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rillLADKLPillA, TliriJSDAY, JULY 21,
Splendid Victory in tho
Shenandoah Valley.
11 ;iT!s r.viii:.N.
lo Tlio l.ti'iiinu Trirurnph.
Th Slur k j 1 a de-spat h fr m loner tl It i iter
Ti ports the folloiviti;! iu-t lccjiv- 1 Umar. uera!
Avarl i
"St.sr Wini msTi n, J-ily 2 ' lire U,n I U)
divided tilrt force Ht lturyv.ile list m'it, so.-idiu
Early lo Winchester and taking anotbor div idon
towards Millwood.
"I attacked and dffca't'l K irly in front ot
Winchester to-day, billing and winndin.; over
three hundred of bis otlk-ers uid m.91, cap'urng
four ct.nnon, several hundred tmall arms, and
about two hundred prisoners. CJ'n'ral I li'y I
aerions'y wounded ail in on'- tin lis '.'t'ni.i
Bourd, fa'.h Virp'in, killoJ. ('.tuna n id pri
soners have Veil m lit Mai'llti-burg.
The ciiciiiy in oHceri U ho.iv;-. t'.i- ni
era admit tin 'r f iyc to have bcou 5XM. Tic
Commands of .t loksun and Iailiidoii, which wore
ircreut. arc not Included in the mentioned
,verlM't t letiiry.
General Avcrill telegraphs th .t lis his ci,
lured four pieces uf ur.hlcry fro a Firly'a roii
gunrd. The l.ntrwl I'oiii'C Million.
There Is considerable discussion going on cn
eernlng'ho recent visii uf Colonel J ii p :s ail
Edmund Kirk to HI?!iino'id. although the latter
genilem ill was only tlu e .i; n,teo d'.t enyiyro
the Co'onel.
The uiatitigtilhed hospitality whi h win ex
tended at the Sjjotiuwooi House, Is eiTid'jrert
Inclcutlvcof very little starvation in Richmond,
if the stiiry le true.
Ji 0. Vavta and hin prUnc ministers are repre
scntrd lo be in jubilant spirits over the prospects
lit the Confederaev. and i xonvs thtiwselns hi
more able th .n ever to whip the nrti. It
evident thai, wM : lUtia thinking, no thoughts of
pence ?ill receive at y consideration from them.
It limst bo borne lu nnud tint thiM vUit toi l no
pcHiicul atgniflcation whatcror, ari l the OonlVJe
rate an(horitie9 did not rcsrd it as suei ; it w
notbli'g moro nor lead than a friendly talk ht
tweeu Jei'ursoo Eavm and C doncl Juries, tn
latter of whom baa some oriinnl idou la nfer-
nee tonii ultimate piee between the t jKe;tiom
cf onr county Iteiug effect. d by certain religions
ittlum. eb. TUo Colouel account of t.i risii
. it unxlou: iy awaited.
The Attacks of the Enemy
WAMitsriTON, July 'JI The Xatwnal fiyi
fcVrn aavs : "Tho (i .jternment ban receive.) d i"-
patches from Uenvral Hberiuaa tbi momiiu an
nouDcing that tho enemy unaulte I the I'jioa
linca three timea c-airday. and v.ere r p ji.'d
eeeh Mnie, with !i t'e U a to us.
Mot ot onr men fought behind earthwork,
and btnee our biimll loas, but tae on'-my rime
out ol thocefiiiami of the city to offer battle, and
being more exposed sufliaid reuter Ion
Ktr., itr.
I lo.. l ie.. l;ie t.n-
Niw York, J-ily 21 The a'eaoier I'u'l
from Ill'tou llead,with daien to tho Kill ln-tunt,
)aa arrived.
Tlie Kebel ofllcf rs b.ivob.en placed In baild
laa on CumruiiiK"' I'- lid.
Charlt-idon is veins vior.ais'y .hel!ed.
Fort Kum'er liai been biinj cted u u very
btavy l.rp fiom Morris I Ui d.
All the tr op lmve reurned from tin r-eett
cxprcMti m.
Kefugees repoit th :t tb Union prlf-iu'ra in
C'tiurli on uic iteuieJ iuiiuuiauly.
The 'lo'roa ton d the nuauier ,.1- ira lu this
port ois.iM d.
The I'l lmitlu lleranl K v aa ncouutof tt.c
recti t txpiUition ti Johu'i. I u I. The li.i'.u m
uiaile to piev ous ll-r.uilli ou onr for. e.i, bu
r I i r d Hi lo a) lo-s.
it h talieitd ti nt lt'i'.d tr mih have b, un
Withur-iWii fioia fit ..r J. Iiumo i or Lee, o the
IjUii.Ii, r ot ten lLou.-,.nu, to dtl'uud Cii.ulc!oii.
TIE (a liriU.AH IN" Sll,ii HI
Ft. JusT.i'H, Ja'y 20. Tljoruton's guerilla,,
Scuily 'ii'.' siroiig, ivit in Cuiri.;i county u.-day,
and will pi'ol.iibh uu-li .1.1 eilort to uo s the
Missouri liver, (ienurul J iske is pri.'s;r,0' tiiciu
bind ; but his force is inseilieient to tlleet much.
The loyul t? I'.l'C ilocki'.v to Ills s'aiida.J, Ii:ia
ever, nnd oilh .Mit-m an Hill souu lie a hot pia"t
foi buiihv. buck itj.
Adtiecs f.Ofi Ct'i'loiho St.. to tli.it Thoi'e.tJU
wis iwi nly mile!' f:.ntb of tWe this myuin;
lie told bis tun be ai.s oin,; to llo.inl co.;uty :
but it is believed thut lie will try to Ce.-a Hit
Missouri river and net ai ii'li.
A scout sent so'itU from bu'o, toorts some
3l gui lillsa ncur lilooinlnton. Geucnti l''!ke'
appeal ii burg rapld'y re-ponded to.
Cviro, Juij W. The stiimer tVy of Alton,
from .Mcmi Li.-, 1.I.S unived, w it'- fifty bales of
cction for M. l.ouii. Ihu Mcpliis (.upuj con
tain no additional dcttula lrum Ciuuuial A. J.
timitu's expedition.
Heeriiltinic ia tnit ltehi l MM.
AiiiAHY, July il. Goieinoi biiynionr Hi no'
p:oh.t State AgcnU to reciuii men la the lleb"!
tUU.. TLa cities or counties can do ro, tbc s;ue
aathoiMis giving llifio tlie focdtiita diit'Mcd by
WHAT Til l: V KAY.
Large Number of the Rebel
Stragglers Captured.
ir lnl lo lli I vvnl'ia; T.loitrnii.
WaaiusoroM, Ju y Zi.
I B't nisi I c'lrlilv one Item! pri-on'Tt arrived
re Ironi Ninoy iiook, , h.vhik o -i.ii om
t.erc by order of Uri-adi. r.'l -ucr il II )e, un Mr
i!ii..rd of Conipiny 1, 1st MirvUnd, l.toniio
II' me llrigade, eonun imled by I.i.iu'citnnt C ill.
! tn ee p'l omrv a'ate t'nit they were In elii-ge of
M e invaidtiit nlmi !rr tri ni. and ff over-
I aulrd l car Si.Kkei'a (tup liv a portion ofoir
p.irMMrc I..P ( in (itr (neriu rooK.
A In i-k ti ;t t took pliu e oil M nd i, ndueli
liiii.iud Willi tnneli fury f ir amne ti ne, but a
ruin puiird tlndinK It imp '"i-ible to jive fie trim,
nuiiojed it b.v lire, ana tctre tea, lOiVi.u me
' imistois- nr.J i.t'iers it the merey of onr force.
A ilopulili Ip iii 11 urisl'iir,'; sti'es tliii wi
a lurid over mree nniMrei wiins, neavny
n 'en . Ith frr ii'i ; but by tliU "ta ement it would
ppiar that the Ki'bcls tmrned th: train.
Th.-re prisonrr weio mmtly d.tielicil fro'n
In ir committal, nn 1 at the time of their capture
eic iieiliis ns tcain-ters. M my ot tbem ex-
,.rimi d saiisrii tioii at bcins captured, nnd wlii'e
t Colon- I Inurah nn'a oili er last nUht 'iite a
n..ml irt l them askeu permission 1 1 no uj
A let'ir received in tiii- ei'y by in oploer from
Jiitidv Ilrx k. Maryland, tates ttntt many atrn-
hra from the ruircHiing iuvivlini? forcj enua
i to tlmt pl.n e daily nii'l .-urrendcr thenmdve..
lie nun are eomiiUileiy worn out by ra.ud
marebimr, and niim'tor of them aro ahoolesa,
rt.th their clottiinj! torn into ahred.
leonmi: ,itv or i iik. ipotow a
COHrKHCKf'.K WITU JK.Ff. 11 A ets Kl'Tt UN Of
GfNKU.vl JIih.kh'x Heiliur VRTh.Hx, M mlay
Jnlv IN. 9 I'. M. Kdiunad Kirk. antUor il
'An on a ttiC I'oiea, aim c xon. i J im 's r
J-.cf,ues. 7dd II itu'ls, hivo just returned bc.-e
t oin a visit to Un moor. . I and a conference wiili
Jilt. l)avl buU ihe Uebel Seoreury of War,
hei iiindn.
u wiiH known to a lew that tncy ua passcu
Into the UeUl liuei, and great anxiety his ocju
t It t r t n ir sate return.
