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THE &ATLT eveKTKo TKLKmTArn.rmiiAPEt.rniA, monday, ait,ust i, lsnt.
Jtcril r-- rj irrtniu rv-rar.A.
Bai.timokb, July
W we rather qui t hero to-day, with ft""
ieif1r.g minor than was anilr-ipaied. " "
lalevjrely hot that the isolated W f -Pln
.ool-orof endeavoring W Jo ao-a'orl,s our
trfcole auction. The therm -meter I. now up
To 94 degree., an h..w mm" more elevated It
Hill become cfre night se I " dimwit to
aivlne. We are lo realty P"1"? l,,r'l'?'
-flry ordeal." Tb elem''nt,, en to 8
atoelting wlrh fervent heat. Scarcely a "breeze
to break the blue cry s'al of too seas, or sweep
cue blottoni from the trees."
Then have been rumors upon rum 'ra, bit
-.ban fnlrlv lofted tlirv dwindle down Into
r cr diminutive proportions. Any nuni'wr of
Kebt-ls front flttren to sixty thousand nave neon
n ioiie(l an In readiness to invaiie M iryiand and
. Psnnsv Ivania, especially the latter. It is also
.Id lenrr.il Le ii in nomraand of th'-m ; that
the aia rm-aul at dlff rent points In Virginia
ot tar fr m the P tutuac, ready to s'rike us soon
a their cavalry raids have demonstrated su.u
riinhv ntMin nnr hirdera.
Tl.es.i t n.nns.ra ions were to rnnlst of thoe
altca.ly mane In Wran-rn Maryland, and ia the
r'.in.rwrlnrl valle v of lYnn-v, Iv.illW. My Ota
raodld opinion, however, In, tha' there h ive bean,
inn far, e.muara. Ively fi-w armed Ko'teis this
elite the Potomac, and tlmse .-hletly, if not en
llnlv. oivalrv. It was. I have no doubt, and
trill Is, the Intention of the enemy to make
nnther deninoptration upon Wahmtflon. luis
At.m-m r.14wt il.e .fin 1.1 lietter do br Retting a
atrong liold in Pennsylvania, and then in Mary-
lana, in lis rear, iuubbcv iuj wi "" i
fnr Imlnred them to believe tuev eonld accom
llsh mueh more on another trial, f irg'ittlng
hnwevrr thiit vttinroti appliance wnnlil bo
mud. as liavf la en io movt them on the very
tlwfsbnld. From what 1 know, a fordi d will
tome will now be given to any force thoy cau
brit ft Into our Suite, or against Hie nation il
ep taJl Traitors' gravel aro yawning to revolve
I learn that the cavalry force nnder Moseby
which vmtured int'i Washington county, near
Knonaboro. was tin'erosy dnven ott liy our
troou and made to reinsM the PoUmw lo n
tiertd. d bu ry, leaving tome of their companions
Miinu bli.ru thi-iiu-t. w tinve amp.e ueaui
n that teuton lo make a I aafe.
Hhi'old It come .iililn tbe range of pnnl'dll'y
JOMbise trainis to appear in due course ot time
.before Philadelphia and New York, the Inlialt-
arjt of tie ie miglny roam may then come to
s tealii Oft tense ol there being something else to
. 4o and thii.k aiK.ut than money niakiiiK br
camblit c in work" and Bold. Ttiey may also
Warn the Imnortant fact that fnmiituom living.
, rolling In luxuries, aweepiiiK ;iaciuents witn
l.kaai d rutins, or oweii.NK in grana aauious
etiveifd with gi niH, na-king luxuriantly at sum
wier lew rt-. mav have 'O ee'iso.
Lounireii und Idlers in Nor hern cities non
VTwluo-m. who have neith. r aeen nor tasted of
the t alliiei of war may then In self-defense ba
b i"d. In order to proerve the value of the
wtalto I bey have aeeumula e.l, to come forth a
oiheri haye clone, and ai I in erushlni? out this lto
belllon, or in the end it wi I crush and impoverish.
ttwm. There are aerious tacts, and sootier or
later may come home to every muu s door. I
will have others to extend the Comment-. At
the aame time appeal 10 your people to take wht
I bave takl lino . ar.ful con.-lu.-r.itiou. f nere is
Bo nrDM tor Inattention or idleness.
Quito- a nrnila-rof our urominent cltirens are
( Kedford; auiont whom is the family of the
Sou. Reverdy Johnson, tor all of whom some
atii.rtti.fini.ioii is felt. The Rebels, in their pre-
nt raids, pav no n spect to persons. Tney rob
inoikurimii.ately. v. hi. h is looked upon by their
tympntbixers a particularly unkind.
The Northern Ci ntral K iilroad runs reRitlarly.
The. B-.ltiim re and Oh o trains go no fanner than
Hiir)sr' Feiry end Frederick. Tno teleifrapU
lias also tea fd working btyond Frederick.
1 he great local frature of to-day In our city
was the ropvecration, at the C uhedral, t the
Right Kev. M.tron John Spalding, 1).D., of tbn
DMieef-e of fit. Louis to the Areiiiisb opric of
Jialnniore, In p aoe of Archnishop Kenrick, de
ceased. The Cathedral was densely cow.le.l,
lid the ceremonies highly imposing. Nothing
tt uld surpass the graudenr of the muiic. Hun
dreds wete unable to gf seats, or even aduiis
tfciD Into the Cathedral. Ili-bop S)iald-mr U a
in Mi ol great ability as a divine, and, like his pre
ieenor, a strong friend aud lupporter of the
Rkotrta of IHi Keitrl Wtt.iernt Walker.
Mojo ;Gencral Wm. II. T. Walker was for
urly an officer in the Unl'e 1 Sia'es Army, and
was abont Bfiy years of ago. He was born la
Georgia, entered ihe West Point Military Aca
demy In 1833, and graduated in 1W, standing
nearly at the bottom of bis class. lid entered the
United Bute Army as a brevet seon4 llou
kui)tcflu,'ntry, on July lf 1837, and was at-
tacbed to the 6t!i Regimeut.
At the end of ihe mouth he received his fall
rank of eMnd ileuWiiaut. tie then wont to
Fl. rida, ai.d In the uutiio of Okoectionoe, on lie
m er'J5, 1837, was wounded severely iu three
? luces. For his gallantry aud good conduct in
hat baitle be wa breveted tirst It. u'enant from
that date, receiving hi-, lull rank on Fn iruary 1,
UiH. He resigned the service ou Cle ober 31,
liwl but after an absence of two years wn in
duced to rt-enter tho aei vice, lie wai trie e.f re
mpuoiutea hot liruieuanlot ihe 6th l.ifajiry on
NcvtmbtT 1H, 110, his lauk to Ouio flout Feo
rurry 1, 1S3H.
By this plan he was en ibled to gain tho pro
tnotlon to a captain on November 7, 1H1A, i ml end
f at a later pi i iod. he erv-1 In Moxi-'U, and
was brcieteJ major on August M. IU 17, for gil
iaiitand iii.riioiiou-1 cuauct a'. Comreroa .tud
Chri uliu-co. He wn aev rdy wounded in the
hat le ol Moliuo del Key, during the storming of
the aoras on S. pt. inner tt, ll7, uud wisore
vettd lieutenant-colonel tVoui that due. Daring
Julv. lb.,4. he was aoimiii eo coiniu indaut of
ci;tis at Wi si Point, ai.d on tho lid of Mirch,
1S.S6. was uroiiioUd to the rank Of m v r ot tue.
101 ta Ii.fan rv.
On thi 'MiU of D ecntber. lSi'iO, he resigned from
the U Ii Hi 0 huiUS sirviceauJ io urued o (ieorgi.t,
wbm, alttiunt-h ihe first to leave the Uuited
ht .it-.s si rviee for ihe i au e of the Uo'ieN, he was
SlUowed to reman. After bein ueg eciud for
tome tiini , I e as i ppoiuted a origadicr-gene-ral
of the Rebel Provisional Army, a id durum
Jane, UU3, was p oiuo ed toinajor-gekerul. 11.'
roiiiniaiK eo divinoil of Iliroee's Corps, anil
wasrhot tlirouih the loo' in 'lie cna-inem
n.nr U.ilnf, Go Tgia, June, IWi. Ac: Tduu to
lie I'bove r.'pon i ani.ears rn it he fell before
Atlanta on Friday, Jul) 22, lSo4.
Some prisons, says IIuU'm Journal of llv.iUh
"loos ai d tumble" La'f the night, and get up In
the nroiniug weary, nniefnuhed, and dispirited
wholly unlit, fit her In body or mind, for the
uttts of the day ; they are no' ouly iuc ip icit.it-.d
fur business, bm are often isindered so ungracious
ia their manmrs, so iirhab e aud fretful, as to
trnrtad a kI.miiii 0er Iho wholo household. T
te uhle to go to be.i, eud be in n sound,
delicious slep, an uneoiiociuus delici iusuess
4n rivo minutes. I.ut cDiove.l in i's reuieui
brunee, is a gri-ut happines-, an lue.'l ulalilo
bieisiug, and one for which the most slncero
ud aUecriouaus thanks should habitually
t o up to that beneficent Providence which vouch
salts the same through the insttuiuvniulities of i
wise and self-denying attention to tue laws of
our being. Reaih-ss nights as to persons in ap
parent good health, arise chiefly fi jin, first, an
overloaded stomach ; second, from worldly cores
third, liom want of muscular activity projior
tioned to the needs of the system. Few will have
rei-tlest Bights who take diuner at m dday, and
nothing attet ihat except a piece of cold bread
nd butter, ana a cop or tw ot some hot drink
anything beyond that, as cake, pie, chipp id beef,
aloi'shnuta. preserves aud the like, ouly tempi
aature loat when there is really uo cause for it.
tiius eugeudertug dyspepsia and all its train of
Worldly care. For those who cannot sleep
from the unsatisfactory cvuuitiou or their all.ilrs
who Teel as if they were going bhindii.ind, or
tliat they are about to encounter great losses,
fhsthttf Csom thtir own remissness, the neriidv
ot iftionils, or unavoidable clrcuaistances, we
siavc a oti-y nuj sincere sympathy, lo such we
ay, livo hup, tuiiy far better du'ys ahead, and
" i aitigeutly, ptirsistentty, anu
with a braise heart to that end. 'But the more
eoiniun cauwe or restleu nights Is, that exercise
feie not baeo taken to umk.ii tix ! dy tired
ajtMMJgh to demand sleep, i aw v. ui t0 ,leep
ssourioly if tlsu whole of dajiiiht, or as much
theieol at will produce moiiurate lilRB(i apeut
in UeJfcdy work in the open air, or ou hunvtiack
sr on lo..t. Many Smil ad iheir aleep by su,iptl
trig to force ou nature more til an she rutr..
Jrsr poisons will tail to skx-p soundly, UiLe
ithcy Jo sleep. If tl.ey avoid slcimig iu the dy
Sime, will go to bed at a regular hour and lioroi
.aliy resolvi: to ,yet up tlie momtfut they wake,
U.it.erlt is ut two, four, or ix o'liouk in th
ruing. In leMthsn a week.eueii one will lin.i
lifvt inotU sleep his s.i'.t-iu ieiulivs; lucjeaJkjr
jiiit Jt lhat abtl UO liiufe.
von, HT.rr t -' -
What can a woman do in wnr t"
You a--k in (ones of sd irn t
Utj To'ee has swayed IU crimson lidf
Since Arst Ihe world was horn.
Jf one lair Helen made a war,
Wha' my a thousand do ?
To lnv.il purposes and aims
Uod, keep our women true !
When, In the battle's deinlliet shock,
tlnr eoiii tr V v;m oinsheil Iim'S
Rii liil hum ai d bin ding 'i eaih the weight
Of ov-rwlicln.ing b'ows,
1 ha tier? word of S nnhc rn d im-'S,
From lips no proud to sue,
Nerved up their faltering arms afresh
Uod, step our women tiuo!
