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YbtfoUovi,,# was commitwattd, by me/a*e, to the House 0 f Rfprtftnlativa on Fn
daylyt, by the Pr.jicLtM df the United. States.
\vl»crledumber ofiPerfons withinthe several Diftr;£h of
theUnitnd State*, *ccwi«iK To«n Ajft " Providing forthe Enumeration of
tft* IrthWxtaait^ofthe United-States," pal Ted March tKc Ift, i 7
J* V'EfcfcONT,
"N* w-"H\n is hj* *,
\ 'fit a'<sa c HVJi'ITS,
TtP. W-Ji *SI Y,
De laware,
au HA,
1 5''3 6 5l 35,691
.Truly ftaftd (tom the origfrial Returns depofiud in the OfSct of the Secre-
Oaober 84, 1791.
• Thit return W*l not fignedby the MirCul, tat wa» indofed and referred to in a letter writ
ten and figaedrby Moa
For the Na^iotrMh Gazette. |
An account of a titrfon horn a S'tgro, or a |
very dirlM* lit to; who aftenMrds be
came white.
<ty Cit>* LE «HSv. P*A e .
' J HIS person refidcs at Mr.Bfoodf-
A worth.'* it) Somerset county, Ma
ryland, .where 1 saw and can varied
with him, a" few Weeks (inoe. He is
commonly callad James. Certificates
can be had from gentlemen of charac
ter to the following purpose, as'l had
it from them: James was born in Charles
county, Maryland, about the year >741,
of a.black negro mother. His father
was-*.while man, as James fays, and as
all belief*. His birth was at Ignatius
Bowman's, and he fuceeflively belong
ed' folKfftt'd'Mr. 1 Sowman, a William
Bowrrtan, "a Mr. Hancock, Thomas
Ifcrpevctu, Col. William Hopewell,
arid John Blood fworth, where he is
at ptefcMt. He was of a black or very
darkvtolatto colour tiH he was about
15 ye*Tsof age,tvfaen fomc white spots
bnhis (kin, and which have
line* gradually increased; Co that at
this time his (kin is entirely white from
head to foot, excepting a few brown
fpelka, like molca, *nd some blotches
of a dark mulatto colour on his cheek
bones. Concurring in the above par
ticulars, James adds of himfelf, that he
was bom with some whits locks as hair
on Ms head, which Hill remain. That
he had a Child, which is in Charloa
withfuch white spots of
hair on his head.
Itk/alflt wfeH ascertained, by num
ber* with whop* I converged in the
neighborhood of James, that from their
own knowledge, abow fixfeen years
ago, ho hichaomnore white on him than
there is nowwf black. He has a negro
wifcSnd IfcVeral children by her, now
living. Thcfe are all black as negroes
commoply are. But he knows not the
condition of the obild he left in Charles
county f»whether there has commenc
ed irty tfhSnge in the colour of his skin,
as the spots in the hair might promiie.
Jarries is about fifty years old, his
hair Is black, with a few white spots
short and much curled (more like a
mulatto's than a negro's); the white
spots ca his head, and two while spots
of hair on his chin, give him an odd
appearsnpe ;he gave me the following
accoiint 0/ th 6 changes—a portion of
tftc fclick becomes of a rcdaifh brown
|c» - v'i.
s S3
ffS-S. v.
>- a
ft a'
> a' !?
• >■
S N-
i°5 )j 948 |
1 »43-
77vj06 i
9&, m
. £p>6 2 3
6 8»9 88
! *3<*o&
46, "70
r '9P«B:'
: 3*1652
;« 1 7T 448
; °3> 23 7
( "05,363
1 22,38/!
& 8.
a. S-
V *
eg' 3 3
:> <
cotourby degrcfes, and remains so about
fix months, when "it changes furthef
and becomes white—upon this change
the white parts are very tender,, and arc
Ibon burnt by the Tun, even to theif
becoming fore for a while: and after-
Wards the white, which now is nearly
the whole of his (kin, is more tender
*nd more fufceptiblc of injury from the
fun, than it used to be in the black
spots. He added, that the changes of
colour, from black to white, have been
much more rapid of late than formerly.
His Ikln is of a clear wholesome white,
fair, and what would be called, a better
Jkin, than any ps a number of white
people who were prefeni, at dilferent
times when T law him.
c. W. P.
OEbobcr so, 1791.
.Ttrjii and CWifiMi at.hy Ike Prefuiert of
the United Siairi, tilt jtvtnt.tmk day *f Oth -
her, Jeventeen hundred and ninety-one, for re
gialin* it' Materijff and Manner ,f ,h,
Building« and ItHfrwemttoi CM the Lett in rbe
City •/ tfjfiingtct.
