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The evening telegraph. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, October 15, 1864, FIFTH EDITION, Image 1

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TT7T? nPPAT rtr RTrn-n
ab4 - aAfli .at Jj
JJ 1 1 AT)KUM 1 1 A AT 1 1 HI) A Y, OCTOBER mi
A Prlwl H,.ery Nil. Tits.
Hrln t. r IVt. c hor -nrlnllH.liiKrliHiuir
UkADM AhtKh,. A BM Y or the Jamkm, 0, toVr
...- rf i-unii ru to b..tt.-n. s to day ,.ic
tld in tit iiWui; n,.M hf..,,,rv eiiPiuli
ndenf the J-.t,,,., river, wis v,bci tiny hud
rrcenlly fret.uenilv b'c:, nl,'e t tll,ow , nt()
Dutch Q. r, to the anc'.,nco of Ur working
4r.7 mere, work on the latter i rapidly ,, p.
,......., Kimpn hoii, ami .r.mivs to prove a
Matters in frr.rtt are. -.1.1..... . .
-hi. oiummh lU.lliTIAI t'nU'll'.
k..7vvnB0 "rl!k vve,l!lK cry ra.utl and
'"J nr.ng is lni .nl from the mr-ctiou of I'd er.
, u "'"! ",,m " indicate. Mi.it un
" iug isn on ii ado s leu.
;,"". KiriiMoNii, Uotol-er 12 M.M.r
vniriti lioner, haviu,, a-cerlnm-d tl.ro ih tm,
ntinu ny of do-crlers and others, lU.it too it.-. I
antt.or tie bad placed our negro soldiers, i n i-
.......... .,.. ui.j-HKinmni.-, m Ultra I.Uvor on
Ibeir lurtifii'uitnii in our fr in', lr miec 1 1 fur
ni'hlh.'ni rations, tlieiT.l,y romp-limx th-m ro
ll their ciobes to ti.e Oonfedente soldiers for
'Htl. IlllM thlK i'nv n..l,i,..l IV : - ..
, ' J " s,..,,i,.-,-.. IHT tllll.l,
I H '! c.thsi ho Mini; place a 1 k t .. r
lie. in nii mi. .,1. ,r.....r.. r'
F.ightysevrn men were ordered Horn City Point
tins evinttig, ami will ln sot at worn as ,0, ,ve
uni.i,x n ntisiaotory iui-,wir Mull
If nenvfd fioni Ihn R.vl Craml.i,,n.. h. ..
cHwk to-morrow. it i, u!tU.Tst.l til'
iiiiui.ht i lun.M nnoirrt will bo
-...i.m . um .iio .i. BTiaaiion inime liuWlv
('( '." ''" a pr,PoN,i..n from
0i.mI Uti.lev lor iu exoltanwe cV.r.lm to tho
4Uivnk.,ts 01 ..Mo.nihit. , rank m ,.t fortu in t. a
car... of all our pr.M.ncM Iron, , ,I '""irvKo
t.H by t km, , iimn for mm, tbi e.xn.'H. to In)
nun on titliur purr fro
niaoe up lu ullii crs .in
the iirD.v.
No change on onr fr uit.
r At in., i.i-n.
I V . , B. i.
nlii(tu.;liKlftr,l Jii,, tl,.ll;n, r w.wn,.r h..r
1,lx lM ''oni'niMic.'munt of tliu
war lias the army to fully felt its own atren'b hi
relauon to ihai of ttio enemy. Neror ban tbi"
.ril r, ' 'c ,!nMI move
meiit. riie soldiers now f. c thy bcitiBnini: of the.
J?- r ,l'":,;'v- ""' very naK, r to clow np
. - - ' " "itt ami jr.j no ne,
A tk!,ptr.iie i liaritu n madu a,..i.iwt ihn ...:.i
die i.t li.h l,i r.,r.. i i,- ,.i ,.. j .
iv; . " . nielli, out win -mo-c-M-
, w---j r'""i umui, ny tnat I ,iro. v. i-ir i..-
1 fan it ii J f I., w . I.,.,. ij.ii r v ,lJ
i "10. ili"tl, 1 ,'.:in only say at present, In
no 0i h thing thought of hro an to tho A-.ny'H
to ng into wtiuu-iuarUTi. thii of lli-'hinond
t antt letersburp, and not tlta Ic ..at p trti le of
. Jloubt o Oeseral Onmi'a lwntf nb!o to mko b th
word ' w,'c"tvt,r Uu n" t ay tba
The only canm- of delay , for the nurpono of
;. - v" Vl new iuvios, auu
mukinir tho v.citiirv ,.Kan V .
a? po-ible The ,hh,' w no dd't 'a"S
rtuet """""" lu
Among the refnwes tbut lately came In. on the
rifm, w- une i.ibiiy. the kucnerof tha r...hr..t..i
Kl'l ,i. ni I"e' ,'lcr him- u Is '1 mat
, -v..... nailer ic.usi a to recelvo him as a
,ri,:,,;ir.:.T.vr". '"V'.. v" uuru wiin "'3
pftewal of Guerilla Depredations on
.. the Virginia Railroad8.
Mautiksiuho, Oit. 14. There is iearcelr nv
wa Iruin tin. ir.if.f iin..n..i . . '
! .- u.v.u'-l 4UIfl, WUtiQ i&it
fl-d from, wos worse and not expected to lire
1 lu r way to tho ire ut. Dr. Ohlcuschliwer tu
ad. Ilia nt wortH were a utmeiaent that be
eeirt d ma woun'iB alter he had aurrendered
t wa a Tcry popnlar yoiiug aur,reou, of line
llltjeB, combined with great energy of cliarat!
r, and, like Colonel Tolleu, win from tUo State
1 New Jer.ey.
Motcbv made a mnct ..mWinn.
Hack upou the westward bound railway express
un, ahonteleyen milts east of thin point; at a
ii .11111117 "HiiuK. ino engine was
rown trom the track and two paymaster aad
veral other i.ili.-j ri ........... i .......
o hundred tboubaud dollars in Uovernment
HUB. IDS UiLKwt tliArd iivikri Pn).l. i .. a 1. ..i..
I . o--" ' w IVUUCU J tueir
oney and valuables, and the cars aet on bre
iMlllltf n II lliu ...... .,i.rH .... .1 . . '
-o - i""!1"'; u iKTiiQi, whose
.mea could not be atcertainu.l
d hretuan were badiy satided, and tUoir
('l Le two bodies uurned may have been enr.wa
,, , ' uy"""- a uey were ouned
nuII a uimr, in0 otuur a female :
t tb y were not identified. Tne cn.s'iuear, tire-
.11. Hnd through. ti.li'iriK.n m 'n .'..n 1..;. .
ne otbms wtre harmed, so far as known. S.iue'
K(t AlO.etlV. Wlwi lii-u.-m l 1 .,.11 .1. .
'. IlfiWI'Ti r Viiflu t.iT .....1 '
i'lic iwo Ui 11s -er s nere M.lUiVd Ru.riAj
li'Mtiuer Jma rioiuothiiitr n,.r
'. ... A"H,U" express Hent was on
aid. Willi nil linn .......
, iuui.u ui.i not open it, but It was
...... w.iji t ie iraiB.aud ol Cjur.se all tho papers
w uruaoe ot eivnirr nss;...,...! n i,n n ...
. "-.I ...v a . .1. ut
rrv nii.iiurw ,1 ....... . .
.... , '. i.rcieui an lues
1. . , .ui.t virvu. ic only
j . ..,,..,, , i,10 puoiicg. ne-
r . .w. io nuir Mip:llis ot tuel by
i route, io i.it ird Ibe proie.eli..n n. e led. The
...,..., iimiKioii ..uu u .itiiiioro deiveud
n Ibis r, uta n.r .l...r .. ..i .... .i... . '
I be running of the trains was only lntoiferea
eh bv the tr:nn thui .,- -r.... .
r ' '"' imc wrw:n was
iard np and the trains ull unaided to nan
marly ibis aittrnoon, and in farther annoy
eisaniicipated.as new disposiuom of troots
I.0W being umtiu. A'. '. llaoUl.
" ' ! le of the l mum
Ast ,H 11a' r. N
re ow C.t m r, :-Tho ele.-li., r.1 t..i..
H-tglTesp.ndl(l autirk. of the rosttitof the
1 le-li tllllnl CliO t-t, l,i, w fO ln.lf at Th
great Centnti Si.u s 0( the Union hare pro
nounced, in nnmlmakalilc ..,,. ,, their condtfmna
lion of the Lrii..i)!cH, the iuroosa. ami ih.
rsndiilai, of the Thlco Convention.
Althi n!h tho creat itmic was urfiran,)
HiUiicrt y for their aetion, they have brauJo.1 as
fh the decla.stion of that assetnbla:o that the
r for the restoration of the Union has nrnv.a
a "failure:" sr.d have ftltfumii...,! . .,
--, r i .".W.
and cowardly, its demand, ma, 1.. ,n n,., .... . ,
our most spieiidid triiimi.hN. f.,r u ....,... ...
ho.illitie, and acompr.iul4,, with the men who
are ss..iling, in armed f -),eliMn, the nation's life.