To lhat high pnri oe of the soul
That wie'ilio Judi'h's lila'ie.,
That fiieil the heart of Jon of Arc
Ol Kargo.sSH m.'iu,
Th.it U'Oio Ihe di,.!(,. of TopUv
And bore Moll Pit. her through
Our iar t. si helds l.ao led In blood;
Uod, keep our women true I
Their heroism still snrv'vrs,
Though no enratignni' a hand
Flings out the banner, waves the torch,
Or bears the deadly brand ;
It ilwelis In ;ciit:e-.t breams, and shines
Through e es ot temlere.t oluo.
1 hat h ,k ihoe sad lint tlrui farewells
Uod, keep our women true I
Its enrnest trust lias beautified
The darkest of our (I iys;
It speaks its fcoro of c.ward hearts,
It souuns the brro's praise;
It twines aioiino ourtat cred tlag
Tie (ioO-io-e laith thai grew
I)e.ie the Sai i.mr's cross un 1 torn')
Uod, keep our women true I
The spirit of their deathless dee. It
Is I reiithing ru.in I us now ;
It biiinls the soldier's monument,
It loves ttie wounded brow ;
It casts lt jewels In the pla:e,
Ai.d semis its lovid anew
Fiotn heartlis a'reaoy desolve
Uod, keep our women true I
Oh, wenry, ac hing hearts behind!
Oh, lone and suffering ones,
Who brcavbe the prayer and waft the nigh
For husbands, lovers, sons;
Thoiirh bp ni'ty quiver, hands he cla-ped,
And te.rs the lid nedew.
Choke down the coward summons home
Uod, keep our women true !
On the even ng of Friday, M ly fl. the letfnro
theatre of the Uoyai lusiiimion was the scene of
a most striking siU iiiemoralilo incident Ine
lecturer if the eveulng Wits Professor Rosea)
his mliieet, "The New M ;tnl Indiinn, uud re
cent fcicsiclie in Niieetral Analysis." After
rehiting the very few nutnculars at present as
cirtninid nspeciing the ve.y rare metal the
latest Oitcinerni anu as yet least known ol all
the ckiin tits which thus formed the p.on.iry
subject ol his discourse, and ttu n exhib.iing its
benuiitiil spee ruin, and also tlio spectra of the
thiec other recently mscovereil ine'al-, ossimn
Tiibidniin, and thallium for our kn iw e igo of
the existet.ee of which we are indebted to spec
tral atn.lj-is, the lecturer directed the aileutioa
i f his siulieoce to the met ii m.ignesiom.of whicU
tome trwunitleeiit speeiinetis vtcro on the tablu
lltlore Intl., one of ihem w, ighiiig not less man
two pounds and u half. 11 way of crowning
Illustration of ti e ri miirkub.c properties of tho
hiaotifnl light iroduc d uy tho comou-tion of
metsllic magi esiuni, l.e wound up a series or
most hulliaiit experiments by taking'iy its means,
wi'hin a couple of hours of mi.inight, in f.tco of
the whole i.uiiicnce, a photographic portrait of
Professor Faiadny. This poi truil was then tlirnwu
on the screen, that all might sec it, uud certainly
no fun-pictuie was ever more perfect.
It was in the very building in which this re
nisrkulne experiment was performed last Friday
evening week that nu.gnes urn was tirst seen by
human eves, little more than an or-hnnry lifetime
go. He who tirst saw it was Mr Faraday 's great
fiedrce-sor, Sir Humphry Davy. Until the year
K07, no one had suspected that either the alka
lies or the ea. thswere other than "simple" or
"eli nienturj" nndeiomposable suoSMtices; but
In tin t year Sir Humphry Davy took the first
step ii to a new woild, teem. ng witli materials for
new ar.s, by the di-corery of the true Constitu
tion ol .-00 a and Hotash.
llnvii g found that those alkalies arc really
oxides of metallic bases, compouuds of oxygeu
with the Bietals sodium and potassium, bo was
led to conceive that the eai lbs, lime, magnesia,
baryta, stroniiu, and alumina, and also silica,
which be closstd with the e.-rths, were pro'uoly
siuiilatly eonsti uted. lie sojo es.anlished that
they are so. Iu the following year, 1(K)8, be suc
ceeded in eliminating from lime, magnesia,
bryta.uiid strontia, their metallic bases, cal iu.it,
inagmsium, b iiium.aniistro.itiuin ; and uUiiongU
lie was ii oi quite so succcs. ful $ regards abimi ia
and silica, he yet demonstrated coneiu-ivcly tast
they also are rx des.
Oi the oxide uliovc enumeratel, f jur namclc,
lime, a uniina, maguesi i, aud i-ilic ma te up as
least four-lilt b- (pionunly tuoie) of tho earth's
crust. Sir Humphry T.ivy regarded thu ha e of
dil'va ft'1 IU' Ullk, uud accoidiiigly named it oil l-
liunii but li'O'Jtrd CPeuileW tWUrW-rr iw re
(emt.limt ca'bon and boron rather timl tlia
.etnls. and ti.erelore prefer to call 1? silic u.
The ba.ses of lime, ulnmiiia, and mignesia, how
(Vit, arc ui'doniitciily nieimlic, and it is to the r
bases, the meta's caicium, aluminium, auu mag
nesium, that we venture to a.iply the de-igua-
turn, "lh Metals ot the future. r.acu ot
theee nieial" exiu in Immensely greater abund
ai.ee than either gold, silver, copper, iron, 'ca l,
tin, or zinc, or Ii died man an ma lamuiuny
knowu metals put together; and as It seems 'o
lie a law ot ihe universe ihut, in proportion to the
ahui, ounce in wuicn things ex it, so nave they
g'c. l uuu linpo. taut usis in every form in which
they a.e ei.panie ot remaining permanently, wu
cannot doubt that tue exiractiou of these me uls,
and their pn parutioii lor pin poses of manufac
ture, are tiestinea jet to necouiu, ana p-'ruaps o'
lore very long, among the most widely practised
oi mttiiliur i ut proce-ses.
The lir.-t of these meta l to be br night intt
ci niui'Tce was uluminiuiu, proved to exist by
Davy in lS'iH, but first actually obtained 'iy
wchli r in nil. Down to inn uiuuuuiuiu uau
been olnuiu. d only in exc elling uiiuuio quan
t.ty, m d on y in ihe form of a "grev powder."
Ihe lint compact piece, weighing more than a
lev, grains, ncr prouueed, was e.Miiuiici mine
Fu neb Depnnin. in of the Hyde Park Intern i
t oual Fxhibitiuu. lly 1H1 Sain'e Claire
Dcvillc h.id shown how it could be proJuced m
..luiost any iiiuuiit.v, and soon the production
of allium. nun. which hud hitherto U eu
eot.tihid to the laboratories of the most exM-rt
of the bioteerhosHi ot ebemisis. la-gan to ake
rank among the ihdustilul arts. Ai the end of
ItvH ihe selling price of iiluiniiiiiim was still ut
tberuU'Ot l.M per pound, but In iniHlts price
was reduced to per pound. Iu 1S(IJ the
n.iiunlaeture of lhi uutal, under Ucville's
l a ci.ts. w:-tinilerbil en Intliiscotni.ry by M n
Lcl', llioiheis, of N. weasile-ou-Tyue, wb now
pioduteitln eoii-ideruMe quantity, and nr at
presint seilii g it at about 3 p.-r pound. As
)C, it has bein applied tJ se eely any but
oii.au'ei'ial i urposes, uud to these chieliv iu lis
t-lloy with copier, known us A I null iiaru
lnoic.'' Of these alloys of aluminum and
coppir tic re are .lnuc in use, containing, re-p -ct-iveiy,
4, 7-5, und lo per cunt, of aiuiuiuiaiu. and
seilinti rt 4s. bo., 9 . tld., mi l lis. Od. jer ponml.
These a lojs are "so like gold as scarce. y to bj
dis invu slhible Iherutrniu, wl'h tlie a t.litioiial
Ml uahle pi" ir of beit'g as hard us iron," un I
ihey are beli.g v. r largely u-ed, insteul of gold
lor waich. chains, watch. eases, pencil-cases, an-l
trn kits gi in lully. and also lor ai t ch s ot oin t
n.ent lor thu table. Aluminium by it-elf lias
as vet been usd only in tlie con-traction of
icaihi malical insirumeiits. and as materiU for
the delicate weights of chemists' bilnnce, and
also for stutuettes and other small works of art
produced by catting. Except lor Its duil color
and inferior lustre which, however, aro proba
bly oue in part to Impurities contained in tlie
ine'al as at present produced, so that we may
exnect that a meuil much richer in coler and
lustre will I e obtained when the metallurgy of
aluminium shall have arilvcd at greater perUc
tion alinniu'uin would be especially suited
for applications of the latter kind, since
"it requires a ninth less inteuse heat
than silver for melting, aud when melted
solidities much more slowly, aud is there lore
particularly well adapted lor costings mat
require to be executed with irreat delicacy.'
Conquering how short s time has elapsed since
the art of eliuiiimiitiir aluminium from iu com
pounds bad lis birth, (lie present selling price of
the metal is inurvellousiy low; oat at me same
time it no doubt greatly restricts the use of the
ruetol. wiiiie i s present price conuuuus, uiuiui
nium will probably be confined to such applies
lions as thoe mentioned above ; but at the re
duced cost which ia sore to be the result of
improved processes of production, the area of its
application will doubtless be very widely ex
tended. Its lightness (iu specific gravity beiug
oaly 2 56, or abont one lourifc of that of silver and
about ooe-tliird of tlie iron); it greater free
dom, as comiared whit commoner ui.tuls, h im
natality to discolor or oxuiizc uy exposure to tue
atsuoslieie: Its souorousuess, "greatly execod-
liHtuiAU til sllvr us regtarus cioariasss; im buu
li.bility to be acte-t utKirt by anr of the eleuients
ot cualniary luoda, auil,t). i.oo-wisonous nature
ot lis auha nenutive iiuulitius einiaeuily tliliuK
i lurintu! material fur vessejs ana iiU-nsils to
be Uteil iur culinary Burpujis 4- anil, fluall, tlis
(rrcat li-uaeli, uj ,u .lleaoiljy of many of iu I
a.luvtuLU tUs vvdiin tianluo ol yiliat J
these sre proffrtles which are certiln to senre
for aluminium, whenever lo. price s-iall pwmli,
appl eatkms qnhe as nnmrmus and as axanslve
a those of any metal at present In ordinary use.
At otkevof tlitwe m'ala,magslani, in base
H th iarh magnesia, la now rsr1n "b'l igbt
from the laboiaiory imo the workshop ,,r the
anltan." Three jears agi, a'l he chemists wh
had eer obtained insgnednni at all had pro'xb'y
pot obtained an ouace iminr 'iTW. nd on'y
on J far ago me el lig price of toe mial
w still m thcrs'cof 1 1 i g'linr s per nouiid,
l'r frssOr Roseis', bmvcvcf t on 1'ihlay week, ex.
liibi'id son poiindaof niagn. slum (of very much
piner quality man Dn ever laen seen wnim mi
n e'ftl wss priH.ueeu on j oyiiie jir iiu i s-ii: (i
he bad himself seen produced the d.iv ii r one
laf re, tlnrii g a halt hours v s.t to the mi ig-iif.-iam
w..iks whicU M'. -i H'll hosri'CTi' y
stabb-tieii at fsn lord ; and one oi inn live car
dinal facts m the hismrv of muiiesiiiiii, wlncu,
tie latter to Impress ihcin on 'lie minds ol tin
KU"i nee, he had eaii e i to no state I on a mfit-i l
plsesrd Drug iomivo me p anorm, is inai Mr.
Soi.stad' is now selling m.tgtic-lum wire at ihr.e
pent e a t t.