The n ituie ol their iniinon is unknown, but
I I- thi.unht 'o hhif some p .Iineil .n.io-tau e
Wtutiv er it w is, tho manner ol pro eduie an
ben un nue, nnd the n-anl; seeun to to
virv BHitnetory lo thenisiivef. It is not pro-
Initile tl at they were auttioriud euvoya ol tue
fji vi mii ent l huiihorlty to propose any terrai
d i (see. bi.t 'lnmh liKilvniua snermitioa oy tno
lii.verniiieui lo iai- tliroiifti our lines
At ui v ra'e. they were well rooulveil ana won
trdit d, and vtruil ted to atop ac the leading
UK OliPl R Mltt;( UMI IlKNI-.R.vL Jlt TI.rR TO
The followii.K extr i is noni s sj. ial Onb r Xo.
01, It snid la-t eieuinit by i.ienten mt Ooneral
t.Mini, iH.i.r dtteetly upon ihl -iu
111. rnmvr h il ff (K-nrjilnl-H So. W. Aijutaitt
t-i i ill s uil'u .i i ri i,c h li. s, hi lU ii Wf.l inTtrni, July
lk4 IH laillj Mli- ,.i:t,.1. It 41 Lite 1 ll.,WlliK S.nl
uith . imc m;iini'.ii.i i't 1 l-h in i.iiH'.'.i uniu pirjia
i.i 1 urrntiutli t ..I a Mt' n aui' M It r l'n".lilt nl.
tiriKii'l i I't.vi'i'ltlj. II. M.i! iml.il, I. t..ti;.orarlly Afi-
ku li, n If t f c mnirfi il ol tn. ii-in Arinv to .
rrikmli'T ih n.-rn il i. 1 1 1 n i " mil iri. iir at-u(iii'
I.) 1t:t l ullili.ill'.l ol lllr I'-'III Ar.nv I (.-il.
i i-.'fi nn.n nt l . i'i' unii tit (. 'iit'r Al uH ih l.
iH. I'Ai kkk, A'Miit t Ail'U iiitta . iiural.
fierrrnl Teirv'a as-ientnent to the command of
tl o Huh Arinv la:nis. will be u sourcj ol sfls-
lirai" u lo Irs tiuiuero'ih Iriemla both la and our. of
the i rmv. It wiis (iener d I erry wr,o or-an.ie l
.1 e loth nt Ulouccntvr 1'omt lu the e irlv u ir' o'
Muy ol this u-ar, win n ii jo.aed (). neral I) it er a
Ui puriun ut, und bt came a partoi this e.ira,ain.
1 ur i,is iibi.lu woik lu tins rcs.Mot Coiuril
Titiv ret.ivtd the hutrtv th.mks oi M ijor-fJane
ia Uilliiiore, lio did not accede to tt'Ci o nni m l
ol ihe Loins uolil it ro.ie hid Its present neu I
iiuariers. O'l on.l I'eirv i- a coil, cm ions, an J
un .i-l i neri;eiU'H..l'Jier:'ml ihe l'ic-i.luiit. il iaeverv
mn coinouiiiile. o u d do no better lit in to o in
nunc him in ciiiiiiaiiid of a b "ly of ir tis his
m ig.v nnd .itti it liuvi: don.- su miieh to or,;an-
zt. una uuuu up.
11 A 1.
July 111, il A. M.-c are now exxriencit,n
h n In rhim: iniiiioiieii ot u steady rn i. wnieli
ci n n cuet d la :itiK about Hereu o'clock, nu ll
gi ou promise ofeontn.eiiitj during the day.
The Mam orpti.
iiNiu Ai.viv ( ni:i ii, neii'ita I'l'.UuiiRinii
Vn .July ill A. M.-O,, Sunday lovh' a i all v
iis txuicicd irom tin eucinv uo.n our Iron'
u d cue ptepiirar.iou w 'e !'i ;do to meet it. It
o.O not i one , Iioai vtf, a . I oil the d ty fill o vinit
a wi s iu-eeriuliid t hn i . ;li iln-etti'is lhat ihe
lit Ik .. I. an iii.ikh m tr w, l.a' the or.lerto at
ri. nas ei iii.tcrti'iu.tti".!, ;i ii was fcired ihst
he i..iiv iLeiitn.it l i "ii .1 'ovcred by deserters
e ho t ami- lo ns on tli ; inie d iv.
'I In tr I'e-crtii iit ir.' le ".' t er fr -'tuent . Th"
' lll.wil L' Will iilUs laie il.t'..' one Itull" Ci 0! iU
t 111 1. ji He nay he c did out from his pi kot p ist
I m. . 1 auk . vt liat in ,' it to eai over ilieie
i hnpi.t'ia u io ne .t iv win ti die S mil try
i on ii. !-. lot i ii al i'1-t in-', ii i;!id e. uos citin i
III V Ot VI p ':,li i I. II I a: i . dllltliV ' VaUK
i il i.iule a 1 s! ol ii-i'' i
At ll'tr C L( I'.sien ot
.. i h n ui i K f lo- '
it- enii ucrutu
'.t.)l,T-.nv " i Itiit d,
, il'y, that's belter
I nn i-ur i on lncui
n, u-ked, ' U i y
1 1 nt, v w :.i-K t :" t' n i
Mi i n '.wo ra mn n
. it hi. s en-i.e.', e iio . ' 1 1
.III I t J I I I'll " H'lt !''
i " I'll, Ul,u, (.11
l JOU 1. 1 id i t," Ml .1 I
I'M ' ("IS Ol
. h ('. in i tue uiiso
i ." A pitisit of a f w
lua in , wno 11 nl a i-
er the ina'.ier, e on J
s 1 .1 eoiiio over uul
e . ne .lui.
A SUM!,.
Ye-ti rdee in e of our
.-hells exel y.lc 1 in a
( i n- ju-l Wtttim Ihe Hc'i 1 lines, a ul oiihi
Hi-hiii- ot i lie iv. The b nlipiig I ink li o ..n I
ie fdliMlll'l'd ill liltl vn w ol our inl 'eiichiueuls.
'Itieiul iHius'.a'iy loud explosion. hive been
neetd icciuiU in i lie ioise. (oris, and it is n'.ip-
posed tii.tt tnc ol'oarj'ieils truck
ol alii.i.nue. 'jll i Li..sId.
tue e.ussons
Tlif I t' I.'
,. nlti f i-h.
ItbHTII 0. i'l.ll.lisll-Ml
Slll.l I I II.
11 1 '.Willi' . I; I 111 ', 1 .11.11 I II. M H AllMV ClltlM,
.n ihe 1 il..', .Inly IK. 1 he UoUsI quici was most
eiio.pceli uiv l;i'(i.eii to. it iv by tins su l len
ope. nn,'' on the lieliels of a KMuch morl ir. Tuis
i iue fad l em broui'.ut out nnd ia -cd in pos
n n wi;l: iiiU. h labor and ilit'i -'tl't', but i:s -ue-ei.-s
( n IP'- "s Prut tnat amply rc.paj :s nil tfoiHiV
i I tiniirpo..a'.uitt. In thic oi. chitti s the i.eiae
ol tlie I'.vbi-l woiks on tl"! opio-itc t hi of tlie
Appoiunttox was ot t ii'iin' and p .mo ts, ctii-tli-wi-i
i - aval tlltehe., were dat-hed out of nil sb ipe
by tie two huudicd poninls oi iron tcirtng
;UE T0-DA7.
liciirral I rook a icnry Traiu lur
lidluK-tWi ernl Sli-I, Ac.
Ht f-im ict-c.'i ffl V'.u Ares. i 1 '.",'.
ii.w Tiiioniv, July 21. There wus great activity
ull last ulht in the l ' cltcil Sores M. Jlc.il I'm
vi yor's li. 'partition! b'-re. This would Indnato
il.at a l.a'lli bad been fon'lil, pin!) t'jly at Sn.ck
cl's Gap, or tl.at one ho? soon s.peittd.
