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The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, October 13, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 4

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-j T.ll.SSlMV, tCTt l'KK 1.1, lnri.
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Tbf rcon)rtiil of Orera 1 ...fr,i!i. t
for I tit f''i.r'xl "1 tonis Nvn .i
lw,MTti ' -IniH - irm.-e w.ti ii in
afcc 110 it .- tl 'omni0it, h.nvo '.oditf nic to
,ti rt w tlr tmt & , mat o' a rt I .,, ,1
,w. r II: re roirs ? lo Hie .v earu-ite ot I uris,
w' P" 4 .(fi'P'xl II oii e liivo-niij.i. .i in ii,,
arofY ne of the ci'nU.icjuliu -ytitiin rf pur si, rg
.liBii J'" m ' t Hash h.t rtr
Ibr iiikuit July, ymi i in fe n trr tv -tri'n
' j.otir mii', i.ivuu l rri.n;rt tilS't" il' mirt ir
fiotii 1'ic lru trl, nA vl .inn v4 l v. 1 lli.it t.m.,
llroui'i fie u''onrf: .sr. Antum: l ilic -i i.--fri.a
Tritj. itltfb.fl tn ,lj in R khioh..
jfce irliU'iar.ic'er or thin t.ii'.t I I! ' i.ilf
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true 1W!. whVsi tans ho culVw ) in
fvity PiTtMm rr)n;;in. 1; 1 mi-. ,,,. -r
an) iaiA'li 'I1", calls', ami uIC;i'tt,,i-,i p -.ir
twi'on) J0" f" Vm i l wli.r. t'' ue:
ertxFo'j n 1'w I'diio'Ci J I'rin.-u !;u;ollc, u
then ir pieuTw grown m ro po or:y-,:rl 1. ii
mH'f? rty 3i'. Tlis :!: ilt trottolr
k"ir thv ii4e-Yie;il lu'rums lir sml.tr, unl
llievi.1 1'uri-inn hvei a are tltv.iri'o I ..l jtn t,i
iaUono-t-riri hti'l I'tifrn.
Alii'le " Mrtlirr or, d-ij tire komI. IjrU'.ii it.
r tt I'STtS t.At l!s;l'pC.U.-.l. V il llll I ' ...)(
ii at tincam the tunljuKi ex;.cm,tv nf'tli.- tan-to-nig.
'1 hi clnro n Hiu in.ire nJJ- n "i He
ttv Tine Kctinetto U hiiriHv more tli m ;i pule in
1, unit). Ob Ui otlicr l'icoi'iei; ul.:iril Prin. o
Kuiitiio ifie I'li.mitiiot of iho suvot Ijo unncn ioi
1e uy nx Innchtlj. Ornvcstoiii" cro :h, pic
liirei rrf rcwutinu tleuth t)io r ivc, vrwi
ilirr.bs'waatus ol' ivy aufi i,iiui..rt.;ilfl j .:. i tlie
til ' Tly hi tli? pran(l-tl jr or' Hie j oor
ii .iKV Ue ib -cigiir iiio walks ulourf lUo .rji .
fur lii Att time c.tn n lu.itor In in itouut tlif
jiiH )Unie to mt leiid to h tiii"tn-v. Ami
tiK-1 ft I tie rase : it iuus in a traiutit line to e
UCl-iui'e, tliu cr lubriitod l'an.slun r.'nivtL'iy.
Pnt It "I-" rimi jiuht niKitlior lace oi liurlal,
Whb (MtlMrnrr few of the tunny tb.3tia.MiiU
Walk aloiif; t)i str x: to i uc U CiKi-p
Tiof'i r i otico. Kbortly 1m i ne the oltv "t crc ;s
aprcxttrn.il boiilB'inl, two chIdkhiI buil.1 ,i: s , f
V4tu . nnoomtoi Wbic ape't i ic cn (;!: t "lo
.' it, Tbuy louk lialf nisi us, L.ilf l'o.ire.se-i,
and I'lftj walls, run all iiroiiu I tboia. A t t i.'
coiiTs Jid oval tlio entrance gmen the 1'H'ty
'wiills are cronJ with turrets, and n'xivc the
rntirtor we see tlie vablo-omla of voIoamI bi.iM
' iiiE. vhih on Hie left eitle of ilio stroc: Arc in tiic
of a itar. What is the pur, )o(Pi t'n -e
tvf-4.Tta bntl'Hnps? The one oa tbe Icll is tlio
pifioa fur youthlul ciiminuls fiom tlio au ot e x
to twctiLy yiars. It is the only 1 'ii is. .in yri-on
wlilcb b a rtiorongUly inhuman :h.in t.'f; fu,
In its court tr.i cells the silent sysic u is c irvil
eut with1btnit extreme severity.
Tli'- hniMinif on the ritfht Is only t rrii.'e
through the ,iciions who ure ci.niin d in it a. 1. 1
the late ttiat awiUtf Ihcin ; iu'-iilj it pre !s tn.i
hnuiune mode of triMtnietit wln. U 1 found in nil
I rench prisons, nnil which iiTercNCils tliu pur
pufe of UC Imprisonini'ut. It Is tlio prisun ot tht,
' convicts and those coDilviuntd to iloaih, the pSe
-of depxxil for the scorn of the j-cpnlation of IVtrls,
who wilfVe remove J to the Baltic or Civcnn'.'
or nntil they mount the guiilot.ne. 1 io'ii tbis
prison thf re are only two raoilosof rlois?. the
muse terrible in hum.n llto the enllcys. and
death hy the c.xcsciitionar's hand. '1 ne prion is
railed ulier the street that rims p;ist i's ijidted
Iron fste. It is known as tbe Prison de 1 1 llo-
sinetto, auJ Is of but rocsiit origin, as it wa, bail:
1 welly yards from the entrance rite, t.-. ill r.n
the Itn-lisnil side ot the street, tlfe pedei rii'i
BOtice live ijrjrer atones of a brii'ht eDlor ii tbe
p.ivrmrnt. They fumi n ;t?. sTJure, with the
til'ib Hone In the ccntic, at tbe poi'i. whucethe
d.axonaU of the t iuare interNert i-a:h ither.
These live tnsutnilUwnt stones n: i)k tho luont
awful iot In lulls tl or nro the eiulioditatnt
Of fearful mlnlictooesdJ.tin g b iclit i toe l ist
eenlary. These rciuitusurtves drip with blood
pain, and tears. In a worj, we are s an iin. Ii:ic
on the i pot where the gaillo'.lB'j is cre -ed nt
ovt ry execution In Paris.
After this terrible in-trument haj visite 1 la the
last century the l'laee de la f trove, tho riucode
AQtuine, tiic l :uee uo la I. evolution, no.v
called La Coueorde, and wandered duriiu tli
Hrt half of onr centurv round the Iwriers of
rarH.it unully found a permanent stall m berc
Vu years ago. I'.ut il r!cs lroui tbe ei th only
snaring ine uurKnos oi HUM, and 0 -K.,rars
acaia after eerllest dawn. The Tuillotine ner
forma iu leirihle task cro the gnu rises above tho
clumpiof tiees ia the Hois de l oulojrue. Tne
antut instrament teems lubimud of its eil-teuee
In onr cfntnry, which has justly beou r'lri-lueJ
mat oi i.nvui.auon, oi immunity, i.1 are tuos
asbanxd wtiu pr.mounie sentene.; of ! it Ii on
llii lr brothers In this nue of eulubt huioiu
This in tic present place of execution f.ir Paris
nd the Depurtmeiitof the Seine. Tlio coiidoiuued
mian either epetius hia last nicht on earth in tli
condemned cells in tbe rear of the prlmn, to
wuiinir-naii presently conduct tue rcuci-, t r
Lrcupht i rota tbe prison in wbieh he tuts li-n
oonnned a tew minutes hetorc his CTm atlon inti
tbe front yard ol La ivoouette.a i.l delivered to
tbe exe. Dtioner.
I rant; the bell at tlie filled iron gi'.tc, ii hleh
-stnicns into mo ine ue ia Jlo'jiictte. Tlie giite,
aiid-tho ma l yard into whleh 1 could lo
seemed so ttero. while, outside, the curtU mi
glad with flowers and sucshina. The K'oomv
rate opencii. l urcoi ia Aran dress and bruht.
hued turbABi received tue, and led uie to llm
. greircr. 1 showed him mv order, addiessed bv
the police prelect to all the prison direetors in till
i Department of the Seine, t Bhow me cvory.lnn r
and give me every debiil about their funetious
i mat ttieir duty permute t
Tbe prefect's order a m opened to mo the I-s
Roqiietta prison, to whleh A', it very ditt cult to
fain admbaion. I be er'HU.or rang a belb aud a
- prison oftcusl appeared. I r"iiesied for my
t gui le one of the brigadiers who had watched
r e ice (ir inl, the fanntioil encmv ot Napoleon,
on the last n ij; tit beinre he laid ins luua on the
tiloek. ihe gretlier gi-amed my wish, and tho
briendier came.
"I'id on watch Otsini on the nL,ht before his
. . death ?" I asked him.
"Yes, sir," the hrlgfirller replied, "f was on
rusrd several nights over Orsu.l and Pi.irri, and
Kudio as well. As you will be a -vine, sir, .tuuy
, paaced one-and-twenty days a' La U jiiuohc.
We went on. Tbe Urn small yurd w.is Incirsed
by a large, many-storied building, coutainiuif
apartments lor tbe olliviu's, the gtiaid-rooni, and
the 9om of the exectitiofler. who here reeeives
tiie vi -tim of ihe gaillotiw!, w'ui 'h on this day tho
Afriefb so diers, in tlu .r picture ue iiuii'e.'iu,
ooeufweJ. A see.' u 1 er.ued (into led into S-Uu
main buihiiog of the pris'in, tu which live the
sleeping wurds i nd workshops of the t'lllcy
alnvos slid convicts cihL for tviiusiortaii'iu. Too
i fonr, sites of the tlirec-s oiicd building run round
A l irge inner yard, u founiuiii.of constantly II m
iog water oecupyin;: i'i Cen rc. This laro kiia.ue
it. ured r.s an exercising y..rd by the convi t-, aud
tlie most eaimenius ii'i.inn are ul:uwel two
tours for leeruition lu this prison.
lie la I.oipiettc eomaiii'-, mi the nu t m'e, fi jih
, debt to nine hundred praontn.-, t. bo uie av,iit
in; iheii jamoval to the giliejs or n'uoi'l, mid
tbey fol)or each other in aiv.'uloni: i'.Iu o ulvoo:
txeteLe. At the tiiuonmn 1 virited the yard
tnny of 4ba piloners were in- !r, wnlklm; and
talking t"etlir lust as they p!e tscd. Tne 1. 1
: Roiuette fr.ison v.-as ble-eJ!y 1,'ni.rniit i.l the
g .osa. steu, ' which renders thu mho hour of
Itcrcii'ion of the day weaiisonn i:nd f it lin m;,
.nd which is found in most Knlinb prisons.