Magliesium 1" a ngnrer merui man irn minim,
lis spiclMc yravltv la'ing aiiout 1-71 It Is tnm
n.tl rr n oie tlimi six tunes, wh. reius iliiovid mi .s
onlv (our times. 1 ghie thnn Hvor. lis col ir
and lustre are to thisse of aluminium as lb -n of
ver to those of sine; lndeid.lt either of tho
two ms'ta's niBBiiesinm and eiiv.r lias any
ia; ermll over ihe other a renards tieautv and
richeess ol color and appearance, the advantage
Is .n 1 ably on the side i nuiniiesiuiu. Id ouo
Important rait'cn'ar, nnigm slum has certainly
she advai tag c of silver; while it does not ox di.e
In a tpi'drratrlv cir.y ntii ospheru any mora
rend! y thsn sliver does it is en irely uu itf'i ml
by sulphnreited hydrogen, by wulcU silver is so
speedny larnishcl.
Though magnesium d"e not f xl-"t qultn so
shunusntly, rln.ps, n cither cal.ium or alu
m nium, then; Is very miicii more ol it In tli'i
wot.d than of ury f ihe commonly used me tt's,
pot evi n excelling lion, lloiues enter tig lull
the composition of an liiimo .se nmii'i r an I
vnrht) of hss ai.undiint minerals, It eo.is'ltntes
Ihiiu-en or fouiteiti per cent, of doloinlt.', or
B nriieslum liniestoii", a rock whi'-h Is found in
t mo.-t all srts ol the or Id m cuorui .ns iiinn
liiy . In F nglai d, for x ample, "the magne-i in
lin tstono forma'ion ex'ends from Tvie in ' i h
to Nottingham, a dirtnnee of one hundred und
It.rtj-scven miles," and over at least part of
It. t long line, is fully six hundred feet thi' k.
Mugiusu n limestone c-.nsi-ts partly of t ir
h i.atu of mi'gnesium and partly of carbonate
of calcium; but carbona'e of magnesium ny
itself i xists In Immense masses In soino parts of
the world, as, for msbuico, InUrcecuandin ludia.
In the ocesn, moreover, inugnc-ium csisi- Iu sit , h
(usn it that where snl is o .t lui'd hv en,"ir I -lug
down sea-wati r, the "inother li U..rs" left
after the separation of the not m g'U lie used as
pei Imps tbe most ecoiiom cul me of mi'guesidin.
Mr Sot.siadl bus calci'l.ted that the oc an con
buns one hundred mid sixty tlious.m I cirn ;
miles i f magnesium - a quantity which would
lorm a rubical miunniin ineusiirii.g liiiy-four
miles every way, and would cover the en'ire sur
face of the globe, both a"s aud land, to a thick
ness f more Him eisht feet.
What are the nses of 'ho metal of which the
world thus comnins !! h a inarvedo is store,
and the ohmlnmc nt of which in any quantity
in fm h quantity, tor i xample, as ihut iu which
we obtain iron is now, thanks to the geuim
ol Mr. Sonstndt, simply n imes'lon of wo. king
on a nillci'iitly iarge seder Cousi'lerlug thai,
it is little more than a year since ihe inouil was
(I i si niodiiccd by the ounce, It is nji. won lerlul
thai we isn us yet answer this question o ily
im erfeith thai wito respect to ihe proper. ics
of the ii w n.etal very little Is at present known.
No metal, cxc.pt gold, is bet'er adapted for
put poses of o. Lament; it is believed to bo
spictalh suiicd tor telegraphic purpose; and,
struck by the fait that n is nut lilnu h.avier
than bcait-ol-oek while in cenain conditions as
to purity, Kn., it Is l.eli veil lo be a strong and
tenacious as Bteel, some otic has siigu'es ed lb it,
when it (ball be cheap enough, we shall build
our ships-of-war of it; but tho only applica ion
ot if which has as ye uciually been mului-oue
dependent on the exircme richness in uctin c
rays of Hie light given forth by the llama with
v hi. hit horns in atmospheric uir. The lignt is
ru ber in actinic power than any other ariulcial
light known is so licb, Indeed, in clieoiicul
lavs, ihat tbe sun itself, when unoli cured bv
fi or clonds. ex ei ds omy by thir y-four Limes
the chemiciil power of a inugtiesium flame,
having the same uppar. lit d m met- r as that which
the sun presents. The le-ult is, that by the lignt
iroiiuctil by the cmbiistiou of magnesium wire,
such as is now la lug sol I at three pen a lb t,
we are able to obtain. In unv we nher, uud at any
hour of Ihe day or night, much better pboio-
graphs than can ever lie ob aiotd in this country
1 y sunlight, except on sm h clear and sunny days
s occur in mis ciimute Lut, very ra.eiy iniicca
Mapncsium will thus fender ns hcncUonh iud.)- .
jni.UiDtol Ihe tun for pliotugrupliic purp-ises, ;
and will, more ,ver. enaolo ns to out '.In pli.it'-
praphi j picture- of places such ft! tne luierior of
caves and nanes, the passages in the interior of
Ilie l.Kv ptmn p) run. Ids, and iho like iuw which
ninlitiht never ciders, nor can enter.
But it is not in actinic power alone that tlio
magnesium Itjrtit exetids ull other nrtuie.Ul
lights ytt priHiucid. For die purpose of ai'ti'icinl
illuminui'on (tent rn lly it is without rival. A
very thin mti(tueMum wiie will give oir In burn
ing as in ..cli :igbt ns a very powerful electric
lamp; lint the niau,n. siuin lli.t, unllliO the
tlectnc light, is soil and diffusive, and does not
In the least dii.zle or intin the even. It Is more-
oti r of the ptilCst white, so that all col ira, ev -n i
lo the most de io.ie tints, aro seen in it as or-
lectly as in sunliuhr, while a pingucsium lamp j
has over boih the clccdlc lamp and the,
oruliiury gas liht the adv nttg ihut 1! cm
cerrlid uiiout as nauiiy as n eiinuie. a sun
uieuter advutitage one, tnae -u oi great iiu,io, i- ,
tance which the magnesium light lusnlikeover I
...I L1...I .,tt.....f ..il.l,.m... r ..f 1
HUB PIIU UUI AIIT KI'IU ...till, V..-IU..IU1 Ul V.
caudles, citisists in tbe rircniustnuoe iliat m.ii-ue-nim,
in unilurguiui; Cumiiusii iD, gives olf iu
t'Lkieiious va.orn ol any aliul. lus eni ut r.s
bu. uii ix as ta , c millvs, anil nil do, into a iiieous
vnp. r and cai liomc a id, w.tli a grualor or less
siiiijixtbrc of sulphuretted hydrogen, and oili r
luriiilurc-utstruying plate-a ui-niuK.uuil u .uu- .
ii.juriiig c. ii.poiin.l-, the uulv pr i.iuot of tlie
cuiiibU'tion of inaKnu.-ioiii is a harmless solid, tilt)
omih ot niiiKin-'bitim or iimgui'sia.
All Ibis points to the in iituesiuiu lUlil be ui?
likely to come extensively into uo ucstii use,
nldic Its great Lrll'tuui y wniild setui to readur it
eminrntly adaptvi for uie in liglii-lmuses. In all
proi.aiiilit.v, its price win not nmg ne an 'i-nci.:
tu eulur of these two applications of ii; f.revou
now, vtbile tbe uiaiiulactiire of uiauusium is
not yvl tune tiioniiis old, tne ukui iruni in kui
siuiii Is bui lut e mure co tly, ipn ntitv for i .
tuy, than that from " cnnipusi'u" caudles, s..euis'
that two ai.d u lmlf ounces of in.iiiu'iiiin will
give lurtli, during ciniihustion, us much li,;ut as
iuriiti jMumlt oi the is s: st- a. .uo.
rsucli IS a ri'pio oiilltlle ot wuut. nas as yei iiojn
done towards '.ringing into cointuon use two "f
ihe thiee uiost ahuimaut metals in niiurc
ILetals which will pi 0'itt'ily one dny exceed all
o'. In is iti tlie vnnety aud linpor audi ut tncir
appih atii.ns. Witu cileintii, ttio irlieruf the
tlitee uieiuis in tii!siioii, we aie uiuiust uu n i
i.uaiLtcd iu the metallic foim Cuni ii .cl iih
e.)i;i u aud cai hon, it exists iu nature ee tuiuly
io (ireutcr nusut'ty that m.igncsiiini, and imooa ,
blv iu t'teaur iuniitv than a'umiiii un ; Im.. it
ha-liiir jet l few ' liuiinuuu by muie tU iii a
Itw gtBint'at a time.
The largest pieces of it evr t seen are some
ru'iiitl) Lbiainud by Mr. Suiistit.lt, none of ihoio
wi igliihg mure than twenty gr.ilus, und it h is
prut'ulry Dever been seen pine ut ail. Mil 'b lie
same mibt !' sh d ol b .th barium uud siro itiiuu,
li.rli to meuils, a tnuufch thoj cannot oe cj.ii- (
paled for anuiidiiuio Willi vilher c ikiu'n, ill u mi- .
nium, or mat-'Desinui, yet exi-t in unite as great
iuuu:it) a- siiuie of ttieniet.il- nusr ia coiuin m
un1, and iu qui e iiuiulity eim.igU lo p.'niiltof
iheir Iitlng ol' much lmnortnncc in tiie arts In
Tlie fT.ic' ion of th'se "meta's of the etrths"
ftoiu the compounds of them witli oxygen uu.l
other bodies which exist everywhere In such vst
profusion, is tbe object of a new brunch of the
art of metallurgy, which may lie said to have
hud its origin entirely within the last decade.
and which promises to rapidly attain immense
(if tliA nriiieiiilea nml nrii.'tlaHMU
wbicb dibtiucuish this new branch (wuich has
1. .11 ' 1 1 , 1 1
very Utile iu common with the other branches)
of the metallurgy urt, uud of what Iias yet to he
done In order siill further lo cheapen the me als
to which It Ih applied, we may probably speak in
another article t'vrresjioiideiu t London Meiha
nit s' Magazine.
D. y. Voorbecs has been nominated for Con
gress by the Copperheads of the Seventh district
of Indiana. lie had declined this nomination In
advance some time ago. It Is supposed that
Colonel Harvey D. Scoot will be the Union can
dldats. Dclanto II. Kckley, an avowed seooi
skmlot, was nominated for Circuit Judge on the
tame occasion. Tbe convention, was ItcUl at
Wadhworth's Tower, erected on Talcott
Mountain, about ten miles from liartford, Con
necticut, by Daniel Wadsworth, was destroyed ij
fire on Tuesday night. It was supposed to be the
work of an Lucendlar, It was a liexagoual
shuptd building, pearly eighty feet high, firmly
made, aud stoutly riveted to tha rock apon which
it stood. The view from tbe top was one of un
rivalled magnillcence, aud the place wst a favorite
pot With plc-nie pur ilea and pleasure-seekers. It
cost orifiluuliy ubout uud was luiuredfor
A fliiKly la r-nliliir.
A new book by Rv. l ac Taylor, M. A., baa
lately SppoKd In London, nnder the title,
' Words and Places; or, E yinolnglcal Iiln-fra-tioi.t
of nit'i.y, F.thnohigv, and geography," It
contains a gr.ai deal of rnrlons Information,
licit must have Involved mn. h laiarnd re
senrcli. Thf author gives, among other things,
an illustration of nomenclature as adduced from
"Ti ns there is a meuilo near S amford
Tlrilsehcb slip goes 'hc name of lli'ile
P uis. I r ebb! leuiuiirs ibis name Ins kepi in
its ttnu.ii.us grasp the memory of tho prec.
locallu ot ll.c lamoiis lurltori I C m e.s.i ,n
lih h Ilaialii. son of Uo nv nr. m i It) .j Jlitild
llaiclficn, King of Norway, ' even feet of
l.i.glob fioi.iid or .11 bin b mo o ns h: may
I, e tinier lb n oilier nun.' Aud at tin- o ber
exir intt s- of the kit'e om 'he nam" of too
town oi Ii. ttle.ln Isex. Is theepit.ph which
lino ks ife sH)t wl.eio In lest than a moiitii the
tsi xoii k ng lost hi- kingdom nuil Ins Inc. The
mints it Me-s'n.a In SMI-, of Cirthagen in
Spam, in d Miletus in Iouli, rcpc.it tho im nes of
the mo lnr c lies who sent out the-e colon e ;
and a ti me liko Tripoli reminds us that tncre
weie ibiee 1 1 l s Tie Sldon, and Artda.
which joined in tsUbli hiug 'he new Settlement.