The i.allimie and ib.ii Kuiuo' A trains c.in
iv.ciavd rui ning tbrouti to Wit line; this
Vttuai ci(el cvutiuuej at Ue Xiutsiw Uuunti
Iltlrrl ProiotUIii Ki lltturn ( Iti
I i.H'l. I lit lt. lx-1 Trrnii. nnd IhiiiiII-
it,n 1 1n I'll lt it i omit t lona nntt rrrmi
. n I llflirlHl lull ri lew Hflvmn Ion.
ftdtrnii iiniiKin-rt mill fr 4rt-r
It t - I aw II OrlK'WKlotl Mnt Trruilnntil
-M il I ui Ihrr nn lllr Hitll, r-t n Imlr
pi l tliiii tiu,iiillniier lu Hlh nd -
llov. 'nio,i. Jniii4 Iiimi nn In? rlew
Willi Jfir l,w 11 Iiki hf Ti'llo mn
lull lie Withhold.
Ti e toiiowinij mport'tatdespati h i'r tn Ntr.r.
l'ell to the IdKne-ter , wiaeriW, W IS te'i rilp'ir
t' n ptlvaie party in New Yoik las' cte'iin,-. We
do tli I vouch for Its ac urney ;
Nioiihi Fill', Juy 5V Two wi.n nt-i
f iei . N. S i mi' is, '. '. t iny, of Ala' nt'.i ; J : 'i
1 1. mi puti, i f M -i--lppi i and J. 1'. llol'Nitn , of
Vireiuin, nrrlvi d at the t'lif'oii llout, Jus: a ros
tin r 'i." ft niii ihin plaeo. 1 he r aTlvul was duly
i Minimi td in the piitilic pre, a i 1 the litre " of
th-tr mi t"n wa nndertiHitl ti Iv t i-onntli
null ilie Don. etHtic leaden of the S irih in
re't iei ee tn ihe t'ii!C.ifj V 'iiventi an.
lie ults pr-iveo, h iwever, that tiieT ti id a
di nb'i.t p'.riose In vi w, wal b w. ti 't do
veli pi d lo Itoraeo 'Jreeley by ()nri,M N. Sin
.let', vhn wrote U Mr. (ireeley, stain; till
Mi'.tin. C!iy, Thotiipson, and llolenit'i were
ou'y tcemtt L td CiimuiiKi iners "f the Cjnie le
rrfte' i.ovt rt. merit, und desired to kuov whit
1. 1 t i 'im d be made I ir terinina inv' tue war be.
li i n the two M-itions.
lie .'ii'ded, hi) viner. t'nd the-e Conlui -i iier(
wi re not sH'ciully autliori.'. d n net'otiaio Lie a
("a ion i t hoi-tilitlea or a rcs'ontum of tin;
I n on, I ait that thi y would like to liivo an In
formal contort nee with ni-!i persons as the
Viiiitd Flaps (iovernuient mi.:iit lull ate to
nn el them.
These tseta having 'vn presetfe i to M". Lin
coln, le reiine.-ted Mr. I ireeley to a:t in llie
matter its he liicujihr iidvls.ilile under Hi.- pee ilar
cin unistimre-, nnd stated til It he iMr. I.meola)
slit uid lit any time be pleased to receive pr ipxi-
t;ou- I din those w ho had been In arms air. un-i
the (iot niment for a return to their allegi iae.e
ano dutv as ci iens ol the t nion.
lie nl-o st.iifil that he should be pleated 'o s-e
the I'tiiou restored upon nny Wrins c insiP ul
ih ti c presi ni and lutiire ifcty, welfaru. and
honor of t'i (juveniment. Mr. (In-cley h-tving
i-ettltdull preliminaries wi'h Mr. l.in ' 'In, pr i
Ct e ed to Ibis place, reaching here Inst M md iv
irnmp, and twik np iiuaricrs at the Iuter-
iniiionnl Hotel.
A ( i rre pondcneo was at once oin nod with the
commiHMOtii rs, and. as a linil tesuit, tlicy mile
the loiiiiwing ptosmitions, nnd pave I' ns tneir
opinion that the Ki hniond (Jioerntn nt v mi l
npptove und ratify t tie same. The rcntoruiiou of
.he l r.ion in imrn ano upon tnt oa-ia
First. All neormn which have bee-i acta illy
fm d by ihe war, to l e secured in such fr edom.
tsceiiil. All negroca at present m m as slaves
to remain so.
1 bird. The war debt of both pintles lo lie paid
bv the l ui f 1 siiiiea.
Fourth. The old doctrine of S'atc rn hts to be
rccont7cd in n eon true ins the Union.
1 his piot o-uion was laid hcloio Mr. I.in -r.n
ly Mr (iiei ley. The rresident at onco t le
riaolad to Mr. Oreelev the turns uwin which he
wiuid (ropo.-ea settlement and reconstruction,
to w t ;
The full and complete rest. iinilnn of tho Union
in ull its territoi ml iniegiitv; the iibaudoiimetit
ol slavery l the secedid States, under c mditions
vhich i-hoiild, while respecting the propcrty
rif.hts of ull lojal men, allord amplo seeurity
Bti iiist nnoiher war ir"the interest of siavcrv.
Aitt r coii-iiier.i'i e corre-punm nce iieifei.n itio
ran u s. it w.i coueiuded to retcrtne w noic matter
baek to the two Governments for recons:dcrat on.
All laiiotiutions linvinn been tirii.liitH.il, Mr
(irecicv, In compinv with Mr. Hay, l'rivite
Seen tary of Mr. Lincoln, culled upon the com
umaioners at the Clifioti House, on the Cmada
a de, w hereu protracted and pleiisiint ittnrnew
was hc u, unu tint viinous questions unutr con
Stdt Tution were rliseussid at Icinrth.
Mr. (Ireeley li ft the Falla for New York on
this of ernion'a train, it ia understood that the
conimissioricrs with Kundcrs and Jcwet', who are
t'O'h.aie to rtmain and carry on negotiations
with the Democrats. A letter ia to be prepared
for ibe tJulcajro (.'ouvention, in whirli tho coin
Diis'loticia wdl bold out strung assuraneea of a
restoiatioii of tue L niou under l'cmocratic nus.
t.ii es.
1 no wnoic m-iveineni is rvKarueii oy noiny as
a mi re rci.i me to entrap tnc Administration into
a Hp -i position belote Iln. euuntry an J the woilit
lorllio In nelit of tho diauiil"a Ucmoera .
Vashinotov, Wednosdav, July 2i). An indi
vii'nnl, Iresb fiom Kiehmoiid, not as n relensed
piisom r, but an honored guest, entertained three
tavs in the luinuii oi tno nouiiurn i on
Udiriuy, feii-tid bv J ert". IKvia, Hcuj.i
inii'. and their compeers, having around
loin ihe romance uud the mystery oi'
un unknown nils'-ion, and knowing the
secrciB of tho Kebei prison-house, ia ruru nn'
i Louph to iimke u sensation cvou amid the louden
and languid liest ot u N stnni'ton summer a day
bu( h a pfreonage, lirmging who nun all the ex
t un nets ciiuiin rateu, arriveu acre t -uav uiroe
fronr Kiel mond by way of General Oiuut's boad
onartt rs.
His name i8 Colonel James F. Jiinnea, of the
73ii II iiioia 1 olunteers, i:ol "nel, but oarsoa also,
laing a niii l-ter of tho M tnodist F.p.scipal
t:hiireb. Tboiisn neiiher envoy nor anion
sudor. Colonel Ju pies bad a mi-siou of
ti- own, clotbrd wi li no authority to tpcnk
Itir either 1'icsident or fiovcrnimait, bo
uirears to have bad authority enough of
m iue kind to com maud a bearing Irom
tho piiucipuliiiia and powers tb it ait in It ch
mond; in Hue, without beinir a plenipotentiary
le mil a io be ondowid with a n ruim species oi
power behind tbc throne that eau-ed bim to bo
a leiitively ltene l io und kiudly treated by tho
ihiels i I the KiUcllion
(f ibe rci.l object and end of Colonel Juries'
mission, 1 am ruiuested by himsell nut n ia-to
piak. It li pi ifeetlj proper lo state, however.
lull It is in do rvspeei olllciat In Its i n o-ti.r, an I
ibat he bad no wuiraniv wnutsoever to cnur mt
unv in "oiiaiioiiH bcwien this fiovitrnmeut and
ll'C liehcl iiiithoriiica. Any stau ineni tb it would
ci nicy a uillcrea.t tuiprvssion is ta'-e
Secoi dly, it may be stated that though Colonel
Jaiin' noss.oii eouiumpla'ca results of the high
1st inn oitnccc ; these le una are ul erior ru'.ut
ll.au uunii dune. Finally, ii ia warrantable to
h ) iLul Uioiigh Lis uiis-iou was one of peace, it
was le t a peii, e mis-Ion. I oloiiel Japiesoo-
loi es to the chiin b mililim', and b liu.es most
1 1 ui ii y iu diuliig the K' Ijcliion wh it "Until
bins" i ul "ai o-iolic blows nnd kuocki." Ye
In bus iHiih ihui ibo time will eoine, and is ra-
t iely toiuii g. w l ni un iteney of reeoncili tiion,
w hn h Lo l.elicvt s to be ol imuielisu power, can
ui used.
