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That the funis to 1-,? fubferibed to such
Joans, bs payable in the principle or inte
rert of the certificates or notes ifl'ued by
any such of the said States as (upon the fi
nal settlement of accounts) shall have a
balance due to thera from tne United
States, and which /hall have been liquidat
ed to specie value prior to the day
of last.
That every fubferiber to the Add loan,
lhall be en:,tied to certificates, according
to the sum fubferibed, of the like tenor and
description, in the like proportions, and
upon the like terms, as arc fpecified and
directed by the fifteenth and sixteenth sec
tions of the act, intituled, "An act mak
ing proviiion for the debt of the United
States, 1 ' except, that interest on such ol
the certificate;, fubferibed to the said loan,
as bear interest, lhall be -computed to the
last day of the year, 1793, inclusively, and
that interest lhall not begin to accrue upon
any of the certificates which {hail be iffhed
In lieu thereof till the fir ft day of January,
That in all cases, where the sum fiib
fcribed in the evidences of the debt of any
ltate, shall exceed the balance due to fucn
state, the fame shall be reduced (in equal
proportions) to the sum afiually due to
such state."
In committee of the whole 011 the bill
to ascertain the fees demandable in cases
ol admiralty proceedings, in the court
of the United States, and to amend in part
the "act . ( or the government of feamei
employed in the merchants'fervice"—The
coimpittee difcitfled the retraining fectiorc;
of the bill, agreed to several amendments,
and then role, to take the fame into con
sideration again to-morrow.
ThursdAy, Dec. 13.
A meflage was received from the Senate,
informing the House thac they had palled
the bdl providing for the registering and
Recording of fliips or vessels, with amend
ments, to which the concurrence of the
House was requelted.
The reportof the Secretary of the Trea
sury on t!ie reduction of the public debt
was (after fomedebate) referred toa com
mittee ol the whole House on Thursday
the 27th inft.
The amendments of the committee to
the coasting bill were taken into considera
tion. Some were agreed to and others re
jected. After some debate on a motion for
requiring from mailers and owners of ves
sels a particular enumeration of all good-:,
wares, &c. (hipped in the coasting vessels
• com time to time (which was afterwards
withdrawn) the bill was laid on the table
for further confederation—as were also the
of the Senate (af.cr bei.ig
i*ead) to the bill providing for registering
and recording of ships or vessels.
A motion was then made that the Secre
tary of war deliver in to the House a re
turn of all commif.'ioned, non-commifiion
ed officers and privates belonging to the re
gular eftablillunent of the United States,
with the regiments to which they belong,
and the time of their entering into the ser
vice—Which motion was agreed to.
The House then went into committee of
the whole 011 the Secretary of the Treasu
ry s report relative to the probable expen
ditures and the neceflary appropriations
for the year 1793—Some debate enfned.
The question on agreeing to the"sum re
port. J in the eflimate for the loan-office
was carried in the affirmative. The seve
ral paiticulars in the resolutions being
gone thrdugh with, a committee of five
■was appointed to prepare and report a bill
December ij.
Four persons, who some months fuice,
arrived in Georgia from the Weft-Indies,
and who were soon after indicted for steal
ing on the high seas (near Martinico)
and carrying off a number of negroes be
longing to the inhabitants of that island,
were lately brought to their trial at Au
gusta, before the circuit court of the Uni
ted States lor that diftrift. Samuel Skin
ner, of Boston, supercargo of the vessel,
and who appeared to have been the prin
cipal agent in kidnapping the slaves, was
sentenced to receivc 39 lalhes (which was
executed accordingly) to pay 100 dollars,
charges of prosecution, and to remain im
prifoued till the sentence was fully fatisfi
ed. The other three prisoners were ac
quitted.—Skinner was found guilty on his
own confeflion.
It is mentioned in a Georgia paper, that
a u Part A wJlite men from the frontiers of"
that state had lately made ail incuriion to
the Cherokee nation, burnt one of their
towns, and killed three of their people ;
and that two of (even Indians, oftheafore
faid nation, who had been invited into the
iGeorgia settlements, to hold a friendly
italic concerning the late murders by Indi
ans, were killed at Ward's Mill, in Frank-
Jim county, and a squaw at the fame time
founded. On this occasion the Govei nor
Georgia issued his proclamation, recoe
£iag the ast that makes it felony to kill
y tree Indian, and ftricily enjoining the
' =nd military officers of the state to
prebend and bring the to jus-
Accounts from New-York fay, that the
people ot the territory of Upper Canada
had Some time since unanimously expressed
a deSire that the lawprohibiting theircom
mercial intertourfe with the United States
fhotild be taken olf; and that Gov. Sirri
coe bei:ig informed of their request, had
readily complied therewith. Their trade
will be by tiie western takes and the Mo
hawk river.
