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Somerset, 3?n.t
The Whi and Anlimasons of Somer
set County are requested to meet at 2,
P. M. on Tuesday the 14th of July, at
the Court House in Somerset, for the
purpose of appointing conferees, to meet
the conferees of Fayette and Greene, to
put in nomination a candidate for Con
gress. By order of the County Committee.
Next Governor Gen. Markle.
Wc perceive that several journals are
agitating the question as to w ho shall be
the next Whig candidate for Governor,
and a disposition manifested in certain
quarters to push the claims of Gen. Irt
viv. We repeat now what we said be
fore, that against Gen. Irvin we have
nothing to ure. Believing him to be an
honest, devoted Whig, a man of strong
raind, and deservedly popular in his own
district, we hope to see him the Whig
candidate for Governor at the proper
time, when, if our life be spared us till
then, wc shall take pleasure in giving him
our humble support. But the present is
not the time for his friends to urge his
claims. Gen. Markle, at the last Gu
bernatorial election, ran under most unfa
vorable circumstances, as all are aware,
and yet came very nigh being elected.-
He received, we honestly believe, at least
ten thousand votes more than could have
been riven to Gen. Irvin or anv other
Whiff under the circumstances, and it
would therefore be .unjust and impolitic
toet him aside for a new man at the next
Gubernatorial election. No: let the old
"Fighting Captain" have another trial,
and if he cannot be elected, no other
Whig can.
Somcllilnsr About Ruttcr.
A gentleman of this county, who had
last year engaged in the Butter business,
informed us recently, that the Baltimore
dealers had determined for the future to
have all Butter inspected before purchas
ing. It appears that they have come to
this determination in consequence of hav
ing last year received some lots which
were sold to them as "Glades Butter,"
but which on examination proved to be a
very inferior article. As many of our
farmers make large quantities of Butter
annually, it 'may be to their interest to
note this fact; for by sending to market
an article of the "right stripe," they will
no doubt be amply compensated, h its
ready sale and an increased price, for any
little extra trouble they may be at in pre
paring it.
Militia and Volunteers.
Gen. Cameron, on presenting in the
Senate lately the prececdings of a meet
ing of the citizens of Philadelphia, ten
dering to the Government their services
in the existing war with Mexico, stated
that Pennsylvania had a muster roll of
two hundred and thirty thousand milita,
and a volunteer force of thirty two thou
sand raakinff altogether two hundred
and sixty-two thousand men, which is
more than half the number that Buona
parte marched into Russia when he at
tempted the conquest of the great Empire
of the North. Pennsylvania alo le, there
fore, could furnish a force sufficient to
overrun and subdue all Mexico.
A "Democratic War."
The Philadelphia Keystone, a rampant
locofoco sheet, designates the present
war with Mexico as a "Democratic war,"
thinking no doubt thereby to be able to
make a little capital for the Administra
tion, whose conduct in the matter has
been censured by some. We believe
the Keystone to be correct in its designa
tion, in so far as the bringing on of the
war is concerned; but as regards the fight
ing part, we think it most cgregiously
iu error. The war with Mexico, no
matter what are the causes that have pro
duced it, is viewed by all patriotic citi
zens as a national contest, in which the
whole country is interested, and in the
prosecution of which men of all parties
have manifested their readiness to partici
pate. Where, then, is the propriety or
justice of giving it a party character!
As well, because the gallant Gen. Tay
lor is a thoroughgoing Whig, might wc
denominate it a "Whig War," and claim
for the Whig party all the credit cf his
recent victories.
Vof c or ThanU.
Centres has parcel a vote of thanks
?n I'lP rfr,.rr irn r.f fll! A rmv of
n . r i ii . A.,rt in'
the recent cn;
c .
Yemenis Wl.fl UiC .UUr
"a;:s on the Rio Grande.
Speech or Mr. Stewart.