Ill I1! r DRV iV14.lt! a I tin ..I 1 I."
nl.hoi.h there was k., !rono ht t'.
thiiMa-n, or tin.nl.nc i,;,,; ff
have . i... t,d MUfn ,., , ,.. llwntv:fa ;'nr 0
bv a . .,l-r : " " '''"'?! l.l State
m. n hav e ,n. .w ' . r.r. .'I"' :'" "-""n
out of n neteeriTth'iina'" diuV't'i"
rent uH . ,,f ,r.r T" "? P"'"'-
resen. .hemsely.f,-,;,," . 't
been coiMlcmncd by (leeln,,,. ve.rdg,lt l0 J, , ,
latuic has a lar?e Union .nairl y in bo b
causa ha;-poMur'u;;,v' oTnot ts tllan
eighty thoumnd. ' " tJ,ia
In Indiana, whnrn tl. "........ ...
5n e?r1:,r::'i.?r"i"'8n" !" rw,uv.
dnt .., ,1,1 l" r-e , ineirmeans a'mn-
v l'U" r.t4 c1 "X the utmost
u.o-ilv ro::, ."."'"V: ..." 1 "7 "vo been
wl.kl.-lh,. State iras K.ven f,,-T .,ny yearVJ'17
oartv lad V. ..'..r. l'!tlon
nlon men in that .... i
S ,r. . i.. ..i :r .' V . ?"H""'''lors who Had
he s7,i a m e " o Z "l' ""t Upon
ie.u,w.fenHi-n ' -
yonr hearts with eo: lid,.,,, c ;i. ,t iuNo vein dnr the
... . ,i 7 r1' " r,". 'd that thero bo no
Mutlonof hostilities until the it.-irrity of the
., . ...... lu., n i .fiuuey ot the (Jin-
st union re.it.,i.n.h..i J, . "
The Uiiinn vi.'ti-srtok- ,f :,,... ... ....
;,... ,., " ' never f.ilel to
v... , puiiu.-ai foninn ntj with 1'ennsvl.
'wi.in.i A . ' '"d""11. nd
Till III) EDlTliSN
HoaiHie of lh HHr-iujiM InWtf n
b Memphto Ar$tt loM. ttio following etory
We Itam from ft gentleman Utoly from Mor-
izin. I.niiiaifitiM ilmt u - .i
t piMcr, dt GuurvfiLHrtml. a young oIUcw, nt-
kged vith attempting to betray hfs men
" M niuuiguiuo, ii seesas tnat the unfor
at vouutr man became iiummj r
nclftdr. the diiiit7hti f . w....kH .....
. - ; . n - " .-i.i viaiiwr
fu.ug uoi isr irom tue coast: and that,
iring to make her hi. wife, he proposed
I was acconted. on andiil.o t.-
aid betray his command in a Cnnr..,,,.,.,.
to b eonvenieutly ombuBhed. In un
furred moment he uccepted (be proposi
"AocoriUngly plans were luld, and the
lUiaodef of the Confederate forces near by
''i.ira who. a proper pretext given
the dayappomtod the whole f. rce at Mor
.ia was marched np In seanU of the enemy
, it had been i asserted. Iiad been depredating
a Uie nelehboring plantations. Before they
gone fur, the Colonel coiumaudiug, from the
.y.ardneas of the traitor, snspeetins that ai
not right, baited tho eolnnin, aud, postiuu
.ets securely, uumedlultjly coouneneed an ia-
igauou, wuicu resutua in the coufossion of a
,ant of one of (lie coinpunles, who bad tea
itaijH with Ihn taMt i it,. I j.. .
1-,D? P0inPt'y orderod a court-martial
wm v wtv uiniw- Ttuu, wore is little
bta wilt be convicted. If this does not boiacJc
'.ha rornunrsn tti war tu ir. .i,a . i
luto5 " yoars can bo so ac-
'm Bloowust Dkaka or tn Wai AaToTr
T.if f..Uie iiUon flier: "There is
not mnn ' "Hiwumuc. lUQR'aU)
,d,est1am:r.u-'?l1. t the
7," ;r", 7 .,1."" be enacted on the
the overwhelm!,;, Vn "orXZ Z
tain the vcrd et ot ti ,,.!,, w... . "uuul3 L
yiciori::" '-i?"j"r or heW
hi , .,i. .V. ' .'""""oiatai lnact viiy
ti. o l,'T,.,.liD:n,l!',t,). 7" !! exertions-riot
only t h ,,,..Yir.,,, . r L , ii-we.contosts an,
" r.. j antiujiMK'n or tho trrAnd
the b.rio,.h;,v . ." iv,.' "z j". . p ''-
next. Our nn,;; . . u "ovomtior
sosffined. "beck thoy have
flCFldes this if I. nr.t ...
on,' 'h U , " " im0; d -?
,,ml . ; '",'''yin, in bloo.1
... '. i". iv.iiu loruvcr:
hli:ns. moreover nr. ... .......... .......
. . .i7" ' ' ."" "s'lenguTO tnoaiiies
'Y'""". rnpreHeiiieu at Cliii-uiro, ate pro
raied. if the coho ki h.. ..!., .. .7. .
. . .w , . u i u.s.Bi, m.j yorjii't
ol the oeon e nnw ,iu r ao ....: .. ... .. v
.... t.i -J " V. i : " urar yo-u-.
r,nA "i-Lv- C" '.-r " , ":...iJ,rt"!s rei pr-
r. - "...iimij umrca, oocrot orginixi-
perfected. Arms and amiimnl ion' havo boon
A, I . m Western Srates.
AIK1 the LhlCiUrn PiinVKnl nn I .... i a' .a ,
. r"- 'sa noun run.HGii
mm oojd iraiiBi. tod. but on im.
tmn of Wiekliili. r.f w " ,n
of the ibiiio. .v,Hv;r..j'?".,?,sn w
... ! s., iuu ui J.H'fltUn
clubs ol revolutionary France, re,olvcd itself Into
. permanenootiy, lor tho avowod purpj.se of
,-'"'"' 'ep as emergencies might reiitiirs
1 etween now and the 4th of March next. To what
Vi " "" !'""" '"ok, it not to a repotitiou
ouNoithernsoiiof the .eces.iou movement in
. v.. V -o o win ui mo people, ir that
will should be pronounced against thorn.
Fi r these reasons, Icllow-eitiious.und for every
.XZrT?T:!l T'f ll,S wel"lre. th8 Honor, th.
. .k Ktve iu .-November an
OTi rwhclii.iiig majority for the Union cause.
With proper xertiou you ran carry every ioval
Mate in the Union for the Union candidates. Let
v .... ., , j,llr gU ,ru , 1JB co,ltont wjta
nothing le..s. Hememb.r that the contost is not
oiie ior party ascet.deney. You are not fighting
for a paity ictory. 6
Ji&.l.? o contending i.
country. U;memtHT that failure now is failure
forever; that a triumph of the cessation and sur
render policy of I he Chicago Convention leads
ineumliy to a recognition of the Itebel Con
lednacv. with avurv .,. ... . . ..r.
ii.r....,r. . ... .i. : ""'"-u! iv too
,....... . ., B,rloua i, moil and tho over-
A . ..
B. ill Or
II, " ks
III. ilr
Iln. I,-
Itiill r "
('.in h-li
ii ii .
t'arlMin '
"n ri-
tt r
rt!i I.I. . .
'tun Si.
Uun her ami ...
M-,HW Are
Knr.vf... -
Kr, sdn
Hun:., inli.n....
11.11 Hill.
,Irtrrrihiii. . .
JumslA ,',
Awn n. a
Lf tilltKii.
U'n.i ...
i.vc, .infill.
M- K.' in ,
M. ri. r.
St iff -ri
Miinnvp .
Hunt: .inipr. .
.Ml'. III.
Niirttui inn,. in
If n v
I H'..ltl'l,iii.
I 1 e
.'.it .
" hoi Iklll .
Honi. rsi't
. mi 1.
I n..,.i..
i nNDi'n.
..r i n
w.i'l,!ni ton .
Wf.Ii,,,,, i'"
W f Ullll..,,
Tot Alt
Union miti.iri...
Total vote Ii, l,-iy
3 I It.
V A'i'l
t. o 'i
s m
1 ;.i(
J..I i
1 IS:
I. Jl
i: 1 11
:i.t 'I.
., Hi
tt.'i .11
.1 S7ii
I. l-'rf
I l,ltl
I I . ... J
I. in
i.r y
1.' IS
1 II
1 1
ti.s tt;
'J 911
II 4
1 -Ii'.'
1 i..s
;!.(.: f '
I .ilsl
V i,.'l
a. .ir.': i
1.7S9 I
ni ,
.1.710 '
.'.'.' I
l.S'i.S '
1 7.17 I
7.'.rl i
l..''l !
V.'lti I !
n.V'li l
'i.s'l '
,-''.' 1
a. ''., i
I ..:.'.!
7. is;.
I 4 Ii ,
rt ,'f.i 1
'.'.'.' (1
.17, I'll ,
SI'I i
H. -.I7
I, 'tal
I .hi I I
l.'.'.VI1 I
l.'.sii I
HI) I' I
I, Ml
4. Ill',
1 .1 "I
1 0
lUtii Ax, (Ht .Vr IVrho s oimcr .
from 1. vcrpioi, on ,!. a, yU y M
o B ..n he Mb, arrived h. roes;erdy morn..,'.