Let the contest in France (fays aßofton
paper) ifftie either in the establishment of
republicanism or monarchy, the United
States will be benefited by the event. The
animosity which at present exists between
the various partizans, mart conllrain those
who are ilnfuccefsful to seek an alyhim in
Tome other part of the globe ; and none
prcfents i tie If more favorably than thi:
country. [There appeari to be (Jays (,
correjpondnit) one ill Qonfequence attend
ing the French republicanifts getting the
better in the cow eft; as in caje offuch ah
sv.'Ut, abundance of arifi »; ratical and mo
narchical notions Would be imported with
the French emigrants to this country ; o)
lu/iich, in the opinion of many, we have al
ready a quantum fuScit of our owt,
Several agents are now in the Unitec
States, conimiflioned by societies in Ire
land, and elsewhere, to make large pur
chases of lands, chiefly for intended, emi
grants to fettle 011.
J tap,.ears by letters .'r< ;n the state ri
Virgi.iii, thattTie elefbors there were un
animous in the choice of George Walhing
ton, as President, and George a
Vice President of the United Stares.
The great bridge over Merrimack river,
in Mafiachufetts, is now fmjfhed. The
whole length of this bridge is one thoufanr:
and thirty feet; its width 34 : the height of
the main arch 160 , under which a Ship oi
350 tons has pissed. The bridge conlifts'o)
more than fix thoufanti torts of timber, ane !
is formed of fever'al arches and folic! piers.
\Ve imderftarld the following are the
principal objects to come under the imme
diate consideration of the legislature of the
State of Penpfy 1 vania, during their prefeii:
feflion. —1. Making provision for the de
fence of the frontiers against Indian incur
sions. 2. The a£t of the United States for
regulating the militia ; and making proper
arrangements to enforce it. 3. The finan
cial concerns of the state, and the difpofa
of monies lying inactive in the Treasury.
[.To bring in a bill for collecting arrears
of taxes, outstanding. 5. Arranging lane
office, and other official accounts."and col
lecting marriage and tavern licences. 6.
• .. enlarge the salaries of the judiciary of
the courtof common pleas, if found to be
(as is asserted) too small. 7. To fecurc
to Ship builders, &c. payment of their de
mano: on veflels by them built or fitted.
S. Suitable provision for public schools ane
feminarles of learning. 9. Reviling the
warden and pilot laws of the port ofPhila
delphia. 10. The eflablifhment 0/a ma
rine hoipital, anr' making proper arrange
ments in tie heaitn office, ij. Arrange
ments relative to the claimants in donati
on iands. 12. Provisions for expences it'
support of government, discharge of pub
it.. certificates, pe'rfecting the honfe inten
ded for tlieufe of the President ofn-.e L ni
ter) States, and other contingent expences.
13. The enumeration of taxable iniiabi
tants, agreeably to tli£ conflitution of the
14. Renewal of the bankrupt law oi
thift ate, to have effect until Coiipreft pro
vide general regulations to that subject.
' 5 That a committee be appointed tc
take into consideration such acts as expire
and require renewal, such as that foi
regulating the export of pot and pearl-sfh
for transferring the power of the fupremc
executive council to the present executive,
and as to the fisheries in the river Codortts.
16. That the house take order as to the
disposal ofthe maps 'of this state, drawr
and depolited by Reading Howell.
A pair of cattle were killed at Boston, ;
few days ago, the produce of New-Hump-
Shire, that weighed as follows :
The 8 quarters of the Beef, 303ilbs,
Hides and tallow, sg
As they had been 12 days in hard drivim
to market, it was supposed they had 101 l
about 400!bs. in that time. They were
but fix years old, and had been only crafs
A machine for extracting the feed fron
Carolina cotton has been invented by Mr.
Pierce, of the town of Paterfon, in New
ferfey. With this machine, it is said. one
man will clean seven hundred weight of
c otton per day.
We learn that a convention is called by
the council of censors ofthe state of Ver
mont, for the purpose of revifingthe Con
stitution of that state. The convention
are to meet at Windsor, in June next.
Late intelligence from the Weft-Indies.