Wre refer the reader to another column
for some remarks of Mr. Stewart in re
gard to the existing war and the pay of
those who are to do the fighting part. All arc
aware that, until farther enlistments take
place, the Government's main reliance for
troops will be upon volunteers and it is
this meritorious class of soldiers whose
pay Mr. Stewart wishes to have increas
ed to ten dollars per month just two
dollars more than Members of Congress
receive per day. Is there any thing ex
travagant, unfair, or unjust in this? We
opine not and we further opine that,
had the proposition came from an other
quarter, those -who are so loud in their
censures of Mr. Stewart for making it,
would have denounced as cowards and
traitors and tories, all who should
have opposed it. The truth is, there are
some folks whom Mr. Stewart cannot
please, do as he will for whom he mud
dies the water whether he passes the
stream above or below them and who, if
they cannot find fault with his acts, try to
injure him by assailing his motives.
'Tis a pity a great pity, that some
people are so hard to please!
The Xallonal Fair.
Wc are gratified to learn that the great
National Fair, recently held at Welling
ton City, proved entirely satisfactory to
the friends of Home Industry, Tind did
not fail to convince even the most scepti
cal free traders that, under the operations
of the present excellent Tariff, our manu
facturers and artisans can cope success
fully with those of any other country.
And we are ih e more gratified at this re
sult, because the project of holding such
a Fair originated with our Representa
tive in Congress, Hon. Andrew Stew
art, who rallied to his aid influential
men from the several States, to carry out
that enterprizc, and to whom the nation
is therefore mainly indebted for this great
triumph of our workmen over those of
Europe. The policy of protecting our
manufactures and the skill of our me
chanics and artisans, have been thereby
fully demonstrated, and opposition in a
crrpiit measure silenced. Even some of
the Administration presses speak most fa
vorably of the exhibition, which we take
as an indication of an intention on their
part to "cut loose" from "Jemmy O'Polk"
and come out in favor of the true inter
ests of the country, and for which we
rannot too hifrhlv commend them. But
our friendly advice to them at the same
time is, not to allow that fact to come to
the knowledge of "Father Ritchie," lest
he pronounce upon them his anathema
and read them out of the party as politi
cal heretics.
A Prize.
The New Orleans Delta states that the
United States Marshal had seized the
Mexican schooner Juniata, under pro
cess issued against her as a prize of war,
she being owned by citizens of Mexico.
Polkism. James K. Polk's brother,
William II. Polk, who receives a salary
of S 1,500 forgoing to Naples in the char
acter of Envoy, is said to be spending his
time in the city of Paris.
Flour is down in price, both inthe east
and west. In Philadelphia it is selling
at 84, in Baltimore $3 87, in Cumber
land at $3 50, and in Pittsburgh at from
$2 50 to $2 87.
CEP"Edward Webster, sou of Daniel
Webster , is raising a company at Boston,
to proceed to the scat-of war.
Cg?"We sec it reported that fifty
bushels of strawberries were sold in Cin
cinnati one day week before last.
'CThe "Somerset Guards," com
manded by Capu S. W. Pearson, have
resolved to "go to the wars," should their
services be needed.
road. The books for subscription of
stock in this company were opened in
Pittsburgh on the 9th inst., and nearly
G,000 shares taken the first day.
C7HenryjClay, Jr., it is said, is rais
ing a Volunteer company to march against
nS27""Gcorgc B. Crittenden, a Captain in
the new regiment of Mounted Riflemen,
was in the famous battle of Mier, which
was fought some years since.
?George W. Kendall, who was
one of the prisoners taken in the Texas
expedition against Mexico, has joined the
Army under Gen. Taylor.
XTThe citizens of Hagcrstown, Md.f
have determined to erect a monument to
the memory of Maj. Ringgold.
The present season has been very favor
i aoie io vrgciauon ana me growing crops
,far a, vsmrid. Thn nrr.nrcl fnr .n
. - - rv
5 abundant harvest never was better.
Fayette County.
j The Whigs of Fayette, at their recent
county meeting, adopted a series of reso
lutions, from which we clip the follow
Resolved, That in the present condi
tion of. our beloved country involved in
war with a neighboring Republic, while
we feel justified in pointedly condemning
the policy of our rulers, who have tm
necessartly brought this war upon us,
yet as Whigs, and lovers of the country,
we highly approve ot the course ot our
whig brethren in Congress in providing
men and means for the prosecution of the
Resolved, That in answer to the base
insinuation that the "whigs.are not the
friends of the country," Mre point trium
phantly to a Scott a Taylor and Ring
gold, and a nost ot otner wnig onicers oi
the army and navy, as whigs ever ready
to sacrifice their lives and their fortunes
in defence of their country.