Her c.n unreal ,es is t,ti,.p.,tcfl by .,,
advicr-pir Cu,.;t.r.,, s- V .,,Hi lUeo. "
Iti.s,i.,d ihi.ttl,,. Franc -It titan .t'rwlll
m.f .. ra... d null the cp.,. of luly is rem ,vo I
to 1 Inn iir
Ibe l.-'....hal of tho Crown 1'ri.i. c of K issi,,
'in I mm; s l'a.;mi.rof ivmntt kbo liiaillv
aanouni'id, J
.M.i,-..'s rerremitii.ivo arrival In I.otnl m a id
ant., nece.i tiiat the ligut witu Uolmrti wa, o;f ur
i'luioti m, Ireland, 0.;t-h,.r ,'i 215 P M
!""'" 'I tiubl li.i.ti.lo I for III I s ..,K.'f
i ul' "nini-i tfcmen-Jjus snouts fro u an i. a-
DlCI.M DlUitltlldi'.
ev.",?,aC.1.'' , ran'"' hi" ""P" "'l' " I 't ii
exiee'ed that (',)!, r.. ..n ,.i . ..
: .. - -.1111,1111 um H.IKII,,
Amill,,., ,,',,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, , fnilU;r
UU uZ m :Ij,,u,1'""b y too sukeholder on ,te
ll.e United States Irigatfl 7',Vo , ;..,. , n iJ
d, n,n.'n "ar Mn"'n, btu rooev.,1 ,lo
1 hi- Irti 1,n T. - . .
", , ', 'e re-ei.'tf.toa ol 1, ii.mJ.i t)
the I lesidrt.ev almost ecr-ain.
ll'li ncrinni V.....L.1 . i ......
TV '''"," ol 'he po vd, r units u v,r K.-.fi.
1 he tinaui't.i nresaura ,' ........ .., ...
OV(P " '-"' i's!,iuv..:.t u on
roniimifs t . tl.iw Int., tho n,.,kr
-"svi'V',":. 411,1,1,1,1 f"r "'' 18 0"t tC.
Consols vNj()t,s formnney.
9 It. 7
Mnrkem hy Inlxriii.ti.
i,rN,eW,'.'"',,0''l,',M'r " h" adva'icod
.i,..KW '' ,,l",f t." -Stocks are Irrcgil.r.
i.r""d 1-ta-t.WtCti.alf.rla., ,,r. f.rr.i ,v
',', ;':, ' I.'." ; "''.l S nit,,,.!,,, 7 .V. ; N.w , ri
r ",. ,i n", ,on m i M'ss iitli?.,
7 a if i.; ; .y:.T,a',;;.,Vo,..,i'.;.';ir1 ,;:,vri w
I 6 n
J -: i
3 0
J 8'W
doimjs .r i ui: iiui ma.
New Ciirsxt-T 8riti:i:r Thethis.-TIio w.vk
rasom r.vi bttl n..v,.ity. ti. W-M.i rro, ., , , ,jr
dellHiitul c.nililiiaoan, have va 1. .J tliulr Ii,.ti:,.-.IU i,-i
eyfrynltiit.jivini, u itcrhiu- a,i .w, c..oo lies, ir
new ones.
to.t l. n, he .s. e..i.ln.. Uinlv.. U..H1 I.,. ,.
i...'s mil in ,r,ti,iol lho!J t.M.i !,n,.,i
-. ,' i. iiVs'v;';."::'.';" "'. ". - . " ,,n.
1.1,11. l , SI'll.l.s.llCi'lt 15 ll'iullli I'll'.llUilUll,. 1 ,.', ,,.
.I.'.' r-. .ul t il ,..,. n.a,. i.i, ,,' " 'Jo, ui,., ,' ,V
mi .11. ,im a ll.ui r rI ,IV ,n. .t o ,
Mania;,),!, m ,, It .. ic,. ,,,, " "' "'
I 'u n, l I., Warren's make up hu natural anil :in.f , I
n.t u l td' in. . ti. . air ..,.( o.. .r. n.t .,
w..ulddo, .tl,,w ,r i...-,l lr..,u eirli'iJil . 1
nrs L et Mr. Wain ,, . iuiii.i on in his .li' s- L-Km ,
""""','" ll' a.lKutUB tor snejatv; lie h, uS, ,M
put nn 1,1s Harp., m th. f0.:.l 'l h,. , "v i'lr
ln iumii ,1,.. Is li,i,.,,.Ui turl,. d A tain
in niti'i nun isscliialins. .
orha'' "!' ,u.'11iI;1f'""0 "X1'"""lnn 'ssturehslpj 11... eiru t
r l.'.izl. u-rtlia, ',.,r llari'iiurtC'iiirtly," Mr.ar.st.
ii'imuv arn.i or u, ur. Mr. Iwls
2i.',,4i! ui
I'd 171
Allnf.tffti.t. It tut ... .
RlbOWAV. Oetnluir 1.1 l.Mt. i ..u .
gives liilerfUem.) 6H,'and Beboliold (Union)
An. Democratic majority 4d7, and gum ii.
TKK C4.KAUI4.si invvcar..
- m i mm Sl Si w'
UL'KIIKO, itolKT 15. Nothlnrr ai,thnn,; n
been learned concern In y tha aetlun nf ti. n.,
Tcntl, n yesterday, to form a Un inn itflrin tlr.'ilul.
ThcKxceullvc Council cnU'rtained thadaiensa...
with o splendid ball and dinner last nliM r,j
to-nisht tho Hoard oi Trade will givo a dinner to
the dulegatis. l'romlnent E.iL'Iish .......
r, present that much interest la felt In Kiiflmd
ui .ut progress oi tuo negotiations.
Wasiiinoton, October 15.-In formation h"u
reached here that yosterduv afterno,,., hn...
fcuudred of While's guerillas crossed at a ford of
the Totomnc six miles above, Edwards' Ferry,
Slid AdvttUCClt to Poolesv.lle. M irll t,J
they drove out the cllizcns and committ..,! m..oi.
damage. Thcro are additional rnaorfs ,,.
are not authenticated, that later in the day
another guerilla band crossed near the Monocicy
and moved down the Rockville road.
l'Ir In RI..mIa i.ii.i
rnoviDENCB, October 15. A Mrtrtn mill In
Clayville, owned by W. B. Matthcwson, ani run
by IJndsay Jordan, was burned I . si nti., t.
wus insured in this city for $17,500.
Special Pespatchi'H to Evening lelcKraph.
. r i itiuii nuu mo over
(iivt" not ilii-h a tri.itv.rsl. t . ,
ubtoad and the enemies of equal rUhts as home
Ut Lot 1- 111! and ami ... .1. '
. .uv .us. k urv in ifli
oesti ui iion or tins im,N rial Kepubllc. Let the
.1 i.inuu unit me American peon lo siiil
cliug to the principles of their fathers that they
Will Kil l III. Illtuil. ...... t..u. ..II U. ...I.'... . "
.. : . ; . " , , . "rv...v n uoa'.tiuy tne lntog
riiy of their Union, ibe authority of the Causti-
tutu ti nii.l tl... l.,..i... a.. 1. .. 7
,v .uiivi auu nopieaiucy oi tnsir
L'loriolls flaa..
We call upon Union Committee., Loyal
r: i- -.. v. ui.uiuiiuuui lormea lor
the Burpose of vindicating and nalntaiainir the
fUB. T""' 10 redou bl "tforts. Let them
rr!n'auon, instantly, everywhere.
I,el thein Aenrl f. .I.t u J. V . .
,m ., """"jo tor aucn ooeu-
menlS AS Will 1ll .rl.l.m i... ,
. : , - "ri"." uw pvuuio tuvir re
spective localities upon tho great Issue, involved
In t,iA ...... w uc a . ....... ...:l I l - C 1 . . 1 ...
s"-, iuoy nui P47 1I41UIAUUJ Rraiai
tonslv. sn the nl
IM MiaAmL tAfa In nJ i, a ... .
i , vwnu turn tTtjry aiHincr
the people, and rally them to the support and
dc et.se of our principles and candidates. Let
full end prompt provision be made in advance
frauds .Znf ,ur praTetltiug
vu.i.tri.rk . .T ,u"11 buusa crisis ot the
country s fato the vote of every citizen who has
MlLU,,0r in,,he Pton ihT,Sio?-. iff?
its flag, the exercise of bis right to vote, if any
iT ffSSCi! to
chi-au-d ItlVv."' "'J'i. '5 r ucffiigonce, or
to vt the right
,, ' : - i'lu lorunn a lurloug i, if
home WS6l,,r , iu".t"l he mayo.e
catue' TlTm V," ...f "7." ur s0.Unio..
upon any jujaTaa-d iidV c.nvatTwi TZ&
or echo the demand of the Chicago ' Conwatbo
for a cessation nf i.nuiiim.. i..?... Tculu""
.. . -. .. ..... uu ia,R aye or
I"0, !3 ir .' dlirf"l "urrender to au ex
tiauskd and beaten foe.
CmmSf Ut 11,0 KaUoa1 U,oB Eoctttive
t, B Hexuv J. RAtkoNtJ, Chairman,
r, D. SiitktiY, eiecretarj,
Bbmno norwi.e.-An old miser, who was nolo
rlously parsiinouious, being ill, was obliged ra
luclamly to consult a doctor. "What shall I do
with my head i" said the old man, "it's so dixt v
I seem to see double." The doctor wrote a pre
scription and retired : "WTiea yo se douW
you wUJ Bud rtimf if oa couul jouf neaey
Wasuinotok, ctoljer U.
