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Tlio Campaign of tho Cavalry.
Cur KnormoiiM biK'coN.m'H.
I tub Fiflu, Ortol. r2.-Fjrr.ruln reasons
that cnoi.-.t riow ho giv. n to the public, hut wliirli
?"..?.iaB "V;."5' untavorablv upou
General Avcri.ls carter, uui. . . ,,i, r or a
gmtleman, he was r llevod on the h ot 10
tiitnnmnd, and ordered to report nt Wheeling,
twill further orders from higher autho
rnT. In caning from hi dlviMioa bo issued lUo
following order :
HtAnqi ATHH (m.Ml Cavalry Divhimk, r)KrnT
Ha T W, ai isi,, si. etcnine. JX. w.t In a -cor'tance
Willi B,:l Order No. 41, lio.o headmarlrr, Middle miii
tsry Men mi. tin, ilmc. I liere iy ri li'i'iul.li trio cora
tood r Inn i lv.lo i. imMii.' I miu.-.t th oillcen
and men to ae. . ,t my ilneere llianka for tie il'ill.inil otie
4. I uc '-i reapei i iht.v have aliovin lii iiiv iirili-r.,au l the
per.onnl timlne., i,ev have always o, tended to mvielt.
I halt nev. r (..met, oiy ciriir.ulca avnat I owe to yon.
W airvrr lep itiilon iir rant I have filnt-d diiruw the
ra.tjir given to nif hylh'. c.runMii.l. Hoie the
t oi May tv.i tia-e uiiri h"l ort r IH'ii) inn... Kiveri'in
a u comrade, wl.o l.a-. r fallen id twenty battloa, ette,t
tl e d,so Ion with wli b .Mm have dope vonr itntv, and
tevm ti.nle tl.ia', thuie. n cannon, and over III' een liun
4lr. u prlaoniTs ciiptnroil from Die em inv exhibit , tn a nf
I e re-iihaory -nr work. My 'uu iii. w.tli vnti will
B r alter le HtrimiR nir m at cI.erMictl ii.ciii irio ; aud
I ptiall read tln record or your iltcds trniii day to da. Willi
ri iu interest. My leirrut In m vurlnir Hie this that have
r iwn hetaeen u. It nn what ,rnaanei liv tl.o knowledge
Ilia I am leaving von In the hands of mat tried ami trimly
niilier. Colonel W. II Powell, la nlwia the atui ist coiiil
0im ee mar be reHiat d
1 would mil er serve In yonr ranks than leave, yon, but
I ain only ricrnnfod to sat Inrcvte I.
Vi. W. AYEltll.l., Ilrrvet Mnjor-liene rat.
As soon as It was known that General Avcrill
had been relieved n dicp gloutn wm enst ovor
the division. Many oi' tho oilltcrii and nu n
Mtua ly cried wlien thtxv lieard of it, anil all of
'hem marched forward un tho 'JltU In Kilonreand
deep thought at the loss of tlioir warm friend and
giiliaot commander.
roi.oNEt ron'Ei.r. iv rnttxtiin,
On aiuming command of the division Colonel
r well Isaned tbo lollowlng:
nriDgrAjTi-Bfl Skoosi. Cavalry nivisinjj. riirAnT
KtKT or Wt iki.inia, Hfli riiilieril. -.ii.n,,ii, ..
Illh?a"i,,,ii',"""!' l;-N''. "fin lie.d.U.irl.T Mnl.llei
aiiinary j.iuilon, I lieieiiyaiaunin diinm .ml ol' tho M
tu?.VL l!'l ' " '" WtH v Irt'iila, tru.tini
A'. 11. l'OvVKlX. Colonel.
Finding tho enemy showing f Igna of in ikin? a
'ni.d at Mount J.iekson, the army wai agtin
cdvatictdon the '2ltb-tlie Cth Corps in fro"
At tbo fnrne time tho 2d Cavalry l'lVi8 . "
Colonel rowtll commanding, was c, nn- t ti!
right, on another mad, 'ent 011 to tUtf
The movemfnt of the f.th Corps agilndtlie
tnf n.y l position at Mount J.i-kbon wu not
'tended with tigliiing of a heavy cli tracter.
After pome brief skirmishing tho enemy fell baek
as rapid. y :n wo advanced.
tin the &Oih the army renrhod UarrHonhurg.
The ruvalrv tlmt wns sent nil' m t:m ii.i.t,..
Joined the main body at this plnco, alt r haviu
killed tif'ieOD and wounded fitly of the enemv,
taking eighteen priscuvrs und capturing twelve
. On tt e same (lav the two tliviitions of eav.ilrv
nt out on the led Into tl.o I.iirnv vallev roturiied
to the army proper "ov way of tho New M irkct
gap, in the Shenandoah mountains.
It will ho observed that our arm v win nnw
Otic moro united, tho ccutrnl point bjing Hurri
Bonhnrg. On Ibe night of tho 25th the Infantry corrm
encamped in the vieinitv of JIarrioniiurg.
Powell's Divi-ion went to Mount Cnnvl'ord, and
Mi rntt's and Wil-on's Divi-ions took puit ons
for Ibe night near where tho Infantry was located.
On the mominir of thn aitth. thn 9il rjinim
Division (Colonel Powell's, lato Averill's) moved
fiom Mount Crawfi)rd a short distance up the
pine toward StHunton, then turned otr to tho
left and took a dirt mail leading to Port Kepnblir.