Resolved, That the thanks of the
whigs of this Congressional district are
due to our able and indefatigable Repre
sentative, ANDREW STEWART, Esq,
for his untiring defence of the Tariff
for his project of a National Fair to
counteract the influence of the exhibition
of British manufactures, in one of the
rooms of the Capiiol,got up by the friens of
JamesK. Polk,enemiesof the I anfT,to pros
trate domestic industry and also, for his
recent though unsuccessful effort to raise
the pay of volunteer soldiers.
C7The meeting appointed Wrilliam
Colvin, Alexander Black, and Sabastian
Rush, ts conferees to meet whh others
from Somerset and Greene to nominate a
candidate for Congress.
Kentucky Volunteers.
The Washington Union says: "When
it was proclaimed that the government
had called on Kentucky for troops to
prosecute the war against Mexico,suchwas
the zeal displayed, that two captains who
had succeeded in raising their campanies,
started to the capital to report themselves
to the governor as ready to march; one
of them on arriving at Lexington, was
apprised that he was preceded by the
other, who had only left a few minutes
and immediately drove post haste to be
in first; the other learning the object, in
creased his speed, and both continued
the race until one unfortunately broke his
buggy, and left an apparently easy con
test to his rival; but, nothing discouraged
he ungeared his horse and mounted with
out saddle, and by taking a near cut beat
his antagonist to the executive chamber,
but was informed that the number re
quired had already been accepted; in the
meantime the other came up, when both
crest fallen and disappointed, inquired if
they would not have preference m a war
with England; such is the spirit that per
vades our country."
New .Hampshire. The Convention
of the two branches of the New Hamp
shire Legislature on Friday elected Gen
eral Anthony Colby, the Whig candi
date, Governor for the ensuing year, by
a majority of 21 votes. The rote stood
for Anthony Colby, 146; for J. W.
Williams, 125.
of merchandize;
In the County of Somerset.
IS returned to .the Court of Quarter
Session in January, 1848, by the con
stables of the several districts, designs
ting those who have taken out license.
and thfise who hare not.
Daniel Flick, no license
John L. Snyder, do
Parker & Ankeny, do
Mich?el A. Sanner. do
J.J. & H. F. Schell, do
Joseph Cummins, do
Chorpenning & Benford, do
Samuel Kurtz, do
William M'Creery, license
Miller Trcdwell, no licence
Michael Sipe, ; do
Hay &, Bare, , do
Samuel A Michael, - license
Freidline fc Flick do
Culberson Rankin?. no license
Elias Stab!. do
Knable & Vouffht, do
Aughingbaugh fc Brubaker, do
Walter & Knable do
Samuel Harned, " license
Alfred Ntwlon. no license
Moses A. Ross, do
John D. Roddy, do
Joseph Hendrickson, do
Samuel Elder, do
Moses Jennings, do
Aaron Wiatt, do
J. C. Darrall, do
rrv & LndsJev. license
Elijah Wagner, no license
Livenjood & Heflly, license
Miller & Dively, no license
Joseph J. Miller, do
(Samuel II. Haller, do
P. & W. Myers, do
John M'Clary. do
Miller & Dively, do
Geo. A.Cook, . do
Samuel S. Piatt, . license
George Johnston, . no license
Tlcizer & Poorbaugh do
A. Ileflley & Co. license
Charles Krissinger, no license
Samuel Philson. license
Jacob Berkey, do
Samuel J. Row, do
Samuel Kimmel, no license
Geo. A. Clarke, do
George A. Clarke, do
James O, Carson & Co. do
Henry Little, do
Isaac R. Shaffer, do
Jacob Custer, ' . do
Edmund Kiernau, do
George Parker. . do-
Huber Liaien & Meyers, license
David T. Storm, no license
George R. Benham. license
All persons who have not taken out
their license will do so immediately, as
the Act of Assembly requires the Trea
surer to bring suit against all delinquents,
within the month of Juue.