NllirS, TlSIt4tVal l''n..a.l
President Lincoln. Recretarv Hmvil ..
r f - MKSA
ouier members or the Administration, accompa
nied the corpse of tho late Chief Jnsthvi T-
to the railway depot this morning. The fumwal
uiaes piace at t rcdorlck to-day.
rurattlt or llosetiy,
Nothing has been heard from ....
lu pursutt of Moseby by Oenoral Stevenson.
Itaftt rt of Jailin. it-...
1'hA Hatk ' t T.... n . ..
--- . .uu,.uit rtates, t tie em n nt
lWShJ B:lri"8 Drothe?.
r j i - in Aionuon on t he Z4th of
SeptcmUr, in the seventy-sixth year of his age.
7 ,7JU " 7 " , '"7""""u, "Aassacnusetts,
in 1768, and was descended from a family of
emigrants from Kngland which occnp", a con
lutcuoua tlhieil In iu ..... p l
r W 8 "1 t9,?atVy yl,U. eutersd a
.r. V ' , ,v " " wutre ne gamed bis
first knowledge of mercantile alf.urs. and was
P . i fl . i .1 0" l.tfA trtn AMnfAn . . . . . . . . .
voii ?t Ti; "'i oi mo ceiooratea
VllItam Gray, the loading merelnnt of Mas
chusetui, he was placed in charge of highly
ruSDonsihlA Irnatja avawt i.nr.... .A ...... J -
. . , , . . ,v .v., y vuu evMaiatueut or
Ms majority and during the troubles with Eng.
,a,iil r.n,jl,i ih. .... .lu, . . .
..r..v. ,v0tul ton, was despatched to
Europe with a view to protecting the Interest, of
u.a ip u.H, many oi wnose vessels had been
captured fxith by Great Brituin and France. Iu
tins new held of effort he was brought into inti
mate reJations with the great commercial and
IE. ii ? . U f KuroPe. wpooially those or
the ! II,,pe and liarlngs, and soon acquired a repu
latum for ability, intctity. and sound judgment
which gave him not a' tittle luOu m the
highest commercial circles.
V.. i anr a . . .... .
ii oo ne esiaoinsuei a mercantile bouse in
London in connection wtih Mr. John iiaring.
under the firm of Bates & taring, and was sub
setiuoiiUy made a partner in the distinguished
fitin of Baring Brothers & Company, of which
he continued au active and efficient member untn
Ihe f.me i,t liia, WtL I. iajla i. ":r UU.t"
TI , "u"' commis
sion was arrauged to settle claims of citizens of
.u .'W.W. wiiiivi uu .ui, tiiiiisutAovemmanL and
Ofsultiects of Croat Ilritaln air-J... !Sf?Af"2
iStatos, chiefly for spoliations committed ditrini;
the wsr, Mr. Bates was appointed umpire between
the British and American Commissioners h, ui i
lie UftnrmMl ll.A ,4 1 , tia. . .1.1. a.. . . .
... . ; w. .um uwuuraoic and
delicate oflica with promptness, impsxtialltr
and fidelity which gae entire .aUsfactltm to
hnth Mirllia In 1 U '.') I.. i . 'U W
-r .v. a .we. uii vr mm ii.iiiroirxi or the
plan of e-ulaitdiiiig a fro. pabiio Ubrary in the
"'' I Boston, and at once appropriated fbe .am
or V ,t0,000 for the accomplishment of the object
besides donation of between Uo.OOO and 80 05
volume, of books, after tiie complotioa of tho
building. Mr. Bate, preserved to the last tab!
Interest in bis native country, and watched the
VT!tl wltn of th. South
7, -T" .uayi7 auu WTin ait Bis syuDa-
hki i (be (ido of (he Cowu.-.V. r. Tnto.
tie .r ,
(laker Vl. . ,a I . ..... .'. "i.V ..' ."". Mf- 1H
... ...Nra nc u t w in nio,i r ...
1 i r l'.,,,''ul,", v i, ush, .d .PPi,u,i
Iu"s ai' ss slow ami Insipid; ir u,T
point, .,: -Ussle'' loll to the KrtMi,il nnhetsk, . Mr. c ,' .
s.". rviTj uay in ira eo Tiiae,, ami i.inail.la t.,rV
..,..1, . . , .h i.n.i. .nr. norry 1. totally
llniii ,r s,', par-, ..n,:lr c ,Ilkv .. h
L"1 """'' r-tnd'T him i bl.,t in atl
afiiuu. " ,,. by a mti llrniaa w- aa for tiiv Br.t .1
the had. aii '' h""v H'"u""'.' '"""rlli It was n ,t
ine iiijju nrcu .,iKllhwoiiiau will, a ta.lii i,r ilol l
.. ., " , "ss'is" wiw -isir uanwait"tMDs-
till! 1 1 a . "' ".....I ctn.io, play , (race, aoiiiul,
S.l. lir.d .,ti( lady, Inn .i.olouA,,, pren, a.,,!
and to.inh a.aa, ..,a. thee nil, I only hay. I, d il" l l u.
n III. p a, to do ... win., , w. adlaalr. H ft Ml"J
;., i....intiAar,.t srtl.i c l,,lete,-t ei,ilrfi, to earo f.,i t',.
Ut,,.., ,,i tMii .., elro lino o...li,e, are i.v.o,.r!,". '
rt.e Vi .rieii 'run ne Is .liawli s t.a.'k t,i lha rn.snul a
I,..,.! aiatln ,s;,eU su.lioiioe. r" , ., Ia, I, ,?;',,
lloeWaa.l '. ra.rHti an,l (.ui d,aiu.
At tub Walnit Miss Thompson, sfcyWy a-i-lit.
.1 liy Die mlseral.!.. stock com.siny AturUil w the the-
a-n , na ninvea oiilv llai'l t.e.ail n.'n. .... w,. ,...
iniit'ti an an'.tess may bo a favorite with tho public, It will
.,rr m ais-iny ner pe petusiiy m 1'ic sauv parts, siuse.allv
r...j .v .....,,,,,-, a, U,M. 1 1... iinaou (St Of
.lt fl ilTrhMlaVT ... u. f." V.' ".1: 'I'?. " Uullr
Jiuf, ., i, wiili I. alio onose Sir hor bennlt. It nn A.
rasmi'iud Mere, fiionsh we mint ia? umt M,.s riioiuuiu.i
' '' " " ,f ' d',:ili)t pnwir sad
-'-'m; a. ii.u.i u.c mi- iu te in. i'H i.,r alar til her
Itl Ui lliU'i the pli ys. Mr. llVne lias Improve I la lliaK hiU
lis jrt we have seen no vtd'Mc ol' pocullar Ulsut. itlss
At ma Akch Stkbst Thbatrb, Bel Dimonio
ooimnu.s to ml the honsc. The masnin -enoe of um upse
ts, le "i.l.llterallnit qnite" th tedlata of the plot, ani ren
flcrliip the yap 'd dial j.it but of ll'lle iiop irtAn t.
Alaii'lie War vail ia as lianiUoiiit, and .uiMraotki as usual
Jlllil li aplrea theniusi illlliiolattn: a.liali At'on. Tne ir-'i
1. . II r. wanted lur in flli.-iall' v In pultuia a uiooaon
the tta.e as it has dune Uel Otmmio, ' I""0 on
This evkhino a grand Concert will be given at
the Academy of Uadc, by the JswAilers' AssoiUtlon. A
Biflhnt Acoi,mit.n'ist every Ut kit,. that, with tae.plindlj
v. mi., uuirut o.ieiQii lu-niunttwe muni eonslaor "Ths
Jsol, r. to he gt'i.ur ..us pa ,pU. (loiieoiialk win p,v.
A ir..,', ui. both tuoa oi K'U'lji. Birttfi id III, V.101 h.s
errheslia, five ua s ine grnud iiiu-le. .ti me Henrens Mis
Imest ol 0111 nailv. arftats. lll iIiik 1,1,1. 01 her l.ivoilaat
ballads. Ibe Conceri is tumor nem a.-reat aitraodisi.
Tin Orrnu in New York has proved au Im
mense sueeoat in spite of the hi h price (two diliars) at
which ths manager 1st. put ths seats. Ths Ortt prhaa
donna be produced M ine CuojaI Zaccl,l-U an arUslor
Iks very hlkhst order, res'er than any that has visited
eur Bhoits slnre the days of 8 .i.la. rihe has a Ulah
soprano voice, clear, luellnw, and powerful. Ilsr style
aud I, etbial arc the best and purest. Hhe la a flue rl, a
Bia lc Ailieas. And wnhul jouuk ai.d beauutul. Mud lie
Bntlutiil a, another mpran i of tho Verdi seliuul, has lieei,
le..eaMl, bulls Mill llAsly Ul liwhly draiiiAlle paru
In her. ' atsvi rat. ..vf...
stadiir on ml wlumwi' have heard here In ciniierfs
peilora:edtherartol "Aaucenn," o Tnralure. Miss
....... Juu.,, wnxij. ineeipuaiea OB lo U,4
Htli: a(, by ll jilvl. .01. Iiimd.. Sana "Uucia " like a
iL'l;,;.'a. ?,,VV '"i." "'" ,vau, a' nt ' u look
llks "Kdiiat 11' HavenswiHiit.