1 he ns ine ot tl.c Philippine. Is an. is lei s nsof tno
n V'i i'1 li'1''1 t'ie galleons steered from
', in across the St Uih.in sea. Ihe n due of
I. out' int. a reminds us that In the days of tin)
Orsi.tl Monat'ine France was the rival of Kng
.aid n ll.e co oil at i n of tin-wrs rn world ;
sno the null es of Virginia (troni the Virgin
Uuu ii), oi tin Ciiiolmas, ud ot lieo'iti , give os
tin ii. bsof ihe Hist f nnda'hm of F. 114 and'
1 ol n. 1 1 11 pire, and of some of the duct sncen
sive shgis in 1 s progress. Tiie w i.d Londoa
deny sp aks to us of the rcsctileinenl of tiie dcsn
1a e cby f Dryly the London U ill is; wuilc
tin lianas King's (: umy and queen's Oounn ,
Phillips own, aud Mur ita ough commemorate
the f ict ihut It w s in tiie days of Kiug Phillip
..Ml Cluei n Mary that the O'Mores w re extermi
loiieii, ai.d the two new counties added l thu
Jd giisli pale."
We mid some further cx rncts
"The i'eep religious f. edi g of 'he earlier voya
gers," he says, "is well illustrated bv the tiaiues
which it ey iiestoweil upon tin ir d scoverie-. Hie
failiest land descried by C'duui'ms wis the
islui.u of Kan Sa.Midor. I'r 111 d y to day tin
held on, in spile of the threats of h s mutinous
erew, who thieatt nid to throw the cray vi.i n
a lido the. sea. With whir vividne s dins tins
name ot Sail Salvador disclose the feoliugs Willi
which, on the sevenlittb n gl.t of the dreary
vojae, the biuve Uetnase caugh' siin
ol wluit seemed 10 lie a light gleaming
on some eistuui shore; how vividly .1 .e
Ihut nmiio etiahiu us to reilizc the cuue when,
on the i.ix' Ouy, with an li'itiiblu but grate
ful pride, he sti Id-t upon that now vorld of
ha h he bud irre.'ined I'r. .111 bis bov hood, and,
1 nving en ce.l the syinhol of the Cl.risn in laith,
lieknilila loteit.hu arose from hi-, kaees and
l.iocui no d in a broken voi e thai Use laud should
"l.ciici loith he. r ihe name of S in Salvador tue
llo Saviour who bud pre-irvid him tlnougli so
maiii p. 1 its I Sve cannot but rcveiuu. u ihuro
miiniic pietv wtil.li checkuis the -torv of thu
violin, i and avarice of lie con.pii ctdors. On
tbe di-coviiy of unknown shores he nr-t thought
of .hose Hi ice soldiers was to chum the lauds as
O' w kin. loins of their L id -ml Ma-b r, a'nl to
inci li rihwitb His syn.hol, the .Sun'a Cru. (tlie
l.olj cioss), aud tho Vera Cruz ( he true cros.),
the lame ot which nooks upon our maps so
n a ot ihe earliest scttluucuis of tho Spaui u'ds
and Portuguese."
"Roger Williams, a noble hearted man, who,
stiaiige 10 suv, hud been cli isen minister at
Salt in ('he 'New JirtiMileiii' of the Puritan Met
Mrs), tluied to ah. 1 m the heresy tint 'the doc
ir.ue ol pt rsecu'iwn fm Cai.se of (.'ousel- n 'c is
most evh.eut y and luhie.niel.ly cmrary to the
Uecirii.rot Jesus Christ.' F'or niainta.uing this
Lett n Cox op n.on, hicti struck at the root
ol Ntw Knglcud po ity, Wi llauiB h id sen
time of exile pronounce J ugamst him. He
wi.Ltlerid forth luto tbe snows of a New
i:nj.li.nd wiipcr. 'For fourteen weeks,' ho
n.ys, 'he of en, in thcsturmv night, b id neither
liie nor food, and bad no Iiohm; nut 11 boll .w
tiee.' Ti ava, showed him the mercv wiiidi
Ida fel.ow Ci riraaos had refn-cd him. A i
li d'au bif save bun shcl'tr einl food ; nut that
I w g v. a 111 in the bir lore-t was soon pr .no np cd
to l e within the jun.-diction of the 1'uri aa
colon , and the apost e of toleration, hunted even
from the wildeine.-s. eimmrked witu live c 1:11-
l anions in a ca.ioe and landed in HUvde l-l in 1.
W uli ilinple iieiy I ca led ilie spot wbero tho
eai ue fin touched land Ly the n uno of IVovi-
U' ni t:va piuce wu.cu situ xciiinius iua ctiuai
ol Khoue Island, the Ktu'e wnijli Williams
feuiiiieu as a shelter for arsons distressed for
"England is pre-etnineu'Jy tbe land of hedges
ami ei el. surs. Ou a visiiio ti.ec..uu..ent inn ist
tht lirst ti.iiig tho tour st nmice- is tho 'ih.-en us
ol the hi ds.eii.Wa ot K' KlanJ. Tho fields, II. iy,
i yen ill- lam. s, are hounded i nlv livainiri v.
Ihe Im i e shoulders of tlie hill offend an eye
f miliar with ihe pictures.. uo w. o.icd -k Imu of
Ki uii h l.iuil.-cai c ihe rcituugu in- st l. s of c i'-
t.vanoii are intoli raole, ai u tne interiuinaire
tiienonun of tbe plains, varied only by tne
utra'iln rows nf formal poplars, which str.-t b
i0, n.Hes and miles by the side of ihe taiuisee, is
ine x press til wearisome to those who have been
g customed to qua nt, Irn guiar cr oits, and uil
ttnlii?!:: bidgtrows, tunica nriia clemaiuaua
hobevsui kle :-
" ' LI'Ue luii i of niiortlvs wo I run wild,'
oversliaoowed here and there by gnarled Oikt
anu gimit elms. And il we c.mp..re local n linos
in Cm.' ai.d wl'h those on tno contiuunt, we sb.ill
lluu that for iiii.retln.il a tuousaud v. urs Ka(lind
has Ihi li disiiiiciiy and pre-etniiieiitly tbe and of
enclosures. Tbe sutuxes wnicn occur must, tru.
uueiiilv in Auir.l'i-Saxou niues den ite uneueli-
urts of some Hi.d,soiiietbiug heilged, wa le i in
iriio'iend Au cxauiin tou of lb si names
shows us ihat tbe- love ot privacy aud the seclu.
m lit ss of character which is so otteu laid to tlie
chume of Knulivhmen pievailed In full f irce
an. inii tin; races which Imposed namvs oil our
Kng lib vil: -ges. The-e uuiversa ly r curreut
t ru!nir.iuiii, i n, bam. worth, fold, garth. p.irK,
buri.li. bury, brougb, borrow, ail ouvey the m
tion ol itii losure or jirotwtiou. The prev ilenco
ot tlusc sutlixes in Lng.ish names u.oies, als ,
bow ii.tei.teiy the nation was imnueil with the
principle f the sacred na uro of pioperty, and ho
engi r nery man was to po-sess some -P'ti wnu n
he unilil cull uis own, and gu .rd Iro u the iu fu
sion ut iveiv o.bir tuun. K veil among tioscpir-
t otis of ihe Tc itoiiic race which n m uu d on the
coi.tiia ut we do not find ib .t tins lde i ot private
right In s been manilVs ed iu hs-al naiu'-s to tbe
ssme x i nt us in hng'a id. 1'be feeling saems,
liii'ied. io buve ta'en more or U ss encbor.!, for
we I ml In the Celtic mines of Kritaia strong
imlicii'ioiis ol Iho same feeling. Troniiily wore
ilii.n nte.li.ilf the Celtic nanus ot Wales aud
iru aud loi.tuin the roots tlun, kit, ia. ly, all of
which oi:na ly denoted an en-'loaiire ol soia-)
Utiil. The Tiuti'Uic sutlixes which do not
detolC elic'osuns, such us gait, d trf, utadt, and
l srrin. a.l o ituiiierous in Uermany, arc not reur i-
' ducid m Ki.itland to ansthiug iiao the sarna
vtn.i a- on tho coi tineiit. It would seam, theie-
f.ne, H. a: the li ve of enclosures is due, more or
hss, to the IV ts, who were gradually ausoibed
i.n.oi a lac Mtxon coiodisis,
luilnrntlou atf Irou.
Tho !ron w.rk of Hie new brldgw at B'acVfriars
U io U ii.'luiuunl.y a pioces- patou'eu oy -uord-.v
l-o . and is aiike iui .o luut from ilu
gieai c. si wbn.u will be incurred, and the testing
of a raiiier absliuse ibeiui.al f umuU for the
ptrvoivaiii.n of iron from oxidation aad decay,
H ha t.r.j..a ia na fnllilWH
Tim iron is to be thoroughly cleaned, and
heated to the reuulsite temperature lu a turuacu
niun.,ii i,w ilm inventors. When this tcmnora-
ture is atlaiued, it is to bo pluuged iuto a bath of
.it. f,ti..h and eh.oridtt of liutassiutu. iti
I ... .1.... .. I... .I.a ,.... la u-.tl,-
' U molten SlUte, ao mm siau . mom u "
.in.ui. it mav eaj.il v Dart with the surplus of tho
alorekaid chemic.ils, which should run oil' like oil.
Thu iron is men to uu uippc.i inu oooins
waur, conUiuing a certain proportion of cyanide
of potassium ; from thence it is removed to a liatU
f.,r u io... 1 asaablni!. uud sot up ou end to dry.
All the processes are to be carried on under
,i.r .ml ht fore exposure to the atmosphere
tbe iron Is to be coated with an aspbaltuiu paint
twice at given intervals; and agalu it is o re
ceive two coats after lixiug. Of course, all the
iunliiir. rlrililnir. and fittinit Is to be
done preparatory to tbe iuduriiig. The time tbo
iron is to remain iu the bath will vary from, one
to five minutes, according to the woight of the
metal to be operated upon,
i'i.- .lMituta character of the process to which
the cimtractor is rigidly bound, will account lor
Ihe large sum to be exttended in carrying out
this part of the work; 111 per ton is allowed to
ihe contractor for the induration and paititing.
Misns.Morewood will receive Irom tlio cou
i...,in,i;.. nr ton as their royalty, wbtca It is
estimated will he 1000. Thus 1 16,000 is to be
spent id tliis effort to prevent oxidation, no
a renter proof ol which, in its damaging resahs,
cau beoileied than tho case of the cleaniagof the
oxide (i rrus.) Horn Ihe Metiai llrhige, from
which has lately heen removed above lorty ton
(II OMde OI iron. lAllunm .umw..'i ...y..
The fountulns In Boaf n havoccased playiug,
and consumers are etitrtiited to' tt C tbe to.lii-
tuu'e rnmiuly.
No. no r.',a-Vft f'M-'-i
IjrTwrjuH FKOUT AKD 8K.f'0!r BTRtKTB.
C, w wmelii. t. U. sini)il.t
D11U0018T S" P H V 8 I C i A Js M,
Olr fr'lstrtii' i.ttl,sl.nisnl stuli s-irtoisnta 'mp..rwl
sna Iviirjestlr fuus, l-opn Hr ra'sni Mf.ilhKw, esin's.