" On the roth of November an attack
was made by a detachment ofthe patriotic
party in St. Domingo, under M. d'Aflas
upon a ftrongpoft of the negroes at Mor
nepele, which commands the camp of Cle
rjfife, and about 12 miles from Cape Fran-
cois. The negroes Were driven from then
polt, but xlie commander loft his advan
tage by evacuating it, an.l only carrying ofl
one oi tile negro cannon, spiked—the o
thers were previouflv taken away by the
negroes. As soon as the poll was defc-rted
by the whites, the negroes re-occupied it,
and again annoyed the camp. The com
mander loft much credit by this expedi
tion— The Governor of the island of St.
Xitts, in consequence of the insult some
time since offered the Britiih flag there by
M. Malvaut, the ariftocratical French cap
tain irom Guadaloupe, had dispatched a
frigate to Martinico to demand fatihfaction,
and the veifel that had been'carried off;
instead of which, the conduct of M. Mal
vaut was jurfified by the commandant at
Martinico, and the frigate returned re in
fetta —1 he iiiand of St. Lucia is the only
one that still adheres to the revolutiona!
government in France. The inhabitant;
have strongly fortified the Morne Fortu
nes-, and put cheinfelves in the best state oi
defence poffibie, having received mefl'age:
from the (ariftocratical) governments oi
Martinico and Guadaloupe, that if they dc
not strike the national colours and hoifl
the old French flag, they Will go over ant!
put them all to death.
On the 31it of October a body of i2cc
negroes made an attack on the camp oi
Clcriilf, a '"l were repulsed, by a much in
terior force, with great loft.
Extract of a latter from London, dated
October i.
" Paine has taken his leave of us, on hi;
election to a feat in the French National
■' onveution. His third part of " the
Rights of Man" was in the pre! , but with
draw n, and will probably be soon publifli
ed in trance, with the Fngliih original ap
pended to the French translation. We
liave been, and still are entertained with
accounts of a furreuder of one of the
French armies, which no body but the de -
luded emigrants here gives credit to, the
particular; of time being so circumilanced
as to defy all probability. You may there
fore set it down as nought. As to our
own affairs, among a multiplicity of them,
one great point has been l'uppofed to be
Mined here on the fide of liberty, by ap
pointing juries, instead of judges, to deter
mine what is, or what i. not a libel. This
\\ ould n turally, in fornt small degree, un
ihackle the press, were it not that a hirer
g line is playing by the ministry and their
adherents, to corrupt every press in the
kingdom, and make it suit their own pur
polls ; and, depend 011 it, sycophants e
nough are to be found to second theii
views in this respect. YOll aik me my o
pinion of Mr. i'itt—He is not here that
great man you suppose him to be. No e
neiny to the French revolution can be po
pular in this country ; and I beg in future
you would not so far prostitute the word
genius as to apply it to a scheming charac
ter, the utuioft extent of who'fe powers i<
perhaps only adequate to the fabricator
oi excises, and whose abilities are forevei
upon the rtretch, how to avoid, in financial
matters, the duett path of common ho
A New-York paper of Thursday con
tains the following intelligence ; by a ve
ry late arrival at New'port, in Rhode-Ifi
Beljaft, Oct. 10.—We have more thar
"fee stated it as our opinion, that irelai.i
is deeply involved in the progress of liber
ty in France—and not only Ireland, but
the whole world. It is therefore with much
iarisf action we now announce the defcal
of dejp>>fijm, in the flight of that redovbt
■ible hero, the Duke of Brunfwick, v. Ik
the day before his disgrace, had the auda
city to renew hi s bravados, threatcningde
ftruchon to a whole people, merely be-
Laufe they had thought proper to beltet
' !iClr con.\it:;n .'—May such a cause evei
meet a limilar fate.
Letter from General Dnmourier.
«' Saint Alenehould, Utloher r.
"At length, my dear Sen, an, what 1
expected and predicted in my letters hai
taken place. The Pruf.ians are in full re
treat. The brave Buernonvilte, who ha:
been ftiled ' the French Ajax' has taker
hom them during the two Jait days mort
than four hundred men ,fifty waggons, am.
above two hundredhorfes. All the prison
ers and deserters agree, that this army i<
exhausted by famine, fatigue, and the bloo
dy flux. The enemy decamp every night,
and march only two leagues in the 2^
hours to cover their baggage and heavy
" I have sent a reinforcement to Buer
nonville, who has more than 20,000 men,
and who will never quit them till he has ex
terminated the>-I.—To give the finishing
blow to this tufmefs, I Jhall join him in
" I have sent you some copies of-my
negociation, which I have caused to be
printed, because the commander of an ar
my of freemen, ought to fuffer no suspici
ons to exist respecting his conduit with
the enemy. I think that the present cir
cnmftance will deliver us from the fcour<re
of war ; and as I told you before, if I re
member right, I hope, provided you have
confidence in m'e, to eftabliih inv winter
quarters at Bruflels. You may therefore
ailure the August AfTembly of the fovereitm
people, that I lhall never seek for repose,"
until it (hall be put out of the power of ty
rants to do us any hurt— I en, brace j ou.