BimulUMcomiy wiib this, Morritt'f Division
nioveri t mnriis P. ri Repiiblie from Uvrisoniitirg,
and WIImhi's Divlfion from 11 irrioiiliuig up the
ike towa-ds Mount Crawford, liy thco opera
lions the cav.ilry was placed in front of Oenori
Uht'rii'an's infantry hue, Merritt being ou the
l t, Powell tn i ho centre and Wilson on tho
riiht the left resting on Port Hepublio, and tho
right ou the titiinnton pike.
Durirg the evcuing of the 27th. General Custnr
avnmrd command of General Averill's Division
(n lievlng Powell) by issuing the following order ;
Hi AiiivrAuTEaa Hkcund Cavai.hy Iuvi.ion. Army n
Wii t vm ma.A. B iii miier J7, 1HI4. In conie lianee with
eolalOrdar No. . dated head iiiartcia .Middle Military
, rv.iu..,-, um uiiuuriiKneu nereiiy
AsfelUDtt. oommai'd of thll IivIIiiti.
O. A. CUBTKK, llriBadler-tlcneral P. S. Vols.
On the 28:h, a rironnolsmmrc wr.a made by
brigai'es fivm M rrill'a and Cusier'd Divisions
t 'wartlo ltrowo'aGnp. when it was found that tha
tminy had retreated through thn samo durlug
the previous night, going towards Charlottesville,
.-4UU tteoet ioree nino moving to Btiian triLa.
ville and orenpying the nlaca.
Von'P'jBCOotintiKij-itf wu!j -aj chawoof tho
reronnoisriihiC, wtnt to the base of tho m ountain,
where be found a cmen who told him tliatvJoue
rul K.irly had been drinking very heavily tho
uieni praTious, ami tutu ue. would icon bu
clicked ly (joneral Lougstrcet.
We will now ask tho reader tatiireet his or hor
alten'lfin hiuk to tha Irnllt. whoro. ..moral W'iUivii
wiik icf. on the morning of the l7ili, in the neigh
borhood of Muu nt Cra ford. With Wi Hon and
his ditUji jn was Lowell's lirlgade. This force
took the pike direet to Staunton, arriving t lie re,
without meeiing any pani.-ul ir op;ioitiou, the
uie num. lu Maunton they found a Kriiat
varietv of Governine n'. utvniu. 't'hnao w.ir.i ull
Their text move was towards Wayneibarj,
enuoying the railroad track and public property
as they moved down to the l.ut-n.uud p'aco. Of
oour-e ti e enemy becam j aware of whit tliuy
were doing, and despatcned a force t cut them
off. The enemy was n it eno jcsful In anc;nu-
lihlng 1.1a purpi'o. ulibouuU tviito a snlritad
ight oecurrtd at Wavnesb.irii. ou the lmo of
'South rier. The cuvmy. iu moving I'wiu
tirown's U.fii, tent a cav.iliy fjico ui tho wjst
loe id the li.ue Ki.Ve.
It was tlii, eiivalrr force that attemntcil to ent
tort V ujon while 0)1011111 in thu iieigh'iorhjoi
im mi, n'-mini, Having oirm n out his orders,
tfi.toti's Dlvinlon and L iweli's Uriirade fell h irk
iy Staiinton fiom Waym sbo.-o on tho 2i)ih, nud
salelj rsmchid llariiniuburg on tho 3'J.lt.
I lHHiRoviso rug ( Hois is nn: vai.li;y.
-On 'I bur d iv. ci ti.'iu m r 2 , (ie.1er.1la Cm-
ter s ara Merritt s Divisions were seut ur the
valley to deitroy, according 10 the foliuwing
order :
llili 1 avti . lioiiatiiedsiuaKeyoiu.in
o lie r- il 0J1I .in) cro; s Can y oil mi i.f al il,erli
i'iiik anil lirwio n.mi.1. 1.1 ininYui fiinher i iantiiiK. If
he warm ! lam at.otln I er, let thu Mietiaotlntn vaMey
iuiriu a barrau waaie, t. rt. 41it.M'.
It in further given out that General Grant h is
rdered the Hhove Ui be so completely eariie.lout
Data cr.w, living over the valley, will have to
arry its ow n r.ituus.
ah nay 01 the ..Mi botli ( uster and Merritt
eie engaged in dcstroi liii the erons. uiilla. and
II properly of use to tho Helxd army. Tho
cene presented on this occasion was indeed a
ery saddening but still a very neeoau.i y ouu.
in the course of tho duy we destroyed euouglt
neat 10 iilUil-l ino vviioic Ki iel army or a year
ocome, besides vollwting Uiieen huudied head
if cattle and about thref thousand sheep.
ju 1 nuay, 111c doiu, tuo destruction and c il-
ocUon o..crttilons were continued.