"How do y 3u punish j ri-oners w ho are in
iuboidinate f ' I akeii iuy romp mi on nt we
walked mnon"? '.be (jronps of "Osii ri"T i-'jnv.els.
"Hv jtor piiif, their brnr of liberty, trm lo ul,
jnud. ineet.siy, removal of luetr f.ed,::uJ lool:-
J&g np in a dik tell," be rep..d.
The tana itotipet!, and loo'.cj at mo ;u .imiko
Xi.CIlt. "Lrisbee!" be :!! "la'bes ! I ftipj'i. ox
l..ean fith a whjp ''
'Vea. ot cnrsv'.'
Tto arirud:er wrj siler.t for a inwuent, but
tlitn cmuimied :
'vSIr," lie excla'me 1, "iu l'rance no ni tp is
ilo",. : u, no". eu'O a t-'ailey-siave. Arcmca rioted
jr wiur eonutry f ioumu-t come lii'tii liuti a,
wbre the Knout is used :"
"S4, 1 am not a I.uasic,bi;t au Ijiil; U:uuu."
TL briKMiicr iookeo at rue iu uruiiet aarui-se.
It set.uH'd tu liitn iuexpliei.iiie t it then t et'.J
le aipujcr com.v.y t.:J?s Uu it li .tJiu
liere ttn wcie tluJed.
"lcHf,"li9 repented. "H it i -ue tliu: iieop.e
re (...';id in your tvaairv . "
' Oh vts," 1 a'iswt'ltJ ' I ivttit villi u Vj'i.-
"oi'r 11 Idles, sai'trs, auJ . ar
My w,tbjr tir'gai'.kr romd lint a!;ow f his
. icmj.f. SuW'ajf l' b.i'l, iio mt'itcrtJ! u
"""Kwiii" but w trill hi- tixlh, tuij2 we loii-U.n-1
4 oi.r walk.
VVe du! euterel t! e ir'. !.o,i? of tai; con
: "'"'li re oa tl. d l.V x.u ti .) J of 1J10
Imw.ik. 'I'bet'were W.y, t e:., ari l fitr, hut
bU flrB I VttV pievMtulv tuned
wbn they are ratnt.1 a -tw Z' . hut a
these gu y woollen Jsclets sod tnivurs were the
noit dioueioue ruirlatia In I ia..n.?. l.-.--.
of thim hsd li'en eonvii j ; , ,i,.,,y ,
d)y, kiiJ many bi.U beea tiU. fvi. .-.'! j-, 1, .
H w.v, id hi J I vra l . b '. vr r .
t'h 1, re T '-rc ' r kbif thr , u, tli .Jiir-re. t
wV.il. b .e. 11. v :" ul 'f v ,1, ,, -. hl'o lli'i'
mv eti.' i V n t i in ' I t'.ur-J.v I '.ees, ihe 111 in
frii'luini '!' . i ' wnlob, roiioiry and pois m ne,
raj e nnO murder, played a pronil!iin' par'. I
VK'Hriil yniitif i"0i' ,lei, w uo ha 1 s nru pa- . 1
sliolr wMiti' mr, wi h "' r'lWc I uiir .
rird vet tbey a-l already jmlK-M r ivr h i-.. s
wrtl t1 r t ,'itrncion I ei mr.s, .',: -baiird
n eu. on 'i ? .sr t.. .ll,eyl .d 1.1 1 1
ilri p vn. w I ta-v eyes t ill of vn'm
nn. I i sful iii'l'., sad iorobe .tiii on '. . ' i
lif.in? tnui i"'t il.- stanip. bit win .m.-v'..
tlit Vm. p f il'rry ti oniric tiwl wi keoii
1 f t IjIiC niiOibtol ,.n l a', i. d llioir
iiteths iu pu-eiim, tin I ten in- v, w eu I ii'it
wiiliit; u ilinil.'.." of ilient .to 1 lejuintoi.'
ui ' in. I1"! e u tlie-i mini are iret'f.d
in tf'i- nn'Si hniii.ui) wnv. even tl.onf"i ihc ban
tniiv rj a ned the iurm ol nu n Ti.ey ily
,rld mini H A. M. n V. M ., and t'.i-.
hiIh. '.oil's liielniltd I r. -' 'I lie v lit'
vnv e'.'l'ep lii-sl, and litest tw . e n vtei'
Ttuiiflav am! 8un.liv. The hour- or rest and
tbo-e i tier o'e oek oelinifd tt lie'M"1v --, an I
tin ) esiiilil emp oy the liine a If.ey plea- d, m
workiiy, u.i kin.or n'auiiif.'.
T'Tti li lutrnr purpose !ai ttO'ii't " "t a r. .1
a ra'ln r pmi iisIio lib' err. frum wm.-h ( i on
vin wss ailmied to bortV'WO Volnine u w.' il .
I Lad a look a. the library, In wbieh tiomr:
acted as iibrniian. The books 1 look down .' er
of h llienry, bl-tiri. l, tr acic.ntilie nuinrp I
noticed M'vtVul Iconics .f travel and natnr ii hi-,
lory, bile tb e onreliii)US ubu els were r-iri r.v
.t i, if fit the conv'is aio allowed' to road in tlei.r
-Uepnie re Is till Mle'clo-U. Karli had n a-p i
iatrell, with a prosp.-et of the lofty wall whi' h,
as I hute suued. tftrms mi Imm-nse 'na Irani'. e
roi i.i: ttie r -on. tin wa.kini' wi h my i.r ; e.
iil.irg tlie if ml. lies, and hsik'n.) Into s'uiie of : i.'
p s, 1 rii !". thnt ibf iron liars were n i. : !
to the winnows, but about half a V t asrav fr i n
H em. 'n thiistltig ou: my hnad, I found t i t
ilwea ion bio to curry on a eotivers ti ion "'tn
the e ihontr in Iho next pell. If he pn; mi: iii
heao too I remarked on this lo my c imp ai jn,
hiio lie re lf,-
" 1 hut is 'pi te correct ; ami It t ikes place hero
vprv ii hi frum hull-p.isi nine til1 ten o'clock
Tl.k .i f Ir.mr In f re golii'r to sleep is alioned
the i-uli.. . ,- men for reernaiion. Win n the
pr.-ou ei'ie1 nr kri ten, the sentries po.ue l .it
the v.tiM '"l iwn Ihoiii, H vou can see, call out to
pot all 1 'jhts out. Then the 'conversation i- nt
all end."
This whs leii.iin'va piuitrast to some of the
j. ris 'l-s which 1 inspected in licrmnuy, where tho
senu'ies in tne jarus nau orders to fire a-tne
bud iv' ai v prisoner thrust out of a woatttov.
Theccrr.il bulldin!.' in the larirs vurd his a
kcoi d p.isMicc loadinf.' Ui a sintilicr court. In
thivrvnue oi it is a iimntiiin sUrnmn ied hv a
ltu-s pint mid trees. Ibis yard is inclostd'bv
liiiiiilitr.'S two suines hieh. It is verv still nn.l
qtiiet here, ai d ti e eoutrast is the more roui ul.
ubic It yen hc.vtj just come fr in tho noise and
eotifiiMnti of .ha latce vard, with Its snrrouu liiu
workshops. 1 too teit this contrast w hen I entered
Willi tnr eoninanlon : 1 beard noihlnir hot the
pla lni (,' ol Hie loun.ain tailing into a large s'.one
has n.
Fur wl.nt Is this yard used ?" I .utked the
It m the yaiu of the Dristinerscoiiileiiin.il to
I slindd. red fjr a moment.
"The yen) of lhoe coudemm d to death." I re
peated mcelii.nlc.iliy. "Here Ors'iii and Pierri
saw lor tlio hint tune tho blue sky and green
Tin. ii; h 1 lird n horror of the fanatical deed of
the two Italia!. I could not overcome a feellne:
of tneli.nehoiy when I thought of the list mo.
n cits 'j1 ilicsi: men, on whom tne blue sky of tho
loveliest hind In the world smiled at their birth.
yptt were n kli.g about Orsinl and rierri,"
n y coinpunioibsaid : "this is tho yard iu which
tin y sj cm a ) .onion of ti e day."
I silently went alnus the va'ks or the Lttiu
parden. The niidduy tun piejicd in so gloriously
irmu tne r.:'urc Ky, nun tne grass-plot was so
exquisitely In mi. All iirouiid was silent o; the
water I'lotic plashed in millions ot silvery dvo;ij
tipnn the stone.
1 wnl now snow you tne prisons ol those cn-
den red to diath," said the brigadier.
lie cpi'iied a heavy, iron bound d ioi'. wuich
opet cd In ia tlio btiilding into tbo conrtya.-d.
ve pa.K'0 tlirouuti it into a passusre which ran
UK.unil three .-bhsof the yard inside, (jn lo this
pai-mgc epincii antimfter ol rooms, emiiloyed as
a sujrrrj, iMsst'eilng-room, a dea h chanitier, .
consuf'lrp-room tor the physicians, and other
adiiiiinstrativo purposes. J he hrigadlcr o;en"d
two ao ioiiiing rooms and I wcit in. I was iu the
pri-t n oi tir-inl and I icrri during tbclr twenty
one days' an est In the liisoii de Ja Uooucit.
The nvm'F were not nncom bi tabic: thev were
spHcii us iisitl lofty, uml Orsun's bad nearly a
ipjad.augu ac sb.iic. 1'ierri's room was looker
by the r.r'rxitu ot tne passar-es. J he walls were
washed with yellow ochre ; tho window, strontrlv
gurirdcd outside with Iron bars, was rntlier l.ire,
and in the Ujipi r half of the wall. In the corner
ot each room stood en iron bedstead, while in the
ciTitro ititve was a small chi ui stove, lberewag
no furr.iiure m the Toonis but a few cano chai t.