I ul the stand lonur, ti.e one on whom Miretzak lel'es
Is J .aasiuailaiil. lie Is hA'idnoii.er tl un Hilenoil (no woa
der alt the .eao. sell at 11,0 rtuilars), has a power, ul tan ,r
Snli e. an.l ha. ..I ,n,.,l 11,. i ...a. . : ... 7 V "'-t
fallier Ilia slliK", liut th Dubho aUmlre Ui.t .. i"iT
h.nica down aoiibiuse at every note, flelluil, a' .n ut
...nu.nQ , ,,,e ir.ilipo, ADU aa.Ull.
sir,. inlin; aui, ayaiual luiarie iisa, is tlio l.aaao.
Mar. lx"k has several father Artists to offer to the nanlle
am.l lil. ........ all ....... ........1 . . ..... !
h . ... tuui...... ,u um atiruiiaat one.
Stat, or Thkhmombtib To dat. tStx A. M.
43. Noon, 59. One P.M., 61. WintLW.iV. W.
Chief Jvstick Takev. A meeting of the
member, of the Philadelphia Bench and Bar was
iieia mis morning in me uuitea state, circuit
Court Boom, lion. Justice Grier presiding, and
Hon. George Sharswood acting as Secretary.
Hon. Charles Gibbon, moved the appointment
of a committee of five to draw np a suitable testi
monial of the feelings of the Bar. Messrs. Read,
Budd, Wharton, F. C. Brewster, and St. George
Tucker Campbell, together with the President
and Secretary of the meeting, were appointed us
the committee, who. through their chairman, Mr.
Bead, reported the following resolutions .-
I. iteioW.Tkat the Bar of rtdlAdalpkla reci l 4 with
Step etnoUoii the lutelllsenct Of the ilrath of tl.s Ciilef
J.Kln s ol Hit l .iliod buittsi.a.Ht meet lo day to record
their Lteh respect lor hi. private au4 iiulilicel.araet-r.aad
thiar ai.kt.owleslAiucat ol lite sroat servieea he haa rendered
to ths prutesstoa ana the oonnti' Surls. his Ions teuurs of
juuiu.ui (.litre.
V. liMhred, Thuf. his parity f chsraoter, dlniftrof de.
lueaiior, profound leurnlio;, Aud devotioa to ti. duUss of
hit judicial porltlou, souiaeii. turn tu tl.s lieuch fur study
and c oiiirnoadntioa.
S. l;to mi, That II Is the wish of the Bar that these pro
reedlitSS he cOfaa.Buicaled by lh lietrfet Attorney to tlie
federal Ckiurt of Uila olrcull at Its ueat sesatoa, with a
rc'iui'si that Uiey may be entered on lu laluutes, and a
.copy be coiurAUnlcalAd to Uie lata ily of the deceased add
to our hr.Uaen ot tlis eiArylaad ttar.
, The resolutions were unanimously adopted.
Mr. Kenutk moved that a bust of the late Chlol
Justice be ordered aud placed la th United
States Court Room.
Afusr addresses, complimentary to th. deceased,
by Judge Cadwalader, Hon. G. It. Wharton, and
others, th. meeting adjourned.
HTiteitT Farad. The Keystone Batter, Cstp.
lain Hutting., recently returned from th. hun
dred days service, paraded th. length of Chestnut
.treot to-day. From the appearance of the mem
Mn, w i.de that they hare tswa rerrtoe.
Tl.iioiots.-Tbe Ch.rth of tl Atonemenl
w 11 be open f. r d vinn srriice tomorrow for the
first t'ir.c since it was closed f,,r repairs.
Aconraeof Interesting lectures Is at present
bflrg delrrer, d at the 8, uth S reet Tresbytivrmn
Cbnrrh, Pou-li streei, between Kloventh ami
Tmellth, by the pastor, Rev. Ii.lc.bar.1 Malla-v.
I his ynnnt; aud gut, . i.r....r also h ,1,1s fortli i i
the n'oti mg nnd evening of eaen 8a ,bs'b. It is
a r cU mat to listen loth, sndl-eoiu.es.
The stani itig Cmm ttoo of tie Di.00 of
I I nnsylvani.i have r.-rtnn,r nd. ii ns r tidl la'es
Z Vtr.".'"A"rler,.f,'t. lt"V- Jh" CjD!a,.d and
the. Key. bur ea It M in,.
. . . "j . o- mii. un un wero
Slt'l.ed to rri'i.mieniiH li..u is .s . y
v ... t truer tor ora -listton
to IVieet's Oiders. The H- y. vV.it, s
.-.'"i7, ('"V'.. ""'''iter in the M.nbislisi
. ..". i, ., .,, i.ar,. Ntinuel K-irp i-id Joan II.
Mclaiidlcas, were n'so re. on.nian.l. ri
ruil. IKNt v ON TUB DtlAPT -I'lMm a StlH.
ine.it leeeived f oin tho A. A i'mmit m u.s.,,
ollice of lha State of I'enusy,vt,,i',, it .eems tb it
tl erelssiiU a d. ficeii y In me First Wartl of
4.0 ni. n ; in the .Seveith Ward, I id men, and i,,
in all. I nless the most strentio.is effort uro
niitie iu the d,ti. it wards t.i m.tko op this
fLwnovst,,C W"' ,",t 10 ,or"B 10 ver
1,, , i '. " "' leuiu warn, Id.
' ,?ll!f th. oth -r wards thcr., aro qn. a
htrgo n.iinlh'r credited tv-yo', I ti0,r a -'iui
QIIOIUS. U.'.'i n a .11 I... .... .. ... i . .
f ,, n S.-..IM1I i. niatlV OlTlllf
I ...p .In Pa m.rsottl-fl. ino p.'rst itid -i,, t
ward lonnties nre paid at tins ,,!! . ,un
b. leg mustered in. K,'i s,.Vd,sfi,-t ,,
.i!;iot'.n,,:;.rJ w'" uot f,(
Bui h in a CiUTtCAt. C.NniTiot. This morn
ing, iliiam Whhney, who was sUihbe.i ai Totith
and iKansom .streets yesterday m ,ruitig. was
."'''v' ,"lltin, little hop-j bemg
invo ven ,n . onauier,,,,,, my.,rT. u ,
V, hitney we.n to O.vot, Pc ted's h,i.i.., at rot.ll
o hit T.""! 0'9 " ' ' 'or sooii ll.itig to
It.nh which was refused. An old grudge Vis
out, been exls'lng between , two mon, "a ,d t
lVtieil. Wmtnoy ihrea:euod to sbjjt
t ll.e latter was abnut closing np his estn'.U,',
rnen,,vhen Whitney cone out,' and draw ng a
n-volvei lifed the whole six barnils at Pe-t- d
Two or ti.e bt l, took elle'tlnthonrmof fin,
latfr. A s ullle followed, during which Whi-.
rfi'h1..0oV7'',',J8;VCro ,,ni1 wot.ndi
in the a'aloini n w th a knit,-. Whether the kinte
belon,'ed to Wiomoo ... t ..... '
H,o,ir. It is alleged that the cue of l ie ktiil',,.
pocket, and th it il,." .....L . !''?'"'
l'l -. . . I'll H fflUC -Sirilg 11!.
Whilney having the knife in h's hand, ivtt 'd
has been beltl tu await n...
iniuriea. "",",v " "'J
Aitiu-sr of a Si viost:i Mt'FiDuuuu. Yeder
tlay iifiernoon llerr.anl Murray wits arrested upon
the charge of mui'derin,' William Knes. Tho
crime was conmiitted In 1858, nt tin. rcidono of
"' ( rl1l,'n. "" ,r So'OiiU,enin. The
paities auarie led and tln illy came to blows,
ouitiig which IvticasA w, kllle l. Murray loit
the e.ty.and llitis cseas:d urns', bnt bits visited
I finco on several o.vasions in dis-mo. 0,1
Thursday night be re'nrned dressed In a United
Mate- cavalry uniform. .Severul doteotivo4 heir
kfti it, Vi" "'V"I, (l:sr'"JCI tlie.ns .Ives, md Odl ter
M.Moll n m.vtmg him t t a house, ,i West street
took htm in o custotto. At the time of tho arrest
i .--- 7 . ."u "' civ"ans clothes, ,.nl
bAving dved h's u a,r.ri ...v.- . f
' . , iiiutinicufl flOftL' 1
i ? ?'?,,!! "tcctlo.i. He was tak -n to tho
iNlnth D.stiict Ntatton House, and will have a
found "8 ,U" ' "18wilJowof K"asscaub4
TiikRiot in thk NiynrERNTit Waun. This
morning Michael Mulone and Michael McOee'icn
bad a hearing before Alderman Hunter, upon the
'7 ' f , ,lie r'Uf-'leadorsinthe dls'urban.-e
whn b t - ok place on eloetloti day, in the Fifth
I'reeinet or the Nineteenth Ward, 'at Fr ikC
ioa and Adams strcot. Maton.) is alleir.'d to
,hVnb?U.e.l;rinulf,,l ''o'."i comtnSnde.l
the p ir.y, which cousisted of some two hundred
Iri-nmen ih. y ,,, ,e(, who wore ,. j
collected about the polls in that product. Altler
Tll.V'y , u w,h kni-o,ad a
, """ -.""t'-ioiuu wero severely in tt.aid.
.Malouo ivas committed in dem'f of (i,Jo b,t
nnd McOeehen In th" sum of 9 KWO mil.
