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rtiUia. ,
Sparlnl to Th irvrnltiu- Trtogratpti.
Wahiiinuton, July 28. By tlic arrival of
Oio mall boat thin morning from City Point
we have Intelligence of great liiteront from
Ocncriil Grant's army.
To speak of the movements In detail would
be highly Improper, and the Government only
permit this announcement to I published at
Uie present time.
Washington, July 2K. The latent authentic
Intelligence U that General Kelley now occupies
Martinsbnrg ; that there ban been no heavy tight
tug within the past three or four days ; and that
there Is no information that the Rebels have
recrossed Into Maryland.
i ne tirpiibucan, in an extra, says :
"A despatch from General Hunter, to the Gov
jrnment, reecivi d this morning, says:
1 "There baa been considerable skirmishing
acrofs the fivir with the enemy, the 1 titer occu-
' vi iriF Vallinc Water, nn th V i.ntni. .ilii , .1
our forces occupying Willinmsport, m the Marv
land tide, and the contest being for tho river ford
between the two places.
"Vp 10 this morning there Is no evidence that
General Early has been reinforced."
The affair at Winchester, In which Colonel
If nlligan was wounded, was nothiug more than
a skirmish.
General Crook was forced to fall back from
V nchester by finding his l.ttlc command Hanked
pon the right and left.
Baltimore, July 28. A despatch to the
American from Frederick, this morning, says all
whs quiet there.
I The news from the front looks favorable.
Wc still hold Harper's Ferry, and it is not even
Adams Express Company received an order
this morning from their agent there to forward
goods as usual.
We have a report this morning, but it is be
lieved to be sensational, of some uneasiness on
the line of the Northern Central road, and tha.
apprehensions of a raid were being entcrtnlned.
Alan, that orders were jMtied to re-nove all the
rolling stock.
The Rebel llitlil flews) from Urant.
Itpeeial Detpatch to the Evening Trl'jraph,
Baltimore, July 28. There is but little addi
tional news here to-day from points on the
Upper Potomac and Western Maryland. No
Rebels have yet crossed Into Maryland. We
hold Harper's Ferry, and the Kebels hold Mur
tijfcburg and arc elsewhere along the railroad.
Some suppose they number from forty to fifty
The general Impression Is, that they Intend
Invading Pennsylvania. There has been no fight
ing since Sunday.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad runs to
Sandy Hook, and the telegraph works to that
Important rumors here from General Urant.
lie is going Into the Kebels.
Special Despatches to Evening Telegraph.
WiiuisoTOK, July 28.
Front the I'pper rotomnr.
Late advices from the Upiwr Potomac state
tha no new movements of the enemy have been
developed to-day.
Colorado Jewel I'm Letter.
It is announced to-day ollicluliy that the Presi
dent has never received nor read any of Colorado
J.wctt's letters.
rmmrnrrmrnl at I.nlayrtte College.
Easton, July 28. The "exercises" of the com
mencement week at I-al'ayette College closed yes
terday. There were fifteen speeches from the
graduating class and two from the masters.
The valedictorian was W. P. Montcllns, of Penn
sylvania. The degree of Doctor of Divinity was
inferred upon llev. G. W. Janvier, of New Jer
sey, and Iter. F. T. Brown, District of C ilumbia.
The Alumni had a final meeting in the after
The trustees have established a new Professor
ship of Mines and Metallurgy.
I rani 4 ttlilornla.
Kan Francisco, Jnly 2.5. Tho Mexican notm-
lation in tue southern counties of this State- are
ibeniunlug to take sides, for and against M ixl
niiliian. A majority of them support J uarez, and
express regrets that the United State! did not
extend its protection over the KepuUio of
Charles L. Weller. ex-Postmaster of San Fran
cisco, has been arrested and imprisoned at Fort
,.,iiire ni a iuovuuk 01 a ioppeiucau ciuu.
' w . i a .11 11 ' "... ... .
-eiiiT is uuaumau ui uie xieiuocraue otute v;en-
M Conimittee.
' The steamer Motet Taylor has arrived.
Produce is coming in more liberally. Twe
b T. ucm tru is unable, nuiwi 10 aoiuug ai a uc
f cJinc of 3 cents per lb. Crushed Bugar 12al5c.
Hie steamer John 1.. Stepliem sailed for Man
xanilla to-luy with mining machinery and stores
valued at 150,000.
oru inr ucemru t at Tale College.
New Haven. July 28. The Commencement
exercises at Yale College are now in progress,
liou. Elias W. Leavenworth, of Syracuse, pre-
smeu at ilia Aiuiuni meeuug.
Hon. Samuel li. Kuggleo, of the class of 1811,
then delivered the semi-uenujuniai address beiore
the Alumni of the College.
The Atlantic Cable.
St. John's, N. F., July 28. Tha steaianr ilar
paretta Stneiuon letl here this morning for
Trinity bay, with Cyrus Vf. Field, to select a
place far landing the Atlantic cable.
- Arrival t the "City of Waahlagton."
Nsw York, July 2H. The steamship City of
Wathington arrived this morning. Her advices
tare been anticipated.
l ire at Hoatoau
Boston, Jul v 2a1. A stable In Merrlmac street
was burned this morning. JblevvnUvrsesperbhcd
in the ttaotvi.
,fi.l sad political
fi'niiiR, cuunnoii,
i jvcry in weak ;
gravitation. There ars tins'
districts, In the hmith,
imt rot one or tnete m f
tintil ctn-ed to do 10. ,
No South Carolina (-...
f"'jt ton Unlwdlinn
raw i anv time ex-
peeled the cordial co-opc a '
... r.( Western IriMn'a I '
' on . f hat Tennpsnen
- '.the II. in. Miitcoe
'ii'hmond, so long
It. H. On-ntt, wrib
as IS it, to on
, H-.J Cinpira'nrs, ;.
, "li.ves in Western
f " r the State could
, ( , ith the N'ulliiiers
d the .
""li the contra'7
T? T I""1 funion
-it I
Ktr.. i:tc, JUc, l.le., i:to.
Washiniiton, July 27. General Grant tn-dar,
In n ply to a telegram addressed to him b llin
President a in whet hi rnny considerable "Hiilv of
Heliel treops liad left hw front to reinforce the
t. ices nndir Karly and llrerklnriilgc, replied
that the Ketiel nrmy at Petersburg was as strong
as ever, and that be did not believe that any con
Mdrrahlt Ion e bad tieen sent inio the valley. No
nes ha bet n rceeived here to-night from tho
upper Potomac. Tho fords of Hie fitiinehanna
nr to be fortilled. Kngincerswcre sent to linrns
burg to-day for that purpose.
Wasiiinotov, Jnlv 27. The following order
has just been issued by the War Department :
Was Dm- vhth. kt, .ImIv 2i'.. llnrnl Clnlpr.. No. Hit.
I. ItrevM Msi'ir-i IrntrsJ (Iwtrk'fl I'ro-ik i. ,Uv SLU'tie.)
hv the I'rw Met t tn lh r .ni'uanil in th. I lpHrtrn.-nt of
Wi si viritmi, with il.e rn ami i jt..( Brevet 11 1 ur-
II. Ily dlrrrttoa of th rrr.lent. Ilirrcl Mrtior-Oennral
Wllilituill rnu.ry U s.l'lu'il u Um.v sccortlin to his
Srrvet as Mu.r lienersl.
General Gtant is el earl n 2 out his camp hos
pitals, and sending his sick and wounded to
Washington. Several hundred arrived here
to-day, among them a number of ottlccrs.
Wamiiniiton, July 27. It is reported that
General Hunter's request to be relieved of his
rniuniund has been acceded to, and that General
Crook, who had just tieen appointed brevot
Major General, suceccds him.