The l.ooi was noitrtlcd, iind lienee the ro i i s had
liotna g bbotit lliein to reveal their aw.ul deso
nation. l'la mums on this nasairu and on the Be -on!
floor are occupied by the condemned ni :u t il
tiny are led out to exoeutlon in front of the
ptison," the brlgadirr remarkol. "At t ic pi e
s. i t in mient ihcre is no one in lat K'Miuettc
i'Wn't'n the ftuillotitiu. The rooms lira uo:
furnished till tier ato Coing to he oecnoie.d.
Pieiti w is In tbe room on tbe left. Drain: In
that on the nalit. You sec that only a wall
divides the two rooms. Kudio wits ou tho itoocr
ftoer "
"Wcie you often on night-watch with Orsiai
and l'iirrl, briendier t" 1 usKed.
4 .Several tipies. I sat with Orslui on tbe night
before Ins death."
' Are all the condemned nun watched on tbe
niahts befiite their UcatU ?"
('All: you aee tbe two chairs facing the bed.
fin ni.A . ilB It tll..Tll..V ..n ttiA I . I. n .. un 1
with tbeir ejos tlxed on the bud of ihecondcmnea
"Were Drsini and Pierri chuerful anil quiet
ttiirmg ine tune tiiey stini couniieo Here :
"l'p to the last moment they were cheerful
a no even n.ciry. wneu they spoke of the at
uni.t they only .regretted that it had failed.
1'ierri sm gat times in bis loom the Marseillaise.
or the sonifof the flirondists. Then he would
sit tor hours liOkiug through the window at thu
sky, or talk wi h his seutry, or knock at tbe wall
ami sliuut to iirnnl, who answered in thostue
way '1 hey fpent several hours every day in the
franleii, but of course separately. They did no:
ee em u o.ntr again till tne moriinieot in ir ee.
eiitiun. in this pas-uge, w hen liter ciune out of
their r oms. 'I-.h bien, Orsiui exclaimed, 'whore
is Kudio r' Picrii laughed. I thought that we
sbon d have to take the walk alone,' he an
"And Orslni'f last hours, brigadier r Uid he
slct p calmly r"
"('uite calmly for six hours. 1 did not mtice
tin t lie woke once. At 1 o'clock he io-e, break
lusti.O, and wi:s iuito ehevriul. ltea:;aio alluded
to Ihe i t i-inpf, end agnin reireited that be had
tot succei ded. Then the pi.est came. Ursini's
Otn.eiiLor r inuliud tho saiue-iinn, calm, and
el oi i tu'. At this veiy spr.t he saw 1'ierri a-ain,
us I jus- told y u, ned tney saluted in -h other in
the luartitst vay. If yoii have no objection e
will goon. I will show you tho route by which
liny went to cciiili. Ur would vou like to see
Kuuio'n room r Vou know ihat lie was pardoned
by his win's intorces-ioii, was trunr'iiortcd t
C'i.yeui,e, mid escaped fr.an ther :'
' I km w. I ice! no interest In liudio's room.
I pi ns tn, bi ig tiler."
Ihe i tlicial locked Ihe doers of tbe two rooms
again, mid at ihe end of the passage we wen; in
a small l.i; lit of wooilen stans. We found our
sclcs in tlie uj i r stoi) , which u.is.ioinid i y
the long y nssiuc, on bntU oides ot which are the
leei'liiff celis of the coutiets, and wliieli It.uls
iic.iin to the front yaid ol ihe privn.
" J bey b: th cninc along here," my r m;. .n'on
fiid, ps j w.'.iked along Iho passigc, "l i'erri in
I tit nt, 06:i.l tline I'l'fis behind biin, with the
irri"-t bv hi'- side. The whole way Pierri sang,
1.1 u lout), echoing voice, the song of the (Jiioii
ilttts. Ilisiei did i.ot sing; he only mpc.itJd at
liDtts the words 'IJu calnie.' Uoth looketl batighty,
uad I might my, detitul."
I cmtld reud iulte plainly on my companion's
fp.te the lecl.ng winch lua recoliecUon even now
ari.u"'Ct ir l.Iui. lie w as silent tor u monii at.
" tf -r.t iiif.i-. brignd'er," I snld, "."oti'iiiuo."
' V eli, ooth null banded orer t i thu execu
tioner in :he imali yaui oursii.c. lie always
waits In the front yerd, and only pnfr. thecvlvt
of hi C'iileinm J lueu when the pr.so lei ic'i ses
t' wnlk or oilfis i e.sn.uce. '
"1'id'Ortjril tmite tlie woli-knvwn l.t'r to X.i-
i!eou r".I f.s'.eii, us Wi v..tl.:. .1 ua.
'1 hut 1 ci ro-' t tell you," i.i- co'iiony' 1 1 said ;
'the kiiT'clor ol the priwn ofteti rcnaia 1 a louj
lin.e i'.h '-o pi itonei i."
1 tire I'.iei.t. while we had reached tho Tro.it
jar 1 of La Ku.'iiouc.
"It .as a giej v. irittr's moinio ;," tie brig.
(Per :o'fl e, eio 1 awimtsi't . in , "ni t n i
0' jock. t!tU.!ue, tLu twio.e ji.i.lyuig had Uiiued
i ul and, !tr i' wo could aee. was beei iio.i
lica A loud we-'pit g i nii soMiinj v.-as l c'ni .1
rnior? the ttowd ttlicu Draini nud l'ic.ri
ksurO'iid the fctaJloia. ucrn teat nai e.a.'.mg
the ilioms of the song of the Oirnndisv .
M'iiiji po'ir 1.1 pfttriii, ii-.oiini pot r la pr.'no.'
VlllIl M Wc.Ut I'P ' "tOl'S Urt.Ml .lijlltcd :
'Vivo a FiiiLttf-l vie l'it.ilit !' ;ui he sarvin'rd
tliPinvdirvrH IL se.-.flUd, Cf h. l.'.ii i:is hi ad
ou the pim.k."
i n ce mtn I stoou' aloue iu I'r tui of the terrible
rtiteo 1 a Jl'. (UelvO, h5 the ipoi 1 ere the seal
(old ."eai!id,uud ai 1 V'llli. 1 tip t'.ie lire, t
lowitrdii the Plitie tie ia Jt.'Stil.i, I mit in'S- lf
llivoli ittau y l uii.i.iiug J.inV alou I tlu iU eil
lai e." Iai' l i'y tbe ( w as n i I'VCin" 'l.'t J'C U.
i u t. U i4 W j w.uv. j lue.
nrip ixrsi-ji i' enc
1". i Vm ftlvnllia's- l-.wltswi I'rl.s, Iu l 'on,
M ,.r..r. ioii n c Uerslion" tht il H'r r 1 itnsyt,
r !'.! fro Inni orrn S, .s."fli the rttiVr,
i V ' "i i. I . i, ef . ' .'i s.) . Aifl tU 1 ' .n .
f l PU.libr Ht'n j',.T.it im ; ik' 1 1 ".rr.
J ll.J.M 1 '1.1' S
Per M tskafMOi arlnlnf frem Knh InJ'tcrttV n. Tte
tatUlnlU a oo ailt-cd litt or . '; Wn!nto rombsts
Ike aid of msdHtir to Wit? a nd inriv'oralt- Mtf.')lfw,
wbkb HKLMHOlJ 1! l."iai'T Ll'i'OJ itlvsriiAly
itwi, If no titni :: I t . "t -a in, Cn.:.it)tivBii
I-S'lllj IS It l.-'ll''.
ii i'.l:.i i)()i,u s
In fllrccilom frc-illsr tu "'si:a.. Is attenuated bjsiiy
oll:cr pri'arAllir,d la l hlorotb, or RotenUon, Imf l
ltrltle j ; I'flla.'slncs, "r .S.ipprcrlon of Cuttentsry Kvac
ealloni; t lesr.'t'1, er il.lri"us Plate of the litufMj
Lotichorrh'. a, sr.J ail c a'C'lilnts Incklout to the cs,
whether sri-Iii fro: i iiei'iu of Clipatifl-i, rmpmliiclt,
cr In the Jr '.bic r eliai'pe ..fls.
lIUiAll-iOl-U Ml
i whir, iv rosn 7Asa
VUI r.KtKutij tmtoiarilnatc from I'.c sKt(a Ilt(fceiof
llit Vrliisiy Orsaaa arUha fre lib.lt of Dlstipstloa. 1
Ii Ik f if mw, Itch er an .lux tu aitt, HOi'aconiyniss'sj
ort'.i p tttre; compUity Bper0Ji4 those usflrir4iln! Asit
iilitca. I ee ito'f , cHif' Tld Jt)-::r-i", in rl' IJ.ef
Alt-s-i t.
In all filmsttsst i' tk ijriii.iry Orctn., whether xasiIw In
"ieA"or "dr.sV," r'roi.i v-iUirr ittuxe crtyinuiiAT,
and ne hit'Uti' ti A. f.'M' ttuAtUnv, It ig ataasant la
last and -.der. '."I'ig'ef.'e" i, or.Voa, aad satr
tieustkcnlnritn.'tihnj'of Hie prepar sioii of Jtnrlorhn.
Thotc sueoi'ui; fi"ai llrolfn 1 ot u ot iKlfatt fejf.'k
)n'., . e 'ii f'.e y.'..yind. ..'ti.- oi
'lb reiia.-r bic 1-e a ra li.;tl, ri ws'it rlli. .loalm
the a'.ia. k of u.e asjvt iiaae, it It. certain t..iffiret.;t
Hvtl.ly A ., H-..M -t.'rr, li t, i-ji, e'lif i,h. sV
nifi' ias6,i a.ri ti: Mirier.
V-'K li h isfjPF'''T'l.T 01" INOiiiiDIliKT.ii.
iibb'.ioi i a jrui'i i.w.it r uuoint
In i ati "1 e' '.i. si , 'i ' "i ' 1'V'' -IC'Ti.':' . n.
tectea wl'.a cr t ter - t. - 1 (:ea. i.t 'u ractio kf H I.
l.'IH,I.!'lil.D, r;iiia sudlh.oj.t ortito!D riin'ti.
pvl ma i" '' rltj ot raUi4ir'tia, aal aw p.-jiirl'jsi
t yl'it mm: hi "irad of ti e fiica)', aj hava Utoa 4
Inlnttl lo use in t . ' I'n'l -1 Pt'.'t Are. aui are a'.i(n
vn j fi.-'si I'.-i i." Sti'e if ';i!! ill a.ij salolc Saui.a-
Jr. tttiit.i t ih-v.usl oul tlie lai.it IV'.: i II iwiu.. or
St.. I' i. l-ollvima lo a:i a.lu.c:' ., s c,rs,..ial.,J '. et
Pik '! .&' . I'sttklt hralo S to
JiVLVHOl tl Diritaiia Cnou.l :i iraiefoais,
Ifo. 59 Bre-ntiTSv, Hoit York,
Oi roiLyno: n . m.i -u beiui,
K. ltt B.TsuUnt .,r;illaiil;ilua.
Bi'v..re of vui.tart.l!i. Atk br liei.Mipjr.D 8, and
take ni. ott.or.