Those oersons who have been returned.
on the above listjand have declined busi
ness previous to the 1st May ult., will
call upon the subscriber without delay.
and make due proof of ihe same.
Somerset, June 10, 1846.
THEREAS a certain Alexander
rox left with me someWi or id
months since, Cassinel and trimmings to
be made into a dress coat, which I did
according to promise; and as he lias nev
er called for the same, I hereby give no
tice that unless he comes forward within
thirty dars from this date and lift it, 1
will then have it sold to pay my charges
against him.
Wellersburg, Juno 10. 1816
To the voters cf Somerset Count;.
for the vote I received on a previous
occasion, I again offer myself to your
consideration as a candidate for the of
fice of SliKR I FF5 at he
ing clecton. Should I be fortunate as
to be elected I pledge myself to perform
the duties of the office with fidelity and
june 164G. JACOB C. SPE1CHER
T the voters of Somerset County.
ellow Citizens: I offer myself to
vour consideration as a candidate
for the office of
at the ensuing general ellection, and re
spectfully solicit your votes for the
same. If elected, I will perform the du
ties of the office with fidelity.
may 26 1816,
To the Free and Independent Voters
of Somerset County.
"W71 ellow Citizens: I offer myself
B to your consideration as a candidate
for the office of
at the ensuing election, and respectfully
solicit your suffrages for the 6ame. If
elected, I wilt perform the duties of the
office with fidelity.
J.J ME S P Jill SON.
Somerset tp. May 19. 1816.
To the Voters of Somerset County.
AT the suggestion of many friends, I of
fer myself to your consideration as a
candidate for S HERB FF al llc
ensuing election. Should 1 be elected, I
pledge my utmost abilities for the faith
ful discharge of all the duties of the of
may 19, 1846.
the solicitations of numerous friends
throughout the county, I offer myself to
your consideration for "re-election.
Should I receive a majority of your votes
you may expect the duties of the office
to be faithfully and efficiently performed.
Somerst, May 26. 1846.
To the Independent Voters of Som
erset County.
I OFFER myself to your consideration
as a Candidate forthp ofiirp of
Sould I be so fortunate as to receive a
majority of your suflerages I pltdge my
self to the performance of the duties of
the officejwith impartiality and fidelity.
Stonycreek tp. May, 20, M6.
To the Voters of Somerset County.
-ini ELLOW-CIT1ZENS. I offer
P myself to your consideration as a
candidate for
County Commissioner
at the ensuing election; and should I re
ceive a majority of your suffrages, shall
perform the duties of said office to the
best of my judgment and ability.
Stonycreek tp.
June 2, I84G,
Somerset County, ss.
adjourned Orphans
to held at Somerset,
lday ef April !8lG.
Before the Honorable Judg
es thereof.
Oo, motion of J, F, Cox, Esq, the
court grant arule oa the heirs and legal
representatives ofJohn Stai!er,deceased,lo
appear at aa adjourned Orphans court
to be held at Somerset on the Hth dav
ofuly next, and shew cause if any they
have, why. the real estate of said John
Statler, dee'd, should not be sold.
Extract from the Rrcords, certified this
aSfcEfc: on the 22
23d day of April. 1846.
May 12 M6.61. , Clerk.
Somerset County, ss.
T-rr A T an adjourned Orphans
S L.S. court held at Somerset, in
y-r-' an or sa'1' county of Som
erset, on he22J day of April, A. D.
1840. Before the Honorable . Judges
IN the matter of the administra
tion account of Henry Martz and Richard
Martz.executors of Jacob.Martz, who was
one of the administrators of Jocob Lei
dick, dee'd.
And now io wit: April C2d, 1810,
Samuel W. Pearson, Esq., appointed
auditor to distribute the balance in the
hands of said executors, among the
heirs according to law and report.
" Extract from the reconls of said court,
certified this Cid d y of April. A. D.
In pursuance of the foregoing appoint
ment, the undersigned will nttend at his
office, in the Borough of Somerset, on
Thursday the 91I1 day of July next, f.r
the purpose above mentioned, at which
time and place all interested persons are
hereby notified to attend, if they see
may 1946-6t S W PEARSON.