Vil. Jaynk's HaiiiTon
-1 O-""' lVtl'ltU'.U,
can be had ia white flint gins.) bottles, witli gl.s,
ttoprs, suitable for the toilet la'de or drnsdu
bureau. The quiillilcs of this eolebr vod prao ,r i
tiou are so well known as to scar.'ely re 1 1 re
mention i but we will say, if yo ir h ad Is It. I I or
partially m-lt y,)tlr bn js h lr,b ( , (
oil or turning grey, or if yot.r head is . ovo od
with danoriill, scurf, or sain dlsoase,, j,,y,1H',
Hair lonie ia the ur:i..i ... ...... ...i . ,u ' ,,
.liucuv tueso t,vi,si
and to prove it. you have only to give it a trid
I reputed by l)r. 1). Jiyue (d Son, N ,.2l2 Chos
cui HtrecL
An Elkction fi pit be. A Teutonic hoiring
took place yeaterday boloro Alderman Biitler.
The proceedings wero in high Dutch. B'tfore the
Alderman wero nrraigued Gottioib Furkhdmer,
Oeorge lrey, and Cornelius Stelhoim. 1 bey were
chatged with admiulsteriug an ugly beating to
caoix.rk'r'1'0 Bl1'" Oufniin, livina at
V.1',1? ou last i-C''m J iv docKned to vVito
the McCielian ticket. Tin, othors being ultra
peace men, went into Xavier aud indicted sum
rnury tdiastiseinent. They wero held to answer
stis-'v VBl tl a
Tim I'ltitNMs' Association. The "Friends'
Anwci iilon of this citv.for the Aid and v.i...,..i-.-
of tbe 1'rcedmen," have co-operated with the
Government In the establishment of hospitals on
Meson s Islatld. whro m....l. . .
.. Dinur-g ami irreas
uastiiutlon now exists. The Sanitary Committee
ot this astioc.ation solielt from Friends and others
rniitribi.ilu.il of hospital sts.res. Free trunspor-
tatlon has been orm..t.,.t 1,. gt ..K
in i i i v- . ii1 . "'"r'nin 'iii irom
I Inl :ilelphia. All cut, ibntions should bo soot
I'm,? ,M.-unu,!r- No- 31 sN. Fourth street,
1 hiliidcli'hia.
ComiiKsioNKH. i hom Boston. Th Pr.r...,ta.
sion appointed by Govcrn.r Andrew of M.o.u.
cbusi tts, arrived in the city a few days since, and
Iinve been btiaily enganod In Inspecting tho sys
tern of I'nt-enger Railroads as used in Pbiladul.
phla. Ibe Coinmissi'iii was uppjlntjd for the
purpo-o ol Iramiug a (.eneral Suit.! law in refer-
v .-.'aiami.iis i assenger itauroads.
Pailiko or a Packet Ship. ThA thUrrlr aI akin
Tonmeunda sailed forLivoroool vntnr inv tab.,,-,
out 10 cabin and Kifl
cabin passengers wero:-Mrs. Uomewood, son
- , ouu vnarie.s U. tUOIlia.4, 01 l'hlla-
ite rhia. .1, mi nli 11 r..i. n . ... . w ' " 1 . ..
iin.ei,i iteimimy u
land 1 ni t,,""lk KouneJy of a rr-
tioLDlitHg' Vote at Fust Tib-
n .a..r.. tuo
soldier, stationed at Fort Delaware, guarding
Relasl prisoners, voted as follows, viz. :
Union vote.... M9
v. ;i ut;au vote.. j
CiNT-t, and What Bncotsio or Tumi.-The
nlmott entire itsaioearan- of fr,m. r
1 ition is a sonrce of gre.it Inconvenlencsj to bnsl
rsss pe ople. Before the war they era a ,, . ,
th- market, payment In c-jid,ldf rabte ,U, ot
nickels being retuard, and even small a iiimuta
.--.up isntii ouwiiiiiigiy. ine Suspensi.B of
specie pnyrrrn; maJe a demand fir them, and
oer n,ins have since been cngifred In cntnini;
thym by mil ..ns. Vet there are next to no.,o iti
c-n'Bla'ion, This cannot bo attnb.itsble ti e.
rsTtatiun fir 'fl,inren,.e nf ....hin... n
. - v v. . .....il, I T flU,'!
our cei.ts would havo no in-re value in K trop"
than onr ynpr ,nomy. Too I'-t is, 'hey ere
hoatri'tl-nuanly, geerlity boiMe l-by some
kk n h people who u nnace to get hold of then
nnilor (lis. . a. . ....... . .
' ' wi'rv ys,, sa.
Taiui'thBi,permonfy. The past ix nionths'
reT'ln' "I1""'-'"1 "Wilrs sln.uhl have con
vim rd thtra that tmyaro In error. 1'orbaps
CoNtitnT Hail.-A large anl enthusiastic
mreiing was nriu last night at Concert Hall.
Ab'e and tiairlntin a.i.irA...,. j... . .
, , , ,r "-p. .. wr,o uenveTTri f)y
Juilge Kelley, Canton Colhm, of Kentucky,
. .... n. trr-uirr, oi IDO 3.1 IW 111,8. Tile
n eeiing adjourned at a lata) hour with elieors for
" v s stii'ii aivrtvitt
Bi:VAfi E
liewarn of an InvAdlng oe.
That comes upon us fast,
That niAny victims my, imf ow
llrfore tiln mid Is past I
1 he wlnfry wind, atnuidy beta.
Is thAt dnwid toe I ntoAn,
For deep as air swoid or .ear
W Ul pteroe his weapons kwn.
V onr ouaklns bones do now dedaro
1 he AerceiH Aa of that foe,
And so we warn you to beware
Vf a more rant I b.ow
Ihill HlieumaUaui I. bis cWn
To bind Uie eAptlves tlmh,
Aud teal Conjiamptton to his train,
Kappilos his arrows srl.u.
Bo towArtofrtneaeahaftAOf roll,
ow let yoar precious form
A Rood stout overcoat euioJd,
And otlio, sariuoiita warm.
I do not mean poor Otmsy thln.'s,
III SI lor wintry hour,
Ths eioUiuut that the poet siugs,
Is Sold at llK.HSasr'a T, . .. .
Ws arese'lina Uiudt nan. rtinti.,... . . .
.v mo I'errea,. tots er pricel.
Towrb Hall, .No. 518 Martot Street.
lias st rr dt Cos
Tub Toil or Anna am. . t.
, - i,r.vnr.i,,iun mil
w,e.r th. uniolit h.voo
.... a i.L .. . .Mi-iiiiiiiou. inro'Ut i uses, bv
tne health 'Sleslpiying uie of the neod'e. we feel a m.t
' No. a . I. .'ir- '. oi at
m ia f u a vhlabH Aapen.l .ge, ky whlct, t.M
the.ali.1. ':v::' '" V-tr ,o
. . . ""ea are soul wl'h A iruar in-
teet.k',M..ntire s itisf.e.ioo. er the m.iieyl, r.o
o that rn'riissers invest t ielr money iu ih. Klor.a i
.llli.a.1 a p.ttl. le ,.f ,n.k. forsotis n i, v is, " 'g lift- " w
GitNT,.KMIiN's Hats.-AII the latest stylo, at
OiArissOAkford Son s, Comm. ntal Hotel. 7
WiNi'Ow Siuobb. Patten's Winlow Shalo.
dotal,,, A, d riJ,olatcr RUOA. No. 1 ,08 Cie.nat street.
Tub AriE or Invention. While a lanrn inn.
bsr of Machines have been oirerei to the puhdc.soiue of
-. .. .. poi.iu ntcsM'ieare and ack lowleiiod merit
i. na leir.wnat cine s havoesporlcB-Dtl, the neoss
shy of a Machine more aerr-t in .,. ......a...... .
eombinlnif, In the A.uA. de,j,;e, ,tmpi uy w.Ui ,lia'
eit'y, and " hlle c.ifAble of doing a jrtattr ra je of a-oci,
us. oouki m, easily understood and coaipre headed
ky ail.
I his, sie are hsppj to say, has bsen acwropl'shsd bv the
llheral CAuemldure of capital. alS Ike fatieat, untiring
labor of years.
Kromlisllrstlnlrodqctiouths "Kl.)kncs" has xalncd
hoits oi friends, and is regarded by our Urtt hmlliot as a
AouAoli nsiMHty-concliislvcly proving, what wo are
BiosthAspytoaelinowledK., thit the enMlo fuhy apprs
clste the ufllffr, onotiry, and durability oootlilaed la the
Klosisck Macuisb." Hold at No. 610 Cassnat street.
rorthe iKi.eflt ur our readers we wlU uouMoa some of
the advantages am) improvements of the F.orencs over all
J f"Xr ,''"' .'fs. Ih I t. knot, rfoaW,
,!. V . """"e "" "n one and the n ne iiiA hlne; eauh
.n.: ."1,". "'!" '"' ' " fa'irk'. and oeiUior of
II hsiBl th I'SSSRIlAa .a. a..A.' i ,
s .h.o.h.re,vh.-:. ;".'.:".'.n.?7..",.m',lT.,'n"
- n ... . ui. v. tii'-r ,u ii.u r.ii'.i or left.
or siav any part of the same. ,.r fasten the ends of the
LTlt','-' wldVoui turnlug t.'ie uork,, there" aavuss hand
t hearing the length of ibe alltrh, and from one kind of
al !ti 1. tu liml li.'P e.... ....III.. .... .1 .'.. .. . .
