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,-! puhliti'ied every TeT, 2
..num. payable kslf-yearly in advance.
.,nat piid within th. year, $3,50 will iJrU
lly be charged.
No jikserir.ii" take, f-r ft1un.ix month,
nor can a sabsrril.er coatinue unless at
tfaeo.-tion of tl eJit.r.unUl arrearages
ADVtrri"" will incrtei t Jl per
equirc. f-r iU fit three insertion, arid 25
cent for every uWieut iitscclion: longer
onesin proportion. . .
AFrRTisuMKT inserted in the HeraU nnd
Republican, latee lin,rs, al 2 per square and
- 50 cent Ux wy tler insertion.
From Juveiiib Scrap BookS
gonna CfiouoD
Tell us then child of sweetness,
What are young thoughts to thee?
Are they not in ilicir fleelncss,
Like sunbeams on the lea 2
Are they not Tike the flowers.
Thou gatherest in thy play,
Where the sparkling fountain pours
Its melody all day!
Are they not like the "blending,
Of odor and of bloom,
When Spring's young buds arc sending
Abroad their soft perfume!
Arc they not like the shadows
Oi clouds that quickly go,
Across the purple meadows
When southern breezes blow !
Tell us, thou gladsome rover, ,
UnweaTieS rail day long,
Like the bee with beds of clover,
The blackbird with its song,
, The lamb so lightly bounding,
Tbe butterfly so gay,
What fairy lute is souEding,
The music to thy play.
Whatfind'st thou, child of gladness,
'Mid those young thoughts of thine,
That-scarce or.e tear of sadness
In thy soft eyes can shine2
Hast ftiou some hoarded treasure,
Or deeper mine of gold.
Or secret stores of pleasure,
To mortal ear untold.
Tcs, to thy check is swelling
The rosy tide of Youth,
Its smile of radiance telling
Thy secret ard its lrr.th;
For gloomy fate can never
Thine after-life pervade,
If hra seest the sunshine ever,
Nor murmurest at the shade.
Agricultural Scene
ExtraC from Prof. Kirllamr Address.
Art had also heard from lime immemo
rial, the saving. -"Tlml the tale snores
cf Spring, are manure
r.iun." She viewed it as
for the poor
an old wive's
though she
often witnessed
the enliung etfatt of those vernal snows
on the fresh starting vegetation.
Science has shown that at the Ureakir.? j
up of Winter the immense accumulations
of enriching gases are set Ircc by the
warmth of Spring, ascend to the clouds,
combine with their moisture, which at
that season often congeals and falls 1j
earth in form of snow, ciiarged with those
enriching materials. Plaster will, as it
were scizeu upon an anchor tliem lor tne
benefit of llie husbandman.
Art pertinaciorifily exclaims, . We
.have frequently tried Plaster on our wet,
-lay soils, without deriving the least
Science tauntingly replies, "You-might
. as well give a drowning man,sunk twenty
. feet tsnrter water, a dose of medicine with
i the expeelion of resuscitating him, as to
apply Plaster to wet clay lands before
they" have been properly prepared by
. draining and sub-sail plowing.
First, extricate the drowning man from
the water, get him warm and drythen
If a spark of vitality remains, -admiuister
your cordial vneificincs, and the latent
. powers of life will be excited to activ
ity. V
rnrsne the same course with your
clay lands; cut blind ditches at suitable
distances andjn proper directions, lay on
lhera brush or flat stones, or what is far
preferable, manulacture tiles from the'
clay into proper forms and they will be
.enduring. . :
Having drained your fields thoroughly,
. introduce the sub-soil plow get in your
wheal early in the season, and the next
Soring in Mareh sow from four to six
quarts of Cioverseed with as many cf
. Timothy, and from one to two bushels
of Plaster to the acre, and roll down the
' surface when the weather will permit.
The next season mow the first erop f
clover if you please; pasturing with
swine is better economy however; and
the second seasou pasture sparingly, and
in the month of August turn in -a heavy
crop of clover by the aid of Kincaid's
improved patent plow, if you have no
batter article. It is the best we have seen.