. r, A, wouode.l, rlnlit l.in.n ; J.il.u .JuR'ncn, ki.lo.l, mm-
hul U lit'llU; Jol.a Imii.uwiiv, C. wiillnd. a, lolt hh iuhler:
.. t. l.olh, A, ui.tniikil, r.kht liiiii,'; .Iaiiio o muer, M,
.oniulid. I. ft llmh; tlBiit. A. t. Iiimcnii, K. i.inuJ.'4
iiro. ill f oui klile to kljn Jn.t bli)- r.li, IJ..ri. ,1 M.
iroui, li, ni.iitJi'J, lex; Corp. A. Cooper. K. wounded,
e; firrtek O lolilitr, C, wi.lllidid, loll arm; J. '1'
le'mtl:ey, I-:. Womi.l.il,- rlg'it el'iow; llenlel Caary, I.
v 11 11 in. leti leu 1 j. Hteveu.on, K, kiln it; .),,. KiU'.ire, K,
. nil deil. arm ; J. H Altniuii, K, woniuled. apm ; lUinilTmi
v inlt. K . U.I.'IIU : 'i'liouiaa Lvajia. II. wound.-.! .., i , .
dur V. M'.eklmi, wuli.o.ed, sauiJiut in le 'aud side,;
1 mi i'.. .'i, '"1..V1 U4HUUIUI, IU IUI, arm
fl'lllll fiKsal'LVAMA liAVAIHI fir.t lilriltenatlt
nd Actilm Adiuiuut T. tt. Iliiikhliler. killed : K..i-....M,.t
K'ni Annstroiik. f,ini!thhik';(,llier 1'uuny. A.LUleo ; J.iint
.union, r., ki;:eu ; t.m;i lurreu, tv, wieindeu: Bainuel
.iMiuler. (J. wounded ; H. Murphy. II.MIsnlnifi l!.t.Vate,
.u.Uitl's; II. IddliiKl, 11, liilHliiu; H. C Letvel.lt,
..ili Al. Vli)tiiiui-e, IL, tun r.1 04,-: Morris allli,,
'.upl Jaroh fair, K. inllnlUKl Joieph lleaton, t,
""'-; John Milrlitime. il, in .ond; 1 . 1 oelio 1 Cecil, 1
htinfiVIII am Hia-d. r, I,, nilftlnn ; Willu a Mnore, K,
sok; Is to It. n, K.luUioim-; Hiekln. 1, iuin,in ;
lUfinil ltainloiili v.oeie, A, Wl.led; John Day, r. killed.
1 iiiMY-Sm un, Ci snsvlvAMA Cava! ry. First L'.ni
Mut f'f Ji jr, rlaUt loot; canUIn WiUi.ita F.
i..4)r, U, kr, hand; Captain John II. Ilornig. K, lu the
U i. dei 1 .-einimiji na hiiiiui, K. ruhl hand; Corn 1.
,1 J.mia h- a'aey K.u.i,,,-; T. W. hituji , m,,,.
is; J. lie a l taen, i., mi.,i.IK; Corjioial I Ilea. k.
1. nil .u.k ;l .amoral a. V Hnowaller, If, tulnaiuu ; u Yf
ttl r. 1'. lidoiliiai TIi.mh,. ei...h. ...... 11 ...i . .
- -- . aiiiau ron4uf t
nay. A. iiiK.nn' , Curpuiai w.lliaiii ll.irrKun, 11,
rmrlkhtaini; (amoral J. Finer, K, ml. aim; I),
alsrliu, l',iuoaily mounded.
Aspect of Affairs in Eastern
Richmond No Longer tho
Rov.p1 Capital.
Nprrlnl to The Kveiilnx Tfliji;rnlt.
Was niMiroN, October 5 r hive had a ran
vcratiou to-day with a very intelligent Uebel
sergeant-major, w ho has beenj.ierving in Col in -s
Colston's Itrigade of General Heth's Division.
Ho left tho llebel lints on Wednesday last, and
says that although GononulLcc uud his captains
bavo mado everything bend to ihelr Imperative
wills to send everything to the eouuniMiriat, yet
great dillleulty is experienced in giving the troaps
enough fotd, even of the wcll-kuowu corn meal
The supplies nt Kicbmoiid have given out, and
resort Is hud to tho country south and aoutliwvst.
The crops liavo been seized every where as fist m
gathered, and hurried to the army depots.
The people of Richmond and Petersburg, snrh
as were ablo, have left those cities mid cone so.ith
Tho?e remaining arc surrounded by sick and
wounded soldiers, and suffer terribly for tlio
want of tho commonest necessaries.
Leo has acknowledged his position as critic il,
not through any great genius cOilldicd by Grant,
but through thejudicions handllnj by the la'tci'
of his iuimenso nrmics. Like a great general,
I.ce has not forgotten his line or retreat. Ue hs
fortified JJanville at ull points very roceutly, and
DCa prepared temporary defenses on the route
thlthor. Ho has taken n number of his heavy
guns from Richmond and I.yndiburg to Dan
ville, and has mobilized his army for the series of
desperate conflicts which he anticipates in the
vicinity of his present position. aa
He has been madu military dictator, but has
signed a compact with tho lteb 1 autho'itiM to
pursue, as far as possible, a certain p.ilita o-mill-tary
policy suggested by them. Mr. Duvis and
Cabinet have left Richmond, and will piobably
settle in Columbia, South Carolina, or Ilalclgh,
North Carolina. It Is known that the Govi rnmcnt
archives, arms, ammunition, Jve., hiue bten sent
to Danville, which is Leo's b.wo of sujpliee.
All tho newspapers except tho Whig are n oying
south fiom Richmond.
The Rebels have more respect for Gran 's mili
tary ability than tho Copperheads of tho North
have. This Rebel says that General Grant's
plans of operations will cer.ainly succeed in the
cud perhaps very soon. This has been t.ho con
vittion of tho solid thinkers of liio Sititli our
since Grant landed his army on Pie south b ink
of the James river. It is southwest of that rlvor
that the greatest battles of modern timos must
soon be fought, and In nil probability tho decisive
one of tho war.