I(I.»TpHAT the o«tfr and party-wills of all
J. houses within the (aid city dull br
built of briclc or (tone.
»d. That 111 building! oh the (treats (Jiall be
patshrl thereto, and may be advanced to the
line of the street, or withdrawn therefrom, at
•he pleafute of the improver. But where any
luch building >1 about to be ereflej, neither the
foundation or party-wall Ikall be begun, with
out firlt applying to "the person or ferfont ap
ointrd by the coirHtiiffioner# to foperintenJ the
juildinga within the eity, who Will afc*rtaii>
the lines of the walla to correspond with ihefe
3d. The wall of no house to be higher thjn
forty feet To the.roaf, In airy part of the citj j
Dcr fliall any be lower than thirty.fire feet oil
any of the aveaurs.
b4th. That the person or persons appointed by
r. tommiffiooers to fopeiintend the buildings
ay enter on the land of any person, ta set nm
the foundation and regulate the -w»lla ta be built
bnweeaparty and patty, at to the ana
thereof : which footidaiioa (hall bf
(aid equally upon the LnJs of the peribnt be
tween whom such party-walls are to be built.
«tid (bait be ofthe brrsdth and ftlcknefi dctei
mined try foeh person proper ; am) the firlt
builder lhall be reimbursed one moiety of ihel
charge of luoh patfy-wali, or (o much thereof
as th* neat builder liall have occasion to mtfce
ufc of, before such neat bu!]d*rlhall any wavt
4rfe or breelt Into the The charge'or va
lue thereof t*» be ft* by tht person *t perfcns so
appointed by the commifionerj.
sth. At temporary convenieapea will be pro
per/or lodging wo kmen and fecurlng maurials
Ifor building, It it to be underltood that I'vsJt
may be with the epprVbat'too of tt(e
comraiHionert : But they may bo removed or
.iilcon;»autd by the fptcial older of the c jjnmif
•xs. «
i 6
1, »-1S3;
8 5.539
9 6 .5401
37 ®-.7 8 7J
2 37.946
340,1 so
434 >3 73
59-®9 !■
M 7. fi »o-|
73. 6 //-/
393.75 1
a 5*
\s,i * t ■
6h. Th* way into th* (quart* being design,
I ed in a special manner for the common life and
conteiiente of-the occupiers of the refpec}
tive f^uaicij the propter i» the fame it
reserved to the public* so that chert nay be an
immediate interference on any abuse of (he ufi
thereof, by any individual, ,to the of
obftruOion tyf oth«r«. The propfincora K th<
lots adjoining the entrance into the {quarts, in
arching over the entrance, and Axing on gatei
the manner the comtniflionera (hill appr*vei
lhall be entitled to divide the fjpace over the.
arching and build it up with the range of that
linj l^e
7th. No vault* /hall be permitted under the
rtrceti, nor an) cncroachmcnti on the foot-way!
above, by ftepa, ftoope, porches, cellar-doora,
windows, ditches, or leaning-walla , nor Hi all
there be any projection over the street, other;
'than the eavei of the haulai, without the con-j
! sent of the coramiflionera.
Sth. Theife regulations are the terma and'
i conditions under. JLnd upon which conveyances;
'are to be made, accouiing to the deeds in trust,
of the lands within the city,
October 31.
Hii Excellency William Pattiioi'»Efq.
is unaAimoufly re-elected Governor of the State
of New-Jersey.
Saturday l»ft John Kiah, Esq. of South
'Carolina, was chosen Cafbier of the Bank
of the United State?.
Lift week arrived in thit city irom London,
tij New York, Mr. H \mm.nd, commissioned
with Certain powers from the Court of Great-
Britain to the United Statea of America.
Mr. Hammond, the Britiih Envcj, has it in
commission to conclude a treaty of commerce be
tween England and thit country. The outlines
6f ttys treaty have been already difcuilcd, and
we learn that some very conliderable commercial
advantages are held out to America as tht balls
Of it, which will in time supplant the greater
part of tlx trade of Russia with England.
The Governor of this state has been pfeafed
to appoint Bcmamij. C ir w, £fq. one of the
Judges, and PreCdent of the high court of Xcrort
1 and Appeala.