Ibe llibel raid uiwnrs to have dwindled Into
a comparatively small atlnir. It is understood
that the Government is in receipt of information
that Hill's Rebel Corps, which was reported to
have reinforced Kany, is still at Petersburg, and
that the column which has been 0erating in the
valley is only a portion of that which partici-
fian a in the late invasion. There is a general
i cling here that the utl'.iir is about over, and that
when tho forces which are rti muff to the sceno
of action shall arrive the Kebels will lie gone. It
is certain that they have nntrm-sed the P'tomac,
and it Is believed that the ovacuation of Martina
burg as unnecessary.
There is a general sentiment here that prepara
tli ds should be made which will tor the future
prevent theso di(raceful stampedes, and that an
adeqna'e force should lie placed in the valley,
and Mich other dispositions made for defense, as
will render unnecessary these oft-recurring dis
play ot ability and celerity in tho evacuation of
Impoitant po-ts and the saving of (iovermm-nt
pioperty which has rharaeteried thus far our
tccupation of that important line.
Xenapnper Accountn.
M AKTi.vsnrno, July 2u At length the spell of
sili nee and inactivity was broken. Rumors cir
eulutid that the ltcbcls bad been reinforced. Tho
inlormation came through scouts, refugees, and
deserters. At first the strength was statatd as
being " a great many," then a division, and
finally a corps. In connection with these reports
came others, stating that a readvanco was in
tended, and that Longstrect would command the
whole Rebel column of the Slieuaudoah.
At no time was there a disregard manifested
on the part of our command as to these reports,
and in fact it was but a short time before they
were partially confirmed by tho readvanco of
Karly'a forces upon our own, and from behind
tlit. ir intrenched position at Winchester.
In the interim, while lire 'kinridgo was re
maining tolerably quiot at Winchester, Averill
was reinforced by cavalry under command of
Brigadier-General Dullle, and Infantry under
(ieneral Crook (now brevet major-general', the
latter ollker assuming tho direction of the cpe: "J
lions of tho w hole command. IU'
On Saturdar, the 2-1.1, the Rebels manifestem
dccideilly 'infrienlly" or iuiinisitive spirit, ro.
aovancing noon our lines, apparently tor tha
purpose of seeing where we we. e and what we
were doing. We returned the enemy's advances
by a few vidlcys.and subsequently by regnlar skir
mish. Nothing daunted Willi such a reception, the
perscveiing Rebel continued to "press his suit,"
eventually compelling us to seek another bivou
acking ground. On Saturday, in consequence of
the manner (by force of superior numbers) in
which the Kebels threatened an attack, oar
cuvalry fell hack upon the main army and pre
pared for action.
In the early part of Sunday morning tho
hitherto stillness of the day was broken by
sounds attendant on the rapid discharge of small
arms. This, of course, announced to us that the
Rebels were again advancing ; and accordingly a
very few minutes sutllced to get the whole com
mand In condition to repel an attack.
The first demonstration of tiie Rebels was
closely followed up by their causing a sharp con
flict between our own and tho lteliel cavalry.
Soon utter this the Rebels uncovered their infan
try, and brought it up in lino of battle for a
general engagement. We also formed in line of
The movement at this time were being eon
ducted ut a point situated about two miles from
bunker Hill, towards Winchester.
The battlo which was fought at this place lasted
all day ; that is, the engagement which was here
commenced was continued until dark, the enemy
in the ineauiime having by force of numbers
driven oiii men to within six miles of Martinsburg.
Soon alter the opeuingof tho engagement, as it
promised to lie a serious one, tho commanding
general made every possible preparation to make
a stund and light it out on ihe soot. But this was
MXin found to bo impracticable, because no sooner
bad we formed our lines than iho enemy's supe
riority in numbers gave him the very easy ad
vuutuge of outflanking us.
As we from time to time changed front (the
tiring both wi h musketry and cannon being at
the same time continued with all our etl'oc
tive force), the enemy moved up. Every possible
resistance to each new and luriher advance was
present, d. Tlnf Rebels ftaight with great obsti
nacy, and so did wc. They made dash after dash
witli their cavalry to turn our Hank; but did not
succeed. Some of the charges which they made
were promptly rendered abortive.
Hut in one grand charge wtiicu they executed,
and in which it was estimated that from twenty
to twenty-live thousand troops participated, we
lost beat ily iu prisinera. Resides these, we lost
eitiier four pieces or a whole butterv of artillery.
This charge decided the work of the day. Our
commanders saw they could d nothing against
the overwhelming odds ugaiust them, and re
solved to fall back slowly.
In the cluu'ge referred to, it is true that our
lines were for a few minutes broken, during
which time the Rebels took the uri-ouers aud
artillery; but the t'uiou forces rallied again, aud
Avcrill'a cavalry covered their unwilling retire
ment. The day's operations closed with each party
In line of battle ; the Rebels advauciug with buld
front and our men falling back iu good and per
fect order.
During the whole engagement Generals Crook
and Averill exerted themselves to the utmost to
secure success; but, unfortunately, the numbers
of the enemy were against tlirm.
Brhrndier-Qcnoral Dullle Is reported to have
been killed or wounded while at the head of his
brigade urging tho men not to give way, but to
do their duty like true soldiers.
Colonel Malligan I seriously wonnded, and a
prisoner in the bauds of the enemy. Just before
Colonel Mulligan was wounded a color sergeant
was killed, and he, accompanied by his brothor-
lu-i.w, iJicoicuni nngent, immediately rode
forward to proenre the colors. The Lieutenant
dismounted to pick np the colors, and, while in
this position, was mortally woanded. Colonel
Mulligan was Bounded about the same tine, and,
aa is reported, seriously iu two places..
A portion of our wounded fell Into the enemy's
kands, Hfid la ttio confusion which now eiti it
of common intorsstt of ( yi&
W rAind thf monv, If dMtred, aW
wtu rati la aii;rMrct. '
i-un iv
Stsds Of Kr-,'
WUlurwsiMe to get any deflnit inform 'tinn re
(tig tin ir fate. That per.nm of our wrm led
werean etowak have li-en njul slid are
r f put to llm-erstown. There is at tin iim
I I. m
l.pnu railroad train of wounded
umbt rind.
..;Siimii I ni-e:cATToNs m.ihr rmtmvfi.
On i li1" M"'! '"r nio-r'iig th Ueb-ls 011
tlfttcd ll'ieTr lv,':f V".'' "luenrewj
had a . ""'""i"- Ibe en. or a I.
tanced siowiy. Our men
"t the hue,
I ud Ml
I .I t : H
' "ivo
falling back preserve! the I" st of oi-.
n tronrade movement w Out not .jm
way netore tnc ndvani'tng lis?, but ciiiripoot
blm to win the ground by lighting lor It. H-istuiv.
born was tin. resistance oilered that the enc nv
was ronq elled to use his artillery even up to the
time of entering the town, whicli is sbont "now"
noot the time of clo-lng this despatch.
1 he last lines f. rmed for the dei' nse of M ir
tinsbnrg (ami yst not o inoch tb defense
of Martln-buri; as to gain lime to get off our rail
road ami other tnvn-) ere stretched from ttis
Faulkrer residence (the late home of ex-M nis
tcr 1 atilkner, ti"w uanipied by Mrs. I'.iacr .ss
the Winchester turnpike, to another road hcvnud
it. Our lines were but a few yards di-tant l'ro,n
the Rebel ones, lloth panics laced ras b oilier in
tine sty l.
The'ltebels opened w ith their artillery. We
replied ; and as ihey nsrd small-nrms, s j we re
lumed like for like. In this last endeavor wo
gained tun, and in trii'b it wss the savlni; of us.
