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trwtasr re Vf ereer hi tha rircnlstlan of Tua
tiia Tei.eArii,omsel.lna na to aa to prase at aa
arty booo-. amently isv,uet that adeer lonrnli nit
be beaded as soon aa IV nelnca, II postlb a, to seeare
theea aa kuanaoa la all of oor adaioat
frtday. rvvr 2o. m.
It was with unafftcted surprise that W3
lately saw some loyal paper reprint, wlt'i
approbation, the article entitled "Th? Na
tional Humiliation," which appeared In tlia
Intelligencer. That the article w is able w i
do not deny ; that it contained much truth w )
do not tor a moment dispute; but that truti
so urgttd was beneficial to the country, or tha.
It publication was not Instigated by nor.)
than unalloyed patriotism, we may be per
mitted to doubt. We cannot comprehend how
an article, which was received with applaun
by disloyalists, could contain much tim pa
triotism could praise. All the assertions con
tained in It were not facts. That which stated
the (hire of the enemy In front of Washington
not to have exceeded flvo hundred roan, we
all know to be glaringly incorrect; yet thld
statement served as part of the basis for aa
attack upon tbo military administration, and,
a fitr as we know, has never been witb Jrawa
by the Intelligencer, or contradicted by thj
rest of the press.
The leading article in tho New York IIcra.ll
of yesterday followed the exirn.a set by tij
InteUiyencvr; but so fur from mikin? only
one gross misstatement, the whole article Is a
tissue of assertions, some of which, if tacts,
could not have been kmwa to bo fast).
Speaking of Eablt, the Tie raid says:
" He bad with bim Riiodeh' Divisi nnf K well's
" Corps rotlie auii oilier uuniil r.ole p.ir i us t'
tha same corps, nmkiiiR aoom ten thou and
" vrteran lofanirv of I.kk'ho U unnr. Ilobu
" alao the who e ol tne force that hail neon In ho
" Valler under Bubckinhiiiok, anil all or ictrly
" all of I tie caritiry ih it couhl he imiauind i.i iliu
" Kebel Hrioy of Northern Vlriir. II com
niand numbered fioiu iwcut to twu y-ilrc
" thoosand men."
We ourselves bcllevo that to have bon just
the force which Baiily commanded ; bjt la any
one al)le to speak with this rem tr'i tblo cir
cumstantiality t But this Is no;bi.ij. Tau
Utrald goes on to say :
J Wa litnaton w s aid hy the nrrival of a
" body of veterun .hat me Oovcrurami bid di
" reMn to ex-et t,"
It alludes to the 10th Corps. Tlie Gjvjrn
ment was In telegraphic coin nunication with
General Grant for days afur tbe raid was
known to be formidable mroinjatof tlu
enemy, and a portion of the 0th Cjrpj wa
sent to Washington. BjsIJjj, thd Givern
ment had every reasoa to ejcje;l tbj U.Ii
Corps, the time of Its sailing from NjiV
Orleans being known. Again, there B3tmt
no reason to doubt that tho 10th Corps arriva J
at Fortress Monroe before the eae:n7 hal
made great progress, and, that instead ol Join
ing General Gbaht, It wont to Wushlntoa.
This change In its destination was equivaljnt
to General Grant's sendlug troops; for If tna
10th Corps had Joined him, bo coal. I hvo dii
peneed with them or with othar troops la th.jir
The nrad asserts that
" F.aklt was so laden with plunder tout be
"was easily overtaken. Uu the 18in (nt int,
M therefore, Ouueiai Wuiumt, wim two dmm in
of the niatininceiit 6 h Corp ud ptrt.t' Oju
" eral Ilt ATBH's form', w in more o' G mural
" UuKTBa's fuioe ivmuig np, waa J'acs to I'aco
" with the whole boilv uutJer Kaklt."
8o far as we are iniormed, the main body of
Our forces and that of the enemy never c in-
fronted each other and whon General
Weight relinquished the pursuit, It was b
um the enemy seemed to hi in to dj beoal
reach. That he erred in recalling hU troops,
subsequent event have proved; we aro
not discussing that question, but tha one cou
talned in the Herald' assertion that (Jjajral
fTniairr bad an opportunity to deliver battle
and neglected to profit by 1L
The Utrald says :
"No amtiiKeuieau lor defence that derive their
original iui(.uire from iiie w r iri.nen
" ran puatiliiV bo of aey value wdaerer. I'D
" War Department eon hi out :gauiio a au :cj..
fal picaio i r choJer arty
The Government orga liu J tolarably su j
cexsful picnic and eliowijr pait'us at Na.v
Orleans,Viclubut'g, Cliaiuuaoj i, Atiatil i, ta
' Wilderness, and else where.
The Herald concludes its load.-r by sja
that the "black republican" press, al.nlltlu
at last the incompetency of tha tVar D;.)W
matnt. Is in favor of colling lor Gjatrt
McCusllas. In proof of this it q.i itji iri
the New York Etenlng Pod and tlu Xj
Tork Commercial AduerlUer. We d uit a
ail purpose entering upon the subject of Gji
ral McCx.ki.la.n' mci iu, but wa quote a fe
lines trom the article cited, to show th it w
the Herald intends pcoolu to luler IV3:a t u
Is not in the least Implied by the articL-s t'l.-in
K'lves :
The New York Eoenlnj Poit obi ?rvm:
" U'bleihe l 'il inxueii am a r aii.ni
" '.he hehi, 1 uiiithi ' we I lor th j U iveni.ii m
" to Dcinirmie m run. m 'ni til hi lutp ir
onr rlit eno, who ti el a-ire Iwcaikk t
(avmii gei.e'l is unempluyi'il. L t it orUr
"OeiHral MvVLdi.l.M iuiu wtive wrvnie; an
' cad Uuti tiii-t roii.nl-' a ie i n ot h pe 't
Ml.ich liaa r uu hi li- nuliliry emu i
t.bili ui fell, w him li.lo il.e d I I. (I :i .a .it'
M been ai-er td tb t he ruulil raise liu no iiiri
" a buaorei) thounauii nu n : hut if tin -tin
" iba loot of the MbrimiKloan vullev with b it h i
the Dunilier he unht connlliiit ' very in I h I
" toe proM r noil s-ee iy vouciaaica ol iuj ca n
" palga in v irgioia. '
The Commercial Advertiser, alludinj to
the same subject, says :
' It is claimed by the democratic press of this
M couBiry that ssxliitilng MijClklln ao active
" command In Virginia is equivalent to calllaf
" oulODe hundred tbouhand uienj thatanv nu ji
" ber of the veterans tit' the Army of the Fotoin 10
M will once more enli-t if their favorite Ojueral
" will lead them, aud that we certainly can c iunt
M upon a larre Immediate aeeesotna t the ranK
, "of the army in c ae McClsllam has an lude.
. " bendent euiuuuaud.
" Wa hava alas regarded as an lnfitm ion
- h ",ucl,!ni' of the sohliers of tne Army of
. tna foiomac fur MuClkllam. but we ueverihe
1 u l'nut tenure the fact tnat auca an atucti
' m "V""1! nd may still to aome ext. ne
' a. toil. '. If there i any prob.
" - i hundred ih-.u. .nd of
t!".2."'" v' 'lpl"d ranks
of tbs army, it la Iba autna dutr of tba Ad.
. - minuttration to appoint bt ' ' ,M
The gist of both articles is, ut tnougi,
the writers have not much eoaarVne la
. General McClelxax, yet, If bis appolMoM
prove instrnmentaj In drawing men to the sua
dard of the Union, and bis appointment be for
, the good of the country, all personal feelings
abouid be subordinated to the common weal.
There Is notional humiliation In nxal-aJcalnia
iiti(jofhicn results la uuwiemjy pak,laalia-
1pm tnlllury opAratlotM, or in grlpTous dcfbat;
but H hu jet to be substantiated that tbcsi",
or any one of them, befell the Uovprnmpnt at
Waahlnfrton. Conducting gigantic operations
Again!, the two great stronzbol.il of the Uv
bullion, a comparatively InilgtilJcMt fore
took the opportunity to maVe an Inrnlon, In
which their heel bore a much more conspleu-
ous port than their arms. Dlund-ri tlierj
have undoubtedly been the greatest that of
lacking Information about the co:nmncpm-'nt
of the enemy's march dawn the Mian in J Jill
valley; but so long as the Government pre
mrvea Its presont attitude Wore IVt-r.sb.irr
and Atlanta, the charge of national humilia
tion l preposterous.
There Is, however, national humiliation In
the Ihct that journals profiling to be loyal,
yet, with Ill-concealed spine n an i with pod
tJve mls-Htatements, seek to cant rldiculo upon
the Government, and give aid and co nf rl to
the enemy under plea of administering lc isant
of holesome truth to the Nation. There is a
homely adage which suits them wo'J : " It is
an 111 bird that fouls its own nest."
i.niRovixi THKNi iKvi r. or witt.
It Is a very common thing to abusj ths
Governments of the civilized world for miking
improvements in the art of war. Rut it should
lie remembered Hint In proportion as the m vn
of carrying on war arc rendered m ireelTl ;lent,
or more destructive, If you please, wars nrj
sooner brought to an end nud peace ro-estab-llshed.
