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ILliiGa Jlld V. iGd INI Jl INI vbr
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Latest Southern News I
Despatch from General Loc.
General Fitzhugh Lee Wounded.
Cheering of tho Union Troops
'rry Find Vma-Br'itt of Gfttacral tirl.v.
Frnm 'Ae Ri.hmru.t A"'!?"!''. S- yt-'in'.. r .
Theie were ninny reports current on yester 1 ly
representng Hint Furly had sustained a se cere
dt feat In tlio valley. All accounts that reach ns
, concur In the statement that a very heavy buttle
was dcMvend on Monday l.i-t, a few mi,es bcl
"iw'incbi -ti-r, and that our for es, ;if,cr buttling
bravely ull day, retl'id during tlio night to Now
to 11, Hi'd afterwards to Fisher's Hill, a few mile
southwest of WincliCRter. In this light wo lost
GncmU Rhodes und Godwin killed, and (.cuer.il
Fit. Lee slightly wounded in tbc thigh. The
enemy made the attuck la a force much larger
than 0114 own, and sntl'ercd very heavily.
The following bas been received from General
Lee :
Hr.rtoi'ARTVrs .Ibhv of Voitmkrn Viriiis'ii. iJ-pf'ra
ber .tt l.M T, .Inn.es A. sti'iltl : Irneral I-u,-ly renuM
II). I on lt DHiniliiii nl the 1'Hli tee eut'ujj atlvaticca ml
Winchester, retirwlilcli ptnee lit mm hi. att ics, tetilsh
wm reniai.d fn.ra eariy In the titty nil u.gr nllit. mien hu
its c in. fl'e ' to retlro. After i lcht hi' itul bt k to Nmv
liiwn end ttil. liioiniotr to Klsbere Hill.
Our ! is reported to t e ettvori'.
-. Mamr-i.c nerel khodes mihI lirkadier-Ceiicriil (lodwiu
wm riiic'i.uvuo u')i 'k oieir till y.
1 hrer jilt ci'S nf nnllliTv, nl Knot's Rett ull-m. were lout.
Ihe iritluj and nippili-s were bruusht "it ante Iv.
H K. t.KK.
it-i a .. i r , t i . .
luo ten mm mini eacnc-rui LCD unrigs tun 1111-
. well time intelligence of a reverse to our arms in
the valley, General Furiy bus retired from Win
chester to Fisher's Hill, near Strashnrg. 1 ho
Yarvine nnuncs oi mo war in tne vai ev nave so
repe- tt dly wittics-ed the fulling back and subsc
litn'ly the advunce of our uimy thut this intelli
gence bas not come unexpectedly. Atouutiiuu
tbe en my were almost in Lynchburg; in a few
WCiks the shells from our guns were exploding
within v asl iogton City. It. bus Lot been Ion.!
' since Geneial hurly advanced from thin very
t Holler's Hill aiid Uiovo the enemy into Harper's
'. Ferry. lliprtsent m-i.i"ti is revaided ai Im
. pri grab e, uml trom it lie will, in due time, ujjuiu
' aiivancf HKi the now rcjoieiug enemy.
Tbe Ueaih of Ma.ior-Uaiier.il Robert K lla ides
will be bCMK-ly lelt by the army of Northern
Virginia, hich ni.-t'iiui, by las death, the loi
of one of Its best olllcers. Hit promotion was
' rnid, tor he early eincod those great qti ilitie-.
which won tbe coutidonce of his men and iho ud
miration ot bis country, (ieneril Uboilos w i
lorn in l.ynelihmg, Virginia, and grailn .U'd i'i
the class of IH1H at tne Virginia Mill ury Institute,
1 and, nlur a few ers of irofessorshii at that in
stitution. In removed to Alabama, where be m ir-
- tied Miss Wootirull, of Tuscaloosa.
Genet al K nodes cumo out iu ISO 1 , as Captain of
' the "Mobile ('Hdots," and iion tho or;r i iization
of the ?ih Al'iti ana rvgiiueut, bo wus app ilutoJ
its colonel. His nest cu hi y is tlm faitnful re
corrt ol bis services. IVomoL d s;:jii after the
Art bait1!! of Minasses l brigadier-g nw:-al, he
to In wed tbe tornnrs nf the tinny of North.r'i
Virginia through the winter ol lHol ; tho eo oi
"Vol kuiw n ; woiiiiced lit the hattio of S'ven
7' nes ; tlirotU'h'iut the seven days' hat'les iron'i I
Itiehmot.d ; upon tho Maryland etin)ui;,
woni.dcd at hhnrpstmrgj present ut Kiei')-ricki-liuig;
at Cliuiiet iloiiviile, w li re ho was
, in ii do Din jor-geiirnil ; through the IVnasvlvnniit
rnmpnigu ; troin Mine Uun tuO lines' Mill; wit'i
Eurly in tbe tleleuse of I.ynehburg ; again into
Mar land, and n ub tho valley army throughout
its marches mid Imttli s, until be has (alien at
Wli.chest r, In the servlca to wtileh ho devoto I
lilni'fll in the f othful dlseh irgo of duty, and in
tbe cnjiei tiicnt of the grateful admiration of his
Country mi u. He leaves a widow and child, to
wlii in tiO earthly honors cm bring any cons la
tinn, but to whom 'be tender sympathies of all
wnl lie freely Rivet .
llrigiidier-Mi iieral A. C. Godwin is aUo men
tloind !y General Iao as Mtnont' tbe killel.
General Godwin was formerly l'rovost M usual
Of K:ehiiioiid, mid was Miiiseiiiantiy promoied
rolouel of a North Carolina regiment. It hns
been hut a few days since the papers me.utloned
his apiMiintmeut to the brigadier generalship.
General Godwin was from l'ortsniouth, Virginia,
and wus a most gallant ollict r.
Ho other ea.Mialiius are mentioned, but our loss
is reported very sevi re. Tho fall of Atlantu b id
iilnaoy mstagloom over tho comniunity, and
this levrse will very much iticreuse it, we fear.
It ihould not do io. The foriunes of war are
ulWiijs uncertain, and rever-es are, of course,
very saddening ; hut it is unliccomtiig oiir people
BiK to shake oil their long fuces and tiring too n
elvt s to calmly and ie-olutely consider their
simaiion. Tbe aunyis always in tine spirits,
and, though di feuted to day, to-morrow it will
retiieve tbe loss, and laugh at the sad audglmiuy
" peop who, lartrnm danger, are yet more uppre
bensive than ibosu who near us brunt.
Desperate ellorts on ibe part of me enemy are
to he io ki'd tor. The I'les dential election com
pels Lincoln to be siirting anil i-trik'tig. He can
idv save his election hy success this fall j and,
s there is no cliiinee for peace between biiu and
WcCiellun, we do not seotbat anything should ho
risked hy us in a battle which cannot bo decisive
in Us cbarucu r. f'artiul Mic -esses like tills in the
. valley may elect l.iuenlu wo bone they will
bi.l thf-y tend very little to any final result.
Tbev erve the purpose of Llucolii to defeat
McClcl an j but they coutr.bute nothing to our
Hut tbeau reverses show that our pC'iplo must
ciine forth nntl go the font; nio.e are tuere
wanted, and mine must be hud. The long list of
Government details must Im shortened; the
Niiroand Mining limunu, tho Conmiissaiy and
(juartermuster Deparinn nts, must disgorgu. Tne
contractors must lie lessened, the exempts re
view! d, und the army iucroa-ed. lint in nu than
this, wln ii uien are sent to the army they mint
ru t he sllnivcd to dest rt and stralc oil", llis l
pllne mint he Impioved.and lis nmeli d me ny
rrlicers of the line as isexta'cted from the Hureau
ol Conscription. To stop to nioiuti ocr reverses
is greitt folly ; they shou.d hut move the oeople,
at they ilo the uriny.t i m t disastor witti the
full eoullileuce iu the ovoi ruling rrjvtdence, w ho
tends vii toiy or defeat us to llnu seems best.