I!y its aid the railroad and wagon trains were i; i t
out of the way, the wouuied despavhe 1 In
safety, and stoics and other I'nitcd Sttes pro
perty saved.
Last nit'ht there was a genuine excitement in
tow n. All li'ght citi.ens kept leavinc, genera ly
going towards Pcnnsv lvania. Huirgics, wagons,
and b. rses, loaded with men, wo nen, and chil
dren, leit town, rather with more histe than
grace. During the sumo time tho railro idc m
pany ge t oil its property, as also did the quar
terniasti rs and comiiiisi.uics id' the 1'nited St iles
The ReKds havo reached the outskirts of tho
town ; a uiilroad train loaded with passengers has
just left ; citizens are skedaddling oil steeds of an
antliiuo and angular olimacter, and otherwise
looking; there is a constant pop ! pop! of small
arms, and tho tlLsclinr.'es of cannon ami
burstiDg of shells. The last of our wagon
train is moving otr in good order; men and
women, citlr.cns of the town, are rushing
into their houses or are ground upon stoops to
witness ibeontgoincof une partv and the iueotulng
of atii ther, notwithstanding the dangers around
them ; the stores are closed and the town looks
dingy, overturned boxes in tho streets aud arti
cles of some value laying hero and there Indicate
a hasty parting trom their keepers or owners;
our lines are slowly moving back towards the
Willimiisport pike; infantry ia marching in
column out of town ; Adams Kxpress Company's
Agent und the telegraph operator are retreating
in good order the latter on horseback, with his
magnet under his arm, and the former on the
car, after saving Iho company's property, and
the accumulated greenbacks in Ins pocket, and
tho grey backs almost at his heels; the I'nion
cavalry (our advance, if wo were going tho other
way ) Is in sight ; the Rebels are in town ; no
more from Martinsburg, and the correspondent,
following the example of the army, also retires
in good order and excellent spirits, without tho
loss of nny important item tit for publication.
-V. 1. licillHl.
Washington, July 28. The mail steamer
John llrookx arrived here this morning from
City Tolnt, which place ulie left yestorday
morning at 10 o'clock.
At that hour all was quiet In front of
Petersburg, but on Tuesday afternoon the
I1-- iti.i,, ,
niovcioeui which, uiiiiougn
'J liK AI.HA.y,, indlcateil th:it they were
iuM.rv.sri.,-io flank Butler on tho rlirht, or
wVa' endeavoring to gain Ilarrl.son'a Land
ing, for the purpose of getting in his rear.
The Star learns that the proper disposition
of troops was immediately made to check them
and to find out their Intentions. Artillery
firing commenced at Point of Rocks early on
Tuesday evening, and continued ull night.
Our lufiuitry butteries and gunboats were
said to be engaged, but most of the firing was
doubtlesa done by the gunboats, which were
shelling the banks of the river. Fighting was
also going on near LSerniuda Hundred, and it
was reported that the Rebels were posted
three miles from that place.
Parties who were at General Butler's head
quarters on Tuesday night state that the roll
of musketry and artillery was Incessant,
Yesterday morning, when the Drooka left
City Point, firing was still going on, but
seemed to have slackened.
Karly yesterday morning General Grant
was engaged In making a proper disposition
of his troops to foil any Rebul movement.
The twicers of the roots state that tho
firing heard on Tuesday night was more
heavy and Incessant than any they havo heard
during Grunt's campaign.
Utrque Ad f 'Miter, ltnnAv, p inland, ('Attain.
Urn; mi Air Atic (itr.), Mcknou, Halifax, E. A. Soudor t
lUig I.)1. ltinr, Know Hon, liton, ItUkl.tun, Graff
A Co,
Bclir Nellie Potter. Shrppord, ltontun, Cantnor, 8tlck,iu-jr fc
hr L ii.i'-n, Kfrr., Itnatoii, K. A. Houder A Co.
hchr Mnrim Ko, lit ItoutfO . TwIU Co.
toclirC. It. l.oiiert, itujfh-j, 'wbururtt L. Audtnrlt J
A Co
B.-iir Vttcor, MHKlnnl, Upaiilort, Wurkman A i"o.
hchr AccLa, liH.i?Ky, WaLiiigtiru,e. i. JunIun.
Shti (iD.ilfii l.i-'lu (lir . Heuiie t, 42 Uai from i.lv.r
pool, will. iiidMi to Pnttr Wnijlit A Honn.
bttiUj Vicltirla (l.r ), Clu.tiau, U days from Port au
Prince, with tfiTe, logwood, Ac. 10 1 uu'iin Vation A
Bmn. Lrtt bam u fcUien AuHULa.Cuiittii tlia 3tirlut iu
tail )u a tt w dt lor Kt. Murkn and New V rk; brig
HuaviT, Hf nrrcn, lor New York, and otJicre an otur; brl
t'srrhcvt r Alice, from arrt ad HUi, aoad r oiatued tiu-
lint; JohnCltryntaf, IlarneH, lOdayntroia Satfiia, with
tui:iiraDd oioiMafcua lo John Mason v Co.
HrlK Natiieuui.', iaH. 4 daa from Iteaururt, X. C, In
baJlHt to 1). H. Mtt't.oB A. Co.
liriK AiueiU-HB CbU n, Smith, IN days from New Or
lean!. In LaUHt 1). . Htetfua A Co.
8citrJ.H. HiM.htoQ, J.i.plncoit, duvi from Baaufjrt,
N C , Id balla-t to K. A, KouOtfr &, Co.
tckr H. A. llftiiuiaond, Faino, tt duv from Bofltoa, with
Ice t raplHln.
Bcbr IilliatuKli, Bartlett.fi dan ftoin Citj Polot.ln bat
latt u uitNln.
HclirCaniiel1t Hon le, J dajri from Portrtu MourtM, ia
balluHt to Twha A Co.
Hciir ArUier H Himatoa, C'iiurii, S dayi fron Hew York,
With mdse to TwelU fe Co.
chrioor(fe A. Iearae, llehse. 4 day from Jami river.
In ballast to aptkln.
Hear H. Wi aon, rtnnoitfidayi from Port Uejal, In
bsUttst t Workman A co.
H'hr Nmi. fultz, 15daifroin New Orieani, ia ball a 4
to li. 8. Hteuoii A Co.
ftrhr K l J if Pottr Hhepherd, Bdiiyn fromlloitoa, la bal
lait to 'aitoer, Htlcanry A We llntfon.
hchr J. i. Cake, lndicott, daa from Horfotk, In Wat
lant to raptam.
Hchr U. J. Worthlntrtcn, Wtrthingtea, 4 day from Fort.
re Monro, la bulla Ht t captain.
Hchr viraiBia 1obi1Uiod. Murtnt, 1 day from Draw
avfldrc. Itel.. wltii eru to .tajnea Harratt.
Kchr Mantua, Minsun, I day from r lederica, Dol., wiUi
grain U .lantea Barratt,
a. hr Krufmak, Tniaiaa, t days from Indian liver.
ie-t wuu tfraiu to tiaaifi u, itewiey A C.
rmm Tort au Prime aer Harqne Victoria Mri.
Urower, Mr. P. W. Krewe, Mr, John llrvwer, audit)
coiorea ifinera.
JteparM.far The livening Telegraph.
Iokt au Pnttira B.raae VlcUrrla. Chrlrtfaa UM ODfl lk
lovkwooa '?t tM. 6 bDU o(1vs U Ubls toa.y 1 cri
Iklh. ThM W.lUon 4 Sobs.
Haoi a la liii.hPfc Kris Joha Chrratal. flamea IAS
anas it, tci u lbu aviiawa av Udi u.r JuUa Sun
An EnslUb soldier has but four cents a dav
. . i.. r '
(iliKATCONSl'll AC'
, L. VallandiglVy-' "
Supreme Cottni in
dcrof thcOjtlci
McClellan Minute :U n ol New
York a Tart of iv. I?anl.