Grant's plan is sit id to boas follows : Short
dan will tako Charlottesville und move toward
Richmond from the west. A lin go force is said
to have tuken Abingdon, nn Important town In
Southwestern Virginia, tho depot of the products
of the vast salt mines of that re,'ioD. ThU force
is expected to move upon Lynchimrg.
General Lee, with un lmde.U 1 e army, is en
deavoring to keep ba k ml of these coiiciia ;
but herein is Gram's adv.iuiago, us, If
Lee weakens his line by timing away a
single division, Grant will at once move
on him nnd use him up. This Rebel tea us t l it
it Is thought Grant will tako both Richmond and
Petersburg without an assault in force. 11- will
soon entirely outllank General Loe und force
him to rctient.
Octobers. Tho utmost qu'ct has prevailed iu
front of Petersburg since Run ) ly. In passing
over the ground where the 2d Division of tho 9th
Corps met with the reverse on S iturday, our dead
were found entirely stripped of clothing, and
sume of the bodies wore horribly mutilated.
Kcvcrul of the men had ovi iontly been mur
dered afier being wounded, au.l one body pre
sented a spectacle too horrid eveu to be described.
iatcst filial Grant.
All Quiet in Botli Armies
Or tt 0 II N K 1) (' T II E R E D IX.
HlivrlMl to Th Kvriiliiir IXcss-rapti.
Waniiinovon, October t I'be mail steamer
Horyan, from City Point, reports affairs un
changed at tho front, our troops continuing to
hold ull tho ground recently captured by them.
There was a rumor alio it at City Point, which
appeared to be on the lips of every one, that
Sheridan had arrived wi: bin co-operating dis
tance with Grant; that tho advance of his
cavalry had ulrcudy joined Gi ant's advance. Tho
report could not, however, be traced to any
responsible source
C On the north side of James river tliore has been
no finhtiiig since tho Rebels made the unsuccess
ful effort to rctako the Chapin's farm position.
The 10th and lHth Corps are actively engaged
in Mrengtlicuing their positions, and have made
tl.em impregnable. All of our wounded in limit
ing on Clinpl n's farm have been removed from
the field and placed iu tho hospitals.
A Itlocknde-Itiiiuirr i( Iliilllits..
IfALiiAx, N. s.j October 5. The new Kng
linh blockade-runner, Colonel l.amh, from London
011 the 2 ')ili of iScptcniber, arrived here to day
with sevtiul passcngeis and a heavy freight.
4'npliireor n ICrbi l Halter) .
FoitTiii.ss Momioi October 1. The lio-pital
steamer from Point of Hocks, with wounded men
from the iiriny of the James, reports that Uencnl
Jerry bad assuulted and captured a Rebel bittery
on tho Ncwuiaiket roud.
IsalUuu; tt ttie -l'ensl."
New Youk, October.'). The Vri sailed for
Liveipool to-Uay with tjjo.oou in sptcia.
Front ( Mlllornli.
San FitANCisfo, October 3. The steamer
Uotdm A, it sailed to-day wiih230 pusecnu'eis and
over $1,1X10,000 iu bullion.
Mavrkela by TeleKraph.
N:w Voit k, October S. Flour 10( 20c. lower;
aWe f S"t) bn!a mate at ertnrrrHi dhlo, S'K"II;
Houil.erii. ftlu.rlt Wheat ei-ie. lower ; aalea unliiiponaiit ;
Corn Ue -c. low er; .alts bf vs.rtsi lin.hiia al il 1 i l;s' ;
llerf illill. Turk heavy; aalea ol' 1KSJ blila al lyjMH;
iiilJltuUallr.i.'et. WulakJ dull al .
rillLADK!.! It
sri-y AY
CoNCitAi.Fi) Dfadi.y Wkai'ons Tills morn
ing John Cavanaugh was arranged before AMer
nmn Jones, upon tho cbiirite of carry ing con
ccalod tltauly weapons, lie made bis ap iesr
anee at Men nth and Market : treets Inst niirh',
while Very much int.'Xicatcd, and coinuieiiecd to
rd;e a row gin rally, flourishing a lurg and
inuidtrous-looking bowie-knile whn h be had in
his 1 iX'teeslon. S heu a poliee oiliccr ;ep.ed up
ml atlcmptt d to preserve Ibe peace, the prisoner
threatened to ue the-kuile on him. lie wa
ct inmiited in default of siluoj bail to uusvr.
Vkbhk t. Yesterday uftcrnoou the Coroner
held an Inquest upon tho body of the e llored man,
William Grey, who was s'nbtied lust siaturd.iv
n glit at Sixili und Lonibiud streets. A vei'.iiet
was rendei-td that the deceased came to bis death
fium a st.b inllictid byacoloied man uiuied
London Lav ton.
Ri i.Kiitvs. This artesiiooii, tlie fourth anul.
vcrsnry of the Mothers' Prayer Meotln,' will take
p'ace in tho Green (Street M. K. Church. Rov.
Mr. Mit. l.ell, of the Coates Street Prohytorun
(thuich. Rev. Mr. Torrciice, of the Methodist
( Lurch, uud others, will ttddresstlie meeting.
A Soliubh's Remains. This nioruing the
reiniilns of the late Lieutenant Conughy, who fell
In tlio lu'e battle before Petersburg, will reach
this t liy. The deceased was well known iu this
A Foindi.ino. Last night, a female child
al) ut a week old was left on the door stop of
Mis. Hoovir, No. 11)12 Newton street, between
Ti th in d K eventh sheet. Atta lied t the
infant's ciothing was a slip of paper, coulaiuiug
the billowing inscription, delie.itely written in a
woman's band ; ' Por heaven's sakn take mo
in and treat mo kindly. I am a poor little
s'ruiigcr, with ro one to t ire for me, or help me.