If a certain amount of life and pro
perty has got to bo expended In a military j
Htrlle, it Is certainly better to hiive tlio s.vrl
flces made In one year of conflict than in
thrive, or Ave, or ten ycais. Because, while
the loss to bo Incurred In either case Is the j
name, the sooner tho nation or nationi wbicb
suffer It can resume peaceful pursuits, and !
heein tn rettiiir thn rli-Ht.riifti vi iiT.wt4 nl' th.- !
struggle, the better.
In this view ot the subject, nil the rrre.it
leading Powers of Christendom will oa to
this civil war of ours an incnlcultblo obliga
tion for Important progress In the scien:a of
warfare, both on land and sea. Never beloro
in tiro world's history have such armies as wj
have brought Into tho field been known, or
such battles been fought. On both sid.-s our
military movements have been directs! witb
remarkable skill, whilo unstinted wealth and
exhaustless mechanical talent have bean lib
erally employed In Inventing new and Im
proving old methods of defensive and olfondvt)
Tho European Governments, especially
Fiance and Kngliind, have been watebln j oar
contest with keen optics ever since it bji.i,
with a view to adopt into their own naval aaj
military service such improvemculs in fire
arms, Bur vt'hsels and their amu'UNit, e.ij -nceiiug,
cavalry and Infantry tactics, an 1 all
other matters pertaining to bellloroat re
sources and policy. A correspondent, writing
irom Paris, saja :
" During the tiitht between tho Kennirre and
Al'Oamu the I'.mjcrur ruceif.ct Ustte!ieS
t'vtrv litleeii uniiuies, at tue 1'ala u( r'ju
tttn to euu, ol me prKrs ol the lin , , it
bud Oct n urraii(d oelorcbuiid. 1 1 1 )1 j s y
ever tince hua ttiea the k-enci-t la'ercai in
t very'biug relatn g to the vie o.iuui .n,, anl
eieriuil in her ariultr, of wme i oe tits
u.aUe a th. rmili exiiiuui.i ion. It 11 neiier illy
tad tn 1 1 ed that mis lijilit diii'ins(j.ites tnat t n
sitilieryul the K:e .eU .md Kngl.su ntvies la
oelevuvi', II no. allugMilicr jnuius, .uU ill it
a tclal r voution must lie the rosul . l ie
lure rilled gnus tnua be repmeed vlth tn in
ner htniMiih-hore )iuii,unil the lljlidnit at cie
quaritra iua:niuiued. '1 he excitement on tae
tuij.cilu ii tvul quartern is intense, aiii the
oveka ot ihe fMviainuiUo ittnl Kiwiarj- a e
crowdeu wi li utinyuuU uuval ulll.'era whenever
they aie iu port."
Ihva France and tha rost of Eiropa aro
gaining the benefits of our costly experi.n3.itj
aiid experience ; und tlioy show tholr wisij u
n turning to immediate accauat all tJit
vulurble knowledge with wiiicit tJJ ctj.i:j
und practical scicutillc discoveries of tbs war
huvo furnished them.
It Is not to be wondered ot, however, if wo
uve made come blunders, and wo fear It m Ht
Lo lOulesKed that our ligiitrdraug'at m jaitjrj
uve dUtnppolnted the great expectatbai
li rmtd of them. The eminent shlp-bailiar,
Donai.o McKay, says that thoy miy bj
so altered as to render them available for
toiu-t and harbor derense, and the Navy D
I nrtment has ordered the work to ba doaa.
The suine high authority in naval arcaitjetara
has rucommundud the construction jf a njn-
ber of sea-going wootlen ships, bi'av'Iy Iroa-
clutl, and of hih speed, a.id araiod with i.'oai
twenty-four to thirty-six guns.
We leel quite satisfied that this class of
militaiy vessels Is the one that will bs found
Uiost elTectivo In all kinds of service, eit'jjr
i b the coast, in ba. bors, or out upon thj o.ma
t cean; and that the greut Naval Poweri will
make them henceforth constitute the chief
part of their yet to be constructed war m triue.
We are thut the French Admiralty luvj
already ordered the building of lw sto n
ceivetles on the model oi the Kearaanje, a.id
i gland will uo doubt follow suit. Oar
Government alao will, probably, rea:h t'.u
itiinluslon that woodun lron-jlad atevnarj, i
of high epeed and few but powerful g in, ar3 v.bn ii.ei.
at ot.co the most useful and economl.'al wr Murk Smlih, Lewis linker, and Chade Wal
bbh a, nud multiply them accordingly in oar fot, Jr , bavo aumucuced a drainatij se.noa ut
J Quetice.
iii iohh i i it ii ttiirr.
It is ot obvious importance that our c'.nrily
Uiould be comineiisurale with tlio oc.ul 'i for
it. 1 1 Is equally Important that It ahoulJ ba
jubtly nud pulely bestowed. The whole co n- !
ini.'i.lty, fioni which the means of relief ari ;
il.i'1,'..rl mii.t l.n nnvlitiid thnt tin nl w,.4 :rt '-I.
, ' - ,. , ., , ' i , i
toiious ca o of distress siia 1 be overliVi'l
or n in and lor; while it cannot feel lets uali
ciloiis that what it has coatribate 1 for t'H
silt viution of a dcserviii"; class of unfortu
mili'x shall not be nilssjieiit Iu fosterlii; Iu lo
lence, pauperism, and crime. How, p s il'jly ,
tan we be assured' of a wl3 and wa bo a
action In this matUr, unless tliera bj sai
eflectual system for the purpose contrived aud
put in practice?
There certainly should be a conservative
economy employed In the eleemosynary efforts
and donations of the public, if it U exorcised
in any department of Its affairs. What we
give ought not to Injure u ; and yet there Is,
beyond all question, serious amount of niU-
chlof inflicted upon society by unregulated
and uudlscrlmlnutlng charity. Every ran of
sense must perceive that a score of Institu
tions for mluistering to tbe necessities of a
vast and scattered population of paupers
cannot, while each Is entirely independent of
the rest and at liberty to select it own mode
and fluid of operations, act with any desirable
harmony and advantage. Tbey must mani
festly accomplish much leas than their Joint
funds, If dispensed In accordance with a well
arranged plan of distribution, might achieve.
There should be no street begging In Phila
delphia. Tbe people pay enough la taxes
and voluntary contributions tor the support
ecu poor to te released from that nuisance.
Anathy would be released from It were tha
car ft tba really destitute committed to aa
orjauUatlrm of almoner so constituted and
goveruad that avary cIUmq could iW ared
that th tnnntllcant In the highway did not
merit his pity and nivid his asilttance.
Ci-asliift to obtain almi craved In the eomm jd
walk of the city the profolonl, ambulatory
bopgar would eventually disappear, and the
community would then be rid of on offrnaiva
A to the detail of a plan for srtemitlzln3
our beneTolent protlsloni for the poor, we do
not pretend now to epeak ; but will the ld be
carried out In any Hpe.cinc ana siu.n.iiory
manner? Will our several astoclatlons cnn
Into the measure, and agree to do so cordially
and freely ; or will a selfish reluctance to can
promise to any extent their Individuality pre
vent them from favoring such an enU-rprise?
If, in short, there should be persons so ostenta
tiously humane, who conceive thit tli"lr
reputations de,iend so entirely on bnlonln?
to certain charitable missions or org in! itiont
that they cannot afford to give upany portion of
their personal consplciiousness InorJertoeDVet
a grcnt public good, will tbey b- pernlttei t
frustrate the scheme ? Let us hope not. Facts j
have demonstrated that our present moia of
dealing with the thousands of poor people
who need our aid and supervision is radically
Imperfect, and that we must Improve It for the
sulio ol those wo would benefit, as well as for
the Interests of the community. Besides ths
motives of economy and prudnnco which
should induce us to take such action, thero Is
another reason which should have a decisive
weight In determining our course. Could
evory citizen who can ulford to be
stow something nnnu.illy towards the
relief of tlie tluntitulo classes be mvdo
to feel assured that whatever ho might
give would be rightly applied, thou
sands who now devote littlo or nothing to
such n object would contribute cheerfully to
tlio full extent of their ability; and banco twi
valuable results would be secured. The f.in!
lor charitable uses would bo lar;;.ly a ii
mented, and tlio benevolent sjmpilliics of the
many would be exercised und cultivated. L.1
us trust, therefoie, that so:iie bucU rel'or.n will
be speedily effected ; that nil who have h 'ro
tofore taken an nctivo part In the ministration
to the out-door poor of the city will earnestly
uuito in the project; un 1 that hrtncif.irth oar
charity may bo equiilly liberal and salutary.
fipecial Cof.JiHt-Uif of The Eirmng Ttlfjrnvh.
IIai.timouh, July 2.1.