Upon this clover-lay, or sod, sow your
wheat; drag and roll it in; follow the
next Spring with the same routine of
clover and plaster. Your subsequent
" r-ops will idl abundant, and your lands
will be ricW than whew covered with
iiiz TotciU Ttot a particle of manure
' will be required to aiJ in tflceting the
Science would, however direct the
farmer how to save and multiply enrich
ing products from the sink, the slops and
refuse matters from the house, and yards
stable and poultry roosts. Time and
place will not permit us to particularize
on these heads. It is sufficient to say,
with the addition of these enriching com
pounds, to the course suggested, the cold
flat clay lands that Art has exhausted,
and knows not how to replenish, can be
converted into some of the best wheat and
cora land the State of Ohio furnishes.
Science . would also direct the same
principles in regard to blind ditches and
subsoil plowing, or deep trenehing, as
applicable to the preparation of gardens
and fruit yard soils of the quality just de
scribed. Every garden of this quality
should be surrounded with a blind ditch
from two to three feet deep, laid with
hrusli. stone or tile, and covered with
earth, and should be traversed by similar
ditches running parallel to each other tw o
rods apart.
The surface should next be . broken
eighteen inches deep, and be enriched
with abundant supplies of the Featy com
post previonsly described; and Plaster
with Poudrcttc should be employed as a
top dressing to the hills of the various
plants cultivated. Thus managed, yosr
gardens and fruit yards in clay lands
would vie with the best the world af
If you are not disposed to put full cre
dence in the suggestions of Science, test
their correctcess on a limited scale, dig
a ditch, throuirh some of your wet and
drowned lands. Upon the embiiwment
o "
try a patch of wheat, clover and plaster.
Try other patches of garden vegetables,
cucumbers, melons,&c. dressed with pou-
drette and piaster. Tiie result of your
trials in this way will' convince you mat
-file principle may be equally well appli
ed to a fueld or a whole farm. It is not
an hypothesis. It is not a matter yet to
,c tested by experiment. It has been
fully tried, both in tins country and m Lai
rope. In extensire districts in Scotland where
twenty-five years since, the population
could scarcely raise oatmeal enough for
sustenance scientific farming has chang
ed the entire character of the soil by the
introduction of ditching sub-soil plowing,
clover and plaster, to such an extent that
they arc now large exporters of wheat.
We dwell at some length wpon this
fact, for we believe that the mode Sci
ence suirgests, will before, the close of a-
y.otker generation, change the staple of
Y estcm Reserve from the product oi the
dairy, to that of the wheat field. Wes.
Res. Mag.
Dr. Waleot, better known as Peter
Frrtdar, had, for some time, a most vio
lent cough, when his friend (leogch, per
sisted in recommending asses' milk as a
certain cure. The bard, tired of his im
portunities at length quieted him by send
ing him the following epigram:
"And, Doctor, do you really think
That asses'niilk I ought to drink!
'Twould quite remove my cough,
And drive my old complaint away.
! It cured yourself, I grant it true;
But then 'i was mother's milk to you."
Estate of Peter Trout mnn,
deceased. -
rrP15 undersigned, residing in South
jl amnion township, having obtained
letters Testamentary on the estate of
Peter 'Jlroutman, late of said townshp, 'de
ceased, requests all persons indebted 'to
said estate.in attend at the late residence of
the deceased, on Saturday the 2d day of
May next, prepared to settle tjieir ac
counts, and those having claims against
said estate, to present ihem at the same
lime and place properly authenticated for
ma. 21, 1R4G-61 Executors.
Orphans' Court Sale.
TM1 E subscribers. Trustees for ihe
' M sale ol the real estate of John Kun- j
die deceased, will offer at public sale, !
(by pasiponenu-nt) at the public sqnaie
in tbe Borough of Somerset,on Thursday
die 9th day of April next, tbe following
valuable property, late the cr tale 'of said
deceased, viz:
1 certain plantation
or tract of land, situate in Somerset tp.
Somerset comity, containing about two
hundred and ninty a:res, more or less,
adj-Vining lands of Christian Ankeny, Jr.
Jacok Ankeny of C. John Maust, Jacob
Shallis and others, with a weatherboard
ed dwelling house and bank barn iheicon
erected, and two sugar camps on the
premises; about one hundred and fifty
acres cleared, at least thirty acres of
winch are in excellent meadow. The
property is well watered, there being
spring of water in nearly all ihe fields,
and there is also, a. young orchard of
fruit trees o;i ihe premises.