Oh! plea-') open your hearts, nnd don't tend me
aay. Miow meicy as you hope for mercy.
N:iiue mo what you please. I am a wee.!, old at
twelve o'clock to morrow night.
IMienoil) Baby."
The 1 abo will bo kindly cured for by Mis.
Aoaicf 1.T111AI, Soctr.Tv. A mosling of the
Bocleiy for the Piomotion of Agriculture was
lu Id this morning at the Hall or the Society, in
V alnut stieet. Pierce liutltr, Ks 1., was elec.ed
a number of the Hocloty. 1 he reports of tho
several committees appointed 10 visit the various
agiieuhuial fuira were received. The fall sale of
livestock was hxid for the I 'Jill instant. No
oiher business of importance was transacted, aui
Ihe meeting udjoumcd.
rm Wrfx MfI
yf jrh siitfk -- &fitf&yy'prsfM? a j fi "i,L? k i-vwiy. .-Uzt w- x u
1 AW-to ( -M
01 i tii' xJ f fi- j fjfifi' --4KrCt Aa) s 'k'i Tff1 - tA
I '!. '. - K'Yf if- . ?l5wV'W ' '-"s ?yv Vt WARfirHToif - fSf V NlXf aaAsT atcatawav"
4ta'u Jt flaifta Y t S. I1. V vferSTW.V A. X23&fK 4e ? K JNsA CijRf'N
;w' 7
Political. Under the auspices of the National
I'nion League, a grand demonstration was made
last evening at the National Hall, in Market
ttuct, above Twelfth. Speeches were made by
CI iir'e.s Kglnion, Ksq., ono of the candidates on
tin Kltctoral Ticket in the State of Kentucky,
11 11 tl t'ai tain George N. Curry, of the Itli Dela
r,;i e Ki giniint. The meeting was a large and
I nil n-iii-iic 01, e.
Tins evening a nas mertlng of the citix 'lis of
the Sixth Ward favora1 le 10 the elect on of
Ahnbam Lineolu for President, and Andrew
Jt't.rton lor Vice l'lealilent, will bo bold at
l'ri.nl.lin 1 In II , Sixth stieet, below Arch.
To iiionow evening the Republican Invin d
bits uii 11 aivC 11 no! her ol their si rent pantdes.
Tl i v will uttiml the mas meeting in the 1'if
teft'th Ward, in Jii lge Kelley's Distrie'.
Tun Un.LtAiii) Toi it.AMi:xT. Tho score of
II c oilliard toiirnninetit now going on at Sansom
S;reet Hull thus fur sti'.nils as iollos:
l-.stcplie, won 2, lost 0; liiid, won 1, lost 1;
Ncluo, won 2, lost Ot Montgomery, won 1, lost 1 j
Jleivcs, won 0, lost 2; lt.will, won 1, lost 1;
Puiiner, won 0, lost 2; I'linikett, won 1, lost 1.
This afttinoon liird will play against Ib wcs,
and Ksti jii.e against Montgotueiy. I111I10 eveu
ii.g, Ryall asaini-t l'lunkett, aud Noiins against
IV liner.
La m i.nv or a llonsi: and Wacom. This
morning William RolKv, colored, was delivered
into the custody of the Shri iil- of Trenton, upon
therhurge of steitling a horse and wagon lio n
Ilo.uei.t.wn. As soon as ihe tin ft was commit
ted a description of the stolen property was tele
gri.pl cd to this citv, whither it was sup;oed tho
thiol bad lied. Rolley as soon niter arrested in
Library strict, above Fourth, with the horse, aud
wai ou in bis possession.
Annim.i;saky Mkbtino. The evening ac'shm
oftheoue hundred and fifty seventh anniversary
of li e Philadelphia ltaptist Association, held at
tie Herei n ltaptist Church, Fortieth and Chsiiut
Btiicls, was dtvoti d to the interests of the Penn
s Ivunia ltaptist Convention and the American
liapiist Home Mis-ion Society. Spirited and
(dtqucct addresses were delivered by Rev.
Messrs. Taylor, i'liririgton, Simni.e, Grier, and
other. 'Hie meetings of the Association ill be
C ntihticd to day.
Inui lst. The Coroner held an Inquest yester
day on tlie body of Jacob Wullzhauen, who was
killed at the 1'iaul.foid Arsenal by the filling of
the limb of a lrcc, which struck hiiu on tho head.
A veril.cl lu accoidauce with the facu was
ItKciif n mo. This wonting the Mayor Issued
warrants for the payment of tho city bounty to
thirty. tUice men, uue of whom was a substitute
The Ri covKiti.i) Lf natic.
In l liliaili Iphla dwelt a you'h,
4)f polished srace nud plea.lntt lorin,
M hnsu aoul all honor waa and truth,
host) Imurt wua iteuerona aud warm,
but, Jilted by a 'also coquetU),
1 Vi'lio inuurned tuo lato her cruel act),
Ills lla hecanie ipilte overall.
And diiatlns Irltoua deplored the fant.
He raved nnd acreeclied. and well-nlith lord
Ilia biukli-ita sanuuntalroui bla bauk.
Then, llko an elephant, did roar,
I'tilll l.la laoc lieeume quite black.