HiysU-tati I i atteadaoe fr' m t CvwV A. M. to 8 P. U,
(f.'v'l'.k, .Ulfjj) W-;t . IVU'llnlta ,
; "-Il r,!PKs!T
Alt !; I I AM !1 M . S.
,r 1 1. i s .
f, i ' pi.i'-iii). "t.
.. s : !;i v joi IN v v,
' t .1 .N'-bSs' L.
I OHALi TU 11i:i'.
rMS r tai r,.
in. I '..HII IIA b. rnil
i:l'S.IV:iAl, lt.-..vr C.u .
Il i i I; V. i ST. i'TS.
i, ir.. r,i.ai W l: J.,
1 l. '''mrl'-t II .Snjnar,
1'.. J .hi. '.
I HoIktI I' 1 ' J.
t. i;. oml. I'M ' . 'ii
S. Mt in, "til, m,
4. rviiiisi i r: k -n,
5. Mart in ". .I' nl .
. '.ar.. i at 1 1 in ,
I. 10.1., n I'srlts
. .Vlllw.i. I I f,
e. ,loli ti , in. 'n. 1,
lM. III. 1. tnl II '.l . 1 1
II. - ,l inl .li Hi ,
Ii. cii)i" t . k
p.. lie' HI M..v.iinlll V,
I I mi HI .'. . ' .1-,
1'.. 1 'e Iwn,
11. i ii.i '.
.. " it i -I "I-",
at. Hearer,) ., .,
? ' J lin I' 'rtur.
i 1 hi.,-.., '.' .1 P.,
ik J. tin tr. Ill, is
l y order oMI.a f. ale Onaira) it lhjuh'S.
hi m ox .,AMi :i:f)N,
j-l i ll'.tiiitJ l.
Ouaad niivr siNMI, Co''inr K, V..t, he T'. et
fifl'.ce uf llic IV iimj!.ui l lllOf, 4 .ll to nt t v rt
ieiaor lioiot, Tlili'.Tn'.rt! vd V ia. t, I Kiln.uis,
wv.t rbliwlci Ji.'a, aed the
Vrli.t. S I AUT I'llO.ti I."C
.s Kl'M.Cn'S . -
.Ma". Train, ul ,
larkeikers I'r.i.n, No. I, .a
Pvt Line, i
rarkasl.nrs Train, S".l,i'
barrlthtirir ActunimuilHii. n, '
Lancaster Accomnioilath.a, at
raoll Train, at
Krle a'xiirosa, at
fkila.telphlu Esi rets, nt
i-lD A. M
Mil "
l t-i
i r. m.
'. 1 00
S (10
Ill 1
Erie Kxprt , at l.-i A. M
ftllatlilphla rpr-s. nl ; 111, "
I'aoll Aceouimi iUtk.il, nt 5 :il "
rarkeglltirs ACCSUUleilillti'li, he. I, at t1 111 "
t ail Line, at.... Pi 20 '
l.aneaittr Train, at 1. :t'j 1. M.
yarkebarx, No. ?. at :.') '
nail Train, at -.1, "
ilarrlihurK Ace. iitniotiait"ii, nt 11". "
Philadelphls Kxiaess leaves tiallr.
Krle Kipresi. It.i ve-i itn'l . extei.l a,itni-.lyn.
All other 7 ralin. itnllv, ej.ceia HtnuViy.
The ltriot nl the Corueir or l'.IovPatSIt ntul
' Ksrhet Hlrrt'ls will Ite flotl niter
St'tt KtAV. l.'tlh limtiutl.
West Piula.im i'1'ia, October 12, 1(M. 1'' U-nt
1-0. o V. MMDI tiTi: l.'HT.
C-ittt Os iil l'lMitrt;io 1U lCrmiie h
s10-tiin tUNi'.tMM ON Il.tNli.
H Ins lu imht mott of mjr materU' Ufi ra the lute
ittAt rliw, I not oniirletl te nit. r lay sick of
lnnST-TLA FUKMT L' ld;
At a p&iall a.tvat..e i:i i.k'. ).;Ioi-:,
1. 1.IJTZ,
Mll.-.itii Ko. It . KU:V Vilf tsTKUET.
rfw mo:; i : v t i a n y a m o r vr io an i : d
I W I iiD'ni llOuivuii!!", W.itclmi, Jti.vlrr I'lfcte,
afl Nl1-tliUii. Ae ,a
jf W .lO vr.S t X. H
,il.l rjtr Mli.I1ID.ll UAs' OFI !"-,
t. .riief ol llilltll and OA sell. L Srrll,
1 1.-1- v L,.. ,C ml.
Ae., for ile at
KEM.UIKAHIA 1.0 V PPICJirl. tu',-
PA.' ..J el"i" Orif.ins, Htuteonlnui-., and Mclo-
I! ! i; .!. in
So. IHU I'lIKSM ) sir. et.
TU, wortd-renownuil I '.ini -e Is riiiiiilcttired iroin Iho
And earnestly recci.inieii.lit p-eli in all O;ntltiuoti o
lain iiriou. Taste.
Meld wk'-laallo ami retail at
'u.Ul I'llKsNlT unset.
If -1-Oaii) opisislle atato House.
J bU-hei)l:l ls.XI. PnlKirternnU 'eal,Tln
rin'e Tens, W'luot, and IJnu-vs.
Cliotoe lUAiana Clears,
Ureas ,c Itlaek w-ol i Pli Vlei and Baueet,
Vot'llsh and 8is.ti:h Ale ami l'-.rler.
l anneil afoate, Train. enp, ae.
sn y Meee. : rut up whh ear.
At Ao. US R. sniyiNfl street.
J-.N-ly J'irtHfA II. IWI SIT.
Ji deeeavd.
letters Te-mtiieuinrv upon the eetate of ANrtltKW
''.MS rtslK. il. P.. U' eensed, linvlni' Ui ee (?i-ui.le.l to tlie
UiidatVpiM'il, all persons Indeliteil t i said estalu are ro
,iiaited tom&ke pavineiit, and tlinae has ine. clalim a-alnit
lh" s.m.e, li. pr. -seiit Hu ll!, wltlm lt d laj , lo J.HMITII
II.UiltlM. Use nl..r, K". Ill S. I nl K II. slfet. Oil" lite
Alton ee. DAVII' M II AMULbTOM, No.il S. SIXTH
Mrtel, riulaCtlpbla. VlS thl t
I- ur L--ICK,
Kfj. '" N KHONT T1KRT,
ni.Ahi i rin .
We r pr part's' m. n:i urtlurt 10 any -tMit fu our wet
I mr .
MMiiiNxm m: corroff awd woolf mills,
lilt I .'uir nil if t i-i tr"vciuiiiii tu CoiAaiim, finauik,
til W-un irik'
1'ivitv tin :s. iti q iiAtavjitotiircrt (w ccrUa
P ti MS'Tktt.
JRi TOhilUf CAIvrAr. AND OWNKkfi.
Tin hi, !ir-i..d hrtvl-uf Wov ile K EH M
l f'lif.kV J t H'U av lo ni-jfru hi ft-!..! end li e
I-i(r. ii- nl o I..- ;,(k.t Itfl Ih prr;.J 'f ioercii
! j IDllt- IO sUrf'tUli.tHievW Ol-Wf ll.rlft V Jffcoi iNf4
or r u.iin l, ,ti ilr .j ft pru.tv',M ctip-wixMiUr ftn4
-f-tailk'tr, uiJi iive j-is3tAl ittttjittin yj.itk xmivin wi
trt -.I. tl it' iiitti ii. r cai-f.' , -, .J i - -
(ai fliifc cr A'iub. aU-rarrAiteni.iind Macbs..l'j
t.-aiiiif vrtsicii o ri'u(r, tin- sulitltcl W C Vi.r -
linvlni- ihe Mivrn v f -r ths i-.ilo of ,Wuturttt$'1 fdt.dil
J'.i .ilK tunijetxjf40t,"or vpp;r aini, Irx t;ie priervRe
tlfr .r trufiV litiiU4Hssur u. c tyl imi; iiuptUwi W
. 9 tin n. n.ivrjrfi'rr,
tal'I-tf Osdl&VtafM1? aVvvMhCftUi -'C L(aWa U6tC
, rtv.tsa
r.n IIil tti.iic
a nt in lc.rU I'aif i
(lW.fct aM..i-J-
i f Kt. (r, IV r Vpi'i,
L- ttttr Cii i B Uon thun tru irjii,r,
AU, vHu UK tL uul M "nUJ 'i.; iiHi ei.Ut aaU
in.rli'(" r-- iv rr1- M i .
i vr U fai.Lsf lniniAiion ft.lj- t Kt tuitlrv
lvn'n , u r, '
K.i'l ft. Klin NT t'i&thnv9$tx''t.rvi,-btwi-u
U w iuiu tl I' il . .'riw'l.'. " " ? -
c o nfn'vri jr.
r.:-tf ' ! riT!titir,TT
Or leer) nnd soMters vl.t'os Ihe city on ferlouieTi.
tWtdltlr ANII tITillK Mll.il AllV "If 1
Are hiT'tad tic ist-iitli e
HANSOM SfJ'JtKirr i I A 1 -1 , ,
e.VMsOJt Sircet, i.irvu Hir.t'i kiuut.
Msflr I.' o-il. rnt th l r,rtel i!oiee,whl h f-?rl' ' did
1-:.nitv. n e ci.sllelil' sia.e'l ion, 110 titter 1 ".'i' lu It e
e-'iit IV e, u.i.'n,.,,. l,e M .t'r l'l I! Kl sr.l J 11 V .tl.Htt
yiud iii ,'iiu. ui. .Ur i viw AWUi- .