Terms One third of the purchase
money to remain a lien on te premises,
iUe interest thereof to be paid to the
widow of said deceased during her natu
ral life annus! !y, and after her death the
principal to be paid to the heirs and legal
representatives of said deceased; one
half of the ballance in hand and the re
mainder in four equal annual payments
without interest, to be secured by judg
ment bonds. ,
Attendance will be given by the tub
ai. 24 '4 a. Trusieci.
AVING returned to the practice of
the law, lenders.his professional
services to his old clients and the public
generally. '
Office in North end of Snyder's row,
lately occupied by A. J. Ogle, Esq.
dec 16 '45-301
THE co-partnership heretofore ex
isting between the subscribers, un
der the firm of BENFORD & SAN
NER, having been dissolved by mutual
consent, the . books, notes, &c. have
been traced in ihe hands of Cvrus Ben
ford, one of the partners, for collecion;
with whom all persons indebted are re
quested to call without delay and settle,
as he intends going to the west early in
the spring. The business of merchan
dizing will be continued ,by Michael A
Sanner, at the old stand, where he will
continue to sell goods on accommodating
terms, as heretofore.
Somerset, March S, '46.
THE subscriberrespecJfuIIy informs
his friends and the public in gen
eral, that he carries on the
Stone Cutting Business
in ail its various branches, at his shop
on main street, 2 doors east of George
Piles tavern, and nearly opposite the
drug store of John L. Snyder.
made at the fchoJtest notice, and on the
most reasonable terms, and in a manner
that will render them sujHrior to an
other manufactured 'n ths section of tu
Grind stones of an excellent quality,
always kept on hand.
Country produce taken in exchange
for work, at Market Prices.
Somerset, Pa., ?
March 5. 1846 1 V. ?
For May- Term, 1846.
Somerset bor. - Wrn, B, Coffroth
W, W, Summers
Samuel C, Pile
Peter Mowry
Joseph Barkley
George Flick Jr,
Jacob Ankeny
Moses Berkepile
David Buchanan
Jonas Peck -John
Hiram Will
John Wilhelm
Samuel Murphy
Joseph Bowman
Jacob Soli rack
: Jacob Olinger
Ed. Kimmei
John Ream
Peter Miller
William Scott
Somerset tp.
Shade - -
Addison -
Summitt -
Berlin - -TurkeyfoQt
Mil ford - -
Jonas Shultz
Quemahoning - Jacob Dibert
ConemaugU - Daniel Border
Allegheny - - Henry Jordan
John Bowman
Willia:w Bowman
Adam Lepley
Conrad Reiser
Jonas Houber
Geo. Ross .
Owen Morgan
Wm, Burgess
Jno. A, Mitchell
Isaac Light
B, F. Latvhill
Cyrus McChesney
Ji.hu J, Patrick
Benjamin Brubaker
Jno, Bichardson
Peter Dull jr.
Jonathan Hay
Henry Lint
Lewis Ober .
Freder'k Gunder
James Benford
David Miller
Chambers Huston
Jonathau Mountain
Gillian Lint
Edward Shockey
Peter Wilhelm
Gabriel Miller
William Miller
Abraham Miller
Christain Keicn -Solomon
G, Miller
Jacab Topstaid
John Foust
Abm. Rhoads
Jacob II auger
Jacob Bowman
Jenner -
Mil ford
Somerset tp.
Turkey foot -Somerset
Summit ; -
Conemangh -
Stonycreek -Brothersvalley
Oyer and Terminer Jurors.
Aaron Will
John King
Peter Ankeny
John C, Barron
Jacob Lichty
Chas. Bisbing
Perry C, Kautz
Hugh Sluifer
John A, Bell ;
- Benj. Hay ;
Southampton :
" Fresh Groceries.
2 bbls MOLASSES;
Loaf Sugar; Teas; Mackeral, &c; receiv
ed and for sale l?y
dec 16 J J & H F SOU ELL. -
carson $ Mcknight,
(successors to II. Coulter 6c Co.)
"OTTHOLESASE Grocers, Commis-
T V sion and Forwarding Merchants,
Dealers in Produce and Pittsburg Manu
factures, Sixth street, between Wood and
Liberty,- Pittsburgh, Pa.' - janl
Don't stand up while chairs
and sofas are so cheap.
