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Official Account of the cannonade eJ
Port-au Prince, on the 12th of Aprii
iii a letter from Mefl'rs. Polvercl
an 1 San'.honax, Commiflioners of the
French Republic in the Windward If],
ands, to the C tizen Minider Genet,
at Philadelphia—dated Port-au Prince,
May Bth, 1793, 2d year of the French
WE fee 1 how efTenti'alit is, that the
United States, infeded as they
are by emigrants from St. Domingo, fhoulc
learn the truth of events thro' the agent:
of the republic.
" From the month of Janury lad a new
Coalition formed between the chiefs of the
Royalids and those of the Rebels, excitec
for iome time pad by the English govern
merit, menaced the intereds of the metro
polls. Their activity was such, that i
our presence in the western province hac
been delayed another month, it would havt
been extremely difficult to remedy the evil
r^ n arm y obtained by the governor ir
chief Lafalle encamped at a league's dif
tance from Port-au-Prince, on the 9th o
April We were in the haibour with ;
74 g»n ship and two frigates. The gate:
were shut and admittance refufed to th<
armies of the republic; Fuinaces wen
ereaed in the forts to heat th.- balls thai
were to be fired on our vefTcls. Having
information of the declaration of war with
England we could not temporize. W<
summoned the municipality to receive tlit
army, the general and us. The rebels re.
luted.—Having used every lenient means
promised fafety and liberty to the friend:
of the republic, granted a delay of 2 a
hours upon the requed of some deputies
from the town—a delay which was mifufec
in endeavouring to corrupt the crew wt
gave orders to the ship and frigates to fin
on the forts. This was the 12th of Apri
at fix in the morning ; our fire was answer
ed by bombs and red hot fliot.
The conted laded fix hours and only
ceased when we succeeded in silencing the
fire from the town. On the 13th we re
ceived a deputation who asked another de
lay to give the good citizens time to afTem
'. w e granted it with pleasure, and w,
received at the fame time the women anc
children who were flying from the town,
" Next day the general was quietly re
ceived at the head of his army. We land
ed and ordered a number of rebels to bt
arretted. The principal chiefs, Borel I
their head, had fiown. The fire from the
town only killed us two men, the loss oi
the rebels amounts to 30 at mod ; but whal
is remarkable is, that our fl.ot feeme 1 tc
jingle out the mod turbulent among them ;
such as fiord's nephew, and 3 or 4 public
a.lafiins known thio'out the island.
" This day every thing is ptrfedly quiet
and we hope, that internal peace will con
tinue,notwithdanding the machinations anc
agitations of the enemies of France.
" Tell free Americans, and the friend,
of the republic, that the colony has at
length found severe executors of the laws
that we have put to flight the enemies oi
i- ranee—enemies so much the more dange
rous, as under the mask of national colours.
they made war upon their mother country
with its own weapons. Tell them, thai
thele pretended patriots, Borel (till al
their head, have jiift given a lad proof of
their attachment to the intereds of tin
mother country by flying to Jamaica, anc
throwing themfelres into the arms of the
Copy of a Utter, dated Brejl, JprU6, 1793
" I seize the opportunity of the frigare
Concord bound for the Cape, to give yo,
an idea of what is passing in France. YOl
have been a witness to the war in the Wed
Jncia colonies, & I afTure you we are muci:
in the fame situation here. The fame mon
iters that excited disturbances in the colo
nies, have a<3ed the fame part in France,
ihe pcafantry in several parts of the coun
try have followed the example of the Hi's
paniola negroes, though with less reafor
on their fide. Such an effect have the fa
liatical exhortations of the refra&ory prieds
had on them, that they firmly believe thev
v-ill indantly fly into heaven the moment
they are killed. In the neighborhood o r this
city theyare wholly reduced,but multitudes
of these ui,happy wretches mud perish be
fore the remainder are brought to their
senses. lam sorry to fay, we have 101 l a
con fit! era ble number of our brave patriots
The mifchief is still greater at Nantz, that
city being now besieged by more than
; their head emigrant leaders and refra£, < "v
prielts innumerable.