(Signed) DUMOURIER."
6. T'.vo letters, one front
the commissioners sent to the Camp at
Chalons, and another from GenDumou
ner, -.vere read in the convention, {fating,
that the enemy continued to retreat, and
that the road behind them was iirewtel
with dead bodies. On visiting the camp,
which they had quitted, 300 hones were
found dead and half eaten.
These letters farther stated that there
were 8000 lick in the hospital general at
Grand Pre, and 5000 at Verdun. Gen
Dumouner was of opinion that the enemy
could neither winter at Verdun nor Lono--
wy, and that they would elTeft their re
treat through Luxemburg.
We hear from MalTachufetts and R. Is
land that the Electors of those states have
iinannnoufly voted for George Wafhingiont
dent President and Vice-Pre-
Pri"er Ph T u hn'M Miller < Michael
Vil| C r ettitl ThOS L ' John Rof;
William Cramond, Walter Stewart fo°m
Leamy, John Swanwick, John Barclay.
Ebenezer Hazard, Sec.
By the President of the United Stales.
WHEREAS I have received authent'c
nfoi mat ion, that certain lawless and wick
r<ate e of Ge . the " e/ * ern frontier, in the
vid deftrov S r'' , ! ," tcly invadc <
ana deltroy, a town belonging to the Che
nit^tfStates"' -ith the U
■' ,n e l' and P ut £o death several In
" of that nation; and whereas fneb
rageous conduit, not only violates the
D ° huinan 'ty, but also cndanoer« tiie
public peace; and it highly beco° H,
.. MrC.fiT" A s
nent of th r g mea " S for the P"nilh-
HWrf ? atrocious offenders; I V,ve
fit , t0 Il3 ' Ue £his m >' P'o
zens of rh C' 7 exhorting all the citi
all the offi 6 v.' ® tates > requiring)
f, .A. A S thereof ' acc °rding to their
defvour? f atlons V t0 » f e their utmolt en
fL.f 1 apprehend and bring those of
fenders to juftlce. And Ido moreover of
each anT ard ° f Hundred Dollars, for
each and every of the above named oer
broucht to a ?v be r " "PPrehendtd a~T
Imvo ir and (hall be proved to
have aflumed or exercised any command
crimes af^eTT 2 the , per P eu ' at °i' s the
ting the fame '" ** of
1 have
rn rh r United States to be affixed
wii h e pi f j S ' and %ned the fame
Ph 1 j y u- Done at t,le city of
Philadelphia, the twelfth day of De
cember in the year of our Lord one
thousand, seVen hundred and ninety!
vvo, and of the Independence of the
United States the seventeenth
*,*.rr.ju£; was «™=to N .
Tran J lotion of the Latin VerJ e 7in cw
NO more let barbarous Memphis boast
Bafc ftruitures, rear'd by flaWfl, hands—
A nation on the Atlantic coast
(Fetter'd no more in foreign bands)
A nobler Pyramid displays
Than Egypt's marble e'er could raise.
Columbia's fons.te extend a proof
Of. their bold deeds to future years,
Diftlain to use such vulgar fluff ;
l3ut,foaring to the starry spheres,
Materials seek in Jove's blue (ky
T' endure when brass and marble die/
Arriv'd among the (Jiining host,
Fearless, the proud invaders spoil
From countless gems, in aether loft,
Some stars, to crown their mighty toil:
To heaven a pyramid they rear,
And point the fabric with a star.
Old wafteful time ! tho' still j- ou ga ;n
Dominion o'er the brazen tciuer,
On this your teeth (hall &naw in vairij
Finding its ilrength beyond their power—
While kindred stars in heaven (hall glow,
This Pyramid will shine below!
*** A translation of the Latin Verses in
our la/t, by another hand, came too late
for ihfirtiou in this day's paper, but jhall
appear in our next.
Either in a Dry-good cf Grocery Jlore —
A young man that is acquainted with both;
and can be well recommended—
Enquire of the Printer,

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