"SnSTOlILD respectfully inform his
YV o'd customers and the public ia
general, that he has purchased from
Mr. Jocob Myers, chair maker and
wheel wright his entire stock of materials
and has commenced the chair making
business with that of cabinet making, at
his shop on main street in the Borough
of Somerset, one door east of the resi
dence of Simon Gebhart Esq., where
he will constantly keep on hand and
will make to order, common fancy and
Muhagony Chairs, bed steads, wheels,
Tables, Stands, Settees, So
las, c, jc., 65c.,
He will sell common chairs at $5 per
sett, and other articles in proportion.
Thankful for the patronage heretofore
axtended to him, he would invite the
public to call and exemine his work,
which he will warrant- to be made of the
bet materials and finished in the neatest
and most durable manner.
Approved ' country produce will be
taken in exchange for work, at the high
est market prices.
Valuable Farm
rivate Sale
SITUATE in Shade township, Som
erset county, adjoining lands of Da
vid Rogers, Jesse Berkebile, John Pow
el and others, containing about
of land, about one hundred and fifty of
which are cleared, the remainder is co
vered with the best of timber; thete is a
good proportion of meadow and there
may be one hundred acres mada into the
best of meadow, the
t& & IL & $t 2
will all produce clover and timothy, and
every species of grain; the land nearly
all lies to the sun, and it is decidedly
the best tract in that part of the county.
It lies about a mile and a half from the
tld furnace, and about three miles from
ihe new oe, it contains an abundance of
and there is every indication of coal on
many parts of the surface. The im
provements are indifferent, consisting of
an oW log barn and house, and a new log;
stable; there are on the premises many
fine never failing springs of the.purest
water; there is not perhaps in the county
a farm combining more advantages as
a grazing, dairy and grain farm, it has
on it a small
and is under tolerably good fence. Per
sons wishing to purchase a good proper
ty are requested to call on Robert W.
Mason living on the premises, who will
show them'. every port thereof, or to en
quire concerning it of Mr Postlethwaile
in Somerset, or of ihe subscriber living
in the borough of Stoystown.
February 10.1846.
THE subscriber thankful for past fa
vors, takes this method of informing
his customers and the public in general,
thai he has removed to the shop former
ly occupied by him immediately west of
the residence of.ohn L. Snyder, and
one door east of the office of C. F.
Mitchell, Esq., in the Borough of Som
erset where he will constantly keep on
hand, COPPER and
of every description, manufactured from
the best materials and in a neat and du
rable manner. COPPER KETTLES,
fcTXIVIT' I!FE"V and other
articles in his , Iine of business will be
male to erder on short notice. Persons
wishing to purchase good and cheap ar-
tides are respectfully invited to give turn
a call.
Approved country produce will be ta
ken in exchange for ware.
Feb. 17-3 m.
N. B. Also on hand, a number o
Staves, 'of different sorts, which will be
1 sold cheap.
M, i.ipf
Brown Muslins, ?c.
1fCC YDS, Brown Muslins;
JjXj Cotton Yarn; Cotton
Laps, Wadding, and the best Candle
Wirk, for talent the
has not yet commenced, and we are still sel
)iug goods at the above stand at very
JE have received 'this day from
Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Piltsbor?, a variety of
consisting in part of
CLOTHS of various qualities and colors
CASSI MERES do do do
JEANS d i) do
LADIES GOODS such as Romelia
stripe. Polka Cashmere. Cashmere De
Cosse, Afghan Satin, plain, figured and
changeable Alpachas, Mouslin de Laines,
&c, &c, tc.
In selling boots and boes.
We promise to lcat tbe Jt'ws.
J1jSO, on hand a choice lot of Gro
ceries, Hardware and Queensware; ail ol
which we shall endeavor to sell on such
terms, as to induce a generous public to
give us a libera! support.
Don't forget the place, remember the
Three Big Doors.
sept30 J J it II F SCIIELL.
eal Estate
nrHE subscribers, agents and attor
Ji neys for A G Cole, offer for sale
on advantageous terms, the following de
scribed real estate, to w if That well
late the property of Jacob Probasco and
John Baker, Esq, on the National Road,
in Henry Clay township, Fayette coun
ty, Pa, and one mile west of the village
of Somerfield in Somerset county, to
gether with the appurtenances thereunto
belonging. This property consists of
about one hundred and fifty-three acres
of land, a greater portion of which is
cleared and under cultivation and in mea
dow. The buildings consist of a large
and convenient
partly stone and partly frame, commodi
ous stablin? and other out-buildings.