M lint MdiiiiN thai I'lieer?
From ilf Rii-tiUHiHit t.'ittuii fr, Xrrfrinbt'r'J!.
The only topic of Interest in Petersburg on yes
terday win a report that, on Tuesday evening,
m d during the night, there was a rinflnsr sh un,
from Yankee throats extending ul1 along the
Jutes. '1 ii m unexpected iiithreakof exultation
nightly mystihed our hoys, until the news from
II.hvmIU'V iM.niiin iiiiu.tMd il, .nit u'l.un Itni .1...
Iiionsliuiiiin was Inl y explained. There was the
usual picket liiirg and urtillery practice.
U.-IH'rnl I.pm M iMliitli'it.
from tkf (l.y.meni Iti-jttfli, Sri,!t, .,'
A report was iu circulation at an early hour
yestirduy morning that a light occurred mar
V in: hester, in tho vallev of Virginia, on Mon
thly lust.
Newtown, tbo point to which our forces fell
buck on Monday night, Is nb iut t i'-'ht miles this
side of Wmclnv.er, at the intersection ol the Val
ley Turnpike and W hite l'ost roads. Fisher's
Hill is aii.iius.nl to tStrasliurg, some cirjht miles
si.tli ol Newtown.
Weluivo no furiher particular of the battle
than (nruithid by the oiileial desp.itcb, eve -pi
that Major-General F!tz I.ee received a painful,
though no: dnn;'cious, thsh wound in tbe thigh
tsLciiilan, having been reinforced from Uraut's
a-inv, w is enabled to tiling overwind ning num
bers aguiii't tbe Confederates, who resisted nearly
n entiie day befoie falling baek, and tlie faei
tl ill our trains and supplies were brought oil
tulely shows that it was uo rout.
llM'eutllitry 1'lrm Iu Itlt liiuoiitl.
Hit iitt hhwtid h'n Ovc, Ai'i. JW.
About two o'clock ye.-tetdnv morning, tho res
tuurunt on Twelfth stBBt-t, known ns '-Our House."
atpt by Mr. Charles Hunt, was discovered to he
IU hie. 'J be Fire brigade opportune arrived
Jinio lo prevent an ilnsively coullaaratiou,
and rot (lnfd tJie lir' to a portin,i .f the building
In wl i h it ontii a e l.
1iivo-tiatl n pnivi d that th" building ha 1 b' n
fhei) hy an luoi nibarv in fini p in tho wine
c liar, and in iho two moms, front aid nar, oa
t't third story. Mr. Hum was absent friathe
city, nnd h i miiniuvr, Mr. 1! die t .Sell l I I, wis
b n p in the lioni rinim on the Kuril s'ory. frim
whleh be w.n is scne l, while th i liiten r of the
hoihl'nK wus tnirning tiround hl.n, hy W'it?hnitt
FinnUlin. who 'iruke ilon the d.mr. H s d ior
was lock id, and from the fait tht his roo n Wis
s t on tire Inside, it is suppose I th it tho iticen
d nn pdi.C'l ac ess i.y rue ins o' u t key.
lielween two and three thou-aml didars l l
Ciinit drrnte money were stolen fr in under till
In ml of his bed an l another bed in tne n m w is
i t on fi'o In the renr room a number nf tririks
weie I rokrn open bnlonffing to Miss Kl ta'ieth
Hunt, sister of tbe proprietor, and r iblind of A
huge iiianl'y of vulufti'lo wearing apparel, a
ri ti-ith r ible amiuuit of State hank money, and
some gold and silver roin. In the trunk e int lin
ing Ibe money were rlvo cold w itches, very valn
iit'li1, and one diamond ring wjith $ 3ik, none of
wlil. Ii wi re taken.
The insurance policies on the h m-io and o'her
proicty, a1" in one of tho trunks, wnrti a imo
h sted. I'y t!,e promptness of the llremea the
I'ne did not gain any (rest headv. nv.and, nlth mgh
tbc hoiMB was damaged con.idi risly, it is still in
aiiitioition in which It can ho repaired, with
facility. Mr Hunt's lo-ses hy the Are and roh
ticrv arc e tlmnted at lib mt J'sl,i 10.
Yesterday morning, aliout ix o'ehvk, tho sex
ton ol jsjcjimoio Church, on Iveventh street, dls
rovt red that building to bo on lire behind tho
door, in the vestibule of the lecture nom. It had
e' Idently been set on tire not I mg before, or, If
during tbo night, had burned slowly. All tho
w. od-work ill one corner of tho vestibule was en
tire, and the wall was becoming blii k. rti acxt in
ipiickly procured tbo necessary asis: in '., and
extinguished the fire before any serious duiuag;
t on d be done.
We have an incendiarr tiro now every niglit.
U t tho most energetic efforts bo ma lo to bring
the incendiarirs to justice. An ex ample on tho
gallows m ly put a -t ip tj it.
I nrnliii. nt nl all llsli'. fiolHOu Mlloeii
ml I Illy tenrsOlil.
I.ato Chat lestnn newnpipors contain an n iver
tiseiiieiit r. ,uiring tdl mine perioua in th it dis
trict, lietwcin the ate. of sixteen and tifiy, to bn
mrdiate'y report tbeniselves fur enrolment. T'10
order exiends throuuhotit the South, tho object
laing to aseerbiin the present and printieeuve
military strength of tbe Confederacy, In several
f t' e military divisions shivohlders are ri'nn red
'orthuiih to furnish one fourtn, and in sjnie
r ises, one half of their slaves to woik oa the
Charleston fortifications.
The Itel.rl Wsr Tnx.
Adverlisements are also publi-hnd for the col
lection of thirty per cent, on profits, as a wr.r tax,
and for the public sale of foreign an I domestic
goods of recent importation from Nassau.
Rrlx'l ftertrritl hi Mobile.
Generals Dii k T iv lor, Maury, Forrest. Frank
Gardner, I.iddell. Nnbe s, lliguins, Th "ng and
Major a ml Governor Wain, were all in Mouileoa
the loth instant.
FottTUi: Monroi:, September 24. Tho mil
steamer c". t'andnrbilt, from City Point last even
ing, brought down about thirty Ucsorters from
the Iicbcl army.
The Richmond Krauiim-r of Iho 'ilst fays: "A
Georgia paper denies the stories tbat have ben
circulated In regerd to the nnjrtall'y of the Fede
ral pii-omrs at Audersouvillc, and adds, 'Thcro
are ov r :)0,(i(iO ptisonors ut Audersonvillc, and
iho greatest mortality of any one day h u never
exceeded 27.'
Geneial Ile.aureg.ird Is to ti'.ko command of
the Army of tho Tennessee."
Advnnco of General Ewing.
Si. I.oi is, September 25. .loc sJh dhy's Rjhel
c ivalry force, said to be tour or tiro thousand
strong, occupied Fredcriekst iw.i, twenty miles
cast of Pilot Knob, ycst.ird.iy.
Shelby's dtslgu bus not yet been developed.
Gem nil Kwiug, cominan ling tlu district of St.
Louis, took a brigade of General A. J. Smith's
troops down List night, and otherwise mile pro
lan ut ions to meet the enemy. Pilot Knob Is well
fortified and garrisoned. Capo Girardeau, on
the river, can stand a siego, and the only d minne
tho Rctiels can do is to temporarily cut tho Iron
Mountain railroad.
"When Oenerul Price cros sed the Ark insai river
60iiie days since at Locust Point his forces m ve J.
towails llatesvillo, evidently with the design of
joining Shelby in tho uorthea.t of Arkansas, and
with the combined commands to invade Missouri
from the southeast. The force occupying Fro
dcrkkstown is doubtless the advanco of tho
column, which is estimated to bo from 10,000 to
l:noo strong.