Ai.iiiieteJ I'V this scmiiiK nl, he sueceedi d ill
ni in Iircss tig his views upon Mr. Lincoln "iai
tie I n s th m, w iihoiit hc oiiiiug lin.i i lie sm nl
iHitliiul teei ynuiiui or au honiy, was wll lug,
I elii v ii, p b a Ii iieitiy ol pir po e, to ,t hi) shoani
u v i lie i xieriim lit of a vimi lo Kicltmoml. A :
, oiintijt y, be gave li.m a j crjonu! reeotutiicu'lii
inn io (ii ii rul (ir. in lu pus lion ihroueU tuo
.iiis, oi oihuwisc lorwuiu Ids vu . as.
'1 bus aidi d, Colom 1 Ja. iui s, accoinpii'ne ! by
Mi. I u vs i, r. I K ne, nimio his w iy irnui lienerul
Cl, ill's in a'bpiurti I s li the inrib site of tie
.Ian i s r vei, i ud pns.-in-' Ihe It tad lines, reached
tie t'ona (b rale eapnal. Hire tin y reuiitiicd
f a tlnet dins S 'tuidiy, SiiuUiie, und M nd iy
hist. tVlnlti in Kiclinii ii'l, I '.iloiiel .l ieijUCs, at
his own ixtpu st, was placed un Jer iiard ; hut
lie had 'lie entire fn edom of ibe city, and put up
(U lii r' his visit nt the hpotlswovd House, the
term I:' hot. 1 oi ltiel'inoiid.
'Ihe i.ionel, during his th'fe 'lays' stay,
veiled ila various I onf. dcu.to authoi iii. s, un
well a-the piismis and liu-iiituis in win h our
cut 'Ives nnd woundid ate conlined. He bad two
proli Tigvd iiiiervi-w with l'residiut li.ivi.-; in
hisiiliiein tiie (In Inin lions. ; und ulll.oimh
the limine uud .subject mnlti r of tlie eouve-01-lioiis
lntwein bluisill uud Ihe Keif' 1'i'e. nl 'lit
ait l.i t proper lor piesi nt pc! Ir I'i.-ti, vet it n
uiiiii i.-luod ihul ( oiniit I J..a..: nn t Willi ccn
sioi rulile succe.-s in iinp-i ssiuu. Ins vi. tvs u; in
i'. 1 iai i.-. W hen taking his I five; Davis l ink
ti i C .ii i,t !'s hand 111 boili bis, .--1 . o ' k 11 wainily
tui iiiiilinily, and staled that, Icmii.g out of
jev!!ie pn.-enl stn:('(.li, he liad the hlglio.t
r eepi ct for Ills character und aims.
'I fc Coli ia 1, while a guest at the Spotlswood
llou-e, faud sumptuouuly, being fed on chi"i.ea,
tuikey, i.enllon, und all the viun Is of a wll-p-j.'.lnt'.'l
h'.tel. ai.v' enienained with line brandies
in.d costiv wines. Hit bill woul ' have amoiiuted
to lnero than .VHi 111 Coiifcdcruto money, but be
ioiiv.d it niip().--l!.!e to iikluee bis enterpiiniis to
ncctpt any juuiu for the hospitality be bad re
ceived. (1 loiti l .Indues nl. o lini interviews with Mr.
llei iainlu, Secretary of Blate; Mr. Mild, Com -
niis-ii m t ol l'.xcLdnge; ana oilier touledcruie
liigiiituilcs and uuthoritiis.
Tin Cidorjcl wus permitted tn visit tbc I ll by
and la lie 1-ic l'ii-011-, and rt porta that he wna
tiei id ly di.-Hppoii tid I y thccoinparutiti "y com
luiiuiile lond.tiou in wbltb he louud our V nion
csptleeH therein eiielined. '1 lie wounded lsi,
Uivnjjit only (be more itt-ptxave vatv aruivuavu
tlTTIwri BOmi anise a0
SCLcorcao$HT, ?
the ho pn.i s of lllehnio'i l, he f ini: .s w: I
eared for as could be expected.
'Ihe street of lUehmond lire aimM-i i, ert u,
otln rs beim; ,een than sold'e rs, viiii 'n, eo-
proet, und (Tipples. M lllVIII III 1 aiunts, Il nv
ever, remain open, nnd there is aoine busmeis
1'olon' I .la. pies ile-C'Pes Jell IHMs as t. lie sn i
tiiiv ill ipic nanee, Ins healtU beinn lu'ic'i bet
ter latterly than i' lunl lieen ; and thoun tliui in
I' ml person, tlie loilgli nun wiry un-iii.i' "in
ihe lieli l ( hieftain oresont.s . ,' lil.ei;ii J id of
his eiving out during theuttiuiul l.fe o: the Hu
la liion.
Kxtru'irdinarv thoii';ii ( olonel J.iiues story,
his niis.sion, and all belonging thereto inuv ap
penr, tin re can be no dmiht whatever of his
thoiotifth honestv ; and with lliis tptuliiy hn a;i-
ctars to be credited bolU oy our own nun inn
llebcl authoril es. Of his wis loni 'here may pos
sibly he more question. Y. F. 7V e.
Bprt'lal Bcttpatoaes to kirnliii: THcerail
WaaumoTON, July 21.
Ill brl Hews,
I;i liinoud paiiers of thelnth are at bund, b-j'
are lillid alrno-t exclusively wilb extracts from
Noithern papers about the Maryland rud
and express doubts as to the capture of Wash
Onr rrlsoiiera nt Klcliiiitilid.
Pt veral eacajs'd prisoners from Kit bmoud, be.u u
longing to Mnssaehusetts regiments, rener
1 rrc to-i'ay. They say that most of the prisoners
ciiptun d from Grunt are in Richmond. They
bring 110 news.
ew PonImI hwnifitt.
It ia rfllciully annotin. ed that hereafter the
United Sta'es postajjc charge, without regard to
dt.-tuncc, on letters addwscd lo or received from
the Ibitii-h West liioies.'Cuba, Aspinwa'l, I'.i
ruinii, or any other foreign place or country, to
11ml fmni which diltiirent rates of postage have
not been established by iuternatioual postal con
venlion or iiriangeinebt, will bo ten ceuta tho ,
sincle rate of half an ounce or tinder, which mnst
be pri paid on Jitters sen! mil relief ted, or h iters
Abo, that the United Htiit 's postage charge on
ncivspapi rs und other printed mutter ueut to or
re lived from the countries and places referred
to, w ill In future be u follows : tin newspapers,
2 co is fuib i and the established domestic rate
on pamphlets, periodicals, and other artlcleajfof
pi luted mutter, which must in liko manner be
pit paid on u.attcr.icnt and collected, or matter
In future the international postage charge upon
nil KtterB poaBing between the province of Now
llrniikwlck and any part of Ihe United HUles,
witbotil regaid to distance or route of convey
ance, will l e ten cents the single ruto of half an
ounce, or under, prepayment optional.
nHi-tnimt of Mful tlialiilK.
Tbo diltieulty wbii b Induced General Hnnter
to 11-k toko relieved from the command of the
Depaitiuci.t of West Yirglnla, has- t een happily
soived, and be will continue in bis position.
llrgadier-Ocni'ral Crook has been appointed a
Major Gi neral on General Hunter's very earnest
icconimenilation. lletween tbo columns of
lluiitir ondWrlght,lt is believed tiiat little of
the Muiyland plunder will ever reach the Ki. b
motd ralliouda. There wua bat littlo in the way
ot food or stock to tie atolen In Maryland, and
what little there wus the Kebcis w.is in too great
a bnny to called systematically. Mauy well in
fotn.ed people ibil k Furl) 'a men w.ll b- Imngry
before they reach llichmond.
'I hi- V li 111 In r of yur Sick.
There arc now about lifieen (hoasand sick and
woutdt d soldiers lu the various hospitals in tins
l cp.irtim nt. 1 ho tobd number of patients iu all
the n Hilary hnspituls ihrotighout the country is
a ( tit u ni ty thousand. In tho camp hospitals i
is c. t mated there, uro about Idly thousand,
im kiug a total of one hundred and forty thou
S411 d so du rs iiici p K iluied for service.
The oi-ea-e moot prevalent now in the anuy is
diwrilit'tt mid dj-entery. The Wa-hington hospital-
uto being i h 'iri'd of tho slightly wounded
in d com .di set Ids, who will be st nt N'uiU lunne
diatcly. Fvcry bed th .1 r:a p si dy be vacated
will I" eoino io hvfoio lini end of tlie weik.
