quarts' for every hiSiiiir*!
the several component parts ol the ration's-. wJI
as those of lubflitvUei or alternatives for psf.3
A - - *" ~
Y J Vt-
The rations are to be furmJhed in fucb quanti
ties as that there (hall at all times, during the term
of the proposed contrails be fufficient for the con
sumption of the trosps at Michilimackieac, De
troit, Niagara and Ofwego, for fit months in ad
vance, and at each of the other posts an the wef
tern waters, for at least three months in advance,
of good andwholefome provifiona, if the fame fha!l
be required. It is alfa to ba permitted to all and
evctyofthe commandants ef fortified places, or
or poftp, to call for at seasons when the fame can
be transported, or at any t-ate in the cafe cf urgen
cy, such fuppliee of like provisions in advanc*, as
in thfdifcretion of the commandant IHall be deem
ed proper. It is to be under ood that the cm
traitor is to be at the expence and risk of iffuirg th*
fuppliesto the troops, and at all lcffe<s, fuftaiticd, by
the depredations of an enemy, er by the means ol
the troops of the United States, Ihall be pailor at
the priee of the article captured or destroyed, on the
jdepofitions of two or more perfotis of creditable.
: tharadl<rß and the certificats of a eommifiioned
-fliter, ascertaining the of the lofi,
aM the anisunt of the articles, f#r which compm
fation {ball be claimed.
TJie privilege ii to be underileod to be referred
to the United States of raquiring, that none ol the
fupplins which may he fnrnifhed under any of ti c
proposed contra&s {hall be issue i, until the sup
plies which have or may be furnifhed under can
trails now in force have been consumed. a«d that
a (apply in aHvanc:' may be always required at ur.y
of the fixed posts oa theSea-b ardor In ian fron
tiers, not exceeding tbree^uor.ths.
March 24
319 High Str.et.
,A~l EORGE DAVIS has just received from Dub-
V_T lis, via New York, a very large Parcel of
lLaw Books. all of the latest editions, which ren-
M -rs his aflbrtmcnt he believes the most eitenfive
Ii d valuable on the continent. They will be
[opened this day, and ready for sale at anytime af
The fubferibers to that important work, Went
vtrtlis Syjiim of Pleading are informed that it is
low arrived, and will be delivered an application
Blank Declarations fettled and approved by the
nt>ft diftinguifhcd Law characters, to be had of
March it.
't tbeir Store N<f. 5 Cbesnut Street, have
for sale,
The following Articles, viz.
First quality Russia Hemp
Ruflia Duck
Brandy in pipes, firft and fourth proof
Madeira Wine in pipes and half pipes
Claret in cases
Winter and Summer prcffed, Spermaceti Oil
Spermacefi Candels, and
Hyson Tea, latest importation
March 14.
The Tear 1800 is arrived !
n George-Town, upon the Potomak, i*
n the preirifesj on the firft Monday in May
PHIS Tavern was built by the subscription
Sofa number of gentlemen ai a neceflary
ufctul improvement to the town —it cost
00 dollais in the year 1799 when materials
-vorkmanlhip were much cheaper than at
time. The terms of subscription w«re that
it ould be fold to the hlgheft bidder on the
di above mentioned.
is a handsome, fubitantial brick bu'lding,
•( iec ftoriei, fronting fiity feet en the mot
pi ic ftrcet in the town, and running back
iijfr- three feet upon a wide and touvenien
ftri—"lhekoufe is admirably.calculated for
larj rooms, fine of them 30 by jo feet and
ana.cr 23 by 20, besides a large bar and dress
i .glioin, upon the fdcond floor is an elegant
alTcthly room, 60 by 30 feet, and three canve-
H'eri'odging rooms. Upon the third floor are
ten k client lodging rooms—the garrat admits
of a i vifidn df ten snare. There is also a good
kitci*.' and cc-.nmodioue cellars frfficient fo<
such ihotsfe. Passages and c rofs paflages inte'
fefl it- houle in such a mann«r at to make each
room J "i»ate.
i hte are Sables fuflicient for the aceommo.
ditioi of fifty herfea, with convenient iheds fu-r
ca'ria ts—attached to the building are three
tot* of 6q feet by no each, which front on
thrtc : rests, and in the back yard and not io
yards \>® the kitchen is a copious and never
failing fpiyig of most excellent running water.