?.u '! o I ttio '.sTiS cf ' u.'-irt a-e ape-it ja.lj,
,1.'. :. i.- -In it ar.tl tiiui snoS' ef the a it aaew and wen'on
of ...len.i In. 'rin p.n, a ul il.a, tnJ ena priaajra
,1 - l'.r t v is' I I't' ' , Oyio "i tie. Toer t-y tint
,1.) i-. n. a il '' l pi j '.V 'tn, l"t lxs t alna I ni relief, no
.ur- in 111. i .! we ..e ef t' ia ih'trkave .iie"io
ti IK iei" Crm wlieti :o io ir.rv-.'' t er.ii.nn." W-1
to l it t n . I i" H'll' ' "s l.t' S tMt da of !! 'on
.It ir . O yp '1 tl . i-:
iJlt. " ' i J I I IT'S
to, r . -'in : ii'vin r.i.M avd nsu
1 lit.'.. : i: i.o'.nt.' l.
Ta fi'm n 1 AH'l c 'ri u ir "--i1 .'r-ihlo H'T'?! nn.l i
. -a . tl I . ...A . A n II. .Irstrs) . 1 t '
r flr.-"'l. in yii'f i i m ,....
ttjt.i ,. n- ih- i: (Mill,, , . t Wj n c? --ir r du- il fr in
t. ', I 1,
i:ir ) Ii.
i ' "lit til p -1 .'tt'l -'.'v.
j, I I.' t'V 'H' H'Kl !l 41 Ot !.' Si
,ih. inofii t.. 'l ' r ' r fti 9y' Ut
.'' . Marriiti i, will" ,tr p'k.
r'ii In nil peM-f. Oi' ilo fit "..
'tt'. t'oii'Uiiiti'lw vptorv tic (.vi;ila urr lienrl.
hlh. ('-"ill I., 1- I' h I hi ; v 1 flic t'-Tt r.t.
ti. r on' ft'ir.'i'm hn Vint of -iKop at iiltit,
IP.h. I.osn of ncvHle ft. id i f.n r 'Tig.
Il'li. ,)il',ri, ilim-'C-t';' of 'rluu hliI Join flf nlirTit.
;tli. II' iitla.il? n, , ilt it lu r 'V'iiK, with ft rut
fa II""-.
Oi' - f t' tin hcihI r" . a, ' , f ibsp'P'i tint
I r . V, .r' s ::.' At.-rlo, o (rj'-p I1IU, n it
m- : n 'int I'm lM : r. i .'f ct o"t. We whitahI h
ni7irf 'Mtt i'Hr, n iff 'rir.f tcnt onrn' utmvl
Inir. H'.M by hl fir c-. w lie r, -' nt Ir.
W mi Alt. rt . in.-f. No. 10 H. Ki'-jVU tH.rMt, J'hil&v1!.
I In. i, A I t vninlr; i'fr Mil r i: U'l"ltlnl ' of
.iiarj p. .nl f.T a I. .i I'rl. , rb-t ? i.t..y
."', r oi . r.w.sv. :k m i. -
irvr-:' n- 'v-i'i,r-.ti.
Mr. Wl-sh.iri, IwMi'ii artrt my . frnt my to iV )mu
iTrelt3)u f i.lv lot) : hsMi'lnR pi'(-itorM? of ymir Tina
Trr Inri'' r-tlr.1. F' f '.r -it yfiift 5iiTfrr. t' rt vrt
cf ti-it tlii.e 1 hMi hl f.'- In my cKlr, But bulnj, nitt
to !! dov n f r fi-.ir 01 :i. . Urn. t l'vc craiiivyp't cn
f l Ik- l t pl.y-li Uni ); rhtt-uU H'.ti , who nil ppnyinm -I
in) f t.nt iiK!irllfl. I Rit tftVi n o the Ci lltr-'i, whTe tha
Kii.uKy, l aving .lour v hut tlt;' t --'iil'i,UecJor)l my J1m
iu miMirRi'lc crtac of A tU tJhrcnlc l'nioii.'la,
hiiihlfiit tiHKC, attrt ti." mj lunsi vcre pai Mttlly t(K.
1 iTi'ltnu niic "t'yniir c i."v'i'r, n'j- v. if" prruM-d fr;n ymr
tof f. i'M! uf yotir C'..'iti .I. Vr rinilyl u-rj Mvcn
l"lil(, attil a tiox aii'l - lir -fntr Ij nppp"ia I'itli, win 11
1 frit that in) lis Iv l r a-ly .tvetMvay, and Ihe Cur
dial had tf.vfn ine i.ev t i unJ .itr -t'gth. I ronlhim d ti
liapruv't anil fr t)i(.-,'- ttt '-t wo tiLi I l.avf hern ublo
(0 l tp in ur hcil nn ro'Tiaily in X rvnr tlW. I Aift nw
veil, itiifl lar i,tn"i Ui , ly-f( r onntts In mywoli'ht.
I nn 1 tihlv tu ftnr). auJ p.o- t k lor toy fanilly. I si nU you
lM true uml fait hint f , j..:.iiutl 1 r te bcivcttl of tin- nut
(Ttn;. 1 1 1 1 tu! t i t!, . est) ix, l.'-ar (JKluril Church
J OrM Oltta, 1 ffi HlJ i'nrf), t Uii ll"lohla.
1R. . l-HAliT'. t I P, IT A
: l.i:X IfYMPKi'M A
for trn yearn with tlmt
sl.i. I fuf' rifl Mill ! i
d"irr ;lon of dpirl'-;
r.-ptUtii lor niy cotu-
TM ts in ' . rl.fy M i I
diei'Tui ii)liiiiL if'Ji
a J il's-trcei, n iili
J 4. nn In 'i by .-Ii. hr i-:
: . trc-
p!aintn, ami at Um a : , it n li t . 'tor, b'lt then my o'rl
'tUrn-' , ip i'!, w i'lu n mi. a n ith nil ltit dreadful
r alul1 , and my v.Jio'. si.'(iu fmt waftlnK nvvty,
h- tlili Mi a tnui tl' hiir.n cl r, ;, I wdn lmnd t a circular
ot !r. WllnTl'e fcivat . r .nima l ' i, r:a HIIN and I'ine
Tre- la (kirdml, whi-:a ' 4 c' .rt -t deiorli'ti'.n nf uy
ml rli'gs, and I dpi-'rrmied to l..ce my jell uiidci t'tc
"k. tor's car-?, :ii d ink" lii ir-cttf in:.
At hui'n ai J oiun'tncid li.t t si- of the rnid rluo, I
Nfcun to Kt In.1 tier, mid t,Q I coitiinucd three inonthfl, at
which ttroe 1 wnn pt r '; llv ciro.1 01 nil my cnnptaiiitH,
nd I'Ciit-ttly ri'itortd ;o hf -jUIi ; J am to-tUy a uiaa .
Dr. Wlsl.urt, I ive cti tliii tivilMCito villi a i;rHUMul
heart for the brut-tt1. 1 rr e tOv- 4 iroiu the use of your
truly wild rful medl.mK. Alt j Hod b'.CHi you and prw
B r e your truly usotuMti., 101 niny years . I would uy
t'ieierylcU jen. ni lu. wm .iTrrin', ts I win thitt my
rtKHb:no Jk No. 'i It . lnw-Mid ilrc 1, riil.adeld.la, whero
IwHItHrtn rnmt d-'H ;'if t;i atviuc tMt'mony to the fcroitf
licioi r. Vlijl.jrr i.'vM .it.t.t to cum.
1'. H. ALLR..
TrAVW..rt ft;..K-..-u n't -;,No.l i . HiiCwNO .Sin-ot,
l't uli lj lna.
iiVf-rLP-jA: yvM't:rtiAl
l,Must- Krmifj,vo u -rlli t'.i.it 1 wna sick with dy--popftla
for (wo Jsjfun; 1 tvu Vfry;li.k at ttiu pit of uiy
toina-'h, with pn In In my hr-Nast, side, back and hoad,
with dUiir"i a,nd ti ( if'.. $ lii'ivalklwUbKruat weak
in n and k Hfirnl di't.iil. 1 emploToJ. lu Uiat time, seven
cuiliienl ithj bklans, iiJ 1'.' y uiilcrcd In Uielr oplniui. of
my dleeti-o; toinu thci-vot 1 hi'd cne dlsoas;, and aoiuo
another, but I vh nil ii iimo i"tt:t4 wonc aud worse,
until J botairif o low l!i:t U viic would have to fec i mo
forwo-uKs tomuhcr, Vri In H1I1 diCHdful condlil n, I
placed iuj-i lf iiiid. ri'r. Ui-h rt'sj trculment, and tmcl
his Kicat Au.ctU-an ' v-n1 p la I'iHb and t.-autnumt for
I: n'p'j'a, uad rt ihi yr nt tiuiol an perfectly well,
and have vrilnrd I'nJi twi,iy-io.ir poundn, and can
ork and alt nd to ui our-o.ivi h rd as any pertion tn
rcansylv.'nia.Aiid ui-. .-ti-il Hcd U t-j a pca-fct cure. lr.
M'i'h.tit.you can pobV111" i.y asjlt yu eo proiier.usl
want t luar tetiinom m i:.8'capowr your medicine
Ima tu uira lyp' l'ltui. All p'V oiM) are ut liberty to call
aitdace li.tjor wriu. TOSlS KOUMIS,
tfiiii. .ih JiriM i, S-huylklllcuunly.i'a.
M'VHPI rrlA. hVftMfll.
Thl l to eertiiy tbn' 1 huJ liy-ppf i-ila In the wnr.-t form
ft.rthrtH) years. 1 tr.-'icd y u'svtnut the bt-st phy
aMani In Ameriea ; noiui: cf tbau wcia t roft iora ft Juf
ftrioiiCulh ge, J'lillai'.f.i, bin tiiey did me no xo4. I
grew w uric v ery uoiitli. I 1 1 Id t e taken at timet with
uradful ti; tns In my brrot ntd itoiMr-ehtao yreat was K
that I could n JtUr bit, lie, p- r .tnJ, bin would rovaabttut
Iroiu one fnorn to onoifif -; ia,- itlcadi expevUd to ee uw
die, at tliftrc appeared to re 11c r 111 lor mi. In this hope
Km rendition 1 plated iio'." ,iu!er. I r. WisWiarl u truat
w cut, and tiist d hU ni.uioH.ii dn wcud.