Tho provincial town of U.lnmore wss ugilc
throao hitd ti;Hterlc. a lny or two aldcf.iijra reoort to
UipollM.t that liny Hi .ua d H4:l(eJi bail Mtiut eatiin.d
Mat; land, a ri hi 'H.l'jI il Bi irnnnu g, nn I wvre a.;9'.it
tt make a raid ui"n our tiu i-t ll.tle clti, waic.'i, after tho
"llur ylnff anj fro
And ca-H rlat'r:n, ovur fho tjn hodou,"
had tub.ideJ Into thai in of in -.llta'lra calm whloh
aiwa ucceili t'i hie. a id li'irrie i aruitttlait of a lalll
tar) fevor. On tiia ev,.'-io-l-rtMii mheri'd ncuu.luu viafn
lta timuia Htnad ,lk aa o.,ki in Ilia gnai Haliura, cul oil
from rallroud ami ;i li.xraihtc cuuinviim-aUon wuh llorao
tlienlry and the wur d Ht larwe. It wit, .urarlilttu tn (.ee
uta tpai pltn and vimwhon tlie city did nj.i.us.. Out.
alde.of oourae, of the K.-IM up th:.er, whue ntmc la
leaioii, there wa a auniral rei.ixumn of the uotnmQd
exira.ei d lo llr a it'e in bl.-1 iiei,
'Lnr down the axi. It.n hy 'he aonde;
i.t- e In 1 ro . i li . f.i Iiiik pi turf.:.
Thf uiuaii.wa d .oil tli'i on e.-u. ie
t r Uftlida liku uu were line mw"
amontt lit lead the lo a' f iruuTa. wnili., on the oilier hand,
cantK and eoaln wt-o limit a lle fr iliu hpide and llitt
lov ax-ao.mitl tue ford ic4'ioii. and car.hivora uu toe
ouibiru ui ihe cli.
Ma or l.eii iai Wallace ti inaHltiff v!itoriU4 prepira'loa
tn in. e. tin em ray, in cm-, f.unnitit.ntid liv the a iijjo.e of
Uo; iin- .oum rm d ill-1 a it.C'n.ite u , ii lieai ini the lion
In in. den Wt l.a i' no., (it ca i ii niiau4 of iie'eii-a til 1
oi.eii-t. wi. lun would iimke a ha. term? tlian ill i it ion
chii aie auHl al lis mU iikn up ItiK-clllcsoil. iu a ann
uiei hdll-elm m. Kill -p.li, uariuwur .n. to , A l , ar.iind
a. they would he h a b .ny nl mern Unl hi patriots, .noli
a. llMlilninre lit.lllo!lekeIl, thoiili miiiKled lili it. Iti'lien,
are nni the luo.t w vitina ieturua tlit a uity uaii pro.eiil
to mi aiiVMtii ini; ui a n..
Keii ii. li e ia-i rnid tniny of the duit-CAiored mhenni
ot Jel.. 1avi. enterid uoi c( nvoi.er Jia tUo etpei'tmt
the c4iiU',ue c ul wlilcn wa. ttiat the I.i iet.iUuan a
Coloi.t-1 woolly', nllua wne cian ned wit i .lt lmi-
ti ot.. H..nt. h.v, i..v Ui-tfrt invil B-Wi- a .Itl.lt'liy
i CciiihiI-muii o'Hiveii-il iii ii h c.trby '-pmini iir.Hr N.i.
1 '4. o) Ma ii. -tieoer l Wail.ce, ol wric.i c'i onn llnri.-e
1 Alallotl. O. i. II. ,1 I'rpiideui, and M I or b.te. A. L. C,
Jnorn .uvoe. u. '1 he linn au.l jiidiel..ti, c innm winch tne
CiloiimI nnd Jndf Ailvm'Aie aie ij.kni in tue dlio. ihni
of ca.i'. b'tmlit hi-lur t lliu niu iiis.ioli. or tri n, a ul Hie
eiit-r.y tll.pliiiiHl In the tv .rk i. dom,i inivh to myiil.e
ItHlnun re ami MaryUt.d iieiier4lly. Wu hear no more
C'4iieini-u. in. or .ttiiilt.u. l.mitiiae aaiu.t ourannie. ur
out pi hi ufh"ln'..
li.tnouiii lel'Ul.lunlm md traltoroa nympa hy, hoir
crt .no -ii i d iini'ii eive oone ua ni lur: i ir tutu the
7tn,t.m ifiim', iilU are l.n-u Ilia uji n.try inauner euoti-d
ml or uiilnl il iltiWIi all Hent. I..e " Irbliitulli'd .UIU. n il
inoiin-ir he.;, lunin." ci,i.o,i.i.hiiu I), th h r km; i
11... 11 .... I,...... I. I. Ill .1 .,.,,..d. I, J.I (r...... ,
for a luau alu-oa lealh Dccniii.. whil he atte u,i'.. to ,p
Itr,li tie at uiniil. it lookoiioiijtti. .la.nei It .:lue .1.
nud w.H. it iiiuel. A- M.. ot mr uity a.e tin. ii. ileal
p onnoiapliiC r I'ortera to the t lonimi!.. on, and hive n
am., rinr-, .no fo e.iua in their iiole..loa.
1'hu H.iini.oru .iud oino Kucr a.l ht- lu'en wain tentpi
riir it luieirup ed Im le o wo kn w -n all It. aco s.
louifd eneiliy. i he Iti-be . Il.ve touiel iu W.llia n I're.co.t
isniiih, I- i he able l. d iu -.1 M&i'inipa.he l rmir .a I man
In the llnitil 'ta ei and a intmcuve euery a id talent
a oli I. it o e thuii a mutch tor tlieoi. A uttracie of tn nd
.ml emm aloue .uutu- enul to whil ihi rallro id htl
done under Uie eueeivialm ol Ita Ma.ieroi' Craii.pjr-
Wo ate In enxloue wa t nf to km.w what the Reholt In
temi i.o nn ,tl tie ir in w ral l. ad in the ine tntimu we are
Ike. p In. our liowtler dr . dtorKilt ha.lietnod red to
t.ntiiM.wili r Itndae, winr,. he Im. made the auii'e.t pro
vLioB aa l,M a runher di'predalhiiia In t iai quarter.
I't iiH.i v i
Mr. John Gilbert ia speudiug bis summer vuca-
tion at Weds lleach.
Dan. Setchell is rusticating at Wa'crward, M:.,
with his Irieud Arteittus vVard.
Lllza Logan (now Mrs. Oenre Wood) has
takiu a perumui ut rusidcoee iu Now Yurie ciiy.
J O. flanley will be the siae muna;cr of Ihe
Win er Uaideu, New York, next s.bi.hi.
Aiteiims Win t enlerl dus the Idea uf establish
ing a penuaiieut enleitaimueut iu Nc.t York.
Kdw:n Adonis h.is urch.i.-ed the c itt tgi
owi.ed by tne lu.e Wnluiu It. Linike at iht) Higu
lauds. Kid Dtniu Ilyau closed an e'lgtem.-nt at
l,.ll.(..l Ill.tU'O.. 1!M Uflll t,A M ...,l.l l.tf
i ur r i . I, .1-.. a... . ..,
W. . Ulll Ig'lll I. U'lIU I. IIIID U11IMUA 11, v. ,
John. Lvnh and thd Tu-fn-1-of-l.mi'e M.in have i
bteo tlie liht attiac 1 'Us.
John P.. Oweus will play an rn?it'ement at the
liromlwoy The.itre (I v Wudock'tl, .New York,
uurn g Ihe tall. i
Ptiwurd Kddy ii to become Ci-mautgor with
De liar of Hit tst. C liuilo 1 ho. are, aov Oiieaus,
n x Mas o.
Miss O lie L'igtn will return to the stiL-e
1 x eeueo.i, aad will uiayat.vcr.ll stir eagtu-;.
U1, ,,.
w. hcolUn ia fiKUfMl at tho Varirtiet The die,
New i ilcili-, lur a pull .u .il ill i set-on. At the
em .elusion id his t-iic,.iet.iiuiit hu dcuaus for M.-l-t'l.ui
i e, ausIiu la.
Adah I.uuii Menken, & ., i4 ., his iletTtcd
bet liusi'snd (O phem C K rr) In Ca ifornia,au I
tltpartid for Auaira.i wuu a gsy "Lotua'io of
i Mutts Taylor has been appointed Asslsttnt
' . .r .....
lleaaunr at new xorK, to succeed ar. Utsoo,
whoae coutluuwi lil-heltU compels hiiu to retire
fiotn ottiec.
n..nri M, Pher.e.r. waa hUier.t),A.I
7 ii i T -""'""' -r--""i,
lady iu Uuluuiore, aud tUty were to have beou
un ted in inurnuKo, wneu be received orders to
t uter Uiou the present caiupaign.
Colonel Daniel O. (ilnirhain, late of the 61th
Itejiiuient Mew York Volunteers, died at th
res.ataavaw of Mr. Ihwlug, in Leroy, N. oa
Thursduy afieruooti, utter a loa li.uess, cun
trucitd iu Ihe Service.
We regret to leurn that Governor Bradford's
son, ugid seventeen ycurs, was thrown from a
buffiy in Haltltuore, on Thursday al'ieruoou
nbout four o'ul'N'k, aud very seriously injured.