Cesi oil. Wincow ills. I're e-ir.''n VI. Ac l st io
prices as gvniur..' fli-t rUs. v oils ran b sIS
rrsts; r.""r.!T!At ibH
Fort enfemknars in mil vsmiv ami ol uis hsst nasll'y
llOCI.Uiral, lift V4 Ind'K", tl'T, I'ol sh, Oil Psr,
Moss Asr., Alt oi.OI' f VI rp-l, r.inp.i. iVOir-, Ks'rscl
it IxiviskkI, Ac, f'Oll DtilB use, alST' on hand, At
Inwsnt r,t eAsh I'tiCiS
nitK spicsa run famm.v iisb,
tlri.lirid est.rs-IJ fer eur ssl-s. nnd to wmfth r. o invpf hi
Atlsnllnn of tVos. in wsie "f rsl'Sles sr'lelAs
Alu, IXlllllt), UTARCH. ilVHTAHU. it-, Srtrs
CMm by trail, nr city d.si. will mist wlta prampt st
ti.t,r.?,. or sp.slsl qaotaiions will l furaistied wtiso rs
ijii'.sn e.
WltlUlM Ml I ill, I, I..
Wtieie ala broij Wdrtiiiuss.
jll-lj Jio. llll MAflkKT Hlra.;l. A ww rionl.
r i h t 11 i v
Iletl Jtnu".
Ants, A: c ' . , tec.
In put U( Ut l.trf K.t hti n
all rtnriy u r iim, iili"tii mivl ff tvl fl .m her arttcnu.
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ana t'scto'y, erner 01
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tff 'liiiers is-uuiti'iy s'unnsa 10. jat-o
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M. iincuth. uu t b h t 111 ii'"lt i a iu Jt utr U '.m,
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TriiM"r N tlie city or sow y..tr Hrc n-mnt-n no-io
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Tiuioi'Ti is two ooi its::'
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On siil ulier miiNIjAY, 'cny 4. trains luave Vinontreot
Kiry as feia.ws :
sihii, i-m a si.
Fie.yl.t, ih iitssemer Ciir stlaetn'd . l)"15 A. M.
KspresD (.froeRli le. V bonis 1 ' I'. M.
AllsieSc sec. u ni slntn.n.4 Ifl f. M
JuiKtlel' Aeeelillll sl-lll n,.'IP l.
Ittrt KMMI I f AVtM Atl.AHTIU,
Aema nns AMi.n r AUsntlc) ts A. M.
f irs, 7ns A M.
FrrliM ll"e A M.
n.n,4sr M.
Jtiiictii a Sec.ninn'flatlon. 6W A. If.
Kir, ... silnn 1. . Mii'isi konaii rrin 1 ictsts isooaoniT
fer Uie diiy i.ud tuiln en w'.leh thoi mrr Isueil) iJ (Nl.
t.-VhA MAUltVrtr i.l.l 1141 SB,
I.s sve ii.e si.Ki H-l.s A M. at il 1 CO I' M.
L.nv. UudnouArld I'SVi I' M. anditol Id.
ON sl'MllVS
W..II t sin for Ail. i. ik ira.es Vino streot 1'30 A.M.
I.eHl ss Ailuat'O s 4S f. M.
lese-il JvHN O. IlltYANT, Asenl.
Titmr wtilehvas made lat vesr Lis eniitflv IUap-
pi iiti d, leaving tl.o Pt-seb vas of Uio uwai deliaailal on
lh cut. st.
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a 111. 1 1 .UN Al. I n INS.
( n ami uft. r N.1.M AI , .li.n.- I.l. I"i.l I'.eisMisr Trains
Hill I'l.VC till- Ni'S l.ili'-l.'l I1IK1I Htri'OI, U'HIV4 l'1'O.l.ll-
siim ilieit, 1 1,. lull i). iii, du. J (M' ml.ijj .tc..trl), as
7 AM. (Eprens) Tor flsih e'lem, Allcntuwn, Munch
t'l lil-A, wi ki si ittft . Witlli.ois un.
HI. V si l A. ei.tr na e.ai.,.1 ) t r imi iriit iwn
10-lf A M I Aets n tneii.l-ia . for Korl Washington.
S IV Al . Aiei.l- liu.iiull.'l.) a, r lloili'st.iwn
U t.'i f . M. If eess) II r Hell.lelieia, basien, 1c.
4 Hi P. M . (Ma. I lie-1 letinn.
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aim M'Hieli ' huiiK.
i'l. r M. (A. eiin nioonii'-ni rir i.anoaie.
11 I'. Al. lAis-en tii..4il,"ti) 'or Min Waanlltittan.
ThaiKs ilk ruii.ADKi.riii
less r TIP 1 11 em a' film A M.'Jl'A M , .inrl S 07 P. M.
li. j leu n al i. U A SI ,0 -Ki r. si., muu i i . ja.
l.nii,ili.le ut ii A M.
furt W aaliuaiiuu ai 11 V A.M. nnrt 2 r. al.
l'l,lla.li lu ia Inr R'thlelieiti al Ii A . M.
rhllsd' i'i'l i lor in.j ipi. wa air. i.
llii.tlesllit r rSllsili ll't. H'l l M.
lit Mill a- in air t ui uiie.iiii.il it. -w .... ,
l'llln.an 11'ii.ksi'' I xi r. s- I.U' . f.ran.l ili Mvat b tl-
e,i,e ai U. deut. oraera may bu lea a. o. lid a. i man
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illll.AliELI'IllA A.MI 1 l'..- iu.h A.i
('AMUtN AND AM HCiY It Al LKOA1) Ol.d.'AMEll.
tSW I 11 Ed
On a d after HnMHY Jui aa y 4, ls:l. His Trul.is fir
New Yo.a. Iiaviiix Kmsi men ln'icit. Phliaie p'ua. a
S li A .M (Nblit).anil :"' '' M . and lie Hams leaving-
,,w YerS ' S A. Al. al-U i .it r. St., -i ill ,n-rert..r r ni'i
txiluslM-ly f, r t' Uiilii'rt K'ai-a WUa mi l .HpsrYiirs
.i d ViasliliiS'.'n rsitsrs,s'itl w-ll not lai c In nor let
Oil' B )'U n-lli er. lull'-ei-n S.'IJ el Ii s. i ....
'I lie M A. M. und l. .ti loniL-iii i, n e.i i i" ...mi.!.
Wusl.llislon. rd I"' I ' rsl A M a, il P St. f Ins- IV') a
S.si.I.ii kI'111 to N i a Y- ih. wilt eoiillnu- us al tir.i-e.it, and
ru'iv a- sei.,,1 rs t.i .liO Ii uui t lis li tern'Sdislus Slioas und
11..1. tv ,.i..,,l iu., . ,u ii N.- v v.irk.
M.w titnrs.
t.. I...w.. PhllM.I.. l, lla. f.lllll KoilSlllft.m ll.'ll'lt. Hi
ll'i.'. A. M .III. "ll'l M-' !' ."" ivsi iniani.'.t.una
Horn w . tt.s.t m t vvnaif 'via Csu'inn), al sndsA.
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Andle.ives N.w YiliV, l.onl lii-lofCoiinUlwltstH.lt,
ai 7 A M . Ii A .M . 12 11 .4 anl HP .11 , and l li ml I
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A. O A IV. til', ll.
A. . lit.
SI KA'l w I'. r. iv 1.1 in i.i un:
.?C3jLDiiini loei l .nt at ljuc. wn. .lork litrb ir,
mm - ......... r. ..II. M 111,,!',. All. Si' V.PK.
.1,4 I'tiiiud'iplla Sisuuibbip (ou.ptny aro lu'.unisd Ui
tsi iii.kv.m-
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.i r v ri. w A 4111 V, -. 1 1 1 . a.liriU 7 . A lull V S
Cl'IV OK MA Nl IIKM'r.lt. Kaiur.iiv, Auii'-st 11 '
And tv ruut-cediH Saiutday, .1 a ion, l .un l'ier ?
.kotibHlver. (lK,.AArR.
ri..... ..,-. - - 3.1 Hi
... .i.iA i. ,i..ia ... it . . ..ut, it.ui in ( TiirtelieT :
r-iili.'uii'ii. toY.i'i'i dull MiOU sieeia.o i. I, i.uio.i... .11 uu
?....',, I, n in p,la... H.'ikI Hvrrasslu I'.ns 40 ml
v..... ni.ii, ,,. leiniiiiirL' :.i i.i r ihtuib 1.1 n..
l'sens.'r are ulu liirwaided to Havre, llieaiuu.
7. t,., .1 ..xi.illk I, .w rule.
I ..re. Ir. ui l.lvt tn.v'l r gntf nttown - Hrit Cahln, $5
mui awLr. MiA,.r.i, ,. IVniii l.ivt'l 1...0I and UlleensUlWil. 1 1 '
1 ho... who wisn 10 seuu ior uu-.i tiiui. ..-
li.iv .1 Ilisn-rates. ,
i.,.r tmt her iiiiuimuuon an uy m i-"um".j -
JOHN .1. UAl.K. Asent,
Ko. Ill W AI.N t,T Htrset, PlilUdalphl..
n..n..i 1 1 IJnn. aulllns Inn each port on
...1 ui.tvu ,r..m . ht v, nan aiMtvt) ri r. -itreoi, 1 iina-
a. iul, a. d 1.M1U- W ban. tsnaion. rt.iin uit wuan
.ImIvc I'lKV Hnerji.on rlatuidav July SO. latil.
iu innHhl,it.RAMih, Mallliswa, will sail Irom I'lilla-
. i..i.iu .... it...i,. n Satmeav. Julv 3') . a- III o'cfick A.
' .... . 1 ,U t . 11 ll..b.,P InttHlt ..Itinl...
Al -, ana ine an auiMiii' .-.- " ' " ; ; " ' - -
l'lilladell'lils. on same dsy.al 4 P. M.
Thcsa nets and unbstantlal .1. amihios form a reuular
llns.aa'llns liotueaeb porl punciuany i,n isauiniaya .
lluianveB eaeeteu ni viib-iwi. w.r.ww.w..,.-.H
.alt vesbflB.
Hlnnurra are reiiuealed to send Blip Recelftt Slid Bills
...dint, win. ,mmH.,1.v
.n.'l'v' XVM ' " ' .tlBSttYW.TKiw""'
'j'.f if Vo.il.fl Hi UKLAWABB Aveiiue
Cill!i"l.i,a aw.li.'ura Liues. via ln-lawara .ud
l...,.i.i, l uual. '1 hs .luiinns of tla-ie lines are leavias
colly ai 1 e ciocb at., aoiu a v ctvs.a a . aa.i uuut iruu t
alrtivs W.lnul ttreet. .
For trru tit . which will bs taksn on .ecommodstlug
tfin.B, sn.l.v t. W ILLIAM M. llAUtl) CU., No. l.'i .
liK.I.AV. AKE ATtnue.
Jllallrnad -'f lis etaauut nsw suanutllp (Kll.-
iii 1 t:. v. in ii-.vci
lowest r ue. of b.t Uuuuaii from ruuadelphla to
r. u ui .wtHiut j. t 1n.11 noon.
nan r riieiiu. ... . ,.,,
AppUlo ' issi'it
jyM tin Wo. 217 WALNUT UoaL
rfi von MVEiirooL, baturuay,
T I 1 -' a ....... IH 1SK4. .
n,..iiiiilii.ip VAMJUUVK. Csplaln J. D. Carlisle,
will tan at ami
for ireisUl iaiHaae. apply to
F ' mi nAKlidou no,.
hjl If VVaVUili 'i hUv.
n,.j V K N N n Y I, V A N I A
rll'l on mi. it aii.Kiia ii.
hik wist, Noitriiwaar, aj.ii aouthwici .
r.'in .ptsrnis ssd null. 'Its iisj ih sals, sosedv, nd m
f"ti -b t lrs. n,ln i.',n flf pK.fmts. s;nu usJ.ed or snr
r ule lii ti epiintrv. . .,
Trsli I, am ih-llrpet al ELKVBHTH AJ)d MsKKKT
Hl.Sf is s InlMiWt . . w
JHnlt Tm.ii 7 A- .
- Mrs. in tl l:, a.m.
1 1 rint h Kxpts-ss in-rai e m .
I I srs, all rs I 'ins. Nil 1 st Iinti . M .
J.i k' bun: 1 r,on. No. i. ill -.si' M.
Trtrrisl lu sviti,ni.idii'lon A.....' j sn r. M .
I l.ii.c .! . 1 rs.n I 4 ut P. M .