Hut vlien, one pleasant inorn, he roso,
l.lKht o'er bla uientul vlaloa broke. N
Anil, Kuxini; on bis (altered elotliea,
hniiie earnest sonh nc.M he apoko.
Hiose wenla I1I.4 friends with Joy did hear,
S4qBti"r And tilesaed the certain proof llioy bore .
i. 1 hat Iteasiai'a. lamp at'ttln burned clear,
And that the youth would rave no more.
Snid he, " These cloihes have renin 10 bad
Tbut they cannot be. worn at all!
And 1 must haaleu to be clad
Anew, once more, at lower UhIH"
llv making a aelectiou iroui our stock 01 ReaJy-mS'le
tinriiients you ;will aeeuro artielea eiual in ati''. rt.
mule atij maltriuHo any made to order, al i"t w Mj
jer ittnl. Ivtcer priret. ' -
Towsu Hall, No. MS Market Htrf.it,
;Uknnktt &, Co.
Cooi i:it A Con'aiid, Ninth and Market streets,
I avi fur a -sortiutiita ol l.aditia' CloukhiifaiCoAtibg., aud
0ereoa;iin;,. kj.
Mits. M. O. Ruown'k " Metaphysical Dis-
eoveiy." kills Ihe r-'Ut 01 eery dia"se. l'rieo fr. Mi.
(10 Arch stieet. bee advettiiuincnt 111 another coluiuu.
Tim On. Pevrr. We do not wonder that our
eai 1UI1.U are beeiilntait rampant ou Uia aiibieel of "Oil. "
Tli. a ereat diiiiu of weailli la ollulta hiianey. Tknaaxt
he,t thtou to iLvestiiis id Mt)ii" la to purchase all your
Ci al at ll.e isipnlar anl of W. W Ailer, N . 0 . 7 S. Mulli
atieet. lou iviJI .ave money audget Ibe bat artlela,
UKKinn. "Augustus" bad just put on anew
mil ir-.ui l.iirlea rt'okea A t'o.,uinler Hie CoiilmoQUl,
Winn he asked "Isaac'' what be tuouithl ol'ltr
o.p.e a luml ol iiuncii,' aalv Isaac.
"lo.nr iikeieatr
Oot a toy ;.oon lu il,1' aald Ike.
PiioTooRAi iia of any style executed In most
nrllptlc manner al H. lo lnier ., Ku. list Ao li .Iriet,.
l.iie-ate I'Uoloaiaiilia Lu oil colors, Ivoiytjiies, aud Carles
ue 'ikii.
Srn.L A 11 fa 11. The high encominnii which
the nipa-'t' atd oreis'ort of tae "t'l rence" HeMrlntf
Maet.ltie Ihe agency lor whinh, la lbl city, la at X VII
l.e-init atieel );i.a) e laviahed u.nii that liislruuiaut have
exelted the most tlep,tule Ilk ally ou tbv port. luoe a.pe
elally, of aeeo d-cl44a. 4MM4iiiiura, a flf walaa an do
no 10 id with the people, taliai we have le.rolu ore atattel
la iliese eolumna tviiu ro.peet t'l Ilia t'loreitce kiaohine,
will be frtntH In the lrlr, iu vara' fwr.ieuar, 10 the
eatl.iai Hon 01 all wLo taU at ina roviwatid xauiiualor
Ovuiialyui, in' ,
Ornn or Tin Ii'uko Tmoiim.)
w edue.dsy, Ucti ber A
The unsettled state of tho price of gold, conse
quent npon army news, gives a fl ictuuting char
acter to the Stock Market g ntrilly. Men are
excitable animals, aud our brothers of the Ex
change are subject to very violent fits of depres
sion and elation. A cavalry skirmish is tortured
in o a disastrous defeat or a glorlo. s victory, and,
presto) Btoiks are bummertd dovn or bidden
up with insane fury, us if the world was coming
to an end, or tho ml lennium was to dawn upon
us in tho next half hour. Tin ro are a 'class of
"securities" which, like thistle down, are blown
about by every wind, und tho bulls and boars do
a vast amount of "blowing" of that sort. We
enpposo, however, that Philadelphia will stand,
and her solid securities will not disappear, even
lifter tho last Rebel hai been shot or bunged, and
when a Confederate million of dollars will not
buy a good cigar. Tho loyal North, It is to be
presumed, will not bury its gold or burn its
greenbacks when the war is over, but will still
lnivo some money on hand to invost In solid dividend-paying
securities. In fact, when the vast
hoi do of gold which bavo been locked up by sus
picious and cranky people, and hidden away in
old stockings by Ignorant and cra.y men and
cei-YOUs old women, are poured out once more into
the legitimate channels of trade, we shall awako
in surprise fiom our delusions, aud "wonder
whore all tho money comes from."
We especially warn our reader! against the
croakers who are trying to get up a stock pauio
on the prospects of peace, aud by a scare to re
euact the scenes of 1S57. The same desperate
speculators iu New York, who inaugurated Hie
ruin of that year, arc trying their host to bring
the public mind to a state of alarm, that they
may break down the prices of sound securities
in order to enrich themselves. That bubblos
will burst stock, merchandise, or others we
admit, and many a Use fortune on piper melt
into thin air; but wheu sober men see the mlat
vanishing, they look tor clear weather. We shall not
aive away houses and land, mortgages and bouds,
or dividend-paying stocks, because topper mining
gold mluliig, or ull itovk coittulvi may explode,
The really talnablc, rii of (A,wni betk " n
mere t rir.ctl, and son ad securities of all aorta will . ,.
he sought after, ns we settledown one more Into ; -
the ca m enjoyment of life and the sober bnnlrMxn
of making money slowly. The vast resonroee of
the ecniitry will, fairy-like, touched by the magic
hand of labor, spring Into papable life i and all
aronnd ns the hum of spindles will be bmrd,
while the desolated lands of Ihe South will bo .
covered, as with a hive, with thousands of hardy ;
Yankees, whofe spades and ploughs will turn Qj
the golden earth to the sun.