Pi. I.oi tH, July '-'N Tlie v wrr pibllshes
a lontr aeconnt of the eonspii y "n fie rei"lon
of a Northwestern Confvder , f ferri .i to a few
days since. The organization fi..u in this
conspiracy Is known an the "Order of American
Knights," and their object is to embarrass the
Government In tho conduct of the war, and to
overthrow the Ooveniment, if necessary for the
supremacy of tho order.
lis professions and purposes are different in
difftreut States. It proclaims a war policy in
New York, Penney Ivani.t, New Jersey, and other
Eastern States, while In tho West it Is for peace.
The order is of Southern origin, lieiiin erected
on the ruins of tho Knights of the Golden Circle.
Of the Southern orgatd.iition, General Hterlim;
rrlce is Supreme Commander. C. I.. Vallardig
ham, while in Illclimond, w is mado Rtipremo
t'ommunder of the Northern section of the order"
A complracy was entered into between him
and tho Kebel authorities, to divide the K;W
from tbo Went, and to Kivc aid to the Southern
He hellion.
Vullnudibam's time in f'niiiida, it Is said, was
principally spent in furthering this scheme. He
had a conference with some of the leading spirits
iu the North t-oon after his arrival in Canada, and
arranged for tho establishment of an order
throughout the loyul States. The names of all
who visited him at the Clifton Homo are known
to the Government. Among them the names of
Win. 11. Heed, of Philadelphia, Pendleton Tugh,
ofiOhlo, Keyblien, of St. Louis; Sterry aud Mer
rick, of Chicago, arc published.
The rcrults of this conference are also known
to the Government. About the 1st of January
Vallandigham issued an address to the members
of the Golden Circle In the loyal States, in which
he called upon them to renew their vows, and
said the time was fust approaching which would
test their sincerity ; that tho prosecution of the
war is in violation of the ri;;btsof tho States, and
President Lincoln is an usurper.
A meeting of tho grand commanders of the
different States was held at New York on the
22d of February, for the purpose of organizing
an outbreak on the 10th of March the day fixed
tor the draft; but no dcllnito plan was resolved
The namei of these cfc splrators are also
known. The same commanders :d a general
consultation with the supremo cornnuu
der at Windsor, Canada, early in April.
Amongst those in attendance wore McM.istor,
of Now York j Charles L. Hunt, St. Lonis; and
Lafayette Devlin, Indiana. The programme
adopted at tbcBe meeting was that Vallandig
ham should represent his district, of Ohio, in the
Democratic National Convention, and there pro
clulm the doctrine of the order, viz : Pronounce
the existing Administration of the Government
power usurped, which tho people had a right
to expel by force if necessary ; in fact, to inaugu
rate a rebellion in the North, and In which ho
was to lie supported by the Order. Each Grand
Commander was to have an armed bodyguard
at the Convention for the defense of Vnllundig
ham. This it was thought would precipitate the
people of the free States into armed conllict, and
would be tho signal for the memliers of tho order
to unite against the lawful authorities, kill or
capture tho civil and military authorities, sei.e
the arsenuls, arms, public property of all kinds,
and proclaim tho Government overthrown.
There is the most convincing evidence of the
truthfulness of this statement. The reason of tho
sndden return of Vallandigham to Ohio was the
fear of being defeated as a delegate to Chicago,
and it was only by his presence that his election
was secured.
The numerical strength of this order is said to
be considerably over half a million ; one hundred
and fifty thousand of tho whole are organized in
New York, and are culled MeCIellan Minute
Men, numbering over two hundred thousand.
The Grand Commander of Missouri is Charles
L. Hunt, a nephew of James II. Lucas, and for
many years the Tlclginn Consul, and the Deputy
Grand Commander, Charles E. Dunn, a city olll
ccrof St. Louis.
A long list of the mimes of the members of tho
order in the different States, together with full
information concerning the whole scheme, are In
the bands of the authorities at Washington, and
will probably be given to the public in a short
Special t The Ermine 1lrll.
Washinoton, July 28. The Star says a gen
tleman from Mill Gap, Berkley county, Virginia,
arrived In this city this morning, and gives some
nteretting particulars of the recent Rebel demon
stration towards Martinsburg and the Potomac.
He says that after the first ficht near Win
chester last week, although the Kebeis wero de
feated, they were not so badly usel up but that
they were able to collect a considerable force.
It appears that Ihey concentrated at Buck
creek village, Frederick county, and advanced
thence on Sunday morning early through Mill
Gap, and halted at Bunker Hill, whence Wreck,
inridge took a force and moved in the direction
of Darkesville, and General Early, who appeared
to have command of the whole force, moved on
the pike towards Martinsburg.
Their diverging at Unaker Hill indicated
movement upon Uttrpei'i Ferry, m it was neces.
II I I A I 1
ary lo tms through Dirkrsi!lo to reach that
point. There is no doubt of Early ho'ng In com
mand, as he und lln'ct Intidir together with their
sfciflV, stopped at Vr. Hell's house a-. Mill lap.
Mr. Ilf 11 says that the Ueb Is had with tlicin
about 'J00 nr pr ies, us near as be could judge,
who were mounted, and aimed with sibres
and pistols. Among thee negroes he re.xig
nl.ed a number who bad been sla.es la the
neighborhood of Mill Gap, and who appeared to
be pointing out tho way to the Rebel General',
ml Indicating the best roads to be laki n.
I'lilon reinforcement, ate arnvingutt ie proper
pi', -e", and are Ileitis- assigned to aval able poi
i . .- Vonld the Kebels attempt to cross the
... '1! meet with a resistance e ial lo
1 r.i is a regnlar c imtnunicj Ion
.: " .1 l'"derick, a id thecars
t , .. . i i'a,;.' r . Cturnbers'inrg.
i Htoi !.. p rs h vc
.', ibev vavo re-
tl I 'killlll I'Llu'li
i f i . it O ' : so.vn
business is ... . ' ' "
but few goods e.is.e.-
ceived no stock no ''"
Wo have direct luformn
M.irvlaud. Vp to seven o'clo. e'C ... v J j
ing the Confederates bad made i ... i , ' 'J
cross the river, although their pick .
the Virginia (bore, and occasionally fire "' :t
the river at our troops.
There is no doubt but that Colonel Mulligan
died from the effects of wounds received on San
day. General Averill received a slight wound In
tho forehead at the same time, but not snthVleut
to prevent him from discharging his duties.
Tbe mail steamer John UrooUt has arrived
from City Point, which place she left yesterday
morning at ten o'clock. At that hour all was
Unlet in frontofPi'torsburg;on Tuesday afternoon
a movement of tho Rebel was discovered, which
although not fully developed, Indicated that they
were attempting to dank Ilutlcr on the right, or
were endeavoring to gain Harrison's Landing, for
the purpose of getting In his rear.
Tbo proper disposition of troops was imme
diately made to check the in and Und out thoir
Intentions. Artillery firing commenced at the
Point of Roeks early on the evening of Tuesday,
which continued all night. Our infantry batte
ries and gunboats were said to be engaged, but
most of the llrlng was doubtless dono by tho
gunboats, whieh were shelling the banks of the
river. Fighting was also going on near Bermuda
Hundred, and it was reported that tho Kebels
were pouted three miles from that place.