He was insensible all night, and his condition
tfrtlar morning was very critical.
Dr. Aver, of Lowell, Mass., proprietor of tbe
famous Ayet's Cherry I'ectoral, and other pro
prietary medicines, buy ten thousand dolurs
worth vf revenue statu pa per mouth, aud his
business pa, a directly and mdirectly two hundred
thousand d illar per annum to tbe Government,
General 8 locum Is nioviinr, for the second time,
from Vlcksborg into the heart oi hliaitissippi, to
destroy r.llroade and keep the scattering Hooeu
basy in that depaxttueut. General A. J.otuitb la
euKanina tha auvntkin of Pormtt and other Kotol
couiaiau.Jera ander Lieutenant-fitiusirai Lea, in
IHiftbwest Miei-taeippi. Th fuller reports th it w
gel of thai tVht with the HeheU nt Tupelo iho a;
that iht y tfuuYred very heavily, aud th a Forr ist
will scartyt ly 1st la a condition to interfere svliti
Gt-reral cVheimau's com'uantcation. Forrest wad
onttnaiuelisred and whiped every time that b
cam ta evmsxl with our troop.
A little dsaghter of Mr. Maxwell, of Cape
Klizabrth, Ha., was guillotined on Sunday by
a window falling on ber neck, aearly Kverlnf ber
head from ber shoulder.
Mb) Lucy A. Sinclair, of Strathara, Mass.,
died In Lowell on Tuesday of convulsions, caused
by drinking too fnly of cold watar and bathing
while in a state of perspiration.
The autograph Albnm which was msde for the
New Yoik Sanitary Fair by Miss North, of Strat
ford, Conm client, was told for Ave hundred dol
lars at thr St. Louis Fair.
One of the Sandwich Islnnd judgi-a Is nnmod
II ; bat, rays an exchange piper, "whether it is
pronounced Blg-I-llitlc-I, Double I, Eye-Kyo, or
My K)t, nobody knows."
A man In folllnsvlile, Ct., who a few years
ago wrote a very strong reprtilcnslre article on
lol.acco-rllni, toDtlsmning it as an Immorality,
baa now an a. re and a half of lohacro gnwlog ia
a thrifty way that aticst careful and enlightened
The cnrrlngc ro:.d upMonnt V"Bhlnirton hat
lieeu pot in empire repair. Tho Tip-Top and
Kumnilt Homes are lull. The ample accommo
dations for pacing the nixliton Mount Wa-hioir-ton
Induce a large nutnlier of persons to remain
one or more nlfbts on tbo summit.
The quota of Hartford under the last ca'l Is
eMinmtcd at 800, and there are already enlisted
1ST int n to ci unt upon It. Two pntrl.itlc exempts
in tl at city propose to secure 1U0 of tha same
i laH who will each a"Ti'f to furnish a represen
tative rti ruit and thus help to tnnltc ap the defl
cli nry.
Dot tor Kleazer Porter, of Hadley, M iss., hits
given jtiHOto Amherst College, tlio in crest of
h chls to he devoted to a yearly p le I.i the
niiithtniaiieal depHttmcnt of tho college. This is
in ntlileioQ to a previous donation to the college
of .l(KiO, (liven for the Porter srliiil.ir.suip six
vents since.
An Indian skeleton of Immcnso s'.iti was rc
ttntly tlicvlrld three feet under 1,'rutind, near
Fort Hivcr, in Uadlcy, Ma-Kichus tts. The
bones were to far tlet om.ioaed that most of them
criiinllcd upon exposure to the air. Some of
the iloitoia ihn.k that the Inditn was tint l'.-
tbitn ti ven feet high, und one hundred years old
when beilied.
Fire lilts been rnglni; In the woods on the
eolith blilc of lleh, Maine, since Saturday, and
has bi.n. tover huml'ids of acres. Tho city was
snloubly thriHtened on Tuesday nnd WeJoes
da.v, and tho fire depurtim nt was fr.iuuuly
rnllid ou: ; und on Wednesday they worked Ilka
Tiojans to prevent it general coiilUgra lon, the
flic I uving worked its way up to tho very edge of
the i ity.
Dr. Kt bmid, tho busso, who Is galnin;; so
much popularity in London, was horn In Aarau,
Switzerland, in 1827. He h id a groat fancy for
the study of Medicine, und spout some time I j tho
bos) itiil.-i of Dres.lon. Wagner ud vised him to
go on the stage lor bis deep ba-s voice had
already been ofien heard iu amateur concern
hut it was a long time before ho could inaks up
Ms mind to leave his profession. Afar deciding
to be o tingtr ho mado Im debut iu Dresden us
"S. ruMio" in Zmibi rjiotc, aud sub-eipu n ly sang
in .Munich, Hamburg, Siuitgard, Ileriiu, Vienn i,
and l'rni;ue. Meycrlieer was among those who
highly appreciated Dr. fit hmld's vocal ability.
A. K. Jacobs, a ttlegruph operator, who has
juet joined the force at iho telegraphic oluYeiu
Sprlnglield, M.iss.. has had some stirring adven
tures within a fow years. 1I bas sjient most of
bis life In the South ; and after the torpedoes were
placid in Charleston Harbor, ha was among ihe
"elet tticiauk" assigned to the care of tliem. Hut
from some circumstance ho was suspected of
tuuditry, and ordered by the ofHecr in charge to
be puinmnrl!y shot; hut Jacobs gained access to
IJcatncgard and worked upon hisfevlius so that
be countermanded the order. Afterwards Jacobs
was Impressed into the telegraphic service of tlio
Kebel army, but was degraded to tlio ranks, und
then improved a coveted opportunity to desert,
nud come within our lines.
Aprlvute letter, written by Major J. A. M.
McPhirsoa, glies iuiercstlng particulars of the
diaib of Otucral James 8. W.tdswortb. The
General received his wound ou a cro.ii road
known as the "liruck road," near Annandale,
Virginia. He was discovered by a Kubel c.ip'.aiu
fioni Gcorgiu, who plaicd in his hand a paper
giving his mime nnd rank. Ho was conveyed
ulh.rv.ards to the "Ueseivo Hospital," a cluster
of tttitb two uiilts up the Orange road
be was lecogtiaed by Patrick McCruckon, once
a prisoner in the Old Capitol, whom be had
befiicntled. McCraeken hasteued down about
four miles und procured delicacies for him. All
this tune General Wadsworih lay on a stretcher
unconscious, holding tbo paper, and seemingly
unt any whenever It was taken from him. He
seemed to know tbo Importance of preserving it.
This was Sunday. The next morning MuCrackeu
fonnd him dead, aud procuring a colli n, buried
bim. Doctor O'Donncll, Surgeon of the 2d
Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, expressed the belief
I that General Wadsworth might have been sived
if he bad had proper medical treatment atouoe.
The bullet struck the top of his skul , but pas-ed
on, rruihing the skull down upon the brain.
CeNV-MOORK On the 4th of April. 1HC1. hr the
Kev. 1. A. lernley, at tlie 1'ar.oiiaKu, No. lull N. Front
meri t, sir. HAilLEL uua. to ail.i.mi.l m. jiuuki.,
boih oi llila city.
,ltitS-Wll.LIAMs!OH.-In Hidllmore, on tlie'2th
inslnn., hy Il.e lliv Mr. Hi J e. i.Ll.l'.ni: A. .!.). KH
lo Mli-e ANMK U., eldeat diuuhterol Captain Alexaadur
, w i,,muni4n. ti. . a., uu ot unt city.
JOII.SrTON- KKIXV. Oi tbe i"th In-lnut. In Ht.
larv'e t'liun-h. burnnifton. M. J.. bv the itov. J Ilr;..
I..r..lu tilbw.n, A.M. the llor. I.I VI .ItillSSTON. of
Norlhainpti.n, N. ., to .Mum U.I.A IIS I'.l r. KKOI.V.
dntilnnr ol the bite John VV. Kelly, ul Iturliutfion, J.
Ilhdls'lKK-ALLKN.-On the Will l.wt lilt, by tin
Kcv. N. w. Tl omai, r KANa KKUInl'KK. Ksq., 01 Vis
vtr, Del., to Mrs. ALAliX KM MA ALLKS, ol lull city.
Iflll-flAPHAWAY. In Wasblnirtou, on Ihe 'Jli:h
. le. ant hr tne lley. Joshua MotMl. lllilll.KV L lll'Til.
' I . H. M , to ANNA L., eldest dauuhier of the laUi Her,
I 8. Una away. Nu curdi.
BAItliW. In Waahlnmoh, on U'etlnesdsy, Julyiltll,
Ol susiro tj ptiold lever. AHAllhiXV WA l.i'HN . who oi
lirtxiiiUir-t.euer.il Kriincls C llarlow, couiiuauihiis i-'imt
l'iv.slon hic.uid Com, Army ol the l'otoiuuc.
I KNNK'l'l'.-On tlie '27 Ih InsL, LVUI.V ANN liKS
NIT , in the Stub year ol her ae.