Ill fiiotiori wo uoue none u, .iiacinuc ,s
aiid's'n'fo'rin V"'J":' '" nahlng tho seam scours
B.',esBAilln0' '"'''cl'" ""t 'U'1'S used where nulot Is
It. m .,1. ..ii are all prtivr; there are no springs to net
mil ..I order, ami Its siinpiicily f outiles the most iaoxm-
( irfl' not oil ia lit est of the oprul.,r, as all machlnory
It ii the matt lojud i irsi in the toorld, making ttvs
sttt..efoeai:h revotulkn. ."'ug uve
lit ilileA .......a, ...a .,......,.. .......... a . . ...
ft sloes the Aioefetf er fltutl untrk with e'lllal lacllltv
i'll'ioiitcnivilrniioer tnocifaert.
Kvery Mash, e bus oo of Ji n, ks' patent heiaiaors
aitae.n.n. en.l.llns I h. ........... . ... . .
at,Vr.,t "a - v."...sm wv .uie, wig ariuaa of ASM
li does not rennirellner thresd oa ths under side than
It dues on the upper.
It will new ai me the heaviest seams, or from one fo
mere thickness of cloth, without changs of tvusioo or.
breaking or intead, or skipping atllehes. 1
V..7, .. v -u-iaAui,iiiii it-naion oroireaa.
la Mir-iataa'Sifa'-a' ""':" whlch "' ' ""'i "'
. "''' Is Possosaiog die above and niativothor advantages,
the l liirenee Is sold al uurreapoadhig prices wlia other
nnl class Maehlnes.
'Hie,, le no risk In bnylng the riorencs. as every
MAcbine Is WArraiueu to give endre sa'i.factijii, or uii
uicney refuDded. No charge being made lor learning to
operate K. We learn that an Agency lor the saie or iheee
wondi tlul Mi, hiuea Is about being esiubllshed In all ll.e
prln. lral cities an.l towns In the loyal Htates.and we
v.''k"o,0.,fi!r'' er,,lf 'hey canma-call at ths salesreoms,
of sewing ,,,r," ',"l'drort''rculn' 0(l SAinpies
Lauifs' Pi'Ra. An elegant assortment at
.n.l''.0"?"1'8' XWP CH"AP H,'i
hes"nt"trsaL ' W' "'a'T '""as, Ho. I4W
Lyons Cloak Vklvbts. Vory few houses bad
the nerve thia a.a.un i.. ..p.I.e .......... .
ki.ld was at tucn a premium, but Kyre l.andell were
fortunate In taklna iha eh. ....... ...a n . ....
biiiiii put) tin ll.al article at fair prices, ranging froui SI.S
lo 4" per yard, as they oove ed their volveis when gold
Si-cUlied tu Ital. "
Union majority iq
Fataj, Accident. Thii morning the Coroner
held an intjueit upon the boly of Catharlno Don
nelly thirteen year, old.wbowai run ov.r on
the T.cnton railroad, Nineteenth Ward, and
instantly killed, sibe reHidod ia the ucJjjhbijrhood
wber th. accident occurred.
Slioht Fisa. Last eveninar bat wswsn t a
o'clock a .light tiro occurred In the dwelling
house. Nft. Ot '1 tLToevInai .....I 1't. - .
, ' . : .w.w.mh 'ui, -mc names
originated from alighted match in the bands of a
mall ,'hna .n...t- i. ......... .....l - ... T.
ciotiiing wuwti witu a quantity ol
Fatal Result. James MenahAu. sj-a1 otvt.
years, who was run over bv a ium. ms k. i
OI1B leAf and Ian nt S.la miha I. , j , . . .. .
-" " m.b .iln VIUSCH, U11M2 IBSI
iZZldUfPri' ';?lcoP1 Hospital. The deceased
DoiMO WELL. CaDtaln OaJleana. ahs mwm
shot during a disturbance) in the Ninetessath
Ward on Wednesday, was reported this morning
as doing well. Then ar. some horxu of hia
Aubmted. David Moltby wa. arrested on th.
chares of stabbing Jeremiah Katnn. al h ttu.i.
Tavern, at Fitfh and Bedford streets, few day.
sluce, and was committed by Alderman Carter
to await th. Issue of Eaton', wound.
Cubi.tian Oommi.siobi. The United State.
Chriatlfut rVtmnalaslntt haa rAi..a A ; ...
.vuviim uiuia sua
past wea k ths sum of 5606 83, whkb, together
favit h thaw aVl .iwlltltfl liMifl.iH.I.. .. I .. 1 s .
HsCRUITlHa. Toll mornlmr Maror H.nrr
issued warrant, for the payment of th. city
bounty to twsnuy-four men. This is decrease
fiom yesterday '. report.
Raciitino ubii Macuinkbt. The frlgato
Chmtlattooga has bsvm towed down to the foot of
Raod .imt, to rtcelrs) br boiler, and tAaciuuary.
I.aoiis and Ciiilpukn's II ats. Latest style
at CI. arni Oaktofd Ao.ii, s, Coullnemal Hotel
J'hinstcry, at W. Uenry Patten s, No. mm Onesnat
Rkpi'tation F.btablishkd. Mrs. S. A. Allen
for twenty yrais past has been manufacturing her rVurld't
llalrMe.Ui.er and itvlob.lsauiuu,, or Hair Dreaalng, and
the nillliuni ol balllea sold every i.ar lu liie IJiiHtat Stales,
l.nal Hritaln, aj d Krance lea. h year largsly iasrsased
ii over the previous), is a guaranty that tliearoclas
aieuneiiualled. We know lliey will restore grev hair lu
lis ytulhful color, prwlm lng the sarua viialuy end luau
Jrua?tla'lta'y ' m J,uuU'- Tou cma PW" Us at auy
Pihciiasurs may rely opon getllng the host
rnrs att'hArles Oaklordat Son's, Uoulineuiai Hotel.
CniT.TtRBN. Cloth ino.
Hoys' guits.
Itoys Overeoasa.
The laryesl and beet assertmeut In the cliv.
H. SaouaAaaa Co., No. 4 ti. fcaahlh sireol.
Photograph Pictikes. Thos. who deilre
., : dZ . !: , ' .. . mo" saiisiacioty. Bee life
sue PhetogrAi'tu, In oil colors, Ivorytypos, aad carte, de
Mm. M. O. Bbown. Metaphysical Dis.
covrry." kills the root at .vary disease, fries .,. aj.
4 1 1. At. h ill ... Hm ..I v. .4 1... ,.',., I.. ...,1
Unitbd Statu District Ooi rt im A nut
a. . i t-v r.. ... ... a i . a t. . j . ' . .
has made decision in an admiralty ease of
uic.nsv so caaruir parties, ue a actus mat on
cuarier parties made in Cuba, th. vessel being
consigned to the parties ut the port of lading,
aud the charter parties containing stipulaUons for
. avi.t w va uiauo uy sua vuarvorora, cumoiai
slons on freight payaido in curreucy must tt.
.,,.a ,. .... a i. '. " ! ., . . . l . ..
muiivm iii vurrsiauy, suv.trrniriaiaajtaeMuuvainbe
furnished by the charterers, by which, tb. com
missions were charged in gold.
In other words, the advance mast be deducted
from th. freight payable in Philadelphia in cur.
rency at the rate of exchange oa Cuba, at th.
date at which the freight was earned by th. dlt-
. .. (.1 C VI mrfru. iflvann.nia waa ..0 m ens.
case of (he Dotty and tbe mUngvooi. Mr. M. P.
Henry appearing forth. UbellanW and Sorroii for
tho respondents.
Covbtof Qoabtbb Ssssiows Judpe Thomp
son. Ths case of Oolonal Lea, cjutrgod with aa
attempt to defraud by means of forged enlistment
papers, pon which to draw th. local and other
Urauties, was beard this moral ng on iWsmsi oars,
put. Tb. leeiimony, so far a. beard, did not dif
fer materially from that before the Alderman,
and was not concluded when our report closed.
J. K. Valentine for the Vnitod Bitvus ; Cbarle
V. Brooke for the dfeulau.i.
Osnos or Thi Bv,n, Tine)BAr, f
T.. Saturday, OotoAsar i.
lb. excitement In the Gold Market raged rets,
tcrday with utmbatcd fnry, and at one time lbs)
Prh e was marked np to 218A, under rumor, that
"eittont was In tbe market, assisted by a strong
con, natlon of n,, to th.
politUal effect. The rise was ,m ,urtBcr .,.
remto,nT"s3hal ne of the
Ton contr !T yrk b,ld f"Ud 10 mftk
mZ who h n rr;ely, amounts , .ndlh
ull. whohadbonghtol hlm.wereobllgedtoeom.
I.ig losses. Still further, some desperate ablator,
set slloat rumors of dtas,o. t l, p""10"
and, on the whola. t-Z r.'"?0 ' rm7'
,, , . - tivaiy am. at tbe
Oo.d Boar.1. iAlur ln tho afternoon, the priotfell
Plump to 212, and the purchasers .
lignre. hnd bluo vbmro. ... " "'P"
fd at these Hfor.Z?.
ihseivcs to lose money : and the...
arc trying by this means to pat up again the
cosl of all the necessaries of life richly deserve
to lose every dollar thev nose... ..a
have our heartiest wishes for snch an a.ai.. -a.
their career. There is no doubt that a ss j..s
Df tho gt-niTAl flurry In eod I dfillll ttmm 4j)lps--tB
j -..w mvm yrm,lta,
I'liile. but the irimo in ovflihoftiswtu-
from lVDiiaviinirt. Ohio. rqiI TnfJa
beyond all possibility of chanco or chaago h
r. stilt in November. Grant, before Riohmond,,
will rcgulato the Gold Markat a,i k. ..
the polls will do the rest of tho work iatyl
wbich will finish tho business of these. pecula '
tors at tincc and forever. A few shjrt weeks of '
iickly hope and defmerato struggling is all th tt'u '
K it for RclHll SVmo Ithisar. anrl .1..