This An 9 1 am a woM anin, d ft t':rn wtnt I have
ben on itty Ket.nod vi r!v jijf i-tid Ir.-w wly morutiuiu
elet eu oVlttek at nljjlit. :'i. V. tti.u, 1 ,flvj you th'i cer
tiiicate with a m-Mt fiil he 'll, ; J a It my duty to do o;
ytU tnay, and I want ii-iiin pi-Mr ) It to t'ne world, that
every Prou auD'-rlnt; nslw.n met have' ttia benttltof
tins your tnly i.mh! rnil n t:.li. All 'lck perimnii are
at lib. rty to ia 1 ui'd -t a,-, n r,lt-! uo, an I want to
render all the iru'd 1 t tc i.f--T'ii.:I:i-lnuany.
J-,( -i;S H. AM.KLL,
Orr?ew of Wa-t.' I.i Vai'n.V-lj'ns Company n
90iVl Kit Hi. Olotrt. ir, . J.
J, ,loVin l.i ucli, do i hy tln.i ri r foior inm.th nit I aq
attack cai , iJi at tile j ipfpiia ; 1 an io severely liuni'.U .1
tli at I con Ul do iini.tr li'ii v. ii.tt It would till niuwltli
drta-itul .'1 lrt"i my rr rvoi.n .-( ir. van pctft'Caly pron
Craw A say v hoii Itnu n :.n h i,u'iij a "k una trembihij,
with ft K-niu t0 roiif r no d i ' in tt.a Itoi.J, f tinned
by ft pa l liation of the h- mi ah' ',i-rn r:.l debltit v of tno
whole body. I-: very k'ou ol v . Jl'.-it e aduiauliin red to un
did 40 fco-.il, 1 -Mil I ( i.i'fe' to 1 41 II ou IrAVI-hart and
I'lf-eo iu4e!r iivdfr hn ir.tinrit. I( U i.v uhoi t nlue
vek tiiniii I t! mm' nr'eii t n l i- "i.eps;u Tiltt and
lint Tree 'i'ar I'ori'li 1. I dv t nlhtnlly and faithfully
a: thitt I itiu ptiittv;-. : r-.t' . .i-jt.-iAj. ;.., ant" all nth. r
dlM!- blir.il'1! tl rti.u,!i. , 1 ur. lut turct J,-aJ UP.:U
t-V4iy t'ny, ami ft il ttis'l evirv 't; p- (, I am ; year.
ol aid'.fndtf it viis, r-. -c ny, hdlroLld andnould
ahoaliie.- it yKtu t.. h j mm! etu- fr. ra liva.ion ty Ihe
IU Ul.'. AM p.'i i. n- i u 1 4 i.i, fjiaat i.u , ftro
at Ub 1 i'i y ia) al 1 ii tl ?" it .' , 1 It u.y Jul; t'j ui, all
til tjO'-U . f-'U t 1 !. i.,,l j i.iji' . 11 y .
.' US' LVNi II,
N" 1 I ! ; 'i r..ft, rMi;t.l:phm.
Vt. IV IS 'A 1ft M".Tat.l yn.. r, n. Jok. Hl.i'ONtr
Htrctt.rhjLai' Ma, ' a. Mi rt,..Ta;nnti mi; and ton.-ulta-
tiuru Itvtt,.! cbftifce. J'imc, il ar in.. wt by ta
i-tvi. ot u.i4y.
Jr. W:ti.it 1 1 I 11 y i.it-trnt uucrer It!; liys
a in ..- litv In! 4-.eMonj y-in, ii 1 hti -f vhicti tiiiio I can-r-jt
try V ai I e epio; ei pwlot ny wvll day. Tiiu4j
.m tl'HM wlitMt tl.i tu.i'iei'iM vieio Luoro ftf-feravtUtd
'Jti; ! i.ih re, inn: (iuc it h aiactl U tvoiUU be a (jioat ro
lui to ..!.. 1 l.rtd at nd tti utt nriil-aimit feolliirf In lUy
I.i atl, bt t ):itti rl iuy -i i.tjiiu-, muoh lucictt-.wj tiu.t I
" e.-t-'tu- i.tt i i iit f-T hiltie.5of any kind; my in-u
vi"- 04-i:..ii: lit lil'td-, ; !...i.,vti.ru j,M an(j Jvrcbj.
. "'i' ; I !UxMi'i ( . ci On h i umntby rciriin.,
at omen fri'in-ati -n if ly c.ild:' w( In councctlon v lib a
ajuvi':,(.ii I: h Ti-, rivJ ujii Liy brain; ulio,.i
ftx-'ii-t ot fthknt-gj would .'ccor at the .lma.-h, autl gnai
j'aiiA to ev-,4, at jfjiii, hlcC " It'i wlUib. vrat tlio con-tiiiUidii-rrofl.jiL'
i.. n.'-.o, I a'so epcrluiwed roat
It.fblttde, d hiMtv, imd rtryn w AO nad-j it dfrtl-
cuittofti'l. (li'j rr I'-'! ru.lht. 1 hcurae avense to
iMeliy.M.d dposd oi h .i hCihi-lou, audliaui tried
llm fcMlof a ncml-rtf mnant pliytielane of Tarlm
.-lio)lt,fltiAll cuan to the foj-tcli: -iloiith.it forthl dtsfaie
atii-ypriiut ae ;r yar.M)it;eit wai no ctireJn ct-st-l;
tt.ilnt.itgi t,el.".t. rflrfnceofIWineProvid.-iiee,
to whopi 1 ouil 6f . r tuy liun.i.!, t at la it found a .
tfeUn Miaedvln 3(tir ly,wpim riUj nd Tar Cordial,
whK'h hetu tr. hive tff.-Tiaiiy removed nliujat the lust
trace cf my lwugiUt-f r iimt-di and batafeeltntri,arnl lu
tluir health, il.aiitut, tud contontmont Jire my
fTirj tiuj i-omp.iiiiiiief. J,!,cks M. SAUNTUinR,
Ny. 4 .; V. Scorud atrot, FUUdilhla,
J'oj irteriy ai' WitoAhnry , X.J.
. W IUL1 ., No. o ej' fX0 nwvft.r'-i-
T, lf"f Trr-ti,, f t"heH4ih-.m, nr. t m-v --iwrf, j
t . wiitifrt'd f.r ii'-ro inau 'rtH onr iTrro,sr bui
il nth iia rioia fiat ai ul .i.-vajr, rm! J j ., vnn. I f
fnil-'Wd In that Uin' !! of th !. .: '-rutn fi i , wit
H HiUP'Ulphlft. Tl ey dirt 11 ihfy 1 .r nv m llh nif-U-
oiiti and cut 'ni. hnt null I wm nn tt.fi.r. I t imi w. nt 1
to the l i ntiiih atna Vul ert-Wjr in . rl r to i la. in f -all Ui i
r-nafii fr tlif iieit mrilt ai tak pU In tho rruntrvt hut tmlr '
.e.tlrni' f-falh-il to d.uno any iff' "!, no. I Ihk h I ij ;
tr d"iith ti pelieTo me of my nureThMt, hut 'fin fir. '
Wl-,,t a.tti ttfteno nt. In the D'Ha-h li'ti-a ' ll'ii'-tiu, ' I j
it't"m ti .ell to try rvn-o M'.r", Mit w iih I uJu it-., ! u. 1 ;...:! d
n Dr. Mhrt, nn.Hold him If I i-ouM h.i e.ied 1 t.ij I
nit tronHid htoi, rnd fen rtU:-l ny iT .iri.a '
t' htm TI o lr. ft's-errd mn If he tall' l tu- iro nit-.tf
j -). la. It w.iuld tie the first en.- In Iho vt tin, so I p t
la? mil und'-r htn treiifnaitt, and alihoiLftli I 'hud h n fat
Dtof.tfis vmiliinu nenrlv evirvthmaT I ale, my t'niaiJi
iWt.Tlrn with wind, ami nMcd with na:n b win 1 .01 :( itiii- n,
1 bnrii ht a box of hi. Iiftpepair. t'illH, T ii'.od thru, ai dl-
l i u-d, and iii t n day -7 could eat ,n h. jf y a ni .il it .tnr
prr".n In the Ntato ot I'tnc l tttia.n il tu tin. i I 'y .vu
a Kll num. 1 Invito .toy p rnou ioih4nf h j 1 v, u . , ,u
awl ie me, and I will retii'e my miouti nril ihp fat
rnre I refiv d. I iAtHd nv to all Dy iH-'pth r rv hrv,
that Jr. Wiah.irt in, I bvhe'. e. tie otilv p t..n t.n the e.artJi
ti.ai cu euie J'yhprpria Uh aj-y d ,T''o i.i ti. ! n v.
MOM' tOHl,
r'hflC'nhftm, V.itKti .n-fr Co., I'd.
It. WlHllAltTt Ofiire, N. 10 N. fK MNu ttriv-f.
(fiice htiiiTH mini ! A. M . to & 1. M. Ail e.vnmhiatl' ui a'ul
tWiiitatlou tue.
It. Wii-h irf-I w is a '. re.it mitfi ier I'y-peil. i'r
frv. u vt'itri. r.verythln,,' I iie lilh d nie-Mihwlnd and
il read ui I pntn : and tny Hie wan nr ot nient shiI'itIi.i. I
wa io mueh aiHt. tod tlmt It I drank a irlnn ot water, It
vooM m mi return biK'k In a lu' it d contliiioH. I npi'liod
tntvervkind of no llrh.e and tfitiiunt; t-'it .ill lo iu
piirpnt'e I -aw your fdvertiM'Tiient In t'.v"! .t" h'
vrt at inre your Kf'at American I ph' Pt'la ha.i mndo.
I Atnt to your ptore and purclm d a bttx.and rom-m-m .'d
to ii mi tin in . and I do thank (. d thlt ilay 1 am a well m .ti,
aud 'ti c it three ni"nl p. r dny. 1 l.n - Bt .it .i nunih -v nf
pernon- niter onr pill", nrnl 1 ueve a yonn ; nvMt that wh
inifieilnK with ilvppepula in my n.-i hbrrh.M elpht of
our tiiiio, and they cutt.l him i ntut-'v. ' u m;u reicr to
lue il tee propt-r. .lA' Ml: liliiiihi;v,
Krnnf dyvlllc, K nt cuitnty, Pel.
A positive t tfti: Fot nvsi'Ktu.