Somerset County, ss.
yy A T an orphans court held
S L.S. S in and for said county,
V 1.- ..1. 1 t !.. .k
oil 11 ie 1111 11 iy "i , n in?
year of our lord one thousand
eii;h hundred and fnriys'ix; I'rcseul the
Hon. Jeremiah S. Black, President, and
George Chorpenning asd John McCarty,
Esquires, associate Judges of the same
IN ihemitterof the administration
account of Henry Wirsing, administra
tor of John Wirsing. deceased.
And low to wit, May 4th 1816, Sam
uel dither, Esq., nppointed Auditor to
apportion the balance in his hands to
and amongst the criditors according to
law, aud report.
IN pursuance of iheilorpsoiiig appoint
ment, the undersigned will attend at his
office in the Borough of Somerset 011
Tuesday the 7ih day of .Ally next, for
the purposes above mentioned, at hich
time and plae all interested persons are
hereby notified to altrnd, if they see
Somerset county, ss.
s-s-s'te A T an orphans' court
S L.S. S at Somerset, ir
and for
ja a,d county on the 6th day of
A1ay A, D. 1816. Present the
Hon. Jerera,ah S, Black, President, and
George Chorpenning, and John McCarty
Esquires, associate Judges of the same
THE court on motion of F, M,
Kimrr.e'l Esq, grant a rule on the heirs
and legal representatives of George Hoo
ver, deceased, to appear at an adjourned
Orphans' court, to be held at Somerset
on the I4th day of July next, 1810, and
show cause if any they have why the
residue of ihe real estate, of said dee'd,
vtz: one plautation and tract of hmd
situate in the township of Brothers Val
ley in said county, containg 137 acres
and allowance, more or less should not
be sold.
Extract from the record of said court
certified this 6ih day of Mav, A D 1840,
may 26 MO, Clerk.
ITotice is hereby given to all persons
X N concerned as legatees, creditors or
otherwise, that the following accounts
have been filed and passed register in the
Registers office, lor the county of Som
erset, and that the same will be present
ed to the Orphans' court for confirmation
aud allowance on tiesdaythc 1 ilh day
of July next, at an adjourned Or
phans' Court, viz:
The account of A. II. Philson and
William Johnston, two of the Execu-
of the estate of Frederick Oldfth-
er, deceased.
The account of Samuel Miller, admin
istrator of Daniel Harner, deceased.
The account of ,ohti Cover, adminis
trator de bonis non. with the Will an
nexed of Rudolph Urick, deceased.
The account of Christian Keim and
Yost Blough, administrators of Samuel
Keim, Sen. dee'd.
The accMiint of Jacob Moses and
Abraham Moses, administrators of Ja
cob Moses, dee'd.
The account of William Shun, ad
ministrator of Georse Still, dee'd.
The account of John Witt and Mi
chael Hoover, administrators of Casper
Hoover, dee'd.
The account of Jacob Fisher, execu
tor of Martin Fiher dee'd.
The account of Simuel Murphy, Esq.
administrator, with the Will annexed of
Thomas Griffith, dee'd.
The account of Robert McClintock
and Alexander McClintock, administra
tor of William P. McClintock, dee'd.
June 9 40. Register.
BLENDERS hi professional services to the
1 public. Oificeiathe buildin; formerly sc
cupied bv ClwrlcOsIEsT,wal4Jv office.
Ju.ie 9, IS 10.
... o.vww... . mangier Grwlinj.nill9f Filberts, Raijins, Dates,
and Lew,9 Snnnglcr. administrators of p , Q Figs. &c.
Abraham Spangler, doc d ALSO, notions-such as hair, tooth.
The account of Jacob Lambert and nail auJ lhoe Wu3he,, watch guards, keys
George Lambert, executors of Ll.aabeth anJ chai,is, tobacco boxes, silver th.m-
Lambcrt.decd. bJc3 buaks cusions. braid.
'Ihe account of David Weimer. admin- n.,J,M. n,tPi combs, penholders and
11 r At 1 1
istrator of Peter Bradford, dee'd.