General Mower, with a pirtof the lfitU Army
Corps, left Uioe nsvillo on tho I n rail's lllutl and
Little Rock ruilro id, a few d ,ys ago, in a north
erly direction, and Shelby will h ivc to look aft r
bis rear. The situation will probably develop
itself In a few day..
T1I1: I..T10T NUWH,
Matters Taking a Serious Turn.
Sr. Lot la, September 2. I' is now said that
Price lias entered Missouri with a force .10,0-0
string. His plan Is sunpose I t,j be t march to
a central position in the State w itii thioe columns,
endeavor to rapture all tho important points, and
bold the country. It is exacted that Kirby
Smith will join bint with lo.n il or l'J.ooj men
liom Arkansas. The guerillas are also concen
trating to aid iu tho move ueiit. The column
now In tuc southeast Is douv.'c-H under Shelby,
who has some Ii WO to Sliut) men.
Reports are circulating to-tii ;!it th it part of the
force which occupied Frodcriel stown yesterday
eaptured Caiie Girardciu t)- liy, but this Is
doubtful. They may be deal m tr.ititi In that
direction, but the post Is toj -irons to bo taken
by cavuby.
The military preparations here are very active,
and troopi are already inov log south ward. Tho
blacksmith shops were busy nil day shoeing
cavalry horses, ordnance stores are being sent to
different points, and everything is being put in
line train lor immediate active service,
lirigailier Geniral Pike has called out all the
enrolled inllitiu. General I'.nseerans will issue
an appeal to-iuoriow, culling the people to aims
Ma iiu-General lllnir arrived here to-d iv.
'1 lie trains on the iron Mtaintaiti ra.liulj arc
still running, und so lar us i l.inu u the rauiuau
na- not been inulesieJ.
Kpccliil lU'soattlH's, o Kumiiu Ti'lorai)!i,
Vakiiino luM, September 21.
11 r. lllnir'M Movement!..
It is mider-lood here that Mr. lilair resigned tit
the suggestion of Thurlow Weed, l'.-'i. Mr
l.luir is stumping it for Lincoln iu Mail laud
He spoke iu I'leJerick on Saturday.
I oauoiiMl InlreNt otri.
1 he treasury Department Is printing u eoiui-
siderublo quuniity of compound interest notes,
but the value Is not Increased. They take the
pluce of notes culled ir..
JlUlrlt t ol' Miirtliinhnry;.
(ienerul Neill, of Philadelphia, formerly of tb
(itb Corps, has been assigned tu the cimmand of
the District of Martlusbiirg, Va.
Army I'roniolloilN.
Colonel L. 1). Towusend, Acting Adjiituit
Geneiul, has been appointed lirlgadier-Geuernl,
end Major Thomas M. Vincent, Assistant AJm
lant Oencr.il, promoted to Colonel.
rimJ.l)KI,lHIA. MONDAY, Sl:;rMUKR ot5, 1S(;4.
Rebels Driven from Mount
Eleven Hundred Moro Prisoners.
Mr. Jefferson Davis at Macon.
El., f.tr.. El, Ktc, : rr.,
Washington, Koptetnlxr 2'). To Major
Goner:;! Dlx, Now" York: Despatches from
General Sheridan, dated 11 o'clock Saturday
ulght, six miles south of Newmarket, havo
been received. Ho hail driven tho enemy
from Mount Jackson, without being; nbl-j to
bring on an cngagcniont.
The enemy were moving rapidly, and lie
had 1.0 cavalry present to hold tlnvn.
General Torbert had utlackeil U'lokham's
force at Lurny, and captured a numhtr of
General Sheridan I'oimd Rebel hospitals in
ill the towns from Winchester to ewinarkct.,
and was eighty miles from SI irtiasburg.
Twenty pieces of artillery were captured ut
Fisher's Kill, eleven hundred prisoners, a
lari'e amount of nitiiiiiitiitiuii, caissons, Um
bers, &c, a largo amount (if Intrenching
tools, small arm., and dvbt'itt.
No list of captured material has yet been
received. The small towns through the val
ley have a grout many of tho enemy's
General Stevenson reports tho arrival at
riurper'B Ferry ol' a train of our wounded,
twenty-fix captured guns, nnd eighty addi
tional captured olllcers.
ErccUinrlJge has gone to take coininaml of
the Ri bel Department of the Southwest.
Despatches received this inornlng from
General Sherman's command Htato that Hood
appear to be moving towards tho Alabama
A Htiong forco of Rebel raiders arc reported
to be operating ng.iluat Sherman's communi
cations, and had captured Athens, Alabama.
Vigorous exertions were being mado to
overtake and destroy this force.
Jeff. Davis Is rejiorted to be at Macon.
Reports have also been received from
Mnjor-Geucral Cauby.
General Steele has been stronirly reinforced
and lias taken the offensive.
Despatches from General Grant, dated at 10
o'clock lust night, report no military ope
rations. Tl.e above comprises the substance of mili
tary lufoi matlon proper for publication, re
ceived to the present date by this Dcp irtinent.
Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War.
Eeported Unconditional Surrender
of Mobile.
C.mho, September 20. Tho Memphis liullctiu
of yesterday publishes, on what it regards reli
able authority, the substunco of a despaick re
ceived at Holly Springs, announcing the unco'i
dltionul surronder of Mobile to our guub ats. No
dates are given.
The gunboats bad approached the city so close
that they could have destroyed it without di II
culty. i iiom noiui.r: iiiy amis t:is.
Ntw Youk, September 20. The steamer 'iciy
SViioy bos arrived with New Orleans advices of
the lKih Inst.
Mobllo buy advices of the 1 1th Inst. -tatc tiiat
all was quiet there, but movements were oa foot
by both tbc fleet and Iho army. Pivpiniti ins
are making to remove tho guns, machinery, o.,
of the monitor y'ric.'i.
Details of the Rio Grande news show that C ir
tiiuts is Mill on the north side of tho Itio Grande,
at bust to says the I'.ra of the ISth. Some
three hundred Mexicans had surrendered to
Mn ior Noycs, with three gmis, at Palo Alt", bj
twcciiltrii7.es and llrownsvillo. Soon after the
Rebels, viho had recovered from their lirst scare
ut IlrowTisville, attacked Major Noycs, w ho, w.th
Oi c hundred and twc.ity-live Texas t'uion cavalry
und three bundled Mexicans, repulsed a charge
of Ktbcis, driving them back iu coufiisiuu. Sub
st'iucntiy Major Noj cb returned to llru.us,
lltM KKW Oltl.KAKM T1IK l"ltl:V( II
AGAIN IIII'l'l l II Y I'OltriV AS.
Ca i no, September Uo. The steamer Miillit Ahh;
I'rom New Orlcuns on the l'lth, arrived here
to-duy, with a largo curo of sugar and molasses
fur St. Louis.
The steamships
New York, had anived at New Orleans.
'Hie French left Ungdad on tho 12th, in live
steamers, for Mutuinoius. Ou the I ItU they had
an engagement with Cortinus, nnd were repulsed
with severe loss, and returned to llagdiid.
Little was doing iu tho New Orlcuns Cotton
Market, and the demand was limited. Small sales
of the ntw crop at fcl KS.
Produce and provisions were grcully depressed,
owing to large arrivals.
Forrest in West Tcnnes.vo.
General Rousseau Again in .he
lotc, uto,, i:t)., j'to., iut.
I.oi isvii.iE, September 2i. On Fridiy last
part of Forrest's force, about 100 I m en, i'P,
tbe Ti'tmessce river ut Hat. s' Lindiug, in Firry
county, Tennessee. His wlio'o force Is cstiimted
ut Stlts) men, with ten guns. Colonel C.i'iip'iellaud
garrison, ut Athens, Alabama, were attacked by
a large force of Kebels, and after a severe fl'it of
two hours' duration were forced to surrender,
teveial buildings, Including tho depot, wore Sit
on tire. Forrest iu person was In Athens.