HI .K WHAT a' It. JOHN II. I.A1.COCI-; XXfit
Ko. Itjh OLlVi: !trcft, t
Phliulelp'oa, J wiUary ;.J,
It. WltTiart- Sir : It ia w Uli tmn-li pleaMivn Ihat f nm
row pl'te to Intorin y.'it ili.it, by the um' nf vuir t-'re.it
Atnt'iiean lypepala Pltla, I havo boon enilrety einod ni
U at iiuiKt ilitrt'hisl'iv' .'omp.aint, liynpei .(!, ( ,, tio-n
irrlrvoitUr nlllirted tor tin la.-t tvont -e'0hf m a'"i, n nd fi-r
ti n venm ot that time hnvi' not b en fa-ed foo lis .itn
one vm i k at a tlin. I hrfve hfltl It In It;, w.irt ion i, and
h.ive tln.med on a moft ni .eable t-xflffiiro In r-ein l .v
amiiovht. Kvery kind it lotttl th.it 1 :to llUi-i m. v.ith
wuiu t'nd pain, It nintteitd not h v II lit, ur ho.v m.iII t' e
qumitity, A ci'iit inn d leii hi?it: wns snro to j'ut'ow. 1 had
noap'.rrif) for any lin.l o( tneutn whati'v i-, ni( mvdtn
trtibu iis so j: ie.nl tor t'ivet.U luonth-i bn.-ie 1 heard of
your 1 111, that 1 frriim iifiy wihhod f'rdr:,ih. I hid taken
eM-ryitiitif.' thnt 1 hnd In ,u d ot' :or I' fi" j Birv, ulilj.mt ro
ch iuk; any bi in i,t ; hiR m, ;.om l'uin r.if reoommonUed
t" m4 by one v. ho h."d Iwen cmei : t li m, I r'.neln.l.-d t
t"ive tlit-in a trial, uUliooii I hi d n't fuhti ti ti.uiu. To my
afstniils.l,iijLnr, I found lnLt ll .iTellin.; b' itor hff.jto I
had tat en (ne-foUltli tt' a box, aiil, ntli-Y t iln-r ii.yli a ho
I Ui" u u.ll mi-n,nuti rin eu.' ai'ffnff I f('i, mi1 unn-, a
hi arty ineal three times a djy, wii iit.ntdiir. u -j'll :uco iYoin
an) thtntf 1 iat or drink. It .u th.nk proLt.r, von aio at
liberty lo m;.ke tJ.1 public and ixilT to ino. I will i.-ho.r-fkillv
frtve all desiiMhle HiioriLatlt.ii tn any ..ne 1i.iu-;iv fad
ou ine. Yours, rt-apeetftilly, JOHN (1. HArC"tK.
For sale at lr. w ISIIAUT 8 Modl.-iil Lep t, Nu. hi .
KK OM 1 . fi Pht1adwl,tiia,Pa. 1'nru o..-j 1 ,tlar pet
box. St'nt by mall, tree oi chaise, an r u. I; t oi yrli e.
I, R-'li-tiel It. Haven, hftJO h?oil li fit )u ,-(-. n h
clifonlc 1 r-pepaia aud Iniiamtnath.n ot' th'.i (.i.tnrya for
three enm. 1 employed thrr e or four ofiho u.ohi eminent
pM BU'iui.s of Phlladt'lphlia, also ot I'-nrli'istoii couuiy,
Hew .letsi v. They did j. t,r u..- they .vuU, b it all t- im
purpose. I wan r.ui.tnily filled wlh ".M-fnl piin antl hi
trefcs, and with ennetaut LuiclUiw of wind ami nour aj'd
My li tint in wua covered mth awhile, eoai'nu ol mLojii.-t
until It rracked In larto (tirmwH, f,.:d wa.i dr- & l:'nlly i ir.'!
t 'hi I oiitinieB wilu-d for death to r.dJevn m- oi my "uiifr
lnirf,for 1 had Utt iii ho.fOiu evor b lin,' w H f-rji-i I
taiaue U a subject of prayer to C.od that Jlo Wuui.l ilif'-ct
tne to fonie pli ielHU nc ini'dlclne th.-t W"iiM -'itr" h !. I
was te!d to read an adverUieuieut of 1 r. ft lrhiri', in the
Pi (huh tphla "Ledifer, " ot a ni i at core m.'Ue ui. n Mr..l-hii
Ha'aoek, of So- IdtfS Olive utteet, rh.lv.Ieipii a, h. fh3
freat American lyi-eiila VJH. Iwrntt-ith" let,.ri
ollce, and plaeed inytelt nfitr r li'i troatmftnt, :ml t.M hha
U ho ii. iled lo cure me. It would be the la-t i tT rt I wouhl
in he. It hilt Itetu B1V Wseki am" 0 I couoiliMiei d Ih um
of Mb int Heine, and I nm nw n mJI mun, ft. e irom all
pain and illctr and can oat throe lirnrty meiln a dav
v (th romfnrt tiftd ltd p-jr n'tly well. Ir. Vln:art, i want
you to publish my e.iMi, a-. 1 want evci v purr d ..!', u ,
riif.erinu iih I v .in, to call on m-i, and i v. lil tell tlr.Mi ot'
he fjioai t uit I Unve roccrved tVora vonr tnviititaM" on tl-cm-.
Ait i:ia H. H.WKV,
(jrni r of Venai'co and l.anihei-t stioeis. nea.- ii ehmoiid
alreet, Itriouiy lituu Wi-fcitt-Howii, Liuii.iaioii Dmmj,
1. W JMlAltra 0Hv, So. 10 N. KKCOVD Him t.
Thin N tw certify that BiilTwrlny aeveruh with a dUtvaxe
t ailed ltyspepsla, with mu. h losn of w- i'-'li. mv atten.ln
v at dirtw ted lo Witdmrt tJrent Aeieiicau Jjy-,;Kjpiih l'iltn
an the r loisly. II av in if it It bin ihree eik t;il. n !..v,n
Ptlla, nuiiijV Jin to the diieetloim, I found (mtn If eiutiviv
cur d, ml t' r i o weeks Min e my Liaiili ia irivitlr liu
provttd, ami I can cat without ftartf pain or Itieniivenl
nee. 1 ijarut-Miy ri toti)tmiid them tci all MHi:)arly
ftflll'ted. Mra. r. 11. TIIuMI'SON,
Hb hmond utret, JPniir d 'urn bjin,. Ihi-iowr.
Ur. 1. Q ! WlhllAlcT ri Oli'ce, No. 10 V. Hl'.i H KD
Stp et, l lltladt iphla.
I'Mpiphia! iYHiM:rs. i-Yjri:fSi
I. l.ll.-dseth HHnon,ff Rrandyv. tne, r.l, f rmrlv oi"
Ole Chosttr, l , do reitlly th:n lor oi.e ye n- .m l a fi 1 1'
1 m ffeifil tM'rvtliint hut death from thi.t a'.viul di. '
i'Mllcn liynpei'h.a. My vliOle ,-ysti m w:i- j ri-.-ih.ili d with
4Vjkii"-6 and I'lTvmii hliiHty; I could not M :.-tniy
Tu : It I nieew i. a cvaeWr or ihe s.i.; II. t au'-Hiiit m'
i. imI, It vitfld reiutn ,un-i us I HWHlioweii it. 1 became so
iitntiM' in piy bowel- limt 1 vnnJ.; not huvu a pa.i:e iu
h ha than Irowi tiinr and nftiji tf.-ht aavi; UTidt r Hit- 1ji
jmi ne Mitteiinj, my mind K.-uiiied niitirtly liti e war.
I Iwid oread ol' horror end evil li-ri i n-v: s 1 th u-Jl
that i T, hoitx 1 alio me, and I h.Uci. eieibt lyj I could
I't-tleur my LnshtH'l iit ni vv n c'.ll.ii'. ii 6mt thii r
at pemt .1 to he hmmr-bt' h-ken ta ine; 1 1 a i no a ilbition
to ti an: itdnj; I 1"it a I! my lo e ui t.uuiiy mi J homo ; I
v. on id lumi'le aitd w.iiuli r iron! p;;.tv it pi.n et im u .uld
rot be on te.it. d : I hit that I Wii m o na li I n hLii, u.il tU.it
1 1, ore I'll.- li" Iii avt n lor ine, alid Wuh ni:ei t;ui;l''d to
-4'BI!!ilt Nltk'll.'. 8i tlO.ir V.ilS n.y V.l.nk' HT r- M -a'telil
oetitio en, umj ul mi mi inii J, lroui iii.ii av. tul toiiiUiut,
hh la, tl itt m ti leliil t!.' f -i t U '. ti f..i e , ;e id e.l
In In. kiil.litiui'fc lUisphal. V.'ei-i 1 i.ilu. f'l. h. a; l ieamiu.;d
tltsvie iniie v tt'ki, atiK lin'O.i.t I '. a a l.tt. he t. i-; but iu
Blew iiavi-my diiatltul vmnp: .it.t wns lu-lnv a-bail ai
ever. I r urn ot :he Woi:ih Ui 1 eui. ieit.,:,,id hy I'.
WUhait k l.i't al Anielit an Jyr.pe.(ti,i J'nl-.i.nd Iiin Ir.'.-it-li-eill
I I .. tiepiM, toy h. .al..;t".hei on i,r. VV 'i h.iri, .md
tiittn in en, lo httit. lie -a. ah- p.iii li t:.n;:,i i,f ooii :.i
4 i ne i e. h. I'i .hit- i'u h !' i I ih-v. i ii 1 ;.! , ii,v-e!l
i ndt r O f it Pa :'ii...o:t, utnl i:i tvo wi oks 1 I fjdii to
f'llfilfil IU.V !'t"d, nt.il t. It th.it li: I. ;" V-as li't '.hill
vw.t ; ai-it 1 ewtuii'eil to reen.tr lor a'.i'iit i ijie, hio'C.1.-,
ai.il at tl.e ri fCl.l t'.ue I u" peit.r. h ar-h ol h.i.iy :tid
ii. intl, a tal 1 uiom fiin- ir'y r t 'ni l ta:i . tn n lii-r-'it'dt
i. od. r"u lir, ;!,.. 1 1, ..ml in In- ( Am- m .i l","p. n
iw Jii.f ami p; o I rt-e i an 'i-i.l';i, ti-rr j.;tv,-.i Me troi'i an
ho-i hi i l; It in u: d a pu upline r r .e. V p, ri n,s i-' i
li rli tm IiM.'i'.'i.i are m 1 b-rtv In eai on t i or
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j:7i. I. Cv). C. WISH. MIT,
wiumi: ui i ioii is at
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I i' a Mi:.-, V IK KM. -., saiilen'r r M Un v.i
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I serin le s - n. .,) i .k e; .nt , Tal- a. I li.l a. r, ll.r p.:.