The of improvements and their con
vetienic tt the city of Waftimgton must rentier
this prqieiy a most defiiable aiquifition to any
petfon vh| may wilh to carry on a tavern upon
anlexte ifi*i frale. The immediate removal ot
thjr of the United States must re-
tc|it fill and complete custom.
The term of fate are, one third in canz
one irano day« the other third in
340 dayk, tib« <ecurtd by approved notes ne-
ITnriiibleat tie Bank of Columbia or at either
of the Bank in Baltimore, poflcflion to be giv
en on the d: rof sale and a perfetft title mack
icuuibrances, on the last paymei t
ear, of ail
;ing made.
S BEALL, of Geo. > T n
, REIN TZFL. - £ T ' ufie "
[March 8 J iawtiMay.
ABOITT two miles and a quarter from the
Court Houfu, on the Ridge road, adjoining
lands ot Jtrciiiah Parker ; containing about thirty
two-acres, diJided into f.veral lots, asd in the
highett ftafe'ot cultivatien. There in on it a hat:d
foroe, well <i Jilhedjbrick house, slmoft new, fifty
feet front and twenty-two feet deep, with a rooms
oil a floor, li by U feet each, and an entry of
eight £?et between y. three good chambers or tin
second floor, and tlfcec garrets well fimflied and
plaifte'red- In front kf the building is a very good
piatEa. Adjoining che house is a large brick
kitchen, 24 by 18 fsct, two flori«» high, with a
neat chamber and garret, and a frame hitchtn
conne&ed with it, o4e story high, 16 by 18 feet,
near which is 3 pumj) of the best water for every
use At a l'mall difl-irce is the gsrdner's house, of
btiik, twoftories high, with a garret, 16 by ao
feet Thereate alf? i good barn, hay houfe,and
a large shed for carnages, an excellent kitchen
garden, with apple, peach, pear, chsrry and plumb
trees, in full beaiing.jftrawtierries and rafbrfries,
currants and articholes. At che lower part of
the land is a very fine jfpring of water. The house
is insured. 3;
Any perfonwiihirg; o view the premifis is re
quired |o apply at :htj offictof this Gazette.
-prii 3 I mwfcftf
No. 195 Market Street,
Offer for file at rcafanabl» prices, for approved
paper, r>r in barter for Coffee,
»o Cases Crtas * la-
4 do. Do-vlaflcs
4 do. Rouans
4 do. Platillas Roy
to do. Cafleril'os or
wl ite rolls of l» &
half j ards.
8 do Checks and
3 do. Fine Elber
feld Checks
4 do. Contils and
I do. Check (hirts.
16 do. Oil cloths
lo do. Tapes of all
numbers,plain, tu-il
led, blue and while
too Travellingcafesof
different sizes.
4 cases cut flint De
canters, pint& quart
3 cases gill tumblers
1 .cafe wine g : aflt-j
17 t boxes of Window
Glals, 8 by 10
2 cases Sealing Wax
With an extensive aflortment of Looking
Glass Plates of the fcllowing sizes, 16-12-
17- ic T, 17-13, 18-14, 20-12, 22-13, 24,
14, 26-15, a,l£) 28-16, and a variety of other
goods usually impo/ted from Hamburg.
March 11. d6t—taw4w.