At 2 P. M. yesterday a detachment of ;1 10 men,
suit from l)eea:ur to reinforce tbo g.vrrisnu at
Alliens, nre reported to have boen captured tfl-r
an obstinate engagement. Several prtsjuur cap
tured by Colonel Parker near Athons report that
theyero'scd at Fli roneo, and that Forrest toid
tbein be would have fre cDoui:b to destroy liO'U
the railroads and stay on the lino as long ai be
p'tSFCd. The Rebel force Invo destroyed several
Uiilcs of the Tennessee aad Alabama railroad
Ik tb at Decatur and Athens.
There Is no communication with Piiliw'tl, Ten
ia s-ee, and escaped prisoner! report that rYio
Re I el Sam. Wheeler was ut Cotirtl ind, Alub inni,
j o-tenliiy. Tin re are tbice C 'tniuaiidt rs, Forrest,
Rt dily. and II filers.
Wheeler's force is repotted to liavogono S nitli,
to join lined in Georir'a. Forrest In'rnded to
capture Pulaski, Fiaiikiin, and Shcltiyvid , and
all the intcmicdi.ite bi-cklumsi'S on the road.
At ti e 'ast accounts the Ito1 els were moving on
Pti'aski. No demonstration has been made oa
i be Clnittiinii' ga tailroad.
Attligram I rom Pulaski reports heavy firing
In aril iu Iho diieeili.n of the Sulphur bran 'a.
The llebel forces are operating against tho Kilt
river biitlge.
All accounts arsc that large forces aro march
ing upon our defenses on this line, and that pro
per ineuns have been Inken to repulse tho Rebjl
force; and it isbopf dthey wlllbe f reed to recross
Ibe river bt fore General Rousseau is douo with
tl.em. General Rouscau t ikes the field to-day
in p rson.
Mujor-Ocneriil Logan and Colonel MeGroarty
arrived to-duy en route for home. Col m d Mo
Groarty has an arm amputated, and is conva
lescent, although bo has been wounded by
twenty-livo bullets since tho wur eonimeii 'ed.
IKllH .11 KM l' 11 IS.
C.mho, September 2o. The stcttiii"r Vitj uf
Alttm, fioui Memphis on the 2 ld, arrivod at this
port this morning, wita 112 hogsheads of ti'Jicu
und ninety six buiod of cotton, from lilesiiii in.
Kentucky, f'-r New York. Dining the week 1m
liluls. of tobacco have been received fr nil P i ln
cuh and the lennessen river, for shipment 1. 1 t.
Iiu-incss on the river is better than ut any pori'id
dining the war.
Till'. Will I, AltlitNS.
St. Lor is, September 2 '). A desp itcb from
Fort Scott, Arkansas, says that none of the
forces of the train recin'ly captur d at Cabin
creek have been killed or takcu prig mers, and
but comparatively few of tbe nnvi. Three,
fouitlis of the latter have arrived at Fort Scott,
and the wounded have been sent for.
Daiunii Roiiin:iiY. A few nights since u young
man named Wuterson bad occision to visit u
tavern kept by John Kane and William Q tlnn
in Mount Moriah lane, below Darby roa I, Twenty
fourth Ward. Ho got to playing cards at tlio
solicitation of a third piny, who was present.
Finally he desired to leave, but found the doors
locked on bun. He created some eMcitciucn',
when (juinn took him into an adjoining r ami
and ofleied to get him out if he would give hi in
$lr, To this Wu'crsuit agro' d, und biudo l over
the money, hat 'Juinn look him intotlie hir-room
and then lefi. At this time the third individual
drew a pistol, and putting It at Wuterson s head
diniauiled hi- momy. lint ween tho three of them
he was thus Hceced of 1 10, and tbon turned out.
lie made complaint ut tho Police Siation, and
Union und Kane were arrested, tho other party
uiuking bis escape. They were held for u hear
ing belore Alderman Miller.
llKCiirnisjii. This morning tho number of
warrants issued for the payment of tbo city
bounty showed a considerable falling oil in re
cruiting on Saturday. To day, however, tho
business seems mure brisk. At tho old ci.y
licud'iiittrtcrs, No. 2HS Smith Third streot, a nu oi
lier of men were mustered in for tbo L'uion
league Regiment. L'eutenaiit Fra.ier Ins
charge of the recruiting at this station, the men
us last as received beinit sent to Camp t il liv.ilu
ilir, and there ot gaui.cd into coiiipiiules und sent
lo Join tho regiment. The liiruey Zouaves, to be
ctiiiiuiaiiiled by Colonel liiiseoe, aro also being
reetulted rapidly, and in aliout ten days the
regiment will be full. Recruiting for the nivy
bus fdlen ofl, although a good uuuiber is being
daily received lit Ibe retideisvous, in Front street.
Tin: Coioiau Tuooi's. The 127th United
States Colored Regiment, at Camp William Pcun,
havo received marching orders, and will leave
the camp on Wednesday, making a parade
through the eily before their departure. Colonel
Gien, couimaiiiling the rcidmciit, was presented
this morning with u line horse by the otlieors of
Lis command. 'Iho school for olliecrs for tbo
I'liiiiuiutiii of these troops bus been relived ut the
colon d headquarters, No. 1210 Cucsnut street,
under the sanction ol tho Supervisory Committee.
Roiiiii'.itY. This morning a man named
Lilintitid Duvis wus committed In default of $-Ti'Hl
bull by Aldi rnuin lleiiler to answer tho charge of
attempted robbery. Hy sonic means or other be
elb cud un entrance into the residence of Mr.
u.idersl.ci , on Poplar street, lie ir Front, about I
o'clock yeitctilay liiornii g. He uwui.c a youug
man who a sieepiug on a settei in a li.o'k room,
An lit ii t in wits given and the thiet tied. A poiice
muu gave chase und cupluied hini.
Conui.i.iioN. In 'I'm: Tni.i.i.iiAi'ii of the l";h
irst. an item appeared beaded ' Peach Thieves,"
staling that tneuty baskets of peaches, valued ut
twenty-five dollars, were stolen by Klua Ford
hum und Catharine Hairison on tho 7tli insi.
We bine been inhumed that our reporter, through
a misapprehension of Ihe lacts, has uuinlenti an
ally done the parties named great injustice, und
as they were discharged this morning, upon a mil
of .eV.is curpiu, the prosecutor declining to prose
cute, wc cheerfully make this correction.
Asothi n SiiooriNii All aiu. Henry Render
has 1 een held by Alderman Hutchinson to answer
the charge of shooting a pistol ut another bov.
It seems the lads hud a dispute over a buric'l,
v. hen UenilLr diow a pistol und tired, shooting
bis opponent iu tho luce, but not injuring lain
sei iously.
Foi cu DitowKi.ii. This morning an unknown
white tiuiu, aged about fifty years, and supposed
to be from Itoston, was found drowned at Market
Blu et w hurl. The deceased was dn ssed ill lnjht
clothes, and was band in the left eye.
Attach. - n Ul0 Lincoln Clubs.
All al rjg'tbo rout - of pnees-ion of the Lincoln
and Johnson Ciubson Saturday night attacks of
tbo most disgraceful diameter were mailt) by tho
McClcllanlti s. While the procession was passing
the Continental Theatre, the hoadiiuartcn of Hie
Democratic Clubs, tho crowd of roughs congre
gated there Indulged In cheers for M jClollan, fol
lowed by groans for tbo "I linois Jackass." Too
soldiers ubo were groaned, and but for the Iu or
fetrnceof tbe police olliecrs a great row Wiiuld
havo taken plncc at this point.
At Tenth and Christian streets a Ugh', PM
vi ked by tbe disorderly, also occurred, re-uliing
In the knocking down and serious Injury of otu
ol the pattlcipants in tbo pioee-s on. At rwePtli
and Cherry streets there was an nhor disturo mce,
of siiaht duiatlon however.