"Thera la a aooit tlma a cnmlna.
W In n tat cruel war U ever."
In the meanwhile the shrewd men, who havsj :
available funds, are quietly purchasing sound .
itoeks; and a number of combinations maybe '
expected to show their strength in the mtrket " 1
after the Pennsylvania election.
1 lie new movement in Reading promises to be '.
quite formidable to the bears. The old clique
wiiieh took hold of It last aprlng, and carried it '
np from GO to 82, are very large bojers, assisted , '.
by a strong combination of capitalists and '
biokcra, commanding several millions of nvne. ( 1 "
One party alone contributed 300,000 to the ' ' ,
pool which has been raised to hoy np tho cm -stock
aud take it from the market, ..i i ;
At the clore of last week sixteen thousand ' ,
shares of the cash Hock were withdrawn from the .
street, and the certificates for the delivery o
falcs in New Yoik are very scarce, and are paid '
for by t? e bonrs, in order to fulfil their contracts, "
at much higher rates than the regnlar sale of , ,
seller three days. It is estimated tint In New "
Yirk ulone this stork has been oversold to tho" ' !
tune of fifty or sixty thousand shares on sellers '
options; and as those contracts are matnrlng, .
and the cash stock must be had at any price, r "
" somebody has got to suffer." " '' i
The growing Importance of the Beading Com-' ' '
puny is best shown by its enormons isarnlngs, r
which this year exceed by a million of dollars all . , "i;
of its former years of prosperity the tounago , e.,'rj
rnngiug 72,000 tons per week against about 40 ,0O0i ,
in itie year past. The dividend, In stook and.,) .
cash, the coming January Is estimated by the.(
knowing ones at from 17 to 20 per cent, j and, In' ,!
face of this prosperity, some crazy New Yorkers ' ,
have sold these enormons amounts short, estl-- " '
n ating the value of the Reading by the exploded '"'
Idea of the appreciating value of the greenback: i' ,JJ
cnrieiiry. In fact, th Reading road, by leasing ' '""iS'i
and Controlling the lateral roads in the ooaW t "
region, is now master of the situation in the coal , ,
carrying business, and may make enormoas ,., r
uiviuenus npon us annual earnings; wnust
some of the Western roads will fall off la'
receipts largely at the close of the war. Tho '
New York stock gamblers every once la a
while make a dead set at the Reading, bnt so' '
thoroughly is the valne of the stock understood '
in Philadelphia, and so prompt are our eapi- '-" ''
tallsts In coining into the market when the stock '' ',' ?,
Is low, that the flouting certificates disappear by . ... ;- I
the thousand La a week or two, and the anfor-'
tuuate bears are badly burned In nine caaos out
often. Ro long as coal Is consumed the Read-'M1' ,, -ing
road will hold its proud supremacy over all ,
other coal-carrying roads; and onr Gotham ' - "
liicnds will lenrn this lesson every time they "'
atb nipt to sell its securities short for future .,' ,J ..
t" cllvcry at lew pi ices. ..'
Our readers will remember that last spring wo '; ''
I rcdictcd tho great rise that was coming In tho .,
Reading shares when the stock was soiling at 82,
and wo now put on record a prophecy that beforo 1 - '
January we shall see anoiher enormous rise la '
this stock. Wo shall, of course, have fluctuations, . , .
as tho tide ot battio ebbs or flows, bat each roao-
tion from high rates will be less than the last, " '
un'il the vast volume of these contracts will have ..
eveiiiui'.lly to be covered ut 70 or 73 per share. , i
Even at thin figure, the earnings of the ro id will '
warrant largo compensating dividends, axd tha ' '" .
sti ck will afiord as safe and profitable an invest- ; ,
in iu ns any security in ue niarsec. reonsyln 'i "
y..nla lailroads and mines ate even yet botin tbo ' 1 '
infimt exercise of strength, and the vast resources " ' '.,
ol the glorious old Commonwealth are but bad- ,
ding into splendor. ' i .-.ono) "
The SttKk Market continues very heavy ; price ' ;
Lnc i gain declined, and there is moredisposl
lion to sell. Government bonds are dull, with , ,
(nits of S-20s at 101, coupons off, and 1061, with
coupons ; (is of 1881 sold at 105, which is a decline.
Railroad shares have fallen off, with sales of ' '
Reading at 67("674; Northern Central at 1; m
Pt nnsylvaria railroad at 6yJ, which is a decline. , . , .
of J ; North Pennsylvania railroad scrip at 90; -Philadelphia
and Kilo bonds al 100; and Cata- " ;
wissn railroad preferred at Mi 150 was bid (or , ,.
Can.deu and Amboy; 4.14 for Little Schuylkill ; ' ' . ,
lui for Minehill; and BO for Philadelphia aoi ' ' '
kno railroad. :.": '.t
Ciiy (s have declined, with sales of new at 102,
and old at 1'H.