The location of this- property being
one rnile from the town of Somerfitld,
abounding in wood and Stone coul; ha
ving a SawJWIU and Grist Mill adjacent
thereto and plenty of water remaining
through the land, renders it an important
and valuable situation for any kind of bu
siness. The premises have been for a
long time occupied as a Tavern Stand.
The stand i3 admirably adapted for the
accommodation of all kinds of Droves.
Persons desirous of purchasing ' the
propvrty, are requested to call on Josh
ua B. Howel and E. P. Oliphant, of If
niontown. Pa., who will give every in
formation desired, concerning said pro
Attorneys of A G Cole, of Bait.
Drs, Speer and Euhn.
THE object of this establishment is
to supply a want greatly felt by re
spectable travellers on our western high
ways by residents, without family, ta
ken sick; and by patients from the sur
rounding towns and country who resort
to this place for relief from surgical and
other diseases. Such have often suffered
from the want of the various comforts
and attentions so necessary and agreeable
to the sick, and from careless and un
faithful nurses; and been subjected to
heavy and unreasonable charges.
Invalids will here be provided with
constant, faithful and comfortable atten
dance, snd at a rate much below the usu
al charges.
While the care of both physicians will
be extended to every variety of disease,
it is intended by Dr. Speer, to give spe
cial attention to
To these branches of his profession
he has given a large share of his atten
ion for the last twenty-five years, and
he will continue to devote to them the
experience acquired by a constant prac
tice during that time.
The Hotel for Invalids is not an exper
imenL Its establishment is sugjested
not only as necessary to supply an evi
dent want in this city, in the entire ab
sence of any special provision for ihe
sick, but is warranted also by the success
of similar institutions at Cincinnati and
New Orleans the former under the care
of Drs. Taliaferro, Marshall and Slrader
the latter under that of Dr. Stone.
The building selected for the purpose
is situated at the center of Federal and
Robinson streets, in Allegheny city, ad
joining the city of Pittsburgh. It is
commodious and roomy, anJ furnished
with all accommodations necessary for
the sick.
Applications for admission to be made
to the subscribers, at their office on Penn
street, Pittsburgh, or at the establishment.
C7ISo contagious diseases will be ad:
J. R. SPEER, M. D.
J. S. KUHN, M. D,
February 25, 185.
y 1
LETTERS testamentary on th f8.
tate of John Clirirstner, I.ne of Fik
lick township,' deceased, f,3Vjni, b' "
granted to the -subscriber, resiJj.,,
said township, all persons indite j tr
said estate are hereby requested n S
at ihe late resilience of the deceased
Saturday the -1th day April next, '
pared to settle; and those having claim,"
to present them at the same time znA
place, properly auihenticated.
Febl7 .4G-6t. Execnir
For the cure nf Hepatit or Lirer Cvmptaint,
Dyspepsia and Sick Ikad-Ache. '
THIS remedy having been for several venrs
employed by the proprietor iu his practice,
on a very large scale in Monongalia. Preston.
HanUon and Randolph counties, in Virginia, be
sides several other plarcs, and having been atten
ded with the most hap?y cfiects, he has been from
time to time solicited to .doj.t SUt., a course aa
would give it a more eslnuivo 'trculaii.n. witW
a view to leeri the amount of human sutlering.
Aware of the fact that nuny useless nostrum
h;va been palmed upon the public, he hesiiated
for several years until thoroughly convinced that
the above medicine, if properly used, would not
fail to effect cures in a great many instances, and
even to alleviate those cases whicii are quite incit
Symptoms of a diseased Liver. Pain in thn
right side, under the edge of the ribs. incr?aw';
011 pressure; sometimes the pain is in the left side;
the patient is rarely able to lie on the left side
somrtimes the pain is felt under the shoulder
blade, it frequenMv extends to the top of the shoul
der, and h sometimes mistaken for a rheumatism
in the right arm. The stomach is allectcd with
lo.s of appetite and wekness; the bowels, in gen
ral, are costive, sometimes altering with lax, the
head ;s troubled with pain, accompanied with a
dull, heavy sensation in the back part There is
generally a considerable Joss of memory, accom
panied with a painful sensation of having left
undone something which ought to have been
done. A slight dry cough is sometimes an atten
dant. The patient complains of weariness end
debility; he is easily startled, his feet are cold or
burning, and he complains of a prickly sensation
of the stin; his spirits are low; and although he
is satisfied that exercis would be beneficial tu
him, yet ho can scarcely summon up fortitude
enough to try it. In fact, he distrusts every re
medy. .Several of the a!ove symptoms altcnJ
Ihe disease, but cases have occurred where few f
them existed, yet examination of the body after
death has shown the liver to have bceu exlensite
Iv deranged. -
This is to certify, that having been associated
with Dr. M'Lane in the practice of medicine for
nearly two and a half years, I have had many
opportunities of witnessing the good eficrts o
his Liver Pills, and I believe they have cured and
relieved a much larger proportion of the disease
of fho liver, than I have known cured and re
lieved by any other course of treatment.