(1 iiuiilkisloiK'r tl limnlc'll.
litiailiir (ienrnl J unes HoW'.'ii.ol New Yo'ii,
ariivtd Into last evening. To day lio lias been
in coiisuitiilii 11 with ihe Secretary of State rela
tive to bis nppointnici.t to tbo Coiiunissiouei-ship
of liun illation crei ted by a reee.-.t actofCoii
(jii.u. li is not p'esaivoiy known wLether he
will uei-rpt the position or not.
I rom Itcriiiiidn.
New Yul.K, July 21. l'.ernniila pap. rs to the
l:;ih itisii.nt rn.tivi d In if tuini.-li but liulo news.
1 nun Ihe Ith to the 1 ,th in-tsnt live steaineis
iii'ioed tLirc in.ni Wilinl .gton, N. C, with 1111
iiegiegnto ol 'Mxt bales id' cotton and 11 lace
oil:, nt. iy i.f tobacco, 'i liico steamers clcaroil oil
the 1 ih'f'.r W umingtoii.
Tl.e slranii r .,''.' i'(,'c lmd r. turned in ili.,
tnts 110111 lteu:tf iliu-cd by a federal yunlioai.
l ire ul I levelnutl.
(1.1 vi 1 am, Ohio, July 21. The repair bliop
of tle CUveluud und l'ltt.-burg lluilioad wus
but 1,1 d to-day. The loss amounted to ajvi.ivni.
Harkela by Tcleai Wih.
Niw 1 oitK. Jnlv '-'1. Flour h is do
'lined 2"ic
1 11.111,
lO til.lll. Hi 4
. 'I ia) l -l Mu.e ; S,ln ,
mu tie (" 11 ".
,r r.-mfi.' ra. W h, al 1 r Ha, J
. I ,,111 'Mai t ; u sni'-. ;,,.i'
...ci. rillioiivat tmilli . I nr. I ilein i l',i o.-jc
W'Ti.sl 1 Jul. at Jtf-;ie. . liol.t'-rit ssk M',"...
p. , ,' '. ei I k'til a'J.i'tmubls, W Ileal 110,00(1 bud I Com
ti ill.) tft.it.
ll.M.i iMoui:, Julv 21 Flour mile!; sales of
ri ei 1 :o n is at ,6 e r ki-nti ck rthtle ; nuw ..ettir
. , , 1 l!, in ('ith dull mn) ili's'i'in. I, . -k eun .oitl
I ..1 I'SU 11 c.-l as ,ln 1 1 uod (in-eltl, ,1.
M ako lower, t.liicugo and U n k lslinnl, 107 ;
liimi lit larul. II. I uiiil" rlcaii r-t'l'-iua, i.; 11 , a
I , I l. til I'.'l.'l 1' '1 ' Mil lilsllf S.'llll'i' a. s." . ; v,.v
(fin. I. l.il'. i Kisicmn, I -I'i; im'l'uu hiv, r, n
It- H'.M. ! l 'r (i'"in .t.s fi'. t2
I JIV3,tVi rivMtuUS,Vv''is;a,4v9(.
n r-
1 45
A8FF v
hmii or Thkhwhs v.tf.h Totikt. ''Ix A. M,
74. Noon, 7'.'4. One 1'. M., 7.r'4. Wind, North.
lito.. i:to jr.to.. uto., i:to
We published inTiiBTrtKOUAi ii of yesterday
a full and graphic account of tbeuprailiug cita'
ropho at the Insane Department of tho blocklcy
Aliusbonse, by which gomo forty maniacs were
oithi r killed outright or so terribly mauloJ that
in many cases their recovery is a matter of con
"idoiabledonbt. The ( anse of the Aeeltlent.
we then ftu'd, was owing to the fact that the first
pier, or the one supporting tho tirsi II kt of tho
building, together with tho arch, bnd givuo wav,
and thut no support being left for the piers
alone, ibe tecond and thud Moors of the depart
metit fell In, rarrv ing with theja the inmaio. ,
who wero either seu ed or moving to und fro
At auieetingof theGiiBi'iUanBof the l'oor, bold
vesteruav alienjooii, a stacement in rel'erenco 10
the accident w.ia mudo by the builder, Mr. 'hn
Mil derlinir, who had charge of trie work ol In
tTonneinir benters into tlie Aivlnui.
1 he substuuee of ibe sta;euicni ia lucorp nuti d
lu the loilowing
llrporl ot'tlie I'ttniiiillli e.
On the 2th instant, at aliout si o'chs k A. !.,
an oecunetieo ns k place a', the western end of
the Insane pipuiimeut biiildiuus, involving niss
01 life and iDjuiy to a number of the ias ino iu
mi'it. 1 it appears that a chimney-stack tad been onii
1 aally nei led, cxiendiiig with Its suaoorn from
the ground to ubove tbc ixiof. In nuking alteri-
tious, boinc. Ihirecji Jisit a nee, the urch and
I pins on which tin', stank was built were removed,
except ubout four Inches of a division-w ill on
I each side, leniutiiii g under tho middle of each
: Mite ol the chiii'uey. On Ibis slight supiairt tho
I slink listed until tho pre cut tune. Workmen
aieiiowul work iu preparing fr hcil.tug aud
I viMiluiion of lie building, nuu yesicriiay after
j noon were working iu llie celmi under tho stack,
1 In kev ing up and supporting uLoiucr aren near
j the staik, and al-o in budding a ' lundation fora
pier to BU pott the stuck that das fu'len. No hlng
! bud bt e 11 recently removed that leaned to support
tl.e slack.
'1 be casualty appears to the co'i.uiittec to lino
r, siilicd m.dnly, it not w ho'ly, from ibe eutti ig
out ol the passage through tue cellar arches lor
tlie introduction 01 me miners ana oea'inij pipo.
In the cutting of .bis passage, some yean ag 1
(Inerigi.ld In.d not been paid to Hie situation of
the pints 01 IhO Illuming iiiiinciiiaiiny over mo
putnif:c, and tue clnmncy bucks iiicrony iosi
nearly all iln ir Bnpirt.
Fn m an examinutiou of tho workmen it (Pws
not apieartba! there was any indication of d in.'er
win a they quit work yestcrd .y alte noan.ot any
iliiinge iii tbo appearance ol Ihe cuiinuca or
Ho. ia. The repoit waa ..cet pled.
Mr. Wtadwaid moved tliat the Couiurtteo on
Om-wuids and the Committee on Insane Depin
inei t pitpaio a aiinulo ot the f e ts relative to Ihe
uccluiLt, lor insertion on llie uiinuios of the
lloBid. Agreed lo.
On nn tioii ol Mr. Woodward, n vote ot'ih.inka
was liun ti ndered to the otll nus of I'm housii,
w ho bad u-ed so many cxerti'ms iu uieviiimg i
iln- painnut tbo wounded; to Mty r Henrv, and ,
Hie po ii e -fill tiV him 1 1 assist lu icstoi lie; or l.r,
aid to all who hud us-isicl iu alleviating the
lenors oi the calumny.
(set lie I It la Vtoi iilnu.
This moriiiiig scores of the ndu'tves and ae-
an, lances ol ihiise suppose! f) be Mile I or
inn cd bv llie lerrilile uce. tent m ynt i iy.
IKSintnl ihuiiselvas nt tha Aiinsho'i-e firl'io
piriose of aiiiing tbc wlifie.ii.o its of lii'i-n
who-c mimes were ei lu r contai.i' d in til) pu'i
lisi ed list nf ve-te.d iy. or who o real am hid
not jet In en iccovcreil Irom tint nnns.
Iu nemly all theso cist s, in ism ic'.i a tivo
I ionics ni reiunin uurcooniiicd, sued p-rsoui
were ai'niitli il, and ihe Jiiet dspbivt-d wh m .lie
dead nnd uicin. le l budy of a fi n nd o r. I il v :
wus iceoviri d is bevotid d c Ip'ton. Ni biles
h vc h. en t ken fiom th lem das ane yes er
di.v , ui d b Is the Oniiion of tint Doniniiit' e lb it
I l.i iippui.'c I b.-t i;it- a eon..' t i.le.i of tie loss
by lbs uecidi Bt.
I.lkl r Itlllfd, Vouniletl, and If 1 In if.
M.tr.i -et llrMien,
I II- 11 .Mm I 11,
Su-iili I'm 11 .
A1..I11 .1. Villi'-,
Ane 1 a.bnt'lti,
s e '-.ta KIMneer,
Au l.-v I. Ill,,
i i li i-o.i.'A siiisim,
I ! 1,ft titu, llei-k,
I k'leu Murr iy.