Different accounti recently received from the
i Indian Country mention several petty a£ta ol
I huftiiit) committed by fkullcmg parties of the
Indians. Four men have been killed with I* a
few milei of the town ot' Marietta, and-one other
'some miles further down the' Ohio. The, peg
► pie on the Frontiers, however, it it said, are *01
ippreheofive of any considerable attack from
. the lavages, aa the movements of the weilean
army have served aa an effectual check to theic
1 The latest accounts front French Hifpaniola
represent that Uland at in a state of the utmost
confufion, froin the infurreQion of the negroes,
alt trade being at a fHnd, the commercial ves
sels detained in port, and the blacks meditating
In attack' sspen Cape Francoil itfelf, which was
it is said, so Jtrongly fortified at Co leaar. the in
habitants under little or no apprehension of any
attempt of that kind succeeding.
Sevecal buildings, confiding of (tables and hay j
lofts bate been consumed in thia capital in the
course of the preceding, wreck. Attempts have '
been made to set others on fire by placing coals 1
thctein, which were, however, happily dis
covered before any material damage waa done. '
A proclamation has since been ilfiied by his Ex- <
tellency the Governor of this Dare, offering a I
reward ot live hundred dollars for the discovery
of any person or persons concerned in these ne
larioaa attempts.
We bear from New-York that on the 14th
loftant, late in the evening, a building in Broad-
Sweet (a starch manufactory) took fire by some
accident, and was entirely consumed By the
kOivity of the Citizens, tbe flames were pre
vented frem spreading any farther.
Extraß of a letttr from Priaeetcn, Ntxu-Jtrfrti
Hatod Ofict.r 14.
" I have read over that part of the French
author, you was so obliging as to lend roe, which "
relates to his nbw THtoir of fjbf tidki.—
Lunar attraClwn has been hitherto received by all
Philofophera as the true and onijr caofe of the i<
periodical swell observed in the main ocean we ,1
call tides. Newton, however, ought in some
degree to be excepted, who candidly fays in his "
Prinapia, that the analogy of the tides to the v
motion of the moon it not so exafi, but that he "
It convinced there it some ether biddtn cause in
nature, which at leal) adits tbe aieon in pro
ducing this remarkable apitearance. That hid
den cause the French Fhilofopher pretends to
have fully discovered, and demoaftratea that
Idea of lunar attraction it falfe and absurd, and
that the pr.acipal,if not the only, caefe of the
tides in the several oceans artfea frem the thaw
ing of the immense circle of polar ice, which it n
pariially and alternately diflolved every year ac- ,i
cording as the fan is on the north or sooth (Ue I;
If the equator. 1 own, laa aim oft a convert
to the Frenchman's Of iniona, and am convinced '
that the major pert of bit arguments will not be '
tafily confuted. If the mooc really eAed upon .'
the lurface of tbe octao'in Che manner we ha*,
been taught to believe, Ihe would undoubtedly
molt attract thohs parts nf (he waters dlreOly
under her I where*., experience everyday teas Is- |
es. ut that the tides, dew by far the (nghrt in >
»be more northern latitudes, while In the "
equatorial parts they are fcarceiy perceptible. I
am glad tn hear the work it now translating in I
Philadelphia, and epnaltt appearance intra In- I
gliflj drelit I fi-certly hope that the peroral
.thereof may at fully gratify and entertaift other
ledgers at it has dune visit fee."
Utitr ii«j i.-tm rarer* re in ten r Crry or Sat unit J
from a Mrrrbant Mew-Tor*, on unrdH i
Jtom TO Air A is at follow t :—
" A veftel it arrived at Boflon, which left
theCtpe the 15th of September, the Captain M
which repeats, that in a formidable attack onthe
negroes,juft before he left it, the whites «.ete de-
(*>tad with rti» Mi «f near fit honored men,
killed and wounded) and that the Brttifli {hips
from Jamaica, in attacking a fort pofi'rffed by
the Ntfiwi ncir the Cape, wara very much da
maged, beat off, and one frigate nearly funk."
■ 11l lllltil I ■
S i a,
'I SEO that yov Will be plc»fe< to make tt pub
licly known'to the drttans of tk United 3t«JCs
that all the American (hipping, carrying Tttyc
r»( Bec. to the porta -«f Gm'r*jj and J'rftj tfe
ftsijeft to feiroreimder an ad of Parliament hi
the reign of Charlea the Second, that they wMf
{Overn themselves accordingly.
I have the honor to-aflure yon that I ato «Mi
the moll perfect refpelt,
Your moll obedient and
mod humble fervent,
Thomas Jir»taseii, Ef<j- .f r
Extrafl of a littir fr»m Nmw-Jtrfo, OR. 17.