'Iho relative, aud lrlendsui the family are tnvltod lo
attend the innernl, iroui tlio reslih niie ol her eon-la law,
V l.lh.lu 8. lielveesult , N. K. Corner t'oati'S and M. .lohn
atnets. en ftiondey mornlnit, at Is o'clock, without
lurtlier notii e. Tu pruceod lo Luui'el Mill.
(.KI.SION. lln ihe eve ilna l the Uilh Instant, ot
consumption, .1. s'K.VNK tihit.MilN.
r'uiuTiil Iruui his la.e t siil, i,i e, No. 6i't WaHhlnton
avenue, on .'-utiinluv. the Hum Instant, ul i o'clock, P.
al., wl l.oui luriin ruotlun.
ATlill L'.- on ihe .iiuriiluir of Oe tubinstsnt, W III im
I ioili. M olt.e , niu nl alimld and fur.-h M.itliiea, iu the
1: lh i sr i f Jili aue.
Inn roth t of he fn-er.-il w Ul be fftven.
tloCKAI'K.LLAB On Tuesday evonlnn, lhe'J6tb Inst.,
ASNlKtl, ouly tlaiiiihter of Alary M . and the laie A.J.
I Hie irti-iels or the family are Invited tn attend tha
' funeral, without further notice, irom ber late residence,
Sn I'll VII..a ufrt.L,t nn KHirAv all . m n. in A
,.5KVi7l DroV.l w I Lauril lllii Camatory.
THOMPON.-On the rib Uuuat, BAMDEL H..
I youngest son of Isaac Thompson.
' Us relatlvea. and mala frlenila and membera of ron-
I eoruia ixsls. No. oj, a. . u , aud Kacelslor Mark
jouko. .o. vie. arv respecuuuy rovitea to aiteuu nil
I funeral, from his late re.ldence. No, 1119 I'arrlsU slTisst,
oo Haturday. SOUt InsL, at t o'eloea..
WOODCOCK. On tba Mh Inst.. LITCV, daushtar ol
Thomas and Mary Ann Woodcock, a tied months.
1 be relatives and Irlenua ot the family are respootiutly
Invited to attend tbe funeral, from tba residence of ber
parenis. Miller etrvel, Uunuauiewn, oo bundoy aflor-
noon at o clock.
WIHK.-On Wedneaitay, ntb Instant, ol tha ruber!
lln-et iioapltwl. trom woumla raceivod In front ot Po
tcrsburg, 11. PKANKtlN WINK, narttoant In Company
C, P.ily-elKbLb Keslnieut Peuuayrfaul Voluutoare, lat
the tb year of bis ewe.
Ilia rrlativea and trlenda and those ol th tarn Uv. and
the metubere of C'oauoany C Kilty etgbth lioaUBaut
Psniisylvaiiia Volnnunra. and the membera of oilier
comtaulea of tba reaunent now In tlie olty. an respect
fully Invited to alleud but fuoara., from, the makleaca
ot bis brother-in-law. Major C'harlea K. GraefT, coruer of
tlreen lane and Vslga road. Hoi borough, on Haturday,
Klh liututt. at I o'clock, P. M. Ta prooaaait to tb
Javerlngtoa Ceavetary.
WAINWBKIHT. IB wsahlnnton city, na the artef-
ISoon ol the tflb lust., of diphtheria, JOANNA ACClt-
k, .usssssucie
aud tha lata CsspUla
h I TZ, younsmt rnlld of Rally s". aud tha Uta CsspUla
mi-hard Wainwrutbu (JuiUid at alee Havy, aaedl yuan
and I month
WOMKKU. Oa Wednaadav, July 17th, al tba real-
deni-e of Samuel K. Ptsher, atoota-uraery ooaatv, JOUH
H- WOHhl Li- la tbe etth yew of hie aite.
Peueral rroiu bla late reeUenoe No. Mil Walnut street,
M Saturday, MUi uiatant, al I e flock,
Ma.M, A. Y. M. Tbe tuanibera of Waahiu1oa lla,
Vo. 6, A. Y. M and Uie Ordf la aaaeret, aea reiuMU4
to meat la tha Masonla UaU, Cbissaul at roe t, on "s.
turdav, the letb. Instant, at S oel'-ca, P.M.. to attend
tlie funeral ol ear deceased broUier, rUANK A. ot.lt
aiOM. Irom tua lata leeldaoaa, Ma. tas WaaULwiioa
Hi trdarof lb Worshl.4ul Master.
' A. . MACl U-eiaON, lcrelary
II. W L It A. V 1! N.
Ho, 719 CEES5TJT Street.
To rtartn K.i an, o: the ilrm of E. vitn
You pu- lio'y a. . I le a ale new.i aper arttnle thai yoa
yilli drill tluooiih any l lillled Iro i Hale Llllle lian In ue
In one-hall tn two hour 'lima, c., lucluJIiu t'ia litnk of
S r hern i llserty H -t or toa will f rfe-t the eumolone
hbnd ia d Url. NjwIIiI. I a y.'ty clmnp w y or pity
Ins Unit. You i no ttior-Ii t el I ei a ha keeor huluen
maniha woulthae an ixpen Ivo Par. operated upon
vui, in, I'm en povri-r'nr 'wo '0uTft, t he tutitllatrd.dti
Auureil. or In am way diaornllud, Tor the pahry uia ol
enc bimdred doila a
IIiUksu e Ii pla.ed' tit. Now If you have any eon tl tenoe
In? our hl I' y i.i d 111 chled Iron or any confidence la
Kvane dc Watenu'a hta: Ttant H i o a. rnmp.tnsl with
IJllte's, to wltha. and ihe burglar, or a y oiilld.'ii.ie In
r.veni At Vt'u'son's Morcuntiii- fln'a ai c iniiiiirt-'l with
I.ill'c'a, to etai.d lira, iou bve the o:.pirtintliy to tnaae
It maiMftl'. Tou have Just ao.d to the Iteventb Natloaat
Hunk, of IVilace plila.we se Informed, for $IK, a ll.tnk
Hufe, ripie.fiit nit to tlu Itank that youi ,S,ife wa a inuetl
belter proiectlon nvaln.t the bu-l-ir thai bllle'e, and
el nri'hiu a much 1 laher price for It. You hare already
niiido the chilli uue hi te.t the 8apci In the Cora Ki-
etiame Hut k, and .t.ted your oe u terms.
Wo new make U-e fo lowinn pr, ps.ition: Th.u yju
.all mniUh the seven h Nat!.-ial nnk na e and we will
fmul.h ore of the Rai.k of Northern Lllurtles' Httei for a
tret, upon your own terms, tn ihe Corn I'.ai hange Itnnk.
Knrh pany shall place In tl" U.mls ofrespon Ihle ptrtuil
the sum ol lie 0 to S''i'C, as f irlelture, to he pnld over t
tbo alnnli s party (aa you m elect).
If you l.are uot the coniid mc) lo plaee Kvana x Wat-
sen's Sale alor.titlde of l.ilhe e a a liuruLr-prool, and will
not accept the ubovn proposition, wo anil slve you three
Lours liistend of two I. ours (the time you askl to obtala
ihe uioney In ono of the hafct ut the Hunk ot t'.e Northern
Lils rilea. nhiiI money to lie fiiriil.hed ai nbove piopoied,
and te he plsced In the Sale by the flashier of the Itank:
tie Hefc to he operated upon precisely as prujioied la
l.o iha lei.KO to Mils Corn Ki.ilisnKe Hank, and if the
money Is not obtained In the three hm:, y u are to
n.ste piod an ttaiuace dot e to the stale, anil tho a iney
tobceurs. You s.ty you cai it HI lia holes w itil one drill
thniuih l.llllc'a Hula. We wl'l al ow you two of iho bust
atcel dillls you can procure to koi throuh rhe ab vj dare.
asain-you say, V euvur a tffratik:e wflre injured u
ehsi'he I. illle's I afe for one of Kvans dl Watson's on ac
ernnt of Ul ttlperloriiy as a Klrc-proof.
We now propose that you shall furnish Wearer A;
Rl-ranlle'a siafe, and we will furnish either of two Safe of
e mesUf and character ot Uia l.illle 8afooa reeutvedla
cvcl-auM ltockltia U luother, Market atr-ot, be'ow e
eom b, ae one, or 1. Hickman Co., corner of Third
and Marlat streets, hits the other, ard pur
cjiasi d ahoui the aame time aa that of Wesvor Ai Sprankle
tl ee Safes shall be tested ae rire-prooi's in a suitable
furnace. A Committee of d.s'.nterestedhusluess nun shall
le appointed tn test thrm, especially upon the terras puo
llc'y announced by you last winter, and wo to tluOu shall
be put up asfbtfetture by each party, aa you may eleot.
Neither party to have poisei,lon of tbe Rales tested utiUl
allot ihs test. We await your aieeplance.
II C. SAOI.t.U, Asent,
No. II H.Sr.VKSTU Sireei,
K. It. Should any or all f the shore propositions be ac
cepted, and s!:culd we le successful in any or all, the net pro.
ooimIs we niay derive trom tmr opponent, deducting actual
esnsea of Uie tests, sliali ba presented to the Volume
Htlreshment Heioon, ai tie money Ii nottheobj clot Uie
tool, X.KWIM L1LLIK at S0(.