I t let It, k M-r-i' t fx..e 11. al,l et. a.iI.i, a. . tit a- '
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bt tuti Itiu r ials or I'l.'s.fSfre e.M. iliraiOi.iirM.
V V. A LT II, 11 HALT 11,
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Iftoga'n alnlrlnt ej-:
If tn Cii'lUe In IA t un fthhi
tf u t a hlonmtnv fir- r,
Kadinai, dyiiiK In .in hour - Hr'nv!
I'tt have ft hoat of -tndt;
IftV r toe io ma te era' ro!' ;
H"w ilo hi h-boa I 'oAtl to fi;
If ft finiTble Bto it Wh' rt i' :ad 'A't-Ai ' 1 1
if to lh e tr i-eMe-tr' ftnd t- n,
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fM" ltv a lilt of ptucet
Ji to die ftad o to 'jrctt'e ttr. tk nil
If you wiFli ft life of pleanirep;
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Tako n y advf-o, iud wlh iW '.hv.
Ttkcn. h.w Itiu Ueahh, We alfh.and lUaMji,
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pv a enre'-rt -rnal r.f Vr, W ILLIAM ol' N-w
po. it., 1 III. MAKlii AUK MrflK, vwh h theul t h .-4-'
by eery nil. hoi: by Hn.keilvii iene-ally. and l tfe
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tor li.t lurtiiy .t e;ir. but it In I ma., ami Ami-i laa, vrl.K
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i..ai:' tl.i ii-aiul In Mrs t hf. Ii.im i:s--U tti.'m, ti iiao ti-ir
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cniitltihf .1 .i; .ilnt usIhi. lh -si- juila wl.il.- In tliat o t-)t i : t m,
t. i l.e ir"ii Ift'T acsuine. no r,.,p.:ti,.llllti a'l.-r th? thnrt
a ilii'iiiliioti, altlioiivli 'liclr tiill.liiir.,N would firerrnt .tne
l.tii. l.lcl to li.tulili, otli, rivl-a t no fills at.. rc'c.ioiiw.-nJ4.
J- nil in.. I s-clillcll '. 1,'clli.i s .Rv..i.i..nyt'iL' e-.nl! '.nr.
I'lktr l, ol six bn,s.i .r f .I, hold wli'ilts.10 at.'t r.la -I
tin t, Hi. w.ii:. iri'.Klts :
t Mlolt. M lulr C , No. ftl V. Kotirtll stri M.
Vn. lit A s.ilil.,11, So. ill Mtrk-t .li.-i
l.ir-l ii'l. r -rri I' Mil 1.,-n'li .1110 'Irirle'
' It'i'l .1 -l.ilti, norm r of 'f.n.l ami I .ii'vn strt' i.
IVMi't .v t'o., No.vti S. S ...ii.' sti.s-1.
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Ily mull, to any pin "f tii,- cuy i.r t.iunii.f, rt -t
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9--?ra Vo. jr, W. I HIltl'Y-Bl i 111 Biree'.S.V.
H.tMAIll TAK il I I IIC.
sM tut I'A VM CI UK.
A -"aiti r.'.v s f i- n.
M tKI r.4N'.-l t i i.i:.
s A ,T.l:l t tN-it t'l UK.
havaiutan t rum
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Sine ute, c. Ciirt-a in all trauma Hi Ituiu Is., in 'i
i'ltae .Mate or ivmale sent hv tvt,
lilDI I A LS'le '...
HAWAIllT AM fi I'I'llK.
-AM Alii TAN ti tit; UK.
MMAHl TAN n tlt'ltll.
H A M AUI TAN 4 CI lil'
M MAUI I 'AN Cl'lir..
SIM AMTtK 8 11 '11C.
a, M .till I'A s. S I'tu'Kll.
BIM.I'ITAJ 'fl:.
TIIS tll.'MT flKilllO Hilt SKllltlT ttftl. tfKS,
b t.ilnnl ticalnt-s, i...ii..rri... u. lili'i:. .t-.
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It iMil-oecTtalu lo reiiore lone a"i1 ft..wr lo ft ost, 'vl a
orr i.i bilniiieit by ix.'eaii or miy otnar lante, and ivill
lnturi-' all tol'iill ilirur.'l yonlU. wh"tt tna Till, a . u eU
wltlrfillt Uld Itljeilluu. In ll.l'tt' i ll-tB, .in,; I'lll li..'. '. i .i, f
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l.-ii'. by waJU
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No.'.' i N, fcilvIM' -f. r.
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hmii T Li: i:ii)i Htk. vi: p imm. si:it
N III P Ml UHXlHI). RVULT UK Itll.'li.T).
KVIH I UK. HI l'lHD. h III I I.K llli'OI.I-.
M III I' DR l lt'UKll.
Hi III I' UK Kl' Oltll.
s V It I P I'lt Ill'XHtll.
NVIUI' I IK. 1(1' 'OKI).
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K1.il I' IU. llllMHll. HVItIT UK l:li.,i.l'.
Hi Kl'l' 11'. Itll.'dltU. Hi llt'l' UK lill.'n'.l..
Mlll'l' UK Iticultl). Hi III 1 UK IIIO HI).
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la tl.e InioiHHfi llt.spiiai,, an. tla a-taiea tUrcjiui it
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'ili: pi. p,riiili.n I a-n eitiol an an era.!'. r.tor nf tt.it
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t yiiona, no u.Hiier Iroin taliat ean.e or him I i,a tUii.t-
Mco! ptr bi.llk'.
C. PINC? IIO.-P., Pr.rrt.'ar.
i 'Mil f A, I'll,
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I'lOTT .ti ro.
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an m-t'-.il s ...
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Sole As.-nlt.
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Hteti Ii a-iy ad'tis th.
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l't-Ki xor in i kiii nm. ith ur-iNti-si-i us, a 1 1 r
CAN' UK I -111) M 1 HID. I Ui. I Kjl I. Ik 1
I'll.-.. :. .M.ili'i-I I ilium. . .
.-ti't l.y null tn any a.l.lrt
r. PKi''B H'.tr,
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ilHIl I' I !..
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I ' I tO tl 1. I' ll tt ft Utul'-S ilU' Ij.l 11 ll.'l. . 11,.. t.. I.J
li'.ftrl,., Aidm.iln.ll S.-pp). u r, .1 , lor ine :tc ef
I . 'II l.k i I ll.a It .mil. and ei . 'ti 'i"i'.t' wl.'.-h nt 'ase
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l;r.M a j nutntt inn. .eu tisi. g t in li a'ji'iri:lus f;i. ? .
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jilt ntf ont l.f-x it w iirll. a Inind td A I. 1. uit I u. '..'. -.i-'si.
I rl'f . io it i. is i i boa hiiv Ak. me. Ul U I T .u l . Vo..
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aae l,,H I, I "'f "I I Ul'l U V M H, IU I II O-r'a
u i v, t " n. n i rineia or tin I p.tol, Mn 1 wi k ,
mi d ti ill i)ei ' I a tM auiii.ip t'oinpiiny n. hit' itird i
j.ad n- fillowd :
J I'NA.rntiudav.O. tohfrle.
1 I'ISl'.i VM. .-.niv.iai ,U br
fiTA Of W SHIN 'TO:,. J-.: :r.Uy, Oi.'ot.cr
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H S. .lh Kivi'.
1 . i-i' rA:iiAuK I'ViAMi.t JM -"l Ul:l NOV.
11: it CV'.T . Mj ,-ti.- aci.' f "
I 'Tii Oahln .i !. ' "H IV" l? .,e-a a t I on n.n. .. o..
1 ii -t i:i.tt n :.i I I j n ti'.ei-i-.m.' it I'wn ,mm
i li t lii.iui lollrtuiht .-! - Ki i jr. - u U-.nibuiv. I.UI''
I'SMtenur aVo itiiiv.ii.loJ to lift1 re, lironua, hu
t- !. :n, Am ne: ;i, A' ., ai e ji y 1".vim' i,
Td.oh mi" I. viTuiMii r n.tv!i V '
M u,i..', v-i'. wr:rui;n tioni l(l rtel a-.t) (,"-'-i.ti,
). "k.'.aa ... i-: t. t'.-iiki iu" Ut-if Ui-i. -o,
i j i ' t i,r t : t." - r i.i
1 o . i'i Ui r lUiiu.a;' t a"'v a t rt'roanv'a rt . ' .'
JOl'N i. ii.ii. h, .i :euf,
j. i ;l tV...s i. I it. 1 ui ail' van.
jlSftTrtfvi, ICVi'0;J AM rjULADKf)li!lA
Zm Pter iii'iuo Mix , Bi'i! ;iK in tu each p i t on
hTTT Kh.x .toufl-'vV?'arl ah e 1 1 M'. Sre -.l-.tila- '
I'e-pi a, aid i.u .' narf, lotion, l.in tiut fchJi'f
ft '"M 11 IS . HUc .1. on .-ftl.uAa:.fi.Lnt.e,H1 IrtiHt.
'liH "i't4. , H. VJ', ;iai1.lnwj, will 1 1 u -1 1" IU
d !, Ii.u f l V- 'oii o.i Hn'iii'iiv. O i t" . a1 lo o tl r.
A . :J I n1 -t e uteai iif ip H HiVAN, li ker, iVora 0.i.iex
ff.r 1' i.aii 'is'hia. i n v yu.ai 4 1
1 fti ie um Aiid t. jbiiftii:J fcsii uh tV-rni u regular
Ui o. a io t f. . n Cti-h p"1-! panel t jh r'at-irdu -
In.- sruiiee i ih cti i uiciu'-iiajruit- yrt .tui'm otsis'd ot
I io! i.t. ul.fti at f.tlrraiea.
H.ii;.f:-.a.i rt.iitiii'e'l ao .- BUf Ee. --Ipt "
Luoin,.' will, tin Ir ( 'd. 1 , s
'jati'f Ko. ".UI.l-.nVAKG AV...U.. ,
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ft',i,4la.''anit uwtiirni Liner, r!n Ue'av.j-a a")
f ". i. i.i BU.il. 'll. tfci... of u i- I"'"' tn Ih.ivi..
ti ,n ul U oiLsta a., auu ws. . . .,.vj.u .....j yiw
I, ... lj
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wli.i U ain no
I)'.' n or. r 'jni.,! 1( .i
I'.AiPU x 10., No. l 't a.
. I I I . J MM

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