Yesterday morning, when the llrtxikt came
down the river, tho firing seemed to have slack
ened. Karly yesterday morning General Grant
was engaged in making proper disjiosltions of
bis troops to foil any Rebel movements. Reports
bronght to City Poiut from Richmond by re
fugees and deserters aro to the effect that
all the troops that can bo spared from tho de
fenses of that city have been sent up the valley,
and it Is believed that the forces operating in that
vicinity will number fifty thousand men of all
arms. Such refugees, however, aro not in a posi
tion to have any positive means of knowledge of
tlie Rebel movements, and tlielr statements aie
not by any means authoritative.
tJeueml Avrrlll I'ulnjnrrsl.
A dci patch from an officer on the Staff of
General Averill, dated at Harper's Kerry, has
just been received In this city, which suites posi
tively that our brilliant aud brave cavalry leader
In Northern Virginia is uninjured in any way.
K?tort?l I'nfoo Itepnlwo Iffenw j Nklr
nitllitK I lie lfctr'mu.itrUoii from
l'Hla Trftt ref k-Ucuvral Nlut
Mortally Wound!.
Atlanta, July 20. Tha enemy made itron
dfinoiiititttloi a s lairniav and Dili umrnlr ff on urricia
near Ist-ratur. (h ih'IuI Hood attchtd tlielr right at lour
oYlork tin, afternoon, ou I'aao'i Tr crek. neir the
Ch:ittH.iunch-i. In a fvw mtnutt. the em-'my wive driven
Inio their worki. The colors ol the .fcfil Jiw Jumuy and
about Ihrwi hundred prisoner wtT captured irotu
lltitaiT s Cun. Our long wu not heavy, mostly l.hily
vsoundtd. luUa il(?r-(rfiieral htrvmu, of South iJaroltnit,
wan wcumltd, it ia reared morially Ma)ir frusum, tur
mf rly ot t seiivral JohaRtnn's suifl, waa killed.
There waa soma sklr iniililujf o our Nght, whim the
n ui) aitat ked our lhUfnct,uit utt Aitor btm ruuUpd,
our vavulry . vrCvt Oeiit rnl n ai'lrt drove tat-ia wl h re
nt at t-d iH arsi'N towanls Detyitur VvattTilav nveulnjr,
IfrMtnlds' ( Arkaaino) Iirlicacj, which cruitt.e.1 'each T e
cr k, dmvc iho eti-niy htuk, tikitin two ntnudn of eolora
and mir huudied and tldny prisoners. Oar iruups are In
flue spirits to-nikht.
from the Richmond Setttinrt, July W.
AnotTicial di-ipatt'h rt oelved yektcrdA.v at tha War De
portment, ironi Allunta,dtld tflf 'Ji'th luntMnt, ntyn : "At
three o r! to-d)iy a portion of Hurtlt'e'n and Micwiirt a
('uips tlrve tho enemy Into his rruutorks. On our e
trctiie rlv.'lii ihei-nauiy attm ked W hmlvr's cavalry with la
fantry.and khk hnnitonit' y repulie(l."
1 be prt-fs dfspatt h. In another foiumn, the enemy
mi tie struuit dem Obirutlons on our riKfct, near D''(ur.
lacatur Is un tin1 line ol the titnirKta BitUioad, due won' of
and in miles from AtiauU, e(Kty-tw. mites from Mil
ituli eville, und on' humin d untl nivty-Ave from AUiimu.
AIiIiiiukIi no irt'iit rttl fiisienit-nt han y t taken plat-f, the
hi'Hvy Nklnni-htiiK Is but the ud.ent ol a groat battle beiem
luany das paN. .
Rrporld Nnrcetts Ilcfore AlInntA.
from the Htchmvnd OitpaU h, July 2il.
P. The ntwN from (ieortrla is still eti'-otiraslntr. We learn
that a d'-Hpaieb was r'Cived at the War ifiartiu''ut v--teidny
, aiiii"un('JiiK thai (ieneral ('ieburne attacked the
t'l.finy n TburiMyat wliat point is not uud), aud
d ovc lum ba k w ith hev,v lout.
Th4'iimpnicH l 1-eeN Army.
From ihe Uuhmon't St uHn!, July it.
'I hccauipuiKii of bef's arni In Its conduct and retul
so far. touch reriniths t e litinuiii Ituhai rain0iKuwf
Na(M Icon, in winch, by the rapidity or tin luoveiumitH, tils
attuH K '"i "" dasbt'iK rourueof his tr Hpn, he
overc-ttiDe three armies, euch an larce or larger tbau his
own. In ilie mi nher of lro'p eng id, and la the area
ol ountry p'Tviult tl. as well a in tie tin in tier killed,
wounded, and mitNiiij.', the cmup tl. n of l,ee, ad tin
mlietra and sold era umh r him, already greu(Jjr exceeds
II at ot Nupolt un.
W Inrlutle in onreitlmtt" of the a(-tilevemsn(i of Lea's
army the b4itie about and aevond l.ytiehburs, the In a
sioo of nriaivlsnd and Phiiis h aina, the net-nt hittie
near hnlt ker tiap, tli raids oi Kir rut im and Kauti, as
well a ihe iiimii il 'ily e tuite 'ieiiti uclnnlntf at the
V i!dei ih.- And onlnu d, nut eud-d, at tet rhur.
We telit v that oi.r imi'-uiv, In kilUd. wounded, and
mlMiitL. b? dtpertiou.bj iiaturil deuths.aad by trie
pirai u'H o tin; htuis oi ser it-e oi lt. Uirte y ars votur tiw,
IiMn lost lully on' huinlr6 ittmiai d uen we ud m re
thatianfth of that miuiber. Tf.e I of the KelWa!u
v wn tar exceeded two thousand pur dav ; and If Or nut
aud liun'er are n'lulned In t iimuid.wlll prootibly con
Untie to excfed that drill) nuruhtr lor Sumo time to corui
'1 he kill ui Htrntt ule tno onM-ms of .t-e fntin the Kaiildan
to t'eiemhurK would hae dour creillt tt Wfllliik'toii, while
'arl s ndtlt.n aiearanee at Lvnehhurtf. hs dr.it.it and
tumult of HuntsT, hut rbpld mnreh up the vallev, his da(i.
li. k Invasion of Maryland and Ft-nnayl vanla. ht- siuceiis
ful return to Vlratnia. hl second mcetlmt with Hunter, and
bit vht-.ry ovr him; in celerity and seeresy of inuvaiuent.
In daHhlnti cnuraice and In suceeBkiiil achievement, remind
unvithe most briliiaut teats uf Htonuwall Jatknon aud
AllefftMl piure of Prlitouer U
From the Richmond Sentinel, July 'J.
A n port received here yesterday, via fltaunton, says a
Ponlederate waon train was captured by the enemy a
da or two slnc, but all except oue er two w aous were
suhm tiutntlv ttxapturtsil.
In Die battle at Hnicker'a ftrry.1t ia rearrted we cap
tured elKht huudred prlaoueri aud four pieces ot cannon, fj
Jobnnton, t orrent, m H, 1.
from the Richmond Sentinel, July ti.
The friends of Johnston complain that Forrestl and Lee
have not been sent to cut Miennwi s lines of oomaiuiiica
tlou ; to do for J oh tut ton what he had ample force to do lor
hlmnell, and to tke eaie of and save hii arr..j . WUoeler a
In rue and splendid cavalry forte would lo-,v i; v- hit ve cut
thoe lines uf cotuinuniaition )ia4 It j c n ' iered to
do so.