Five i en ous. ulso dead, are uol yet rcciciiied.
und picsiiinid to be tho loiiues of tho-o yet un-
reeiifinicd :
I .nl.wliK Vi-Vhir.il, M a y 'in si.nr .,
( -,n i, ni, i M ', lt..tt 11 iiuie."n.
Ami 11. 1'" i en,
MairV.Cat!y.'!Mii ! ''' "mr ruiat-'tcy. seiiei'-Iy ;
in :.'
i it i i' i
, 1 11
niii. r ju-11 .
00, -11: I t . Mai
M.i'B, s. 1
.l,-u : Jt sr
, Ui , -i"H
y ;
, at ; i i.m 1 lie, hie,
r n.lvi l. a Ar u iiid,'
!t le I'a id' ire, se-
litll .ll VV'H se
eus, ,e -iua-i-. -1 ar
ei.""n ; AU.l C 'lc-
iniri,. 'isly.
.li.-i.l : himiti Inii.ii. si riei.
rliu.tr; I'uU'AllliC lie.il, fcellieiNi
neu ,.i : Ami luii ui), .n.1,1 ; A 1,11 -i
a 1 let .Mint 1, HU. lit 1 l-.i'i C;l I'-.i.ll
Itnia, 8i il"lisl ; Msii'-liue llmi-uias
Mrs. Kice, the nurse, is not dead, as was flrst
ie,ori(d, and thoiigli tit present Sulferin 110
v iy sevue lutein..! injury, alio is very uiaob
prostrated, hue was 011 tut th:id Btory lio tr iu
llie ttine of tue iiccidi nt, and was precip'i ae i
Ibroitgh to the first door. How she esi ajiud with
bu' lite is u tUeut miiaeic.
The Jinrses,
Mrs. Arkley, Sirs. Pratl, Mrs. McDoiiaJd. Mrs.
ltogcrs Miss liiiltnh, Mra. ltioo, Mr.-. Williaun,
and Miss ( liiipiiuin, and of the m ile unites, Mr.
Hill, Mr. Matlucks itud-Mr, ellor, lab ired wuh
uiirimuting xea I iu rescuing the w uindisJ from
Ihe inttsB of ruins yi hii U covered them. 1 heir
control ovi r ihe n-itii'ftu isj uovcr eviucei in a
more remarkubio deari e than during the Irvintf
clKUiustttacts ofyiterdH7, AU 91 lUcui frvrktd
X 48 FX
ui td lie ) mill ol I Rid 10 tusorl lo elniiniain-. 10
sum. in vli 111.
Hi VI tt! I en I AltMaisnrr.
T!rs. Wall ee. T. or, Mut er. McChire, U irden,
Mikh i, itid MeCo.v , (ot the Iiouue lb p runout),
j L vanillins of iloi norpiiai, wire in ai e.iduii e
ibroi gl.eut Ihe enure I'sy. and bv tin Ir skip,
etfiit'v adiviatcd the ei'iuiliion ot Ihe snlferi rs.
Pr. S. W. Until r, tl 0 n-idei.t ptiysiclau of the
house, nnd Pr. J. Lew a. Jr , consulting -nrgeon,
wcie also ii atruii.cnt.il In tbt Ir particular line ot
practice In 11 id ng the sutlerers.
,nlltltti nt lh WoiiiiiIihI.
Ii Is thought th 't mast of tho wouiv'e I will re
cover In iciirn! of time, iiithongh liotn their dc
rnrnd condition It is dilll-ult to tell what inter
rial lrjmiea tbey have received.
Al I lie IJri-iil llnnar.
Thisnioiulng fl'teen bodies were laid ont la
wc cidm coilius, awaiting Ihe arrival of ihe Cons
nir. vrevloua to their interment. The live bodies
yet un1ccof.n17.ed wid be kept for a fewdaya yet.
The (ortiurr'a Jury
eaclicd ihe Almabouse this nnrBing at eleven
clork, nnd immediately made a tour of inspec
.1011 ol the upper and lower stones of tho innldiug.
A e can glvo our renders no ho u r i lea of me
I omlliloit ul' tlir iliillilliiir
1 efore the accident, and uf the great culpability
of those person wh 1 linide the aliere tiou so.no
tbiiteen yenrs ago, than 10 state licit lb : arch and
pieis on which the block was ba'lt w pre all re
moved, with ilie exception of about four itieaos of
a divi." Ion-wall on each side of tbo chimney.
On this slight foum'a lou tho stock rtistod up
to the time of ibe MCCidetit. From tbo 'Ir-t Hihii
10 tlie top of thechiniuey.is uiiistun 0 of til feet.
The arches bavo been cut about 2t:i n et, aa I
upon ihtue three archie rests the entire we.ht of
tue building.
The Coroner' InejiiMt
was bold In the Gnardiant' room of tbo A'raa
bouse. Tbo fol lowing named persons coustituted
the jury :
Ctmiiia Ittit'l -on, panics Ilntehlnson,
Wtllittin TiiKgurt, 'J. R. Gildiol,
Psui'iel Hoius, Samuel Wnliarson.
The iii(iii-st t'acn commenced as follows :
Muishal lieu-icy, sworn. He a'atcd that yes
teid ii.orning, a few iiunuum ifbn: 6 o'clock,
ti e rui.tur ot the inslitulion left word with his
I cletk.nt tl.e storekeeper's, ihat the buildinu nul
lie eainti it) iiitt uuiiiiuiK nun lounM
it in ilie condition doserloud,
lie I. as buen with
the Institution six years.
lie never knew tho piers hud been cut away
lie knew Ihe opening had been cur, bowevor,
and lual was ud. lio never uudentt )d from
tiny putties connoetcd with tbo Alinshou-o that
the pieia had lx en ent away.
lie could not have told exactly where the open
ing hud bi co Inude, unless puticul ir measu x)s
baa been taken to uso rtain I lie tact. 11 id tin)
neiii'dit oecuirod an hour earlier, all the iuuiitos
wt u'd have 1011 in ihoir b d.
T he ciuitni tors of the h ispi ul at the timo the
ultiialien was made were Messrs. HirkenDi'ic,
Mur.ni, and Tro ter. (The present building ojeu
pied by Ibe minutes of the Insane Ayium n
usid its a dOspii.il at tli .t time, 10 IHil.) TUo
br.eklnyi'.s were al work at the time of the acci
dent, Miciigtheninglbe pier-.
1 here was no unusual cotinnotiou In the rooms
nt the time. From what he had seen since, if
tin re bad In en any unusual com.noJon, tho
Coi rs w"iild have sprung.
Geoi go F.rcti, sworn : Mado an arrangement
for altering ibo building for heating purp s. a iu
lm3; since, the lat of January of the p-cacot year
they bud been mulling these prepa a Ion.; at no
time bud be twi n not, lied of any wuiknosi in llie
builuii gun il tin' lime of In- Occident ; ho would
imve (,11 I ini-elf iust as safe iu anv of the rj jma
. m the open held.
I.or.AL llur.viTiKH. Henry 11. Josl.lin, whose
n-rvice In the United States Army dates ai far
buck aa 17(t,dlid ut the Naval Aiyium yester
du , li. tliu Milt jenrof his age . . .Sin.u J uiuury
l,!ki,077 buiiii Is of crude, an I 12l,-(07 ba.rcla of
ictinrd n nl oil have b-en sbip'ied to fbdalel
pl in by tho Pennsylvania Rui Mad. .. .All ves
sels uirivn, gal Ibis poll nodi .livaia and M
tuu.iihure lo 10 iiiarntiiiied at the I.a.aiuuo,
,i.ii.i lo Ibe nn va'cnec 01 vllow fever at ilnse
i H,r,a....The ship ( ob.irt silcd lor Mvuruooi
jcstirdtiv, La ini on o i iru i j, mi wusn -is ,
wheat ui'd bed brio so' dour.... i he s 11,01 er.
hot:, tot Henry Y'eager, Cioa t sir.f' , beloY ll-l-ei
,('e. mil- p riailv d.siioiid by lire yes er l-iy
alien oon . . .'I wo i lidnieii btiloiiKiint lo a por
woman n si nun ut Che-nut Hill, ro bitten a
lew i. at s since bv a mad do.'. nl (bed In few
1 ours un, i of n di ii; 'lini iia.... f tie Feriu-viv mu
('(.nun It i ili "ad l 'tun puny paid over, yesterl iv ,
a nona ion ol live thou-iuid dollara t tbo l uit.d
Mules Cliretiaii Coiiimihs.on.
HouHtn Dais Mus-C ami' Gvi.w it.wii B.