patriots of Nantz have made dre:Vl
lter t' le fe wretched people, but
It.II they are not deterred. All polls an:
Hopped. In addition to the general league
of al, nations againfl us, we have a civil
war at home infinitely more alarming than
the efforts of the molt powerful external
enemies. Beside all .his we are peered
with traitors in abundance ; notwithftand
mg a:l which we are convinced that liber
ty «',l yet triumph. Several of our mu
nicipal and d,drift bodies, have been put
to death by these miscreants, and numbers
of houses pillaged and burnt, pamculailv
in the departments of the southwest-
We have a bloody war upon our hands,
but 1 am confident we (hall rife fuperio,
to all enera.es. lam now at Breit, em.
barking troops for Martinique. We have
a fleet now ready to go on a cruise along
the coasts to prevent an invasion. The
people of Nantz have re-taken St. Lazare
and Croifee. In the Litter place were more
than 200 emigrants killed at one (ingle dif.
charge of our artillery. The patriots have
been surprized through want of vigilance
-n the adminiHrative bodies, or I may ra
ier fay,betrayed.Howeverthe brigands arc
now put to complete rout. The guillotine u
in conllant employ, and every day more o,
eis heads are consigned to it. The war
this summer will be a bloody one. At
present I have nothing more to fay. We
hare terrible work on our hands, but our
cause muftand will prevail. I w i<h you
more tranquility than is likely to be our
lot for feme time to come. We have made
tre aty of wi(h Hamburg) and Qr
burl f£ rece ' vedto g' v e up all the Ham.
g (bps that have been taken. Swe
en,Denmark, Turkey & the U. States ol
America are at peace with us ana these
IStriking -view of Chmeft Poverty.]
h!, f b l Cn l 0 of the
elt, and is, one of the molt fertile, belt cul
everitha U U n K ,eßl , n lt *««.«,how
ever to have been long ftat ; on
wh° visited it more than five hundred yean
no .e 5 "• cultivation, induftryanc
populoufnefs, alnjoft in the fame terms ir
long before his time> acquirfd
complement of, iches, which the nature ol
its law. and mil,tut,on. permits it to ac
quire— Ihe accounts of all traveller,, in
confident in ,na ny other refpefts, agree ir
f ° W , W L ge f ° f 1 " bor » and 11 the diffi
culty which a laoorer finds in bringing ur
" fam ''y ln China. If, by diggin/ t he
purchase a small q antity of rice in th<
evening, he is contented. The conditio,
of artificers, is if possible, still worse- In
stead of wait ,n gl ndoi ent , - n
houses, for the customer S , as in Europe
they are cont.nuaUy running about th<
ctree s with the too(s of n{
trades, offering their service, and, as i
of the > ? gg, " g Cm P'°y mtnt - The povert,
of the lower ra.k. of people in China fa
surpasses that of the moll beggaily nation
n Europe, In the neighborhood of Can
ma m , a "' V f hu J ndrcd . is commonly said
many thousand families have no habita
l'e fift," k ' but live const antly i n Ji t
The' f!br7 s up T h , e rivers and cana!s
1 he fubfirtence which they find there i
! bat are ea ger to fiffi up th.
naft.eft garbage thrown overboard from an,
Ot a dead dog or cat, for example, thouel
half putrid and (linking, is as welcomed
n/ m i 3 V fmp who,ef °me food to th,
people of other csuntries. Marriage is en
couraged ,n China, not by the profitable
ness of children, but by the liberty of de
ftroying them. In all great towns, fevera
are every night exposed in the ftr'eetl "
drowned like puppies in the water. Th<
faidtoT C t r f ,h '' S h ° rnd eve,
laid to be the avowed business by whicl
some people earn their subsistence.
Of the Society inflUnted in the State 01
factures u
May be had at this Office.
[.rrice half a Collar."1
Jan. j. ->
—1 ! •
May 1793.
Wean.ja.y, 22. J 7— — r 1
J , "" *- Cloudy
,—— - 9 ' W ' 'Lvndcr
Jday ' 23 ' ! -<*■ - 04 ~~ u ,y
r— .j°..j 7 „ ~. z,\ Fttir /.
>' Ho 30. 3 J5 V _ N _ £ — —
; j — 3 °' 3 75 e. j «/„.
2 5- 6 30. 3T^~
: ; 2 3°. 3 70 3 S.E. Cloudy.