ItutOeneral Johnston Is one oft). . w taiwlie
men, whoe comprehensive lntelleoi t ivtiu ij int
fort night utes all the dangers, all the . 1 lat. ie.
all Uie dlttlrultba ahead, and whewiu a,ettix r.id
so loof as thore Is a Muyle obstaole In h. ft., , n . . n. Vn
chance of fuilure. His wisdom and ureai 'tcotxaii ...a-m.
as a aeltnttflc soldier paralyzes lilsaAtlcs Ms u ir
standing still, wan loiucd arins.ai aunn, iiej
Vh -ksburg, or retreating, as from Mauasa , u.Uwa,
and lulion.
lie will never risk a battle until every possible vlsnua
evicts on lit lde; every posvtbte disiwi autuite t,.-tf stdt
of the eneiuy. Huch over-wie. apprehensive ivi -ne
safe in public life, for, wholly wan tin. oon,de m
thvnuelves, they M'UU ra win the conltdence of othet . la
pihale life Uey hie more common; aud We nee we tlno
nold.darutsT. enterpriainR men, of mean capacity and L
learniiitc, much oilanr succeed w baaiuesa than Uie net
tullve, thv leaned, aud the wUe.
In fact, however. Lee and rorresthave all the while
been tlLtlng John too battles, and saving his army trom
ennlbilaiiou. )ltit lor Uielr splendid auhicvements in de
festiua aud drl Ins back, wltb tt rnble kaa, the Lttrge r
tniorcements on their war to (oln Hherman, he (Johnston)
Would have long since bad south of his eupplKlcut otf,
and beia ev vvhenusU e tupsiior omulms.
Kauhviiik, Tcnn., July 27. Grnnr ilou-
hu hit rcturtird from bin Rrrnt ru) niiit
the rtictny'a rotnuiunirHtlona, wh( h xriliUoTi
( n ral Sherman, m hia tiiUt ial tlreuhir to the
nrmy, rails mo of the mo-t HiifT--liil nf thn
war. Ctiptnfii WHManiK, A".tftnt Afijutfitr-(J-rfrttl,
luroiobo tbo folluwing mmiunry uf
eit-iiU duriuK the raid
flrrfrnl lionf-itan left Hoc itur, A'a., ontti 10th
of litis inomb, and with tvo th- u-Ktid aovrn hnn
dr d liif tl nmvi d ut the Coo-uw rivt-r on iho 1,'lth.
lit re bp c.i turt'd A lVrr - ki.u and crontod over
part ol bin fMinnmnd, which hnd jii"t etfrrtad a
ItHlpment whrn it wan fttuw kml bv a tore of
live thou nand UrU Is ol tnr (iih and I'lh Alarum
("aviihy( utiilcr (icimt.i1 (.'luntoH. An ena'Q
nifTtt rnMitrt and rned fur a'lotit tire liiun,
when the Hth InHLma ravulry, undor M tjor
(imliain, hnviiiK also croa-ed tho river, Httaj ked
thim in the icur and completely ruatod ibviu.
Captnin AWrrroinhic, Canton' ehicf of staff,
and Captain MvMjre, of the lU hel army, woe
kil'cd, and Lieuicnant-Colonci Lory and M jor
McrVfMer, of tho 6ih Al.tbiuna, with twenty
nvauf, wero captured.
' mikv ;.f seren hundred cunsrriptn w ta
Tul lad. and the men dispersed,
. y "na; ruptured. Two large ro
. o:. fc ru Rebel aupplipt and a largo
"T witu Ir
oott were
i works
ui'i .
THRU - -
r (ie or ral Hoiir-s.k r- , . . '
at Monc'a Kerry, wiit :.t. "
eiinny, with whom lit, 1 11
( npiaiu Urown and tattings- '-' ' 'u.
otluers priaoncrfl.
The mil road wuu first struck at I.ofu...
on the l"Hi infant, where the d.-struetioQ ot '
link bean. The raiU were considerably torn
up went of i.oA'hipokf, at Uhewha aiaiion. Hare
i lie Henri under Clanton were again eucoja
tercd, with fifteen hundred men, and a fight
of two bourn duration enttued. Tnc Rebels were
totally routed, leaving fnm- killed aud wounded
on tbo field. Colonel Morrison's iih Indiana
Cavnlty, with their tSpcneer rides, did admirable
Beivice. mathag
Tbenrethe command moved ea-stwurdly, de
stroying all the eulvertH and bridges to Opedka,
and literally removing the rai w ty at the station.
A truin si ut out by the Rebels to reconnoitre
waa raptured. Two hundred pounds of buoou,
five thousand pounds of tobacco, a large tpU'itay
of whu-ky, seven hundred sacks of H ur, aud
four hundred and titty bales of cotton, were
burned. The command then left for Nf trlctta,
having skirmished with the Rebel cavalry througu
tho entire route,
General Kounean reached Marietta safely,
bringing In with blm five hundred horses and
mu lee, which have been tunied over to
quartermaster's department.
Among the citizens encountered along the route
there appears to tve a great deal of opposition to
Jefi. UavK and all appeared to be (turprnted at the
kind trt atnit nt extended towards them by the
Yank oh. Not a private bouse waa uutered,
neither did any marauding or pillaging take place
during the expedition. Sew York Herald,
Colorku Confruencb. This morning, the
Delaware Conference of ministers of color, con
noted wkh the Methodist Episcopal Cliarcu, met
In the John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church,
fihlppen street, below Eighth. Rct. Bishop Jitncs
pretided. Under an act of the late General Con
firrnce held In this city, the Bishops of the
Mctbodixt Episcopal Church have authority to
organize colored preachers into Annuiil Confer
ences, having the same privileges and powers of
oilier Annual Conferences, except they shall have
no representation in the Ucnerul Confetvnc, shall
not participate in the proceeds of tho Hook Con
cern, and shall not vttte upon any constitutional
question touching changes in the discipline. This
is the tirat Cotift ranee tiiiu ia held under the new
law, and we doubt not its sessions will be of
interest to the friends of progress in the colored
mk nt. This morning tho 5th V nlou League,
National Guiird Kegimeut, left their camp at
Camp Cadwulailerand murched into the city,
previous to taking thclrdruirtiira. They marched
to the Union league Hon e, in Chesuui struct,
where the regiment was halted and drawn np in
line. Here .peccheN were mude by Colonel Nctf
and others, after which the regiment took its
ilrparture. In consequence of the warm weather
the regiment did not make a street parade as was
IIiohwat RomiBuv. A man named Alton,
of New Jersey, was knocked down and robbed
on Tuesday night, on the turnpike, below liar
rowgutc, Twenty-fifth Ward. lie was walking
itiletly along, when two men sneaked behind
him. felled him to the ground, and while one
held him, the other rifled his pockets of 130.
James Mcnaniln and James Hollingsworth were
urn sted on the charge of committing the act,
and were held to answer by Alderman Holmes.
Endanokhino the Lives ofCittzknb. Jas.
McClotkcy and five workmen were taken Into
custody yesterday for blasting rock at Thirty
first and Hamilton streets. They were also cut
ting the street below the grade, for the purpose
VI securing the stone. The lives of citizens were
endangered by bla--ting in ibe neighborhood, and
ulthough warned to cease operations, paid no
aitinilon until arrested. They were held to an
swer by Alderman Miller.
Bale op Bonus and Real Estate. Jumes
A. Freeman made the following sales yesterday ;
Vive coupon bonds, $0OO each, of the Fuirmount
l'K-eiii;er Railroad Company, 35 per cent.
ground-rent belonging to the city of 236 2.5 sold
nt I ar, und a house on Moyamcnsiug avenue, No.
!Mi, sold for 'I1(X). Several properties an
nounced to be sold were withdrawu. This is tlie
last ol' Mr. Freeman's real estate sulef at the Ex
chunge until September.
Di:i.iiiiitfi l F.xcvksions on tub Schuyl
kill. The steamer Urneral Hooker leaves Fair
nictrnt for the Fulls of Schuylkill every hour aud
twenty minutes, starting on the first trip at seven
o'clock and twenty minutes in the morning.