1-inl. Ac am odalli.n ( says Wmi t'blM.lei-
ii.wi si sour M.
I 1 1.. en, b 1'i-s, im its i ii,i 1 .' i.iiim ft Hf-n a t -.ns r..r
1 tn..t , . I . if im.I 'H-f'.'.lel ' len se- mil. a xis Shi- f.tr
i , ,,f H. I''.' I." SI. Ii.-e rt'"l ill In- Ml -ruH V in IV
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iv.ll. li lie.lies c-'t.l.ec I..HS 111 I': l-liiltK l..r oil (Kiln's. A
rl-,.lili' not I' Ilia (: r.li 'i of lbs erllrn Ion sad Ita
' nui i.it'i i I teenrry , ,
I lie TL oi,,i. l,"-s T.nln runs d.nly; ll lbs etn r
trsasi'A' y ixet-w Hiinilsvs. ,....Jr
I ion rii'iis'ii iii and im. tr
j The .Mall ir.ell.lSst III. ..I..I TllO'i'S ' r.tlr'-S eonf
a.riAtl'.tl l.a ltl,li,r.niKli iraies. n al " W It
! t orn H al 1 ", V.inl. in ln i.ok.. Wll') i Wis.ls-
su.l.l snfl Mls oiii l Hlv. rs. an l south and S erovesi I ll
' ' -i . ....... i I u ki'it Nl I; fVH.
ii' I It it.'m:'M' nv rHiirfHii. i . i"-.ia- - i
I hud, Del. cil I I I- mi "a rt (.'"l.m'xM, M.l.rtu M'ln. !
ht I, II i 1 , l.1!UVl'!lHA Ml Kn WI.'.H.K into 111- !
I c'liMtl I n'Mll' . ChTi, ami nil o'hr irtiv iil f lM,
itl lnnrtnn ' t1'1 l rMtiitli
iviI4u4 RMIItOVM.
T. Tlirs.ii) l n it-- knv ni U l" . 1' M., roiiiK. tiv
ni hlmti.r t-ti rt.ii t'on with truth on tli'i ronl for
i iiur- i.l- I imiimi i,.':
'I I ! I ltr..t, h Ksirin ' i . h n 'nn i r'm
ri if ut i i fttM-. a t i& A M . l-h ruin ' r,''l
fi r lifi' I'M k A truiii ft bu Iuhm' CrcMuit I'-tr KlMju-ti'iraT
t H i;. V. M
i. 1)1,1. IIIAVMfll Rtl llltlNf'H K- AD.
n Ha.. 1 mil -ti. A ,l ,miI Thr nfi KP'mI hi
in :ni r M . mnn- t at Ally.na wiiu tr- B- ur H U !-
1 tu rn - 7 .'.' - M. a. u H I V .
i 1 hf 1 hriivi KiiTv'w I faiu. i- nvlnr M 1" f. M im
n ih ai T rt ue i a trmii in-Mwrnlv Iti.Uf n"fl rhilHi-
t-it h tin Ni K t'lv Vttlltty na Iru.tJ lor lort JHaLikli,
i t-ti ry. And H( ..pic.ittf.
Ill MISUIX fi N) MrtllAI T H Ml.lt' A II.
'I tjw I l i.. i vtt irK 1 raid. iT-dvinir ai lo .ui M , con-ii.ci-
at i m uiH u with a Ira n fr llivt 'HvU una l'loJy
I. ii i ai 'I'.'t A M
KI lithh i -:THAt. AVIi I'HII.ADBl.nil.V AND
KUiK KAil.K'MsJ.
Kur Sir t urr, V lilit.utp -ii, l ock list an, K mlr, o.
rl'iMT, Vu nl... nni N. t.af al. '.ia mti lak m- tti
h ml Tihiii a i V-'i a'l iu T r.-iuli Kxr,, at
in : i. I JM.. d lv i"t'pt in (liy-. d tMU inr-MKh,
I net . i atn ot ca btwei n rhllailtipi,la ai.d Wtl-
ll;ttt ttv- n
rot Y iliK . II . N Klf . atvi lir.i I itiu1 uu. in irainn
'I'MIH nlHA.M. tin I li V M , rotinri't ut CilumOtft
llli trtf'nf "?i t ht- No. tnf n Onrrnl Kn Ironl.
4 'rallff.kl.tMs ViM.lK. mit!(')M.
rnMml Irainxt 7 ;i A. M , uB.I Ihrn iwh Kiritti t
)(:' I' M , mi f at lUr'ixiiiir witn tfaln for allele.
liinil T . 1 1 , l"l llHiit r .un n.
Thf Trainn itavltik' ut 7 J' A. M a di . I'. M., cnnvVt
a lMifvini.ii wi Mt.ti inaiim im ihl Ma) to ajrncKlmrtr
i.m jit- to ii'nir Mi na
f't fu tf if h'tVi'iuatiGii aiMf a- ih r.uat-ii.i'r htatluu,
H, j. i'i t it ill Ki fc K I. w .iMAhKKI -trffl.
.UVF.M'OWIi S. Tl. kt't AtJfnt.
fiMMVT 1 1 I' N lirfiKlH.
1 it 1, r "i ui H'l.a, ui viy i r fur th ae-
i-t iiitiiot'- on i.l ,ii''' n It ii, rut if iu n. Of Uc.u d on
i-r i fur ti in c oi tin until
rnlTiiN TKKt-TH,
For v1" tr'pr. I atWftafi anv two p i ut nhont trof?nli
pt i iiiif . I in !( lifkH ir int. mlcil fur ih .tin ot i.iiinitu
t'.iv i.iii: lii 'ii'ttl.i . ami ar ot . n ,u HilraiiUK'! to iwroin
ciii mi, uictu loititl r p .
m:iioi, th kETM,
For oi' cir t' rv mortlm, tor the uhv ol VJiolinutlfnil'nK
Icliool Hi I lie CP i .
Ap Fmlirm I Ai'rotum.'ilii'.o i irin I-umm Vo M7 liooli
t ii'i'i i u I i iiumi t'xvf .hM t ii' ii'f och I. M.."il.,rin
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ii -Lull Un; niii. 1 rti?oi Nil i ..rm ula tit'i'iition la
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Itii vi aioci: h tl.i' nau e tra u wuii p jftttCitrrt.
1 or iu.1 iiiioiUiaiuiVt -ipiv to
t It N 'id r. NK, KmLr tnl A' iit,
o. 1 17 iKH 'k otr't.
MANN t. iA'tlK KX.Jlw. i
An a&f nl ot tints tlinbh Kv.i-- ti.upiinv will pai
thinuiih t rt' li ti n o t'cii'ii' 'r.-C'i'tit- t'' ilro' , ami tr,p up
I'hi'l t Hl'0 li' MT tlUH-llH! IO UHV pa I Ol lilts ( ty. HrIK
fi- w . Iif ci'iii l inr pit i,ij.. win ii orili-m ore h ft ut tha
ii."f i k r l i o!. h'a mi h'in'l vturi iirt ftH. 1 if iruvrl
liis. inliliC art an i imI J t if ' utiiti rt pin.i'-le
l 'hit rout Ortt(i.ii oi a t ik'-rlption f.in be f r-
lllt(l t'Ut i It' III Ui y W :iUn otl ill'! iltl.rHll '' OlTIO,
I- f i-iiM y, InU linn lliinii. w in on sin, Iowa or Mit-onri,
li a ItoNii ilin rt.or to h y ,moi on Ul uavttfa i.e waLura
oj in.- Wptsi. ly -li aitit r- ttun 1 ishuri
I hf nui n of iVt'ts.isii 'o ai.d itom u p-ihit in thu Want
hv ilif I v uit m ( tin rati Itftl.rtitid ftr at all ihiifR n
lav rail, a- ure il ai .l ty t'.iitT Km'roH.t i'oinirtnlH'i.
Mr i Inn.!- ii u i .l'lp,ft:n tn 'lint uK tM ti .ini,nrt u. ion of
tl.f .r ir Uhi o i hit, Coinpihy cmi rely with c ndtl-'r.co on
Il n t,pi i tl nan-.lt
ii tit-Mi' toii-rHrls or iiil(virig direction, apply to or
aili.ri' n il1 A. iTitc rn' Hi.' 'oniMo
S. Ii HI '.r t.N. ir , I Inl.KUIpliU.
I'.A Nl I U ART, Hi ti-.iiir.
( I.AI.R A. 1 1 . I hii a
1 I K' H 4 I O No 1 Actor Home, or No, 1 8. WflHam
steel. hew Vo k
I KH 11 A I'll . Vn. 77 Wna'.liu'tuti street, Rost.n.
V. II. 1.1AM I'M)"-., No. 0 Sim h airtivt, llalllmtro.
At' 111 Mhii.hu Ciiarai Ua.iwny.
11 11. nut srov,
Ocrsr.l Krefsbt Av-i.t l'biudeltinis.
tieaeral Tfraet sent. Fbnadi'lrhU.
KMIl.'H l.K Vs,
Oeneral Wupsr.ii'Siideilt, AHouna, I'a.
1;lllI,Al)LIHIA, G K H M AN TO W.N , AND
MlltMISIOWM HAilll.l lli.
i.N. h: iaiilk
Un and afUrMuMJAl, a) I'i, Its 1 1, antll further
l:oile. .
Liave rfiiln Jelpi.ia S, ;,s.u in 11. U A. M. 1,2.1 10,
.iK.i.l, !,'..., ;... iii.li. I, I'.u
Leiti e t.eiuiaat' sn.b, , .v . s.s r , ll
10, 11, 11 A. U.,
l.i.ll.S , l.,'!', 7, H. II, III. li, sail I'i I
1 ht s 'lOiluviu, a. a th.- Vi uud S train., uu, da uot stop
on tlie (lelitiaiiles n lira' i n.
CIIK-NUI' 1IIIX It All i:oao.
f tUTf Fl.ludelplilu,6, S,1M, .a A.M.l 2,
oml 1- f. M
l..at.CM Stut ll'H, 7'1''.,!)40, 11-W A. M. 1 l'lO, 3 40,
ti 4e,s-4e.s f , aim ni l., t. M.
l i nv. t ll.Kl. ll.h.. i S,8 3, 11 A. M ; I S 3.4',-V.',
f i,.S 01. an . II 's I'.
l.eavs K.irr aluau.Ii'.. 7, TM.V Slid 11 A. u.; IS, 4.',
nk'aiitl 1'. M
'1 1 e ii, ti ait. u.i, " III Stop .1 YViiiaulcaon, Manajaiat,
ai.d Cobthoi ken oi-iy
fOll M lsl I SR.
l.ave I l.l!d. 'i.t,l-.ii.S u, il in A At., IJ, 3, 4.i, tj.
ti.1,. b " 6ann HAS I' M.
fave .Miniaui. .,"', t.o iv, w.-a, ii a a....
sno I,', 1'. Al. . . .
II K. astl in. le-nrai isui.ere tenaeni.
DM.-il llCfOt, MM 11 ami IIKKES Slroota.
S KIN.) AllltAM.KvlKSI T.
On aid uinr I HI DAY, a i. 11 1, 1 sjI, ilie I'rams will k.v
a- lull'iW : . .
1 f.ie I'Miani'li-Dl. rroni ine iteiioi. corner m tiimi t
Ull-I Sim VAHM'.T isiri , p A. M . 11 ui A. A.,ToO
1'. V., . III. I' AI..04U l'. tl. ..,.
I lilladeli Ins I t-itol Cliuil. en irom r.i'in i r.r-si i rt ana
MAI KM btlecta to lllllllY -HltsT and alAUh.Kl'
hliee's. ..
l.iMte Wet. tie.er, troni lis IMJ'Olun t-usi .siaiiisci
bti.ai.O-'J. A.M.,1.'.A M ,11 A. M ,-' l' M.4I.M M.
I tie ears"! 11, e W.-t I'li.ui.l I. is I'as.Hi.er Kullwur
Nnil.ali) iMaiket al'eei)Hill c.illiej I'aaiananrs to and
Item nil- l-uiiaariiu.a i"'nt.