QOBsr.nvE None are genuine without a
fac-simile of the proprietor's signature.
Prepared for the proprietor bv
Wholesale and Retail Druggist, comer of
4th and Wood ts, Pittsburg. Pa,
They arc also sold by the following agcnia.
John L. Snyder, Somerset,
jfay & Marrison, Lavansville,
Knable and Vought, Ceutreville,
M. A. Ross, Pctersburgh,
A. Wyatt, Swiihfield,
. Cook. Wellersburgh.
Samuel Kurtz, Somerset.
Samuel Harnet, Addison,
Livengood & Welifley, Salisbury.
Charles Krisinger, Berlin.
N. B. In order that there may be no mistake,
be particular and asli. for "Dr. M'Lane Ljv
ri'J." jant3'4C
Patent Vermifuge.
Dh. JltLiN.' AxrHiciJ Won Srr.riTie
tromplly expels Warms to at almost in- :
credible number!
substantiate the above fact many hundreds
Ja of testimonials could be adduced, out of
which the following are selected, from individ
uals of standing and veracily. Indeed, it is con
fidently affirmed that each new trial of the pow
ers of this remedy will have an additional tcii
dency to widen and confirm its fame, and that if
it were universally known and difl'used over the
United States, it would not save less than many
hundreds, if uot thousands of lives annually.
I do certify tint a vial of Dr. M'Lane Amert
can Worm Specific expelled five hundred and two
whole worms and pieces that would have mada
pixty more, from a boy of Jahri Lewelling, which,
if laid in a (straight line, would have most probably
measured the enormous length of one huudrcr
yards. JOSIAH J A C K SOX , ow nr of WaUf
Forge, and other works, Monongalia county ,V
This is to certify that I pnrchased from Holme
&. Kidd a vial of Dr. M'Lanc'a American Worm
Specific, and gave two doses to a boy of mine
about three years years of age. He passed (vAW
half a pint of worms. The quantity was so lai g
I was really alarmed, and called in several of my
neighbors to see them. Had thus story been re
lated to me, I could not have credited it, without
being an eye-witness to the same. My child
heillh improved much after.
Merchant Tailor, Wood st, Pittsburgh.
j Some two months ago I purchased a vial of
! M'Laws A merican Worm b'per iuc. I ea icU I
i lny
of mine most of a vial; he passed furtvf very
large worms. From that time his health impro
ved very much. I had tried two other Vermifuge
to no purpose. I believe Dr, M'Lane' the 'ht
article before tlie public D. CALHOUN. .
MiiHin township, Allegheny county.
From a regular Physician, Dr C S Smith, ?nn
fish, Ohio.
Mr. J. Kidd Dear Sir I have sed in my
pactice Dr. M'Lane' American Worm Specific,
rndhave often witnessed its efikacy ui expelling
worms from the system. A patient of mine, a
short time agj, gave a vial of the Worm Specific
to a child; in a short time upwards of sixty-five
worms were expelled.
Treparcd for the Proprietor hy
Wholesale and Retail Druggists, corner of
4lh and Wood sts, Pittsburgh.
Also for sa?e by the following agents
JOHN L. SNYDEH, Somerset,
Hay and Morrison, Lavansvill.
K naJe nd Vought. Centre!!,
M A. Ross, Pctersburgh,
A. Wyatt, Smithfield,
G. Cook, Wellersburgh.
Samuel Kurtz, Somerset.
Samuel Harnet, Addison,
Livengood & Welflley. SatiaKury.
Charle Kiissinger, Beilin.
N. B. He particular to ask for Dr. M'La'
1 American Worm Specific; or Patent Vr ?'f "

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