M. C. hiUI.CX, Aj,eut.
Fln II van A Clarnra
Msssas, Davis ft Rich tans,
baveyast raoelved a t ea-Importation of
HavAsa Ciuaus,
of Uie elokst brands.
E. n. Whllman A ,
aaoufac'U'tra of New and U-llel-ui Confecrlotn, Ahaoad
Taste, hecol te Ca amals, t reams l.a Mode de
far s. a i qui ttely flavor d.
Roaited Jordan Alatnnds, ,A;e.
No. UlC l h snut street, below Fourth
Rlavrk A '. Snnua.
stix;k. a co. a i m a b o a
STFX'K 00. S
. 9. tVOl'LD.
Savtuu. an Cbeeaul ttraata.
ItiValli's and Ounra'rsocnts,
lhya'iill aoU (.'onroleaceots,
t lSbalall7
TtUlttutluur WUldmlaur Will fluil ur
CaUlurala Wines, CallCcrnla M'tnaa,
Calllunta Wines, CalifomU rVinsa,
laUlurala Wlnof, CaUlurnla VYiiraa,
aacollarly valuable la all cases of languor an great are.
traltoa of lUaugtb.
Ask Ask Ask Ask Ask
Aak Ask Ask Ask Aak
Ask Ask Ask Ask Ask
Brs. klcClelUnd, Oebhard, Jaiksoa,
(of Uie Fennirlvaaila t'nlrcrskT),
Eerlnf, norms, tirorea, llartsbora
Ssiimale, WlUlama, Hartley, Meldoard,
WUsoa, Tludal, Vlaal, Faavley,
Noble, Knurr, Maylaud, Turuer,
and otaar leading pbyslelans, what tuaj think of tlia atedl
ala.l Tlrtae. tt CalUorala Wines I These geutloauea pro.
aarlka our frand., and aaaare u of tha aaaeSU patseau
rooarra rrvta ibetr asei
CAuroaNiA wrex aobnct,
iJ-M-la No. H 8. lit TH street, aliove Clnenut
Tha Auditor appolaie pjlht Ooart of Otssuaun flea
or met 1131 aua vsiuiily ar niiUkkiliihia la moulis aied
report whetner all tha debte and liahUltlea of 1110 4A4
FLKTI'IIKH aud CALVIN W. HKNNKrr.lateeo-o.it.
Bare, traaui ander Uss arm of KUm'HKat A HHNlilcrr,
in"mj wu nfiiiiK win, mooroea m iffiea n li.
. 11. pairs tut aessjmadantaliANIKLC.WHAKrOaJ
all Uioll aslaie.jolul anu strraral. In irust for taetr eroOI.
lat..aa aulas ail Use separate Uabte of aaM TlluKaa
f L. rcllfJl. isliica a are a alalia apin lias asusta as.laootl
lit tha desil of trust aforesaid, aa welt ae unaar a prevtoue
una, dal.d Ociober I, lh.ni. eaeeuted by sa d TH(tUA4
'l Kit HKR la said llANlrX C. WltAKrOal, nave bea
ruuy paia aua discbarfea, witb a esrw so iba aaiii Uourt
om.ruia and dlreeun tbe aald aaslirnea, DA NIK L 0,
ViHAKlOSiUrreoa.ai in aokl Tllllktail VUT. HUSK
all iba assltrnetl atate ramatalng la hi. ban la nr posses
sion, and all outsiandlng ftitorest tn the same, will e'tsoil
Is the dulleeof bis aimolntnont, oa aUINnAV, A'il,'ii.l
l.lliot.at 11 o clock A M.,al his (Mllca. ISu. HI VVtLMUT
..wheraor au partial (uia
t'Lif l'ON, ,
rested are aeraby aoaav-tli
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NKW Clll'.ur 8TRKKI
JI TtiraTVK.
mt.oiuiiiri r.vp.Nivfi. Jtii.v rt.
Ti-ttl flaae In a I : -.r. in PliiUd-lptca if Ihe granl ra
a ajjtie. Din.lea . t ei ia mar itrnia,
al.AlllllN.ini 1IIK IVilNOKHrt't I. A Mr.
Prr-enlHl, atlei V-rei tn.Ub.' arie prup.u.ia, la a
et- le of .
rrvpun t nvtTr.n MtnMHCMrr
BatilMe with Me, n n tnt Heire-),
ileamlii. ii.tni,
a-ip -th C'Llitml' enrt Prnti.rtlr
Won.lerml I Mti.ni-uiittotia,
l.mnil M irclii'a. AS
Iteairve 1 Peats fot -sle th-ee dayt In advaiKa
Tji lmlA (iko At D TIlOuTK
WI I .iixn tie slo.r Iiuisirs
Oil Mf 'Ml t V KVr,slMV,luly,
Al e-itlnui .eiy ..e in d rln lb- wit-k, olio
duiuujti t M,!)MT,i (solll'S
1 1. Cnlls.1 aisles,
ee bill- of '.r , ey.
liosoi nda i en .ale I Tlc-ian. )t?7 I
os Tua
IIV1R -c fl li T I. k t I.L.
Tlie .teaant I.W.I! L If I rtr.R. now rnnnint fl-wu
PaitniCorIM le f .1 s i ivIiujKI, i.I have f sum out i
as h'll V7. : -
At7-i-nA.af i AH Mr. M.
h il TlO -
In 1 0 I lo
If to r. If. I lits) "
rsiefitat Is rue. unt to Fills of ecliu;lkl I It e.-n'.;
( 1.11111. 1. In It I i,", lIHrni-n', and l.su il Hi. I I lls"! s.
i's j't
atsnami-:-- W .y - H.
)j mtii'irli nil r.invn 'tin
MNJt i I UN CrM'tMn K A. Ilv'h-r. wt I mHt
(Jriii'd rn - mi to C i'f M ai , tm S T I J Kl , Ji't
iri r-n )(r Arrif Mi ft-' wtiurf m ' n'rlnf k ; rftir ilm. w H
Ii ti e niv Mi !) m.i.Ih,, , nl u uirnn. 1 4to lur UU'
J rH'Mir, tljf " Ji.!lnrt. f etrrln u rurr rtiai.
VOll OA.P13 M.VV.
iJUi fi'UUti : II ANI COM VOMOI.8 AffcAjIr'K
Of ir e 't ftmy I, inn, U row nuktn h r f 'cu'tir trtin t
CKVK MAY.lMv'Mj AKCtI S'rfft wf.iirf. ovcy rnpg ir.
MmtaUiny, in-1 H.ini'df nt nine oenc.; roturnlnk! win
It -ft vi ( Maj vn y MouiJftT vJmti)A fcti I -'ni1iv
Al 1 l-I-rlV. tjNt IU.I"-k,t'lllt'l.l"1i (. .itl- li -It
i,d iuTtintT. 1 (.' f-:.0; cn h'rn inr'url d.
CI lilnn i f irrV- ctK' birr ncludo l. Htrvn
H'-"; tir -flstf ctiii. hrrt.iit hi i w len.i
f f ci,. In received r H o clork, a: J m a 1 i a. mint
jv.M.tf .TOSV.ril A . hTLWART. A ,'rnt.
p A 1K U 11 A. IV I IV (t Hi
jami ?. ri luur..
fiAT r iiown;., a m:uTi;iM,
.fn lEetihiveil from
No. OU to No. fi28 C.M-NUC S'rivt,
Ilnvlnc trn ai--tiid
'y H rt- i
ami tl'i ptb lr a I
I Tl
s'o R rt JOItS hUKKK. Jr.
w r h- wl off- rtl'i c Uk'.outfl.
t an i i Vgvit aftio traei t of
Dicoratioie ani Vall Papr a Generally.
Vy Bfvtll. hll 1 ' "U IH1
Itlat tl tC'f, I 1" p t ' t
i Joo t tti m ifing anil imav-
9 ul.141) In ri'trlirj th 1 lllmi. I
itiirnt.na,c oi iltr i . MJc.
liiena a tl m t r aro rt t rlf j y li.vJt.'o t o& imlne
li Is- lii AV rX" AX. Ill I 1,
PcttVa nf the -
t fft-f I Oh'Ml.t i
do rr p h-Di cri) '
dt.c ui t
ca tnlt
w "I ft x Itlll nnd Kivnn-iA Stam3 l.iw,
i il ifMaili nut I. a inin f till
Laim, i.t u.j Mi I.i ralito
f P"-, tv-ft p. r cvit. dl-mutit.
. M ( a.
At it I'rli'cp 1 I " frr th Hi of In'e oul ltorrt't
iim p-. No.. tl 1 I r Kis. tl r Hir.o , an.i N- 1 a Mr 1 II
m i. J nil iu - ipihJii f tna Hluii taUv In p 111 1 ' u
firm. yii-
W It. A II. H 0 A 1) LIN H S 0 U I'll .
Mill .lil'l I'lllA 1(1 IliltlO i.y M,
11. i.i H tin 1 1 mvb iioima.