Tlie.Aimr oi inis r.iw lyisin otvnrrod at SWtli
at it Ciicsn'it streets, as the soldiers were p iiiii'!
the luiiil'iiiartnrs of tho Keystone Club. There
aie a number of rumors In relatl in to the c uise
ol ihe dislurlianeo, but from our luvestig ttnms
wo opine that it was provoked by tho nccu,i ants
ol tbe building. A porter bottle, tt is a leg al,
was thrown ut Colonel Moichead, striking hint
upon the In ud.
Hissisand groans for Lincoln an I Jhn iti
followed ibis tic ministration, and at a given sign '1
Fevt ml roughs struck at soma of the soldiers in
tbc line of procession. As might bo expoeie I, a
gt netal rtiugh-aiid-tuuihlo right look phi'M. I'ne
heroes of a score of In'tle nolds "wen', in," re
gurilless of eonse pien cs, and "ptinisQed" tlio
assailants in u manner so richly deaervod by
tin in.
L'liternswcro hurled nt tho pictures of M
Clellun and 1'etullcton. The lurgii pi ite glass if
tbe wii.dtiwa of tne lager beer saloon in tue first
story ol tho building was shattered Ino I rat
lin nts, and men were "knocked dova atid
iluii:ed out" by senres.
1!) lbs time the hour of half past 11 o'clock
bail at l ivi il, hli'l still tbo row progressed, and
Ibieattiitd to be of a iiiohi serious elnira 'ter.
Prtsenllv the repoit nf a pistol was lieanl. Tliii
shot was lired about the middle of th sido valk
iu front of the Keystone ipiaritrs. No mo wis
injuied by the shot, however. Following this
Bt,ot tbe horse of en assistant uiarsbnl siipp -d on
tbeeubicil blocks of tho streot, and fellti tbe
Tl is accident added to th" excitement of tho
occi sion, and the lighting still continued The
sidewalks wi re thronged ny u number of lawless
leopie, toiisistiiig of pickpockets, gamblers,
pimps, and other persons lib no visible means
of nipport. These it was, tog tin r wi'h the iccii
pimts ol the Keystone Club Room, continual y
cheering for McClelirtii, who lomented tlio ro v,
ui d ki 1 1 it up uii'M the miduigi t hour, when the
polite Iiiiul.y succeeded iu ipuetine; ihe disturo-
Idviewing the proceedings of S iturday night,
wc cantiot but pi'onouiiee it as one of tho most
disgraceful actions that h is taken place in this
city for yiurs past. Tlio O.ip. sill m certainly
provoked tbe ami k, and were bis rinnin al in
prolonging p. Though on tho Saturday evening
previ us tho Deuioerats displuytd a nuin'icr of
si iisatioiiul unit iii' cuiliiry Ueviecs in their
pursue, yet that process! ui p is -i d through our
stints without even so niuch us provoking a
single groan.
Ou Saturday night some of tbo best men In our
city pur oil d Iu the ranks of the Union party, and
rhionghout the entire ulfair they cimlucied
thrnisilvra like men who cherish a profound
feeling of respect for Iho supr. in i:y of tno law,
and wl o simply desire the right to parade witn
otit molestation.
A.I ot yesterday and this morning crowds of
peop'e were cougiegufed ill the viciuity of tjixth
und Cliesnut streets. A number nf rows t ut
Jilsce, but they were soon putdown by iho po Ice.
tumors of un attack upon ttie Union L'aguo
rooms by tho opposition aro alloat iu all portions
of our city. ' McCleil iu or n tight," says ono
touiiIi." "Tear out tho Abolitionists," ipioth a
sicoiiii. "Let ns settle the mi'tcr hero and uja,"
leini.rks a third.
'I bus ili-courscd the cru.v l Mils m iruing.
"F abling whisky" Is doing its work ; still tlnsc
mull orients wnl, before m my noms pissovr
In Ir beans, learn th it the strong nr u of tlio
lewis yet ia power 111 this cit v, and Ih it they
shall feel the iuilu tut of its potent sw iy. Tho
several attacks oil the Lincoln para lo o i S itur
iluy night were in every iv iv unj i-ti'i ible, a id
no excuse c in palliate the disgr icct'ul conduct uf
the 0 position.
Laikii; 1,'nion MassMei-.i lNii in tiikTwi avrv
Fot uiii Wahii. On S iturd iy evening ono of
Ihe largest nieetlngsevereoiivetli d in tho 1'ivnnty
founh Ward was held in front of the Blue Holt.
A large stand was erected, and this was doeor.itcd
iu good tasto with the Aiucnc.ni colors, and a
iiniiibt r of lanterns und transparencies added t l
Ibe general display. Tbe ladles of tho neighbor
hi.udtwcie present In strength, and they wore
uccoiiiiuoiiuted with seats on tbo platform.
Shortly nftir the organization, the Lincoln and
Johnson Club of the ward reached tho ground.
They made an Imposing demonstration. Andrew
Fastwiek, Ksq., presided.
Mr. Charles I,. Lux mado a stirring speech.
He was followed by Mr. Thomas M. Coloiuitn,
w ho discussed tho whole subject of the olfact of
free labor UMin a community, and consisting
tbe fucrlh with tbo South. Hu lelerred to tho
charge of the Democratic pirty, taat slavery
should cr sue because tho uegroes would come
North if Ins.. The speaker deuied that this was
true, or that it was true that Ihe negroes would
not woik. If they were paid for their labor, they
would, of course, work t etter th in if compelled
to labor for noibeng. And if the n 'grots did
come North, the only effect would be to open tho
Smith to the whites, who could succeed luactl
better there than the blacks. i
General Dutlcr h id proven by his management
at New Orb ans that the prevail nee of the yellow
fever in that city wus duo to the fact that tho
pi ople of the South were too indolent to adopt
the necessary sauitary measures to preserve the
health ol the inhabitants. Ily tho aid of the
white soldiers he had prevented tbo recurrence
ot ti e lever. 'I bus Northern energy had always
succeeded 111 all quarters.
Judge Keliey toilowed in a speech of great force.
The meeting was a great success.
Pennsylvania State Faiu. The Interest
with which tho public mind Invests political
affairs at tbe present time should not absorb it so
completely as to make it overlook or pass by with
Indifference other public events of moment or of
loeul udvuiitage. Ii should bo kept ill mind that
our State Fair is to bo held at Kaston ou tlio 27th,
ending ou the a'Uli instant. This is a matter
of mn rest to thousands of the citizens of Penn
sylvania and New Jersey, and from no public
exhibition c m they derive iu iro useful informa
tion, or find so much real satisfaction and enjoy
ment .
Camiu.n Affairs. Capt. lletijs'iiin MeMakln,
of world w ide reputation on the Doliwire, is
building a new Iron steamer to take tbo placo of
the l.tltvm I nrii.ll. Tlio new craft will retain the
name ot Jhe old one, which has been so popular
on our river.
The new boats designed for two of the Camden
ferries are rapidly approaching towards comple
tion, and w ill be iinisbed by the setting in of cold
weather. Thc.-e will ullord the public largely
inei eased accommodations.
FlUF. and An un nt. About half past J 2
o'eloi k yesterday afternoon, tho roof of a tcue
nu nt-liouse In l'uion street, above Front, was
partially dcstroyi d by lire. While tho Philadel
phia nnd Hope steamers were proceeding to tho
tiie tiny iiilliiied ut Fourth and Spruce streets.
The Philadelphia I :st three of her wheels, and
the Hope one, and both were otherwise ilannu'ed.
Tbu di tat of the Hone, named Daly, was slightly
Finn 1:1 1 ed. Jlichncl McLccch, who was shot
ut Camp CudwaliuKr iu attempting to escape after
it was discovered that bo was engaged in buying
lasses lor the soldiers, and who was handed
over to the civil authorities, did not appear on
Saturday ul the time li'.eJ far a hearing, and his
rectiginiiiicu was forfeited. Tbo bail wus ta'o
tnonshud dollars.