Secretary of IVar
TAKF?' tliis m?thod of oiice more ii'fnrir.ing
the i-'ublic, that tiie partnership of Moles
Chspline and Robert M'Clute, which was enter
ad into for 'he ptrpoie of retailing Goods in the
town of Weft Liberty and Commonwealth of Vir
ginia, on the tenth day of August, 179 c, expired
on the tenth day of August 1793, agreeable to th#
term stipulated in their article of enpartnerfhip;
February 12.
IN the state of Delaware, being this day dif.
solved, all persons having demands again!!
said partnership will apply to the fubferibrr, and
such as are indebted to l aid concern will pleaft
to make piyment to
Duck Creek, April r. iawim.
J "HE Public arcautionedagainft receiving the
' Subfcriben Note in favor of, -and indor
sed by '1 hnqtat W. Francis, dated yefteriay,
at 6c days arter date for eight hundred dollars.
The note is in the hand writing of the Suhfcri
ber, and at the bottom a memorandum by the
indorlsr, to the credit of the drawer, Thomas
W. Francis. This note together with a con
trail betvcfceii Charles W.Uumfon, and Charlw
Hale for buds in township, No. 4, is the jth
range of Striker county, flare of New.Jersey, ■
and furtdry other paprrs contained hi a Pocket
Book, were taken from the Subferiber* dtfk last
everiny;. As the above can be «f no life to the
pcrl'on v. ho has carried them off, ftihould they 1
be returned, n- questions (hall lie aflted.
February 6
For property in the City, or within thirty
miles of if,
A PLANTATION or tradl of Land in
Mifflin County and State of Pennfylva
ia, within Itx miles of the river Juniata, con
taining about 300 acres. There are about fifty
acres cleared, ;urt of which is a rich bottom,
watered by a constant fhream that is firing
enough to work an oil or a grifl mill. Any
per'on inclining t» deal for it, may obtain fur
ther information by applying at the offic • of
(his ga?e:te.
N. 3. If fold, credit vritl be gives for part
of the money.
OiAober 17, 1799
AN elegant new FRAME HOUSE,
twenty seven feet front by thirty-four in
depth, with a commodious piazza and kitchen, to
gether with a coath house and ftabla, situate in
the flourishing village of Frankford. The house,
which may be entered the firft of June next, will
!jc finilhcj in the ncateft stile with many conveni
ences, and will bs well adapted to a large genteel
family who may with to reixde in the country du
ring the fummei season. In exchange, it will be
valued low. if a veflel «ffirr that may be suitable.
Further particulars will be made known by ap«
plication to
February 14.
FI'OM the United States Frigate Philadel
phia, DAVID DF.VINE, by trade a Shoe,
maker, born in Ireland, years of age, 5 fe«t
6 inches high, tight complexion and hair—alfa,
WATSON LUDLOW, by trade a Shoe
maker, born in New-Jerfcy, 33 years of age,
5 fert 10 inches high, dark hair and complexion
Whoever will take up said Deserters and deli
ver them on board thefaid frigate, Ihall receive
ten dollars reward for each, and reasonable
March 11
Near the corner of Arch and Ninth streets.
To be Sold or Let,
A number of excellent Pasture Lots,
On the Wiffahickon road, absut half a mile
from the city.
%" Enquire at No. *8 North Fifth street.
November 15, d6tlawtf
Entitled to Drawback:
i cale Ladies' Shoes
j cases fine Elberfel -
4 do. Siamoifts
3 do. Silefiahankfj.
x • do. Damaflc table
linen aCTorted with
! do. Moreas
do. Flanders Bed
Ticks, 6 4, 9-4 atid
tO'4 :
4 do. Cot ten Bed
do, flock
»®ps, ®love«
, taiooire
1 do. Kid Gloved
2 do. Ribbons
3 do. Garnets and
4 ealks;alTorted Iron
3 do. Scythes, lo
4 do. Coffee
3 Cables of iif fa
thorns each, 9 & io
The Subscriber
Of Duck Creek,
on KxrHA:;GKDj
Or to be exchanged for a good Vessel,

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