All. '.'.
Y.v.r IIMum il'KI'.Ts l,il(lOi Klll Ml It KR lltfS.
tin anil a'ler Mii.MlA t , u ,i a I, is.t, trni is wul l a.a
f.ol .f VIsK si.,'i'i. I'lnltt'le'l'liia, eri.r ino'innif . IA.
M . tbiridy. t m-i piee), II e is Ii.vtliet'aiudo i and A:
11 lie and aiar.i .iti und le;aira. u Hay Kdiirnatl t.i ",irt
AI' nm-.tilb, aint i.t ih' Ci.m ini'li -n- a i a ne less, Q, v..
oi t f Aiittiir shes , urn iklyit; le urii'np, i"a-e Av
I'll 1sj Mri'jl VI 1 :il'J tvorda.i (Sundays exueted). at II
jiate ers to t -e r!:r sr New Ti.rs are numsaio'to
ai ll tor pss.at'" by Mils line, the i'a'e uf se.r Je i.
lnii ,1 a trii" d n the ( sniLtm ai d Auili, tn eot ily the
exi les) ve pi l II. ;- ! eair.. nilf pss- lin-rs ami f e a it no
il e Citie oi riiiiaaetpuia a iu ,ies i o a. y ai-u
Tut AsfHr I:ii'AltTHrNT, July ilt, lliit.
r-'ollee is ticreli) gvtu that subscription, willue retired
by tte Treasurei of th.-United Htutes, the several Asslst-
r lit Ilea. ureia, and deiljliated llecosltotles, an t br the
National Hanks t,"sli a'.c and quslllled ai lien-l'.irl a
and Financial Ai i ts, fbr T-easi.ry Notes paj aaia throe
ytar. frora Ahuu' I l i. IKol, bearing luUreai at ther.teaf
aevca ana ihree-lmliia per cent, per annum, wan a nai.
annual coupon, sitnched. payable lnlawi .l miuey.
Ttesennles wlil be c D.eilllil", at tlie option of tha
bolder, et ms'arf'y, In'o six per vent i.old be ir nit bauds,
rid tenable a 'ir five and p.yabe twent yean fraji
ausu.'t IS, S 7
Tr,r uotes will tie iitind In the tleuotnluat'ons of fltly,
oat tittii. r4, flvi bun 'red, na t'. usand. and five tbou- i
nd dolls' s, at il will be Issue I n blank, or payak.a I
order, aa may I e i Irscted tlie subscr bar..
All sub-erli Uei.i n.ukl be for flfiy dollar., or Mffli tnul- '
tipleofartv dvl n.-s !
I tipllcstr reef li.ries will be 'ssuod 'rr all le oslta. The
pally dep.niliii niuKndi a .o the original cerJIcsie ;
the decomltatl' n of nuti. ietu!r.d, an I whe h .-ih yare
take iasu d In ll.ink or parable o un.a . Wbenssen
dnrwsd. II tnu.t he ief: with the fflc recel . Ing tlie de
posit, to br f.nw. r 'isl lo this lMiiarttneut, I
Thenoeswu bt .run.uil.'s i o ths woers.fr of Irani- I
po tal on ei k f . , ii so m after h. oeeipl oftbe engiasl
tertifloa o.ofde; sit a try ci n be pra a ed.
lutetec. wiJ bt all wed to AugU-t ta rnall Je?ll mJe
prior lo Ih .t Us i' na iwil.lii pa dliy kelipoultneutuon
recolpl ot th6 oil, nul cifllflsalii.
Ai the Da ea druw In eristfr tu Aug .1 5, sr. nimik
mg reposl a suhn ent te Ui it date urns', pay he Interest
aceiutd from dale ot note to da a i f deposit.
Faille, dep .1 Ing Iweuty-B 'e thonsard de'la-a aid op.
wards for Ih'.e i,ale. at say o c t-ias will be a kiwL'd a
commKsIrn of o:.c' 'iusrt"r ol one p r cent., whl a w.li be j
paid by this d. p .iuuiut upea the r. r. lpto, a blil for Ihe
atnooiit.cettlbed toby tliaoflleer wl'k wkuni Ihe deposit
waa made. No diriumloiu fur ooatuitssloa. osjst be mala
from the depo. ta.
Officers reeeivinx dupotira will aee that tl proper en
dorsement, are made upon the origin tl certidcatea.
AUoffleara authorized te ret else deposits are requeued
to glre to appllaanta all desired lufbnaatlon, aa atford
facility for making .ubecrlptlona.
Secretary of Iiie 'Yreaaury.
aub.crtptlan. wlil be rtcelrod br the
Orric or Aaatv cutrHiNO akp Vsihipaar,
No tut Urosdway,
Naw Yitaa, Juir tn, M4.
Healed Pmposala wl ba racers ed at tniao'Hce until If
o'eaok,Mon TiltKbliaY.taa Ink of aaaust oeit, f or
the delivery , by luatraol, al tne iiepua of Araij Uulhliuj
ano ttuli.aeli'Ne JorkCJ y:
Arnij HLanS'ts,of domestte Bianufaetar. wool, g9,
(Kh lettar.sJ. .ln blaes, 4 Inohee loan, U the ee.ur.),
re be 7 reel aia, aud feel Inenaa wide, la weigh i
paunil. escb.
Inddi.-e will .lata leeiomber they wl-k to fural.h; bow
many luey can delnser per week ; when they can sow
ni. ..e, and l ihy can dm. a their tWirvariaa.
yropoesle mast oe aoeonpansed by a proper gnarantae,
.citing lorib that If the conuraot la awarded to the party
named theivln. he will at once eseea a the contract, aa
atea bonds lor I a faithful Beenraianee of th. sama
Tha I ni'ad mate, reaarraa tna ngbt ta reseat all M
deemed i b eetf-inable.
pr..posaUi should b endorsed "Propoea'j for fttrolahla,
Blaukeu,'' and ad'be.seo to WMW
. U.UBaal-"oloBel ! ";JIrfoJ"'. i
tf H Isep y ig.at'Oaa.,0..A, I
St A M K K I Kireet.
un I tola Kn oll I
Al S a e ort . VI. eel ane.ms H H . I lorn lllrarlei. Asa,
-tMiefni, aiut irccis il li-hi rsi-li-.
.i JIKill UII. ai'lllllKS
Also la lot, tn nit lo da ers. Iksi Mereiiry Slo-uss
aird popular Novt le.
A rcTiois bAti: Of coNDiiMNKt
1 Horses.
a Ah Ui I'Ai.-IMnr.,
t ,i i,i l:t i '."i.
Orrr-i 'o Con t V ' u ' "Trs
11 a.i.is. t. s Ii. t . .lu'v 1. 1
Will h. s-li' a. piihl'c ,i .e i. o. tn Un M.his' b itoei si.
tlie I r..es snd p.a. s nt.-'rt lemw :-
I H'a; n i s Tin i: -i v. ii.iv tt.isei
A I I II -N s I i.., I 111 II !, Auuiisl I. .H it.
VI'IHM-H 1 1, l-s , I IM II I'll', In u I I1. I1
1 fl lit MUtKII ( '! I AV LK HOII.sKS aleaOt
f et
Tii.M lir-.p. rtr, tern conil"tnni as entit tor the
Ca.sn siTSt, e ' . tl.i lirn-.
I 1. ' .n i rt.. p rtosi s resn c ' re cli try a
IOT..S ."'r. si- My
Turn's i . in Crolrd R'a-M I lire-rrj.
.iil'ii ' . I Kt'l,
l.n ntenart.i olom I and i s.ieri i,!-,.trroi ia et
JV-'tt Cs It 'I l es
1 ' Jim t :9. H I.
ft. 1 I , .Mui.-t a1. Mnia t I c ' nl 7 W V. M,
A. W.U.tl K1,
jj't it u.nn air.
ivr to v()UM'i'Kii-p -i n;u.Nrr.
i) t lCt- . ! Ih.NrV Of, 1 1 i I Kl-.H " '..Ul-
71 TK OVAin TIT, Mi WAi.srr .M'll Kr.jHi
'Ft H(.
Alt i f rth )' i a-iiiiv I f,ti ' i1r, Vi lli r 'U'i t
1r,i(f hi i-k. upi, mil nl I hrp f'fimilvf Uf f
T ' a nfii "l tn ih" (.O i 'ti i .t tti.Hi.vtit IIILM4
IIIMM HK I I, cs f -i ro l " hi n . d.
It hi-Mt, ifil- iiithM i'p I IV Hi n- ft'.- ! m(
il i ir il vt- tit ("ii H ii i) ni , i j n .ti.; i
K.J IV p.1d'N HIM V l -oi,t. t if
tlil i-fn l...i'. ' Nm 'I th re cm'. In all. .il II J -IH
I HAMi I tK'IV t't'li Ml .