" We are in high Jpifits an tte fubjtQ of the
[rand manufactory, the ellaUiffimcnt of which
1 meditated in this Rate. Certain it ft, that in
1 territory like our's (deprived at wetre of the
idvantages of external commerce) agriculture
ind manufactures ought to be tftfe'tnaifl
if our porfirit. The former is pretty Well at
ended to in mofl parts of the ftata j the laltar
hamefully negleded, although , in aiir circ«m.
lances, nearly as-neetfffary as the other tb~ifb«
velfare of the community. Several place* IM
allied of at the feat of the manufactory, tdKiirg
vliich are, Kingston, Spotfsvood, Newark,
ind Brunfwick. Plenty of wood and a large
I ream of never faffirig water are the great drfi
lerata towards supporting an Americas nana.
"aClory j particularly the latter, ai many of th*
•orks (hould be made to go by water to faro rhe
ipenfe of manual labour. In bath these cortvtni
"ncies we at lea4t«?aal any Hate In the anion, and
■nay therefore (if properly fuppnrted in-other
elpett s by the adj acenrfhren) rationally hope for
A town meeting it notified in one of the
Boston.papers, to he held on the e6tk inflMM,
when, among other article*, the fabject ef itv-
Uructmg their rsprefeniativea-ao endeavour to
ctte& a repeal of an ait for preventing Then
irical Entertainment*, will he difcufled.
Extra&of a letter from Albany, dated Oft. 20.
" It now appears that axanal is pra&cablc
From Wood Creek to the Mohawk River, for
boat* of ten or twelve tons bifrfhen,
will enable them to penetrate nearly to lie
western extremiti-1 ol this ftatt. All thu may.
>e accompliflied at the moderate expence of
sbout twenty-five hundred pounds. -The dtf
tance between the two waten doea not qutrh
Exceed one mile, and the ground wery level.
The speedy completion of this grand objcS
kill conduce greatly to the future profperwy
bf the city of Albany, and notwithflanding the
|caloufy of our ancient rival at the mouth of
the Hudfbo, we may reafpiubly expeit ktCtx
|o be confldered as a port of no small confe
rence in point ef foreign trade. A pro)e6l«d
deepening of the Overslaughs, by ronning out
piers on each fide, will also contribute to efta
blilh our independency ip Ihe impottatioa at
the productions and manufactures of every
Accounts by the ibtp Delaware, arrived haae
m Saturday from Cbarleftoa, mention the death
1 A Do&orßjor.for many years as eminent {4iy-
Gcian of that place.
City-Hall, PbiUdtlfbit, OR. ji, 1791.
WE the fubferibers, this day appointed kf
the IWkholders of the baak ef the United
States to prelide at tha election of twenty-five
directors tor the bid baak, do hereby certify
that the following gentlemen were dalr eleCted.
James Watson, Joseph BarrMl,
Poilip Livingllon, John Watts,
Ratus King, Joseph Ball,
Nicholas Low, Williaaa Bingham,
Joseph Anthony, Cole si flier,
Heiman Le Roy, Robert Smith, •
Thomas Willing, Archibald, M'Call,
Dr. James M'Clurg, Charles Carroll, C.
Samuel Johnflon, N. C. Charles Pest it,
William Smith, S. C. John id. Nelbm,
Jonarhan Mason, jun. Cabot,
Jeremiah Wadfworth, Fiihar Ames.
John Lawrance,
In witftefs whoteof we have hetV»n*S tK Mil
hands and lcais the day and year 6Bfre#ve
written. , , ~t —
SAMU£L PCiWEfc, at
At a Meeting bf tha directors of the' bait of
the United StateK—prefbar,
George Cabot,
Tilhn Ames, WUflWtnTNiAMte,
Joaatli. Mason, jun. T*Hes C6)e FlWer,
Joseph Barril, Merman te ; Hbv,
Jeremiah Wadfworth) Jain M. Nefbit't,
Nicholas-Low, Robert frftoitb,
John Wattj, Archibald M'Call,
johb Lrwrince, Charles Peftit,
'RuTus Ktng, Thomaa Willing, j.
Philip Livtiigdoo, Samael Tobnffon,
Joseph Antlfeiny, Wilßani Smith.
Hon. SAMUEt ItmnSTOTJ in die chau.
On a ballot being taken for the choice of -a
President, it »bp*>red that TntJMaii W)L.
LING Wis a'nanlntoufly ehofen.
SAWUrL'JOftRSI ON; CTiaVmart".
. Piuitj. QH. *5, — --■ - ■
At a general mvrting ps the »*fchnMert of
the baak ot the « n lta« State*, held tfttJct«i
H*>», i»' « WedmUay
October »6, 179., in.p«afu«nea ,of natjee gtvan
by the diraOors of th« fsid bank,
Tbdir.i' Willing lf<|. was appointed
man, and Mr. Edward fox, Secretary.

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