Coal Oil shares are drooping. We notice sale
nf Da hell at Hi; Noble and Delamelex at 121, . , , . ti
Mi Clintiiek at 6 ; Perry at 4j Dcnsmore at 8J;
and MeKlhenny at6t. i
In City Passenger Railway stocks there is Utile .'; t
oi iiolbii g doing. Bi) was bid for Second and, ,s
Third ; 18 for Arch; and 11 for Race and Vino. ,
There is no change to notice in Bank shares,'' ''
but w e hear of no sales. 1G2 waa bid for Nona . . . , ,1(
Ameiica; 04 lor farmers aud Mechanics j o
for Coinmcrrial ; 79 for Kensington; 4U for
Penn Tow nthip ; aud 2ti for Mauulauturera and .
.1 il
Mo I'.antcs .
Carnl shares are dull, and prices are lower,
with sales of Morris Canal preferred al IDS t and i '
Susquehanna Canal at 13; 31 was bid for Scuuyl- ..
kill prebrred. .
There Is very little demand tor money, and tho
intes remain about the same as last tiootad. '
Louls on call are offered at b(ri7 per cent, per
annum; best paper is selling at from 9(n l2pcr
cent. . , i
There is very little doing In Gold this anirn-
Irg and the maiktt Is dull; opening at lWii ,
advanced and sold at ly04 a- ll o'rl'X'k ; fell ui: '
and s. Id at 100 at 12; aud 190j at 12a. ' Mart.et
weak. . - ; . ,(
koportetl by Clarkson . Co., Broken, Ma. IU S. Ttlrd C ,
lio.htsiory fatui...c :l'-t' aonahComPlAjiUr... . .
Ineali lo Sit )) -h OX tl? ' ,
its rh Ui a i 1 41U ah Hraduif k.... jf "
JiV all Egbert Oil 1', l'Sl-h o ri.n .
oioli do iJ, 400 ah dn if i
'1)1.1 WeLliliUsk.... in ,ti til .' ,
p.,h dn blO S HOah do ' , .v
M4i sh lien-more I'S; l.'si.k do t' .
UO.h liivmer r.l 100 ah 9e. !'
riKMT BOAKI. s ,
Hft"0 U 8 5-'a ll i iftsi .h lislsell OH MO 'i.
av, mii do is. n u on ll;! lah do bin
ISO V s. lii-an..rea
bU ah do..
li4i 0 U. R. Ba, HI 1'
Sticot liv lis, iver 70. '"S
fun I liy Ba, new... .lof
H m e Am. Hold VMI
ttnUlO Alle.sh.t-'o ia.ao.l'SlW,
SllSH) lleaillni;bda7ii...PO
North l'a atrip.. W I
11)0 ah Kesd. U.a.,..nn 57',,
luiah do... slukiut MSi
liO.U do 'MilA,
1S) ah do 67 ), I
JKlsb Sible ! . .. i; r
l.'slab do.. .... il J. r
oil I al: Mcl'liuloct, t .
Vim tb do bel t i
Jill ah I'arry Oil... .kit 4
loo b bensuioro '
aouah do ..14 tl'i
ley ill VcLllienuy.bll) 6'j
60 t'l M. Central .... 61 . 1
ls.li Morrla ( n pf...LUI
lHOahfenna Ut 6-V'
M nb 8uaip Cul...bA LI .
Inn ah do M
IM) to CauwUaol.bw) 3d .
-.1 ,
Mil ah di 0.1
I') all' do 67
li4i.h An ....Ii6 i7
llllah do til) uiH
Quotations or Gold at the Philadelphia Gold
Exchai'ge,No.31 S. Third street, second story.
01 A. M 100 12 M 1801
ii a. m.::: vA i p.m iM
Market steady. ui 3 . -
Db Uavkk 4 Bao., No. 20 8. Third street,
quote as follows i-
American Gold ltlJ
A I,, oni-on Silver, it 's and 1 s lt9
Dimes and Half Dimes I'i3 . .(
Spanish Quarters WO ,
Venn. Currency tdls.l-Sdis.
New York Exchange .....a 1-10 44 pax. . ,;
The following are the receipts of Flour and .
Grain at this port to-day ;t lour, 1200bbla.t
Wheat, 8200 bushels ; Corn, UoOQ bushels : Oats, ''',"
4200 bushels. . . . , . t..
The Secretary of tho Treasury annonnoa '
that proposals "will bo rtxeived until Oiule.r ; ,
14th for forty millions of Five-twenty Bouda"
The Five-twenties have always been among tt9
most popular ot the Goveniinent secnriuea, ud lo .
the new isaue will be awarded al a liberal '6- , ,.
mluin.' The new bonds will not interfere wutt
the SeTen-lhirtit s, aud preaeul aa admlr1' '" '
... ;..o.....j t..t,a. Maaaanh JJ ! I 1
Tcsiiiieiit hj i.Aiiaa)iaaa a. -- o.,.r s
Cook Ut Co., No. 114 Soulb Third wh J'";, ,t o
tiae that parties wishing to niaao "ToVi, ,-'f ,,f , r
anv part of this popular r-sutean dtir tUtdtt i ...l
I ,UewwliUout,Ai-'lutr,-e.,i;; , - t;j t6 'a i ,"r(ui
., '!
i. , , i
I i a
' :;'ti
.1 M
1 : H
or. o. J
t ')
''. ..a
: :j 'A
,-i u
. '".iSi
rt i -,l I,.
1 i.S
V 3
1 I' i
: -.at
i' d
I. ')

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