Those w ho wih to have a cool and refresuiug
trip should not tail lo take a ride on the Utnvral
"7iiii.ADKi.piii. tra.dk Beror."
Tiiihkiiay, July 28. Holders of Hark ure
Ann In their vl. ; So 1, Oucreltnui, li wurth f ton.
The market Is n'most Imru of C'lovsrMed.anil ttiu ad
vascv recorded a lew ditys rko Is well maiutatiicd. (Tue
sate, eitecied yent'Tilsy were t f 14 V it! lls , sad not at
$11), as ei roueoimly reported.) In Tlumlur w. lioax of n.
Sales ; we iUole at A. flaxseed Is worth 9r7A y but b.
lbs frovliioD Market is rather quiet, and Uie tales
iTected were .fan uDimportaat character.
Tlie Flour Market U rather unlet. The demand for ex
port Is of a limited character, aud the aalaa snorted have
been comparatively small, say from of7C00 bbli. axtra
family at $101(112? obi, and orue fancy brands at Uie same
figures. Tbo tale. to tlie trade come wltbln Uie range of
from t'.ou '2i for uperflne ; $S ,'fui 70 for extra. ; and $10
tali for eatrafamllr and fancy kits. Corn Meal is quiet.
The demaodfor Wheat has lailea off, and reretpta con
tinue to arrive .lowly. The .ale. oomprue lisxi bu.h. fslr
ulill r.ciuvlvaiiia rl at tl lt : auoo do. new do. at ft !vA
y mi, aud i.'s0 bu.h. clioice lielaware do. at $i i,4'J6.'.
White I. taaeo at from $'i-70 to $V7S y bu.h. Kiel,
rather inlet. A .mall sale of new hu ettccted at $!7b.
The inoulry for Coin ba. aomewhal .ut-ldi-d, aud It Is
worth $l'7.v14 bu.h., w ith .ale. of 21ls bush, at Uio.o
Mmirea. Oal. have dtsillned. We quie at SUttiflui., wtih
no demand. In ltrle Malt no sales have been leportod.
W i;ik Is dull. Wo notice .mall .ales of i'euubjivaaia
Markfta by Telegraph.
New York, July 28. Flour it 2nfa30c.
lewer, sad the market Is o.U; sales of K00O barrels at
SIKi.lo IMor autci $IOi.vl2 tor Ohio, and SlO-j .o-.ia .'iO
for Houlhera. Wheat Is qJc. kiwer. wiUj uiitinportant
.-Miles, t'orn declined liqc.; eaK'S of 21,000 bu.hel. at
$1 MiCDl frO. Reel U dull. Po'lt heavy, at $40. L.rd de
clined He; sales at lw.20io. Whl.ky dull at 7uc.
New Yobk, July 28. Chicago and Rock
(lend, 11SS.I Cumbertand preferred, ttl ; llllaoU Oeatral,
Vs..: Miobhran Southern. 71i'i New rork tou-al, 1 l
..Jkg, l-ol lli.a.oa River, 1.111 Caatoa (Jo., fc1.;
V-U . ll?S; t'l.velund tUuclnitatl.fOl Oeveland and
'do. I4il t'hleajto andCjumcy, ll Wlchujali I eotr.l.
I S. m -..mi a. . Mttsbum. ll; ;ro;e Hauw a
un, ,eo '-..i.l.or. aud K.rt Wavne. 11.11. : Lb'ca aaa
J.rto... .a H i Year 'meate. Mt TrMaury
7 I ll. i i. ' r..Ua.. (Mlii.. "'.! Kesl.ler
., .j I'swit. I !, ; l.lefed do,lu.V4; Us d.
JS. a i. -. I loai I. al. Oaeaal. Of I1U.UM attu.
1'. a'dat . - '.' '...
Hti.ni k 'u y Flour Brm and scarce.
Wa. u i...p " -' bushel, nnw whit, at $2 7$
fc,2Ki. k i . J '.aai at u'lU'U lb. Vorn nxia
wans, l l
. ik j dall au4 uoounaUy $l-7.
Oi rirm or Ths r.vr.wrin Tsi.i"iturtt,
Thur.iiM't W. (
The Money Market l easier and capital mora
plenty to-day on call at 6 per cent, par annam ;
tt pmjer li sHIInjf at 701 percent, per an
num. The plan of Mr. Fossrndea If gPBeralTJr
endorsed by lliepnblle, and baa glrea a better
ftellnglo the market.
TUera la a llrmer feeling in the Stock mirket
Ibis mornltig.and priceiare better. Oovprnraenl
sei nrltls romlnne In demsd, and prloa har
spaln adano d, with lame sales of S-20, at 109,
7-30s at 100, snd.fisof 18H1 at 10fi(.i)10r,l. Rail
road shares are also firmer, with sales of Poon
yhsnla lUllr..ad at73Ki'73$i lUadlng, HjCi
6Sj, which Is an advance; ruiladelphla and Erie,
Xlit Little Schuylkill, V; and CaUwiasa Pra.
firred at 'V.. New City Ss are idling at 100 J.
In Iiaiik shares there if Tory little dotag, and
prices i t nominal. .
Tbeie is less activity In C wl and Oil stocks,
and the sales are In a small way naly.
Gold opened this morning at t, declined and
sold at 218 at 11 o'clock, and 29 at 12. Thera
la n ori dfilr ar Id the way of met. '
rmi.AriEi.rHi a stock cxciUNOBRAUM.iTrLr n
Ksporua tj tlarkMia Co., nntm, Ma. m S. TkM Bt,
$wnu. ". S-. ins
II li h Ktwlinii K. R.. S7
H h a tv.aint ss
ixirh o Hl
lf' B i f.n H
lu0.li 4o....K)wn (
400 ik BeartlaxR..... RV
lisj.h v.,.. town OS
liOah do e as l it
lisi.a d....sriwn a
.h ReystaseaaiM. 2kf
liso.tt UnloarM..... 1
l.1tT.R.$-tna...a..lrs( i l ak MeOllnMsk,
na lis
- - . var C.rtid... S
.. Kl cup. I( H
... rew le.:)..
1 . '. ', 1 a-..l(i
" .. .....I0!I,
. V.nl..v.... ..Mk
j-.'.n aiapie nn.,M l.'V
$67 ah Penna R R ... ni
M an Utile Hah. ..bo ,
u0.hOataw. of aW
hl.ht'liilaKrl... Sis
am ah Cherrr Hon.... fttf
40 ah Loularllle Hk..lM
17. hW Amrlcaa lua IH'-i
3S.kClinlras. M
- No. lit B. Thtra K.
t, 3-o CT.
I' ' -1 IMV( laiai
. ll talea
Reported Ly . .' i
Tnlt.d State. Sa , r. . r (H-.
Kerk l.land Haiti. '
Keadlnp Rarnaid
Illinois Central Hallroa.: ..
(I.letia Railroad
New Yark Central Railroad...
Krla Railroad
liudbon Hal broad
I i.lt.d Slates $-20.
,..".S '
,..1. ' Mil
,..2S Hl
,..v i:v
... Firm.
Qnotatleni of (lold at th. rhllad.lphia Ool v .V,
Ko. MS. llrd.lreet, iondory: . , j
H A.M 2.'. .MM
II A.M 24S.si lr.M ...,'
Matket weak.
Jat Cnoaa a ro. quote fkiverameat SeenrttiM, ., ta
noon to-day, as follows :
Bvnj. geJHnm.
V.n. S. 1HH1 1.SI 1(17
11. S). 7 S-lll Note wt HMVC
Conlflcate. of lndelitcdness,Ncw........ 00 IM ,
Vu.ncraa.ter's Vouchers S2 a
(lold Mi lap
6-20 Honda lug loo
Dx IUvin at Bra. No. 90 8. Third strMt,uao as fol
low. : t
Bvvinf. HeUtna.