Riuht. Tbe United Hose Company, ou
Diown street, below Twelfth, fourteenth Ward
Lave resolved to admit no ono to membership
who does not Intend to parade with the L'utou
clubs on the !ib proximo, Tbo political com
plexion of the company is lilty Republicans to
tight Democrats.
Disi iiAiioi t), John W. Dubroo, charged with
defrauding tbe Government by a false measure
ment of leather at the Schuylkill Arsenal, has
In en discharged by the United States Commis
sioner, there being no evidence to show that fraud
W-s intended.
A mm a i. or Tne Omf. m-NiiwEn-vwti-
regiiiittit arrivtd in tho city yesterday morning
fiom W asbington. Tbe lick and wounded were
removed to Ibe hospital, promptly, in the ainbu-
i.ct s of the Fiie Depattmcn'.ana theablo-b nlicd
vete. ot- tie ,v,rps were all regaled with meals
during Ys..rduy, the Union Volun e r Uj
fts sf tin nt sl, , Is. ,n,.n were mo-ty en
Ibird in Mucks couivy, u. t t.y goto Divers
t.,n, where Ihey will bo anl ,nl,Vr .1
nut 1 he regiment was .it sta . 0 ( M irr
Is'ord, from which place tnev ono.., pv0 vc)Unir
Bllieator, which bos tx..oi tomeil, auu . n g.j
ceaitb. i no field nu sun oui cu ui r;t;l
nieiii sip a follows :
rnimiri w . v. 11 Davis, of DavNville, Hit.-.,
county ; L eiiteniint Co o iel T. D. H irt, of Polla
I'eiptiia; M.inr K. lioners; oiihuii (.
Robinson; ciniplnin K. S. Griix; A Iju'ntl'. R I
niuiiil A. Walla.)!, ot Philadelphia. Tho latter
was drill-in iso r ol the regiment, and wis a pupd
ol the Iti'lsl Oenctul T. .1 ('Stonewall") J i'-k
son, at tic Virginia Mi liary Ins.itn c, rojent y
ilislioyeil by (ienerul lliiiier, at LOMugtoii, Vir
(Iriiu. Genoriil I ihtl M Cms ail I. General G r
con, and other Relsd otllevrs were his class. nates.
Tbe ree pllon ot the legitnrnt will tuko place
to ij.iv ut ti c Refioshuiciil S.iloon. The protes-
sion w lii form 2 o'clock, and piss over tho fol
owing roue: Up Washington to Fifth, uo
t tt I Ii to Spruce, up Spruce to Ninth, uo Ninth to
Walnut, up Walnut 10 Twelfth up Twclttli to
Cliesnut, down Clieanot to Fifth, up Fifth to
Arch, down Ajch to Folii'tO, down Fourth 1 1
Washington, and tlianeo lu ihe Rofroshniint
Saloons. Tno II. ury Guard will take part in the
onk or (its Ahsilanis. Alfred M. Green, (J I ar
lermaster's Sergeant in a colored regiment, at
("amp William Penn, was attacked at Flcventti
and Rodman streets, on Saturday, by three men,
rained J Im 1). mobile, Bernard Oa-eas, uil
llirnnid J.llindley. It was tesiiiied to that Greon,
while going up Klcveiith streot, was met at i iittu
sirtet hy lSmtilci , Owens, and Don iliue, an 1 tli it
one of tlinu look oil tlio lid ol a basket which no
was eariying, ami attempted to get ttie liasket
fiom hint. Green inoveil oil', followed by the
others, nnd opprobrious ei'lllifls were applied to
lnm, Inllnweil oy the tlirowing of stones. Al Rod
nan street, Green, who had rcmons'ruled wi'h
Ihe men a 'Ut tlieir conduct, drew a revolver and
discharged it, the loud t iking ello t la one of the
Ira of 1) iiobiio, pro Iu. ing a serious wound, a id
n nderliigamput it'onnei essary. He was rem ivei
to the hi spiuil. The Ihixiting was admitted ny
(irren, bnt justified on the ground of tho violoi t
nssatilt. A l wire held to h dl.
Cuii.n Shot. Martin Calluhivn was before
Abb rnuin Weldingon Saturday, npm tho charge
of shooting a little girl tunned Kaio Kran-s, who
lives In Stumper's ullcy. The defendant resides
ut the corner of this alley and Third street. The
ittle girl was (hot in tbo wrist. The defendant
denied the charge. He said that a man died die
pl-tol at him from the opposite side of tho way,
nnd then ran. Defendant gave clm-o, but the
tiiKitne escaped. He dropped bis pistol, bow-
evtr. Tbe ivtapon was picked up by the ptlsaner.
Ttie eviibnee of two lira 1c girls, res.iectively
niinieu .vl iygie llarvey aim Autue 11 d ton, c ni
trntlicts iuc stati iiient of Cailubun. They ware
in Stamper's alley, and upon hearing tho renort
ot ll c pistol turui d and s .wtlio smoko. around
th dtlendan', who lia-tcued Into tho house.
Pistol-llnng wus quite frequent during the day in
the yiii',1 of the residence of Callahan. Ho was
bound over Iu the sum of $800 to answer.
Ahrf.st of Pii ki'ocki.ts. During the proces
sion on Saturday u numherof professional thiovos
took advantage of the great crowd In the streets
to ply their avocution. A iiombcr of arrests were
made, and among them were D.itehy A hern,
Neddy Tully.ard Joe Rcilly, ull well-known pro
fessionals. During the evening a professional
thief was ai re-ted, and taken nefore a certain
Ahhrniiin Another protcssioaal appeared and
entered bail for him, the Alderman nelng unac
quainted with tho ehu icter of the individual
with whom be bad d.abtigs.
Anotiif.ii Dkatii. JjIiii Kuua, one of tho
workmen who was injured by the falling of a
portion of i he depot at Sixteenth, and Market
sirteis, on rsuiuru.iy aiienioon, nis ';i euieuoi
his Injuries.
l bis is tue sceouu ueath.
rATKOM.i: Tim A UTS. Get splendid style pho
torupl'S ut 11. F, Reiunr's, No. 021 Arch street.
Life-size Photographs ill oil colors, Cartes do
V 1 ito, a ud the n.i-stex piisite ivory types.
Tun Ton. or Acfs m a nt: a Hkckeation anii
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wrought upon ilie phvsluul soimMtuilon. caro ofh avo., y
th. taualili ilt.trioiUK us. nl tti. neeillu. we feol a Jus
pit'. .lire unit pi liln In iiotiititis lliu uilUlnll S tilts lis 'Oileon
ruiitlt Ptnvltli'tl lu til. S'larellCO SuWIUS It ii-llllls, will at
No. ti'll t lii'sitiu s'ruet, litaiov sisieiitu. K.ery ono al"
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so Uist pa I'ti.s.ra inve.t llu-lr munfy tu ilia Fiori.ae
wtlliiiiita ii.iuclsor ilsk. I'm sous 11 w visions trio t'Uy
nhoiiiii not omit calnni a thi. .sUtillshiaeut aad tti.Mtinf
s useliiii.
Now IhAt th sy.tsiu of "one price" ha. become so
Kipulttr ami Is Hitiiuti-d liy no many liusln huuMt anl
j Uialiy in llm elotliliis line, wu wualil say to Hie pulillo
tliat they must nut run ouiitl any oilier esta ill. Inu"iit
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style goods ior lull aud winter wuar.
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Intent.' Clothing.
Jloja' UVlTCObls.
The lari-.-t end best a.tortuent In tlie rllv.
Si. Hilosa.kl.u A Co., jNu. I N. Klslill. .Ireet.
or Thiiid and Ciikssct Brioa: rs (.entli'men of reilu.d
fa.te patninte rhu r-Urch es'atilttli neat, froia th.
rant that aiiailulicrated Uuajrs ouly sr. sold, ou ia.