' 1 . - wig unjssm kgl
union of the financial waters Is caused by the '
death agonici of expiring soeosslonl.m. " "
The bidding for the loin ,
- j ... ma 1; nor
il T f l0"" J
.... ...v..,.w auu 1 1 1 l.' irri r w ni in. ra.... . .
, , , , - n-"t .mi. tauvornmeiic.
and all the signs Dointwiih n..ni ... - .
nviiMi.T uauonto u.itty and irao- .d
1 - . . r. .
Jay Cooke fV Co.. No. 1-1 1 R Tut.,, '
- ' m"v esracvOOOr
lor sale the now five t won v i e... . .
- '.f a." aVA IUt SsaftlfA, jnUJI. V
bearing loim. in bonds of hftr. aa n.A .
hundred, registered and coupon, in amount, to "
luit. The peculiar advantair.ia nr ht. i. ... '
- " tSftl 'I
that the Intorest is navalde tsmUn.,.n. , .
. . . . .a 1 IU gUlO,
and commences at tho commencement of next
month. All other national sncoriti... ...,.. .,. '
by tho same house, and information can be
readily procured thoro. ,
ihe Stock Market is ste,idrMa n...,i-
the transaction, are limited. Government b'on.ia .'
coutlnuo firm, nnd Drlcna am Mti,n. k..... .
sales of Gs of 1881 at 10'l06i ; 6-25.1 are quoted
at 107J. '
In Railroad sliarei there is no mai.Hai .1,.,... "
to notice. Reading sold at 02JC9021 i Penusyly.
Bin railroad at 68: Mlnehlll at M. .nei ts.n.j.i '
" " , HUM . lalUHieia
pbia and Erie nt 324. 44, was bid for Lktle
Bclmylklll; 314 for North Pennsylvania. 7H tot ''
Lehigh Valley: Ibi for Catawlssa vn.ns.vn a
1D1 f.. ... .e . asaivs
o.'j mi I't.ierruu, ,
OU shares ar. more active, and price, are look
ing up, with sales of Oil Crook nt SiQ.'jJ Nob Us
aud Delamater at 13 ; Bensmore at ., which I -a
slight advance; Union Petroleum at2: and
iOhlzcllatPJ, which Is an advauce. ':
Canal shore, are rather better, with sales of ,,
Schuylkill Navigation at 291,whloh U an ad
vance ; 37 was bid for Schuylkill Navigation pre- '
forrcd; 97 for Morris Canal common; 1C 1 for
Stisquelianna Canal and 90 for Lehigh Naviga-
llimk shores, as we have noticed for several
days past, coutinue very firm, but there is little
or nothing doing lu the way of sales. 163 wis)
Did forJNorth America; 143 for Philadelphia,; 61 ;
for Farmers' and Mechanics' j 56 for Commercial j, ,s
29 for Mechanics' J7 r,.r n,'.a..i . a tit... ' 1
OI3 ,' . , ' - -a.vi, Uv, . Ol VTOeHHH
a!S for Manufacturers' and Mechanic.' 0i foe
Commonwealth; and 16 for Union.
Sca'ed odors wero veata.r.ias. ... a' ' ''. 1
. .-.-j "laiuini as in a
Treasury Department for 5-20 six per eent. eoin
bcarlng Interest bonds to the amount of 10 000 ,
0C0. A lame number ftf nilruin. ..... .
There wore 490 bids with ain.i. .
interest, and the entire sum offorod reached
. 10,000,000. Of this amount, fi.e sMra .to .w.
, - w Havoc, lata
bids were at a discount less than nan oiai r
rr to one per cent. ; 38,677,700 from one to two.
per cent, premlnm ; ti,17iS,000 from two to threa "
ra rcent.1 1.17i5.0O0 from three lo tnr,rm. .... J
396,000 from four to Ave per cent.; 116 200
from five to six per cent.: Stl.OOO from ....... .
eight per cent. . . , ,
From thi. it will be aen that ov.r am n.v o.ox .
v . v. V W,VIMWV . .1
were bid Tor at a premium abova AIbA fMIUl StStSli . . a.
conHequtiiUj, the rcniaJulng rl.OOO.OOO lo tsba '-,
B I A AAA AAA . . . . mmmrW i '
i,,uow,wy loanwm ue taken from the some
'lioruu octween par auu one per cent. , . .
Gold is excited this mornlna. I'h. nn,i,i.''i.
v.. .... . ... . .. ". " 00
tmiwcou tun uuiis ana ine ratare. nmntn. .
2171, advanced and sold at 210 at U o'clock, fell
u uu sum ai zio at 12, and 217 at 12J. 8peea.
tutors, produce dealors. and imivnasnra -111 v.
glad to tell their stocks without loss before the
full comes. ,. . .
rnrLAXHUaTUU HTOCK ticmsni a.r. vni. s.
statrtad by Clarksoa (la., ttruAert, Mo. in a. Tklrsl tl
y 3
SMS.ltNl.qna i....
l,a).h N i,...a it!.ril 1,
4(lih McOllutock....
O'Oshl liku b.'i S4,;
'ssj ah d bio Vs. .
i0sh do s,i
.'S, .1, TWoout kAllrg 1',
!MI, lllAd iuAl..latO IlVil
iov su uaueu ou . . . . ft
a sn u.
oCsa do at
Mai aa a w
IW) sh aa a
l si in Big Tani;
SOU ah Inaraond lloal.
lis) sh oo
SK.0U. Ss, sjl u
Sua. du li.:,.'
Iksai do regiltsis'
y.'Sl ah til friMik Al.
luOsh do bl t
lot, sn do ulO 6'-,
UU .h KobleA l)el...e MS
IIS, ah li.,i.m,ir. . M. .
K ah tch.li.coai..U'i -.'
ouoah KeAdlDA,n..
1. an Hl
WX) sh do .......
loo ah tbs ......1
loo ih Peuua ka .
ios sh do
I ah Mltiatol.
IH ah I'lnla a Kiai."
sj r
..as . :
.e Ji '
.. HA
. a
.. ia
lis) sh II. 4 B.Too'i'a. aa
Onrifotlnna r.f n..)A . . .v.. To. n .. .i..i. . . . .
...... ...... . s.v. iss j uiiauuiliuia uoia
VvnL.nrr. IA U 1 1. 1 1 . .
..Aw.a.i.i , ..v.. ut a. a mm .ttvet, BOCOUtl SWjry
lit A Ll nisi 1 1. .
-k. l.l a.lQ AA At...
W A. M 220 ' 1 P. M
Market weak.
Quotations of the Brinciuitl dual and Rnal (III
Stocks at 1 o'clock to-day ;
nta Alt. AMAf
rutton Coal S Senera Oil IS,
Ho. Mountain Coal. 6ti f'S Uniauk, Oil ., JLT
k . 1 A Mld. Coal. ,1J 14 Frauklln Oil
Green Ui.OaI.... 61, Howe I EddyOU., I
X.Carbondale 2 3 Irving Oil I
Mew Creek 11-16 I V rl Kana OU
Feeder Ham Coal. 1 ilientmor su
a launvusra. ii,i
koberts i
... i
... IX
r'llnlnn Cr.1.
lluUor Coal II
lilajuond Coal i
Keystosvs 11.
EAcalator OU
Dig Tank..
! air all
UU Oti-tkk OV
Maple Mhads OU..1i't
AscClutlock OU.... 04,
reruisyrvsala l et., li
Perry OH. 8
MlueraJ Oil !
keystoae Oil Si
VenaagoCKl V
llnieui'etiuletiaa.. H
14 Vci-.IUAny... a
0U 8
at air
I1.' I - Hi B,i0leAl)'ejaiua'nir!
a , ,. uu aro ... ttc
3 Story I Ana 1 1-11 3
:X Ksruner !,
b'-i PetrolSAot Csvulra. I I
V Kghert V
17 O ruia
e.s.,uoge tsiaoa
. Alles-tieuj liiver.. 1
4 Cnrila .sf
l, Phila AOllCrwk.. lsj
1 IComFlAauvr 4'tT
Js Brigg ..is
Hock Ofl 4?
saausm su..a.... m .wi .mw........ ..t
Thfl following are th. receipts of Flour anrl
Grata at this port to-day : Flour, 1270 bbls.t
Wheat 7200 buahals : Com. 2206 bushels t Oat.:
8040 bushels. . , , . '
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Steainahlp BAAoa. Hathews. Boston, H. Wtnsor 4 (1a
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ot,rtiBereei,Ailllsr,WaealiurUn, Trier A Oa ' '
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kohl- l-aasa, Hacssa Hwioa, W. Banlar, Jr.
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Behr EttB, CsarsoB. I dais from p.it Ho.aL la kaiUjI I ,
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aitattBW J. I. RockwoU.Rdwards.H IrWalSaa "
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stiauaaa.. to W. M. baud tiCo. 'f-aJ
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Wish .IH to W AS. beard a ( as. . . M
BtssasM . . yanaiiUd, Trsarl, N heart Bra. SirBr ,
Terk, wna, sosiae K. B . AS. AMiiS Cv-
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