'I In i nu n', nl ll f ' i.mn.'tt. n'( mMtf Innsi'i, on th
(!' f tiill-tr'', rti". I'-..Imm.' N tn rtltl l-M t.nntfi Mi.n t
H il f I li t ti e 'iiiii-n ni tlio ( I y llirif la im C'i ne ftir tX V-in'n-
fn i Ih-iiI -in. o
M' tt " ntTttt' tf tl f nimf't- ,M1 " V. M.
mill 2. V. M. J.I KOitiMiA'-TK,
y.1t tt Treat-n-i-fa
OiVr i it f. Ho- y tuitti-r tt'i'tiiu I'otutnl
1S. 1"? WaLMIi Stl ,.1'Hv 'I. lil -
(.. n It-u - 'ft H iu- l.i.tr -li at I iltfi ffhn tlrn'ra
Mil In " Mi-lf ;ni opat Utiiii are iitrue4
Hint tl'jo " on nil t e ' I fiittrtir.ir tit m m turn it
ric.i(.t ofo K. int I i:ri imii.i, m. ht'h i M
il ' itcuil iij Hddl'luit iu tho i:iiv and Ouvtruiojiii u m-
A tho Wur ltiait ut nt i 'id-d to ra
pay ti
"tt; ' r tf-r j . 11 r- t"f U lid "I ii .ti ,t y f ,.
liii 11 d tl" I .f il 1: us 1." i.- In uli MIX IIU.t'DHKJ
A M r ih l IxH I.AIt-4.
1 1n- I'M 1 1 1' 'lie t Ii tii i'Xo wll thn I riifitili'd. at a
inMi. inM- rx ndi'iiif, to hnvti thMii-etv. s i(i,rs.nlMi 1
tl - riKit' m il'i- tnt 01 . and tu aid tti- i.ovrniaeni ta tW
tiifit 11 c;i'i 11. mn' r
iiV-'li J. 0. IIOSHH IAU' KS, Trai.i f jr.
r TO TIIK 1'HYSirlAN.S OF rilTI.A.-
dill. ina i.i iiileujt'O'it .b Sar'il.v :-ilsvli4ii ena-
elf etui an nl- '.rtlii" ( he irs' S'.d "lilt "n" er r bruo. .r
lii'sne il.e auil!'l t.t. .11--. i.sii 1 'ha. uiav be used wlia nets
f. in soli-t) - a leer I, emu ul a ees i 'lie tii-a nisei at
llesli e-s, ihri at In-eaMi , nsid I" a. a Teoi .mis "f the air
tis-su.te; i,itl as ii i. ivi.'l known lo yivi una tr.e p'loial
tl.si 1 l'e ir te-rs nail the isruel ran loe if aar S'.r
lt i.n in ih I i -I. il isBMt.u. hi Hie it stiu 'lit nl tioe aia a
tie si il. ' n i.in..ll , I l-sve nitil sunn tsnt n,HKirt.inl'e
c.i lesilri Ii i ll i ai .t il ray a p-ia ns, 1. 1 etei-ire. for l'-e
sileit h. .ioj. ..j.' "I in n.e.'l 0 ne . n.vne you tn asp
i ll i r. in i si i' a rs".nl e.a inn 'li. n of IIS wni.dv el
I" oi i r ii in " nil ..siibi il i" lie oiire ol tieae tiistia'e. an
further.!'' o ol nieiii' .il e em e.
'. A. VON MJ.H'lllsKPR, M. I).
tienli-l ami Aur et.
iy:lt Ko. 10.7 WAi.lsUr fieaeU .
rr- omen oitizrn voi.u.NfbKa
iimiti i k outi vtri U.K. No i.v vi,!iur
i el,.liil 1' K 4 I Is tl.in.il tie.' ha. KK -I Ifsll to
n ..' ' Ai.Ml' Mtrnt,ii' s al-s, wlie ell wil ronrnre
mi ;." i I. lis II "In l'I 1 IS i'i .iiiiii. In si-lure H..IISHIII a
ei r I le. ii'siivi-n A i.)neut m' al Ills bo m ile at
lk e ".ii e I ni i In ntioli uti'l a tH'Sr. r m ills nei to ss sir'
In-'In ft- Ho my it'itisil'U e. Iiirmshe'l In tbe order
nt si.f'M-et I'll.
V,li"aii' .ni al-rns de..rln to anllst a. sibs'lntef
en ei.l tn I'..-Cinih.rt' a. r. hn l'I hae ISem .a.i.le.e
inos'r.iee v, n, u 'h. cm sritr' tin -t o.vn ri-uiw u s.
I'.e a. Il.e Uiuulv pmu li Hi. ' lnvi-eniinin', t'-ey w Q
i... i ve fioni ii ei'i.i..iiii in i v in; sun k. t nii Kirrr
In I I. A 1:e is l ash, i.nilst i, Dni.li-f.s' ho t .leilno '..a
mi .. uittilrsioii nr b-nkeruire Su etiarje ,-f aav kind if
ms'tf .
V.ie.s's n eesP'CtUr e ant'"l In the "errloe, and oat
1 1 tie re-1 nlist on ihe tuust il a -1 u,e 'tis e nidi lous.
Oil is- d;iui. Irnni h t M. ' ' M
H.s Nil'... sTK NM-.rz.lndinjaa.
,1 I LaKis II HK,
JtniM ii'i ei'-n ',
I'l.S SK.V e H I'KNIttlSR,
J. il. HniK.Nii u rs.N, iressarer.
JlCtr Hr.NKI C. I.HA. S.oreiary.
la.,,... ft . ania.a.r..u.(.i ,. Ktp 4. f.a. fl
ah tlMaitt ai jruniiitif ti. ii ah tv"iiiiii a uimiajr 'U m
tl.at ..ami aS a. ft Tftal I ilklkll t si lot Iri.ttll ill ! rtllt "
Mttiiovts 'ti Hif:i ami en Difi citn at ht oao,
No Ml liN Hiraft AxniioKi Ke tniPited witftmi uaa.
No eliAtK mud- lor exam mtiitn (MTtctt fir trrmi ta
11 A... 7 P. H So. 611 I'.NK "trswo. el
H f-ailiit t'lMf,. ta rar.rd aiel es .'fins life
III lain! i. tuna buuuieo aoie ti'i'.leo men to
ls (t'tiis o' s s'lHIier at nur Nsv Va d
by sea and
pi-riuios tte
isr Va d ted 4b'.ara
Umuu Mates si Ip..-..!. war on fo elan slailnn.
Beitet e, U'l'su-aii'in ben the army, a sblp-of-wo .
a uon.'orran a si ne the Meifue Oors ia the best
eio'us.': f.rrp lo 'be s.tr.tee. t'eise Vonev ta anua
Iai e.-.
IBs Kst'aL notlsITll!l rll lO aBtlftUITn.
I'o. al i-Uir in'o tnstliii' si'- It flatly at tho tMnrureni
iteruVrv'Bs. No 111 H ikiisI K riu oeleiw Hpruo. ta
tween tbe hears of nine and tbree oVI s-s .
JsMKS ir.wm
Capialr and Kiv-rnitiueiittissr
nrft-rt No.xil f. riiOtfT itrsst.
OBl:rs arsl .oldicr. rtsltirg tha oityoa furloogh., neadia
r-IWOlt t) H,
aND onti-a
aaa INvrrsa to ths kxtkhhiv
cj;oij i: w. -i i .-! ii no.
HASSOsi Hureot, asore Mixta.
Mads ta ordur ai tne snorievA aMtiea, woiok for rcnaoee an
niaoitifloeni clia'leuxe onin,ietiti 'D, an other b in tn ta
eounitr onmolaibf tne M mirtTliKlttl IBWSi
wnu tiik i ai'T.rAi. wiinr Maaaa. 'aa
1ILI.AGK UttliEN SEMIN AllY. Mil. I-
mry "'lain inu v "l lawji'ii- t"-' trvtm I -i" x
Tt i". iiMKh ra' i noroi-K') O 'U -eiii Mat iuaic, l.i-
l'iliB "inaicj, Ae I'upi ' a imtiir
rar irnl Imm.ii a Hunrtyt'. and tMv I K iainMr
urn- it
oallver tn atd fr Cv kh,
RF.T, si. liHI. P.1 r 1 11 ,
J)6-lot Vlittxti ruetu l -Uwar Co., fa.
t. m u n k i , iu i
fJ aOai.rd u tu iMnmoMda,
r f alp, ft Mil'ij, A .At
Watcbet, Jvfttff
fmar lUMiJ ai.J hahkil, Htrtuta,
H -luw ItOmiMU-d.
run sai.s at
parellaner to ollr IM.1..W the rust erlei' uf a su lariat
ankle. MA vl'KL w. HS.KA, HHilAll Htris-i, aoara ItMia,
eas side sells ihe tei-ul". l.A'll K VKIN. best n4
pun s aimed Csg and Su.rs .i.e.. tilt Lara Mat. A14
I per tun.
I liPKDini'r. .ii.ua BI..V wivii pui.,.iMi, at vol., p.o
Vtl'HS tn anntl or aftrsuoe. tal4.r
vt as.. anil les is ib. m.i.i p-riH.1 pees sti..a a
tie sirs, for beaui t nit emt'ii si an. I pr.erV'n t'-o
rowinesioa i li-msrte fr-as p-ire V ite .1 ax, nai.e as
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