Sessions. Judges Thompson nud Allison. Tho
trial of bomicidu casus was to have commenced
this morning, but inconsequence uf the prolonged
indisposition of Judge Ludlow, whose health,
though grcully Improved, will still not permit his
attendance in Court, they were all continued
until the next term.
The cases thus continued aro as follows :
Chares Ilumhuugh, for the killing of John
Graves, ou tho UU of June; liar tin a llittjer,
cburged with inf.indcld , commuted 3th Mty;
J.dwm Walton, a policeman, ior tue Killing 01
Jacob N. Maybeny, by a pistol shot, July
3; Mury Ann Stem alias Crawford, charged
with inlanticlilc. June go; rstiiiuei 1vo.1us.ae,
elmrgod with killing Morris Fcndervido on tbo
2bth ol May ; the (use of William A. M iguire, ull is
Mitchell, lor Ibe. killing of M iggie ii ior, on tbo
2d ot May, at tbe Conuucutul i'lieatre, by suojt-
ing her with a pistol.
Sumo ol" these cases were continued generally
for tho term, but most of them until next week.
The euse of Maguire, ulius Mitchell, will be c tiled
up on Monday next, and will doubtless be tried
on that day.
Jurors were iliadiarffd for the term, and the
court adjourned until Friday,
lHII.lil.I I'lllA 4 VI 11. 1: .11 IHIUX
Monday, September 20. Tho receipts of Reef
Cuttle cntiliuue very lurso. The luurket Is very dull, anil
prices ate almut lo per peiuul luwer, w itli suit , ol etra
ut lUa 17e., the latter tar claiut'; lull 10 yoad at 1 l',"i t-V,
unit cuuuiion at innu tia l'-i'je. pm pauud, ut ta .inality.
K.xtra cattle are very seul'es.
'I he lulliovliiit Hie ttie pitrllctil.trs of tl.e ssli-s
1. mi hea j, P. H.eli'irra. W'i'slei ii mnl Cliei.liM- e
, ll'tla
M. I I limn. I he.ler C'Uiuli . It" 1. .
.Inni'- SI 1 I 'lest', t 'lu'sler e, itllitt , l:'"d "'
aim tin. t utl'T . t'e., Wesifrii. 11 a lu1 ,'.
,1. Hi tl IS'. West '111. la.MI,.
iliisl. MiiaiiKi-rs'. W I'sii'iti, lu.,, 1.',.
Hiailll-V Mae'U'V, W.'.lt'ril. l.' - l t.
J. M. l 1 lli 11, 1 'ta sler ettinity. laala'i.
S. si. .MrKiUen. W . sOru, n.ii hi.
1 lut 11 Siulla, W.tsliM 11, 1 S'i Hi ',.
P. Met 111' 11. ( 'I e.ier is .un 1 s . ll " Ke ,.
II. Iltttal, ( llt'stta t in v. I i" P..
ll. Ilrt'iisttu ( tiester I'tiini'v. Hie Pi.
.1 H.Mik t'lii'stt r eiiuiilv, I i"i liii;.
'I l.e roeelets sre Unlit Oils week Oldi reaelillls'
ab 1.1 4U0; tl,e luttrkt't Is veivtllan ituu prlt e. are well
luaiiiiKiticd.M'lUiui at liom (2.s lb. (cims, iu to
' (''.iV. Ahoul l'.'S head arilvtsi and mid Il ls week at
pint, ruiimis' Horn s " ' 10 na Spiui.ei, aud H, op lo
w. .. per lu .td l.,r etoi and 1 sll".
Uo... tlie market 1. ilrui al al'tiut loriner rate. ; JoW
la iiJ uirned .ind ."Id al lioiu klsjj.'J tne luu lb., null, a.
to guallly.
Harkel. by 'l'el'arli.
New Yolk, Kcpteiiiber 2ii. Cotton has a
d. iiiuini: t. u.li'Mii. F'l'.ur I. " lower. -.! d.'i iiue.l
Ville. Coin di'illnliis Oan loner. Heel, fork, Laid,
aud WU.k an all luiiur, vtllli lio .ale..
rostinnstcrs now receive fixed salaries. They
are divided into classes. The first class got tfl'HIJ,
the second, f 1000; tho third, $"2000; tho fourth,
(1000; tho fifth class to receive SefUMj. All or
these are to vary dOOO lower than above raU,
except the lust.
OrricE ov Tn rTr Tixsnsim,!
M-mar, ssptuT ill. t
Tbcranld dicllnc In Gold has ansotUiMl thej
Stock Market, and prices have declined. Govern
ment bonds are selling at ion ir 0 iOi, coupon
oi, and 107(5 1074 fir 6s of 1RHI.
Railroad share! are very dun, ant lower, iveais
Ing sold earlv In the day at rallied and
old at 58(Vi5t4 at 12 M. j Nortuera Central soldi
at 60, which Is adccllncj Ctmden and Am'Kry
llallroad at 157 and L ttie Schny IkiU at 4 Ijo? 5 1
70 was bid for Pennsylvania K til road i 3 f
Catawlssa preferred, and 301 for rnlUtolphls,
and F.rle.
New City 6s soil at VH, which Is a dccllns ;
and rennsylvaiila 5e at OA.
Oil iharet are active, but prleos htvtt
declines with sales of D tliell to attic at 0 S"S ;
Oil Creek t ij , McCllritoek at ; Mtpla 8ad
at 17 1 Densnoreat 10) ; and Mcllhenay at l(.
City Passengv Railroad shares are very dull
and loner, but the is little or nothing doing.
60 was bid for ficcoid ua Third, wtneh Is m
decline. ,
Caoal share! are very n and prices bav
declined, but we hoar of no saloi. 34 was bid tot
Schuylkill, for common; 3 1 tor preferrsd ; and
130 for Morris Canal preferred. '
In Rank shares there is vary lif.lo d iln;, bat
prices are etcady. 102 was bid for N rtn Aina
rica, for Philadelphia, ,1 for Farmers' and
Mechanics', srjj fr Commercial, 21 for Mecha
nics', 401 for Penn Twa ilu, 81 fJf weilera.
274 for Manufacturers' aud Mjch lui ', and 4S
for Union. ,
Gold has declined 12 S)l 5 per cent, since Satur
day evening, umler miro glorljus news from one
victorious army aad navy ; opening this morning;
atl'.wi; fell o(T and sold at 187 at 11 o'clock;
rallied and sold at 1894 at 12; and ut 183199 at
124. The decline bos unsettled the price of all
kinds of merchandise, and m nt of the In porter
and speculators are anxious lo soli, as they aeej
that the end of the war and high price! Is near
at band. ' '
ruiLAOKLrm A sioca cxuiiamob aijm. ibpt.m .
BMrud bj CUrluali Co.. Brokars. Ul S. Third tt
lee th Braitn( H..
bo dlSi
do...... M0
do x M
lisi sh On.
....tie m
b ts,
ui) Sal
li.i ti
Ion h
Ion .a
list .n
Vn .ri
nisi .h
Iki sh
l'l .h
Itm.hfsnn Mln.
aim li rtiory Sa.ia ...
;0 10 ueiuiuoroOII..
100 ih Reading R. .. 67 ll -h Headtntj .,
t HI IT. R. Ol, fll 1K7.S 100 h Duller (Hi. .M SSf
rniMV no Da.'oi 1 to v .11 ao........o.
j.l UUO 17 S - I0s; lisi.h do a
f n i0 I Year 1 r. Hep. IMS.
9717 I'eiina 6. Mt
., ucuy .. aew....i (
$-eo 0 I'ltlRbum Tis 73
$.11(1 AlUsli.Co .rts.... 7S
f 'lttiUAm. (h'ld pel
7,1) sh lli ail. It. It.... fiii'
Vtsiati da .Mi',
.'so ah do ii7
in all do W,Ti
HO all di ol.'a
Sisisli tlo m
Ui h do osV
Uv.liOr. M11UUI...C &
inu.a en v (Hi tea..