-J. y , 26 . 6 JO . t -~ _ -__i_
27 ■ ° 30. I 6S „ W. OwTT
J 2 9' 9 5 S 4 1 do. Fair.
I H™£*Y tme V fState > 10 «*"'•
ornl the tranflaf ° f
■nider my hand and fe .1 ~t off °"'1 "
i.y Of M.y Th j7rir.il? 1 '
Ivcpublic, 111 vvliat soever 1' e '
neet with then,, ak aa he ? a >
hem prisoners with their ft- «°ndua
nher matter, of which a K rm: ' and
-m; provided, by be
ent Letters of Marque !a fe r ?"
he Bureau des Clalles at tlf
.vhich he lhall fail 'and'to )l ', Uce , f ' onl
«. *■<"> t [ iSVSifs;
lie names, surnames ™» „i ' , Wlttl
? oi
ie tunes, ot whatever may have haDoen
-d during his voyage Happen
»urS n ;ir,s;'^" r "" kr
Ihele presents not to be in force bin
Inl faith whereof the provifionary exe
-01 »l»
Given at Paris the dav of
thousand seven hundred and ° H<
and year of the French republic.
B M O N G E.
*7 ™ e "■Unifier if marine,
(Seal.) C ° TTR «.
Except this, no form is valid..
Books & Stationary.
54 W C ,r StreCt ' S ° Uth ' fccol,a d 0« be
low the corner ot Chefnut-ftrcet,
By the late arrivals from Britain and
r , Ireland,
The ancent & modern universal history, 60 vols
Guthnes history of the World, ,3 vols.
Biographical Dirtionary, I 2 vols elegantly ,ilt
Anacharfis'. Travels in ancient '/I
Gibbons'* Roman Hiflory, I 2 vols. gilt.
Hume & Smoflet*. Hirtory of England vols
Robeitfon s h.ftory of Charles the V. 4 vols.
D, r . I:, ft°ry of America, 3 vols.
rope and* a" of Eu
rope and America, 2 vols;
New Annual Reg,Ber, I 2 vol,.
Nonexecutive Power, 2 vcls.
Ruffel s h.ftory of ancient Europe, 2 vols.
Hilrory Ot modem Eutooe, c vols
Voung's travels in F,■, RCe , a vols. S
Fielding s Woiks, 12 vr| s .
Pneflley's Leflures on History, 2 vols:
Same book in 1 vol.
"f d e ?cri p " i „ ft „°. r,Cal ChaUi Ro,,e ' S W!lh book
King of Prufiia's Works, ,3 vol..
" f mi ° foph r> 2 vol '- 4to ele
p... I*.™.® boc ' i 'n 2 vols. Bvo. '
'tilt,. Th " tie ' 2 5v015. ccarfe or « fl e
Shakcfptsre', Works, In r or 7 ?o!s.
M ,1"' C ? a ' Hcn < **">s. hound in one.-
DoJdriT* E l s cl '- f^";t -3' Hiflo.v, 6 v„l,.
L H r t , S / sm,l >' Enpofitor, 6 vols.
La.dhet 5 Works, ~ vo | s .
hitfield's Works, 7 vols.
f'"»P of Landaff's Theological Trafli, 6 vo Ft
Lavater on Phvfiognomy, abridged.
°"" s 5 £ nnals 31 Agriculture, iS vols.
Jourin France.
N.t.r,,„ ia ofßirds> co|offd
, .. QO * o". 3 volt.
™nes wiff a " d E " g,i ' l '
Anderfon on Commerce 6 vols.
Wood'! £ b,iogm " u of ' hc Llw > 11 *° l! - a vo.
Vood 4 Conveyancing, 3 vols, folio.
Will" Same book 4 firft vols. 0,0.
W.11.,m .d, f «tt ofthtE nt ,;aL.*. 2 vol.,
Co m ,n - d J(jc(tol thc U : )6v01 ,.- VOI1 >
C , 5 Re P o »s, 4 vols.
-allccld s Reporrs, 3 vols.
Henry Blackftone's do.
Win. Blackfton's do. 2 vols.
Burrow's do. j vols.
Ambler's do.
Cowper's do.
Brown's do. 2 vols.