This t'Mt iisive est .i lohuient for the re eptioi
uuu oigan nion of r. eruitB Is now the aeeDe of
gnat activity." The immense In Inx .l bun bed
ii )s men diirinu the U t week, has exhi'lite 1
lb, w:soiiuol ihe Government in crucil m slid
li t in an leg, ut v. hutetcr c t-t, adept wh' re in
tii ins cuii beat once taoii tn ha id, ui-ov, ted
in uM Ihe necissailes of military lit , slid
di 1 1 u in u s a e of oige.iii iliou ludl-p u?u lj U
it e r i llicit nev.
Gniil tiou' le bus arisen frorn tlio acfnU'iee
bv otliiers tai-ing cjii pui'iea of boys under thi
pipet age, and urdu t a' the trials an t nr Hhi.ia
incident d tot! e miliiuty scrvl "e. Uf course, tliu
j.ioper ui'iicera (iiunot, witiiout Jrocs (leroltclioii
ot duiv , pucB and iiiusi. r sueh yemiis into tun
si rvicc", lo becontc a mere dr u on the o beers of
the corps to whicu thev niny ne attached, and a
mt lea CNpen-e to tlie Government, e'ready bur
oeiicd by so ir.iiiiv thousands of helpless ueings,
who till Its bospiTHls, and u' ihe suiue tmieoc-
cupv big t1 e act oiuii'.oda 1 ns an m ich nwled for
Ihoro etiiii.cn (loan t wounds or diseases eoa
tri"4ed in ui uud eeivlcit
ll.i l lb. sumo care Unit I- nowexh'bitcd by the
mnkurv oillecrs at l ump Uudwnl.i ("r been mt !e
ti e uile iu all previous e.lis bir troopi. our
in mils would Du" he mneli stronger tuu.i tuey
inc. llie liovrrnment would uNo have saircJ
D'l.&y mi di'insot dollars, expendel la ihe c pi'i
mctit and suppoiiot men who were until ior
duty when enlisted; nr.d who, alter remiii dn0'
lor inon'.bs and years sAi'diiig the nmaber and
expenses ct the uriiiy, Imvo finally been it's,
charged wltUoui having ever roudiiied a day's
t; 111.1 1 tcrvKc in rue rein.
(if coeise, U I- very unmyiuir to an ftil'vr
1 iig: pcd 111 ralsintr a com p my 10 have one-half of
Ins would-be so!cicr thrnun out by 1 10 in-ipcct
n.g 'mu ma: it ring oillcei a, b it in 'mosi eia tue
fault iB Ins own. A proper "Mention 10 Ilia dutley,
us luid down in the regulation for tn racruuiiij;
service, would bavo saved bun ami uw rejec (?
nu n, or 001 s, tue uioitillcti'lou of having bis line
company of ixrlntpa a huodred pjraona nl all
Ufies, s.i.a. nnd phieical enudiliou!:, iciueed t.) 'i
niiud ol tweniy or thirty uieu actually Ul for
The demands of iheGovernmeut are for mea
men able 10 aid in uc ual Held oporaUoin tu t "
nny oe arm ns lo heasiuiu an oiaeer so Itsr lor
gm bit dnty Vi IUg waa-ry u W auvan;i! iw
yum ofl" I elples bo-, who wall flat nnijirf
i'ie wen hi 01 their arms ulmia on tint rtr-n d y'
march, a proper HiHierlal tor sold lera, be moas
oi In I nin ri-cri If 1 filters ki ii.(liMia
trinpe n nib rs frlltles thi m tn Judift, ind 1
awi in dutv ii Is to r.j-rt ad no .nt iff, 1
i!pit,:on u le lo endute all the ra'lgoes of wtt,
it ilut e U.elr nunibt ra ui scb a smal. iqoi that
tl,. t air DiKcnmled tube n-B lured as CJcajMajf
oifiaidrat on.
Ht tnkins proper care as to wnom urny pvi os
for "111u1.11 r tin J will not only sa tneinaelvost
nmeh trt'nl.le and u-eiwa exen iiii. mn mttj oi
umieiial .es-eu tba lubore or the vmjeri M
etaigi 01 il.e Governmeni il pota,
I 11 arriv 1 11 at Camp (-'! wit a. It T, a id et tortas
the urtlct.thf 110 n are t-xpojietl to roofttrui !
il.eadn Itubrilla Iplli ealiu dyn-iab ishidt .rei
in d 11 this comes a otile roagn at (irvl, It Is well
foi a, I tn btar iu mind b .t dl-t Ipbne 'S necessary
to tl e vcrv existence of to army, and tb ai
ri 1 inns have to nio' li to learn, 1 b it they cannot
con n 1 tee tow ain, or i taugnt us) rnpld J
'lr itrm for which me Hindrrd Diysj
D'Ci," Inive Ih n coasted is -o snort, a id tba
nt ,-t a lly of their be ng bro- ghi into tuc.n a mt .
i f d ' lpnne as will in tKe 111.10 m.'.n', is
fin u', tl ai en rv otlieer la cat ed un nT tie dot
10 s;,i,ic lo esi rtlun to bring ibt 11 In o a condi
tio!, in wbicD they may render as in tun orvi.?
m pow Ibh. iiefo-e tl.er t-rin exuir a. Tj tbi
ltd I.it uo-iiauK'ol'inel ulick, uufnmuvttnin
CBIllp. CuptltiU A J. Co'len. Assis-snt A'ljlMMU
Gin nil. and the cB'l' kt .ffof cffletM a tie ted
to the depot t mnst earnestly lendin all ihar
rncryics. They de-ire ui seu.l to itw ad f t ia
G'. vi r.meui wi II organized .ind esl jiQ! rgt
nit n , ano not twit armed mob.
Wc appt nd a net of ibe U'timrt permauonrlr
atiarbtd ut the Pi. .It Rendezvous at Oain Ca-I-walar'tr:
1,,, i t. nart Colonel . M. fnllc.itminanMir. " t
CMtit.li.A J. t ..hull. A-lll'.at.t Atl.ul-,aal.itral.
l .C'S'li l lidded I I'.ltms. Al.i.de enmii. '
Isi'iAii.J I l'Hrlpu isu.rttruren a Itarracts.
ISiUlnJ m-vlnr, lie -,-vnw , ,m r.
l i ism w H1UII...A. I. met 4'i,n..imeientaf Barraika.
I .1 tsiu 11 1, '.'I-t V -In it.nir Kji-tss Vir s ,
I .,.iatn Sei.W.r-7 '.'Isi Voluiitver lt" rv Itrns r
4 NI'.R.ll tOllllifc'l'Il luiih l'elil)-lvui. V '"l.tt-'.-X.
t , .11 K tl f .ltr.. 7.,IS I't-yl ant 1 V .laaowf.. '
1 1 1 1. In ,M rt n Itsier, ,s a ct n't-yu .ma Vw-uu'tmr..
Bltrttn X. llisrii, II,'. h I'enn J ritlilA Vui in te-r..
Csi'tsu iv, s. m,t,.ii.tti.iii a , itn-Wr. aiVliutce-n
l.ii mrnanl .1.11 tit f r, 'ilslitimlui I Heel.
I tfiioi si,t Ibaitiur, Haydiir, liuiurir.uatter. 1-
1 Iclin n.t 1 kluiSMlL
I ,'ineiMt"J a. suUh.onimlMaruf aubslilanea .
L t-tio ri.rt t a 11 nl 1 'sv.(r
I hse.ionl '.. A. Wnl a 1 liwtl ran.Tb-a:t roll.
I. r.i ei.tii swni". ft tt t ell wy I.Mai. V- Iudwwjt.
I I, tn, .i, ni Me tniiimn. In 1 avltv
1.. 01 e..iit.l"l.r w uoaiti. at h "sniMrlvaala Vote.
I. .ito.1111 Si . K, m n, i?-li 1 '' nlry
L!t-tpn.i t J. mt- llurIHa d Ai ilMry.
1.1. u s-'.in II. eh fir.stii t itv. v
l'' tir.n ii.s,'lk. ttlih I'ennsrlvanla Voltinsqn.
Lii tiui.ant UaUiDar, lbi'.ta !'uanslvituuk Vmuoittirt.
Niw Srr.AMF.H9 The lodependenoe aint)
Company have contracted with ihe Chtpmaa Bro
tbera, Se ch and Marllsiroun atreet', for thej
construe ion of nnoiher new steain engine,' tha .
one just housed by them bat ing been p irchi'cil
by the Government for the C. 8. Arsenal In Cilsj
City. ' " '
Ai 'he works of the same Arm there are aita
In ituise ot censtiuction the followlug ntiti
(ne br Flemlngton, New JjrseT, which la
n-ar y I'liish' il, and will bo tiipn d to Ita dsil-
nati un-xiwuk. Ills for ibe u -e of the au'.uo-
ri'ita o li nt place.