'Is si mi l s.
I , uva 1 hllade uhia at s UO A. M and -.' H'l P. M.
Leuvs Well I In sler uis A M. and 1 si f. M.
1 suit leavlnii I'lillaii pin ut H A M. und ' V. M.,
at'd Wi'hi t'liea er Hi 7 4. A M. sad 4 4A r. M.,C'iune
svllli tni.ns on tin' I'll Uile'pliiu a'.d UullltUira (.'ttulral
Kni'ri'iid ler Oxteid uuu Inu-l lll. I'lute p. Inla
jal-tl tlr-Mll unit, lie sr .1 -ucnntiHient.
-.11 . .in en Mo .miai, j una to, I ' ll, rroia
aii.iil S'ici'i lVhart
run est r.
API 111 d 10 A M. 11.I 4 illl I'. St.
f er H.iVir. uut. li.iiirL':nn, ai ii A. M un.i 1 r. M.
K.,1 i;i. -I rn. al 1,11, ulnl lo A.M. and I und 430 P. M .
fer Woeill.uiv.Hloinisltr.Ac.. .' il uild'J A. M.,11 M.,
and 4 and 6 f. M .. ....
I r . 1 1 IIMMl III Al .s L,r.. -r.
fi'p.- M4v at si d il A. M.. a... 1 .1 .11 f M.
iil' Ilk lil T in A al . ami IM and h .V) I'. .V.
Sinen al a A II., .ltd I I-' I'.
l'..l.l.e. I, till I A. M . 1 :ll', 1.
(.lsi.sloi.ial 1 1 ana si- u ... im. i 1 o.uuu 1 c r. ....
... In.r- ill 7,7 lUundS'.Vl A. .l.,u'..d 2 -it, ii -.':, JO.,
TIIK WKST .llltsKV KXPItK.-" OflMflNV.
ntl'rs No 5 V A I Is I I sirtn-i, ill eull l-ir .111 1 deliver
lluvi;. . ,ut'il iltt an I" all Hie ii.- i Onuei.aa ir Ksoi-a
buMi.sa. lu arlirui tul.elll.jr -. A M linea null . and
li.iisl le s.l.t tl.e ollue .lie an llitf ereii..us. 1'ailaaa
l e un cles Ii; 1 Ids line n n . 1 s n n. l.ef..r A 11. A
u, , iu. u Client:'-! 11c. ,iuiiiui in .i .n..n.
IU) ol
J. VaN l.F.'-H .KI.AKi.supeiUiica.lant,
K'I't riilLADKI.I 1UA AiSll
11 1-1 IklK tt tl..lt't4li.
......... 1 na t.M.f. ilu, ai.ith.irn ami Nirhw-st
eoul.ll s.i 'rui.sylv.iial Hie city ot Krle onl.sk" f.rte. .
II lu. ...l.le-.uln.lit r.N.t.-ll.VAv.lA KVILHOAO I
lukll'M, aid aider tiie 1 atuio.s ia ovl i rapidly j
u. ne.l.lirea.l,, a. 1t.e11.lr. Ie.,11. I
It ll. w 111 iimj inr 1 . v. . .V, , 1
llarr sin rt lo 1 i,'"lulii. ml'ea ', "a Uo tasteru Olvl-
no'i. and Irou. Wl.s-naia u r.tiB k.n ut.."-;."'.
'"'"'iivi'k nr rAsstsotK riiAissar ruiLADSi.ritia. I
MallTmln leuvs J
bxl ies. 1 ram leau-a ""',' "' I
Cais tun ll-ri.. tn v. nui" i n.-.-.
Kali laittMB I'huaiHplila.rtd Lock Havaa.and botwoea
Hi, t mine and l...ca liaveii. ... .. ...
for Imorniat'on rupee Inn l'asanar tiualnesa, aniily at
lis H. K. cornel of BI.KV s-.NTll ana swibi ".
And lur t reiuui uusnii wi -'-";",'.
h H Kliinsi'.n.Ji ,con..rali.lLbMllaud MAKKk-f
Streets, rliliailololila.
J . w . rleyuinos, r.iie.
J. H. liriu. Asat. . . C. K.. l.alUrnor..ouHToM
(ieneraJ Frelalit Assn.. Philadelphia.
LKvviH L. Iliiiit'l.
CK'nta-a) TkkH A.ent, Phlladelulila.
joHKi'll U porf s,
jat-tr OonerafMjinasi'r,llansurL
(10 .I d alter ISIUAl , Aprut, liti,iut usim .
tlull'tWB: . ...... n tr .fv ururu'i i.n
LEAVE E&B1 a ABU. 1 1 s-.-i , r. .. .... .
H.t aiATIi.ss.
a.m. r. sr.
, 6M7
..7 OS
..7 i'i
I aft I'lill..lelilila.
S 00
Vt aal drove
Avoudalc. ......
(iisdd's Ford...
t bl Weal I'he. tor. .
4 01 W. (J Juuolioo,
4-17 (lnltenrd
, 7 45
4 IS
5 It
6 (,l
.. 14
,. 0 41
,.10 115
.10 11
4 41 Chaild'aFard,
fi'l Keuii. lt ,
. S-16
Vi'.c. Jnnclloa.
t li Avuudala
fi-ti W.t Urova....
, 10 JS
1 01
VV eai (.healer.... S i
S ill Oxl' .rd l'l .'SI
l'u-.e.iaer lteool In Philadelphia has been chuniterl from
Kiiihl.s-ir.il nn.l MarVet atieets. to TlltUTY-illtST sud
MaIKP.T filrrcU, Weat PblluilulphlA. Market 8lrot
l'aaa enser Hallway Call cauvtiy PMBonsors to sad horn
Paaacusars go throttsh wltliout ehange of cars.
jl lltlUT Wool), auporuilendent
T nlnglinitol' Iialua, commencing riUllAY, January
rroro Walnut aiK.t Wharf at A.M., and
freight W a, ttolurnlng, leave rtaleui at t A. M.,wl .
M..110P M. Frtlghtd.'ty saeh wav. Applvto
' MOKT.tN alllXlf Aseul.
eon4 t'overiil l'l.r abovo ausn
jal-U c j.VAJSKMSllli.u.',,l'wu',vtt(U'
lew- a AKKANGKMKN18 OK ini4
lOt1 FKtt lillKl.I'M,
1 hr fatiMltn anil ail f aiwl fh la-Mr hia "d Tfnm
Ratlirmil if mpsinti kw Irutti t'hiladclplna U York
4wd W a I'lai . a
rnvt m fi-l o f. M. riU.
At a A a . i'riinfn ana mboy, C. ard A. Ac
raniUiriti ft XV
A' "A.M. via ( inij.ii am .hXKojr i 117, Murttinft
T. I'M rr
I A) M . ia ran dfii ami mlMy,r and A. eo-jm-
! A;,".7;"'V'.Hi'VmV,iv;.;d-v;:
i " .
Al I f .VI . ia .'. .in.li i. s...
Auih iy. Ai ' otiiflKMUtlon
1 1 il ihl Ul.il F.is .11 crl '
Al i' P M .Mill a.ii.S'n snrl Miilsiv.
II I HI. Il l'rt-se. t TI SI I US
til I IS-- ll
. .'C'naiuu lats.u
,. ...,. at.
Al 7 ! M., Ma ''.ii il
.T S ' '.ll-ll
li..i. fjfn kin mill litiK'-iui r), I't imh..
am o.
pff Mrt-i-h i li.itilr, Mh n.
r li I-, I 4inhrrl).lr F It nrfi .mhi
V r f l ii.il.- '. ii, Lauil'ti' i e,
I 'ai
Ii. IM. i.s n, Hulvl.lers,
, e . ;(-. t vt.
net ii.lenueillato 8LA-
lion, at ,'i v. m.
f .r Nioiiiii llol v, hi an.v!r, ivu.tM-r on, and Vlaeiv
ii wn, i. m. i ni.fi r M
I or r rh .10 nl 6 A. M. mill V V.
( I n.. 'i. Km- ri- n. r 'un v. Irfr'
Fl- ri c. l-o Inn, Ai'.. nl K A "
ArdF ll'a.Aial.iiaiI 4. li--.;'
u "I i ' ! (oil. ,l"
I.- ralti'traahUcrio. rj4llil,, ,r
t-1. af i i M
, 'I'lfllnifttiN
' M . 1. .1 .W.ft.
',m ira. t thnwah
l. w rlv.ainl IVurllnrf-
Hif-amboiit iTtnlnh, for Tt-if.il, Hutlli non, npvorty,.
lorit-M r.f nt i 1 ft ii .41 A vi, tn'j .u I'. M.
1ilVav ( ,,w
At 4 A . V , din ht K luliivinn and Now York, I
hMi k.i air. St-w trk Mail t'TVt f
At I r 'ft A. M., via KfiihiriKion and .) 1 H r.i I
pr.- 8-0O I
At 4-o t. M., via Kt hiiii,oii and Jt iM'v I'lty Fa- i
I rp, 8 'UO
At 6' t i'. M . i V, ii-ii'ktiMt
U'tii lii- l n HtiO N- w Vork I x.-rt-an
min Hnr hnVi ai 4 . M . ai.! 4
inorc niU
1 v no. p' t a. ' Nl h ' . n ' n
or atT lpi s r v. f s . 1 ir, 1 r 1 T ti, Wi'kovbnrPr,
.K"l!!'t- t;it-t I'.i ll'l, Vii.ich I Ii 'ItlK . I '"'il ii 11, ltn;nl
m Hi h rt-i. r 1 nt n. I.iiii ' v" 1 Fi'titin;oi, Ac , ai
ll'iA M 1 If Ititf 1 11 t- with tlir ti tun 11-a I Kantoa
fot Mau h 1 tink ' I M-
For r i- mmn on, LniiiTi ih'. ami tot- nni illt atatlnnt
at ft I . M.
hi I ti to, Irinii n. Ac. at 1 id 1 10 A. M , and
r. m.
I in Holtui'i-hi ri, Taronv, Wll n'nlnr, id-'shurtr. ami
rtar ki.-rd at y A M , .', ."1 4 , and V. M. Tin-9 A M. l.ino
ri i a n Hti- h i.
tff rirNiwV'rk and Way Llnrn U-.ivln K.-ntlntron
I. pt. ti.K t!.i r ir on Filth Mret 1, iiliovtj Wit.nnt. hail an
l our l-i'io.o iii'i an' ri-. Th.- V th rim m . thu Li. p it, and
on nirlvttl til tiich ir un inn Irntn the licji t
Fitly pounds 01 luift.t nn.y .Uinfa wh pamAniror
I'a"! ii. in in p.oUMtiM fr.'tn fuk:iK .uivft.iiii. a baaj4K
hill t I'll I'fil 1' fe feppn f I. ll loiwrivl' ovr tlflV p'llil,la
lo in- anl Nir extiu 'I hf 'niiim. H ut ihi'lr rp..,nii
biln . It ii hai Mi. to ('tie (h'liui pi-r ,.o-. d, aui wll. rnu oo
lml'if t-r tti.t aimunt nd $l", axc--.l ov tpiMi co
trai t
I, ml an. PHKL'At1 FxntPm will i-all for and dfHvtr hf
KA).e ai tl Drpom. Onlvr-. .0 In- toit ac No i WAf.MUX
ut ni. W..1. II. I.A1.MKK, AKont.
AiuiM 1, lWil.
1.1. .it iiM y:w aiK r ut riHLL)Ki,PinA
From loot nf ConrMfin nirvti all-' M.anl 4 P. M.Tla.
.crrc 1 lt aiiHi iiinociKii 7 and Ih a.M... I. M , uiU
( .Mul. 1 va .'rit y t it v urn) ii-n liutou
Kr Ii tii o Unr- 'io ntivt, nl t A M. and 'J I. M. t!4
Ai. ho und 1 i.ni' in
From I n r No. 1 N -rlh Hin-. at 1'2 II, 4 nnd H P. M.
(tri'lhtahd 1'iihviiit via A'uhoy and Caimlon.