Somerset County, ss.
tjr? f T an adjourned Orphans
ifVS& "rl J,eJ 5,1 Somerset
2f P vv' in and for said county 011 the
2 2-d April. 1810. Before tho
Honorable Judges thereof.
On motion 'of !' Kimmel. Esi.
the conn grant a rule 011 the heirs ami le
sral Rcpresntaties of Henry Geisi-y.
deceased, to appear at an adjourned Or
phans court to b held at Somerset .i
ihe 14th day of July next, and klieur
rausc if any they have, why the real es
tate of said Henry Geicy, deceased,
should not be sold,
Extract from ihe Records, eetified this
22d day of April, 1846
May 1 2,180.-01.
Somerset County, ss.
A Tan adjourned Orphan'
S , ss court held at Somerset, :n
nd for said county on the 2 2 J
day of April, 1816. Before the Honor
able Juu2es thereof.
IN the matter of the account of
Peter Berkcy and John llamer. Admin
istrators of the estate of Emanuel Pen
rod, dee'd.
And now to wit: April 22.nd, A. D.
IS1C. Samuel W. Pearson, .appointed
auditor, to marshal! and distril.ute the
balance in the hands of the administra
tors, to and amongst the creditors of said
deceased, and report.
Extract from the records cf said court,
certified this Sid day of April, 1810.
In pursuance of the foregoing appoint
ment, the undersigned will attend at hi
office, in the Borough of Somerset, on
Thursdcy the 9ih day of July next, fos
the purpose abote mentioned, at which
lime and p'a-e all interested persons are
hereby notified to attend, if they see
may ID. MG-6t. S W PEARSON.
Orphans' Court Salo
N pursuance of an order of the Or
nhan's Court of Somerset county.
there will be exposed to sale by way of
oublic vendue or outcry on the premises,
. .1 .1... r 1
on Saturday me -uui uay 01 juhb
next, the following real estate, late the
properly of Henry Fritz.deceased, vU:
one undivided half part of a certain
Tract of Land,
situate in Stonycreek township, county
ef Somerset, containing two hundred
acres, more or less, adjoining land of
Jacob Zerfoss, Benjamin Zerfoss, Geo.
Rearmn and Alexander Hunter.
Terms; one third in hand, and the re
maining two thirds in two equal annual
payments without interest, to be scenred
by judgment bonds,
Attendance will be given by Alex
ander Hunter, Administrator with the
Will annexed, of the said Henry Fritz,
By the Court
May 20 18 i0-4t. Clerk
Somerset County, ss.
r'' A an adjourned Orphans
vcilL Court held at Somerset,
t'C in and for said County, on
the 22nd day"of April 18ia.
Before the Honorable Judges thereof.
ON motion of F, M, Kimmel, Esq.,
the Court granfa rule on the Heirs ar.il
Leal Representatives of John ShafTer
deceased, to appear at an adjourned Or
phans' Court to be hcJJ at Somerset, on
the I4ih day of July next, and shew
cause if any they have, why the reales
stJto of the said John Shaffer, decdv
should not be sold.
Extract from the Records, certified:
this 22d day of April 1816.
may 12 46-6t Clerk.
Wit. I,3?33??a
"OTAVING purcbaesd the entire stock
M A. f W E. Miller, h; just received
from the cast a large and earefully select
ed assortment of l)ruf. Chemical,
Paints, Dye -Stuffs, Patent
Medicines, &a,&c..
The whole conlitaiing one of the best
assotrnsnts in Somerset, and which ho
will sell as low 21 if not lower than they
can be had elsewhere.
Hehas also, received a large stock of
confectioaarv, fruits &e., tnrh as
of erery ?artctv Linuo.ice AIraorJs
Steel Pens, Toy Guns, Trump
ets, watches &c. &c. All wnicn no
willselllow for cash. Persons. are res
pectfully invited to call and examine bis
C7Also, Lancets aaJ Lancet fleams
JV, IJ. Always on hand a supply t)f
Ploughs ( Woodeock's pntent) and nbujU
castings to suit the sime.
Somerset, June 2, 1618.
Constables' Stay Domls
For Sule at this Offvfl

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