I si .h MeOUuUHiS..,ua
S.VHI1 J, fts
jotl .11 Slaoie rih.de.. IT
l'Osh lieusmor. OU . lut
1. viah do 10
701 .h Mcllh.iiuy ou. ti sj
2. to .a do bSO 6 s
aisl.h do...., ,
Jlio.'j N. Ouaral .... Ii.
ft.liCata sm.ki.b
lOshUt 8ch H...- i-.'
fiOali do.
ju .n eenna hk..
. .... i..s o 1 v, v . ' . ... l y I,. .
RporUd by Clarkaon Oo., Brokers, Ho. Ul'a.sll f
1. .. . . , ... .s'lr a im uw
rmtttf Rutea ria, iwi.lnt off.
.UK',- Old
Hock Island Ralu-uud
,. . .Id
,. !'; tad
- 9-1 V a
lists -'
1 .. sale.
, ftls. aaies
' Hu.1. .a eaj
.., .. , .alss
Ht itdlns llallroad
Illinois Cuirai Kallroad
Nen Yark CVntral Railroad
hue Railroad
Hue. oil Railroad
A bsl
SXil b'd
Cnitid Bute. H UH,
HiS hid
Very Ueamy.
Quotations of Gild st the Pniladolnhia Gold
Kxcbttnge.No. 31 8. Third street, second story:
(14 A. M RM1 12 M I SOj
11 A. M 187 ' 1 P. M .100
Jay Co jkb & Co. quote Oovornment Securi
ties, &o., to noon Uxlay, as follows :
U. S. As, 1R81 W,
U. S.7 3-10 Notes 107
Cirt.l'uaie.s of Indebtedness, now... ''3,
Quartermaster's Vouchors. hi
94 1
Gold lHo
6-2 Bonds. ,.
I)e IIavdn & Buo., No. 20 S. Third street,
quote as follows;
American Gold.
... ......
, Ihtl
, 171)
American Silver, 4's and J's..
Dimes and Half Dimes 105 "i ' ..
Spanish Ijnarters 15
Penn. Currency dil. 1-5 dis.
New York Exchange 1-10 " par.
M. Hchultz A Co., No. 14 8. Third .treat, report UM fol
io Ing iiuo'atlons for Forelga KxeliaDe per staamea
AraUa, from Boston :
London, l days' alRht, WtWS; Londin, S daya, J0S
(alio; Paris, So data' alttn. il 7'Mr. ,6; Paria, Stlava.
it. ts4,i..'i. 711; Anmerp, m day.' a ula. il. 7S: UrauiKsu.adi
da.' aight. lomaj.v,; llatuiiunt. Ml dava' .islit, .su70$
Co.(u:nu, l.eip.lc. Uerlla. (SI daya' audit, la'.ittlW-, Aia
aieidaui, Friuiklurt.U) Jnja'alsht 7,'o'HO. Market ateady.
Quotations of tbe pnaclpal Coal and Goal OU
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day ;
Bid d'l.l J)I4
Pulton Coal 8 K'.' Per Farm Oil.... ..
Kts Mountain Coal. .. 7. Hurler Ooat. ...... .,
K.Y Mld.lttial..lo 111 Keystone Z.ln..., 1Z
llreen Ml. Coal
S lllenaiuore.. ..
8 Dai.eltoi;
IV Uollh.any
I Itotwrta OU 1
1 V Olm.tead S'i
II utile . lelaiu.usr J I
N ( a'bomlal. .... 8
i'ew tTreek 1
leei'ar liani Coal. ?4
('Union Coal 1
Aiuarleaii Kaoho..
IVi.n Mining 1,'tS
aiianink In lu
Connecticut ..
Oil Creek O
Maple Shade Oil.. ..
Mct'UBtork Oil.... S.','
liiSf Fstruleuui Outre. S'r
11 Failwrt..
14 V we l.t.ud.
lllblianl ,
Htory Kara.,
17 iBniner s
SI.' Kxoel.HirOU I
a I Bur Tank '
4'. (Vmiinental w 8)4
J al Ke.red
8 (urtin S
1 I'hila ADllOrtwk.. I
8 'Hull Creek 4s,
8 li'orn Fiaoier tii
Is, llruMs
IV Rs'k on 4
Is, (lobe , t)
'i Upper Economy... I
reiuiavivauia t'.t.
Perry Oil
Mineral Oil......
Hi') alone Ot)
t'uion I'enoleum..
HeacoD oil
Heueia Oil
on aute Oil
Franklin oil
Howe's Ksl,:y Oil.
, 4
Irving un
Forty Million Sevkn-Thiutiks St ascai Hr.
The subscriptions to this popular loin arts
now forty million of doll ire, and they continue)
to come In at the rate of about a million a day.
The public are satisfied tbat there are no other
Investments so profitable as U. H. securities.
While nearly all the hundreds of miscellaneous
stocks sold in tbe New York market have bee a
declining for several weeks. Government stocks)
have remained firm; and while lenders loan very
sparingly, and at high rates, on tbe best mer
cantile paper, ihey have plenty of in iney tJ lend
on Government paper at as low rates as ev 'r.
AVhile tho Government needs the ponple's)
money, and pays for it liberally, it oilers tbe
highest possible consideration, beslics ; aad tint
is, tuftty.
Mondav, September 20. A decline of 35 per
tent. Id th. premium un gold, and the glKloue nw 1'ro'Sl
tlicseutof war, hav. completely unselUed trade 10 all
departments, and merchandise of a'l description! has am
uumlatakably dow award tendency.
There la uo demand fvr Bark, anil No. 1 was urTored at
(It, V ton.
Prices of clover-eei and Timothy are entirely nominal.
A 1 ran II lot of I laxaeetl sold at I IHO a doollno.
There wus no Inquiry for flour, either lor export of
home couauuipticn, and prices are oouilnaJ, at glO-i.lt'S
110 .'si lor superfine; Slo 7&ci.ll (IO lor extras i tl'V.vielr'isl
for extra family : nntl $U'2.v.f.i:i do for fttney, according to
ipialiiy. tu Itye Klour nothing dutng, aad holdari nnuil
nnlly aik lo ;' .. l orn Meal Is acuroe and wltiioat raiet.
In Wheat there as no price ollered, aud the low iamalef
i.tlereflal thel'uru Kxehange were withdrawn until vanie
be. oine more settled. A smell lot of Delawar. Rye soil
ai l-so; and a car-load of Cora at W'M, a deellu. 14
Out. there were no sales.
IuNavul Slums, OIK, rrovf.iom, and Crocorles, trada
Is at a complete stand.
Whl.ky la droonliig, and cannot b quoted over SI 8. J
1-S4 101 reiilhd aud Ohio barrel!.
MrE. F. Iwle. Use, Isalciu.C. A. Iltek.lier A Oe.
Hel.r l.ttsl'iiig, llltike, 'I liouiaslt'U, Ct.ttaiu.
buauui lliit.t.a, a cUeiuiott, ttew ork, W. P. Clide.
llrin Alfarittta, Uibbi-r, 4 day. trout 1'tovidouc., tnabaN
lu-t tu t'Upllllll.
belir N llurvey, ne,vrae, S days from Boaloo, wltt ua
l lillil'.i. ,
Di hr K. lionltn, llordeu, I day. front Baltimore, fa bat.
last lo eaptitui. .. . i,n
K. lir r ti irle f.ls'tit, WatUce, ( Oaya from iNMtlaad.w'ia
intUe lo Crowell it Collins. , ln
ts.hr sillier .Magnet, Pvrry.l days from Bosnia, ia "a.
lUBl 1(1 CapUllll. M 0 ,ul(lrt l. h.l.
is. hr Wi.11. sttu.ll, Adeiui. da from Ba.ma. ia
laat to 1. l'aar.oii A Co. uflW Yortl.
Hiram. Aon F.lua, Uielinl.,i4 Uanj Ov "
W lib UlilM lu . . CI) J. .

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