Atnerlran Onkl .....ISO arena. 151 arem.
I:lillld Htti-a liemand Nntea o .. do
American Hlleer and 'a.... l'J do .. ,4o '
IHroe. aetl Half llinies..... I A do I V .
Hpanl.hOn.ne-. 120 do .. !
' in m Ivan'. Currency . die. 1-S die.
New York Exchange 1-10 do Par.
City Passenger Rsllroad shares are wilhont any)
material change. Wo quote :
, ,. , B14. Atkei. ,
Second and Third 7;a '
Ppruce and Fine 40 4i
Chrsnut and Walnut 60 81
Arch street 24 -
Race and Vine 20 '
trret n and Coales 38 38 (
Glrard College 32 ,
Tbo following are the RocelpU of Floar and
Oraln at this port to-dar : Flour, 1S00 bbro.;
Wheat, 9300 bnsh.t Corn, 2400 Dash.; Oat.
The following are the Receipts of Coal Oil
at this port to-day: Crude, 310 bbls.: Refuted.
1100 bids.
The following aro the quotations of the princi
pal Coal and Coal Oil stocks at 1 o'clock,
to-dav, reixirted bv Palmer K Huey, Brokers,
No. it S.Thlid street r . '
BiiiAUetl Jiat.tarnt
Folton Co.t xt( 0 In.acon ou ji.
N.Y.AMd ival..
.. iilvu.. u ..1. ID ri.MM VII. .......
21 inrcaoie (HI 1
6 'franklin Oil
I Howe'. KdilyOT..
10 Irrlnn Oil.. $
llreinMt.Cial.... i
Tenn Ml) Ins .
tiirard klliiliiit,
0 1 rope Kara Oil
Ktca tin km 13
I'l lla. and 11 .Ion. ..
Mand tn kf nine
Manic." Minuif. ..
A-ace Iroti 1
Oil C res a
Mnplr klhad" Oil. .11
M.Clint ck Oil.... 6V
r. P. troi, nmCo.. ..
Perrv Ol' 4T
Mlieral () 1 1
Ket.lnoe Oil
Venanso OU
14"4 HuUer a.al 18
S iKeyatnn. XltM.... 2S
4 N ('artwndle ....
4 l'nka Patroleaia.. i
x r:tna cm. ..
$ Denamore .... ... 7(
IA ilialell HU 7V
ilcllhenny tii t
n pfiiii.ievi nxj .
6 1 Noble Uelaawler. 1 J V2f
KawlakM- 1 1 1-li
2S 1'bOaaoU Creek.. X 1
The eblpments of Fittstou coal by the Penn-
sylvunla Coal Company for the week ending July.
23 were:
for the mot. for tht at rue a. .
By railroad...
Ity canal
. S.lwsM
..$4,ii; ot
..104 JIM -00
Tn .am. oal.. IM'.I.
Iiicr.a.a la lMol.
The rulilic Debt of tba United State on Mon.
day last, inclnding the unpaid requisitions on the
Treosnrv, amounted in gross: i
July IHlii 91,ft0,623,.5Gl
July 19, 184 l,7!6,20VKi
Increase of the week 99,324,1911
The Increase is mslnly In three years 8 4'ent.
eonipcund Interest Treasury Notes, sahstituted
for the ft 4J' cent. Treasury Notes withdrawn from
circulation and cancelled in June. These sub-i
stituiions now amount to 1, 420,000 iu com-,
pound fi if cents, as against ;7,WO,000 of 6 tj' '
cenu withdrawn and cancelled.
The re1 urns of the Bank of England for tha
week ending July 13 compare with the ttato
ment of the previous week as follows : '
.. I t 471 411
.. Il.l.-i.ii.-.
4 SICl'i
U.M2 74
rubric ri.pnetra ,
Ouvernment tecarltka.,
Olht r .ecurltle.
Koif. In c'r uia'ion...,
... V3.rnr7.4rt7
... 2I..XI T7S
... LUHl.W
fipccle and bu Hon.,
1.1,701. UJ
Bank op Franci. The changes in Ibe Bsnk
of France returns are as follows, compared wl It -lust
week :
Cash In hand ,
Ailvai ce ,
tuuent account.
PiP dUontintrd But yet due
llank nolaa
.. tH.'S
,. ?IJS
. It..l.
.. Ju.oo
Trea.ury atcoaut.
In reference to the foreign demand fir tha
United States bonds, the London Time, Jury let,
ayf :
The advices from Frank fbrt mut'on that the ere. I rl-a
In the eehulitca at New urk l.ad te..n met by a corrae '
IHiitolix tali Iu tin prices of federal atocKa, but at I' . ot- i
iluctd iiiolHtloli. bu.crs eema fonvaril In such nunibero
tlial aot only laKU sum. brousht I'rom New Turk, bat ;
even vurloua I'trcel., .old oul by bankers tor :naU secit
l.lor.. could .1111 oc dlapoat'd of at an adranee of Smir a. :
cent, on New ) ork price.. As aoou as uiese eal-e we-o
over.quolatlon. recovered between one and two par mii. ;
"1 he eaemeaa of our public," It 1. observed, "to lovaat la
Amera-au tuntts aft.-r so many di.appoialnienta, Ui warn- '
derlul. In plte of the bad poliUcal. and yet wore, flnaa-
clal reports, .very reduction ia the uric, bring, now tar- '
chaser., niotly .mad capllall.it." MucU of th. .xi.tuic f
dclusii n It altribuled to tile eDorta of tlie Herman damo
ciallc uresa. Money remains plentiful at Fraukfart.
Brokers will find the following of interest :
TKKAsrttT Iikpaktmknt, Ofvick or XsTaakai. Rava. .
kt'K, Wa.hikoton. Jul. 21. Uentlemeo I reply to yours
of July II', that the brokert' tax of l-20ln of 1 peroantuak. ;
ou tale, of it.ad, beltia payable la lesal earrency, la doe
upon u baal. OX tonal currency, and la therefor, payees,
upon th. amouat of paper for which the soid La disputed '
of, I. ... the tax It aeaceil upou tba nominal valu. of ,
(lot turnout note..
V.ry r.ieetfuUy, at A. ROf.r,nraj,
The Bank of Mutual Redemptioa, In Bcsrton, '
is to become a national bank, under the name of '
the National Bank of Redemptioa. lta capital
will be $M 1,700, with the privilege of lncreasiiur '
it to -2,000,000. This institution has accounts
with one hundred aud thirty of the country banka
in New Englaad, and about one-tenth of th '
number have organised under the Fational Car- '
reney act, wails nine others have decided to come '
under tha same law.
The Springfield (Illinois) Journal says r '
The Hon. A. Blame, State Treasurer of t lllnola, returned! ,
totbl. city from M.w York, where be bat keen payiuf tn.
..nai-amuual internal oa Uia State debt. It t. auiieraood '
Uiat ha pjud out about four hundred tkouaaiid doltare. ot
which bctwaoa uin.ty aud ou. houdred o.uuaiid u la .
fold, paid oa atatlltis boods. There Is .illl la th. Tiaaaoty .
old .nouth to nay tnc lntrret oa thaa. ouode lur January
and July. Isoi.awl January, lata).
Ofttetr.1 DrwtBB wf Use Mtelbv CaaUace
Utkolkauu iMH .
t30, 46, 13. 11, 21. 50, 7M1. I.W, 30, 27, -
KXTaa aat a'7-July A IB64. . , ,
70, 24, 75. 6t;, 4. 6 ), 21. 2, 3a, 30, kvj, 20, 54. f .
Cticula Hut J taVlraatOif
J. aV fntiioa. A Oa

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