The Kttiuhow Oompanr. of Reading, are also
l.Rvng or e constructed, and will be hni-dietl la
ubtiit a week. Il is hull! on thd same plua osj
ht (oi d Int nt, of this eitr,
II. cote 1 uihliug for ti e Humane Company,
o'tbts city, to bike the plaCf of meir odonc,
pDichsaid tiy the Gnvernmnut, will tiot t4
lonipleted lor several months.
1 be Water Witch Klre Couiiutny, of Daltw-tre,
hive aLo contracted whb tue t'bipniau Br
tl.MS lor ih" construction otasiea uer. It amtUu)
we'l tor the jslll and workman-hta of Phllt
c'elphiai nn chanics wh. n o.her cities a a i lauir
otdeta liere to be lilied'
rnnjtsELPniA stock ixciiasok sales, jtjlt h
Itepoite by CUrkmia A UO., Hrukw. No. Ul S. Talr ill.
Ir ih ninimor oil.. b tn OatzsD OU....
liOaliile.liuluck.... . IdOea do. M.
riRMT nut km.
toll M. ra. scrip ttft I Tin n 4eh. S. f .. .W M
Tiltsi an nii.v li hd QJ .91
HO O. f.tffl pit t
1st .11 llilvhO 3t HA
t-o "im.
ICI n OeiiiM K B.... 7 ivf
17 in bun Ha .. '4-;
l(it.a -"t lsiiM..a M
Ash A a-l.uf Ks l! 4.1 .
ti ibVi Voa....(J
,K).U M r ohlll (B
61) aa M',rahiOa M
10.1. I mil.illli. Ilk. .11"
Ko.n Knli. nO.'Sl.... H'i
tiosi, v.irirsl oil.... 1
llOltl HesflluK K A rV'te
n A'
. .'.I:'
lio n
"toil lno
VWso rtn o'Si
II. 8 t,l H. Sioek rnnualsstna SsiW, Mt. I Fsr-
quimr BulJilinss. Walaill atretic, below rnird. . ,
Jlrpoitcd by CUrkiuD Co., Bmaon, No. 13! i. Third at.
rim rait. arn4 p.ia.
i ni'ni pttness. isxi.iut air ....nutj i
Kiv l l-l.i.u Killnwl eld
K' uillns llslr oil 6 bill
Illinois 'Vi.rral IIaUrs4 b d
listens llAPnetd tad
pvts .t
107 si lakta
avsjj Mie
171 aie
l.i) Mia
Ui'4 iie
1IH .Ales
New Vrk Ct'lilral KallruaJ KM kid
trie l(.,lln..il N.I'O', 111 I
llsrlem Itiillroid I'ilH bid
Cold hi LU
I n'l'd HUU'S fe'Ws in?SI4
tlarle Iln.vr.
JA r.'OhKA (:o.iU,ile tlveroOMUl BOOUIllwa, I
, ta
noon to day, aa follows t
11. s. ft. I vVI nr.' 14
U H. 7 0-10 Nete lot
Cilins'ia "f InJi ln,lne., New SiOj
CJiiHrleimBller'a Vou bvr. ..... ISI
II. I.I .
fi-vo Riu,ia nv
10-th Coaon lliindi roaay fta- delivery WJua JI kwlas.
laotatlnna of (laid at th rbilulelphla Oold Eiolnnat)
K11. M8.1 bird ilreet. aaeaod ttoty
tiKA.U '.r 11 f -M .
II A. la 7.V.,V If la..
piiii..1 i:li'iii TnB RKPonr.
Tin esday, July 21. There It a slanly do
in.iij for (Jie-rel ion hrs, and ainnll la cs No. 1 at
aiak Ins al t'Si 1 er ion.
Clovrsee.' lire ic sad unlet, tu Tinvtiy.a - k. of
;oiu hi 1 w eilic I at H 3''. KIuamd.1 tvitft1) ) '.'S
with rti all sub a.
In Pto- lklo-s wo have no eharnei tv reeifd la !,r.e a.
Tin- F our market Ii devoid ' ( .li'tlvlty, .mi lal l"ll
d'm.ind IU .T lur .Apart or bnul t-'iBs-iQiti I -u' uillt
rides lo lt; ll-nd" liavti tieoa eflissiel Al t i'i' 41 -'i0 ,off
sQiierflnei 'j;.V'iiPt-(6 fur exlrttiti at (It'M) 'o ettra
r.mll ; sid sl?' ',, Wi r,ir luncj kaa, m j ill:. Kya
Hour una fd'ii aru iii. t.
Ilieie Is rstle-r mere Whr-.U eff.-rit a. nv.l hldr. ire
oslkedtii con -rds 10 ilie o-'iusiul. f huy.ra. in d le
ilTect sales ' he tl, maml i'S. fude t or), end ..rlttf. ti.va
! ed Irreioilurlv. Wu noli e ...I 11 .a' .rO ti.l..ia uri.aa
lt K11 Ithern ill f ' -l ami n ie It K (I jn.l.a. K litu 'ly
while at III 7:1. Tier i vny 1111M i:. liere, aud it la
w"led t tl 1 7.t 1 li stin k ,11 eorn 1 1, -rd
or J, III w In lit" etilriltef I.SI btlsbils la te.ore itt t!7J
i.UIoi bu-hfll .diatat II " Ttiere I. v role
11,1,1 a mr l)ts, su.ae sale, ef Pean-jrie 11. -e T.-ee4
al t'Je.
l hi. k h- lnnro ed. " intli .ol-a "fllVr-l ti'l
a: .'Tl'i I bO. and a Mail let ul Kasm.i, ') oi., t ").
.-. Be All t
t,ii... tl I
n tu. ). it j i.t. Vn v n.Ti -n
1 B 1 ne-,1. rVno J tfi H 4 w '
. ',mc i.uifctt.M .i,ttii-"M. Itu-i.o'i. r. i( UT.t'JOn
I' 'k lJ'.'it Wit. ATt Htttut'tll . H. t V'.ifl.
f' iii I p '"'' U"'tu. iH nlu tl X W j i
Nt lif Sii: tr-(H-ti- I nkii 'Ul. uu , Li. Auwriwa V
Ht;i. rS..lill..,tilt)r,
an . uu
T vti, n".-ton, lity h W aiM U,
H' Itr j. haiti-tihin
. i Mim.ia nncnofi.i
ci"iJ. CtiT-li!r. i-itn mt.fli.'-t'TTi.E A."tilfl'TtCO
ItiiirdulUnt'tt liarOnu. Hu1i.J It. . 8 Kt-p tiler
sr r .1. h J.t I. 11 M. t'j irvM Moor' ni, Tytttr (.o.
t r ri.ir", Wmtcoii, Newlwrii,
b l.r J. link- r, Luu(auri. roruvs. iljure, do,
AltUlYJ l Thm MOltNlNa.
Hrfp 1 i.nrrl Met, MiiiiJ.iy, 1'tUnji rtU Kew Or-4
IVMIm, 111 bltll't t Lll'Mulll.
Schrt uiiuiy utjf, 10 dtiya iTotTi citUli, wtUi Umtxsf
to t.isriil A tin Yin
r-'-'l M . an n, Alitrich, (Vom FortU'SH Moorota, u bati
latt i'i faptnoii.
,s. in i -is. tun it ck, !UTei1(lf,vH ttotn B jHtoAi( in bAlla
to tlunrjii I, V n Urn-cn LO"nnjiii
tcrK.P tl'r.ni Jt i' int I'i'tm from Bus d Urt
rtor, tih plrt' f tu Vtiii.tji' lrucr
t-.Lr it;n ft. N U; iiuiia le'tiua, ltjl., wlih corn
to lniutr. I. H. wlt-T ( o,
Bd.r Klt(. f irtiua. lalel, 4 daft from WwUflcetJn
bu '0-t l ciittiii.
ftrlu W.M. Wliiu, Brown, from Baein, u biU'.ait i$
C iU.ll.
tchr 1'oumlary. Joliw-n, (roiu Provia)uo, tn ballast tt
tttifi li-
M-hi ti'litt'Jtct.ToUy.iYoiu I'?htoo, U twlliwttoeftp
iir.iup V. BuVer, Hendurfton, from b ton,la tui'u
io TlT ttCo.
hci.iU WAi,KU'htrt,fnia Salon In bttilwt tt)
hvht U. K.iil.ftik, Jrnj!l,frt'U. Ho.Uu.ln balU-f teoP
..l,rt'hftrlrtjilo. rc.liiit'.., iryia r.-cviaemK, m --"'
riitBio. T
riaMi-JivJO. wt. -
1', o7. HO, ,si, 1 j, 4.1, 2ti. 2, aa, J a.
4:1, 9(1, tl, 77, -if, 17, , id, is, io, ii, U, .
Clrtaiitua au u kdaissauuii ns-.
' ' " A.--tw! '
, . , , . , .11 ,
. . ; . , --

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