J ml the iifloi.t on thu t'auideii and .VuilKiy and coil
r.u tiny l.ailroi.il'.
Ti e LftRiili n anil Auiha.y lnroad mid TrnQRpo't.itlon
t'oniinar Ire ynt Lin - 'oi' Ntw nra 1I1 nave alnnt
ainft w hart, in und mt r Jnimr ft, Uhy (duiida x
ii pint), ai 4 ii i'ii'i r i.
Itf.i.inii.K' tht- i.lHjvy Line! villi leave New Yo k at 1 and
4 I'.M.
FrtKl.t hii'r-1 t. il' tlvortd bvloto :v P. M. to ho for
natord ti c hin- dii .
Fruit ht tui in 1. .011, PriiU'i'iO'i, Kin;(in, S ir Bnim-
Irk , and all poim uo I ' 1 muuru uod Aiutoy hat in Mid (
aUu ou ihi Iti'iviiitie, liv wr it , t.l r teniiugt -n. tne Nr
.ltrMM.tte lrt'shoJ'i a d iitu'-ftui'tc -i.-d Iiursi mom
and Vlonm Holly it all run i , rti Uel und I'Trt ari d up to
I.'1, o r. i k I. M . tuia.l 1 a tMi,Cis lor Mount Holly rvct'prt'ii
up 10 2 o utfh . M.
Tht- Itoiviiii're D Ua Itultroitd c 11 m f at Phllllpa
tuiri wnh th- I chin at CalMuml. lhNow Jtrsvy
lfnilotd iont.iM-s at F.l.'t'ii'th witn tne Nw Jvttfy
eiitiai Htilroad, anu nt Ni-wurk with iho Morn ana
hiiM'x Itfil.it ad
A 'iio m m runiliitn. ' iht1 yinw ti. marks and nnrn-
twin. ).iol i-rti aid vomsU'mmh mnat ill efr.v linatunca bo
t r.t w I I. rich load ri Ku riH.'ir 110 rrpt wtllbi;l
luciftMid ! hlth a ha ins htvn mfti'i tor ho ranaijor
tlon 01 1,1 . t, K'l ink. oit.v. rn ure liivlmo 10 try - hit nmut,
Ulii'ii tho nn-fk In fiimitiiiriPn ifuaiiti U-s nl T V(JOli
I OA l-H or iroie, II will b t llvatcd at tni f-ot of KortitH
ttieft, ma tre Iho.e Y4id-. o- ai l"cr No I orin
HKt. a the ih ppfrt. my oUnatc at tho time of tbQ
ahlpuiDt. HV Ll h ' FKF.F M A N, Krl -ht .'.gnt.
Ho. VOH H Delaware avnut, I'hiUdeltita.
Ot. II KAYMONh. Freli-ht t,an,
,1a-'-tf i'K-r No. I. North Hivvr. New York.
liALIIMol.K K.Mf.R.iAf).
l.ilAM.fc 1 IIOillS.
On and slt.r Mi 'Mi AY, Xukj.iI.IM,
raiaarper uu ns 1, uve I'hllsdc lilil. tor
Ha, I mi. . re at I 8 (l.x"es. Mondays iccptsd),8-03 A.
M.. li M.. it is a . lo 10 P. M.
fin su-j at s u.'i, 11 l.i A. M., I'M, 2 JO, 4-3.1, 6 00 and 11-00
Vi iltr lntien at 4 SO (Moniliiv, esjopled), 8 0.1, li lt A.
il., 1 Jo. i'isi,4 ari.il-is , III Maud 111)111' U.
Hew (.'utile ut ." A M. anil t an I'. Al.
bus tr ut S IS'. A M and 1-.)-. 1'. M.
Ul'feid u, en.1 A. M
MallsLaiy a. S le A. M.
iHVt Ualtlinore al t V, II 40 A. M. lEtpresa), 1 10,
".'.1al dlli-.'jl'.AI. '
Wllnilnt'l'.n at I 4S, 6-4.',, U.K. U"i4, 1, ltt, t'OO, 139,
7 a.d ulul'. M.
h.li.ls.ri at U'M A M.
Mllfoid al -l 4.i V M.
lwierai ;UA. M., mid 411P. M.
Mew. 'na.l at s illl A. M and B-j7 P. M.
t'l.sater al 7 46, S 40 A. It . l uv, 3 4,1, 1 40, t-00, 7'.st, -t0
Leave Bi.liltuerc frSal-sijuiy ai dli.teruiedlalo alallans,
si 10 a. r. m.
I. rave U.itiino.-e for Dover and Intenn'-dlaui stations at
1'loP M.
Ttt(8 F.lll IlAI.TtMOHK.
VavtiChi ater alK'llA M ..'I II.'. and ll'it.1 P M.
Ltara WlUulliKlon ai o'il.', U la A M., 3 40 and 11'40
V. M. . .
Finish.! Truua, un I'asssngai vsr .nacnea. tui ruo
aa f,..i.H a :-
I.eavs V ilaHn(ien for Peir. vllle.ma Interraediate placet
t 7 11. p 11
(-1 Nii.rt:- On y alt lid A. M.10UOP It., frora Phtla
At it.li 1.1 Kallimiira.
Frniu I'l.iuid. ipina to Wiliniiirtiin at 4 :10 A. M., 10'30,
Tn.ln W Ut Ipulon to Ptilladelplila .1 MR A. M and T'OO
P M. Oull .1 Wit P. M . fm". Haiti n-iro 'o riina tttiplua.
jal 11 F. KbNey, ' uuertuteiiUunU
Pllll.Alit.L IIIA lo f.lK ISTERIOR
lfiliJM L ASIA. 1 HE rli lit.v LKI..L, aLa-
(JltuANNA.CrMtltKI.AS 1, AND
.Miinii, OliTUVKaT. and the canabab.
Tve tie r.mi-anVa li.p-.l. a. TlilMTF.KNTIT and
( AI.I.0M lill.L dtlcets, Pbl..de plua, at tlis full0Wlu
Atai.ia.u. for Kiuii.nu. Ieti.ti.nn. Kthrat.. Litis..
1'rliimbla. Larrlibuia, I'oitsvtilc. P mvrove. Tarna.iia, .
Bi.i.l un. Ylll'au.p"rt, S.ui.ra.ll'.i l.e.lor, isiaitar. pui s.
Uui uio. Ailv. tew , l k.-sbatie, I'm dm, lots, uaiisM,
. hii.h.Tln.t . II.L.i r.inM 11. A-r.
'Ilie trun couiutiB ai ,. I AU Nil "lib Esat Pnylv.
til. K.-iMi.ad iruina .or A.ieumwn. Ac. the llaaJius and
C Inn hia llailins" tor 1 pl.ra a, 1 III d Col mill. nd
Wilt Hie l.tt.uiii.n Vnlli jruu n loi II .rr b..', Ac ;ai Paf
( LiNTON wl Ii 1'aiu.vl- a asl n ua 1 alna t..r Wilkes .rrs,.
Killiuuttp. rt. I.O.B Haven. B.rnlra, Ac.! ut HSHU.B
lll'l... vlth ' NntlSern Ctlit ul," "ruunalrland V.lley,"
and ".'rtu.ilV.il aim SiH.iuel.a. ns" iraniB Mr .i.4 'urn.
b.rbu u.Wiilium.p .t la-l.Tlia' liettb'ir,P.neTOV,aVn
.F'lFlt.S.KiN FM'llK-.B
I.tavei l'l.llud. h Ll. ai ll'ial P. M. lor K.sdlns, Vottl
villi l'lneri.ia, 1 1 rl K'int ar a , e nnieti at Harris
fm til li l euutyn an'. Centra' tralua n.r Palauura, c,
tti.ttlein bliu! hai'i.iud liuiiia i.r hunnury, Nnrtnnm
lierlsi .1, Un ru. r.,ed si P.n I I'll"!' n "Hh ( atawlai.
llaliroud tr.iua I.T Mlluui, Wllli.maort. thnlr., Buflalo,
Lesvet Beuil.i 11 at n ' 0 A. M , toii.D.' if. all way sta
ll. i.B uiri ll K in I l.lmdel.lilu at P ISI A . M
liellllkli s. leuves l'b.isdel.l... .. 6 00 l M l arrives UI
Ileui-llit a. SU'P M. , .... .
T'a'nt li.r I'l.liar tlehui Ii ave llarrbbiiry at S A. M. ,asd
Pelisville .1 S 111 A. Al .a'rlvlui; In Phllatlelpbia at 1 !
. .....nnn ,...!. I.... ll.irrl. -tvt ll tl 1 F. Al..
I'e.l-vil.c at i .ai P. M., aMvinu in I liI udl hi. at 1 P. M.
a'.Tke' t ains, alih a passeusir car .Has -hasi. l.'.vS
Pl.'lu.i. ll'l la ai I P. M ,lnr Itcadliii aiel all way -l.'.loaa;
leave ft' I'd 11, ut IV, ll.mil, Slid IKivtlilutlnwil t 11 HOP.
M lor 1'l.llu.ie'l his .ml all u itatl.ma.
A.l li e si eve Iru'i a run tlallv. Hunday. fxeopted
Hun iav ItalKs i'u.e Poltsvlile.l J uO A Al.. SJtd PhiU-
d. iu .. a u. r m y u yy ,A1LROAD
Pa.seneer- Inr I'nwuliiul wn and inMe-ae'l.'. faaiS
tat.. H..SUA M.aU'lMOP. M.irin. trout l'oaadlu'iia.
re im lig irnin lieaaluiinwa at 040 A. M., aud 1; li
I avi-B Ni w York at 7 P. m'., passing Headlnsat 13 tnld
nhln aim roi iinllni! a" Hairls -urg witn Pcui.iytv.ala
kl toan kxp est na n. for I'lt.abur..
Kiiuruint' EipresB train le.vea llarrlaborgoa rrlv.lol
till Pennsylvania F.sp.eaa Man Plllsliaig At a id.1 A.
nutans Itesaiiig si., uuu ....
v. .?l .. "ui....i. - t-... u.niniiunv thai. tr.ina
llireuth. bilween Jtr.cy UiJ and Plltsbarg, wlUtoat
'Vlutrirslas for Kew York leave flaniBtitirg at 11. M
nd.P.M. Mailtralntlor llarrleburg leave Hew Yorfc
alA..ar.Ksi. A,, ..,..
"'..'."it:.". M. aad P.M..twa
:.,........ ...k.. .i A.M for Plneumv. and
Hatv.sbi.rs, nl al 1-iO and 7 10 P. M for Pl.legn.vs only!
rliunUf.ioinllrri.biirsstl iW P-and Irou I'lus
grot a 14 A. M., and 4 nd . P. M.
Throosh flrBt-claas tickets and tnhrrM tieketa to all
U,e nth ilp.l point, lo the Korth and Wt audCanadaa.
folio. IMtickeUar. '.!'VnKO.HTHWH e'tr
B llKAliFOflO, Treasurer. No 7 8. lot Kt H Hireet,
PMiade plla.orof O. A. MCOLLa, General bupanutaa
deut, Kcadiag . Tll.
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C od fer 5000 ruiles. balwaen .11 poiulB, at 14 80 sM
for lamuieBaudorrn..
For three , tlx, nine. r twelve utoutlai, tar kvaUars oaly ,
tt ail points, at reduced rales.
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Retldlnr on tho line orine , . ltta.u aiiiuir
e.ida,sutllUuthuslves .a wlsos to Itekau atbat(
lars. vm.DainK TIPKETg
blreeta. FRKHiHT.
Ld WILLOW bUee,.. ight n
I.esve Phlt.delpnl. dull" .t S A. M., 1 P. M.,.o t P.M.,
f. r Keadiiig, lbunoa.lutrrbjburg, PoluivUl., Port (Jluw
tuu.anduoinUbejoud. g
Cl.e . I the Pblladeipbi. P .atonies for .11 .bjeesnntha
road ar.d ita bi am lies at t A. M., sud fvf t'S VI U.Clni
tlalivlat vui al il Is i'i alt

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