Douglas's do. V r » .>
DdlJjs's do. X 77 S 2 vo ' s •
Wilfon-sdo. 3 vols n d °" 7,015 "
Grange's do. 2 vols! Co" 5 ""'" / d °' 3 V<>lt
L'l )'s Entries, 2 vols. C °"" '
Coke on Littleton.
Morgan's ElTavs, 2 vols.
VattJ! on the Ld» 0/ Nations.
Woodefon's LeOu.es, , vols.
Harnlon's Chancery, 2 vols.
Hmde's do.
Powell on p„wers.
Powell on Contrails.
Efpinaife on Nifp Prius.
Sullivan's Lc£iutes.
t ~' E < :;^. O6UCS tconauu.
Motherby's medical Ditfionarv,
Medical >6 vols, by Dunean.
Pw/ch" th; -' e " 3hd Causes " f 3 vols.
P»tt s Chirurgical Works, 3 vols. 3
Ulburn s midwifery.
Tranfaflionj of a new medical society.
W*Z??rZ he dif " f " 2 vols,
"allu s Sydenham, 2 vols.
volf. W ' Ct n>k Con,maua,ifs °" Boerh.ve, ,8
S; allanranics dissertations, 2 vols.
Hunter on the Venereal disease.
Hunter on the diseases of the teeth.
Hunter on the animal crconomy.
Writing paper cf all kinds.
Dutch quills of the very best qualitv, *c. &c.
«... supply country IW ■-!< ~ ptrs on the
lowest terms, with r milv, potk-t and com
mo- fpel.ing book ; , i'..!,mcnis, prime";
E lft .IT Par,er ' V r ,i 'P ,n i do - fl'yi"* cards!
E American ink p,u lls^onnrl
P ,-eri, y () ung mans o,m F a,.i., n , Dilwortl.'i
Arithmetic, Watt's pfa'ms a,,dh.,nn S , Weliey'.'
hjmns, ciflionanes histories fall kinds Sic.
And pofl'e/lion given in July „ e xt.
A Merchant MILL
AtfCR StfaW;
a t theh YT "" »'" J plentiful water,
the held,.) a navigable creek, cl: c .. Miffii.i j, n
»"" h «« t,,^.%.t,,l 1 f..,, t(i ,„s
'phia wi h. ill any trouble to the nvlier, and ad
ding a H,urill„n g village that always Words a
andVn'.h ''h ' " " f thc merchant mill
abundance «f curtom to the c untry an
- mil , Those a dva.;.,,es render these UIJ
» a ilrJ | S C ° U "• ' a; ' d t,; " fi'u.tioo.
' '. < *° re " <-qual to an, in the liate. Th.
"n-rhan, mill is three high wiih two pair
fann U rh ."T' d " Ub , if 3 fcr « nc «"J
lann that cleans wheat into b.-rh h jppers two
0 ting chests, and a machine for hoilling that goes
<upeT r ' P Thi t m " l
; r at ,S much as in
and r T ' • Cr ' r " i 'Pf' s, Rt ' bert
m " C , h ' ,ntS Philadelphia, or the fub
icribers near the premises.
Milford, Kent County, State of Delaware
" 3) - '' ''93- 2a wtf
W HE ,R,EAS an attachmentat the foit of Sam
uel Imlay and Nathaniel Imlay, executors
Of the testament and last will 0 f Peter Imlay, de-
I ! has '*["'<l eut of'he Supreme Cour of
land,"of V , € V ' te ,of New-Jetfey, against the
Und of Garret Voorh.fi,, late of the count vof
M T f aroreraid, returnable to'the
U Tuesday in September, reventeen hundred
and ninety, two —Notice is hereby given to , he
raid Garret Voorheis, that unless he appearand
file fpecal bail to the said ,ai..n, judgment
will be entered agamft him, by default, and the
■ ands Co attached (old for the fatisfaOioi, offuch
Of his creditors as (hall appear to he juiily entitled
to any demand thereon, and (hall o.- .ly f Dr that
purpsfe, according to the form of the lUtute in
luch caic made and provided.
By order of the Court,
April 17. iaw. iy HOWELL, Clk.
CHILDS and swaine.
at TfiS Ik OFF ICE ho. 2t)Q r h ICH-bTR
'HIIADEif.-jy j,

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